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Arlene miscarried Adam's baby and set Liza up to take the blame. Eliot decided not to leave Pine Valley. Wade locked Greenlee and Leo in a broken elevator, but they managed to escape. Erica brushed off David's attempt at reconciliation. Bianca skipped school to hang out with Rain at the mall.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 9, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, October 9, 2000

Leo was trying to comfort Greenlee. He was trying to get her to tell him what was going on when a gunshot rang out. They both fell to the ground. Greenlee was yelling at Leo trying to get him to wake up. She was telling Leo that she really cared for him and she wanted him to wake up so she can hold him again. He hit his head on the way down but there was no blood and he was still breathing so Greenlee knew he was not shot. Leo's eyes finally opened and Greenlee hugged him tight. Leo asked Greenlee what happened and she told him that it was a drive by shooting. Leo wanted to know why they were target practice. Greenlee told him that they were probably shooting at Ryan because he has a lot of enemies and they were at his place. He started to call the police and Greenlee stopped him. Leo finally called the police and while he was on the phone reporting the shooting, Greenlee grabbed Ryan's passport and then ran out of the apartment. Leo followed after her.

Eliot was at the shelter talking with Jack. Eliot was packing his bags because he was leaving. