One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 27, 1998 on OLTL
Kevin planned to propose to Cassie. Bo denied having an affair with Georgie. After passing out at a bar, Nora found herself in a motel room with Sam. Georgie's blood was found on Bo's pants. Dorian woke up and proposed to Mel.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 27, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, April 27, 1998

Kevin told Joey that since his brush with death, he has put his life in perspective and had decided to ask Cassie to marry him. Kevin and Joey were surprised when Clint walked in because they thought he was at the lodge with Viki. Clint confided that he hoped he and Viki would have a complete reconciliation. When asked by Viki, Bo denied having an affair with Georgie. Bo and Viki went back in to the lodge to see if Georgie might be there and noticed blood on the carpet. Hank arrived at the lodge because he was worried about Nora after what Rachel told him. Bo learned from Hank that Nora thought he was having an affair with Georgie. Bo feared that the blood on the carpet was Nora's. Bo and Hank set out to look for Nora in the woods, but they didn't find her or Georgie. Bo finally confessed to Hank and Viki everything that happened between him and Georgie. Viki told Bo and Hank about the envelope that Georgie gave her and she raced home to open it. Viki returned home and opened Georgie's envelope and saw the doctored photo of Bo and Georgie in bed together. Viki showed the picture to Clint and he told her to burn it, but she refused because it could be evidence. Meanwhile, Rachel showed up at the lodge fearing for Nora. Bo ordered a search team to go over the entire lodge and they found a scarf that Rachel identified as Nora's. Bo put out an APB on Georgie and Nora. At the biker bar, Nora was being harassed by the bikers and accused them of being liars just like all men and then she passed out. Sam came to Nora's rescue after one of the guys found his card in Nora's wallet. Nora moaned that she didn't want to leave and that she could never go home, so one of the biker's suggested Sam take her to the nearby motel. Sam put Nora to bed and she blindly reached out in her sleep and kissed him!

Tuesday, April 28, 1998

Dorian's hospital room:

Mel sits next to a still unconscious Dorian and apologizes for everything that has happened. He tells her how much he misses her and promises that if Dorian will just wake up, he will leave her alone and she will never have to lay eyes on him again.

Later, Cassie appears and tells Dorian that she realizes that she made a mistake putting Dorian on life support.


When Dorian has trouble breathing, she realizes that her body has been hooked up to life support. She wants to go back and demands that Carlo finish this. "Hit me with your best shot." Carlo tells Dorian that if she wants to get out of Hell, she has to face what frightens her the most. What, says Dorian, losing her girls? Abandonment? Waterbugs? Fear, says Carlo. Dorian's worst fear is behind door #3 and when he opens it out comes Sonya. Sonya blames Dorian for sending her to Hell. Dorian tells her mother that she deserves to be in Hell, but Sonya lashes back saying that deep down Dorian realizes what they both are. Dorian admits that she is a bad person for stealing Kelly's money, interfering in Cassie's life and treating Mel so badly. Dorian realizes that she is just as wicked and selfish as Sonya said and all she wants to do now is rest. Sonya beckons her into the abyss and tells Dorian that she can rest if she follows her into hell. The doors open and Dorian and Sonya walk through.


Viki brings Clint up to date on what happened at the lodge and in the process, realizes that Nora saw the fake photo of Bo and Georgie. Clint wants to destroy the photo, but Viki is afraid that with Nora and Georgie both missing, the photo now becomes evidence in a police investigation. Bo arrives and sees the photo. He is shocked and horrified when he realizes that Nora saw the photograph. Bo swears that the photo is doctored and that he is being set up. Viki says that the important thing is that they find Nora. Bo says that he has checked everywhere, but then realizes that Nora must be with Sam and calls his office. Privately, Viki and Clint question whether Bo's claims are true. Then a policeman arrives at Llanfair and tells Bo that there were bloody clothes found on the floor of the lodge, but they don't know whose clothes they are.

