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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 9, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, October 9, 2000

Lily arrives home from her time away to think. Luke runs in yelling for his daddy. Lily reminds him that daddy isn't there and tells him to go dial grandma's house and talk to him. Luke goes off to call Holden and Lily puts Faith in her playpen and walks over to the desk where there is a pile of mail. She picks up the mail and start going through it. She comes upon a black envelope and opens it. She reads the invitation to David's funeral.At Jack and Julia's house, Julia walks downstairs all dressed up in a black dress. She walks over to a cabinet in the living room and takes out a key and opens the door. She takes out a gun and loads it. Jack yells to her from outside. She sticks the gun in her purse before Jack enters the room. Jack tells her that he had forgotten a file and came home to get it. He sees that she is all dressed up and tells her that she looks great. He then remembers that Stenbeck's funeral is today and tells her that he thought that they had decided that she wouldn't go. She says that she has to go to make sure he is really dead. Jack says that he understands and tells her to be careful and he leaves. At the funeral home, Emily enters wearing a bright red dress. She walks up to the casket and asks David how she looks. She tells him that she had to go buy a new red dress just for him, although she had a closet full of red dresses. She takes out her compact to check her makeup. She looks around to see if she is alone and then she sticks the compact under David's nose to see if there is any breath. She is satisfied to see that he is really dead. As she is putting the compact back in her purse, she hears Lily enter behind her. She takes out a small tape recorder and turns it on and returns it to her purse. Emily walks up to Lily to talk to her, but Lily wants nothing to do with Emily. Denise enters and Lily greets her. They talk about Hope and Denise gets Lily up to date on how she is doing. Molly comes in and Lily goes to talk to her. Emily swoops in for the kill and makes a mad dash for Denise. She starts to question Denise and Denise tells her that she does not want to talk about David. Julia walks in and does not say anything to anyone. She walks up to the casket. Lily walks over to Julia and congratulates her on her marriage to Jack. Lily says that it is a wonderful time in Julia's life to be newly married and for two people to find all the secrets that they may have. Julia gives Lily a worried look. Lily sees Emily badgering Denise and comes to Denise's defense. Lily suspects Emily and grabs her purse and finds the recorder. The women start to yell at Emily for trying to get a story on such traumatic day. Molly grabs the recorder and takes it over to a vase of flowers. She takes the flowers out and drops the recorder in the water. Emily runs over to retrieve the recorder. She tells the women that they can say what the want about her but she is going to make a go of her paper. The funeral director comes in and asks the women to take their seats, the eulogy is about to be begin. They ask who would eulogize David? The funeral director answers, "David Stenbeck, himself!" The women all look at each other. The funeral director wheels in a TV on a cart and starts a video tape. David comes on the TV and addresses each woman. He starts with Lily and tells her that the thing he is leaving with her is the time that he spent with Faith. She will see in the future what influence that he had on her the short time that he had her. He goes to Denise next. He tells her that when Hope turns twenty-one, she will inherit $100,000 and she will receive a document that will tell her the accounts of how she was born in a back room of a strip joint and how her mother had sold her. Then he goes to Molly. He says that he will miss Molly in so many positions...OOPS, ways. He tells her that he is not leaving her anything because he is under her skin and she will never forget him. They will always be a part of each other. He goes to Julia and says that she is his raven haired angel, at least that is what most people think about her. He says that he knows better. He knows her secret that she is trying to hide from Jack and he will keep it for her until one day when she least expects it, it will creep up on her back and bite her. And last he goes to Emily and tells her that she did a bad thing when she double