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Drew confessed, though Kelly didn't believe he was guilty. Bo was angry at Nora Suspicion surrounded Todd. Bo and Todd fought. A newly arrived Lindsay looked forward to meeting Nora. Todd locked Blair and Max in the cellar.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 8, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, June 8, 1998

Téa told Viki that Kevin intended on printing an article in the Banner that linked Todd to the murder. Blair showed Max the bloody gloves that she found in Todd's trash can. Max was determined to find out if the gloves came from the lodge. Blair wasn't convinced that Todd had anything to do with the murder and hoped for Starr's sake that he didn't. Bo was angry at Nora for having found evidence against Drew. Nora was hurt when Bo said that she couldn't understand his feelings because Drew wasn't her son. Meanwhile, Drew was arrested and booked after he said that he slept with Georgie, got her pregnant, killed her and then switched the DNA to frame Bo. Bo tried to convince Drew to say he lied, but he refused. Bo vowed to find the real killer. Todd learned that Drew had been arrested and was convinced that the Buchanans were after him. Todd told Sam that he paid for Georgie's burial. Todd asked Sam that if push came to shove, could Todd count on him? Sam realized that Todd thought he would be arrested for murder. Téa came to see Todd and told him that Kevin set her up. Todd didn't want to hear any of it. Todd reached out to Téa, but she stuck to her guns and walked out on him. Viki met with Dorian and invited her to Jessica's graduation party. Viki then informed Dorian of Drew's arrest. Kelly didn't believe Drew's confession and wanted to set up a defense fund for him. Dorian tried to talk Kelly out of it. Sam told Nora that she should defend Drew because Drew wasn't the one who killed Georgie.

Tuesday, June 9, 1998

The Banner

Kevin is holding down the fort at the Banner while Viki and Clint attend Jessica's graduation. He and Mel are talking about the story Mel did on Drew when Cassie comes in with confirmation that Todd paid for Georgie's funeral. Kevin is thrilled and shows them a copy of the paper with his story in it that he has already prepared, "Manning Tie to Murder Victim Exposed" is the headline. Mel doesn't think they should run the story, Drew is already behind bars for the murder and the evidence about Todd is very sketchy. Of course he's going to run it, they've got the noose around Todd's neck. Cassie looks proudly at Kevin, Mel, on the other hand, looks very skeptical. Dorian arrives, bringing Mel's tux for the party. Kevin and Cassie leave to go get ready themselves.

The Police Station

Now that he's been set free, Bo wants his old job back. He asks John Sykes what is holding up the works, but John tells him that he doesn't know. Nora arrives, she and Bo need to talk but it's a little hard when he won't come home. Bo informs her he slept at Asa's. Nora sarcastically thanks him for letting her know, she didn't sleep at all. Nora asks Bo if he's ever coming home.

Bo doesn't think it's the right time to come home right now. Nora tells him how much she's missed him. Nora doesn't understand why he still believes Drew, he lied to Bo about his relationship with Georgie. Bo's giving Drew the benefit of the doubt. The way Nora sees it, Drew means more to Bo than their marriage does. Bo says their marriage meant everything to him, but she wasn't there when he needed her, she turned Drew in. I'm never going to let you go, says Nora before she turns around and leaves. Bo wants to go see Drew, but Sykes tells him that Drew was very clear, he doesn't want to see Bo.

Todd's Office

Todd yells at Blair for spilling the beans to Cassie about them finding the baseball bat in Bo's car. Cassie was there accusing him of planting the bat. Don't look at me, Blair tells him, I didn't tell Cassie anything. Blair doesn't understand what Todd's so upset about, they arrested Drew for the murder, they're not coming after Todd. Todd asks her what she and Max were doing snooping around his desk, "something" is missing, but he won't tell her what it is. Blair, knowing he's talking about the gloves, denies taking anything. Todd warns her again to stay away from his desk, whoever's doing it better watch their back. They are interrupted by Viki, who came to invite him to Jessie's party at the country club. Todd turns down her invitation.

He has no desire to go to a party full of people trying to frame him for Georgie's murder. Viki promises him that Kevin's suspicions will not make it into print in the Banner. She also promises him that she is not siding with the Buchanan's, even though it has made Clint angry with her. Todd looks more interested in coming when Viki informs him that Téa will be there. She also tells him about how Téa defended him, "she really, really loves you". Viki tells him to think about it, tonight could be another opportunity to patch things up. Viki leaves without an answer from Todd.

The Country Club

Max and Asa are at the country club for Jessica's party. Max tells Asa he has something really big on Todd and demands extra pay for it. Asa wants to hear what it is first before he promises anything. Max tells him he'll just have to wait a while, he and Blair are still busy reeling Todd in.

