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Phillip has announced his return to Springfield with two dramatic entrances in two weeks; first, at Beth and Alan's non-wedding, and last week, by firing a gun at Coop's funeral.

Talk about starting the week off with a bang! As soon as I saw the preview of Monday's show, I knew immediately what my column this week would be called (for those who don't get the reference - there was a 1983 Julie Brown song entitled "Everybody Run the Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun). Phillip has announced his return to Springfield with two dramatic entrances in two weeks - at Beth and Alan's non-wedding and by firing a gun at Coop's funeral.

GL fans were treated to some great dramatic moments this week as Springfield said farewell to Henry Bradshaw Cooper. But the minute Alan walked in, I have to admit I wanted to shoot him myself. How can any one person be so dense that he can't understand that he doesn't belong there and if he somehow shows up - that he should do so quietly? Of course, this is daytime, but I think it went a little far - Alan has become a shadow of his former self. Long time fans remember that he once thought Beth wasn't worthy of the attention of a Spaulding - but now he wants to fight for her? This romance has always made me cringe, but it might provide some plot lines going forward.

Coop's tragic death will certainly move a number of stories forward towards spring. Buzz's reaction to his son's death - and his idea of making Alan pay, will no doubt bring more strong scenes between Justin Deas (Buzz) and Ron Raines (Alan). This week we see the two face off on Monday - which starts the week off with fireworks. Alan has been allowed to get away with murder (literally) before, but Buzz won't let his nemesis off that easily. In this one case, I would like to see Cassie make an appearance, or at least have a conversation with Buzz about his feelings. Maybe Reva can do this since Alan's action caused her son Jonathan to leave Springfield. (Of course, Jonathan could return to talk to Buzz and I'd do a happy dance!).

While Buzz is grieving the loss of Coop, Marina and Mallet are trying to add to the Cooper family. This story has been an odd one - it seems to be forgotten for days then drags on (like other stories - like Lizzie's kidnapping). This week we have Dinah venture into this story, and helping her ex and his new bride. Which makes me shake my head in disbelief. Why would Dinah - who has shown such over-the-top behavior with old loves, help Mallet and Marina? We'll have to see how it all plays out.

One thing Marina and Mallet can rejoice in is that they are no longer GL's most boring couple. The torch has been passed to Frank and Natalia. As a long time GL fan, I love to see romance and love in bloom on screen. But the scenes between Natalia and Frank this week we're not something to fast forward - but an opportunity to snooze. I actually found myself dozing during the scenes - they did nothing to hold my interest. Jessica Leccia (Natalia's) real life pregnancy is pretty far along (she's due in June) to incorporate into the storyline. But hopefully it will clarify the Otalia relationship once and for all.

Reva's baby shower was another opportunity to showcase some more of the cast, but I have to admit it fell flat. Partly because of the pall Coop's death had - you couldn't really be over the top with a celebration. But Josh and Jeffrey both looked so uncomfortable and didn't really fit into the scenes. This story has two speeds - really fast moving and taking up lots of air time or forgotten for weeks and weeks. It makes it hard to watch, despite the fact that I think Kim Zimmer (Reva) and Bradley Cole (Jeffrey) are great together. This week at least Reva will see another friendly (and handsome) face when Colin McCabe meets with Reva. Can't GL keep him around more? Surely Rick and Lillian aren't the only ones who can work at Cedar's (except for odd appearances by Mel - who needs a love of her own!!).

Also this week, we celebrate the return of Miss Melinda Sue Lewis. This should give newer GL fans a chance to see why long time fans (like me) truly treasure the days of the "Four Musketeers". I can't wait to see Krista Teserau (Mindy) again - and find out what newer viewers think of the four characters that mean so much to me.

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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