One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 14, 1998 on OLTL
Jessica called off her wedding to Cristian. Téa accepted a position with the District Attorney's office. Téa had a gloating Max and Blair summoned to court for committing perjury. Cassie kept it secret when some feeling returned to her toes.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 14, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, December 14, 1998


Over coffee at The Diner, Téa and Hank discuss how smart and savvy she was when she arrived, and also about the mess that was Todd. She assures him that she didn't knowingly lie for Todd on the stand. Hank asks her to join his team as another Assistant District Attorney. She accepts, and believes that once she gets up to speed, no one will be able to beat them. Hank likes the sound of that.


Nora is frightened to be alone with Sam. He scares her when he speaks of Will's desire to be a father to his baby, but Sam calms her. He explains that he did a favor for a friend, but lost his friend, and he misses her. If he had known their friendship would be the sacrifice, he wouldn't have fathered her baby. Nora admits she misses him too, but doesn't know how else to handle the situation. He tells her that when he did that favor, it reawakened all the feelings he's ever had for her. After he departs, she rubs her tummy, looking troubled, then leaves herself.


Cristian and Jessica -finally- see their "wanted" flyer while perusing the goods at the general store. They worry about how long the flyers have been floating around. He tells her to think of someone they can trust in Llanview to find out more, then leaves to find someone willing to marry them tonight. She gets change for the pay phone from "Mom and Pop", who recognize her from the flyer they have behind the counter. She calls the Rappaport home, and Roseanne answers. Roseanne tells Jessica that her parents are right on their tail, and that Will told everyone he's the father.

"Mom" tries to encourage Jessica to stay in the store, but she sweetly refuses, and goes outside to wait for Cris. After some discussion, "Mom and Pop" decide to let her worried parents know she's ok. They call Viki (see below), and later give Jess something warm to drink. Cris returns, having found someone to marry them, and then Roseanne arrives.


Roseanne is afraid she's going to lose Will to the baby and Jessica. Will explains that his desire to care for the baby is separate from his feelings for her. He's decided he wants shared custody and needs to be a part of his child's life. Roseanne is still scared. The pharmacy delivery person arrives, and while Will is getting his medicine, Roseanne intercepts Jessica's phone call (see above). After Jessica is cut off (out of money), Roseanne gets the name of the town from the operator. She doesn't tell Will that Jessica called, then leaves to do what she thinks she has to.

Later, Sam comes home, where Will bemoans the fact that Jessica hasn't trusted him enough to call. He's afraid she'll never come back, and he'll never meet his child, but Sam is confident she'll return.


Viki enters Clint's office, noting that she saw an upset Lindsay leave. He admits she doesn't like his feelings of animosity towards Will, and she overheard him tell Bo that he regrets marrying her. Viki's furious with him for pressing charges against Cristian. He insists he's done the right thing, and pigheadedly refuses to listen to reason. He thinks this gives them a chance to find Jess before she turns eighteen tomorrow. Viki is sure that if Jess sees the flyer, the second she turns eighteen she'll marry and leave forever.

Clint is deluded. He thinks Jess will understand why he did it and forgive him. Viki clarifies that Jess will see it as yet another attempt to control her and treat her like a child. She tells him he pressed those charges for himself, not for Jess. He just can't let her grow up and stop adoring her father. Clint remains firmly entrenched in denial.

Carlotta intrudes, furious with Viki for filing charges. She and Clint argue. Viki tells Carlotta Cris isn't the baby's father. Carlotta is angry Jessica went along with the lie. She and Clint argue further. Misunderstandings fly, while Viki tries to maintain order. Carlotta is really mad at Viki for allowing Clint to treat her son like a criminal.

Clint explains that it was his decision. He refuses to drop the charges unless Cris brings Jess back before they get married. The women are disgusted. Carlotta threatens to make Clint pay if Cris is harmed in any way. She departs. Clint and Viki argue further about the charges, and Clint storms out of the office. Viki intercepts the phone call from "Mom and Pop" at the General Store, and finds out where Jess and Cris are. She doesn't tell Clint what she knows, and goes to get Carlotta. The two women head off for the small town.

Tuesday, December 15, 1998

Written by: Grace Alumno

At the 'Woods'...

