One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 8, 1997 on OLTL
Marty and Patrick were married. Kelly and Blair fought. Max received a letter from Gabrielle. Patrick's enemies arrived in Llanview. David was gone when Cassie arrived for a visit. Mel was shot, and Patrick was killed.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 8, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, September 8, 1997

At Dorian's mansion, Dorian is trying to make some peace between Blair and Kelly the morning after the incident at Club Indigo. They are both screaming and trading insults with Blair laying the accident guilt trip on Kelly. Kelly does not let her get away with that and insults her more. Mel comes in to help, but Blair and Kelly are still fighting. The catfight is interrupted when Todd calls for Blair to spend some time with Starr and also to get her to start working at the Sun soon.

Todd says he overheard her fighting with Kelly. Blair is cranky, but Todd says if she can fight, she can work. He asks her to stop by the penthouse to talk about her working again at the Sun. She hangs up and says she's got to go.

When both cousins leave - Blair to meet with Todd and Kelly to meet Ian at Rodi's, Mel and Dorian sit and start talking. Dorian gets up to call Cassie, but finds out she's already left for Austria to see David Renaldi. When Dorian hangs up, she goes off on Mel about him wanting to dig into her childhood and starts to cry, but, looks like her tears are for something that occurred in her past.

At Rodi's, Max is cleaning up and thinking back to how he set up the boiler to cause a flood in the warehouse to try to figure out how that could have caused the fire. In the bar area, Ian and Maggie are talking about Blair, and Max and Maggie tell Ian that Blair lies when it's convenient.

Max receives a letter from Gabrielle (Gabrielle - previously played by Fiona Hutchison - is Max's first wife and had committed a lot of atrocities in the name of love and revenge. Watch out for the fireworks if she comes into town). Max reads the letter to himself while Maggie tells Ian all about Gabrielle. When Max finishes reading, he announces that Gabrielle has just gotten out of prison and would like to see Al. Absolutely not, is Max's first response, he doesn't want Gabrielle anywhere near Al. Maggie tries to convince him that Gabrielle has paid for her crimes and deserves a second chance. Max softens a little and agrees to let Al read the letter from Gabrielle.

Kelly comes in to see Maggie and Ian. Max leaves Kelly and Ian alone. Kelly apologizes to Ian for embarrassing him at Club Indigo last night. He tells her he could see she was provoked when she threw the drink at Blair. He goes on to say he likes coaching soccer at the Community Center and spending time with her. She's happy and leaves shortly after.

Maggie comes in with Al, who sits at the bar and Max shows him the letter from his mother. Al gets serious and opens it up to read it. Al asks why she would want so see him. He's confused and doesn't know what to do. Maggie tries to encourage him. Al says he doesn't know anything about her. When he thinks about his mom, he thinks about Luna. Finally, Al says he'd kind of like to see his real mother if that's okay with Max. Max says, "No, it's not okay with me." Al looks hurt. Maggie gets upset and tells Max he just can't say "no." Al repeats that he does want to see her. Maggie argues for Al. Finally, Max agrees that Al can see his mother. Al is happy and hugs Max.

Later at Todd's Penthouse, Todd and Téa are sitting around reading the Sun and talking. Téa tells him he's still annoyed because she had a drink with Andrew even though he's just a friend. Todd reminds her of the terms of their marriage. Téa warns Todd that Blair wants to put him down for the count, but he can always count on her. Todd says she's being melodramatic. They argue about Blair working at the Sun with Todd. Téa leaves. Todd calls Dorian's and asks to talk to Blair. In the midst of the fighting, they get Blair to come to the phone.

Todd is talking to the parrot waiting for Kenneally to call. Blair arrives. He tells her she can start working whenever she wants. She accepts his offer of a job and Todd thanks her for coming, but Blair wants to see Starr. Todd is trying to get her to leave saying that Judith is not there now, etc. She wants to take Starr to the park by herself, but Todd refuses, she can only play with Starr upstairs. Doesn't Todd trust her, she asks? Of course not, he knows her too well, he replies. Blair says she'll go upstairs and play with her by herself. Todd tells Blair that Marty's pregnant, and Blair is visibly hurt but she wishes Patrick a healthy baby. Of course the mention of Patrick upsets Todd as always. Todd says he doesn't think Patrick will have much time to spend with his new wife. Blair gets angry and tells him to drop the Whiting stuff. Todd starts yelling and says soon she will see and Marty will see that he was right and Patrick was involved in Whiting's murder. Blair pleads with him to get rid of his hatred for Patrick. She wants him to find some peace, and then she goes upstairs to see Starr. Todd talks to the bird that it's too late for him to stay out of it now. Why hasn't Kenneally called? He waits anxiously.

