One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 23, 1998 on OLTL
Todd was released from jail. Nora set up some ground rules for Georgie regarding Nora's personal life. Dorian and Viki reached an understanding. Georgie asked Rachel for help. Téa began divorce proceedings. There was a memorial service for Ian.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 23, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, February 23, 1998

Todd, Blair and Bo

Todd has a nightmare that Starr visits him in prison and that Blair has poisoned her against him. Todd is bad, Mommy says so, Starr tells him. Todd wakes up in a panic. But upstairs, after watching the touching reunion of the lost little girl and her father, Blair has a change of heart. Todd was only gone 8 minutes, she's absolutely positive. He even came back with a cup of coffee, there's no way he would have had enough time to rape Barbara Graham, Blair tells Bo. Why didn't you just say that in the first place, Bo asks her. Blair admits that she was considering lying so that she could get custody of Starr. She's not proud of it, but she admits it. In the end she decided to tell the truth because it will be hard enough for Starr to learn her father is a convicted rapist. Blair didn't want to make it any harder on her by having Todd convicted for a crime he didn't commit. Later, Bo brings Todd upstairs and tells him he's free to go. Todd doesn't believe it at first, but Bo tells him that Blair backed up his alibi. Todd, suspicious as always, wonders why she did it, what's in it for her? Blair accuses him of being paranoid and having a heart which is full of hatred. No one should be forced to live with him, especially Starr. Blair wishes he would find a lonely cave to crawl into and die, she tells him as she storms out.

Nora, Georgie, Max and R.J.

Nora confronts Georgie about wearing the same dress as Nora picked out to the PBA dance. Nora doesn't buy her lame excuses and tells her that she wants Georgie out of her life for good.(Yeah!) Georgie then pleads for a second chance and Nora finally relents(Boo!), but lays down some ground rules. Georgie will have absolutely nothing to do with Nora's personal life and most especially nothing to do with Bo. Georgie agrees. While they are having this conversation in Nora's office, Max and R.J. arrive almost at the same time out in the reception area. R.J. stopped by to discuss some Blue Jay business with Nora. R.J. offers to help Max out by loaning him the money to buy back Rodi's. Nora comes out of her office as Max is turning down R.J.'s offer in no uncertain terms. Nora tells R.J. to go away and have Jacara come to discuss Blue Jay business as they have agreed upon. After R.J. leaves, Max tells Nora that now he's positive that R.J. had something to do with the twin's kidnapping, that's why he's offering to help Max, because of his guilty conscious. Nora asks Max if he would help Bo with the case, but Max isn't sure if he is ready to do that yet.

Kelly, Mel and Joey

Joey tells Kelly that Ian was killed in a plane crash. At first she doesn't believe him, she thinks Joey is making it up out of his jealousy, but finally she faces the truth after Mel backs him up. When Kelly learns that Ian was on the way to Canton to help her when the plane crash, she blames herself, it's all her fault. Mel tries to help her to see that that isn't true, Ian was an experienced pilot and he knew the risks, it wasn't Kelly's fault. Joey wants to comfort Kelly, but she wants nothing to do with him. I was better off when Ian was alive, a selfish Joey complains to Viki, it's hard to compete with a dead hero.

Viki, Dorian, Clint and Cassie

Viki and Clint tell Dr. Fisher that they want to take Kevin back to Llanview with them *now*. The doctor argues that they should wait until Kevin is stronger, but Viki is determined. Clint arranges to have a Medivac helicopter come pick up Kevin and take him back to the burn unit at Llanview hospital. Cassie agrees with their decision. Kevin wakes up briefly and tells Cassie that he heard her say that she loves him. He wants to hear her say it again, which she does. Viki and Dorian have a talk and Dorian explains everything that has happened, about her childhood, her mother's death, etc. For once, there is no antagonism between the two women, only sympathy and understanding for the terrible childhoods they both had. That's why there is such a bond between them, Dorian suggests, because of their hidden pasts. They are more alike than either of them is willing to admit.

