One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 23, 1997 on OLTL
Patrick was furious to see an article that Todd had printed about Patrick's involvement in a bombing in Ireland. Andrew had divorce papers for Cassie. Patrick accused Todd of setting him up. Max and Antonio made amends for Andy's sake.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 23, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, June 23, 1997

Patrick is outraged when the Sun's article comes out. Nora scrambles to do damage control at the LPD. Bo demands to know who let the story leak about Patrick's past bombing of Lord Whiting's yacht. Mel runs to Patrick to help him through the latest setback for him. They put their heads together to try to figure out who is really the bomber. Keneally is number one on the list and somehow they know Todd figures in there somehow. Mel promises to get to the bottom of it, even if he has to go to Ireland himself!

Rachel decides to buy out the stores and shows Téa all her new gorgeous outfits. It has helped her feel better after the Track disaster. Téa surprises Rachel with a massage by two Russian professional masseurs. Worried that the break-up with Track might push Rachel over the edge and back to narcotics, Nora rushes over to the girl's apartment. Rachel assures Nora she is fine and goes to make coffee for them. Téa then lashes out at Nora, telling her she is smothering her daughter. Nora tells her where to get off. Téa says it is like a buzz for Nora to know everytime Rachel gets in trouble that she can fix it. Nora can't take it. Rachel interrupts the confrontation and Nora says she has to leave and is gone in a flash. Rachel and Téa collapse on the couch and they say, " where were we?"? Téa smiles and says, "Basking in the Russian afterglow." Rachel then asks if her Mom will ever realize she is finally off of the drugs. Téa says that she will in time.

R.J. is given an opportunity to buy a record company.

Kelly and Dorian make up just prior to her trial. Kelly's trial begins. Everyone seems to be there to give her their support. The reckless driving charges are dropped on a plea bargain. Nora asks the judge to please give Kelly leniency due to the fact of how her actions have caused her great suffering. Also, that those she hurt aren't pressing any charges personally (Todd, Blair or Patrick) and are giving her a second chance and hopes the court will too. Kelly asks to speak and says: "I have hurt an awful lot of people. Maybe, they do forgive me, but that is not going to change anything I've done. Because of me, my cousin Blair is going to have to learn to walk again, the baby that she and Patrick were gonna have, never got a chance to crawl, cry or breath. I cannot tell you and everyone else here how sorry I am. I promise you I will do anything in my power for the rest of my life to make up for that. I will never forget this or my friends or my family, because they have stood by me and helped me make the right decision. Without them and their love and support I wouldn't be here. Thank you everyone." The judge rules in favor of Hank's recommendation,( for the charge of leaving the scene of an accident), to have her license revoked for one year, a $5,000.00 fine and 500 hours of community service. She will have to do the community service at Llanview Hospital and Angel Square Comm. Center under Marty and Andrew's supervision.

Tuesday, June 24th, 1997
Written by Mona Frymire

BANNERMel walks into Viki's office as she is on the phone telling someone that she will be at the party that the Sloan Carpenter Foundation throws for the kids with Aids at the hospital. Viki tells Mel about Sloan's son William and how he died from Aids. Mel says that Sloan's book on Victor Lord is a great book and offers terrific insight into genetics. Then he asks her if she has spoken with Todd. She says yes and that it was frustrating. Todd was different, he had an edge that Viki couldn't figure out. However, he was happy about scooping the Banner on the Whiting story. Mel says it wasn't a story, it was a smear. It just showed Todd's vendetta against Patrick. Viki says it's not the first time Todd used The Sun to settle a score. Viki jokes about the Banner's high standards. Mel says that his wife had very high standards. Every Sunday she would read 4 papers thoroughly and pick apart each story. He said that some of his best articles came out of her outrage. Viki asks him how long it his been since she died, he says 21 months. He asks how long it has been since Sloan died, she says 2 1/2 years. Viki says that she had many emotions after his death, she fell into a whirlpool that she barely escaped. Mel says he is still in that whirlpool. They discuss how life goes on and you just have to deal with it. Viki remembers her appointment with Andrew.