Seedy hotel room:

Nora, thinking that he is Bo, kisses Sam passionately. When she realizes that she made a mistake Nora is overcome with shame. She goes to the bathroom to wash her face and Sam helps her reconstruct her fuzzy memories of the previous night. When Sam asks what drove Nora to this, she tells him about her belief that Bo is having an affair and breaks down crying. Sam brings Nora a sandwich from bar next door and comments that whatever Nora did to "those bikers" worked, because now they would kill for her. Nora thanks Sam for his friendship and attention, but tells him that he should return to Chicago now. "I will return to Chicago when I'm sure that you are fine," he says. Nora says that she is fine, but starts to cry again and tries to show Sam the picture of Bo and Georgie, but he's already seen it. Nora also realizes that Sam knows more about Bo's "affair" than he is telling. Sam recounts to Nora the time he found Georgie at their home with Bo and Bo came downstairs in his boxer shorts. Sam also tells Nora that he heard Clint on the phone with Bo and that Bo was going to meet Georgie. Nora is shattered, but Sam tells her that no matter how bad she feels, she has to call Bo and talk to him. Nora dials the number, but hangs up when she gets to machine. Nora says that she refuses to go home and deal with everyone's pity. Right then, Sam calls his office in Chicago and tells his assistant that he won't be coming back to Chicago anytime soon. Sam's assistant tells Sam that Bo called the office asking about Nora.

The Cramer home:

Cassie is in Dorian's bed, unable to sleep, when Blair enters the room. Blair admits that she also is having trouble sleeping and climbs into bed with Cassie. From the hall, Kelly calls for Blair, who comments that after one conversation, Kelly seems to trust her. Kelly climbs into bed with her cousins. The three discuss their love and respect for Dorian, despite her tendency to control them. Blair and Kelly fall asleep, laughing, as they picture Dorian at the pearly gates wanting to come back to earth to plan her own funeral. At that point, Cassie leaves to visit Dorian at the hospital.

Wednesday, April 29, 1998

As Dorian faces down her worst fears and literally pulls herself back from the fires of hell, the rest of Llanview's citizens discover that hell can also be a place on earth.

The Motel- Nora and Sam

Sam is trying to convince Nora to call her husband. Bo hasn't heard from her in over 12 hours. She should give him a break. Nora replies that she is giving back as good as she got and she will get even. Sam tells her there is no way she is using him to get even with Bo. Nora explains that she has no intention of using him and pulls out Sam's laptop. Furthermore, she resents the implication. Sam apologizes. She will let Bo know she is not licking her wounds. She is going to send Rachel a fax.

Sam does not believe that Nora is facing the truth about the "alleged affair". Pictures like the one of Georgie and Bo in bed can be faked. Nora replies that would make Georgie evil and that she would have seen that coming. All she sees is a man stupid enough to let himself be blackmailed. Sam says that Bo is not a stupid man and Nora replies that even smart people do stupid things. After all, it all fits, the long hours at work, coming home late, etc. Sam says all evidence is circumstantial. Nora tells Sam she needs hard facts and she has lost all trust in Bo. When she fell for Bo, she threw away all her natural cynicism, all the aspects of her personality that made her a killer attorney. She threw the master switch and disarmed all her worries. Sam can see she is devastated, but he also smells a set up. Georgie would have had to taken this picture. Therefore, the evidence is manufactured. She probably manufactured other evidence too. Nora needs to follow a paper trail. Nora replies that she must get into her office hard drives. Sam wonders if Georgie kept a journal.

Sam continues to hack away on the computer without success. He can't find anything he did not know about Georgie. He suggests they take a walk to the nearby convenience store, but Nora does not want to go. After he leaves, Nora finds a file Georgie wrote. Her whole history is presented with titles like 'Nora's marriage to Bo', 'Nora's marriage to Hank', 'Nora's statistics', 'Nora's Likes and Dislikes', etc.

She reads a journal entry Rachel made concerning February 14, the night Bo and Georgie supposedly made love at the lodge. It says that he got 3 hours away from the "RED MENANCE". Nora believes what she is reading and all her belief in Bo and their love is rocked to its core.

When Sam returns, she lies to him and says she found nothing. He has brought back eye drops, aspirin, jeans, and straight edge razor which he claims gives the best shave in the universe. He remarks he could use one right now. Nora says she will put the things away and goes into the bathroom before Sam gets a chance to use the razor. She locks the door. The blades are in her hand. She lets them drop into the sink basin. Staring at herself in the mirror, she sweeps her hair up, looking intently at her reflection.