On the other side of town, a seedy neighborhood in a motel, Kenneally, Michael Mahoney, and a third guy (maybe O'Hara) enter. Kenneally tries to convince them to go out sightseeing. Mahoney is not interested. He says he'll take the room next door and tomorrow, Kenneally can show them their targets. Watch out Llanview and readers; point your browsers right here for the next update.

Tuesday, September 9th, 1997


Nora shows Marty dress after dress for Nora to wear to the wedding as the Matron of Honor. Marty keeps saying that everything is 'fine'. Nora wants a fabulous dress though. She also feels that Matron of Honor is an 'old' title and so they decide to call Nora the Best Woman. They agree on a dress. Marty thanks Nora for being there through all of the difficulties that Marty has had since Nora has been around. Nora says that it is her duty. Nora says that the obscene joy that Marty and Patrick radiate is heavenly. Marty says that Nora is right and that she is very happy. Marty tells Nora about the first time that Marty and Patrick kissed and how everything is still passionate. Nora says that they have shared a lot of the same fears and promises Marty that Nora will do whatever she can to help. Marty says that she can't worry because she has a wedding to go to tomorrow and that she has to be happy for the baby's sake. Nora asks, "What baby?." Marty says that she told Bo about the baby while Nora was at the spa, didn't he tell her? Nora says that he did not. Nora is very happy for them. Nora says that she wants to know all about the night that the baby was conceived. Marty says that she knew that night was special. Nora says that she would love to have another baby and that she thought that she was pregnant a couple of months ago. Marty says to go for it again. Nora tells her that it is too late for her because she is peri-menopausal. Marty says to look at the bright side of things, she does have Rachel. Nora says that she always did want to have a baby with Bo, but she will enjoy her time with him anyway. Nora tells Marty that she looks great and that she will be there to help Marty and Patrick take care of the baby. Marty says that she doesn't need anything, but that she would love to have a little bit of peace. Nora and Marty embrace.


Bo, Hank, Patrick, Renee and Mel have dessert over conversation. Patrick says thanks for lunch and Renee tells Patrick to keep Marty happy with gentleness. Hank tells him that he has to pay attention and listen to everything Marty has to say. Bo says to make sure that he tells his wife everything with the lines of communication wide open. Mel is less marriage minded. He says that he thinks that Marty and Patrick may be in danger and that they should have more protection. Renee tells Mel that he is not being very festive. Mel says that he is sorry, but he feels that Todd has opened a big hole that Patrick might fall in. International press has caught on to the story and some paranoid Irishman might worry that Patrick could implicate them in the crime and that maybe they should have protection until all of this trouble is over. Patrick insists that they do not need protection. Bo, Mel, Renee and Hank agree that protection is definitely needed. Patrick says that Marty would be scared if she saw policemen running about, but under protest agrees to the protection. Bo says that Patrick should bring along a gift for Marty when he tells her about the protection.


Michael paces back and forth. He doesn't want to be in Llanview. Michael says that it is Kenneally's fault that they are in this mess. Michael says that now he has to dodge a 12-year old bomb. Kinneally asks Dennis to go and get some newspapers. Kinneally comments on Dennis' slow wittedness. Michael says that Dennis may be slow with a phrase, but he is lighting quick with a bomb. Dennis comes back with the papers that Kenneally requested. They look at a picture of Marty and Patrick in the paper. Kenneally says how convenient it is that the papers tell all about Marty and Patrick's every whereabouts. Michael wants to know where everyone lives so that he can go and kill them. Kenneally tells Michael where Todd lives but says that it is too highly visible. He should try to hit him somewhere between work and home. Kenneally tells Michael that Patrick lives in an apartment that is rather inconvenient, but Marty lives in a nice house by the river, which would be a nice location for their demise. Michael says that he may want a more public display for their ending. Kenneally urges Michael to scope out Marty's place anyway.


