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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 23, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, October 23, 2000

Molly has had a bad dream and wakes herself up screaming. Carly and Abigail run to the living room to see what has happened. Molly tells them about her dream. She tells them that Vicky was in her dream. She says that she walked up to a door that was shaking and rattling and as she reached out to open it, a woman started to scream and she knows that it was Vicky. Carly gets her to calm down. Molly tells Carly about getting the phone calls and she thinks that it is Vicky trying to reach her from the grave. Carly tries to tell her how silly that sounds. The three women get big bowls of ice cream and start to brainstorm. The come up with only one idea, Emily. They decide that since Emily is after Jake, she must be making the phone calls to scare Molly away from him. Carly, Molly and Abigail make a plan to trap Emily. Molly is going to go where Emily hangs out and when she is close, the women are going to talk about the phone calls and Jake and see how Emily reacts to it. Finally, they decide to go back to bed and as soon as Carly and Abigail are in their rooms, a big crack of thunder hits outside. Carly and Abigail run back into the living room, screaming all the way and jump on the couch with Molly. They all start to laugh and Molly says that they are pathetic. Another big crack of thunder hits and Carly and Abigail scream and start laughing again, but Molly is looking worried this time.

Nancy is having dinner with Joe D'Angelo. He is talking about his daughter and how he would like to make peace with her. Nancy encourages him to go and talk to his daughter again. Joe takes her advice and Nancy accompanies him to Lucinda's mansion.

Rose is in the pool house trying to get settled. She remembers that she has a headache and goes to her purse to get some aspirin. When she opens her purse, she finds pictures of she and Holden. She says to herself how she wishes they could have worked it out together. There is a knock at the door and Rose goes to the door expecting to find Lucinda. When she opens the door, her father and Nancy are standing there. Joe asks if he could talk with her. He introduces Nancy and Nancy leaves, telling Joe that she will meet up with him later. After Nancy is gone, Joe tries to explain to Rose how much she means to him and how much he misses her mother. This time, she softens and listens to him. She tells him that she knows they can't go back in time and change things, but she just wishes that he had told her the truth. He apologizes and says that he wishes that he, too, had done things differently. They decide that it will be good to spend some time together and before Joe leaves, he tells Rose that he has something for her. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ring. He tells her that this is her mother's engagement ring. He says that the diamond is so small that you can hardly see it, but her mother loved it just the same. He says that her mother had said that it was better than anything that Liz Taylor had. He kisses his daughter on the head and leaves. After he is gone, Rose starts to cry. She goes over and picks up the pictures of she and Holden and looks up to heaven and says, "Mama, please help me forget him."

Bryant and Jennifer are at the Snyder pond and Lily and Holden come running up to them. They have been skinny-dipping and they have towels wrapped around them. Bryant apologizes for trespassing and explains that he and Jennifer were just looking for a place to hang. Jennifer explains that Bryant has a houseguest and she tells Lily that it is her twin sister, Rose. The air gets tense and Holden says that it is time for them to get their clothes on, they are getting cold. Holden and Lily go back to the barn. After they are gone, Bryant spreads a blanket for he and Jennifer. The two lie down and start to make out. Bryant starts to unbutton Jennifer's pants and she pushes his hand away and says that she is not ready for that. He tells her that he has protection with him. She gasps and asks if he thought something was going to happen? He says that he thought that she wanted to be with him as mush as he wants to be with her? She says that she is only a senior in high school and she is not ready for that. She demands that Bryant take her home.

In the barn, Lily and Holden are acting shy about being naked in front of each other. Holden tells Lily that they are being silly; they have seen each other naked thousands of times. She looks at him and he tells her that he will turn his back while she dresses. After they are dressed, Lily tells him that it is time for her to get home. He asks her to stay the night with him. She tells him that she had told the babysitter that she would be home before now. She starts to leave and Holden pulls her to him and they kiss. It starts to rain outside and Lily comments about the rain starting. Holden tells her to stay until it is over. She says that it doesn't matter because she is all wet, anyway. They are looking into each other's eyes and Holden tells her that they are going to be OK. Then he asks, "Aren't we?" Lily says, "Yes, we are going to be OK." They hug, but Lily doesn't look convinced.

