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Lesley Ann Monroe Andrews, RN

Actor History

Jacquelin Perkel (recurring, November 7, 1980 to September 1981)

Carolyn Ann Clark (October 5, 1981 to May 29, 1984) th


Died on May 25, 1984 when bitten by a lab mouse that was infected by the "Dreaming Death" virus.


Cedars Registered Nurse

Former Personal Nurse for Quinton R. McCord

Cedars Registered Nurse

Former Personal Nurse for Harlan Billy "H.B." Lewis

Former Hooker

Former Stripper

Former Nursing Student Aliases

Marilyn Monroe (nickname from Gracie Middleton)

Candy Stripper

Resides At

At time of death, in a relatively modest home, on Skyline Drive, with her husband Warren Andrews

Marital Status

at time of death, Married/Warren Andrews

Past Marriages



Unknown; hinted at a mother and father in Tulsa, Oklahoma.



Flings & Affairs

Josh Lewis (lovers)

Andy Norris (lovers)

Derek Colby (lovers)

Floyd Parker (engaged)

Josh Lewis (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Prostitution. (Prior to November 5th, 1980)

Hired by Andy Norris to steal money from Joshua Lewis (Prior to November 5, 1980)

Failed to report on her employment application for work at the McCord mansion, on Thornway Road, that she was a former hooker and stripper (October 5, 1981)

Lied to Floyd Parker that she was being blackmailed by his benefactor, Joshua Lewis. (October 5, 1981 to Fall 1982)

Stole drugs from Cedars [November 22, 1983]

Brief Character History

The very blonde and very pretty Lesley Ann Monroe arrived in Springfield, in 1980, with a secret past. While enjoying the company of attorney Derek Colby in 1981, she started becoming very uncomfortable whenever a man named Andy Norris was mentioned. Finally, when Derek and others were investigating Norris, a skittish Lesley Anne dumped Derek. Later, in October, she was hired as the personal nurse to Quinton McCord. Lesley Ann, who was hired by McCord's housekeeper, Violet Renfield, helped Quinton with the headaches that he was suffering from. At nearly the same time that Lesley Ann was hired, Mrs. Renfield hired Nola Reardon as Quint's assistant. From the get go, Lesley Ann and Nola were very suspicious of each other and, probably, rightly so. Both, Lesley Ann and Nola were both harboring secrets. Lesley Ann mistrusted Nola and very suspicious of who Nola claimed was the father of her unborn child. Nola claimed the father was Dr. Kelly Nelson, but Lesley Ann started hearing little snippets of conversations between Nola and Cedars hospital orderly Floyd Parker that made her believe otherwise. Meanwhile, Nola often invited her ditzy hairdresser friend, Gracie Middleton over for visits at the McCord mansion. Nola and Gracie were both old film addicts and Gracie took an instant disliking to Lesley Ann, giving her the nickname, Marilyn Monroe. As for Nola, she decided that Lesley Ann was just a tramp, probably trying to make a play for Quint, whom Nola was falling in love. However, Lesley Ann had fallen for Floyd. However, Lesley Ann was afraid of starting a relationship with Floyd because of her past secret. Meanwhile, Floyd was harboring a secret of his own and confided in Lesley Ann that he was the father of Nola's unborn child. Now, Lesley Ann had a way to keep Nola and Gracie from having the run of the McCord mansion and possibly hurting Quint. When Lesley Ann returned to the mansion, Nola had already gone into labor and Dr. Kelly Nelson was there to assist. Lesley Ann helped Nola with the baby who Nola named Kelly Louise. When Nola began badgering Lesley Ann to help her with the baby, Lesley Ann used her trump card and told Nola that she better behave or she'd tell Quint that Nola's baby was actually Floyd's biological child. At that, Nola quickly backed off.