Sam looks at the laptop and sees the journal. He yells through the door that he wants to talk to Nora about it. He is worried about her. Nora does not answer him. Finally he knocks down the door and sees something we don't see. His expression is one of shock.

The Lodge- Bo, Hank, Del, Rachel

Bo tells Del to put out an APB out on Nora and they enter the lodge to look over the bloody clothes found in the bathroom. Bo ID's them as his. He explains that he dirtied and bloodied himself when changing a tire. Del replies that the clothes have to be tested. Bo agrees. When Del walks away, Hank asks who put him in charge. Bo replies that he asked Washington DC to have Del head a special task force. He trusts him after his work on the bodega shootings. And with Nora possibly involved, Bo wants no questions of deferential treatment. Hank adds they also do not need Congressman Graham's men sniffing around. Del returns and informs them that the blood on the carpet is not Nora's. Nora's blood type is A positive. The blood on the carpet is O negative.

Rachel arrives with the fax. Bo takes a look at the header and knows it came from Sam's computer. Rachel also found other papers in the printer tray. It is the same journal entries that Nora has been reading. Making love by the fireplace at the lodge. "Bo said he would leave Nora when the time is right". Bo reads this aloud to Hank and Rachel. He says he has to find Nora before she finds this. He tells them none of this is true.

Rachel does not want to hear any more. She tells Bo her mother would be with him if he cared so much. Hank leads her away. Del comes back with Nora's wedding ring. Bo ID's it and puts out an APB on Nora. All he cares about is finding his wife.

Llanview Hospital and Hell-Cassie, Kelly, Blair, Kevin, Téa, Andrew, Todd, Mel, Carlo, Sonya and Dorian

Cassie is scared. She has gotten the court approval to have her mother taken off the ventilator. Kevin assures her that half a life is not life at all for Dorian. It was a huge decision, but without a living will, Cassie had to make it for her mother. Mel and Kelly arrive. Mel says he has never known Dorian to pass up a good challenge. Cassie goes into the room and tells Dorian that Kevin is now walking. He came back and now they need her to come back too. Kelly says they can't let Dorian die like this. Cassie replies that they are making her fight for her life. This is one thing Dorian knows how to do.

Meanwhile in HELL...

Sonya says she does not mind Hell- much. She tells Dorian that she is just like her. Dorian hears Cassie saying that she is forcing her to fight for her life. Sonya says that both she and Dorian can not love. Dorian knows she is hearing her daughter and tries to up the volume. Carlo says that Cassie is saying farewell. Her family is letting her go.

In the Hospital waiting room...

Todd tells Téa he does not know how Téa let Blair talk her into this. Téa replies that sometimes people of short stature do not react the same as those of large stature. Besides Blair called when she was half asleep and she would have agreed to anything. Todd says he will keep that in mind. Téa remarks she is much more relaxed since they decided to remarry. Todd teases that she snores. Téa denies it, but Todd insists she shook the whole building-reinforcemnt, concrete and all. Téa is wise to him. She asks if this the eternal plan, just when they get close, he pushes her away. "Basically", he admits. Téa says, "Look I know you were uncomfortable and you felt a lot of pressure last night. We will get there when we are ready. Until then we will wait". "I bet you say that to all the boys!", Todd wisecracks. Téa replies usually she does not have to.

Todd gives his usual, "Whatever" and Téa calls him on it. She tells Todd if he put a dollar aside for every time he said that, he could have enough to put Starr through college and graduate school. Todd reminds her he does have a dollar for every time he has said that. And second of all, Starr will follow the Manning tradition and be a college dropout. Téa takes Starr off to see what is happening with Dorian.

Todd is alone when Kevin, walking with the aid of a cane, shows up. "Lazarus, Easter's over", Todd says sarcastically. Kevin can hardly believe it, but Viki told him about Todd and Téa and he would like to congratulate him. He puts out his hand and Todd does not extend his. Instead he says, "As your former friend and fraternity brother, I feel I should warn you, if after your accident you are, say, no longer able to keep Cassie happy, she may run back to her Reverend". Kevin lunges at Todd with the cane, but Todd grabs it and Kevin loses his balance and falls backward.

In Dorian's Room....

Mel tells Dorian that he is offering her a deal. She gets through this and he will get out of her life. It is a sweet deal and she should take it. "You may not hear this again, but I love you".

