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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 16, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, October 16, 2000

by CBS

Denise reveals to Ben and Isaac that when John confronted Andy, he admitted he's regaining some feelings back in his legs. Ben realizes that without a full confession, his name will never be cleared. Denise blames herself for Ben's predicament and decides to tell Andy that she's moving out before the hearing. Ben wonders what this means for them, but Denise insists that she needs to be on her own for a while. Margo tricks Katie into telling her about the microchips. Katie boasts how she and Craig will get rich and Margo tries to warn her of the danger. Barbara and Lisa think it's too late for Julia to tell Jack the truth. Barbara and Lisa are concerned when Julia admits that she stopped taking her birth control pills without telling Jack and may be pregnant. Barbara spots Craig Montgomery at the bar and approaches him. They discuss Bryant and Jennifer. Barbara convinces Craig to try to get Bryant to cool things off with Jen. Margo cautions Craig that Hal is after him, and admits she won't be able to help him out if he's up to something illegal. Jack continues to deny his feelings for Carly, so she kisses him. He kisses her back a second too long before pushing her away. Carly begs Jack to listen to her side of the story. She explains how Winston Lowe trapped her into marriage, and declared that Jack is the only man she's ever really loved. He storms out. Julia runs into Jack, and realizing he has just come from seeing Carly, takes off. At home, Jack tries to reassure Julia that things would have never worked out between him and Carly because of her lies, but she's not convinced. Julia crumbles, but then bounces back when she remembers she could be pregnant. She tries to seduce Jack with a candlelit dinner, and declares she's not going to worry about Carly anymore. Meanwhile, Carly has renewed hope that she will win Jack back. Craig returns to his room and tells Carly they must move forward with the microchips, but Carly refuses to do it. Craig insists she will!

Tuesday, October 17, 2000

Julia is shopping at Fashions and telling Lisa about her evening with her husband. Lisa leaves to look for something in the back for Julia and Julia keeps shopping. Julia reaches for a dress at the same that Carly reaches for the same dress. Julia looks up and sees that it is Carly. She says that they must stop meeting like this. Carly says that she remembers that old joke; this town is not big enough for both of us. Julia says that she is not laughing. Carly lets Julia know right away that Jack was in her hotel suite yesterday. Julia asks if the hotel suite doesn't belong to Craig Montgomery? Julia adds that Jack had told her about being in the suite with Carly. They share barbs back and forth and then Carly tells Julia that she is the rebound wife and in about fifteen minutes her marriage will be over. Julia walks away and starts shopping again. She sees a dress and takes it off the rack. She goes up to Lisa, who is talking to Carly now, and tells Lisa that she has found the right dress. She holds it up and Lisa tells her that it brings out the newlywed ness in her eyes. Carly looks at the dress, horrified. She tells Julia that the dress is too big for her. She says that it looks like a maternity dress. And then she stops, realizing what she has said. Julia smiles at her and says, "Carly, you are smarter than you look." Julia leaves and Carly composes herself. She puts her dress on the counter and Lisa asks how she would like to pay for it? Carly tells her to charge it to Craig Montgomery's suite at The Lakeview. Lisa picks up the phone and dials a number. She asks for Craig Montgomery suite. Carly tells her that it isn't necessary to call Craig. When Craig answers, Lisa tells him that this is a voice from his past calling about his present. Craig recognizes her voice and asks what can he do for her? Lisa tells him that he has a friend there at Fashions that is trying to make a purchase. He tells her to put Carly on the phone. Lisa hands Carly the phone and says, "He wants a word with you, Honey!" Carly gets on the phone and says hi to Craig and says that she got out early to pick up some things. Craig tells her to get back to the hotel, now and he hangs up. Carly acts like he is still on the phone and says that they can talk about it over breakfast and says goodbye. She turns to Lisa and says that she forgot that they had breakfast plans. She asks Lisa to hold the dress; she will be back to get it. Lisa says that she isn't holding her breath and she takes the dress and puts it back on the rack. Carly walks out. When she gets back to the hotel suite, she tells Craig that she was going to pay him back for the dress. Craig tells her that her free ride is over. She can either deliver the microchips or get out of his hotel suite. She tells him that he won't kick her out. He tells her that she has no place to go and she had better think twice about making his delivery.

Andy is dressed and ready to go to the hearing. Denise comes in and they start to discuss the hearing. Denise tells Andy that she is afraid that what has happened with the surgery will hurt Ben's reputation as a doctor. She begs Andy to do the right thing and he acts like he doesn't know what she is talking about. Denise tells Andy that after the hearing, she is going to move out on her own. He says that she made him a promise to stay with him until he is better. She tells him that he is better and it is time for her to move on. He says that he wants them to be a family. She gets upset with Andy and says that she doesn't love him and he can't change what is in her heart. She kneels down beside him and begs him to do the right thing today. He still doesn't have any idea what she is talking about. She jumps up and says that he is not listening to her. She grabs her purse and goes to the door. She turns him around and says that if he won't do it for himself, then do it for his daughter. She tells him to give Hope someone to look up to and she goes out the door. Andy goes to the phone and tries to call her on her cell phone. Kim walks in the door and Andy asks if she saw Denise. Kim says that she is getting into her car. Andy asks her to stop her, but it is too late. Kim says that she is pulling out. Kim asks Andy what is going on and Andy brushes it off. Kim asks if he has seen Bob today and Andy says that he hasn't. Kim picks up the phone and calls Bob. She says that there is a busy signal and she hangs up. She purposely puts the phone up on a shelf in the kitchen. She asks Andy if he wants to ride with her to the hearing. He tells her that his dad is getting him in the van. Kim leaves and Andy looks for the phone. He sees that his mother put it on a shelf out of his reach. He wheels his wheelchair over to the counter and stands up to get the phone. As he is dialing the phone, Kim walks back up to the door and sees Andy standing up.