Tuesday, February 24, 1998

Bo and Hank

Hank thinks that Bo is moving too fast with the investigation. He could have at least executed the search warrant on Todd's penthouse before releasing him. Now Bo has nothing to tell the Congressman. Bo gives a statement to his secretary to be released to the press, saying that a witness has come forward to give Todd an alibi for the time of the rape. Bo learns that Todd has offered a $50,000 reward to the person that helps catch the rapist when he starts getting flooded with phone calls. Fiori thinks that one of the tips might acutually be useful, it suggests they investigate a hospital employee named Donahue. They hadn't investigated him before because he wasn't on duty the night of the rape. Nick goes to check it out.

The congressman comes down to the police station to complain about Todd Manning's release. Todd and Blair obviously made a deal, but Bo's just too dumb to see it. Or maybe Bo's the one who made the deal, the congressman accuses. Nick comes in with some new information, but Bo refuses to allow him to discuss it with the congressman there. After Graham leaves, Nick shows Bo a picture of Donahue's car, which was in an accident and abandoned on the day of the rape. Maybe he was injured and went to Llanview Hospital Bo suggests and sends Nick to check it out. Nick comes back with new information. Donahue was admitted to the ER that night and was released about twenty minutes before Barbara Graham was raped. Bo orders Donahue brought in for questioning.

Max and Blair

Blair is at Rodi's telling Max about her statement to the police. Max thinks Blair must have made a deal with Todd. What did she get, full custody of Starr, money? Blair admits she got nothing. Max can't believe that she let Todd off the hook. Blair tried to blackmail Todd, but when she talked to Bo, she just had to tell him the truth, she did the right thing. Blair wonders what they are going to do now, Ian's dead and she just blew her one chance to get Starr back. If you blew this because you still have some feelings for Todd, then you are crazy, Max says. Blair denies she's interested in Todd, she just didn't want Starr to grow up with her father in jail for rape. If you do good things, good things will come back to you, Blair tries to tell him. "Then I guess that's why my kids are sitting at the bottom of a river!", Max explodes and knocks a trayful of glasses off the bar. Blair apologizes, but Max insists that he's fine and he leaves.

Max goes up to the twins' room and looks around at their things. Meanwhile, Blair has gone home and is looking through a box of Starr's clothes and thinking about her.

Georgie, Nora and Rachel

Georgie promises Nora again that she will not involve herself in Nora's personal life. Nora tells Georgie that if Rachel calls, she'll meet her at Rodi's in a half an hour.

Rachel arrives at Rodi's for her dinner with Nora, but Georgie comes in immediately after and asks Rachel for her help. Georgie pleads her case with Rachel, explaining that Nora thinks that she's too intrusive and worse, that she's after Bo. As they are talking, Nora comes in and is suspicious at seeing Georgie sitting with Rachel. Nora simply tells Georgie to go and then tells Rachel that she knows that Georgie asked her for help since Nora will listen to Rachel. Rachel thinks Nora may be being a bit paranoid, but she says that Georgie is smart and will abide by any boundries that Nora sets. Nora plans to start looking for a replacement for Georgie, just in case it doesn't work out.

Bo, Nora and Hank

Bo and Hank join Nora at Rodi's. They tell her of their latest leads in the rape investigation. Bo hopes the case is solved soon so he can get back to concentrating on the kidnapping, although he's not sure that even if he solves the case if it will help Max at all. Max is in agony, Nora tells him, and every little bit will help. Hank tells Nora that the congressman has been putting pressure on Bo. But he didn't railroad Todd, just like he's not going to railroad R.J., Hank says. Bo insists that he has evidence pointing to R.J. Hank warns him that Bo doesn't have any room to be wrong about R.J., the congressman is just looking for an excuse to get rid of Bo. Hank goes to get them some drinks and Nora tells Bo that she's handled the Georgie issue.


Back at Nora's office, Georgie is on the phone with someone. She tells them that she hit a little snag, but she thinks she's solved the problem. She thinks everything is going to be just fine.