Nora assures Marty that the Irish authorities have no case and that she will stick by Patrick through the entire hearing. Nora says in the meantime that she must concentrate on the party. Nora and Marty leave to go pick flowers in the backyard, but are stopped by Patrick, Mel, Bo and Hank. Nora wants to know what is going on. Bo and Mel tells Marty that the city of Llanview will provide protection until the Irish authorities can question Patrick. Marty says that she doesn't like it but understands. There is a barking sound in the background outside of the door. Meanwhile the three Irishmen view Marty's house from a distance. Michael likes the lay of the land, he leaves the car with his gun in tow. Hank opens the door and shows Marty her present. It is a dog with a big red bow around its neck. Marty loves him. Nora is disgusted at the sight of the dog. Hank says that he is glad that Nora and Bo get along so well because Bo agreed to take care of the dog while Marty and Patrick are on their honeymoon. Nora gets upset and says that first it was a motorcycle and then it was a dog , what's next pink flamingos on the front lawn? Nora says that she is not going to house a flea-bag. She tries to get Hank or Mel to agree to take care of the dog. They weasel out of it. Marty has already fallen in love with the dog. Michael notices that there are a bunch of guests at the house. Michael says that they will wait until dark and then they will bag Marty and Patrick. Kenneally is surprised that Michael wants to act so fast. Michael says that they will be out of Llanview within 12 hours, after they kill Todd also.

The dog keeps looking at Nora. Marty thinks that the dog has a thing for Nora. Bo asks Nora is she is mad at him. She gives him the silent treatment. Bo says that he is sorry about the things that he is bringing home lately, but look beyond the stuff and you will find the guy that loves her. Nora is pleased and kisses Bo passionately. She tells him that she likes what he is doing to her leg. He says that he is not doing anything. It turns out to be the dog. She calls the dog an ankle molester and says now they know why he was in the pound. At the door, two policemen arrive. Bo tells them to secure the perimeter. Michael notices the two policemen and is upset. Now they won't be able to take care of Marty and Patrick at the house. Kenneally asks Michael if he has another plan for the happy couple. Michael says that he just might have a nice wedding gift for them.


Cassie arrives at the sanitarium where David Rinaldi is supposed to be. Cassie asks the nurse to fetch her father. The nurse says that there is a problem and goes to get the doctor. Cassie wonders what is wrong and asks if her father's condition had worsened. Dr. Klaus says that he is better than he had anticipated. But he is puzzled. He knew that David was looking forward to the meeting with Cassie, but this morning he gathered up his clothes and left the sanitarium with no word as to where he was going. Cassie can't believe that David left. Dr. Kraus says that early in the morning David had received a phone call. Then he saw David walking down a path and then he got into a cab and went to his house. He told the housekeeper that there was a family emergency and that he had to leave. Cassie wonders what it is about. Dr. Klaus hands Cassie a note that was left in David's room addressed to her. It says he wants her to forgive him for leaving. He does love her but believes that he is acting in her best interest by leaving. Cassie still doesn't understand why he left. Dr. Klaus believes that David was truly happy that Cassie wanted to visit. Cassie says how disappointed she is that he left. Dr. Klaus thinks that David will be just fine and asks Cassie what David meant that leaving was in their best interest. She tells him that she came there to ask him a lot of questions about him taking her away from her mother. She asks if the phone call can be traced. Not without police intervention, he says. Cassie asks Dr. Klaus is there is anything else that can be done. He asks her to stay the night and then they will see what they can do the next day.

Wednesday, September 10th, 1997

The Sun- Todd, Briggs, Bird, Blair and Téa

Todd shows Briggs two possible headlines he has chosen for the Sun to print when Patrick is convicted. Briggs wonders why he doesn't have a headline ready for Patrick's possible acquittal. Todd does not even see that as a possiblility. Briggs leaves and Todd tells Bird how anxious he is to hear from Kenneally. He is a little sorry for Marty, but Hey, she got herself pregnant before marriage, she will just have to be content to have a convicted murderer for a husband and father to her child. Blair enters and interrupts Todd's soliloque. Bird gives her the wolf's whistle, alerting his master to her presence. Blair asks him why he is still there. He admits he is waiting for a call. She wonders why he is acting so jumpy. He replies that he is surprised to see her so late in the day and does this mean she is ready to take on her job at the Sun. She says, yes, she will be starting first thing in the morning. She had heard that the paper has new software and she is anxious to give it a go. She steps over to the computer in front of Todd and sees the headline he has prepared for Patrick's conviction. Blair would like to know just what Todd could possibly know about the whole Whiting thing. No one knows but Kenneally and he has disappeared. Todd tells her that the Irish authorities will be arriving day after the wedding. Briggs steps back in to the office and tells Blair how happy the staff is that she is back. They have planned a surprise party and can't wait to see her again. Todd mutters no surprise now. Blair is happy they thought of her. Todd says some people around the paper must have missed her. Blair invites him to join her, but he beggs off, saying he does not want to rain on her parade. Blair figures he must be expecting the same call as yesterday. Todd does not answer. He tells her not to keep her fans waiting. Blair says goodbye to Bird, who plainly adores her. Todd gets back to his computer. He has an inspiration for the perfect headline. "Whiting Murder Solved: Poetic Justice." He smiles smuggly and snickers.