Jessica is out on the terrace talking to Kelly. She's not thrilled to be at a party thrown by her mother when all her friends are out celebrating. She wonders if Cristian will show up. Jessica and Kelly are both worried about Drew, they don't believe he's guilty. Téa stops by and gives Jessica a present. Todd has been invited, but Jessica's not sure if he's coming, she tells Téa. Téa admits that she misses Todd, does that make her crazy? Not at all, Kelly tells her, Kelly admires how Téa stands up for Todd when everyone is against him. She's not sure that she could do the same thing(thinking about Drew). Not understanding, Téa tells her she'll never have to worry about that, everyone likes Joey. Joey arrives and pulls Kelly aside, asking where's she been, he's been looking for her. Kelly tries to explain about Drew and defend him, but Joey doesn't want to listen. He goes over to congratulate Jessica.

Blair joins Sam at a table and tells him she found something that might have to do with the case. She asks him if she can look at the list of items missing from the Buchanan lodge. Sam turns her down, but comments that she looks really upset, does the evidence point to someone other than Drew. Yes, she says, then they are interrupted by Max, who drags her away before she can reveal anymore. Clint and Asa arrive and insist they have to talk to Sam about defending Drew. He turns them down, Bo and Nora are already at each other's throats and Sam has no intention of getting in the middle.

Max asks Blair if she told Sam about the glove. No, she replies, but she wasn't able to get any information out of Sam either. Blair is worried about her safety and also Starr's if Todd really is Georgie's killer. Max assures her Todd would never hurt Starr and he will protect Blair. Max has a plan to prove Todd is the killer, but he needs Blair's help.

Bo arrives at the party and says hello to Asa. Congressman Graham walks in and Bo wonders if his evening could get any worse. It can, next Nora walks in and is greeted by Sam, who leads her away. They go over and say hello to Viki and Clint, but Clint refuses to even speak to them. Kevin and Cassie arrive and Kevin makes a joke about all of her chicks being out of the next now. Viki is sad that Jessica's leaving, she's planning to go to college at Columbia in the fall. Clint asks how everything is going at the paper, they went with the Drew story, right? Kevin tells her they went with his story about Todd. Viki looks upset and just at that moment, Todd arrives at the party.

Viki is not happy about Kevin running the story, but Clint defends him, Viki put Kevin in charge and it was his call to make. Across the terrace, Sam goes over to Todd(who didn't hear the conversation about Kevin's article). Todd says, this sucks, and turns around and leaves, with Sam following behind him. Joey notices Todd and mentions it to Téa, but when she looks she doesn't see him. Todd and Sam have gone inside, where Todd spots Blair and Max sitting together. Barbara arrives and runs into her father, who gives her a hard time for being there with the Buchanans. Barbara blows him off and continues into the party. Meanwhile, back at the bar, Sam asks Todd what is going on. Todd says Viki told him Téa might be there and she may be on his side. Todd asks Sam again if he's on Todd's side. Sam is suspicious, why does Todd keep asking that? Todd doesn't want to discuss it. Sam asks Todd what Blair is up to, she came over and asked him for a list of things missing from the lodge. Todd doesn't answer, just asks again if Sam's on his side. I am on your side, Sam says.

Back out on the terrace, Viki accuses Kevin of stooping to Todd's level. Kevin denies it, he had facts to back up his story, unlike The Sun. It may be a story, but it's not a headline story, she tells him. Clint disagrees and accuses Viki of being so "even handed" she was ready to send Bo up the river. All Viki is asking is that they treat Todd as fairly as they treated Bo. Besides, all Todd did is pay for Georgie's funeral, it's not a crime, maybe he was the only one of them who had some understanding for her. Viki demands that Kevin call the Banner and stop the press run. The argument is ended by Jessie, who asks them to please stop fighting. Bo joins the others on the terrace and congratulates Kevin and Cassie on their engagement. Nora watches with pain in her eyes as Bo tells them that a good marriage is a wonderful thing.

Max thinks that they should go back up to the lodge and look for any clues that Todd might have left behind when dragging Georgie's body into the woods. Clues that the police haven't already found, Blair questions. Max says the police are not infallible, there may still be something out there. Blair agrees to go with Max and look.

Jessica finds Todd sitting with Sam and asks why Todd isn't out on the terrace. Sam excuses himself and Jessie sits down to talk with Todd. The party's a big bust, she says, Cristian isn't there and all her friends are at a party with no adults. Todd encourages her to go there, he'll even drive her. Jessica asks him to lay off of Drew and Todd says for her, he'll think about it. Jessica tells Todd to follow her out to the terrace and her "wonderful" party, Téa's there and she's looking for Todd.