Roseanne is able to find Jessie and Cris. There, at the 'general store', they are befriended by the store-keeper and his wife. Roseanne tells Cris that all she wants for him to be happy and if marrying Jessie is what he wants, she will be happy for him. Cris goes out to find the judge. Jessica confides to Roseanne how she would have wanted to have her dream wedding. The store-keeper's wife over hears the two women talk and offers some motherly comfort and advice to Jessie and offers her help. The store-keeper and his wife agree that they should try to stall the wedding for their parents.

At Club Indigo...

The latest addition to the District Attorneys' team decides to do her own celebrating at Club Indigo and R.J. notices Téa's attitude. Max and Blair try to discuss "The Sun" business and they both realize that Todd wasn't actually out of his mind when he divided the shares at "The Sun". Téa, seeing that Blair is there, invites herself to their table and starts asking questions about the infamous tape that exposed Todd. Blair proudly tells Téa that she knew about the tape and also knew that Todd was faking his 'sickness' the whole time. Blair also makes a point that Max was in on it, too. Armed with all of the information that she needed, Téa leaves their table, returns to the bar and asks R.J. if she could use the phone.

Clint's visit...

Clint decides to go to Sam's place hoping to find his wife. Will answers the door and tells his step-dad that his mother isn't there. Will also tells Clint not to leave his mother because of what happened to Jessie.

Viki and Carlotta's car trip...

In an effort to find their children, Viki and Carlotta set off to find Jessie and Cris. They run into what seems to be a major car problem. Viki then tells Carlotta that they could just sit there and not go anywhere, or they could try to fix the car themselves. And they do!

At "The Banner"

Mel informs Clint that Viki and Carlotta have left to search for Jessie and Cris.

Back at Club Indigo...

Max and Blair still cannot understand what Téa's motive was with all of the questions about the tape. Then, with Téa and R.J. watching, a courier walks in and hands Max and Blair grand jury subpoenas for committing perjury during Todd's trial.

Wednesday, December 16, 1998

Jessica and Cristian's wedding ceremony began, but before they could be pronounced man and wife, Viki and Carlotta arrived. Viki promised Jessica that she wouldn't stop the wedding, but she urged Jessica to really think about it before she went through with it. Will soon arrived and got angry with Roseanne for not telling him Jessica's whereabouts. As the ceremony resumed, Jessica had second thoughts about getting married. Jessica stopped the wedding, apologized to Cristian and then asked Viki to take her home.

Andrew was worried when he received a threatening letter. Kevin asked Andrew if he was protecting Barbara, but Andrew couldn't answer him. Later, Andrew confronted Senator Graham and warned him to never threaten him or his loved ones again. Dorian told Cassie that Kevin wouldn't leave her as long as she was paralyzed. Later, Cassie didn't tell Kevin that she was starting to get feeling and movement in her toes.

Thursday, December 17, 1998

Due to preemptions, OLTL was not shown today. Today's episode will be shown in its entirety on Friday.

Friday, December 18, 1998

Written by: Marina Lawson

Bo & Nora's House

It is morning and Bo is coming downstairs. Nora is sitting on the couch drinking tea. She says she can't wait to have the baby so she can revert back to the "high octane". Bo tells her that the doctor said she can have an occasional cup of coffee, but Nora says she wants her baby to be perfect. As Nora heads for the door, Bo asks her what her rush is. Nora says she has to do research before she meets her new client. Bo says he thought the doctor told her to take it easy. Nora says she is pregnant, not sick. When Bo again tells her to take it easy, she says, maybe next summer. She changes the subject and asks where he is off to. He tells her that he is following up on "Barbara Graham leads". She asks if he needs help and he reminds her that she was on her way out. Nora checks her watch, kisses Bo and leaves Bo looking after her in a puzzled manner (he has a lot of these looks this episode).

The Sun

Max and Blair are arguing over who has the bigger big mouth for giving Téa ammunition to file perjury charges. Blair tells Max that it wasn't perjury, they just weren't telling the truth (where have I heard this before?). Max says it's a good thing he's the brain with the controlling 2%. Blair says Todd only gave him the 2% so that Max could torture her. He tells her if she has to go down in flames, why does she have to take him with her? Blair reminds him that they're partners as Kelly walks in the office. She throws them a copy of The Sun with their pictures on the front page with the headline "UNDER SUSPICION". Max and Blair give Kelly disgusted stares.

