One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 30, 2000 on OLTL
Cristian had surgery. Asa arranged to have Ben murdered. Kevin and Joey fought at Ben's bachelor party. Skye turned to Ben after having a bitter argument with Max. Nora planned revenge on those who had held her hostage.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 30, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, October 30, 2000

Antonio frets about his brother's artistic career after the doctor warns Cris that he may have suffered nerve damage in his hand. Sophia surrenders her badge as John cautions his prot‚g‚e that she's headed down the same road her late brother once traveled. Desperate to save face in front of Max, Blair scrambles to deny Skye's allegations. Melanie is summoned to the jail to check on Asa after his guard notices that the old man has grown pale. Bo asks Nora to defend Sophia against a possible charge of grand theft auto. Melanie diagnoses a sputtering Asa with an anxiety attack but he refuses to be hospitalized. Todd plays dumb when Skye looks to him to verify her claim about Blair. Will and Jessica happily begin making up for lost time. John entreats Sophia not to endanger her entire future by protecting the real culprit. Unwilling to let his friend take the fall, Cristian confesses to hot-wiring Todd's car and driving drunk. Skye rages at Todd after finding proof of his double-cross. Roseanne persuades Cristian to undergo emergency surgery.

Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Floored by Todd's double-cross, Skye rails at him for protecting Blair, then accuses him of trying to win back his old flame. Joey brings Sophia back to the carriage house following her release from the hospital. Kelly prods Kevin to run an article in the Banner to counter the attack Skye printed in the Sun. Swearing he would lay down his life for his partner, Antonio offers Sophia his help in getting back her badge. Kelly bristles when Kevin refuses to trash Skye in the paper. Max angrily informs Skye that her pathetic efforts to wreck his happy marriage are doomed to failure. When Joey sides with Kelly against his big brother, Kevin guesses that his sibling's motives aren't strictly journalistic. Following the ugly scene with Max, a tearful Skye finds a sympathetic ear in Ben. Todd assures Blair he had no part in Skye's meltdown. Asa bitterly renews his vow to wipe the Rappa-Davidsons off the face of the earth. Joey plants a kiss on a startled Kelly. Sophia tells Antonio why she believes R.J. tampered with Todd's car. Blair thanks Todd with an impulsive kiss.

Wednesday, November 1

R.J. plays a Halloween prank on Lindsay, then warns her to stop playing games with Nora. Bo gives Nora a pep talk when she admits she has some doubts about her own ability to defend his troubled young officer. Meanwhile, Antonio advises Sophia to stall for time while he works on the one person who can clear both her name and Cristian's. A flustered Blair tells Todd her kiss was simply a gesture of gratitude. Following their kiss, Joey presses Kelly to admit that she still loves him. When Kelly apologizes for leading him on, Joey glumly realizes he's back to square one with his ex. Concerned about his father's state of mind, Bo reminds Max he'll hold him responsible if Asa goes over the edge. Nora tries to coax the truth out of Sophia, who stubbornly maintains that she was behind the wheel of the "borrowed" car. Later, Antonio forces Todd to back up Sophia's story about him lending her the vehicle. Skye and Roseanne commiserate about the troublesome men in their lives. Nora concocts a plan to pay back the people who held her hostage. Joey resigns from the Banner.

Thursday, November 2, 2000

As he empties out his desk at the Banner, Joey bitterly informs his brother that he's sick of the way Kevin ruins everyone and everything he touches. Viki and Ben enjoy handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters at Llanfair. Later, both are abducted by groups of friends who escort them to their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties. Asa makes contact again with the local king of the underworld and makes clear his desire to have Ben rubbed out. Will asks Bo if he believes Lindsay could have been Colin's accomplice in Nora's kidnaping. As a laughing Viki thanks Jessica for arranging such a wonderful surprise, the party suddenly grinds to an immediate halt when Nora arrives with Lindsay in tow. After getting the festivities going again, Viki quietly issues an ultimatum to Lindsay. Across town, Sam and the other guys amuse Ben with an off-key rendition of the "Single Man Blues." Asa meets "Mr. Gray", who promises to fulfill his assignment without delay. The bubbling animosity between brothers finally boils over when Joey and Kevin come to blows at Ben's bachelor bash. A psychic named Madame Sybilla looks into Viki's future but balks at revealing what she's seen.

Friday, November 3, 2000

Blair storms into Todd's office and furiously accuses him of using her in the sick game he's been playing with Max. Sophia realizes that Madame Sybilla is keeping something to herself about Viki's future. Bo, Ben and John are forced to pry Kevin and Joey apart after fisticuffs break out between the brothers. Later, questioned by Bo about the change in Asa's personality, Ben tells the commissioner that post-bypass psychosis can cause paranoia and hallucinations in some patients. Todd explains to a puzzled Skye how his scheme is actually designed to help her win the man she wants. Meanwhile, Max surprises his delighted wife with a romantic evening at the mansion. Viki is moved to tears to learn that her friends all chipped in to make a donation in her name to the breast cancer research foundation. Later, Sybilla circulates throughout the room, dispensing words of psychic wisdom to several of the party guests. Across town, Ben's friends toast to his good fortune as Asa's hired hit man quietly moves into position. Sybilla gives Rae some bad news about her long-lost child. "Mr. Gray" tells a fuming Asa he'll have to take a bead on Ben another day.

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