In Hell...

Dorian hears Mel and begs him not to go. Carlo tells her to give up the ghost and Sonya says Dorian is a worthless Bitch. "And yet in spite of that, there are people who love me. Shouldn't that count for something?", she asks. Carlo and Sonya tell her the point is she doesn't love them.

Hospital Waiting Room...

Andrew arrives and scolds Todd for thinking he can say what he want to anyone. Cassie shows up and helps Kevin up. Todd tells Kevin, see the Carpenters are riding in together to come to the rescue. Andrew says,"You just don't stop. You just keep coming at people. Pow!Pow!Pow!" Kevin shouts for Todd to knock it off, Cassie doesn't need this.

"Oh, listen to that", Todd retorts, "Noble, Buchanans are so noble. Easy for you to be noble now, Dorian is at death's door." And then to Andrew, "Tell me something. When he wrecked your home, what was the honor in that. He started running after a married woman and her, she ran out on her kid."

Cassie says "You son of a bitch". Andrew continues to hold Todd back, but he keeps the hits right on coming. "That's right. When a Buchanan wrecked your house and you (pointing to Cassie) running out on your kid. Even I wouldn't do that". Kevin replies, "As long as you are keeping score, Todd, remember there is something Buchanans don't do. They don't rape women".

Todd is enraged, but Andrew stops him from reaching Kevin. Trying to calm him, Andrew says, "You have someone who loves you. Is that not enough for you?" "What is and what is not enough for me is not your business.", Todd tells him. Andrew is totally frustrated. He literally throws his hands up in the air and with a few measured motions he stretches his hand out in a stop motion to Todd and then in a sweeping motion in the direction of Kevin and Cassie, he says "Right, none of this is my business. He leaves, closely followed by Kevin and Cassie.

Todd mumbles to himself, "Buchanans are the Edsels of the gene pool. Yugo, Pacer.". He opens up the envelope Georgie gave him which has fallen on the floor in the melee. He smiles when he sees it is Georgie and Bo in bed.

In Dorian's Room...

Kelly tells Dorian she has been waiting for her to come back. Dorian is the only one who loved her. She is selfish. She can't imagine life without her. But if Dorian thinks this is too much for her, Kelly can't hold her back. She thanks her for the incredible gift of love Dorian gave her. Kelly leaves and Blair says Dorian should not listen to Kelly. She just has to wake up. Blair is sure this happened because she diverted Kelly's inheritance. She knows she has to give it back but she is not strong enough without her. Blair kisses Dorian's hand. She begs her to wake up and help her do what is right.

In Hell...

Dorian hears, but Sonya says that people loved her too, but Dorian never loved them any more than Sonya did. Carlo says, "ladies", and opens the door. Smoke begins to engulf them. Carlo laughs in evil derision. Dorian pushes him through the door and he falls with a loud "AAH". Dorian shuts the door closed.

Dorian tells Sonya she does not want to go. Sonya replies that it is no big deal that she drove out that devil. He is cheap, common and his evil is superficial. On the other hand, Dorian will never get rid of her mother.

In the hospital waiting room...

Todd goes to make a call. He tells Téa, who is back with Starr, that he has big news. Starr shows her father wedding pictures of her and "T" and what they will be wearing for the wedding. Todd says he is not in the picture. Starr explains that he will be at the altar waiting for them. Blair arrives and scoops up Starr into her arms. The little girl tells her mommy that Daddy and "T" are getting married and that she is going to be there. Todd remarks that Blair had no business asking them to bring the kid here. Blair tells Starr that she wanted her to see Auntie Dorian because she is sick. Starr asks if she can make her feel better. Blair says she doesn't know, she is sleeping deeply. Starr can go home with Daddy if it gives her the creeps. Todd says that it really sucks about Dorian. Blair thanks him and congratulates him and says she hopes he is happy.

In Dorian's Hospital Room...

Cassie tells her mom that she can't lose her. A year ago today she walked out on her son. She can no longer condemn Dorian for doing the same thing to her. After having seen how Sonya treated Dorian, Cassie knows that she left her with her father to protect her. But why did she (Cassie) leave her child. All she did was hurt River. Cassie doesn't think she can forgive herself. She no longer blames Dorian. She needs her to come back. She begs her mother to forgive her for judging her so harshly.