Out on the terrace, Sam comes to Nora's rescue and takes her away from where Bo is standing. Dorian tells Kelly to lighten up, and she doesn't understand why Kelly is letting Joey to hang around with Barbara. Dorian tries to pin Kelly down about her feelings for Drew, but Kelly is evasive and walks away, with Dorian following close behind. Jessie and Todd arrive on the terrace and in about two seconds Bo comes over and confronts Todd, asking him what he has to say for himself. Nothing, Todd replies. Viki tries to get them to stop, but Bo ignores her, threatening Todd that if he writes one word about Drew, it'll be the last one he ever writes. Todd declares he'll write whatever he wants too, but Bo can choose the story. "Either the commissioner is letting his son take a fall for him, or the commissioner's son is a lying, murdering, son of a....". Bo hits Todd hard and when Todd gets back up, he goes after Bo. "Todd, no!", Téa yells.

Sam and Nora go inside and he encourages her to hang on, she and Bo will work things out. Todd and Bo are apparently separated and *everyone* comes inside, still yelling at each other. Sam tries to calm Todd down. Téa comes over and touches him on the shoulder to get his attention. "Hi Todd", she says. Kevin says that Todd's been asking for it, and Viki tells him to leave it alone. Jessie finally taps on a glass to get everyone's attention and says she's going to take her graduation speaker's advice and make the world a better place, because if it doesn't get any better, she's not going to be able to take it anymore. Jessie storms out and Viki follows her. Nora asks Sam to get her out of there and as they are walking out, they run into Lindsay. Lindsay introduces herself and then Nora leaves them alone to talk. Sam asks her where's Will. Lindsay was hoping Sam would be able to tell her, Will's gone.

Téa comes over and tries to help Todd wipe some blood from his face. She now agrees with him that the Buchanan's are after him. Why did he come there, she asks. "I wanted to see you", Todd admits. Todd spots Blair and Max leaving and tells Téa he has to go. Téa asks him to stay there with her, or take her with him. Todd leaves Téa standing there alone.

Wednesday, June 10, 1998

Country Club-Lindsay, Sam, Téa, Nora, Barbara and Joey

Lindsay and Sam discuss their son Will, who is missing in action. He just graduated from his boarding school, leaving a note saying he wanted to see the country. Lindsay wonders if he meant this country. At the graduation he said hello and then ignored Sam, while with Lindsay he merely acted condescending. Clearly, Sam says, he was angry about having to spend the summer in Llanview. Lindsay replies that she thought the big case was over, then she spies Nora at another table engrossed in conversation with Téa. "But of course some things are never over", she says snidely. Sam does not want to go there. He tells Lindsay that the boy is just acting out. He is certain Will just wants them to worry. They recall that when Will was 12 he took off for the cabin for two days and put the note where it would be difficult to find. Sam says that he will call sooner or later. Lindsay could have just called him, so what is she really doing here, Sam wants to know.

Téa tells Nora she is confused about Todd. Nora offers her an apology for being against her joining the defense team. Her reasons had been because of Todd and because of trying to save her marriage to Bo, but now Nora says she has lost that marriage on her own. She should have trusted Téa and she is sorry she didn't. Téa replies that trust is not always easy. Nora tells Téa it is not her place to give her advice but if she has the chance to put her marriage with Todd right and Téa really wants to in her heart, then she should try before the chance is gone.

Meanwhile, Lindsay wants to know why Sam does not think their son is good enough reason for her to come to Llanview. Sam replies if she was really worried she would have called him and then the police. Lindsay admits she has a "morbid curiosity about the love goddess (Nora). It was convenient for all the creme de la creme in town to gather here for her sake. Sam says that it is a high school graduation party for the daughter of a friend. Lindsay cares only about meeting the woman who defined their marriage and adds gloatingly, that she did not expect Nora to be such a basket case. Sam defends Nora and says she is going through a tough time. Her marriage is in crisis and she doesn't need Lindsay to sit in judgment. Lindsay replies that he is only proving that he is in love with Nora as he always has been and always will be. Sam wants her to stop it, but Lindsay cautions him that she will never get over being the one he settled for.

Nora has finished her conversation with Téa and walks over to say hello. Lindsay replies that it is great to meet a legend. Nora is everything Sam said and more. She leaves and Sam tells Nora now she can see why Lindsay is his *ex*-wife. Nora says he shouldn't worry and she will see him tomorrow. For now, Téa needs to speak to him about Todd.

Barbara and Joey talk about the night so far and he thanks her for being his date after Kelly walked out. He tells her that Kelly is a collector of lost souls and he hates Drew's guts for being one of them. Barbara has to go to the hospital to meet with a physical therapist she would like to get for David. He promises to continue their date when she comes back.