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Carly sneaks into Craig's hotel suite and sees Katie wearing the earrings with the microchips and pretending to talk to a buyer for the microchips. Carly startles her when she asks, "What do you think you are doing?" Katie spins around and asks Carly what is she doing there? Carly tells her that she has two seconds to take those earrings off. Katie informs her that she doesn't live there and she is not her boss. Carly grabs a pair of scissors and threatens to cut Katie's ears off. Katie doesn't budge and Carly turns her around and acts like she is cutting her hair. Katie screams and Carly grabs the earrings off her head. She asks Carly if she is crazy. She yells that she can't wait to tell Craig what she had done. Craig walks in to hear Katie say this and he asks what is going on? Katie tells Craig about Carly threatening to cut her hair, leaving out the part about her wearing the earrings. Carly tells her side that she had walked in on Katie wearing the earrings. Craig asks Katie about how she had gotten the key? She starts to lie to him and he warns her that she had better tell him the truth. She confesses to going in his room and getting the key and unlocking the safe where Craig had the earrings. Craig issues her a warning to never go into his room again. He tells Katie that he has an errand for her to run. Katie makes a remark about being an errand girl and Craig whispers something in Katie's ear so Carly can't hear. Katie looks at Craig and takes the envelope that he is holding and leaves. After she is gone, Carly starts to explain to Craig why she is there in his hotel suite. She explains that he was right, she can't do in on her own, and she needs him. He tells her that she has left something out. Carly looks at him and says, "I'm sorry?" Craig says, "Very good." He tells her that she will have to make the drop for him and if she is thinking about setting him up, she had better think again. He tells her that if she double-crosses him, he will make it so she will never hold her son again! He turns her toward the mirror and puts the earrings up to her ears and says that she will be the bell of the masquerade ball and that is where she will deliver the earrings. He adds, "And it will be right under the Oakdale police department's nose."

At the police department, Hal and Jack are planning a strategy to catch Craig Montgomery in a crime. They discuss keeping the project very quiet so Margo does not get wind of the plan. As they are talking, Katie walks in and over to Hal and Jack. She has an envelope for them from her brother Craig. Hal tells Jack to open it. Jack opens the envelope and finds an invitation to a masquerade ball inside. Hal tells Katie to tell her brother that they will be there. She gets mad because Craig has not told her about a party and he hasn't invited her either. She tells Hal to tell Craig himself and she stomps out.

Lily and the kids show up at the farm and surprises Holden. She tells him that the kids wanted to have lunch with him. She apologizes for just showing up, she can see that he is busy. He tells her that he is happy they are there and he would love to have lunch with them. Luke pipes up and says that he wants spaghetti, just like that other lady made for them. Holden starts to tell him that it might be better if they didn't have that and Lily stops him and says that she would love to fix spaghetti for them. She leaves Faith with Holden in the barn and she and Luke go into the house to fix lunch. She goes to the cabinet and gets a box of spaghetti. Luke looks at her and makes a face. He tells her that the other lady made real spaghetti and she had told him that spaghetti out of a box was for lazy people. Lily looks at him and says that she is definitely not lazy. She gets a jar of sauce and Luke makes another face. She reads his face and says, "No sauce in a jar either?" He smiles and says that the gravy has to be made in a pot and has to cook for hours. She tells Luke that they don't have time for that, Daddy is hungry now. He gives her a stern look and she gives in. She says that she will try to do it the other lady's way. She mixes up everything for the pasta and lets it sit. She mixes everything up for the sauce and then has the good idea to put it in the pressure cooker so the sauce, um gravy will cook faster. So, the gravy is in the pressure cooker and the homemade pasta is a flop. She talks Luke into just this time, letting her make the pasta in the box. When the boxed spaghetti noodles are cooked, Luke shows her how the other lady checked to make sure it was ready. He takes a handful of pasta and throws it against the wall. It doesn't stick. Lily takes a handful and throws it against the wall and it doesn't stick. Then they both do it again and it doesn't stick. The pressure cooker starts to vibrate and Lily grabs Luke and tells him to hit the deck. The pressure cooker blows up. Holden hears the explosion from out in the barn and gets Faith and runs into the house. He finds Lily and Luke on the floor covered in spaghetti sauce. They are laughing and Holden asks if they are all right? Lily says that they are and Holden suggests that maybe they should go to Mabel's for red hots? Lily is laughing and she says that she thinks that would be a good idea. She scoops some sauce up from the floor and rubs it into Luke's hair and they both laugh.

Wednesday, October 25, 2000

At Camille's exit interview, she expresses her hope to Bob that she doesn't run into John before she leaves for Chicago. John runs into Ben at the hospital and gives him a subdued apology. Chris is surprised when an impatient Emily decides to walk out of her meeting with Craig when Craig is a few minutes late. Abigail wakes up Molly from another nightmare.

Craig arrives and cajoles Emily into staying by hand-delivering her invitation to his Halloween party. Emily is startled when Craig announces he wants to bring in a new manager for the Intruder. Katie is startled to see Henry at the Lakeview. Ben and John are strained when they agree to be professional towards each other. Camille sneaks in to say goodbye to Ben.

