One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 24, 1998 on OLTL
Kevin assured Cassie that Barbara wouldn't be in their lives anymore. Lindsay and Dorian planned to open an art gallery. Kevin and Téa planned a stunt to reveal that Todd was faking. Barbara retrieved her stolen gun. R.J. agreed to spy on Kevin.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 24, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, August 24, 1998

Téa went to see Sam and arranged to spend some time alone with Todd. At the diner, Kevin assured Cassie that Barbara was out of their lives for good. Barbara entered the diner to be interviewed by Mel and Cassie told Kevin not to worry because she could handle her. Cassie admitted to Mel that she was going to forgive Kevin. Before Cassie left, Barbara made a snide remark to her about Kevin. When Mel began to question Barbara about the mugging, Barbara, who's clearly not over Kevin, commented that people who hurt others needed to pay for their actions. Meanwhile, Blair stopped by Sam's to discuss the unfinished business of their relationship. Blair and Sam eventually agreed to be just friends for now, but they couldn't control themselves and started to kiss. Will was frustrated by Roseanne's constant brush off. Jessica worried about going to New York and leaving Cristian behind with Roseanne. On the dock, Will suggested they all go skinny dipping, but Jessica and Roseanne refused. Jessica playfully pushed Cristian into the water and Roseanne started to freak out when he didn't resurface. At the penthouse, Téa put "Tom" to bed as Kevin let himself in and set up a video camera. Kevin and Téa planned to have a fake sexual liaison to get a reaction from Todd and prove he was faking his DID. Kevin made a noise to get Todd downstairs to witness him and Téa. What Kevin didn't know as he and Téa started to undress was that Cassie was just about to walk in and see him in a very compromising position with Téa.

Tuesday, August 25, 1998


Clint and Lindsay

Lindsay brings a blindfolded Clint to see the space for her new gallery. Clint likes it and is glad Lindsay has found something she'd like to do, that is, until he learns that Dorian is involved. Dorian is always trouble, Clint warns her. Lindsay didn't feel that way, in fact Dorian's been the only new friend she's made in Llanview. When Lindsay tries to pin him down on exactly what the problem is he has with Dorian, all he mentions is the problems that *Viki's* had with her, and Lindsay calls him on it. I can handle Dorian, she insists.

Clint wants to take his wife away on a little trip. He has made plans to go to London to visit Cord for a bit and then they can rent a cottage and spend some time alone together. Lindsay hates the idea, she wants to be as close to Will as she can these last few weeks before he goes to college. Clint understands and agrees that she doesn't have to go. Lindsay is relieved and declares that they are soulmates because he always understands her so well.

Sam and Blair

Sam and Blair are still on the floor of Sam's new house, kissing. When they pull apart, Sam insists that that is not the kiss of someone who's planning to marry someone else. Blair admits that she and Max have not been sleeping together. She's only with Max because they are both bad, they both understand each other, Sam is good and Blair doesn't know how to deal with that. So because Max is bad, he's safe and because I'm good, I'm dangerous, Sam tries to clarify the situation. Exactly, Blair agrees, she's not sure if she's ready to trust Sam yet, because when she does she might just lose her heart to him. With much difficulty, they finally tear themselves away from each other and Blair leaves for the night.

Jessica, Will, Roseanne and Cristian

Cristian has still not appeared again and Roseanne is getting more worried by the minute. Eventually, Will jumps in the water to look for Cristian. Will pulls Cris out of the water and is about to give him mouth to mouth, when Cris finally moves and tells them he was faking the whole time. They laugh about it, at least until they notice Roseanne's face, she looks like she's in shock. Cris realizes what they have done and goes over to hold her, apologizing over and over again. Jessica, feeling like an outsider, leaves with Will. After they've left, Roseanne and Cris discuss their relationship, they're almost like twins, soulmates, and Cris apologizes for not thinking about what happened to Roseanne's mother before he pulled that stunt.

Back at Cristian's apartment, Jessica is about to leave and go home. Will stops her, warning her that if she leaves, Cris and Roseanne will end up together tonight. Roseanne and Cris return to the apartment and Roseanne tells them the whole story of what happened to her mother, about how she and Cris were there when her mother's body was pulled out of the East River. She didn't just drown, she drowned herself. Jessica apologizes for being so insensitive, she had no idea what had happened to her mother.

Later, Jess and Cris are alone in the apartment. Jess tells Cris that she can't compete against Roseanne and this bond she has with Cris. It's not a competition, Cris insists. Yes, it is, you just don't know it yet, replies Jessica.

Down at the diner, Will is visibly shaken after hearing Roseanne's story. Roseanne is surprised that he felt so deeply about it, she reaches out to him for the first time and touches him on the cheek.