Llanview Jail- Bo, Drew, Kelly, Joey, Hank, John Sykes and Congressman Graham

Bo visits his son in jail. He tells Drew he is not buying his confession. Drew came back to earn the Buchanan name. Why would he work his way through the academy and rank first in his graduating class and then kill Georgie? He has set himself up to keep Bo out of Statesville. Bo had planned to use Drew to prove Bo wasn't a killer, but Drew had to do it his way. Drew sticks to his story. He had big ideas and two people got killed in the process. He deserves to be in jail. Bo knows Drew did not want his Dad to be the decoy and decided that he had to be the decoy. Drew accuses him of sentimentality. Bo turns a deaf ear to Drew's self accusations and tells his son he can count on him. He is going to get him out of jail.

Later, Bo discovers that his key does not fit the lock of his office. Sykes looks embarrassed and tries to say he is sorry, but Graham interrupts him. He tells Bo that he confessed to a crime he didn't commit and perjured himself. Bo says that technically it is not perjury because he was not under oath. None the less, Graham counters that now his son Drew has been arrested and there is doubt of who fathered Georgie's baby, so the Congressman has spoken to the Governor and it has been arranged for Sykes to stay on while Bo is under suspension. He gruffly barks for Bo to clear out the office and walks off. Sykes says this is not his idea and volunteers to get the key for Bo.

Hank comes over and expresses his support of Bo. Bo replies he is not going to fight the suspension. If he is not Police Commissioner he will not have to play by the rules. Hank says unfortunately as DA he will have to stick to the rules. They part friends with Bo saying Hank should just do what he has to do.

The Gas and Sip- Blair, Max and Todd

Blair and Max are on the way to the Lodge and stop for supplies. Max says he wants to prove to Blair that Todd is dangerous. Blair is not convinced of her ex's guilt. Max asks if she can't picture Todd doing the crime. Blair hopes and prays it is not true. Todd looks in from outside the store. Blair says Todd would never kill a pregnant woman. Max replies maybe he didn't know. Blair has to admit Todd was pretty riled up about the pregnancy when he told her about it, so maybe Max is right. They leave and Todd asks the girl at the counter where the well groomed couple were going and she replies that she does not know, but she did overhear them talk about a creepy guy they both know. She asks if he wants to buy something and he holds a lock with a long chain in his hand. "Yeah one of these. It might be useful!".

Llanview Jail-Kelly, Drew, Hank, Nora

Drew tells Kelly he does not want her there. He wants her to go home. She can't understand why he is acting like the kiss at the cemetery never happened. He accuses her of being naive. He was taking advantage of her. He is not in jail because he is a nice guy. She doesn't believe he killed Georgie. He replies she is not just naive, she is stupid. She should go to Joey. They are perfect for each other. Kelly digs her heels in and tells him that she is not leaving until he can convince her that the man who delivered that baby and saved its mother's life at the Lodge could kill a pregnant woman and a baby that was his baby. She knows he is not a killer. Drew reminds her of how he lied last year and came between her and Joey. She reminds him that she also lied about the accident and she actually caused Blair's baby to die. He never killed anyone. Drew says this is mindless devotion. He admits he liked the kiss as much as she did, but it doesn't matter now. Kelly wants to know if he loved Georgie. Drew says it was not a crime of passion, he was just using Georgie to set up Bo. As to the baby, Georgie should not have stopped using birth control pills without telling him. Joey walks in and says he is not surprised to find Kelly there.

Kelly tells Joey he was out with Barbara and now he comes here, thinking he is better and that he is high and mighty. Joey does not see Drew as a victim. He is only leading her on. Kelly says that she is not the idiot that Joey thinks she is. Joey replies she is just kind hearted and that she is letting in a world of losers into that heart. She orders him to go back to Barbara. Joey says, "you want to be a loser. Be my guest".

Drew tells her to go after Joey if that is what they both want. Kelly has tears streaming from her eyes as she tells Drew that she does not care what anyone has to say. "I know in my heart, you are a good person and not capable of murder". "Even if I say I am...". She smiles. "We have already established that you are a liar. Drew Buchanan, I know who you are and what you are about and no one will change my mind, not even you."

In the squad room, Hank gives Nora the lowdown on Bo's job status. Right now, Nora is worried about THEIR daughter. Drew's arrest really threw her for a loop. She considered Drew and Georgie as friends. Nora is feeling guilty for ignoring Rachel. Hank promises to stick close to her, but he is worried about Nora and Bo. They really went at each other after Drew's arrest. Nora says that Bo accused her of not caring because Drew was NOT their child. Hank replies Bo was just angry. Nora notes that having Rachel has kept her and Hank close and maybe not she and Bo not having a child made them incomplete and that is why she lost Bo.