When Blair returns, she remarks he and the Bird are exactly in the spots she left them. They haven't moved even a bit. Blair is basking in the warmth of the Sun's staff. The welcome back party has made her feel valued. She is stronger than ever. Todd admits he never saw her stronger. She warns him to keep his socks on. Todd lifts up his legs from under the desk and shows her he isn't wearing any (a la Don Johnson). Blair needles him about Téa forgetting to do his wash. He stands next to her as she shows him the special edition of the Sun that the pressman printed for her. The headline says Happy Days are here again. The articles are all about Blair and Todd, even the Bird gets a mention.

Téa arrives and immediately notices the rapport between the two. Téa says she just finished working herself and thought she would drop by to see if her husband was ready to go home. He says he isn't. Téa remarks on Blair being there and the ex Mrs. Manning says she is back to work as of an hour ago. Blair leaves after saying she will be back in the morning. Téa is livid. She tells Todd he has done the worse thing possible. He defends his actions by saying that the mother of his child is strapped for cash, he is trying to help her and if anything, this will make him look like a good guy to the court. Téa tries to warn him that Blair will strike when he least expects it. This was a way too cozy domestic scene with Blair, Todd and the Bird. It did not look like a work night atmosphere. Go home and take care of the baby, Todd snaps at her. But Téa is not finished. Todd better get it straight. She is not a servant, she is not a nanny. She is a stepmother to Starr, who already has a nanny. She would like to know why he is so jumpy and more obnoxious than usual. She hopes this thing with Patrick will be over soon. She leaves and Todd remarks that he has two women and neither one can stand him. He tells Bird that all he wants is Mahoney behind bars so he can rat out the McPoet. Then bye bye Patrick.

Téa returns and startles Todd. He demands to know who is with his daughter. Téa sarcastically replies that she left Starr's some water and a bowl of food on the kitchen floor. She is just kidding. Starr is with Judith. She asks him to come home. She apologizes for coming on so strong earlier. She wants him to be able to raise his daughter. She hopes that when the Whiting investigation is over, he can put his hatred of Patrick behind him. Todd says if it plays as he wants, it will be over very soon.

At a Motel-Kenneally, Mahoney and O'Hara

The terrorists plan their escape route from Llantano Mountain after the wedding. They also discuss disarming Todd's security code at the Penthouse. Mahoney tells Kenneally he must go with them. Mr. K. replies that he is a liability. Why don't they just let him go. He gave them the lay of the land. Now, he is just a loose end they don't need. And besides, they are not particularly good company. Kenneally is bored and needs to read somthing other than the Bible. He wants to amble off to the University Library for a good book. He has a cap to put over his forehead and eyes and besides, what can happen in a quiet library? Mahoney orders O'Hara to go with him.

Mill House- Patrick and Marty

Patrick is a big fan of Frank Mc Court and is going to the library for an autographed copy of "Angela's Ashes." He needs some money to buy another copy of the book. Marty shows him his chewed up wallet. The dog got to it. He is a little worried about Marty's safety. She reminds him she has two and four legged protection.