Téa, Todd and Andrew

Téa has packed her bags and is just about to leave the penthouse when Todd walks through the door. She is surprised to see him, she thought he was still in jail. Todd's surprised to see her too, he thought she was leaving him. Todd tells her that the reporter dropped the assault charges and Blair came forward and gave him an alibi. Todd is suspicious of Blair's motives for helping him. He's not happy with Téa either, she gave Bo a motive, telling him about their argument just before the rape occurred. Téa doesn't tell him that Andrew is the one who told Bo. Téa's been struggling to open a suitcase while she's been talking to Todd. She throws it in frustration and it finally opens, revealing that it's full of toys. Téa tells Todd that she buys them for Starr and hides them away and gives them to her one at a time, so she doesn't spoil her. Todd seems touched by how much Téa cares for Starr and asks her if she's going to say goodbye to Starr. Téa's going to stop by Viki's to see her one last time. Téa gives back his keys, asks him to forward her mail to the Palace Hotel and informs him she's starting divorce proceedings immediately. He'll also need a new lawyer, Téa tells him and then leaves. A look of pain and sadness crosses Todd's face after she closes the door behind her.

Todd holds Téa's scarf, which she left behind on the couch, up to his face to smell her scent. The doorbell rings, it's Andrew. Todd invites Andrew in so that he can see for himself that Téa has left for good. Todd blames Andrew for screwing everything up, but Andrew says that Todd is to blame because he abused Téa. Todd realizes that it was Andrew that went to Bo about his argument with Téa the night of the rape. Todd informs Andrew that Téa is waiting for him at the Palace Hotel, he hopes Andrew can "rise" to the occasion. Every time Andrew thinks Todd has changed from the person who raped Marty, Todd proves him wrong, Andrew says and then leaves.

Téa visits Starr at Viki's house to say goodbye. Starr gives Téa a picture and Téa gives her a doll. Téa tells Starr that she taught her how to love and apologizes that she has to go away now.

Todd is laying on the couch reading his Meditations book when Starr and Judith return to the penthouse. Todd picks her up and gives her a big hug. Todd explains to Judith that Téa has left for good. Judith tells him that as much as she loves Starr, she has to quit because she wouldn't feel comfortable living there now that Téa has gone. Todd is furious that she believes he raped the nurse, that she's afraid of him. Todd tells her to leave and kicks her out, not even letting her say goodbye to Starr. "Looks like it's you and me kid", Todd tells Starr.

Téa moves into her room at the Palace Hotel and arranges to have them pick up the rest of her things at the penthouse. She looks at the picture Starr gave her and then goes over and opens the door. Andrew is standing there.

Wednesday, February 25, 1998

Dorian's House-Dorian, Mel, Kelly and Blair

Thank heaven we are home again, Dorian says as she, Mel and Kelly walk through the door of her house. Kelly laments that the last time she saw Ian, he was here. Mel tells her to give it some time. He volunteers to make calls or stand guard while Kelly and Dorian get some rest. Dorian replies that he should go home. She will take care of Kelly. She has been dancing to his tune for months. She abruptly thanks him for seeing them home and shows him the door. He tells her that he will be at The Banner if she needs him. He is walking out the door and not out of her life. As soon as he leaves, Dorian seems to perk up. She informs Kelly she feels better already. She has been to hell and back and if Kelly needs her she can lean on her. Kelly says that nothing feels real. She can't believe that Ian is gone. Dorian replies that they haven't had closure. There has been no funeral or memorial service yet. She will call Andrew and find out if it is to be in Llanview, London or New Orleans. After the service she and Kelly will go away to a spa or a beach. Kelly says that she doesn't know if anything we do makes a difference. She was just learning to love Ian. She was grateful for his love, but she could not love him like he wanted. She confesses to Dorian that she was going to marry Ian and when she realized that, she had told Joey. But she never got the chance to tell Ian. Now she feels like a widow before she has even become a bride.

Blair comes down the stairs and hugs Dorian, who tells her that Kelly needs her strength and love now. Blair admits that Kelly has been on her mind since she heard about the crash. She apologizes to her cousin. She knows she made things rough and she doesn't feel good about it. It is tough for her to admit, but Ian was Kelly's, not hers. Kelly thanks her for saying that and says she is off to call Andrew.