In 1982, Floyd, who was pursuing a very successful career as a singer, began dating Lesley Ann, who was run and hide every time she had a chance of running into Floyd's business manager, Josh Lewis. Unfortunately, she couldn't avoid Josh forever and he eventually confronted her. Josh told Lesley Ann that unless she came to his hotel suite, he was going to give Floyd an earful about her past. Although she was terrified, Lesley Ann agreed to meet with Josh. When he noticed how jumpy she was, Josh commented that she wasn't like that when he used to know her as Candy, after Andy Norris introduced them. Lesley Ann told Josh she wanted to leave Springfield, because if she stayed, she'd only end up hurting someone she cared deeply about - Floyd. Josh ordered her to stay in Springfield because Floyd was hung up on her, and what made Floyd happy, made Josh happy. Josh warned Lesley Ann that since she had something to hide, he'd be calling the shots, unless she wanted him to tell Floyd the whole sordid story about her past as Candy. Apparently, Andy Norris hired Lesley Ann to sleep with Josh so that Andy could steal money from his family. For the time being, Lesley Ann went along with Joshua's demands, and soon, she and Floyd became lovers. At the same time, Lesley Ann would lose her trump card over Nola, when Floyd himself spilled the beans about being Kelly Louise's biological father to Quint. Finally, in late spring, Mrs. Renfield, Quint and Nola would returned from an archaeology trip to London and found Josh hounding Lesley Ann about keeping Floyd happy. At that moment, the group found out about Lesley Ann's past as a stripper and a hooker and Lesley Ann was fired! Lesley Ann, though, quickly landed on her feet and got a job at Cedars hospital as a nurse. Hospital administrator Warren Andrews was instantly smitten with Lesley Ann. Finally, that fall, hating the pressure she was under from Joshua, Lesley Ann, finally, told Floyd about her past and Floyd angrily turned on Joshua and decked him! Joshua promptly ended their business arrangement and Floyd singing career took a sudden nose dive. Floyd became poor yet again and he and Lesley Ann were forced to live in a run down neighborhood in a very cramped apartment.

By the spring of 1983, Lesley Ann had grown tired of her the living arrangement and, secretly, went on dates with Warren. Warren Andrews had designs to become as rich as the Spauldings and even moved into a modest home on Skyline Drive near the Spaulding mansion. Although afraid that her past would come back and haunt her again, Lesley Ann started to fall in love with Warren who treated her like a lady. By the fall of 1983, Lesley Ann moved out of Floyd's apartment and an upset Floyd told Warren all about Lesley Ann's past. At this point, Lesley Ann started to isolate herself and finally became so depressed that she tried to kill herself by taking a bottle of sleeping pills. Luckily, Floyd and his sister, Katie, got anxious about her, when she wouldn't return any of their phone calls and Katie showed up at Lesley Ann's door. Lesley Ann was taken to Cedars emergency room where her stomach was pumped. She was put into Cedars psychiatric unit, and she received two visitors that made her realize she did the wrong thing for a man (Warren). When Lesley Ann was released a few days later, she decided to write Warren out of her life, but when Warren found out what she had done, he went to her apartment with flowers and begged for her forgiveness. Lesley Ann not only took him back, but also accepted his marriage proposal. In March 1984, Lesley Ann and Warrant would marry in a beautiful ceremony. Unfortunately, Warren and Lesley Ann's happiness would be short lived, as would Lesley Ann.

At this point, a doctor named John Stephens (in reality, Jim Reardon) was frantically trying to find a cure for the dreaded Dreaming Death Virus. The key to a vaccine laid in an ancient Incan necklace. Although, seemingly tempered by his marriage to Lesley Ann, an unscrupulous Warren stole the necklace, hoping it would make him a fortune. Unfortunately, an accident in the lab resulted in one of the lab mice escaping and infecting Lesley Ann with the fatal virus. A penitent, Warren returned the necklace to Jim in hopes that Jim could save Lesley Ann. Unfortunately, Jim was unable to save Lesley Ann, who quickly died at the Cedars Emergency Room.

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