The University Library- Mel, Patrick, Kenneally, O'Hara, Frank McCourt*

*Frank McCourt is the real life brother of Malachy McCourt who plays Thomas Kenneally. Frank is the Pulitzer Prize winning author of the best seller, "Angela's Ashes"

Mel gets a copy of the book for his daughter, Dorothy. He and Frank McCourt mutually admire each other's works. Patrick shows up and gets a signature before McCourt is called away for publicity photos. Mel warns Patrick that Dorian will be at the party for he and Marty tonight. Patrick is ready for it. Mel tells Patrick that he is worried that Patrick has slipped security and that he believes he is in clear and present danger at all times, even in the library. Kenneally and O'Hara show up just as Patrick leaves. Kenneally turns his back so Patrick doesn't see him as he talks to O'Hara. He then filches a book and puts it under his coat, explaining to O'Hara that his library card has expired. He then reaches for another book on a high shelf and it comes crashing down at his feet. Mel picks it up and Mr. K. thanks him. Mel notices the Irish accent as they discuss their taste in books. Kenneally comes from County Limerick and Mel discusses his childhood in the Bronx and friends and relations from Limerick. Kenneally's reach seems to be well beyond Llanview. He actually knows some of the same acquaintances. Mel reminds him that Frank McCourt is also from Limerick. When Mel departs, O'Hara tells Kenneally never to try that again. Kenneally suddenly looks up and says, look there is Thornhart and sends O'Hara in one direction while he rushes off into the other direction. Before you can say Men of 21, the terrorist is at the front of the line posing for photographs with the famous author and getting an autographed copy under a fictitous namne.

Next, we see Kenneally at Llanview Airport. An airline employee tells "Mr. Bergen" that his flight to Paris is ready to board. He thanks her and says to himself, Morrocco here I come.

Back at the Old Mill House-Patrick and Marty

Patrick gives Marty an autographed copy of "Angela's Ashes." She thanks him and they think about names for the Dog. Patrick comes up with an unpronouncable Gaelic name but they wind up settling for the name Penny after the Yeats poem about Brown Penny.

At Bo and Nora's House-The Party for Patrick and Marty

Nora is stil not pleased with Penny, the dog Patrick and Marty took to the party. She threatens to chain the dog to the bike in the basement. She warns the happy couple that Penny is trouble. Dorian tells Marty that she cannot believe she is at a party for Marty. Mel know how she always resented Marty, but asks her to behave. Dorian does say hello nicely. Later, Carlotta mentions Eli and Dorian thinks that her former maid has already been there and done that. Mel reminds her so has she, but she still plays mother to her brood. Marty is glad she is starting motherhood with a brand new baby and Carlotta says nothing is final about the adoption until it is approved by the authorities and by Eli himself.

Maggie tells Kevin about Al and Gabrielle. Kevin advises Max not to let his son spend too much time with Mom because he could wind up losing him like he lost Duke to Lee Ann. Andrew overhears the comment. And moves on. Maggie tells Max that honesty is the key. Kevin tells Dorian that he has heard from Cassie. She was at the airport and he does not know how it went after that with David. Andrew also overhears this. Nora toast the old Marty, whom she first met when Marty drove her motorcycle through the Banner and the new Marty, who is now a responsible woman about to become a bride and a mother. And she toasts to Patrick and all the trials they shared. But most of all, she wishes the happy couple calm seas to Ireland and then a wonderful unpredicable life. Bo toasts Patrick as the thorn in his heart and then goes on to say he admires Marty and Patrick's loyalty and tenacity and whatever happens to them he knows they can weather it and be stronger for it. Mel recites a poem from Yeats and encourages Dorian to make a toast. She wishes them good luck which, of course, they don't need because they love each other. She knows that they have not been the best of friends, but that is in the past and they should all look forward to the future.

The Mill House- Patrick and Marty

It is a quiet evening. Even Penny is settle down for the night. Marty and Patrick must decide what to say at their wedding. They talk about the poem that started it all. Brown Penny by Yeats. Patrick remarks that nothing has changed. He was hunted then and still is being hunted. Marty says that things have changed. Back then she wanted him to make love to her and have time stand still. Now she has the next 8 months and the remainder of their lives together to look forward to. She can't wait for time to advance. They will finally have peace. Patrick reads her about the lake house at Innisfree by Yeats. He strokes her head as she rests her head on his shoulder. Soon she is sleeping and both are blissfully unaware of what awaits them on their wedding day.

At the Motel- Mahoney and O'Hara

Mahoney is angry that O'Hara lost Kenneally, but he is certain that the old man just wanted to save his hide and he would not go to the police. Their plan is set up and they will stick to it. First, Saybrooke, then Thornhart and then Manning!

Thursday, September 11th, 1997

In Austria, Cassie talks to Ms. Kolbe, David's housekeeper. She doesn't have any information on where David went. Cassie decides to stick around and try to get some further information from David's friends. In Llanview, Dorian seems to be in a much better mood about Cassie's trip to see David(maybe because she called him and knows he left before Cassie arrived?) Todd is extremely nervous. Téa correctly guesses that he has some plan involving Patrick in the works. She also guesses something has gone wrong, that's why he's so nervous. Todd tells Téa to get Starr ready to go, they're leaving for a 'vacation' in Canada within the hour.