Dorian hears her daughter. Sonia denies hearing what the Cramer girls have said about Dorian. But Dorian replies that they are saying that she does know how to love and that love is stronger than Sonia. It taught her what Sonia never could. Sonia rebukes her for hurting Melinda, but Dorian says she never did what Sonia told her to do. Sonia tells her she never loved any of her daughters. "I know that", Dorian replies, "And that is why I loved Melinda and Addie, even when she hurt me. Because you couldn't".

Sonia is urging her to go with her. Dorian refuses and suddenly finds herself with her arm upraised and the bust she whacked her mom with is in her hand. Dorian reminds herself that she killed her mother because she was killing her child but she now realizes she has a second chance to do what she couldn't do before. Dorian lowers the bust and hugs her mother. She gets down on her knees and puts her arms around Sonia's waist. She says Oh mama, oh mama. She begins to stir and Cassie notices.

Sonia asks how Dorian could love her. Dorian says that Sonia did the best she could. Sonia replies it was not good enough, was it?. "Oh, so what", Dorian says, "I forgive you." "I never asked you to", Sonia replies. "It doesn't matter Mama. I forgive you". She touches her mother's face and Sonia walks away and begins to disappear. Dorian comes to. She sees Cassie and says,"So you do forgive me. I forgive you. I love you". She closes her eyes again and Mel gets up and leaves.

Thursday, April 30, 1998

Dorian woke up from her coma and reunited with her girls. Dorian imparted advice to each of them and told Kelly that it was time to stop mourning and be happy again. Dorian told Blair that she heard her promise to give Kelly's money back and encouraged her to do it. Dorian also suggested that Blair get a job. Dorian then told Cassie to follow her heart. Cassie told Andrew about Dorian's words of wisdom and he agreed with it. Later, Cassie and Kevin shared a happy and romantic reunion. Joey brought Dorian a letter from Mel in which he stated that he was happy about her recovery, but would honor the promise he made to stay out of her life. Andrew asked for Todd's forgiveness for interfering in his marriage. Andrew suggested that if Todd didn't forgive him, he would never be free of him. Todd wasn't sure what to think. At the motel, Sam wasn't able to stop Nora before she started chopping at her hair with a razor blade. Out of a need to feel wanted, Nora asked Sam to make love to her. Sam started to give in to his feelings, but stopped himself and told Nora that he did want her, but not on the rebound. Sam assured Nora that she would be okay once she faced the truth of what happened and that she needed to hear the truth from Bo. Sam promised Nora that he would be there for her as long as she needed him. Meanwhile, Bo was beside himself with worry about Nora. Del advised Bo to maintain his usual activities. Del talked to Viki and asked her not to run this story in the Banner yet and Viki agreed. Viki said that the Banner wouldn't be a problem, but that The Sun would. Todd was making plans to publish the photo of Bo and Georgie when Viki came by. Viki tried to convince Todd that the story was premature, but he why there was an APB out on Nora if there was no story. Blair waked into Todd's office just as he wished he had a reporter that had guts, drive, and most importantly, the morals of a snake! Later, things went from bad to worse for Bo when Del told him about the results of the lab report. Del said that they found two types of blood on Bo's pants - Bo's and Georgie's.

Friday, May 1, 1998

Dorian, Kelly and Joey

Dorian finishes reading Mel's letter to her. Kelly asks if Mel wrote her a love letter. Just the opposite, Dorian explains, Mel is giving her up. She reads them part of the letter, "Dorian, you saved me body and soul, and for that I will always be grateful. It would be selfish to ask that you save my heart as well". Mel made a vow to God that if Dorian lived, he would give her up forever. Isn't that what you've been asking for since Canton, Kelly points out. That was before, Dorian says, she had to go to hell and back to figure out what she really wanted. Then go and tell Mel you've changed your mind, Kelly urges her.

Larry comes to see how Dorian is doing. Dorian is ready to leave the hospital right away, but Larry refuses and Kelly tells her to take it easy. Dorian isn't willing to give in, if Mel won't come to her, she needs to go to him. Mel is better than any medication that Larry could give her.