Clint arrives as Viki leaves. Clint wonders how Todd got the Whiting story. Mel says that he and Patrick are working on the theory that Todd framed Patrick. Clint tells Mel that Todd did it before when he had his magician friend point out that Patrick was near when Carlo was killed. In the end the story was recanted and Patrick was cleared. Mel says he has an idea on how to smoke Todd out so they had better call Kevin in because it is his story. Kevin comes in and says that no one knows how Todd got the story. Clint points out that Todd's story is exactly the same story that Kinneally told the warden. Mel wonders if Todd hates Patrick so much that he would go to such lengths as to get in with Kinneally just to frame Patrick. Mel says that he has and idea and calls Dunleavy prison. The warden says that Mr. Kinneally is popular, he was visited by Ted Monk of the Denver Mirror just 4-5 weeks ago. Mel describes Todd to him and the warden confirms that that was Ted Monk. Mel begs off the story and hangs up. Clint wants a second source to back up what Mel has. Kevin picks up the phone and calls in a favor to someone who knows about Llanview flight plans. He says that there was a flight to Shannon about a month ago by the Sun's private jet. Kevin wants Mel to get Patrick's view on the whole story. Mel says that Patrick is a friend and he can't divulge any info that came from Patrick. Kevin is frustrated. Mel helps him out by saying that where there is a frame there's a payoff. Kevin gets the picture.

Kevin is back at his desk trying unsuccessfully to bribe someone at the bank to give him Todd's account records. Cassie comes by and sees a ring box on his desk. She asks what it is and he says that she wasn't supposed to see that yet. He says that he was worried about Cassie's reaction to Andy getting engaged and wanted to give her a ring. Since it is too soon for an engagement ring he is giving her this ring, not a diamond, as an everything-is-okay-between-us ring. Kevin goes to put the ring on her finger but stops and says that her finger is a little crowded. She says that she will never go back to her life with Andrew, but it is not something she can forget. The wedding band is a symbol of her past and she is not ready to take it off, but she is ready to put on Kevin's ring. Kevin says that he can wait for her.

HOSPITAL Todd arrives at the party with Starr. Some nurses come over and dote on Starr and then take her to where the clown is. Todd sees two boys arguing when one of them, Eli, punches the other one, Jeff, in the stomach. Todd breaks up the fight. Jeff goes with the nurse and Todd corners Eli and asks why he is picking on someone smaller than him. Eli tries to say that Jeff was picking on him, but Todd sees right through him. Eli kicks Todd in the shin and tries to get away. Todd grabs his arms and asks Eli where he got a mouth like that. Eli says that Todd should've heard him the night his stepfather came home and beat him and his mom. Eli says to leave him alone. The doctor tells Eli stop arguing with Todd. Eli says that he knows Todd. Eli was there when Todd was reading stories to the children. Eli is upset that Todd said he would be back but it was just an empty promise. Todd says that he has been very busy, the hospital was busy saving Starr's life. Eli says "big deal", he has Aids and nothing is going to help him. Todd tries to talk to Eli but Eli walks off saying to leave him alone. The doctor tells Todd that Eli has had a trouble life. He was HIV positive at birth. His mother was an I.V. drug user and she has had men left and right come into Eli's life. They are poor and cannot afford the treatment they need. Eli was up for a grant to get onto a protocol. But Eli's attitude and the fact that the board felt that the regimen was too much for the family to manage caused the board not to give Eli the grant. Todd says that it is not fair and pulls out his checkbook and writes a check and hands it to the doctor. He says to fill in Eli's name and when that money runs out to come back and ask for more. The doctor is very happy. Todd figures that if he saves Eli's life then it will teach Eli a lesson.

ANDREW"S OFFICE Rene and Viki tell Andrew that there is gossip going around about Kevin and Cassie. People are worried about how Andrew will be able to give out marital advice considering his marital status. He says that he has no marital status. He was worried himself about dealing with things but assures them that he is okay. He then pulls out divorce papers. He says that the lawyers drew up the no-contest papers the other day but that he has had trouble figuring out how to present them to Cassie.

PATRICK & TODD At Patrick's apartment, Mel tells Patrick about his theory on Todd. Patrick is enraged and storms out of the apartment. At Todd's office Todd tells Briggs to run a picture and a story about Eli and how Todd was so generous to give him money. Then Todd has a change of heart and tells Briggs to nevermind. Briggs leaves. Todd walks over to his desk and Patrick storms in, grabs Todd and starts choking him over Todd's desk.

DINER Max and Maggie walk in and everyone offers their congratulations to them. Max is dumbfounded but plays along. After they sit down they wonder what is going on. It is obvious that it has something to do with Andy. Max says it would be just like Andy, whenever anything happens in her life he is the last one to know. Andy comes up from behind him and shows him the ring. Maggie tells Andy how happy she is for her. Max is obviously disappointed. He says that Andy has been dragged into Antonio's difficulties and that Max is worried about her. Andy just wants him to be happy for her. She says that she loves Antonio and that if Max is going to make her choose between them, then Max will lose.

Maggie and Max walk outside and she asks him what his problem is. Max tells her that he is worried about Andy. The last time Andy got married, her husband beat her. Maggie tells Max that Antonio is a good guy and that he has turned his life around. Max doesn't want her to be with someone that has had to turn their life around. But he loves Andy and wants to be part of her life. They walk into a flower shop.

Back at the diner, Andy is telling Carlotta how disappointed she is that Max is not happy for her. Max walks in and hears part of her conversation with Carlotta. He walks up behind her and hands her a bouquet of flowers. She reads the card. It says that he may not be a good flower girl but that he would be honored to walk her down the aisle. Andy gives Max a great big hug as Maggie looks on with happy tears in her eyes.

Wednesday, June 25th, 1997
Written by Laura Simurda

Today's burning question is who is the worst murderer. Patrick, the wheel man, who endorsed the death of Irish hater Whiting, but felt regret for the death of his friend and bomber, Liam. Or Todd, who in framing Patrick for a crime he did not commit, caused the death of another Irish hater, who was not supposed to be on the boat? As the Bard would say, A rose by any other name... would still be a rose.

The Sun- Todd and Patrick

Patrick has Todd pinned to the desk and his hands are on his throat. He tells him if Todd thinks Patrick could kill his own son, how hard would it be to finish Todd off. He knows Todd is responsible for setting him up. "Did you really 86 Whiting because he was conjugating verbs with your sister", Todd asks sarcastically. Mel arrives just in time to prevent Patrick from throttling Manning to death. He tells Patrick not to go any further. Todd is still sprawled across his desk. He threatens to call the police unless they both leave. He wouldn't want to make a federal case out of this, but Patrick already has. Mel explains to Patrick that Todd is not going to make an admission of guilt. Todd wants Mel to remind Patrick if what The Sun printed was untrue, he can sue him for libel. Of course, Todd is sure he could find witness to say Patrick caused Whiting's death. He looks at his watch and remarks if his timepiece is correct, unlike poor Liam's, LPD should be there any moment. Mel argues if Starr is better and Blair is on the road to recovery and Todd now knows Kelly was responsible for the accident, then why did Todd set Patrick up for murder? Mel reveals that he knows that Manning met with Kinneally at the Irish Prison and Todd can be implicated by association.

Todd gets mean and starts trash talking. He is curious if Whiting didn't throw Patrick's sister out of bed because she wouldn't put her mouth where his money was. He offed Whiting because he was bopping someone he cared about (read: Patrick bopped Blair, Todd's wife. Justification for Todd's actions). Patrick is livid and is threatening to kill Todd when Andy walks in. Luckily, Mel has managed to keep Patrick from acting on his words. Todd tells Andy he wants to press charges for assault and being threatened with death. Mel is unwilling to take Todd's part and says that it was just a loud disagreement. Patrick says he only spoke the words, he didn't do it. Andy believes them and refuses to charge Patrick. He tells her that she is going to be in a mess of trouble for this and as she leaves he shouts "you can forget a donation to the Police Benevelent Society" and flings objects off his desk and across the room.

Hank's office- Hank and Nora, Bo and Andy

Nora wishes that kids came with a warranty. She has been worried about their daughter, but Téa has lent her a fresh pair of eyes. By showing too much concern for Rachel, they have been making her feel they don't trust her. Hank counters if they don't show concern, then what kind of message are they sending. He believes that Téa is being too hard on Nora. Maybe, she replies, the way she has been treating their daughter is like taking a kid with skinned knees to the emergency room. Over-reaction! And praising her wildly for acting as any adult child should, that is just as bad. Hank admits he is just as guilty of this with his brother and R.J. pointed out to him just how patronizing he was being. Nora and Hank agree it is time to stop being judgmental and just shut up. Nora outlines the steps to a better relationship. First, let Rachel come to them for advice. Second, stop radiating anxiety even if she(Nora) has to wear a paper bag over her head. Hank adds the third step, stay away from Téa Delgado. Bo comes in with the latest forensic reports and says that Patrick is going down in flames. He stops when he sees the defendant's attorney is in the room, but Nora says all this will be told her anyway at the premliminary the next day. The chemical traces of the explosives match those in Patrick's apartment.

Andy walks in and says that the timer for the bomb was made by a company now out of business. The forsensic guys say it must have been fished out of a dumpster or bought at a flea market. It was not unlike the spare one found at Patrick's. She informs her boss about the incident at The Sun and that Mel was an eyewitness and did not agree with what Todd was charging Patrick with, so she did not arrest the Irish poet. As everyone discusses the evidence, a lightbulb goes off over Nora's head and she brings to the table the fact that kitchen timers have a maximum time of 60 minutes and it was over an hour to Hazardville, where Patrick says he went camping with Marty. Bo reminds her since Patrick can't establish he was in Hazardville, he can't do anything with this information. Nora says that Bo has to try harder to look for an alibi. Then she asks to see Andy's ring and tells her she wants to dance at her wedding with a free Patrick.

The Banner and The Rectory- Kevin, Cassie, Andrew, River

Kevin tells Cassie that the key to the case is when Todd knew about Patrick's history in Ireland. But he can see that she is preoccuppied as she whirls around a pencil and stares at her hands. Kevin asks her if the two rings are symbolic. He only gave her the rang to make her happy. She says she is very happy with it. But she still can't take her wedding ring off? Kevin asks. She has taken the step of finalizing things by seeing her lawyer. She changes the subject back to Todd. Kevin tells her he knows that Todd went to Ireland while Starr was still in the hospital. Todd could have been a part of a set up. He is going to follow the money. Cassie volunteers to visit Starr and lift Todd's checkbook. Kevin laughs, but is sure this type of pay off would require more than a personal check. Well, let's find the number of his accountant, Cassie jokes as they flip through a rollodex. They both remember the last time they followed the money when they were trying to trace Alex's slush fund. Kevin playfully kisses her on the neck and for a moment they are happy. The mood is promptly broken when Cassie receives a call from Andrew. She has to meet him at the rectory. She is sure this has to do with the divorce and tells Kevin she wonders how "you reduce a marriage down to a legal document."

At the rectory, Andrew explains about his "friendly fire" meeting with Viki and Renee. The congregation is uncomfortable with his lack of status. He is neither married nor single and his wife is living in sin with a parishioner. He told Viki and Renee thanks for the heads up and he would finalize things. Andrew loves his job, he is good at it and he wants to move on. Their lawyers have been agreeable. As he hands her the divorce papers, he tells her that he did not want to mail them or have them process served. They began their marriage together and they can end it together. Cassie picks up the Decree and stares at it, without reading. Andrew explains that everything is split down the middle, except River. He can't be divided down the middle. He is the current custodial parent and they should make that legal. She would have unlimited access to their son.

Cassie wants to take the decree home to read it, but Andrew notices the new ring on her right hand and assmes it is an engagement ring. Cassie says it is not what he thinks. He asks he why she is also wearing her wedding ring. She replies they are not divorced yet and he is still wearing his. Andrew tells her that it is time for both of them to take their rings off. Cassie begins to sob and asks what are they doing. Andrew says they are doing what they have to. Andrew flashes back to their wedding and his beautiful bride and his saying "I will" to his wedding vows and takes his ring off. Cassie also flashes back to the moment she answered "I will" and the kiss from Andrew that sealed their vows and removes the ring between sobs.

River come in and Cassie hugs him like she will never see him again. Her son asks her if it was coming between them when they hugged which stopped Mommy and Daddy from hugging each other. Cassie explains that the group hug was wonderful. He did not do anything to cause this. She just doesn't love his daddy the same way. She now loves him like other people do because he is a good man and a good father. The little boy wonders if her love for him will change too, but she assures him that it is not the same with mothers and sons. She is glad he asks her these things ansd she will always be honest in answering the questions he asks her. They hug again and Andrew tells River that his friend Zachary has arrived and cautions him to use words, not fists, if they have a disagreement. Cassie worries that River is too serious, but Andrew assures her that he is not like that all the time. They do have fun. He suggest they sell the rings and give the proceeds to charity. Make lemonade out of lemons. Cassie says she wants to put them in a safe deposit box for River so that someday they can tell him of the good years they had together. Andrew holds her hand a moment as she is getting ready to leave and Cassie hesitates as if it is some kind of sign, but Andrew just gives her the divorce papers and says no more. Cassie leaves and Andrew is left to reflect on the marriage and the parting.