Country Club- Téa and Sam, Lindsay and Bo, Joey and Barbara

Barbara is waiting for Joey when he returns from his jail visit. They leave for a date.

Téa talks to Sam about Todd. He just bolted out of there and she is afraid for him. Todd is not as paranoid as she thought about the Buchanans. Viki tried to stop it, but Kevin published a story linking Todd to the murder and the worst of it is that he used information from Téa to distort the facts. Todd could not have killed Georgie. Sam is not sure about that. Todd has been more bizarre than usual lately. Téa defends him and says he is scared. Sam wants to know what is there to be afraid of if he is innocent. Téa is sure that the Buchanans are pinning the murder on him. Sam asks where did Todd go. Téa says she was wiping Todd's bloody face. Todd looked up at Blair and Max and then left. They both wonder why he did that.

Bo meets Lindsay at the Country club bar and introduces herself. "You're the one", she says. He thinks she means that he was a suspect in Georgie's murder. She corrects his assumption. "So you are the one who won the love of Sammy's life". She fills him in on the situation with her son Will and how she is worried sick. She admires Bo for putting his family above everything unlike the person she married. She offers to buy him a drink.

The Lodge- Max, Blair and Todd

Blair and Max are puttering around the lodge. Max brought the gloves with him. He ponders why Todd would have these in his office when they are for protecting the hands when working the fireplace. There is no fireplace in Todd's office. There is still blood on the floor from the murder and Max is convince that it matches the blood on the gloves. Max walks over to the canister by the fireplace. This is where the bat was kept. This is giving Blair the creeps, she is not afraid of ghosts but of killers. Todd watches from outside. There is noise, but they do not investigate. Blair goes on to say that Todd wouldn't team up with Georgie. Max thinks the motivation was Todd's hatred of Bo. Todd came before Bo and he and Georgie got into a fight. She had cold feet or maybe he planned all along to murder her to set up Bo. For whatever reason she wanted to back out and Todd brought up the bat over her head and slammed it against her skull.

Blair admits that she doesn't really know how far Todd would go. Max can't believe she would get involved with the creep to begin with. Blair replies that she was a different person then. She had just attempted suicide over Max. She and Todd were losers who gravitated toward each other. There is no accounting for who you fall in love with. It just happens. Sometimes it works like with Max and Luna and sometimes it is a bummer like she and Todd. She has often thought if Todd hadn't gone to Ireland and got shot, if only if only, it might have worked out. In any case, Starr changed Blair's life. Max says that the old Blair wouldn't have given an alibi to Todd for Barbara's rape or given Kelly back Ian's money. "The old Blair wouldn't have attracted Sam", Blair counters. Max says does that mean he is chopped liver. Isn't he a good guy? She tells Max he was fun but not good. Max says he does try. Blair reminds him the kids are worth it. Max again says that Todd killed Georgie and he is certain of it. He thinks if truth be told, Blair thinks so too.

Todd is in the basement. He flicks on the light in the wine cellar and smashes a bottle. Max and Blair hear the noise and Max says it is just a mouse. Blair wants to leave, but Max convinces her to face her fear. He leaves the bloody gloves on the table in front of the fireplace and they go downstairs. They find the broken bottle and Todd slams the door behind them and locks it. They are pounding the door screaming to be let out when Todd grabs the gloves and leaves Max and Blair behind.

Thursday, June 11, 1998

Written by: Mechelle Larkin-Davis

Banner (Kevin, Mel & Viki)

Mel reads the Banner headline "Manning Tied to Murder Victim". A sour Viki shows up in the editing room and tells Kevin that this is not her newspaper (referring to the sensational Sun type headline).

Palace (Cassie & Kelly)

Cassie tells Kelly that Joey has been spending a lot of time with nurse Barbara and asks if it bothers her. Kelly tells Cassie that she's interested in Drew.

Palace (Renee, Asa & Bo)

Asa and Renee discuss the Banner's headline. Bo comes in and asks Renee for a list of all her employees that worked the night of his birthday party. Apparently Georgie sent a note to Viki via one of Renee's employees to meet her in the powder room the night of the murder. Renee asks Bo if he's sure Manning is guilty. Asa says he wouldn't lose any sleep over Manning going to jail because he knows he's up to his flappy ears in the murder.

Lodge wine cellar (Blair & Max)

Trapped in the wine cellar, Blair asks Max if he thinks Todd is the one who followed and locked them in. She then asks where the gloves are. Max replies that he left them upstairs and if Todd has them, then that makes them expendable.