Todd, Téa, Kevin and Cassie

The scene picks up from yesterday, with Kevin and Téa making out on the living room floor. Todd walks down the steps and when he sees them, grabs the rail very tightly. With visible effort, he puts on his "Tom" face and calmly and curiously asks them what they are doing. When Tom doesn't explode, Téa immediately realizes that the DID is real and starts to apologize. Kevin quiets her apology and starts goading him some more. Todd explains in a sad voice that he really didn't expect Téa to wait for him, but why did it have to be with Kevin, he asks. Téa looks ready to forgive Todd for everything he's ever done to her, but Kevin isn't dissuaded. He tells Todd that Téa didn't really want Todd, she wanted Kevin. Todd doesn't know what he's missing, Kevin says, grabbing Téa and kissing her. Only Tom isn't upset, he's smiling a really big smile. With absolute glee, he taps Kevin on the shoulder and points toward the doorway. Todd is bouncing up and down in his happiness with a big smile on his face when Kevin turns and sees Cassie standing in the doorway!

Even then, Kevin won't give in. He doesn't explain that he and Téa are setting Todd up, he just tells her they will discuss it later and tries to push her out the door. But Cassie's not budging, she's going to stay there until she gets an explanation. How long has this been going on, she wonders, was he enjoying the thrill of sleeping with all three of them at the same time? Across the room, Todd is laying a big guilt trip on Téa about how he will always love her. Does she love Kevin, Todd asks, but heads upstairs before Téa answers. Téa, finally realizing fully that they didn't break him, he's not faking, rushes up the stairs after him. Only after Todd leaves the room does Kevin show Cassie the video camera and explains it was all a set up. Cassie believes him about the set up, but how could he leave her in agony like that, not explaining to her what was going on because he didn't want to blow his cover? Cassie declares that he is a monster, she doesn't recognize him at all. Cassie leaves and Kevin rushes out after her, leaving the video camera behind in his hurry to follow her.

Upstairs, with a decidedly Todd look on his face, Todd is in his bedroom waiting for Téa to follow him. When she calls out "Todd", he doesn't answer the door, it's not until she calls out "Tom" that he responds. So do you love Kevin, he asks her again. Tom would understand if she wants to leave him after all the horrible things that Todd did to her, but he can't watch her go, he says, turning his back. Tom gets a very self-satisfied look on his face when Téa throws her arms around him from behind and declares that she loves him, he's the part of Todd that she fell in love with.

Down on the docks, Kevin finds Cassie. She tells him to go away, but he doesn't listen. Kevin says that he realizes that he needs to make some changes in his life and the most important is his vendetta against Todd. It's like a big brick wall standing in the way of everything else. Kevin tells Cassie that he loves her and gets her to admit that she still loves him too.

Wednesday, August 26, 1998

Written by: Michelle Browning

Kelly finds Blair's contract with Todd and makes a copy, which she takes to Asa and Bo. Bo and Asa want Kelly to convince Blair to sell The Sun to her. She agrees only if they will guarantee her investment and Blair remains editor in chief. Max, having just visited Asa to ask for money to buy The Sun himself, overhears Kelly, Bo, and Asa planning to buy it. He tells Blair, who becomes very angry. He tells her he can help her beat Kelly at her own game.

After spending the night with Cassie in their home, Kevin brings her breakfast in bed. She says they are moving too fast and he tries to assure her last night wasn't a mistake. He apologizes for the mistakes he has made and promises her he will never do anything like that again. He has a breakfast meeting with Joey but he says he will cancel. Cassie convinces him to go.

Kevin sees Dorian and tells her Cassie has come home. He says he hopes that when she sees how happy he will make Cassie again she will be able to forgive him. Dorian then goes to see Cassie. She finds Cassie very upset. Cassie says she wanted to be with Kevin last night and this morning, but she can't forgive him. She is trying to but she can't. She says she loves him but she doesn't know what to do. Dorian tells her she can start by getting dressed, fast.

While Kevin and Joey are having breakfast, Barbara arrives. She says she is waiting for her father. Kevin makes a quick exit. He is kind to her though and says he hopes she is doing well. After he leaves, Barbara says she must get used to Kevin running off every time he sees her, but that's not the way to get Cassie back. She becomes very upset when Joey tells her Cassie moved back home. She starts to leave, but Joey asks her about her dad. She looks confused and Joey says, "you're not here to meet your dad, you were looking for Kevin." Barbara dashes off.

Kevin later returns home with a bouquet of flowers for Cassie. He calls out to her and looks for her but the house is empty.