Patrick's Apartment- Mel, Patrick, Nora

Mel is glad that Patrick didn't carry out his threat and kill Todd. Patrick reminds him that Manning came back from the dead before and he (Patrick) already had previous blood on his hands. Mel believes that Todd did the bombing himself or at least engineereed it. There was a new edge about Todd today. He was deliberately provoking Patrick. He has incredible emotional control, but at what price! Everthing Manning did was calculated. His best advice to Thornhart is work with Kevin on the exclusive he can give him and to listen to Nora, who is in his corner. In the meantime, stay away from Todd.

Nora goes over the evidence she learned about at LPD. She says it is cirucmstancial, but warns him he is jeopardizing his case by provoking Todd. Patrick is certain that the evil twosome of Kenneally and Manning are in cahoots. Nora says now that they have the thesis, they must prove it. Give Manning and Kineally enough rope and they will hang themselves. Yes, he responds, if they don't hang him first. Nora tries to give him hope and tells him about the timer and how it only runs for 60 minutes. She presses him if anyone saw him and Marty anywhere to confirm his alibi that he was more than an hour away in Hazardville at the time of the explositon. He says the only witness was the bear. Nora laughs and says that would be an interesting day in court. She says that with the best reporters on the Banner helping him, he has hope, but to Patrick, Nora is just clutching at straws.

Back at the Banner- Mel, Kevin and Milton

Mel brings Kevin a double expresso and tells him about the bank and how they transferred him to security when he pretended to be a CPA. He asks the older reporter if he has any trade secrets to share. Mel says he had a selected group of informants in the old days, but today you can't take a computer out for a drink. But you can take out the hacker, Kevin replies and he has just the hacker in mind. A fraternity brother who Todd Manning used to pick on. Ah, college days form everlasting friendships and everlasting enemies.

Milton arrives and says he has never met a system he couldn't sabotage. For instance, remember the campus parking tickets Kevin had stacked up. Yeah, he tried to pay them one day and woof! they had no record of them. Milton said he did that because Kevin was so good to him while so many others in the frat house treated him like he had B.O. Kevin is surprised to learn that the talented Milton has gone legit and perfected the very best security system used by major corporations. He is the only one who can get into the system. Still, it is his company that does security for Llanview National Bank and it wouldn't be ethical for him to sabotage his own system. Not even if it was to break into Todd Manning's account? For that, Milton would make an exception.

Todd's Penthouse- Todd, Starr, Bird, Nanny and Jessica

Todd warns the Nanny to keep Starr away from Patrick. If she sees him on the street, she is to run home and call the police. The man is a vicious psychopath. He tells the nanny to take a break and asks Starr how her day was. The Bird interrupts with a squawk. He does not understand why it is so easy to be with the both of them. Starr is not afraid of him. He did not understand feelings until he met Starr and now just a smile from her and his chest tightens like he's having a heart attack. When Starr was sick, he would watch her sleep and count every heartbeat, every breath. He was so scared for her. Hate, he has alwasy been good at. Like with Patrick. Todd holds a toy boat with a snoopy stuffed animal and lets Snoopy fall from the boat. He says Kaboom. That is how he got off the track. The Poet and his Sidekick are on to him. Both he and Patrick killed Brits. But Patrick killed Whiting deliberately. He on the other hand did everything to get Armitage off the boat. "Get off the boat" Bird mimicks.

The bell rings and Tod finds a laughing doll in the hallway. Jessica surprises him by popping up from around the courner. The doll is a gift for Starr. She shows her little cousin how if you turn the doll upside down it laughs (kind of manically). She is happy of Starr's perfect life and tells the jealous parrot that she will bring him a laughing parrot. Jessica thinks that Uncle Todd is too somber. He is afraid of being too happy. He needs to cheer up. His life is going to be like this from now on. Just perfect.

The nanny takes the baby upstairs and Todd says after her nap, Starr can play with the psychopathic doll. In the old days, he couldn't have cared less about what happened, but now with Starr and her mother, he has a problem and he doesn't know what to do. "On the lam", Bird suggests.

Thursday, June 26th, 1997
Written by Tayo Fountain

Today's show opens with Andy and Antonio having dinner at Carlotta's Diner. Antonio has just finished taking the first part of the LSAT and is not so confident that he will make it. Andy talks to him and boosts his confidence and reminds him that if he was able to get a High School diploma and College degree from prison, then law school should not scare him in the outside world.