Dorian tells Blair that was well done. Blair says it was easier to know what to say to Kelly than it is to know what to say to Dorian. She would have been in Canton had not Starr taken ill. Next, Blair asks about Mel. Dorian says he is at the Banner. She is rethinking the whole relationship. She had become an ongoing investigation for him. He focused all his energies on her so he would not have to focus on his own problems. Everyone-Cassie, Kevin, Kelly and Joey- got swept into a horribly unnecessary tragedy. Dorian does not care that her mother was trying to kill Cassie because she thought she was Dorian. When she sees her mother's body, she will always see Mel. It is all over between them. Blair says she understands that she is mad at Mel, but she had said he was the best thing that had happened. Not anymore, Dorian replies and then her eyes catch the headline of the Sun offering a reward for the capture of the rapist. Blair informs her that Todd was accused of rape and she gave him an alibi. A stunned Dorian says, You did what.

Dorian reminds her she had chance to get custody of Starr. Blair wanted to do the right thing. She is also feeling bad about Ian and what happened. Kelly comes down nd says she is going to see Andrew about Ian. Dorian says she is a brave beautiful girl. As soon as she is gone, she asks Blair what she was saying about Ian. Blair replies that she was the one who told him that Kelly went to Canton with Joey. She sent him out to die. Dorian asks who else knows about this. Todd overheard, but he won't say anything. And Max, but he will keep his mouth shut. Blair wants to tell Kelly, but Dorian advises her to keep her mouth shut. To keep the secret, for Dorian's sake. The lesson she learned in Canton was to take care of her own. She demands that Blair promises her she won't tell Kelly.

The Banner- Mel and Mary

Mel is working on a story, typing furiously on his PC, a cigarette dangling from his lips when his mother shows up. Mary has been worried about him for days. She turns off the computer and takes the cigarette away from him. He tells her that Dorian killed her Mother to save her daughter, which is as primal as it gets. She needs therapy, but she won't let him help her. Mary says he has done enough. He replies that she makes those words sound like an accusation. Mary tells him that he is plunk in the middle of this. He says that Dorian is in denial. Mary calls it shock. Mel can't leave her alone. Mary reminds him that she has her girls and asks if he wants to still have a relationship with Dorian. He admits he does. Mary reasons with him that although this was the last chapter of Dorian's mother's life, it is still the early chapters of Dorian's life and she needs time to regroup. Mel is afraid for Dorian, but Mary fears for her son.

Rodi's- Nora, Bo, Hank and R.J.

Nora and Bo are waiting for a page from Clint telling them that Kevin has been transported to Llanview Hospital. Hank is sitting with them when R.J. comes over and tells Nora he left a message on her service. Nora firmly tells him that the deal is to conduct business only with Jacara. He replies she should just give the lady a call. Then he tells Bo how much he admires his open mindedness about Todd Manning. Despite Todd's record, Bo was fair and let him go. He cooly tells them both to enjoy the evening. Bo admits R.J. is getting to him. He is curious about R.J. and what he was implying to Nora. His wife tells him how R.J. ran into Max and offered him a loan at bank rates. It reminded Max too much of his past and he lost it. R.J. kept his cool and left. Bo tells Hank and Nora that the two of them are on one side and he is on the other when it comes to R.J. Taking flack from Congressman Graham is nothing compared to the no confidence vote he is getting from the two of them. Their pager goes off and they leave for the hospital while Hank promises he will keep his eye on R.J., who is nursing a beer at the bar.

Hank walks up to his brother. R.J. says it is too bad about Kevin. Hank is confused about R.J. and his recent behavior- offering loans, being the milk of human kindness. Hank thinks Max's reaction is perfectly understandable. R.J. says he is sure Max has calmed down. Hank asks why he cares. R.J. replies that it may be a shock to him, but he doesn't enjoy people thinking he is a kidnapper.