Kevin and Cassie

Kevin and Cassie are lying in bed after making love. Kevin wonders if it was a dream or was it real. It was pretty real to me, Cassie tells him. Kevin wondered if it could ever be that way again. He also mentions that they have Dorian's recovery to be thankful for. Dorian's acting like a changed woman, Cassie tells him. Cassie feels closer to Blair, Kelly and River, and Kevin too since this life or death experience with Dorian. How about Andrew, do you feel closer to Andrew too? Cassie at first doesn't answer, but Kevin won't let her avoid the question. It's been a year since the separation and I'm ready to forgive him and forgive myself and put my failed marriage behind me, she answers. She does feel closer and more comfortable with Andrew, but she loves Kevin and wants to be with him, now more than ever. Kevin asks for her forgiveness for making her choose between himself and River. Kevin promises to do something about it.

Blair and Todd

Blair stopped by The Sun to let Todd know that he'll be picking Starr up after school. Todd finds it unusual Blair felt she had to tell him the news in person. "How's Téa?", Blair asks. What do you care, Todd replies in his usual blunt manner. Blair's sure that it was Téa's influence that caused Todd to let her see Starr more. Maybe he did it because he's a nice person, Todd suggests rather sarcastically. Blair, however, agrees that he can be a nice person and reminds him of the time he loaned her the money to start Melador. When Blair mentions Melador isn't making any money, Todd immediately assumes she want him to give her some more money. She doesn't want his money, Blair insists, although she is strapped for cash. Blair claims she's not fishing for a job, but Todd offers her one anyway helping him out with a big front page story. Insulted that he would want her to be a "mere" reporter when she used to run the paper, Blair almost turns him down. Then Todd shows her the front cover with Bo and Georgie's picture on it.

Blair finds it very interesting, even more so when Todd learns that and APB has been put out on Sam. Todd explains that Sam and Nora used to know each other back in Chicago. Todd needs someone who can get him dirt on this story, someone who can't be bought out by the Buchanans. In return, Todd offers Blair money, a lot of it. Blair accepts the job and Todd immediately tells her to head down to the police station and find out what's going on. Blair heads out the door, telling him she'll be back. "I'll bet you will", Todd says to himself. Todd makes a call and yells at the person on the other end to "find him" and tell him Todd Manning needed him ten minutes ago.

Blair comes back from the police station (see below) with the latest news. Nora sent a fax to Rachel from Sam's laptop saying she's OK. More importantly, the police found Georgie's blood all over Bo's clothing. That news manages to get a little smile out of Todd. "Llanview's happiest couple" now both have piece on the side, Blair suggests. Todd isn't happy about her comment because of Sam. Blair says that it's a good possibility that Georgie may be dead. Todd agrees, Bo Buchanan's got a little tomato on the side, she starts getting fresh and he squishes her." Or maybe Georgie did just skip town, Blair says, I wouldn't stay with this picture of me all over town. The phone rings, it's Sam. Sam won't say where he is and asks Todd why he called. I wanted to know what was going on, Todd claims, but he's obviously worried about Sam's safety. Sam says he's fine and if Todd needs to contact him, call Sam's office. Sam hangs up the phone. Todd tries *69 and the bartender picks up the phone and says "Yummy's". Todd quickly hangs up. He turns to Blair and asks if she's going to take the job or not, if he's going to get Bo he needs someone he can trust. Trust? You?, Blair finds the idea funny. "Yeah, it's a word Téa taught me", Todd replies. Blair agrees to help him, "It'll be good to see the Buchanans eat some dust for a change."

Todd offers to give Blair the same salary she made when she was managing the paper. Plus benefits, Blair adds. When Todd wants her to sign a contract, Blair refuses. What happened to trust, she asks, that itty bitty word that Téa taught him. No contract, no job, Todd insists. Blair agrees to sign, for 10 percent extra and an out clause. Todd agrees. He asks what by-line she's going with, Blair Daimler, or is she going to hold onto Blair Manning? She's going with Blair Cramer, she just wants to try it out. Fine, now leave and go do your job, Todd says rudely. That's another thing, Blair tells him, she won't be bossed around or she'll quit. "So sorry. If you don't mind, Miss Cramer, could you please go do your damn job", Todd says. "Yes sir, Mr. Manning, anything you say", Blair says sarcastically as she leaves. Todd decides to go himself to the police academy graduation. The picture of Bo and Georgie should have hit the streets by then and he wants to be there for "The Bonfire of the Buchanans".