Wednesday, October 18, 2000

Julia asks Jack to promise he'll never see Carly again, even professionally. Carly threatens to back out of her deal to sell Craig's microchips, infuriating Craig. Camille tells Bob she wants to leave Memorial. Kim is stunned to see Andy standing and then overhears John lambasting Andy for risking being seen by somebody. John then tries to convince Andy not to tell the truth at Ben's trial.

Kim agonizes to Nancy about Andy's deception, believing John manipulated it the way he did when he and Kim were married. Nancy counsels Kim to talk to Andy first--he's her son. Bob suggests to Camille that she work for a doctor other than John, but Camille wants to move on, and Bob reluctantly agrees. When Bob sees John, he expresses doubts about Andy's sudden recovery and warns John he had better not be involved.

Tom tells Margo he's going to offer his legal services to Craig and Margo congratulates him for going back into the legal profession. Jack tries to reassure Julia's insecurities about him and Carly, insisting there'll be no secrets between them, which only causes Julia to flashback to David's blackmail of her. Hal interrupts them to ask Jake to help him bring down Craig. Craig refuses Carly's offer of help in dealing with the Oakdale police.

Craig roasts Katie for telling Margo about the microchips and orders her to go to her room--she's a spoiled child, he declares. Jack bumps into Carly at the police station--literally. When Ben and Isaac arrive for the inquiry, Denise looks over to the Hugheses and then walks over to Ben and Isaac's side. When John finally arrives, pushing Andy in his wheelchair, Kim demands to speak to Andy alone and orders John to get out of her way.

Hal laughs off Carly's request of a loan, even when she threatens to go back to living with Craig. After Craig attempts to spank Katie, he forces her to promise never to disobey him again--he doesn't want to see her dead. When Kim asks Andy if he is going to tell the truth, he realizes that she knows. Kim tells him she knows he will do the right thing. But what if I don't? Andy asks her.

Thursday, October 19, 2000

Molly meets Vicky's mom Donna and talk about how hard it was to listen to the tape of the pilot from the night the plane went down killing her daughter. While Cass and Jake meet and talk about the same thing. Jake starts to put 2 and 2 together when Cass tells him about the time when Emily asks a lot of questions about Vicky. Both groups talk about the strange happenings that have been occurring since Vicky died.

Chris is looking through papers on Emily's desk and comes across a tape from November 1999 with Walsh plane crash on it. Chris decides to play it and hears the pilot singing beautiful Dreamer and then Emily walks in a freaks. She tries to explain what the tape is but Chris isn't buying the fact that she can drop this subject since it has to do with Jake.

Andy's hearing begins and Ben is telling his story first. When Andy gets up there he cracks under the pressure when John puts his 2 cents in and 2 cents is about all it was worth to Andy because then he proceeded to tell everyone he could feel his legs immediately after the operation. He then apologizes to Ben and to Denise explaining that the only reason he did it to keep Denise. Kim praised Andy for telling the truth while John on the other hand doesn't seem to be so happy and wants to keep going with the lie but Andy tells him to give up. Bob tells Ben to come back on staff immediately and Ben is thrilled.

Friday, October 20, 2000

After expressing her deep resentment of Lily and her "charmed" life to Lucinda, Rose admitted that she was primarily upset because Lily had decided to get back together with Holden. Lucinda offered to give Rose a job at the City Times, introduce her to people, and help her with investments. Rose turned down Lucinda's generous offer and declared that it was time to pack her things and leave. Rose left in a huff, but only made it as far as the pool house, where she interrupted Bryant and Jennifer, who were in the midst of a romantic kiss.

Holden and Lily shared a little wine, as well as some tender moments in the stables. He told Lily that he had made a decision - he wasn't going to back to WOAK, but he planned to buy a couple of horses, start training them and see if he can turn them into winners. Lily was supportive and agreed that it sounded like a great idea. Lily made a rule that from then on, there would be no secrets between the two of them. Holden countered with two rules of his own - that they remain faithful to each other and that they always tell the truth. In a lighter moment, they decided to go skinny dipping in the Snyder pond.

Carly and Jake were finally introduced to each other when Carly went to Molly's apartment seeking advice from her cousin. After Jake left, Carly filled Molly in on the details of her relationship with Craig Montgomery. She happily described how Jack came to see her to warn her about Craig and his questionable business dealings. She insisted that the reason Jack warned her was because he was jealous of her relationship with Craig and still loved her. Carly hatched the "perfect" plan to reunite herself with Jack - she would go along with Craig's plan and make his delivery, but at the same time, she would also be an informant for Jack and the Oakdale Police Department. Molly warned Carly of the possible consequences of double-crossing Craig Montgomery. Carly brushed aside all of Molly's warnings and called Craig to advise that she changed her mind about delivering the microchips.

Jake paid Emily a visit at the Intruder and questioned her possible involvement in the strange phone calls Molly has been receiving and the finding of the black box recording. An angry Emily emphatically denied having anything to do with either and threatened to throw Jake out of the building. He then admitted to Emily that Molly is afraid that Vicky's ghost has been trying to communicate with her.


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