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Alan has hardly been the sanest billionaire in America, but even he is acting loonier than ever. Are the calls from Phillip real, or imagined? Beth and Rick have received messages, so he's out there somewhere...but in what condition?

Maybe it's just the constantly changing weather, giving people with allergies a fit (myself included) but there have been some confusing things going on in Springfield recently. And in my allergy haze, I've been wondering about them.

Alan Spaulding has hardly been the sanest billionaire in America, but even he is acting loonier than ever. These calls and messages to "Phillip" - are they real or his imagination. Beth and Rick have received messages, so he's out there somewhere - but in what condition? The last time we saw Phillip he was acting, well, like Alan is these days. Now Alan is taking to locking Lizzie in a bedroom like a child - thinking this might get her to accept him more. Hello? Alan? Aren't you the claustrophobic one? Sure, this isn't a closet, but she's a prisoner in there. Haven't you learned you can't make your family want to be with you? Maybe if you actually showed some normal level of love and understanding, your family would appear every now and again. Not that I am counting on anything.

Alan's wonky behavior has some serious side effects for other stories as well. Lizzie and Bill, who I was beginning to really like, it more like Romeo and Juliet at this point. Will the princess be able to be free of her castle to be with her true love (or the hot guy she wants to be with at the moment - depending on how far you take the fairy tale aspect of the story ;)

Families can be tricky - just ask Harley. Somehow she thought that she could steal her niece's fiancÚ' and everyone would still welcome her with open arms. Hello? Maybe Alan's little vial of drugs is still affecting her brain (and his, come to think of it). This story is killing me. The Coopers were the loud, boisterous family that everyone can identify with. They aren't perfect - but no one is. But we could all see parts of our own family in this one. Now it's a splintered faction of people related by blood taking sides over some other hot guy and his relationship with the Cooper ladies.

I do love the fact that it was brought up on screen that Harley should be prepared for Cyrus to leave her as he did Marina. Full disclosure: the same thing happened to my mother years ago with her second husband. I wasn't the least bit shocked when he cheated/left - but she was. I know it happens. But I'm glad to see that someone had the sense to tell that to Harley's face before the relationship either blows up in her face or costs her all of her family.

Bravo for Daisy to speak her mind to Harley. Yes, she's a teenager, but she's old enough to see what a mess Harley has made of her life - and the affect this one relationship will have on all of the others in her life. It's not easy - I know I didn't speak up as much to my own mother for a few years - and she was the one who got the boot.

I do love that Daisy and Rafe are finding their way back to one another. They play well off of one another - and we need a decent teen storyline to go into summer vacation - which is right around the corner. I've seen some rumors that indicate Rafe might need Daisy more in the months ahead but I'll save that until I have more confirmation on how his character could change seemingly overnight.

And we finally have a safe Springfield for everyone now that young Will is gone. Too bad he went after Reva and Josh - I could have given the kid a hit list of Springfield residents I'd love to have him hit with a sledgehammer, overcome with carbon monoxide, push over a balcony, electrocute - you get the drift. I just hope the little guy can find an acting gig where he doesn't have all of that pent up anger - he seems like a great kid. Just watch your back....

Speaking of kids with a tough road to hoe, little Emma is facing a challenge. With Phillip out there somewhere, and in who-knows-what state, and Olivia "dying" (still no word on if she'll survive for sure) this will put the little girl right in line for the bedroom next door to Lizzie at the Spaulding Mansion. I hope this doesn't happen. Although Lizzie was an adorable child, despite all of her challenges (killing Beth's monster of a boyfriend and facing leukemia at a young age). Too bad she has none of that fight in her now - you know that as soon as Tom Pelphrey wants to come back to visit Alan will renege on his deal to stay away from Sarah. Alan's hardly the most reliable grandfather out there.

But reliable is a word I'd use to describe Mallet (well, except when he cheated on Harley). Still, Dinah and Mallet have always been a great couple to watch. But there are rumors that Rob Bogue is leaving - and now this job offer for a police chief in another town. GL needs to keep their male leads and give us some great romances to enjoy!! I hope he doesn't leave, but know that in daytime, anything can happen...

As spring really begins this week, I hope that this is the start of some blooming romances, friendships that won't end, and great stories for us all - give Springfield a bit of happiness!!!

Until next week... Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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