Andy moves on to the Alex case and berates herself on how she botched up the case against Alex and how she was able to get away on a technicality. Antonio in turn comforts her in the thought that she is a good cop no matter what. Andy then explains how she is going to have to put Patrick away if he really committed Guy's murder. Antonio clues her in that she may be chasing the wrong suspect.

Cristian then walks in with two other Angel Square friends and they lure Antonio away to have fun with them. They end up at Rodi's.

Rachel joins Andy at the table and tells her about R.J.'s jazz club and new record company that he's venturing into. Andy is of course skeptical. Rachel defends her uncle and tells Andy to give him a chance and visit the club tonight to see that it is legit. Yeah right!

Andy goes to the club and R.J. discusses jazz flavors with her. Andy then warns him that she'll still be watching him. Rachel walks up to the table and R.J. did not miss his chance to tell her about Andy's suspicions. Rachel gets upset as expected. Is R.J. playing Rachel like a well known piano tune or what?!

Meanwhile, at the SUN, Kevin and system genius Milton break in to Todd's office and start hacking away at his computer to access his bank records. Milton is having a ball at this. He will finally pay Todd back for all the years of misery suffered at his hands at Llanview U.

Unknowingly for Todd, the noose is closing around his neck. At his penthouse, Téa walks in with a copy of the Sun and tells Todd that she's here to pay Starr a visit. She gives Starr a Cookoo clock that she apprently liked while telling Todd that she also handles libel cases - referring to Todd's smear campaign against Patrick in the Whiting/Armitage cases. As she leaves, Todd stops her and she asks if there's any more business to discuss. He says NO. Both start having lame talk which then moves on to more serious subjects. Téa tries to find out about Todd's feelings towards Blair and he avoids giving her an answer. She then goes on to tell him about how ironic life is. Here she is a high priced attorney moving in all kinds of social circles and yet it wasn't so long ago that as a little Puerto Rican girl, her father was a building Super and they didn't have anything. She never told any of her friends in law school about her father because she didn't want to be laughed at. Todd asks about her mother and she tells him she died, - not that she did anything for them while she was alive. Todd then tells her about how his mother was in such a hurry to get away from his tyrant and abusive father that she left him behind among other things. Todd then changes the subject telling Téa that he thinks the gift she gave Starr was weird. Téa defends it by saying that Starr liked it and also that even on the way to Todd's penthouse in the taxi, the clock was ticking so loudly that the cabby thought it was a BOMB. On hearing this, Todd freaks and tells Téa they've got to leave. Where to???

They get to the Waterfront, and look at the rummage of what used to be Guy's yacht. Todd starts getting flashbacks of the incident and tries to convince Téa that Patrick did it to get back at Guy and because Guy is a publisher too.

They left and went to the Diner. Todd apologized to Téa for his weirder than usual behavior - if that's possible. He says he fears for his own life after what Thornhart did to Armitage. He then lays it on thick about how Patrick attacked him in his office earlier and tries to strangle him because he published his exploitations. He is really on edge and all Téa could do was stare at him in shock. He throws some money on the table and tells Téa to catch a cab ride home. This guy is so rude!

At Rodi's. Ian gripes about not being able to get Guy's money - his inheritance - due to the lawyers etc. Maggie walks in and fuming about the fact that their father, the Bishop, left his entire estate to her. (I haven't seen people get so upset about a large inheritance). She tells Ian that it's his father, too and she will split it down the middle with him. Ian also says he will split Eleanor's money with her. They squabble some more over what they should do with the money or just give it away until Max steps in and tells them to take a time out. He thinks they're both crazy.

Meantime, Antonio, Cris and his friends come in for drinks. Max and Antonio stare at each other for a while. Max then walks over to Antonio (after Maggie pushes him) and welcomes Antonio to the family. Antonio does the same thing and further assures Max that Andy is in safe hands. He knows all about her ex-husband abuse and Andy will never suffer in his hands. She will be loved. Max is happy to hear that.

At Dorian/Todd's Mansion, Mel continues to get information on the Kenneally/Manning/Thornhart mystery ignoring Ms. Dorian's advances. She gets upset, storms off and vows to get his attention any which way possible. Kevin comes in and tells Mel about the 2-day cash transactions discovered in Todd's bank account. Each day's withdrawal totalled over $800,000.00!