Drew, having seen Barbara at the shooting range earlier in the day, sees her again, meeting with a man. The man has retrieved Barbara's stolen gun, for a price of course. After the man leaves, Barbara starts to unwrap the gun. Drew startles her and she rushes off. Outside, she hides in the alley and unwraps the gun. She smiles and says, "yes, that's mine."

Thursday, August 27, 1998

Llanfair (Viki, Will & Jess)

Will comes by looking for Jess and Viki expresses her disdain about Will causing Jess to be arrested. Will assures her that it won't happen again and that he will watch out for Jess. Viki goes on to tell Will that Jess has led a sheltered life, when the camera cuts to Jess standing on the stairs in a midriff baring skirt and top.

Cris's Studio (Cris & Roseanne)

The pair enter the studio and Rosie sees her portrait for the first time and from the expression on her face, she is obviously very pleased.

Dorian's Studio (Lindsay & Dorian)

Dorian enters and rants about Lindsay having a wall torn down. This scene is really not worth mentioning except for the fact that I must ask where is Robin Strasser working out at, get me the directions and the phone number ASAP cause girlfriend is looking very well. I am too jealous of her shape. Actually both of these ladies are looking very well. Kudos ladies.

Buch Enterprises, Sam's Office (Sam, Téa, T1[Todd] & T2 [Tom])

T2 (Tom) enters with Sam, greets Téa in spanish, then hands her a bouquet of flowers. Téa apologizes for not believing him. Téa, by the way is looking like she's on cloud 9 and I don't know about you guys but I think my boy Todd is faking the funk with this DID thing. I love him but I wouldn't buy this story if it were on a clearance rack. But let me add that he is doing a damn fine job playing it. Anyway, T2 tells Sam that he appreciates him and always thought of him as a father. When Sam turns away, a decidedly familiar Todd look of disgust crosses Todd's face. (clue) . Sam tells Téa and the two T's that he has both good and bad news. The good is that Téa's on their side, the bad is that the trial has been moved up and Hank will be coming after Todd with both barrels. T2 replies, "it's okay cause I'm not Todd". Meanwhile Téa is standing there with the goofiest I'm in love and Gidget happy look, I've ever seen. She then pulls a tape out of her purse (you know the one of she & Kev setting Todd up). Well let me tell ya that the 2 T's were none to pleased with this turn of events. See T1 didn't know there was a tape and he almost loses it big time (clue). In his best Tom voice he sweetly asks if anyone else has seen the tape, then he says no one will.

Club Indigo (R.J. & Hank)

Give these two very fine actors a story please. They discussed Rachel and you all know how I feel about her so enough said.

Buch Enterprises Sam's Office (Téa, Sam and the 2 T's)

Téa explains, to an uninformed Sam, about the tape and the fake love scene between she and Kevin. She tells him how the real Todd would have blown up upon seeing she and Kevin, but Tom was gentle and kind and that's how she came to the conclusion that Todd wasn't faking his alter. Sam was hot, and asked to see Téa outside. After they leave, T1 pops in the video tape to check out Kev & Téa.

Llanfair (Jess, Viki & Will)

Viki and Jess have a very cool mother and daughter moment when Viki sees Jess's navel ring and Jess whispers that it's fake. Afterward. Will convinces Jess (whose obviously uncomfortable in this outfit) that she doesn't need the Roseanne get up, that she is just fine the way she is. This boy is starting to grow on me and I kinda like the two of them together.

Cris's Studio (Cris & Rosie)

Rosie asks Cris what happens once the painting is finished. A clueless Cris (how come men never know when women are interested in them geez what a utterly clueless gender) says, well what do you mean? we're friends nothing is going to change. Duh Cris, this girl is sickeningly gaga over you so what she was really saying is, we've been spending so much time together and have become so much closer during this portrait where do we go afterwards.

Dorian's studio (Lindsay & Bo)

Bo visits the studio and finds a sculpture he wants to buy. It turns out that Lindsay is the artist and Bo is impressed.

Indigo (R.J., Hank & Dorian)

A vexed R.J. unpacks Indigo T-shirts and mugs that Max has ordered. He complains to Hank that Max has no sense of style or class. He goes on about how the customer base has fallen off and Hank and R.J. actually have a tender brotherly moment. Afterwards, Dorian enters with a proposition.

Sam's Office (Téa, Sam, Viki, 2T's & Hank)

T 1&2 watch the video intently as Kevin and Téa kiss. Outside the office, Sam continues to ream Téa for setting Todd up. Inside T1 pauses the tape at the section which shows him coming down the stairs and seeing Kevin and Téa. T1 zooms in on his face and looks at the expression (which looks rather enraged). T1 then says to himself, "uh oh". I guess he saw what I saw (Faker). Outside, Téa tells Viki how Tom (T2) has convinced her with his actions that he is not faking. Hank comes in and asks Sam to play 'let's make a deal'.