The Palace- Andrew and Téa

Andrew tells Téa he was at the Penthouse and saw Todd. Blair gave him an alibi. He was trying to think of an alibi for himself and decided to throw himself on the mercy of the court. Téa says she guesses it did not turn out like he expected with Todd. Andrew admits he was concerned for the welfare of the other women in town after what happened to her at Todd's hands. He says he was wrong this time. Téa reminds him that everyone is capable of terrible things. Andrew replies that God knows what is in our hearts. Téa counters that it was not God who told the Police Commissioner what she told Andrew in confidence. Andrew tells her that he thought that Todd was on a downward spiral which could have led to rape. She is angry that he went behind her back and that he is justifying it. He says he went to the Penthouse to ask her to forgive him. Todd didn't mince any words, but Andrew could barely contain his joy when he heard she had left him. Téa explains she is no longer his attorney since the rape and assault charges were dropped. He will have to hire someone to represent him for their divorce. Andrew asks if the move is permanent. Téa says she does not even know where to have her suitcases sent. Andrew replies this is not about suitcases, but about the rest of their lives. He loves her and wants a future with her and she doesn't have to say anything. Just let him know that he is not off the mark. She kneels down in front of him, takes his face in her hands and kisses him. She explains that she feels like she is running fast, but is really going in slow motion. He tells her she has gotten rid of the albatross around her neck. She has no reservations about deep feelings for him, but it is a confusing time. She can't trust her emotions right now and she needs to be free and clear before she can give herself to him. Andrew tells her that a unilateral commitment is alright with him. They hug again and he kisses her gently. He says he has to call Maggie in Europe about Ian.

Llanview Hospital-Dr. Larry, Viki, Joey, Clint, Bo, Nora, Jessica, Asa, Cassie, Kevin

Kevin has been Medivaced to the Burn Unit of Llanview Hospital. Just moving him from the gurney to the hospital bed puts him into excruciating pain. Larry explains to the family that he has given him morphine and will continue to do so on a regular basis, but it is dangerous and he must monitor his breathing. They did great work in Canton, but he is glad they opted to take him to the Burn Unit at LH. With massive burns, it is hard to stabilize temperature and they need to guard against possible infection. He assures him that when the burns heal, his mobility will not be impaired and he may not need grafts, but for now Kevin is in great pain.

Nora and Bo arrive. Viki is frustrated that she can do nothing but watch and pray. She would give her own skin if she could. She gave Megan a kidney and it didn't do any good. She tells Nora she would make a deal with the Devil if it would take away his pain. Nora reminds her that she has a higher power. Viki replies that he took her daughter the last time. She feels so helpless. She is useless and Kevin is fighting to stay alive. Nora says Viki taught him to fight. Clint taught him, Viki corrects her. Nora tells her it is a kid's job to scare them witless and then make them so proud. Kevin will do this and rise to the challenge in his usual style.

Clint tells Bo that he should have stopped Kevin from following Cassie. Bo replies, Fat chance of that. Clint would have done the same if it was Viki. He should be proud of his son. He may have Joe Riley's genes, but he has a lot of the Buchanan's traits. Clint says that Viki tried to tell him, but he refused to listen. Asa comes off the elevator with Jessica and tells Clint that is hogwash. No one can run the Buchanan men's lives. No more long faces here. Kevin is strong. Bo says that Pa is never wrong. About anything that is important, Nora adds. Joey tells Jessica that their big brother is loaded up on drugs. Jessica feels sorry for Cassie and for Joey, but Joey says to save the sympathy for Kevin. Jessica does not know what to do to help Mom.

Cassie goes in to visit Kevin. Andrew shows up to lend support to Viki and her family. When Cassie comes out of the room, Andrew says that she has been through hell. Kevin is in hell right now, she corrects him. He tells her that River is alright and misses her. She is sorry she can't see him right now, but she may have lost everything.

Nora tells Bo she is backing out of the contract with Blue Jay. He asks what about Rachel. Nora says her daughter will understand. Bo feels maybe Nora should give this a day or two. Nora replies that this is not a snap call. It worries him that someday she will hear a voice saying she did this for Bo. Nora replies she is doing this for both of them. They tell each other they love each other and kiss.

Kevin begins to flat line. They might have to intubate because of a collapsed lung. Viki is distraught and Cassie is crying. This is what the doctor in Ohio warned them against.