It's Marty and Patrick's wedding day. Nora helps Marty to get dressed and ready and then everyone heads up to Llantano Mountain, where Judge Fitzwater performs the ceremony. The reception is held at the country club. Kelly thanks Patrick for his forgiveness about the accident. Patrick tells her some news which makes Kelly happy, Marty is going to have a baby. Kelly spends some time flirting with Ian. Blair comes to the party uninvited, but doesn't cause trouble. She talks to Marty and Patrick and even gives her goodwishes to Marty about the baby. Mel goes off to have a cigarrette, but while he is there, he overhears Mahoney and O'Hara getting ready to shoot Marty and Patrick. He runs back to the party and yells to everyone to get down. Mahoney and O'Hara shoot anyway, hitting Mel. Bo manages to hit O'Hara before they turn and run. Marty starts to get up, there's a spot of blood on the front of her dress. Patrick is still laying on the ground, not moving.

Friday, September 12th, 1997

At the country club

Today's show starts with a repeat of yesterday's final scene. Marty and Patrick are dancing. Mel goes to have a cigarette and overhears Mahoney and O'Hara getting ready to shoot Marty and Patrick. He runs back to the party and yells to everyone to get down. Mahoney and O'Hara shoot anyway, hitting Mel. Bo manages to hit O'Hara before they turn and run. Bo and Hank go after the two gunmen. Marty starts to get up, Patrick is still laying on the ground, not moving. Larry rushes over to help Mel, he's got a sucking chest wound. He calls 911 and has Dorian hold a plastic credit card tightly over the wound. Larry then turns to Marty and Patrick, but they're fine, Patrick's arm was only grazed. Though Mel can barely speak, he manages to tell them that the gunman are headed over to Todd's penthouse next to kill Todd. Patrick races out, on his way to the penthouse. Blair and Marty both want to go too, but are held back.

Down at the country club stables, O'Hara stumbles in and hides behind a stall. As Bo and Hank enter, O'Hara shoots, but Bo is able to push Hank out of the way and get down himself in time. He fires back, hitting O'Hara in the chest. He falls to the floor, still breathing, but obviously badly hit. Bo gives O'Hara's gun to Hank and they go to look for Mahoney.

Marty and Larry are taking care of Mel, but there's not much they can do until the ambulance arrives. Dorian is yelling at them for not doing more, so Kelly comes to comfort her and calm her down a bit. Andrew comes over and gives Mel absolution. Nearby, Blair is very upset because the gunmen are headed towards the penthouse where Starr is. Max has to hold her back to keep her from rushing over there. Kevin tries to get the story about what's going on from Nora. She won't say a thing, so he decides to head over to the penthouse, despite Nora's objections.

The EMTs have finally arrived to take Mel to the hospital. Bo and Hank return, much to the relief of Nora, Carlotta and Rachel. Nora tells Bo that the gunman that got away will be going after Todd. Nora's already called the cops, so they should be on their way. Bo calls to find out what's going on and puts out an APB out on Mahoney, before heading to the penthouse. As the EMTs wheel Mel out, Marty takes the opportunity to slip away.

Club Indigo

At Club Indigo, Wendi is singing while she's drying the glasses. Jacara comes in and joins her for the rest of the song. R.J. applauds and wonders if they have another act for the music festival. Jacara asks Wendi if she's sung professionally, but Wendi evades the question. They compliment themselves about their success with Erykah Badu. This partnership is really going to work, Jacara decides. Jacara is looking into building a recording studio down by the waterfront as part of Max and Ian's development project. R.J. would prefer that they didn't do business with Max because of their history together(R.J.{then known as Jimmy Glover} used to be a loan shark. When Max was addicted to gambling, R.J. loaned him money). He's not completely ruling the idea out, let him think about it, he says to Jacara.