Dorian comes back in to the room dressed like a dancer from "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" movie and starts dancing seductively with feathers showing off her assets. She had nothing on except a boustier (spelling?). Too late! She realizes Kevin's also in the room. She scuttles out of the room, embarrassed. Kevin sees Dorian in a new light and wanders about his future mom-in-law. Mel teases him and warns him to lay off his woman.

They continue to discuss their findings on Manning and Mel concludes that Manning is capable of just about anything.

Later, Dorian is worried about Kevin seeing her in such a state and worried that he'll tell Viki, his mom. Mel tries to calm her down and finally gives her his undivided attention and he start trying to do a seductive dance etc. etc. Friday, June 27th,1997
Written by Susan Richmond

Max, Maggie, Ian and Dorian

Sitting at the bar at Rodi's, Max is totaling up last night's receipts, happy that they did well. After finishing the inventory, Maggie announces that she's leaving to go to the community center to take a class on juggling. Maggie blows by Ian with a quick "Hi" as she rushes out the door. Ian has come to continue his conversation with Max about how to get Dorian's warehouse. Ian still runs Armitage Enterprises, North America, so what he'll do is use Armitage Enterprises to buy Dorian's warehouse and then sell it back to themselves. Max thinks it might work, except for one small obstacle, Dorian. Ian thinks he can win Dorian over. "Watch me", he boasts.

Ian arrives at Dorian's door and humbly begs her apology for arriving unannounced. Dorian gladly invites him in and tells him how sorry she is about his father's death. Ian compliments her on her lovely home as they go in and sit down. Dorian asks Ian about inheriting all of Armitage Enterprises. Ian tells her that he will probably sell off most of it. "It may seem like a quixotic decision"(this one sent me scrambling for the dictionary:Quixotic - romantically idealistic, impractical), but he's doing it because he's decided to stay in Llanview. He's sure Dorian will understand because he's heard about her sound business sense, Ian flatters her. He was especially impressed by the way she stood up to Asa about the warehouse, describing Asa's behavior as appalling. She deserves to be free of conflict over this property, let me take it off your hands, Ian 'generously' offers, claiming WVL needs it for additional storage space. Dorian doesn't buy his story for a minute and refuses to sell the warehouse to him, either. She knows all about Ian and Max teaming up against Asa and they have similar plans to develop the waterfront. Dorian won't mind if Ian stops by again, but she warns him, the answer will always be no. Ian leaves, "until the next time", he tells her. Dorian just laughs, amused and not upset by his persistance.

(After a short special report because a boat ran into a building in NY), we join Maggie already in progress at the Community Center having her juggling lesson with a group of kids from the center. Ian arrives and he and Maggie walk over to a corner to talk. He tells her of his failure to get the warehouse, Dorian seems completely adament about not selling. Ian gets the feeling that she's enjoying being uncooperative. I can get Dorian to sell the warehouse, Maggie insists. Impossible, says Ian, but Maggie leaves to go see Dorian.

Dorian opens the front door to find Maggie standing on her doorstep. She's not surprised, she's already told Ian that she won't sell the warehouse and the answer is still no. Dorian does let Maggie in and listens to her. Maggie wants to use the warehouse as a center for the arts. Dorian is skeptical at first, but finally agrees if Maggie puts it in writing and makes a contract that she must sell the warehouse to noone other than back to Dorian for 15 years. Dorian kind of likes the idea of selling to Maggie, she gets the pleasure of seeing Asa "bust a gut" when he finds out. Plus, a friend of hers wants to stay on the second floor of the warehouse and Dorian would rather that he didn't.

Back where we started, at Rodi's, Maggie comes in and tells Max and Ian that Dorian sold her the warehouse. The two of them are thrilled and excited, until Maggie tells them that she's turning the warehouse into a center for the arts, that is. Ian still thinks it's a wonderful idea, he's very proud of Maggie. Max, on the other hand, thinks the idea stinks.

Cassie, Kevin, Viki and Clint

Cassie wakes up late and comes downstairs in her robe to find Kevin working on a story on his computer. He didn't have the heart to wake her last night, she had a hard day and really needed the sleep. After a good morning kiss and hug, Kevin asks how it went with Andrew yesterday. He gave me the divorce papers, she replies. Kevin notices she's only wearing the ring he gave her and he picks up that hand and kisses it. It was more than awful, Cassie tells him, it was *really* final, almost like a death. She saw River while she was there and realizes now that everything is over. Kevin has to ask her, does she have any regrets?

