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Warren Andrews
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Actor History

Warren Burton (May 1983 to June 12, 1987)


Former owner of the Blue Orchid nightclub
Former employee at Spaulding Enterprises
Former hospital administrator at Cedars

Resides At


Marital Status

Single/Widowed (Lesley Ann Monroe)

Past Marriages

Liz Stephens (divorced)
Lesley Ann Monroe (deceased)





Flings & Affairs

Vanessa Chamberlain (dated)
Hope Bauer Spaulding (dated)
Alexandra Spaulding (engaged)
India von Halkein (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Stole the Dreaming Death virus cure to make money [February 1, 1984]

Stole an ancient Incan necklace from Quinton and Nola Chamberlain's house [February 8, 1984]

Set free a dozen infected mice from Cedars lab [May 1984]

Unintentionally caused Leslie Ann Monroe's death [May 1984]

Was involved in smuggling black art paintings [1987]

Bugged the house of Phillip Spaulding [1987]

Paid a professional killer to kill Phillip Spaulding [1987]

Killed Paul Valère [May 1987]

Manipulated evidence to look it like Christine Valère killed Paul Valère [May 1987]

Kidnapped Jackson Freemont, Alan Spaulding and Chelsea Reardon [June 1987]

Tried to kill Alan Spaulding, Chelsea Reardon and Phillip Spaulding [June 1987]

Brief Character History

Warren Andrews hired in 1983 as Cedars' new administrator, but did not appear on screen until the beginning of the following year. A very ambitious man, Warren often clashed with the Cedars doctors, especially with Dr. Ed Bauer. Warren briefly dated Vanessa Chamerlain, who dumped him because he was too ambitious, and Hope Bauer, who he dumped because of her alcoholism and the fact that he was attracted to another woman. That other woman was a sweet young nurse named Lesley Ann Monroe, who unhappy by her boyfriend, Floyd Parker's sudden poverty, allowed Warren to take her out on dates. Warren had designs on becoming as rich as the Spauldings and he even moved into a modest home on Skyline Drive near the Spaulding mansion and Dr. Ed Bauer's home. Although afraid that her past would come back and haunt her again, Lesley Ann began to fall in love with Warren who treated her very much as a lady. Lesley Ann though hid her past from Warren, afraid that he might dump her because of it at any moment. By the fall, Lesley Ann moved out of Floyd's apartment moved into a small house. Then it finally happened, Floyd, being frustrated by losing all his money and fame as a rock star, went to Warren and told him all about Lesley Ann's past as a prostitute. Horrified, Warren dumped Lesley Ann! Following this, Lesley Ann attempted suicide by swallowing a whole bottle of sleeping pills. Luckily, Floyd and Katie Parker saved her life. When Warren found out what happened, he went to Lesley Ann's apartment with flowers and begged for her forgiveness and asked her to take him back. Lesley Ann reluctantly, but happily, agreed. Finally, on December 18, 1983 at the Springfield Country Club in front of the richest people in Springfield, Warren proposed to Lesley Ann. Three months later, they married in a beautiful ceremony. Unfortunately, Warren and Lesley Ann's happiness would be short lived and unfortunately, so would Lesley Ann.

Not long after, Warren overheard a conversation between Quinton Chamberlain and Dr. Jim Reardon about an Incan necklace that somehow held the key to a vaccine for the deadly disease known as "the Dreaming Death." Although seemingly tempered by his marriage to Lesley Ann, Warren was still a little unscrupulous and stole the necklace, hoping that it would make him a fortune. Not long after, one of the lab mice in Jim's lab would escape from the lab and found itself in Warren's briefcase. When Warren got home with the briefcase, the mouse got out and bit Lesley Ann who, later, had to be rushed to Cedars Emergency Room because she now had "the Dreaming Death" disease! A penitent Warren returned the necklace to Jim in hopes that Jim could save Lesley Ann. Though Jim did, eventually, succeed in creating a vaccine, it was too late for Lesley Ann who died. Warren couldn't get over his guilt and had thoughts of revenge. Knowing that Alan Spaulding was planning to patent the vaccine to use in biological warfare, Warren allied himself with Alan's sister, Alexandra Spaulding, who secretly taped Alan's admission of his part in the conspiracy and turned Alan in to the FBI.

Later, Warren became involved with Alexandra, and although they were engaged, Alex's former stepdaughter, India, seduced Warren. It was during this affair that Warren told India an important piece of information: Phillip and Andy Ferris bombed Lujack's nightclub, which caused Beth Raines's temporary blindness. However, India had only used Warren for information to get revenge on Alex and to marry Phillip. Alex also left Warren but they stayed friends. In 1985, Andy was murdered and Lujack became the prime suspect while Alex suspected that India was the murderer because she stole the blackmail tape from the Spaulding mansion. Alex asked Warren for help and Warren spied on India. Warren's spying amounted to nothing and afterwards, Warren opened his own business, the nightclub Blue Orchid.

In 1987, Alan and India got involved in smuggling black art paintings with Paul Valère. Unbeknownst to them, Warren was also involved with Valere. When Warren started making demands, Valere traveled to Springfield intending to kill him. However, Warren was no fool and discovered Valère's plan. One night, Warren visited Valère in his hotel room and they argued. Soon, Paul's wife, Christine, arrived and as Warren hid behind the door he watched her shoot Paul. Immediately after, Christine fainted and Warren shot Paul with Christine's gun. He then gave the gun back to Christine to make it look like she killed him. The plan worked and not only Christine, but also Alan and Johnny Bauer became the prime suspects. Unfortunately, Phillip Spaulding and Chelsea Reardon were investigating the black art painting scene, so Warren bugged Phillip's home to spy on him. When Phillip almost discovered the truth, Warren paid a professional killer to kill him. However, one day when Chelsea and Jackson Freemont asked Warren about Valère, they realized that Warren killed him. His secret uncovered, Warren kidnapped Jackson and left him in the Blue Orchid while taking Chelsea to the Spaulding mansion to Alan. Warren held Alan and Chelsea at gunpoint and wanted to kill them. Luckily Phillip arrived, struggled with Warren and saved them while Warren was arrested. In prison, Warren confessed all his crimes. Although he tried to stop the hit man he hired to kill Phillip, he didn't succeed and the killer shot Phillip. Luckily the killer was shot and killed by the police and Phillip survived. That was the last we saw of Warren Andrews and it is assumed that he is still in prison for murder.

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