Thursday, February 26, 1998

Renee questioned Max about the fight he had with R.J. Renee pushed Max too far causing him to explode and scream for her to stay out of it. Max then went to the hospital to see Kevin and it was apparent to Bo that Max was still hurting over the loss of the twins. Bo told Max about the investigation, but Max cut him off when Bo said he was happy that Max was finally showing interest in the case. Max later returned to Rodi's and apologized to Renee. Cassie went to see Andrew to thank him for all of his support at the hospital. Kelly came by to express her grief over Ian's death and Andrew told her he was planning a memorial service. Cassie and Andrew shared a warm moment when he offered to take her to the hospital. The penthouse was in chaos when Blair and the social worker arrived to see Starr. Téa arrived and covered for Todd in front of the social worker. Blair overheard a heated exchange between Todd and Téa regarding Andrew. Todd followed Téa to the park where Téa met with Carlotta. Téa told Carlotta that she had feelings for Todd, but that Andrew was in love with her. Carlotta informed Téa of Kevin's injuries and she hurried to the hospital. At Dorian's, Blair wanted to help Kelly with Ian's memorial service and they got into a fight when Kelly insisted Blair stay out of it. Blair then accused Kelly of using Ian and of only realizing her "great love" for Ian after he died. At the hospital, Cassie tried to distract Kevin from his pain by talking about their future. Todd was lurking in the shadows as Téa and Andrew shared a tender exchange when they joined the Buchanan clan and watched with concern as Barbara tended to Kevin.

Friday, February 27, 1998

Nora, R.J. and Rachel

R.J.'s in his office listening to music and pruning his bonsai tree. After discussing the music, which Nora likes, R.J. tells her they need to get to work on a contract for the performer right away. "I didn't come here to work", Nora tells R.J., "I came here to quit."

R.J. thinks that Bo's been putting pressure on Nora, that's why she's quitting. Nora insists that it's her own idea, she's thought about what's important and her marriage comes first. R.J.'s upset and yells at her for bailing on him, he thought they had a business arrangement. Nora's just about to leave when Rachel walks in. "She's quitting", R.J. tells Rachel before Nora has a chance too. Rachel's very upset and thinks that the next thing that Nora's going to say is that Rachel shouldn't be working for R.J. either.

Nora defends herself, she did not make her decision to quit based on what she thinks about R.J. She thinks now and has always thought that R.J. had nothing to do with the kidnapping. She also doesn't think that Rachel should quit her job. Rachel's happy with what she's doing and she thinks Rachel's good for R.J., too, Nora says. Rachel doesn't believe her, she thinks that Nora's quitting because of her disapproval of what Rachel's doing with her life, that she didn't follow Nora's plan. Nora tells her that she's very proud of her, but Rachel doesn't believe her. Nora finally gives up trying to convince her and leaves.

Kevin, Joey, Viki and Barbara Graham

Viki stops in to see how Kevin's doing. He didn't get much sleep and he's still in a lot of pain. Viki asks Joey to stay with Kevin, she has to leave for a little while. After she leaves, Kevin asks where she's going. To Ian's memorial service, Joey tells him. He's surprised to learn about Ian's death, nobody told him about it. "None of us should ever have gone there", Kevin says, getting agitated and squirming around in the bed. Kevin wishes that he were dead, it would be better than this pain.

Joey reminds him about Cassie and all the other people that care about him. And what about his work, Joey asks, he'll take over the Banner some day. That's what he's been raised to do. Kevin asks to see a copy of the paper and Joey gives it to him, commenting on the front page story about Bo catching the rapist. What rapist, Kevin asks.

Joey is telling Kevin how everyone first thought it was Todd, when Barbara comes in to take care of Kevin. Joey notices her bruises and asks if she's OK, it feels like they should be taking care of her instead of the other way around. Barbara assures them she's fine. She tries to get Kevin to eat, but he's not interested since it involves moving. He and Joey go back to talking about the rape, Kevin assumes that Todd's been released, he's sorry he missed seeing him get arrested. Kevin does wonder how they could arrest him in the first place with no evidence. Todd was harassing Blair and Téa at the hospital right before it happened, he also had a run-in with the victim, Barbara tells them, but doesn't identify herself as the victim. So did the victim know that Todd was a convicted rapist, Kevin asks Joey. Barbara jumps in again and says that the victim did know, everyone in Llanview knows. Joey asks if she knows the victim. "I was the victim", Barbara tells them, then leaves the room.