Sam's Office

Sam (looking pretty darn dapper) summons his secretary and asks her to put through any call that may come in from Will. He looks at a copy of The Sun on his desk and wonders what Téa is doing.

Hank's Office

Téa is sitting at Hank's desk. He walks in and says he could have sworn it was his office. Téa apologizes and says she still doesn't have a desk. Hank welcomes her to the "wonderful world of government employees". Téa tells him she has already filled out a mountain of paperwork and Hank says he will see what he can do to get her an office. Téa says she still has legwork to do for the Holden/Cramer perjury case. Hank tells her he's read the Sun and Téa says she doesn't know (in an unconvincing tone) who could have leaked the story to The Sun. Hank tells her he hopes she is not moving too fast. Téa asks if she's being asked to pull back. Hank reminds her she is not a defense attorney, things are done differently in his office and he takes the heat for screw-ups. She tells him not to worry; she has no intention of screwing up. Hank shakes his head as he watches Téa leave.

Cassie & Kevin's House

Cassie is looking down at her painted toenails (when did she have time to get this done, she's been so busy torturing Barbara!) and is wiggling them, laughing as she does so. She is startled to hear Andrew marvel at the fact that she can wiggle her toes. Cassie tells him he has no right to come to her house unannounced (why should he be any different that anyone else) as Andrew tells her that moving her toes means that she has feeling coming back to that area. Andrew is thrilled for Cassie, and asks if Kevin knows. Cassie tells him that he is not to tell Kevin or anyone else.

Nora's Doctor's Office

Nora wants the doctor to cut through the medical mumbo jumbo as he tells her that she has a recessive gene for Gaucher's Disease. He tells her that in order for the possibility for the baby to be affected, both parents have to carry the gene. As he tries to explain recessive genes in terms she can understand (and which brought back horrid high school biology memories), she waves him aside and asks what the disease is. He tells her it's the absence of a certain enzyme, which can cause severe neurological impairment, or in the most severe cases, death. Nora is shocked and sickened at the prospect. The doctor tells her there is no need to worry unless Bo is carrying the gene. She asks why she wasn't told this when she was pregnant with Rachel. He reminds her great strides have been made in medicine. He tells her there is no reason to worry unless Bo is carrying the gene and that he should be tested. As he tells her this bit of information, Nora looks sickened and very worried.

Sam's Office

Sam welcomes Téa into his office until she tells him her reason for being there. She wants to know what he knew and when he knew Todd was faking the DID. Sam is puzzled as Téa asks if he knew that Blair was lying. He reminds her that they were co-counsels on the case and tells her he can't believe she's asking the questions. Sam says he found out when she did that Todd was lying--when they both heard the tape at the wedding. When Téa tells him he's too good a lawyer to be taken in. He says anything that was said to him was lawyer-client privilege. Téa says that Blair wasn't a client. He says as a defense witness, she has the same privilege. Téa tells him that legalistic loopholes were why she left defense law to become an assistant DA. Sam tells her it looks more like a personal vendetta.

The Sun

Blair is railing at Kelly for her story in The Sun, telling her she had no right and no authority. Kelly tells her she couldn't reach either one of them and she had to act fast on a hot tip. Blair tells Kelly she's not going to get away with it. Kelly reminds her she's not the one being investigated by the grand jury. As Blair calls Kelly a conniving worm, Kelly suggests she get a good lawyer. Blair says she thinks she just might and she knows just where to get one (anyone want to bet where she's headed?). Max tells Blair he thought they were in it together. As Blair leaves the offices she tells Mr. 2% to get his own lawyer. Max turns to look at Kelly and Kelly smiles sweetly.