Kevin knows how hard it has been for Cassie to leave Andrew and if she has any regrets, he thinks they should talk about them now. Kevin's scared of her answer, but he knows the only way they will make it together is if they are completely honest with each other. Cassie regrets hurting Andrew, that she can't protect River from this more, and most of all, she regrets the affect that this divorce will have on River. When she looks at what she had a year ago and what she and Kevin have together now, she knows that this is what she wants. Kevin knows how responsible she feels for Andrew and River, but he hopes she will allow herself to be happy again. Kevin will do anything he can to make her happy again, he says, kissing her.

At the Banner, Viki is in Clint's office, worrying that the Sun's circulation figures are starting to catch up to the Banner. Clint isn't too worried at first, but agrees to talk with the editorial staff. The phone rings, its Kevin calling to explain that Cassie got her divorce papers yesterday and isn't feeling well enough to go to work. As for himself, he'll be there in about an hour to talk to Clint about the 'Todd situation'. After hanging up, Clint explains the situation to Viki. Clint would like to say something to Kevin, but he's not sure what he should say, if anything. All Clint knows is that he has a bad feeling about it, it reminds him of Kevin's relationship with LeeAnn. Viki is caught in the middle between Kevin and Andrew and she's tried to stay out of it as much as possible. Viki decides maybe it's time to go over and talk to Cassie.

Putting on his tie (and doing a very good job of it considering his cast), Kevin gets ready to leave and go to the Banner to talk to Clint. Cassie assures him she will be fine for a few hours alone. Viki arrives to talk to Cassie and Kevin hastily leaves. Viki comments that she would have come before, but she wanted to give Kevin, Cassie and Andrew a chance to straighten things out. Cassie replies that she should have gone to see Viki, but she was afraid of what Viki thought. Viki doesn't think anyone has the right to comment about what happens in a marriage, all that she hopes is that everything has worked out for the best. Cassie shows Viki the ring Kevin gave her. Viki suggests that Cassie take things slowly, that she follow her heart to find the path her life should follow. Is Viki afraid that she's using Kevin, that she's going to hurt him too, Cassie asks? Cassie knows that she wants to be with Kevin and she knows what she's doing. I hope so, Viki say. What is Viki worried about, Cassie demands, that "crazy Cassie" is going to come out? That Dorian's daughter is going to wreak havoc on everyone in her way? You may think that, but I don't, Viki tells her calmly. Cassie apologizes, she shouldn't have said that. Viki really just wants Kevin and Cassie to be happy, Viki reassures her. I know, Cassie says and they hug before Viki leaves.

Viki returns to Clint's office at the Banner, upset about her talk with Cassie. She handled the whole thing wrong, she says. Cassie is so much more troubled about this than she wants anyone to know, Viki hopes Kevin realizes it. "Cassie was so determined to tell me that she is happy and she is confidant in her choice, and I look at her face and all I can see there is frustration and pain and fear", Viki tells Clint. And the worst part is, Viki doesn't think Kevin has a clue. Back at the carriage house, Cassie is looking at the divorce papers Andrew gave her and crying, rocking back and forth in pain.

Nora, Patrick, Marty, and the bank manager, Mr. Easke

Down at the dock, Nora is taking a look at the crime scene. She supposes it was possible for Alex, standing on the yacht, to identify a person on the dock. It's not that far and way and the light was probably good enough. Rather than trying to discredit Alex or proving Patrick was framed, Nora tells Patrick and Marty, what they have to concentrate on is the kitchen timer. If they can prove that Patrick was more than 60 minutes away when the explosion took place, the rest of the case completely falls apart. Suddenly, Marty remembers that they went to an ATM machine to get money. The receipt itself won't prove anything, but if there was a security camera...? Nora pulls out her cel phone to call the bank.

Nora talks to the bank manager, Mr. Easke, who refuses to give any information over the phone. Nora's on her way to see him, she tells him and asks him to secure the tape from the ATM machine from the night of June 6th.

At the bank, Nora hands Mr. Easke her card and asks to see the tapes from the video camera. There may be a problem, Mr. Easke explains. They reuse the tapes and do so in no particular order. It's entirely possible that the tape from the night of June 6th has already been taped over. Nora begs him to stop the camera immediately. As they speak, the crucial piece of tape could be erased. Mr. Easke finally agrees and goes to stop the camera and bring them the tapes.

Mr. Easke finally returns with a TV and the tape which is dated June 6th. Mr. Easke pops the tape in the VCR and turns it on, but there is nothing on the tape at all, it is completely blank.

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