Barbara comes back in, Joey has left, and Kevin apologizes that he and his brother were insensitive. Barbara tells him they weren't, and she hopes that Kevin understands she had a reason for believing his uncle was guilty. In fact, Barbara thinks she owes Todd an apology too. Kevin tells her to do herself a favor and stay away from Todd. Kevin comments that the hospital should have given her more time off, but Barbara tells him it was her decision to be at work.

Later, Joey brings Kevin his laptop computer. Kevin won't sleep, he won't eat, he's no fun to be around when he's awake, Joey thinks that doing some work might help. Kevin reminds Joey that he's totally fried, he can't possibly type. Besides, what is he suppose to write, "The Memories of a Crispy Critter?". If that's all he can think of, yes, Joey says, it's better than sitting around wishing he were dead.

Kevin buzzes for the nurse and Barbara rushes in. He asks her to please sit down, he would like to interview her.

Kelly, Cassie, Blair and Dorian

Kelly and Cassie are sitting on the couch in Dorian's living room. Kelly thanks Cassie for taking time away from Kevin to come to the memorial service. Blair comes downstairs, asks Cassie about Kevin, and then says she wishes no one had ever gone to Canton, it's not like the truth set them free. Dorian went to hell and back for nothing. Kelly and Blair start arguing, but Dorian comes in and breaks it up. They are going to support each other today, Dorian decrees. Dorian gets a phone call from Mel, offering to escort them to the memorial service. Dorian hangs up on him.

They are going to go to church together, Dorian tells them, and when everyone sees us together, they'll know a chapter in our lives has been closed. Cassie asks Dorian if she's alright, and Blair tells her to stop making such a big deal out of everything. Everything that happened in Canton was a big deal, Cassie says and the two of them start fighting until Kelly yells to make them shut up. Today is for Ian. Enough!, she tells them.

Todd, Téa, Viki, Mel and Renee

Todd walks into the bar at the Palace Hotel just in time to see Téa sign divorce papers. She tries to hand them to him, but he refuses to take them. He's not going to just let her go so she can run away to her "romantic reverend". Téa doesn't understand why he would fight her on this, does he want the money back. Todd hesitates for a second, then tells her he doesn't want the money back. Téa threatens to sue him and make a big public spectacle of this if he won't let her go. And the judge will grant her divorce, Todd frightens her, he's out of control and he's abusive, both physically and psychologically. I never laid a hand on you, Todd quickly defends himself. You threw me out into a blizzard, Téa reminds him. And two minutes later she was at Andrew's experimenting with the "forbidden fruit", he replies. Téa tells him that she has never slept with Andrew, but that has nothing to do with this divorce. Téa throws the divorce papers at Todd and leaves, almost running into Viki on her way out.

Viki picks up the divorce papers and hands them back to Todd, but he throws them on the ground as he and Viki sit down at a table. Viki tells Todd she's happy that he's been cleared. She always believed he was innocent, but didn't think he would be cleared so quickly. Viki tries to ask what happened with Téa, but Todd tries to change the subject and tells her he's sorry about what happened to Kevin. He's going to make Téa pay for what she's done, he declares, stepping on the divorce papers he threw on the floor. Viki doesn't think bullying Téa is the way to go if he wants her to stay. Todd says he doesn't want Téa to stay and he's sick of Viki giving him advice. If you didn't love Téa, you would have signed those papers right away, Viki says. Todd just glares at her. "Ooh, I'm so afraid of you", Viki says sarcastically. She dares him to look her in the eye tell her that he doesn't love Téa.