Kevin & Cassie's House

Andrew asks Cassie if she is keeping more secrets. She tells him that wiggling her toes is nothing and she does not want to give anyone false hope. Andrew says that it's wonderful stuff and Cassie lies and says it's been happening for weeks, she has no control over it, and that she will never walk again. He reminds her she never gave up when Kevin was burned, but she says it's different. Cassie says she asked Barbara about it and that moving her toes was an involuntary movement. Andrew tells Cassie that she is lying, and she tells him he should leave. He tells her that Barbara is not an expert, she is the person that shot Cassie, and the person that Cassie is obsessed with punishing. Andrew begs her to tell the police what she knows and focus on healing. Cassie lashes out at him and tells him that Andrew only wants to protect his precious collar and sacred vows. Andrew tells Cassie he was shot at. Cassie is shocked and asks if it was Barbara. He tells her that he thinks it was Congressman Graham. Cassie tells him she will put a stop to it, and Andrew angrily asks her if she plans on yanking Barbara's chain some more. He tells her that he had a conversation with Graham and that he wasn't the only one who knew that Barbara was the killer. When Cassie sarcastically thanks him, he tells her next time it will be "shoot to kill". Cassie looks frightened.

Llanview Hospital

Bo is interviewing the nurse that was on duty the night Drew was killed. He asks her if Drew ever found Barbara when he was looking for her that night. She says that she never saw them together but that when she went to get her in the on call room, Barbara walked in. She then excuses herself to go see her patients, leaving Bo to ponder the information.

As he turns away from the desk, Bo and Nora are startled to see each other. She asks him what he's doing there and he reminds her he is checking on leads. As he tells her the information he's gathered so far, he again asks her what she is doing at the hospital as he thought she was meeting a client. Nora tells him she had forgotten she had a doctor's appointment and he asks if everything is okay. Nora nervously tries to reassure him that everything is fine and they're going to have a healthy baby. He hugs her and she looks guilty and worried. Nora wishes him luck with the case against Barbara and tells him to get the proof. He tells her not to worry; he always finds the truth. Nora gives him a guilty look and leaves. Bo once again looks pensive and puzzled.

Sam's Office

Téa is telling Sam that a guilty man walked because Todd and Blair perjured themselves. When Sam tells her the system isn't perfect she asks him how he sleeps at night. He tells her not very well, but that he was suckered in just like she was. Téa begins to tell him about how she dreamed of her wedding day, blah, blah, blah (sorry, but she gets carried away here) further convincing Sam that her reason for prosecuting Blair and Max is personal. Sam tells her that Todd did not deserve either of them. Téa still wants to punish Blair and Max and Sam tells her to move on. Téa says the guilty parties will pay and she leaves. Sam sits at his desk, looks at the picture of Blair on the cover of The Sun and throws it in disgust.

The Sun

Kelly is defending her actions to Max. Max tells her he is not upset with her as Kelly goes on about why she did what she did. Max wants to know how she is going to follow up her story and that he would have used a headline like "PER.J.URING PUBLISHERS". When Kelly says she hasn't thought about it, he tells her that readers are fickle and starts to give her advice and strategy. He tells her that it's a rather strange coincidence that the ADA investigating the perjury case is the humiliated wife and gives her ideas on how to follow up the story. Kelly decides to call Hank to glean information.

Hank's Office

Hank is repeating his mantra of "it's not the district attorney's policy to comment on ongoing investigations" to someone who is obviously from the media on the phone. He slams the phone down and tells Terri he is not taking anymore calls but agrees to take one more--Kelly Cramer. Kelly tells Hank she is working on a follow-up piece and Hank repeats the mantra. She tells him that Téa was the one who gave him the tip. Hank says he is not responsible for Téa Delgado and hangs up. Max points out certain comments Hank made and he begins to dictate to Kelly. As she starts to type she finds the papers authorizing a raise for Max and Blair. Max says she deserves one too but they should finish their story.

Sam's Office

Nora is telling Sam he must be tested. She tells him she can't believe what's happening. As she's blathering about how she desperately needs her friend back, he tries to calm her down and asks what the blood test is for. She tells him about the recessive gene for Gaucher's Disease and he agrees to be tested. Nora tells him he can't go to the same doctor because as far as the doctor is concerned, Bo is the father. She tells him he can't go to the hospital because Bo is there investigating a case. Sam agrees with her and says he will get his own doctor. Nora begins to go on about little lies and how they are hard to keep track of. She tells him she has done nothing but lie to Bo and begins to lose it. Sam takes Nora into his arms and as they hug each other, they are overcome with emotion. Nora breaks away and says, "No, Sam". They give each other an uncomfortable look.