An employee brings Todd a copy of the final version of the front page. He's happy with it at first until he notices something that Briggs added. Instead of just saying "Wife goes AWOL", Briggs changed it to say "Wife goes AWOL with Chi-town Shyster". Todd throws the copy in anger and demands the employee go pick it up. Todd crosses out Briggs's addition and tells the employee to tell Briggs not to be so creative. "This is my newspaper and he should lay off Sam Rappaport!"

The Police Station

How could Georgie's blood have gotten on my clothes, Bo wonders out loud. Del was wondering the same thing, there were signifcant samples of O- blood on the clothes and there was no chance for contamination of the evidence. Bo remembers kneeling down to pick up his keys, maybe that's where the blood came from. Del wishes Bo had remembered that fact before the lab report came back. They are interrupted by the arrival of the Buchanan clan, Asa, Clint, Jessica and Viki, claiming they received personal invitations to attend the police academy graduation. Bo insists that he never sent them anything. Mel arrives and asks about the APBs that have been put out on Nora, Sam and Georgie.

"No comment", Bo tells him. Mel accepts the answer, tells Bo to call him if he changes him mind, and then leaves. Bo figures out that Georgie must be the one who invited everyone to the academy graduation, she must have wanted an audience. "If Georgie were an animal, you'd put her down for being rabid", Bo tells Del. Bo refuses to let Georgie ruin his life and Nora's. Clint and Asa immediately voice their support for Bo, but Viki is silent. Bo informs them that things are getting more complicated, Georgie's blood has been found on the clothes he was wearing that night.

Mel is still hanging around at the police station, watching what is going on. He says hello to one of the police officers, Tim, but Tim is unable to give Mel any information. Blair next comes up and tries to sweet talk the officer, Tim Chase, into giving her some information. She starts playing dumb and asks him to help her out explaining the "police lingo". What does APB mean, she asks. They are interrupted by Del, who sends Tim away, saying he will handle it. Blair explains to Del that it's her first day and mentions that her aunt has been in the hospital fighting for her life. Del asks if it's Dorian Lord and says that Dorian saved his life. Blair realizes that he is Téa's brother. Del's glad to hear that Dorian is doing better. Blair tries the same act on Del to get him to help her, but Del isn't buying it. Nice to meet you, he says, and walks away. Cassie comes over to find out what Blair is doing there. Blair avoids the question, saying Cassie probably wouldn't believe her if she told her, then walks away.

Bo is telling the assembled family, which now includes Cassie and Kevin, that he never saw Georgie that night and he never had an affair with her. Trying not so subtly to get Jessie out of the room, Viki asks her if she'd like to go get a soda. Jessie tells her mother that she doesn't have to try to protect her, Jessie believes what Bo is saying. Asa says the one that should be in trouble is Georgie. Bo guesses that she's lying low right now, laughing at all of them. They are interrupted by Del, who leads Bo away to talk to him in private. Del informs him that they sent a canine unit up to the cabin and gave them the scent of Georgie's blood on Bo's clothes to follow. Bo hands Del the scarf that Nora was wearing that night and ask him to have the dogs search for Nora too. Even though they know Nora is with Sam, Bo still has to find her.

Out in the woods, Del releases a German shepherd and tells the dog to find Georgie.

Nora and Sam

Nora picks the picture of Bo and Georgie up off the bed and looks at it again. Nora doesn't understand why she didn't see this coming. Sam suggests to look at it again starting from the beginning. Why did Nora hire Georgie? Nora desperately needed help when her assistant Jill left and Rachel recommended Georgie because they knew each other in law school. Georgie walked in and took over and Nora was grateful. Nora thinks Georgie had an agenda right from the start and Nora was just too needy to see it. Georgie gave Bo wide-eyed admiration and home cooked meals and all Nora did was give Bo grief about his motorcycle. Maybe I never suspected a thing because Bo was the one complaining about Georgie hanging around them too much, Nora suggests. Nora even remembers one time that she came home and found Bo and Georgie hugging, but she believed Bo when he told her that Georgie was upset. It was after that that Bo started working late and showering Nora with expensive presents. Nora is convinced that those are signs of his guilt. Sam reminds her that Nora recently spent an entire evening extolling Bo's virtues to him, he suggests that she trust her instincts. Her instincts and the evidence point to the fact Bo was having an affair with Georgie, Nora tells him. "She didn't just want to crawl into my shoes, she wanted to crawl into my bed. And she did, in my nightgown, with my husband", Nora says, waving the photo. Georgie planned to blackmail Bo with the picture, Nora decides, that's why he tried to throw her out of the house. Sam has to allow that it does sort of make sense. Nora decides that there's no need for her to go back to Llanview, she's going back to Chicago with Sam.