Katie exaggerates to Henry about her job responsibilities, boasting that she's going to be Craig's partner soon. Henry promptly spoils her good mood by intercepting a phone call telling her to pick up Craig's laundry. Craig assures Emily she'll remain as editor but tells her he wants someone with fresh vision. Ben thanks Camille again for helping expose Andy's deception and Camille reiterates it's best for her to move on. But Camille's control falls apart and they embrace as Isaac walks up to them. Katie is incensed when Henry tells her he's staying in Oakdale--he found another job. Craig introduces Chris and Emily to their new managing editor--Henry--as a disbelieving Katie watches from across the room.

Isaac chides Camille for avoiding him and then wishes her good luck--he'll miss her, he whispers. John learns from Bob that Camille is on her way to the train station, though Bob orders John to leave her alone--he's done enough to her. Katie runs out when she sees Craig with Henry. Hal spies on Craig while he waits for Barbara. Craig explains to Emily that they need a "carnivore." Chris refuses to sit at the same table with a "weasel" and storms out. When Henry toasts to their new partnership, Emily pours her glass of wine in Henry's lap.

An agitated Chris defends Emily to Molly, explaining Emily has a copy of the blackbox recording but hasn't even used it for a story. Molly asks Chris to call her the next time Emily starts acting "weird." Emily listens to Henry's plans for the Intruder, then forcefully reminds him it's her paper--they will never make any important decisions togheter. Katie assaults Craig when he returns to the office. John walks up to Camille at the train station.

Craig silences Katie when he tells her he hired Henry because he's a "sneaky little punk," just like her. Henry is wary when Jake congratulates him on his new job and then buys him a drink. Molly confronts Emily.

Thursday, October 26, 2000

Molly and Emily discuss Emily's involvement in the Black box stalking and as usual Emily denies involvement. Afterwards Emily runs back to the office to get Chris to own up to his telling molly and he confessed but said he figured she knew. Later Molly and Jake discuss the confrontation with Emily and Jake informs her of his hiring Henry to get the goods on Molly. Henry agrees but Molly wasn't too thrilled at first, but later realized that Henry is the best man for the job because of his background in conning and scamming.

John catches up with Camille to say good-bye and to tell her she has been his best intern and he will miss her greatly. He also read over old notes he took during the interview before she got the job. Camille admitted to being hurt when John lashed out at her when she confronted him over Andy faking his paralysis. John apologizes and Camille confesses that she loves John and he said the same. They relived old times and hoped to meet up with each other in the future and an upset Camille boarded her train for Chicago.

Abigail calls Jen in hopes of meeting to talk but instead Adam answers the phone and tells her Jen isn't expected home for hours. Adam and Abigail decide to go out and talk. They talked about Molly's recent encounters and Adam confess how he hopes to get out of school and out of his parents' house and become a psychic. Abigail thinks it's cool and they decide to go out pick out glasses for Adam.

Friday, October 27, 2000

Holden dropped by Lily's to say goodnight to the kids and found her in their bedroom, freshly showered and wearing nothing but a towel. Lily's state of undress put them both in a passionate mood and they made love. Afterwards they laid together and reminisced about old times. When Holden assumed that their lovemaking was a prelude to him coming home, Lily apologized and said it was too soon for Holden to move back in. In disbelief, Holden furiously started to put his clothes back on. They argued and Holden pounded his fist on the wall in frustration. He could not understand how they went from making love and holding each other to things getting worse than ever. Lily insisted that their making love was not the answer to their problems but rather a step in getting back together. After Holden calmed down and they talked a little more, Lily asked him if he would escort her to Craig Montgomery's Halloween party, to which he agreed. After Holden left, Lily had a flashback of her and Simon kissing on the island.

Rose met her father and Nancy at the Lakeview for dinner. When pressed about the diamond that had been in her possession all those years, Joe remembered that a letter signed by Caroline Carpenter (Iva's mother) came in the same box as the diamond stating that some personal items and jewelry belonged to Rose. Rose insisted that if they could find that letter, she would be able to regain what was rightfully hers. Joe warned Rose about getting her hopes up and told her to be careful in her dealings with Lucinda Walsh. Against Joe's better judgment, Rose insisted on getting what she deserved and said she was "going for it, no matter matter who."

Lucinda paid Simon a visit at his new job where he was working as a mechanic. She offered him $20,000 in cash to leave Oakdale and never return. Simon refused her money and informed her that he intended to stick around Oakdale permanently. Feeling rather mischievous, Simon started the car he was working on, which sent a stream of motor oil flying in Lucinda's direction. An outraged Lucinda was drenched in oil. When Lucinda pressed him as to his intentions, Simon admitted that he was completely in love with Lily and that was what he wanted. Lucinda informed Simon that there was no way in the world that he could separate Lily and Holden--that better men than he, including herself, had tried and failed. Simon threatened to burn the envelope containing the bribe money and Lucinda snatched it back from him at the last minute.


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