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Guiding Light-related news from 2003

It's impossible to keep up with all of the twists and turns from the world of soaps. Luckily, Soap Central has archived all the Guiding Light news from 2003.

Here are the news stories posted on Soap Central during 2003 that focus on Guiding Light or past and present GL performers. To read any of the articles listed below, simply click on the appropriate link. To access articles from other years, click here.

Billy Kay
January 2003
Billy Kay (Shayne Lewis), a member of the Guiding Light cast since February 2000, will exit the show later this month.
January 2003
Lucy Johnson, CBS's senior vice president of daytime, children's programs and special projects, will leave her post at the end of January. Johnson has been with the network for 14 years.
Marj Dusay
February 2003
Marj Dusay's (Alexandra Spaulding) stay on Guiding Light has been extended. Dusay re-joined the cast in December 2002 after actress Joan Collins had to bow out as Alexandra. Prior to re-joining GL, Dusay played AMC's Vanessa Bennett.
March 2003
For several years now there has been rampant speculation that Guiding Light could - and according to some internet chatter, would - be canceled at any time. Those rumors can be put on the backburner for at least another year as the show has been renewed.
Mario Van Peebles
April 2003
Joan Collins (ex-Alexandra Spaulding) is again making news at Guiding Light even though the actress left the show several months ago. Former AMC star Marj Dusay (ex-Vanessa Bennett) took over for Collins in December.
Bradley Cole
April 2003
In a statement made through his official web site, Bradley Cole (Richard Winslow), who had a brief stint on AMC earlier this year, has confirmed that he will return to Guiding Light next month.
Jordi Vilasuso
May 2003
Newly crowned Outstanding Younger Actor Emmy winner Jordi Vilasuso (Tony Santos) has announced that he will be leaving Guiding Light when his contract expires later this year.
Ryan Brown
June 2003
The Young and the Restless, according the setside sources, is preparing to trim its roster. The chatter seems bolstered by a recent move to release three performers from their contracts. One of the actors cut is Ryan Brown (ex-Billy Lewis)
Liz Keifer
July 2003
Rumors of Elizabeth Keifer's (Blake Marler) future with Guiding Light continue to swirl. And if the actress leaves the CBS soap, All My Children might just want her.
Liz Keifer
July 2003
Amid rumors that she will soon be leaving Guiding Light, a show she's called home for over a decade, Elizabeth Keifer's (Blake Marler) talks exclusively with Soap Central and discusses what's true and what's speculation.
Stephen Martines
August 2003
A spokesperson for Guiding Light has now confirmed that Jordi Vilasuso (Tony Santos) will leave the show when his contract expires this summer. The role of Tony Santos will be recast with Coltin Scott.
Deborah Zoe
September 2003
The role of Eden August on Guiding Light has been recast. Out is Teresa Hill, who originated the role last year. A relative newcomer to daytime will assume the role by month's end.
Lindsey McKeon
November 2003
Though her contract doesn't expire until well into 2004, Emmy nominated actress Lindsey McKeon (Marah Lewis) has already announced her intentions to leave Guiding Light
Paul Anthony Stewart
November 2003
Emmy nominated Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny Santos) will be remaining with Guiding Light for the foreseeable future. The actor recently signed a new contract with the CBS soap.
Mark Pinter
November 2003
Mark Pinter (ex-Roger Smythe) is returning to Springfield, but not in the role that many long-time Guiding Light fans might be expecting. Pinted recently appeared as Roger Smythe on All My Children.
December 2003
John Conboy is back as executive producer of CBS's Guiding Light after having walked out earlier this week.
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