She can't just leave Llanview behind, Sam tells her, it's her town. No, it's Bo's town, filled with his family, who are probably rallying around Bo as they speak. Nora wants to go to Chicago and find Nora Hanen again. "I never should have settled in Llanview and let myself be Buchananized." Sam came and saved her, maybe it's their time to be together, maybe it's fate, Nora says. Nora asks him to give it a chance and see what happens. "How many times can I say no", Sam says.

Instead of fighting her, Sam tries reverse psychology and tells Nora it's a great idea for her to come back to Chicago. If she wants to get away from Bo, that's great, and away from Rachel, too, and all her friends. Nora's expression changes and she doesn't seem so certain anymore. Sam leaves to go take care of the hotel bill and give her some time to think about it.

At the bar, after calling Todd, Sam gives the bartender some money, he has a long distance call he'd like to make. After making the call (which we don't see), Sam returns to the hotel room and tells Nora that he called Todd. He didn't tell Todd where they were, but he learned that there's an APB out on both of them and on Georgie, and that Todd has a copy of the picture. That's Bo's problem, Nora insists. No, that's your problem, Sam tells her.

If Todd prints that picture, Bo and a lot of other people are going to get hurt, but there's nothing I can do about it, Nora tells him. So you're just going to abandon ship and let Rachel and everyone else fend for themselves, Sam asks. So what is she supposed to do, just stand by her man? She hates woman like that, she wants to shake them and ask them where their self-esteem is. "I'm going to Chicago!", she practically yells. Sam gives in and tells her he's going to gas up both of their cars. Before he leaves he steps close to her and takes her face in his hands. He kisses her tenderly, yet passionately at the same time. After he leaves, Nora sits down on the bed and looks at the picture of Bo and Georgie again, then turns it face down on the bed.

Sam is sitting in the bar when Bo arrives. Bo casually pulls his coat back and shows his badge, silently warning the men in the bar not to give him any trouble. Sam hands Bo the key to Nora's room and asks Bo to be good to Nora, he owes her that much. Sam sits back down at the bar. Now I need a beer, he tells the bartender. In the hotel room, Nora is all packed up and anxiously waiting for Sam to return. The door opens, but instead of Sam, Bo is standing there. They look at each other for a moment. "You cut your hair", is Bo's first comment. They look at each other again. "So, how much trouble are we in Red?", Bo asks.

Up in the woods by the lodge, the dog leads Del to Georgie's body.

The Courthouse

At the courthouse, everyone is gathering for the police academy graduation. Despite the fact that he's supposed to officiate, Bo tells his family he has something to do and leaves. Clint follows after him and offers his help, but Bo says this is something he has to do alone. Larry, Kelly and Joey arrive at the courthouse with Dorian in a wheelchair. Cassie is upset to see Dorian out of the hospital, but she promises to go right back after she sees Mel. Viki comes over to say how wonderful it is to see Dorian out of the hospital. Mel comes over, surprised to see Dorian. "Mel Hayes, I have a bone to pick with you", Dorian tells him.

Mel didn't think Dorian would be out of the hospital so soon. Were you hoping I'd be so weak I couldn't do anything about that letter you sent, Dorian asks. She calls him cowardly for not saying goodbye in person. Mel didn't think she wanted to see him anymore. So despite the fact you say you love me, you're just giving up without a fight, says Dorian. Without a fight? They've had a "bloody brawl from one end of town to the other", Mel defends himself, and now their having another one in front of an audience. What does Dorian really want? "Mel Hayes, I want you to marry me".

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