Cris's Studio

Cris asks Rosie to come to NY with he, Jess and Will. Rosie blows up and goes on about how she's not rich nor does she have a scholarship. She pulls out a voodoo doll while Chris is in the bathroom and says she won't let anything stand in her way.

Dorian's Studio (Lindsay, Bo, Will & Jess)

Lindsay gives Bo a statue gratis. Bo invites her to a family dinner. Jess and Will stop by and try to get Lindsay to showcase some of Cris's art.

Indigo (R.J. & Dorian)

Dorian tells R.J. that she wants him to DJ and cater her gallery opening and in exchange she'll help Indigo get back on the map. R.J. is suspicious and asks what she really wants from him. (in the background, music from the Godfather begins to play). Dorian tells R.J. that she just wants some help with her family.

Llanfair (Jess & Will)

Will continues to give Jess advice on how to win Cris. He tells her to lay off Cris and he'll call. Jess laughs at him considering how he practically stalks Rosie. Sure enough though, Cris calls and tells her how well things are going and that he loves her.

Cris's Studio (Cris, Roseanne, & Lindsay)

Lindsay stops by to see Cris's work. Rosie is in the bathroom with ears pressed to the door listening. Lindsay sees Rosie's portrait and comments to Cris that the picture has a lot of passion.

Indigo (R.J. , Dorian & Bo)

Dorian tell R.J. that she wants him to spy on Kevin, she's sure he'll cheat again. R.J. thinks about it and agrees to do it. Bo enters and tells Dorian that he just left her gallery and bought a piece called 'mother and child' as a gift for Nora. Dorian says she wonders how Nora will fell displaying art by her ex's ex. Bo winces.

Sam's Office (Sam, Hank, Téa, Viki, 2T's)

Hank tells Sam that in return for a guilty plea, he is prepared to drop all charges against Todd for his attempts to flee. Sam sends him packing. Viki tells Sam that he should be prepared for a long road and that they should have Todd examined by a psychologist because there may be more alters. Sam gives Téa one last parting shot about the tape and asks what she plans to do about her husband. Téa replies that she plans to stay beside him. Viki asks to see Tom. Inside T1 stops the tape and angrily mutters something. He throws the remote and lifts the TV to hurl it across the room, too. Just then, Viki enters the room and calls his name. T1 freezes and presto chango turns into T2 (Tom) and the expression goes from angry to docile.

Friday, August 28, 1998

Written by: Cheryl Patack

The Banner

Mel and Kevin are discussing Mel's progress on the mugger story. The conversation turns to Kevin and Cassie. Kevin assures Mel that his sole interest is winning back Cassie. Mel asks, what about the Todd/Tom story. Kevin again assures Mel that all he cares about is getting Cassie back.

The Diner

Carlotta is pouring Bibi a cup of coffee. Bibi is very jittery and nervous. Carlotta suggests she may want some herbal tea to calm her down. Bibi laughs off the suggestion and assures Carlotta she is o.k. When Carlotta walks away, Bibi opens her purse and fingers her gun. Drew enters and gives Bibi a victim service's card and suggests that she call them. Bibi assures him that she can handle things on her own.

Asa's Study

Kelly, Bo & Asa are discussing their business deal. It is obvious Kelly did some quick learning about business and contracts. She makes Asa assure her that her money will be safe. He does. Asa is eager to have her sign the contract so they can proceed ahead with the purchase of The Sun. Kelly won't sign until Asa adds a rider stating that Blair can remain editor-in-chief of The Sun for as long as she wants.

The Penthouse

Max and Blair are trying to come up with a way to get some money to keep The Sun away from Kelly. Max is very eager for a solution because he wants he and Blair to get back to being a team and starting their future together. Blair says the only way to keep The Sun away from Kelly is for Todd to give it to her outright. Just then Starr comes down the stairs and Max stares at her and says "maybe there is a way".

Sam's Office

Viki enters the office just as Tom is about to throw the TV across the room. Viki asks what upset him so. She starts the tape. Tom (or I guess it really is Todd now) covers his eyes and nervously peeks through his hands. Viki sees Kevin and Téa kissing and undressing. She asks Tom what it's all about. Tom makes her promise not to be mad at Kevin. Viki asks what is going on. Tom says that Kevin and Téa set him up to prove he is faking. Viki is outraged. Tom says is OK because now Téa believes him. Viki is extremely angry and apologizes to Tom and assures him nothing like that will ever happen again. After Viki leaves Todd says "Well Kev, it looks like my crazy sis is going to be real mad at you".

