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Olivia learned last week that her own life could be short. A heart condition has her waiting for a transplant; she wants to fight to be there for her little girl, which is a plea that everyone can certainly understand, whether they have children or not.

Life changes when you least suspect it - as we all learn time and time again. For the citizens of Springfield, it's the return of one character (Edmund) and the possible return of another (Phillip) that causes a swell of emotions for everyone in town. How will their return affect me? Harley, Beth and Olivia worry about their children - Phillip's children. Cassie worries about Will, Edmund's nephew and their odd little relationship.

Olivia learned this week that her own life could be short. A heart condition has her waiting for a transplant to save her life. She wants to fight to be there for her little girl - to watch her grow up. A plea that everyone can certainly understand, whether or not you have children yourself.

As touching as these stories are, they are all based in fiction. Sweeps are the reason Edmund returned when he did. Phillip probably will return - if he does - next Sweeps period (February). My cynical mind thinks that Olivia's illness will be the way they could write a departure down the road for Crystal Chappell - although she just resigned with the show. Each plot line has a definite reason - even when fans might not realize it.

But living in the Washington, DC area, my thoughts this week were not really on these fictional lives - although I appreciate the diversion. With the shocking murder of Washington Redskins' safety Sean Taylor it's been hard to think of much else. Many of you know what a huge Skins fan I am - we even have a former Skins player in the Edmund story right now (Mark Schlereth, who played for us for 4 years is Roc Hoover) and Hall of Famer John Riggins was on the show a few years ago as Mitch Hendon - dying from a fall at the Beacon Hotel. But their spots were scripted, where Sean's exit was not. So while I appreciate the drama on-screen, it's with a heavy heart. There is one 18 month old little girl without a father, this time for real. I know this story is hardly shocking - living outside DC there are stories similar to this (without the notoriety) every day. But it still makes you pause and think about the grand scheme of things.

GL certainly provides a great escape for the wall to wall coverage of Sean's death. Although there is little good news in town to bring a smile to my face - hopefully that will change soon. Harley is dealing with a pending divorce, an engagement of her soon-to-be-ex-husband to the woman her daughter helped bring to Springfield. Olivia worries that Emma won't have her around and that Phillip could return to do more harm than good. Cassie has to deal with Edmund's return and an obviously very upset little boy who is controlled by Edmund. Where is Felicia Boudreaux when you need her? (Felicia, Mel and Remy's Mom is a psychiatrist).

It's hard to believe that it's now December, and the holidays are just weeks away. As we all work to prepare for Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate in your home, let's hope that the citizens of Springfield can find peace and goodwill with one another this holiday season. And I wish the same for each of you.


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