Todd's House (Téa & Todd)

A bedraggled looking Todd steps on the Banner newspaper while calling Briggs. He tells him to take the pressure off Drew and put it back on Bo because Bo is trying to get his son to take the fall for him. Apparently Briggs asks how, because Todd replies "I don't care how, make up an anonymous tip like we always do". Ahhh so that's how the rag papers do it. Todd tells him to keep the pressure on the Buchanans while he's gone. He then grabs a duffle bag and packs it with Starr's things. Téa walks in and Todd asks whether she's there to spy on him for the Buchanans. Téa tells him for the 500th time that she's on his side. Todd asks her if she's afraid he'll hit her in the head with a bat then pay for her funeral. Téa notices him packing Starr's things and asks where he's going.

Carlotta's Diner (Jess, Joe and Carlotta)

Todd's House (Todd & Téa)

Téa explains to Todd that she wasn't trying to give information to the Buchanans, she was merely trying to defend him. Todd tells her it's no big deal, and that the Buchanans would have found another way to nail him. Téa tells him that she and Sam don't believe he killed Georgie. Todd of course manages to ruin the moment.

Palace (Asa, Bo, Cassie & Kelly)

Asa tells Bo that he has Max doing some digging for him using Blair as the shovel and that they've found all kinds of incriminating buried treasure that Bo's cops didn't find. Bo tells him that Max is a loose cannon.

Kelly tells Cassie that she can't eat nor sleep because she thinks of Drew all the time and she would face fire breathing dragons to be with him. Cassie relays her boring story about how and why she left Andrew for Kevin and the risks involved with following your heart.

Banner (Viki, Mel ,Kevin, Todd & Starr)

Viki tells Kevin that she specifically told him not to run that story. Kevin defends himself and the story. Viki says that his headline is not designed to inform but rather to shock. Kevin replies that Banner sales have beaten the Sun's for the first time in months. They argue about values and Kevin wanting to take the paper into the 21st century while Viki remains in the past. Mel intervenes and tells Kevin that papers should report the news, not make it. Kevin accuses Mel of brown nosing the publisher. Viki tells him that he has much to learn, to which he replies that the Banner may not be the place for him to learn it.

Lodge (Max & Blair)

Max and Blair discuss how they're going to get out. Blair says no one will think to look for them. Max say that there is one person. When Blair asks him who, he tells her Asa.

Palace (Asa, Renee & Bo)

Asa tells Bo that while Bo has scruples, he does not. He says that Max can go places and do things that wouldn't sit well with him and that the Jezebel, Blair, is going to be very useful. Asa says he's gonna give Manning to Bo on a silver platter. He tells Bo that he is not a team player and that his methods may be questionable, but Bo is gonna thank him when he gets his son out of jail. Bo tells him to do what he does best and then leaves. Asa and Renee wonder aloud where Max could be.

Jail (Drew & Kelly)

Kelly tells Drew that she doesn't believe he killed Georgie, but even if he did she would find a way to get through it because she wants to be with him no matter what. Drew tells Kelly that she's in his heart and head. They both say that they've never felt this way about anyone else. Kelly asks about Georgie. Drew says that he told Georgie he loved her and he thought that he did. He had planned to marry her, bring her back to Llanview so that his family would accept him. Kelly describes how she dreamt about him the night before.

Carlotta's Diner (Jess, Joey, & Carlotta)

Jess cries over the picture Cristian sent her and discusses how lonely she is. Carlotta tells her she can't live in the past.

Banner (Viki, Kevin, Cassie, Todd, Starr & Bo)

Kevin and Viki continue to argue over change. Starr runs to Kevin and asks him to come to the movies with she and Viki. Kevin picks he up and gives her a rain check. Todd walks in and demands Kevin put Starr down. Kevin tells him if he has a problem to write a letter to the editor. Todd grabs Starr and starts to leave. Viki runs after him and asks where he's going because she and Starr had a whole day planned. Todd says that something else came up and tells her not to let pip squeak (Kevin) take over the paper or it's liable to turn into the Sun. Viki says she'll take that into consideration. Todd then oddly asks Viki when the birds get back to Capistrano. A clearly puzzled Viki says "what?" Todd turns and leaves. In the meantime, Kevin tells Cassie how his mommy embarrassed him in front of Todd. Viki walks up and says that they need to be able to work things out and that they will not jerk the paper back and forth between the two of them. Kevin tells Viki that he's not going to play fast and loose with the Banner because he realizes that it is his heritage and legacy. Viki says she hopes so and leaves. Bo walks in and tells Kevin he likes the headline and the story.