crossed him about getting the money for buying The Intruder. He tells her that he is getting the last laugh. He has called in her loan and she has until tomorrow to pay the money back or the paper will be his. After this, the video tape sticks and David is left staring at the women. They jump up and tell the funeral director to stop the tape. He walks over and turns the TV off. He tells them that he has been instructed to let any of them take time alone with the corpse. They all decline. Emily walks over to the casket and says that he will not take her paper away. She hits the casket with her purse and walks out. Lily tells the women that it is time to forget the past and start anew. Molly says, "Unless you believe in the boogie man, the boogie man always returns." They women start to walk toward the door, except Julia. She stays in the middle of the room. Lily asks if she is coming. Julia doesn't answer, but pulls the gun from her purse. She aims the gun. The women start to yell, "No, Julia!" She pulls the trigger again and again until the gun is empty and she drops it on the floor. Lily asks her what is she thinking? Molly says that she is thinking the same thought that they all had. They walk over to the casket and look at David's body. Lily says that when you are dead, there is no blood. At The Intruder, David's lawyer walks in and asks Chris where Emily Stewart is? Chris says that she is out right now, but he is in charge while she is gone. The man gives Chris a packet with papers inside and says that he might want to look at this. He tells Chris that if his boss is where he can call her, he should get her on the phone right away. Chris starts to look at the papers and Emily walks in. Chris says that he was just about to call her. She looks at David's lawyer and asks what is he doing there? The lawyer tells her that she has until tomorrow to get the money for the paper or he will be there to change the locks. He walks out and Emily yells after him that he had better keep his hand off her locks. Chris asks how much do they need to come up with? She says that it is around $200,000. Chris says that they need to find someone in Oakdale to help them out. Emily tells him that if there was anyone like that she would not have had to go to the slime ball in the first place. Chris tells her that there is someone that she has not thought about. She asks him if he has an extra two hundred grand that he has not told her about. He says no, but Craig Mongomery does. She says no right away. He says that he understand because Margo and Craig are brother and sister, but he thinks that he will help her. She says no again and adds that Margo is only half the story and they are not going to discuss the other half.At the station, Jack starts to tell Hal about Julia's involvement with David's escape. Hal stops him and says that he had figured it out already. Jack mentions that Julia could only do one thing since David had a gun on her. Hal says that he had just read the Marshall's report and David did not have a gun on him. Jack is confused and he asks Hal for advice on how to handle this with Julia. Hal tells him to go home and talk, no, just listen to her. A call comes in and there has been a shooting at the funeral home. Hal informs Jack that Julia was the shooter and they are bringing her into the station. When Julia gets to the station, she tries to explain to Jack what had happen, but she is so upset she can't tell him. Hal comes over and tells Jack that the funeral director is not pressing charges, so Julia is free to go. Jack goes over to her and tells her that he is taking her home. He helps her out the door and she is looking around like someone is going to get her.When Lily gets home, she makes a phone call and tells the person that she is back and she needs to them. She hangs up the phone and rips the invitation to David's funeral up into small pieces. She says, "It is time to begin again."Molly meets Jake and Abigail at the diner. She tells him that she is so glad that the funeral is over. Jake says that he wants to take the two most beautiful women in Oakdale out for dinner. Abigail says that she thinks that sounds great. Molly says that she wants to fix her face and Jake tells her not to keep him waiting and they hug. As Molly is walking by the pay phone on her way to the restroom, the phone starts to ring. She looks at the phone and looks around the room. No one is answering it, so she picks up the phone. On the other end she hears David start to sing, "Beautiful Dreamer.....

Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Lily walks into Lucinda's den and Lucinda, Rose and Jessica are waiting for her. Lily says that she is there and what does Jessica need her to do. Jessica says that she needs to sign some papers to drop the charges against Rose. Lily says that before she signs, she must get a few things straight. She tells Rose that she and Holden are dropping the charges for only one reason, so the media does not get a hold on the story and make a circus out of it. She adds that she needs to protect her children. She tells Rose that she still does not want to have anything to do with her. She signs the papers and says that she will be going. Rose tells her that she has something for her before she goes. Jessica says good-bye and leaves. Rose tells Lily that she took a picture of her diamond to a jeweler and had it appraised and it appraised for 6.5 million dollars. She hands Lily a piece of paper and says that this is her bill. Lily asks her what is she talking about? Rose informs her that she stole her diamond and now she wants compensation for it. Lily laughs in her face and says that she has got to be kidding. Rose says that Lily and Simon schemed together to get her diamond and now she wants money for it. Lucinda asks where the diamond is now? Lily tells her that it is at the bottom of the ocean with Celia Frazier. Rose says that she will go and find Simon and question him about the diamond. Lily tells her to stay away from him. Rose starts to tease Lily about Simon and she asks where she has him hidden away. Lily does not answer. Rose looks at Lucinda and says that she does have him hidden somewhere, she can see it written on her face. Lucinda questions Lily about Simon. Lily says that Simon is her business. Rose says that she can't wait to tell Holden this. Lily informs them that Holden already knows. Lily says that she is finished with this and she is leaving. Rose tells her to wait, what about her bill? Lily says, "Oh yes, the bill. This is what I think about your bill." She wads up the paper and throws it at Rose. The wad hits Rose square on the forehead. Lily stomps out. Holden is at the farm and he walks into the kitchen and tells Emma that he is anxious to get started training horses again. He says that he has to move the lumber that was dropped off at the farm because they put it in the wrong place. Emma informs him that the truck is not working. He says that he knows and he was coming in the house to call the mechanic. Emma says that she has already call the garage and they are sending someone over. Holden hears someone outside and goes out to greet him. The mechanic is already under the hood and Holden asks, "How does she look?" Simon pops out from under the hood and asks who is he talking about? Holden gets mad and tells Simon to get off his property. Simon informs him that he is working for the garage and there is no one else that can come out today. Holden calls and confirms this himself. Finally, Holden gives in and lets Simon take a look at the truck. Simon finds out that it needs a new starter. He calls the garage and asks that someone bring a starter over for him. While Simon is waiting on the starter, he brings up that it is ironic that he is covered in oil and Holden is covered in farm dirt and they are both waiting on Princess Lily to make up her mind who she wants to be with. Holden says that he does not consider his wife a princess. Simon says that he was just making a connection between them. Holden says that he does not want to be connected to Simon. Holden tells Simon that he had better get ready for some bad news because he visited Lily and the children while she was at the cabin and everything seemed to be going good. Simon asks Holden if he can help him load the lumber in the truck and Holden says that he doesn't need Simon's help. Simon says that he doesn't like just sitting around with nothing to do. Simon goes to pick up a board and Holden swings the board around that he has and hits Simon on the head. Simon asks Holden if he is trying to kill him? Holden asks if he really wants him to answer that? The two men start to laugh and Emma comes out and asks what is so funny? Holden says that he couldn't even explain it. Simon's cell phone rings and when he answers it, it is Lily. She says that she has missed him and he tells her that he has missed her too. He looks at Holden and smiles. Holden walks away and he is no longer smiling. Lily says that she needs to see Simon and he says that he can meet her.John walks in on Andy on the phone. Andy is making reservations for he and Denise to see a dance troupe that is coming into to town. Andy turns around and sees John standing there. He tells the person on the phone that he will call back. John starts to talk to Andy about the rumors that are going around the hospital. Andy tells his father that he believes that it is just people talking who think that Andy is only after Ben because of Denise. John looks at his son and asks if he thinks that they should go ahead with the proceedings against Ben? Andy says that he had told his father that he didn't want to bring charges against Ben, it was his father's idea. John asks Andy if he had done anything to numb himself from the waist down? Andy asks his father if he is kidding? He says that his father knows that he could not have given himself a spinal tap. John asks his son, point blank, did he do this? Andy says, "NO!" Andy wheels past John and John walks over to the table and sees some needles for sewing on the table. He takes a pin and walks up behind his son and sticks Andy in the leg. Andy jumps and says, "OUCH!!" He turns and looks at his father. John asks Andy how he could do such a thing? Andy tells his father that he doesn't know how it is, to be in love with someone that doesn't love you back. John asks if he thought he could get Denise to love him through pity? Andy says that he thought if he could get her to spend some time with him and Hope as a family that she would fall in love with him. John says that this has got to come to an end. Andy says that he knows that he has to come clean. He tells John that he will go to the hearing and tell everyone what he has done. John says that he won't do it that way. He tells Andy that he will tell everyone that he has started to get some feeling in his legs and he didn't say anything until he could talk to his father.Kim is drinking coffee at the diner and Denise walks in and tells Kim that she had followed her there. Kim says that she was not ready to go home, she needed some down time. Denise asks Kim about how she is feeling about Andy. Kim says that she asks John about helping Andy inject himself and John had said that is absolutely did not do anything like that. Denise gives Kim a look and Kim says that she knows what she is thinking. Kim tells Denise that there is one thing that she knows about John and that is he takes his medical practice serious. Kim tells Denise that she really thinks that John had nothing to do with Andy, if he did, in fact inject himself. Denise tells Kim that she has had it and she is ready to move on. Kim begs Denise to stay with Andy just a little longer. Denise says that it is time for her to move on. She says that she is not leaving so she can run to Ben, either. She says that it is time for her to stand on her own two feet. Kim says, "Good for you." John walks in and he has wonderful news. He tells Kim and Denise about going to see Andy and Andy told him that he has had some tingling in his legs. The two women look at each other. John says that this is wonderful news and he would have thought that they would be shouting for joy? Kim says that this is wonderful news, if she can bring herself to believe it.