At the hospital

At the hospital, Larry is working on Mel in the ER, putting in a chest tube and giving him blood. Dorian, of course, wants to go in, but she's not allowed. Instead she hugs Kelly, begging Kelly to promise her Mel will be alright. Larry comes out to say that Mel is critical and they are prepping him for surgery. Dorian calls Dorothy in New York to let her know her father has been shot. Dorothy says she'll be there in an hour and a half. She's going to call her grandmother and try to locate her brothers to let them know. As Dorian returns, she overhears Kelly praying for God to save Mel. Mel makes Dorian happy and she deserves to be happy. Not everyone realizes how unselfish Dorian is, how good she is to her girls. Please give her back Mel, Kelly asks.

Todd's Penthouse

At Todd's penthouse, Judith finishes packing Starr's things and leaves, bumping into Mahoney getting off the elevator. Mahoney picks the lock and quietly lets himself into the penthouse. The only one to see him is Bird, who sqwuaks "Kaboom, nevermore" and nearly gets his head blown off by Mahoney. Téa hears Bird and comes downstairs, thinking that Todd has come home. Mahoney hides as she comes down the stairs. "On the lam, on the lam", Bird keeps telling Téa, very upset. She goes to get Bird something to eat and Mahoney sneaks up behind her and puts the gun to her back. Téa screams. "One move and you're dead", he tells her.

Mahoney demands to know where Todd is. He's not here, Téa tells him. Mahoney doesn't believe her, but just as they're about to search the penthouse, Todd comes through the door. "Who the hell are you, what are you doing in my house", Todd asks. Starr starts crying and Mahoney threatens to go upstair to see the "wee one." Téa moves toward him to try to stop him. Mahoney hits her across the face and she falls to the floor. Todd rushes over to see how she is, but apparently she's unconscious. "I'll kill you", Todd warns, despite the fact that Mahoney's the one with the gun. Mahoney explains that he's there to clean up after Todd's friend, Kenneally. Who else can connect me to the Whiting bombing, he asks Todd. No one, Todd replies, Todd doesn't even know his (Mahoney's) name. Mahoney threatens to kill everyone in the house one by one until Todd tells him what he wants to know. Across the room, Patrick slowly opens the penthouse door. Bird takes this chance to walk unnoticed across the floor and escape. Mahoney can't take the chance that Todd really doesn't know anything, he'll have to kill them all. He'll do Todd a favor, though, and kill him first, so he doesn't have to see the rest of his family die. "Michael Mahoney", Patrick says, getting Mahoney's attention, "your quarrel is with me" Patrick offers to take this someplace else, "these people" aren't his problem. There's too many people to kill, Patrick continues, there's no way for Mahoney to know how many people he might have told about the bombing. It's over, give me your gun. "You never would listen, you stubborn bastard", Mahoney replies and shoots Patrick in the chest. Todd stares in horror as Patrick falls to the floor.

When Bo and Hank arrive, Benny and some other cops are already there. The building's been cleared and they're working on securing the block. They don't know what's happening inside the apartment, they haven't heard a sound. Kevin and Marty arrive together, Bo warns them not to say anything and to stay back. Benny calls the apartment on his cel phone to see if anyone will answer. Inside the apartment, the phone rings while Mahoney asks Todd again who knows about his connection to the Whiting bombing. Mahoney says he'll have to kill them all and then go after Marty. All of a sudden, Patrick is there and grabs Mahoney. They struggle with the gun and it goes off. Mahoney stands there for a moment and then falls to the floor, dead. Patrick falls to the floor himself as Bo and the police burst through the door. "Get EMS up here now", Bo yells as he kneels by Patrick. Todd asks Patrick if he's OK. "I don't think so", replies Patrick. Marty rushes in and goes to Patrick, lying on the floor.

Téa is conscious and Kevin is helping her, reassuring her that Starr is fine. Marty's telling Patrick to hold on, an ambulance is on the way. Don't die, Todd tells him. Patrick finds a bit of pleasure in the fact that now they're even, he's repaid Todd for saving his life on Inniscraig. In the end, you'll pay for what you've done, Patrick continues, Todd will live his life knowing that Patrick saved "his miserable life." Patrick takes Marty's hand and tells her that he loves her. "You're the one true thing I've ever known. Tell our son...tell him that I wasn't a wise man, nor not a pretty man either, but I was wise enough to know that the love you gave me was a blessing, and brave enough to give you all my love in return." Patrick is sweating and in obvious pain, struggling to speak. Marty begs him not to leave her. "It's alright", he tells her and reaches up to twine his fingers in her hair. "It only means that from now on, and for all eternity, I will be looped in the loops of..." He dies and Marty cries out in agony, cradling his head.

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