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As Springfield buries Coop, Reva prepares for the birth of her son. Now that the big day is nearly here, it will be interesting to see what happens. Reva's video messages to her son have given her the chance to speak to him, in case the worst happens.

There have been few times recently when GL has moved me to cheer and shed tears in the same week - but they did this past week. And I know many of you shared the emotional roller coaster ride that Springfield felt during some great performances.

While the subject matter left little cheeriness in my life, the performances were so well done, so moving that I found myself wanting to reach out. Both to the writers and the wonderful performers who gave us some really Emmy reel performances this week - to tell them how much I enjoyed their work.

For those of you fortunate enough not to have witnessed a tragedy like the one that befell the Cooper family, I hope that you never have to make that choice (to remove someone from life support). But as someone faced with that decision with my father, I can tell you that all of the emotions the writers shared with us are very real. There are no hard and fast "right" and "wrong" decisions - just the decision that is best for the situation.

Watching Justin Deas (Buzz) struggling with the overwhelming emotions of his son's accident, slipping into a vegetative state and having to make a decision whether to take him off life support was both hard to watch - and a powerhouse of a performance. It reminds me all over again why he has the multiple Emmy's - and why he could certainly be up for another next year.

Coop's death certainly ties the story together and pushes the Spaulding vs. Cooper war into overdrive. It showcases the strong performers that we have on cast. But it also reminds me that the show's casting decision (to kill off Coop) means that we also lose Jenna all over again. The decision to kill Jenna was one that the fans (including this one) were furious over. And it reminds me again of what GL did to Maureen Bauer so many years ago. By killing a character off, there is no chance (yes, I know about Lujack/Nick, Jeffrey/Richard, etc.) to really bring the history of the character back into town.

As I watched Coop die, I was really struck by the grasp his one character had on so many Springfield stories. He has rarely been in a front burner story, but is so well linked with most of Springfield, that the loss will be felt all over. Well, except for Alan - who seems to think that Coop's death will get Beth back in his life... not. Now while his death might bring some people closer together (and in Alan and Buzz' case further apart) that link is lost forever. The show even mentioned that Tammy and Gus both died in car accidents in the past two years - maybe the show needs to be more creative on how it gets characters out of Springfield.

That being said, I think that the performances were wonderful. Even from his deathbed, Coop was able to bring his own soft touch to his family and friends - which was great to see. Now will his last words bring Lizzie and Beth back to their former closeness? And why didn't Marina get her own goodbye?

Another highlight was Daisy finally seeing that Grady doesn't really fit in with the Coopers and should stay away from Coop's service. It's nice to see the teen show some maturity and I'm certain it's a springboard to him leaving town.

Even as Springfield buries Coop, Reva prepares for the birth of her son. It is interesting how this story was so front burner months ago but has fallen off some during the pregnancy. Now that the big day is nearly here, it will be interesting to see what happens. Reva's video messages to her son have given her the chance to speak to her son in case the worst happens (which TPTB swear will not). This week we'll see "sister" (as Hawk calls her) get a surprise visit from dear old dad. It's always great to see Gil Rogers reprise his role as Hawk and I hope that he can stay in town for awhile.

This week starts with a bang - literally -and a heartfelt plea that Springfield start to heal after Coop's death. But will his plea's get through to those involved in the feud?

All in all I must admit the performances this week were great - and have generated more discussion than we've had in months. Hopefully these stories can translate into more fans coming back to the Light!

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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