Jail (Drew & Kelly)


Carlotta's Diner (Starr, Téa, Jess, Carlotta & Todd)

Todd tells Téa he's leaving Llanview, but Starr wants to know if she wanted to come along. Téa tells Todd that he can't run from his problems. Todd says I'm leaving now, stay or go, make it snappy". He walks over to Jess and tells her that he won't be at her next graduation, that way he can't screw it up. Jess tells him she'd rather have him there than any of the other family members. She hugs him and you know how Todd gets when emotional type stuff. He tells her she's a good kid and fumbles around with some other sentiment, but decides to just repeat "well you're a good kid". Which really means you mean a lot to me and I care. Todd turns to leave and asks Téa what's it gonna be. Téa tells him she can't leave. Todd does, and Téa cries.

Palace (Asa & Renee)

Renee tells Asa that he'll answer to her if Max is in any danger.

Lodge (Max & Blair)

Blair asks Max when he and Asa became pals. Max says that they aren't, he just takes Asa's money. Blair warns him to watch out for Asa because he's sneaky. Then she tells him that she doesn't understand how Asa would know they're at the lodge. Duh! Max says he doesn't know either and asks if maybe she said anything to Dorian.

Banner (Bo, Cassie & Kevin)

In an effort to put Todd at the lodge on the night of the murder, Kevin and Cassie ask Bo who knew he was going to meet Georgie that night. Bo says Clint and Asa knew and that Todd was standing there and could have overheard.

Todd's Car (Starr, Todd & Téa)

As he buckles Starr in, she asks where they're going. Todd asks her where she wants to go. He gets into the car and as he does, Téa runs and jumps in the passenger seat and says "where ever daddy takes us is fine".

Friday, June 12, 1998

Max and Blair

Max and Blair are still trapped in the cellar of the Buchanan lodge. Max tries to hit the door with a chair, but it does no good. Blair thinks they need to do something to keep their strength up, all they have left to eat is about a dozen gummi bears. Max pulls out a bottle of wine, Blair's not sure they should drink it, they should keep their wits about them. Max looks around for a corkscrew, but Blair solves the problem by finding some champagne.

They've almost finished off one bottle, so Max opens another one, making a mess in the process. They discuss the "new" Blair and her using the Cramer name, it makes Blair feel closer to her family. Max says his whole family is gone, except for the kids(I guess Andy doesn't count). Blair says Max has changed too from the person he used to be. Blair thinks that she doesn't need buckets and buckets of money anymore to be happy, just enough to raise Starr comfortably. She would like to be a better parent and like to stop fighting Todd for custody of Starr, they need to come to an agreement to share custody. What about men in her future, Max asks, unless she's sworn off men for good.

The kind of man she's looking for now doesn't have to be rich or good looking. Max laughs at that. No, really, Blair insists. Blair's favorite part of a relationship is the romance, but unfortunately it doesn't last. It's a place to start, but you have to keep on building the relationship, making it something more. It'd be nice to meet a nice, uncomplicated man who was interested in her just for herself, who wants to know what she feels and thinks. "Are you really telling me you could marry a man who was broke?", Max asks. It would depend on the man, Blair hedges, but he would have to be more than a lover, he would have to be a friend. Blair and Max start to kiss.

Sam, Lindsay, and Nora

Lindsay and Sam are in Sam's hotel room. Lindsay thinks they should find the reason their son's been acting out and do something to fix the problem. Sam thinks it's just adolescence and that Will will grow out of it. If they work together, they can make things better for both the kids, Lindsay suggests. Sam is suspicious, what exactly does Lindsay want. Life for children of divorce isn't easy, she says. It wasn't easy when they were living together either, he reminds her, especially the time she chased him out of her studio with a chisel and hammer in her hands, he was lucky to have survived "intact". That only happened once, Lindsay defends herself, and she didn't want to injure him. Lindsay suggests they call room service and order dinner and spend a little time "catching up". Sam isn't interested in "bonding", he turns her down and politely shows her the door, promising to call her if he hears anything from Will. Not even a minute after she leaves, there's a knock on Sam's door, he opens it, ready to get rid of Lindsay again, but it's Nora that's standing there.

Nora comes in, apologizing for having the nerve to come and see him, and then turns around and starts to walk out. Sam stops her, anytime she needs help she can always come to him. Nora just needed a friend to talk to, she can't put Viki in the middle, Rachel is already a wreck and Hank is busy working on Drew's case, not to mention he's Bo's best friend. This is Bo's town, Nora says. They are interrupted by a knock at the door, Lindsay has returned to get the scarf she left behind. Now she can see why Sam turned down her offer. She storms out, telling Sam she hopes it's everything he ever dreamed of.