Wednesday, October 11, 2000

Emily tells Chris she has a bad history with Craig--she broke up his relationships with Sierra and Samantha. A gleeful Katie shows Craig the notice that the Intruder is going up for sale. Molly finally tells Jake of her crank calls and the voice singing "Beautiful Dreamer." Katie and Craig make a bet about the fate of the Intruder, with Katie betting the tabloid will be history in the morning.

At Jake's urging, Molly informs Hal about the creepy calls she's been getting, with Abigail suggesting a jealous Emily could be behind them. Jake is flabbergasted when Emily asks him for a loan and suggests yet again he work for the Intruder. He turns her down when she starts taunting him about Molly's role as perpetual victim. Tom is incredulous when Chris asks him to give Emily a loan and begs Chris to quit and come work for him at the Argus. Craig surprises all of them when he walks in and offers to help Emily.

When Hal nixes Molly's suggestion to have Abigail sleep over with Jennifer, Abigail tries to reassure her mother that they'll be safe in Molly's apartment. After Margo learns from Tom of Craig's offer to save Emily, she theorizes that her brother is doing it so he can exact his own revenge on Emily. Chris believes Craig's offer is too good to be true when Craig claims he doesn't want anything in return. A desperate Emily ignores Chris's warnings and shakes hands on the deal with Craig.

A tense Molly screams when the phone rings and the voice calls her "kitten" before launching into "Beautiful Dreamer." Katie calls Craig a cheater when he tells her he won their bet because he has assumed Emily's loan. Hal tries his wiretap on Molly's phone and Molly can't believe it when it doesn't pick up anything of the call--it was real, she insists to Hal and Jake.

Thursday, October 12, 2000

Molly and Jake discuss Molly's moving into Jake's and he stays at her place for the time being until the phone rang. Lucinda has a visitor from the NTSB who has recovered a black box from her plane that went down almost a year ago. She asks Jake if he would like to listen to it with her since it could help put closure on the loss of his wife and the pilot. He agrees and Molly decides she will go with him for support. When they get to Lucinda's Jake asks to listen to the message alone. Molly and Lucinda leave the room and Molly hears the voice singing "Beautiful Dreamer" and freaks. She figures out that the voice she hears and the voice on the message are the same. The NTSB advisor said no one else has heard it and it was impossible. Jake and Molly leave and molly wonders if maybe Vicky isn't responsible for sending subliminal messages to her through this voice. Jake tries to get Molly to think of a living person who would do it.

Lily visits Simon and tries to tell him that she made a vow to Holden and she needs to stay with the kids and Simon reminds her of all the time they spent alone on the island and how they feared for their lives everyday. Simon also said how he has thought of a life they could spend together. Rose then goes to torment Simon.

Rose visit's Holden and tries to give him a present and also gives one to Emma. She tires to explain how she feels at home with them and how sorry she is. Holden just wants her to leave. She does then Lily stops by. She calls for him and he drops down on a bail of hay and says hello. She looks very surprised but happy

Friday, October 13, 2000

As Hal and Barbara were discussing Carly's intentions towards regaining custody of Parker, she arrived to take him for a visit. Although Hal was not happy about Parker spending time at Craig Montgomery's apartment, he agreed to let Carly take him overnight. After Carly and Parker left, Hal blamed Barbara for "drawing the battle lines" regarding custody of his son.

At the stables, Lily informed Holden that she and Simon were over and she was ready to give their marriage another chance. When Holden suggested they go home right then and there, she hesitated and told him things were moving just a little too fast - she needed more time. This angered Holden and instead of getting back together, they again argued about Simon and Rose. Lily declared that the problem wasn't Simon and Rose, the problem was their marriage - it was in trouble and she didn't know how to fix it. They had a heart to heart talk about all the things that caused them to grow apart from each other and decided to take things slowly.

Julia was angry when Jack locked his gun in the safe and wouldn't give her the new combination. She assured Jack that he could trust her and was annoyed when he suggested that she consider seeing a psychiatrist. The discussion ended when Lisa arrived to take Julia to lunch with her and Barbara. Barbara and Lisa agreed to help Julia and they called David Stenbeck's lawyer. When the lawyer, Mr. Stiles, arrived at the restaurant, the three women offered to compensate him for handing over the photograph of Winston Lowe and Julia. He politely declined, and when asked what he planned to do with the photo, he refused to elaborate, citing attorney-client privilege. Julia decided the only thing to do was to come clean and tell Jack the truth.

Jack was appalled when Hal informed him of Carly and Craig's new living arrangement and they speculated on the possible connection between the two of them in Hong Kong. Worried about a possible custody battle for Parker, Hal decided to investigate Craig (since he was "on Carly's side") and brought Isaac into the station for questioning about Craig's involvement with the deceased Winston Lowe. Isaac told Hal "off the record" that the word on the streets was that before Lowe died, he and Craig had been involved in some sort of secret black market microchip deal.

Jack went to Carly's apartment to question her about Craig Montgomery. She assured him that Craig had been nothing but wonderful to her, helping her when no one else in Oakdale would do so. Jack told her that Craig could possibly be a crook and that if he went down, Carly would go down with him. Carly implied that Jack wasn't there just on police business, he was there because he still cared about her.


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