The Penthouse

Max and Starr are playing with a new tape recorder that Max gave her. Max is acting cheesy recording his voice saying "Max is groovy guy" (ugh!) Starr says that Max is funny. Starr goes upstairs and Max suggests that Blair use Starr to try to get Todd to give them the paper. Blair says no way. She will not use her "little girl" like that.

Asa's Study

Asa says no way to the rider in the contract. Kelly starts to leave. Bo stops her and Asa relents. She says she wants one more thing. She wants to tell Drew about everything. No problem says Asa. She says that as soon as the rider is added they are in business. She leaves and Asa and Bo toast their deal. They wonder how Clint will take the news. Bo tells Asa that he wants The Sun to be a "good" paper. Asa says of course it will because it will be a Buchanan paper and the Buchanans will run it. Bo says what about Blair? Asa says "there are editors and then there are editors". It appears that Blair will be editor in name only and the Buchanans will be making all the behind the scenes decisions. Asa says he wants to be able to hand down this paper to an heir. Bo asks which one, all of the grandchildren don't seem to be interested in running a paper, besides Kevin of course. Asa says that's why you and Nora need to have a baby so he can pass the paper down to. Bo tells him not to get his hopes up.

The Banner

Kevin and Mel continue to discuss Kevin's "undying" love and devotion to Cassie. He holds up an envelope and tells Mel that this letter will prove how much he loves her. Just as he is saying this, Bibi enters the Banner and sees him put the letter in Cassie's in box. She stares at it. Kevin leaves the city room to go to his dad's office to work.

The Diner

Drew and Kelly are cooing and gurgling over one another (do they make anyone else's teeth hurt?) Kelly tells him of her deal and then asks him about the mugger. Drew is disheartened that they have no leads and reminds her to be careful around the docks at night. The conversation turns to Barbara and Drew asks Kelly's opinion on Barbara and her stability. Kelly says that she's been through a lot and it's understandable to be a little shaky. Drew still seems concerned. They get up to leave and Drew finds the card he gave Barbara earlier on the floor.

The Banner

Mel asks Barbara why she is there. She replies she has some more info on the mugger. It seems she's been getting mysterious hang-ups on her answering machine. After all, the mugger got her license and all her personal information so maybe he's stalking her. Mel says she should go to the police. Barbara doesn't want to do that because then her father will find out and get over-protective of her and she doesn't want that to happen. She thinks maybe it could be someone trying to reach her and chickening out (hmmm, do we see a "Fatal Attraction" thing beginning here?) Mel suggests she change her number. Again, she doesn't want to do that because she doesn't want to live in an ivory tower all her life.

The Penthouse

Max and Blair are still talking when Tom and Sam arrive home. Blair asks how Tom's defense is going and Sam says great, he's going to get him off. Starr and Tom are sitting on the staircase and Starr gives him a picture she drew of Tom. Tom tells her not to call him Todd or Tom, just Daddy. Starr asks if he is two people, he says no and quickly stops himself. Meanwhile, Sam and Max are subtly (or not) fighting for Blair's attention. Sam says he got new furniture so now when Blair comes to visit, she won't have to sit on the floor. Blair replies she didn't mind. Max says he didn't know she went there. Both men start to leave and Max goes and says he'll call her later and Sam sweeps Blair into his arms and plants one right on her lips (Go Sam!) He leaves and Max gives him a childish look behind his back. Blair just closes the door.

The Banner

Viki finds Kevin in Clint's office and begins thrashing him for his sadistic reporting. They keep going over the same territory. Yelling and screaming about Viki's blindness to Todd's faking and Viki feels Kevin is treating him unfairly. He and Téa could've caused Todd irreparable harm if they pursued their stunt. Maybe they just can't work together. Viki wonders aloud if Kevin would have treated the story the same way if it was not Todd suffering from DID. Kevin asks her if she's firing him.

The Banner

Barbara asks Mel for a cup of tea. While he's gone, she snatches the letter out of Cassie's in box and leaves. When Mel returns, she is gone. Cut to the outside of the Banner. Bibi is reading the letter while we hear Kevin's voice-over. He is professing his love for Cassie and reassuring her that Barbara is out of their lives and means absolutely nothing to him. Barbara starts hysterically crying.

The Penthouse

Blair goes back inside to talk to Tom and in the background we hear Starr saying over and over again "Susie, Susie, Susie". Blair asks her to be quiet. She says "Starr, I'm talking to you." Starr looks up at her and says: "I'm not Starr, I'm Susie". Blair looks horrified.

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