Sam then asks if the gene is common and asks what the odds are if they both have the gene. When Nora tells him that there is a one in four chance, Sam tries to be positive. He tells her everything will be okay. Nora looks at him gratefully (I would have kissed him by now). Sam hears Blair's voice outside of his office and rolls his eyes in disbelief. He tells Nora to sit in a chair while he gets rid of her. Sam opens the door as Blair asks to see him. He tells her he is too busy and she yaps on about being investigated by Téa. She asks why she can't see him now and he tells her he is with "someone". She pushes her way into the office (hasn't anyone ever heard of standing IN the doorway!) and is not so surprised to see Nora there. As she makes the usual nasty Blair remarks, Sam tells her that he and Nora are discussing business. Blair very sarcastically tells them to just go for it, "Lindsay's out of the picture, I'm out of the picture, the only one standing in your way is Bo". She then leaves Sam and Nora looking guilty.

Llanview Hospital

Bo is back at the nurse's station waiting for the nurse to come back from her rounds. He asks her again about the events of that night. He repeats what she they had discussed and Bo asks if there was a chance that Barbara was never in the on call room. She says it's possible, because when she told Barbara that Drew was looking for her, she hadn't mentioned seeing him. Bo looks pleased with that information and thanks her.

Nora's doctor walks by and he tells Bo "Boy that was quick". Bo does not have a clue as to what the doctor is talking about and the doctor mentions the blood test. Bo is still puzzled as the doctor ushers Bo into a room to draw his blood.

Kevin & Cassie's House

Cassie rolls herself into the living room and laughs the little maniacal laugh she has acquired since taking her turn as the town psycho. She tells Andrew that she had told him she was going to be awhile and why was he still there. Andrew says he still wants an answer to his question. What happens if he ends up dead? She tells him that it's not going to happen. Andrew tells her he is close to breaking a clerical vow by going to the police. Cassie finally realizes that he is serious and says he can't do it, how would he minister to his congregation or be trusted by them? Andrew tells her that it is up to her to go the police but Cassie refuses, saying, not yet. Andrew tells her she is cutting herself off from everyone and is throwing her marriage out the window in the name of vengeance. He tells her he doesn't know what it will take for her to come to her senses. Andrews tells her what if it isn't him next time, but River. She tells him that it's not fair and she would never intentionally hurt their son. Andrew implores her to go to the police and she reassures him it's going to be over. He finally gets a backbone and makes a decision to take care of the matter himself to protect River. Cassie looks at him in disbelief as Andrew leaves the room. Cassie calls after him but it falls on deaf ears. She then tries to stand herself up and says, "it's going to be over soon".

The Sun

Max walks in and tells Kelly they have created a masterpiece as he shows her the headline "ADA DELGADO OUT OF CONTROL" with a Daliesque picture of Téa on the cover. Kelly looks on in delighted approval.

Hank's Office

Téa peeks into Hank's office asking if there is any luck finding her an office. Hank tells her she can use his office as he's due in court and anyway, the phone calls are for her. She sheepishly says she's made a few waves. Hank asks if she leaked the story to the Sun. Téa asks if he really wants to know. Hanks says no and asks if it's truly about justice being done. She says it's the second time she's been asked that question. Hank tells her to think about it and leaves. Téa sits down at Hank's desk and looks at the files on the perjury case. She then calls Terri and asks how quickly they can convene a grand jury to indict Max and Blair ASAP.

Sam's Office

Nora tells Sam it gets "worse and worse". He tells her to forget about Blair but Nora says she can't. Nora quotes from Hamlet about occasions informing against her. Sam tries to reassure her that Blair will not say anything to Bo, but Nora is overcome by all the little lies they have told and how they're growing. Nora is beginning to lose control as Sam continues to reassure her. He tells her to repeat after him, "We created a life". She repeats it and he goes on, "for you and your husband to call your own". He goes on to say, "it's a miracle", but Nora says, "not if it's born diseased". Sam tries to continue to reassure Nora but she says she "lied to her husband, I lied to Bo the man I love more than life itself and I am going to be punished". As Nora says this, Bo is getting his blood drawn, still puzzled by the whole event.

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