Nora apologizes if she's caused trouble between he and Lindsay. He tells her not to worry, they're divorced and he doesn't care what she thinks. They discuss Nora's situation with Bo, Sam hates to tell her I told you so, but Nora knew her actions were going to cause trouble with Bo. Nora did know that, and now Bo doesn't even want to talk to her. Sam doesn't understand why Nora is just tossing her marriage away, it's not the Nora that he's known, that Nora would fight for her marriage instead of feeling sorry for herself. If Nora wants to rebuild her marriage, she's going to have to let go of the anger and the pain and talk to Bo, Sam advises. The phone rings, it's Téa calling from the Rainbow View Inn in Niagara Falls to tell Sam that Todd is running away and asking for his help to convince Todd to come back to Llanview. Sam agrees to come and instructs her to keep Todd there, no matter what it takes.

Bo, Kevin, Lindsay and Nora

Bo and Kevin meet in the bar of the Palace Hotel, but Kevin has no new information to report, Todd has completely disappeared and so has Blair. Where would Todd go, Bo wonders. Kevin thought that when Asa started accusing Todd, he was just doing it to cover for Drew, but now Kevin thinks there's a good chance that Todd really is guilty.

Bo comments that Nora sees the situation as Bo choosing between she and Drew. Well isn't it, Kevin asks, he doesn't really think Drew deserves such loyalty from Bo. Wouldn't Kevin do anything for Duke, Bo points out. Kevin has to agree that he would do anything to protect his son. Kevin thinks that Bo shouldn't allow this to break up such a wonderful marriage, talk to Nora and tell her how much you need her, Kevin advises. Kevin leaves and Lindsay comes over to say hello to Bo and also to inform him of the fact that Nora is upstairs in Sam's hotel room. Just then, Nora and Sam walk into the bar. Sam says goodbye and tells Nora that if she needs him, his service can find him. Nora, who didn't notice Bo sitting there before, sees Bo and stands there looking at him without speaking.

Nora goes over to a table and sits by herself. Bo walks over to her. They start talking, a little awkwardly. Nora tells him how sorry she is he hasn't gotten his job back, she knows how much it means to him. They both admit they hate the way things are between them right now. So how are we going to get past it, how are we going to keep Georgie Phillips and her murder from destroying us, Bo wonders. He suggests that they go home and talk about it, there must be some way to fix things.

Todd and Téa

Téa buckles Starr back into her car seat after they stopped to get ice cream. Todd is anxious to get going again. Starr wants to know where they are going and will they get there soon. Todd tells her they are going to someplace fun, but Todd says quietly to Téa that he has no idea where they are going, "I'll know where we're going when we get there".

Starr asks again if they are there yet and Téa thinks they should stop for the night. Todd doesn't want to stop, he wants to put some more distance between them and Llanview. What are you running from, Téa asks. Todd doesn't answer the question, either you trust me or you don't, he says. Todd tells Téa about this story a man in his neighborhood told him when he was a child. It's about a place called "Second Chance", a place where you can go to start over and no one cares about your past. You can choose a new name and start a whole new life, free of your past mistakes and you could be whoever you wanted to be. So is that where we're going, Téa asks. Don't be stupid, it's just a story, he tells her, a place like that doesn't exist.

Todd carries Starr into a hotel room and lays her down on the couch. Todd's still worried that they are being followed, they should have kept driving. Téa assures him they are perfectly safe, who would think to look for them in the honeymoon suite of a hotel in Niagara Falls? Todd wants to leave and go to Canada right now, Téa convinces him to wait until the morning and blend in with the tourists. They open the door to the other room and find only one bed. Téa flops down on the bed, exhausted, but Todd drops the bag and makes a hasty retreat, claiming he has some things to do. Téa opens the bag and finds the bloody gloves Todd took back from Max and Blair at the lodge.

Todd catches Téa talking on the phone to Sam, but she lies and tells him she was talking to room service. Todd's brought Téa some things, a T-shirt, shampoo, toothpaste. Téa thanks him and starts to leave to go change, but Todd stops her, they have to leave now. The store clerk was looking at him funny and Todd's sure she recognized him. Téa tries to convince him that everything is fine, but he is determined to leave. All of a sudden, Téa gets a bad pain in her side and doubles over. Todd accuses her of faking, but Téa makes her way to the bed and lie down, insisting the pain is real.

Todd brings Téa a wet washcloth for her forehead and asks if she needs a doctor. He's worried about her, she may have appendicitis. She tells him it's not that, it's her gall bladder, it's happened all her life when she's very stressed or eats something too rich. Is there anything he can do, Todd asks. Let her stay there until morning and she'll be just fine, Téa says. Meanwhile, Sam is in his car headed for Niagara Falls.

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