One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 23, 2000 on OLTL

Starr wanted her parents to be together. Colin apologized to Nora. Renee decided to stop searching for her son. Todd loaded a virus onto Asa's computer. Cristian lost the feeling in his hand after a car accident. Sam advised Lindsay that she wasn't off the hook.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 23, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, October 23, 2000

Sophia forces a smile when Antonio and Roseanne sit at her station during a waitressing stint at the Crossroads. Out of Antonio's earshot, however, a seething Sophia accuses her former roommate of being a backstabbing slut. Colin asks Nora for a chance to explain himself, then reminds her how she developed feelings for her alleged abductor. Todd sneaks over to the Buchanan mansion for a surreptitious chat with Starr. Revealing that they have Asa's taped confession in hand, Bo reads his father his rights. Melanie rails at Colin after finding him in the park with Nora. Though Max labels his "brother" a traitor, Bo takes Asa down to the precinct house to be booked. Starr tells Todd she wants him and her mommy to make her a new baby brother or sister. Will celebrates with family and friends as the news comes of his release. Blair orders Todd to set their daughter straight on the fact that they will never be a family again. Antonio is disturbed to find his kid brother hitting the bottle once again. Todd plants a computer virus.

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

As Todd prepares a triumphant headline to trumpet Asa's downfall, R.J. sends his enemy another bogus note aimed at luring him out into the open. A gloomy Bo bemoans the fact that he was forced to lock up his own father. Meanwhile, Asa barks at Max to find a way to free him from jail. Todd goes to the park and gleefully calls R.J.'s bluff. Will's family and friends throw him a party at the Crossroads to celebrate his hard-won freedom. John intercedes when he spots Max and Rae having another heated tete-a-tete. Renee visits Asa and is disappointed to discover that being incarcerated hasn't softened him one bit. Will thanks everyone for standing by him during rough times but an embittered and inebriated Cristian refuses to get into the party spirit. Renee persuades Rae to keep mum about Max's questionable lineage. Bo reminds Todd that he will pay for his crimes one way or the other. Sam warns Lindsay that she is not off the hook for Nora's kidnaping. Todd decides to crash Will's party.

Wednesday, October 25, 2000

Asa bitterly accuses his son of treachery when Bo comes to visit him in jail. Sophia follows a drunken Cristian out of the Crossroads and urges him to let her drive him home. Meanwhile, Todd's entrance casts a pall over the party as Sam lights into his uninvited guest. Asa tells a skeptical Bo how certain he is that Ben has been plotting to kill Max. Sophia sharply questions R.J. after spotting him skulking around the parking lot outside the bar. Asa asks Max to explain to Bo why Ben must die. Todd accuses Sam and the others of turning their backs on him when all he did was try to help each of them. As Cristian and Sophia begin to make out in his car, R.J. secretly tampers with the brakes on Todd's vehicle. Viki icily informs her brother that she is completely through with him and will not tolerate further contact in any way, shape or form. John shows Rae some fire and passion on the dance floor in an effort to convince her that he is far from dull. After his brother relieves him of his keys, Cris hot-wires Todd's car and roars off with Sophia in the passenger seat.

Thursday, October 26, 2000

Nora presses Sam for details about their relationship since they left Chicago. Ben is sorely tempted to reveal his identity to an anguished Renee. Antonio fears the worst after Todd discovers that his car has been stolen. Meanwhile, Sophia begs Cristian to pull over to the side of the road before they're arrested for grand theft -- or worse. Sam explains to Nora how their romance blossomed following the dissolution of her marriage to Bo. Melanie lends her lover a sympathetic ear as Bo bemoans the apparent end of what was once a close relationship with his father. Antonio and Roseanne race off in search of Cristian. Sam assures Nora that whatever happens he'll always have sweet memories of their time together. As he tries to slow the car down, Cris is alarmed to discover that the brake lines have been cut. Joey threatens to blow his brother's cover with the mob if Kevin continues to drag Kelly into such dangerous situations. A tearful Renee thanks Ben for helping her decide to end the search for her long-lost son. Roseanne and Antonio arrive at the crash site to find Cristian pulling an injured Sophia from the wreckage.

Friday, October 27, 2000

As the paramedics rush Sophia to the hospital, a seething Antonio lights into his kid brother for driving drunk. Following their passionate tango at the Crossroads, Rae breathlessly admits to John that she was dead wrong about him being too predictable and conservative. Todd summons Skye to the offices of the Sun in the wee hours of the morning and hints that he may have a way to help her destroy Blair's credibility. Bo and Melanie grow amorous following their heart-to-heart about Asa. Meanwhile, Lindsay offers a suspicious Nora an olive branch. News of Sophia's injury interrupts the police commissioner's evening with Melanie but Bo assures his lover they'll soon have another chance to be alone. When Antonio threatens to put Cris under arrest, Sophia hastily claims that she was behind the wheel at the time of the accident. Rae and John play a late night round of "Truth or Dare." R.J. cautions Nora not to get taken in by Lindsay's usual pack of lies. Out of Bo's earshot, Sophia explains to her partner why she's covering for Cristian. Lindsay again seeks to undermine her sister's confidence in Bo. A jeering Skye shows proof of Blair's treachery to Max.

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