Téa ripped me off for 4 million dollars, Todd answers. That's not the question I asked, Viki reminds him, Todd always hides behind money when someone challenges him about love. Todd's not a rapist anymore, Viki continues, but Todd doesn't know what to do know with all his feelings of fear and anger. He makes sure no one gets to know the real him by presenting himself as a "hideous, loathsome creature". If Todd really wanted to live that way, he'd go find a cave to live in. But Todd doesn't, he keeps reaching out in his own "backhanded, anti-social way". Viki wishes he could become the human being that's in there, under all that pain he lives with. He's her brother and she loves him. "Well, you don't have to say it out loud", Todd says, uncomfortable. Viki starts to leave, but Todd asks her, almost desperately, to stay, he doesn't feel like being alone right now. Viki invites him to come with her to Ian's memorial service. Todd replies, "I would rather stick my tongue in a fan...I'm going to my cave now". Viki gets up and goes over to Mel and Renee, who are at the bar. Viki asks Mel to escort herself and Renee to the memorial service. Mel agrees. Todd, alone at his table and looking completely miserable, kicks the divorce papers across the floor.

St. James Church

River is watching Andrew put the finishing touches on the flower arrangements for the memorial service. He asks if his mother will be there today and Andrew tells him Cassie will be there for the memorial service. Cassie missed River a lot while she was gone, Andrew tells him and gives him a hug. Max walks into the back of the church. Andrew suggests that River run up to his mother when he sees her and give her a big hug. Andrew notices Max and goes back to talk to him. Max offers his condolences. Andrew goes back to River and picks him up and hugs him. Max watches the father and son sadly.

Téa is standing in the lobby of the church. Andrew taps her on the shoulder and she nearly jumps out of her skin before she realizes it's him. She quietly tells him that she tried to give Todd the divorce papers, but he wouldn't accept them. Andrew wants to comfort Téa, but she pulls away, she doesn't want anyone to learn of their relationship. Just then, Cassie and the rest of the Cramers arrive. River calls out "Mommy" and rushes into Cassie's arms. Andrew goes over to them to give Kelly a hug and thank them all for coming. They all go inside except for Cassie, Andrew and River. Blair stops to say hello to Max and ask how he's doing. "Another funeral, couldn't be better", he replies. Back outside, Cassie tells Andrew how sorry she is about Ian and gives him a hug. River says that this is like when mommy used to live with them. Cassie and Andrew don't seem to know quite what to say. Cassie asks Andrew if she has a few minutes, she'd like to take a walk outside. Andrew tells her that it will be fine.

Cassie goes outside and Téa is sitting there on a bench. Cassie reaches down and brushes snow and leaves off a gravestone. It's for William Sloan Carpenter, her and Andrew's son who died at birth, she explains. Téa says she's sorry, she had no idea that Cassie and Andrew ever had a son other than River. Téa reaches down to brush some snow off the gravestone, than apologizes for presuming. Cassie tells her it's OK. Does Téa love Andrew, Cassie suddenly asks. Téa doesn't answer, she simply says this is a day to remember Ian, maybe they should keep it that way, then she walks away.

Blair sits down next to Max and asks him again how he's doing. He insists that he's fine. They are interrupted by Renee's arrival. Blair goes to sit up with the Cramers and Renee sits down next to Max. She brings up their fight and says she's sorry, but it happened and she hopes they can both move on from there. Max agrees. Outside, Asa is telling Andrew how sorry he is in his typical fashion, commenting on how much money he and Ian could have made together. Andrew graciously thanks him for his sympathy. Viki and Mel arrive together. Viki immediately goes to say hello to Kelly and to explain to Dorian that she ran into Mel at the Palace Hotel and that's the only reason they came together. Dorian doesn't need a reason, she doesn't care, she tells Viki. "Don't do this, you two could not need each other more right now", Viki says, but Dorian doesn't listen. Viki goes back to sit next to Mel. Cassie comes in with River and Andrew starts the memorial service. Andrew thinks it's important for them to remember what we found in Ian when we first met him, and what Ian found in all of us.

Andrew continues with the service, he thinks that Ian would be a little uncomfortable with all the focus on him today. Ian would rather have focused the attention on someone else, like Kevin Buchanan, that's just the kind of person he was. Andrew tells how Ian came to Llanview and eventually found his family, found out that he was Maggie's brother. Suddenly, the doors burst open and Todd strides down the aisle. He stops and asks Andrew, "So tell me Andrew, what's going on with you and my wife?"

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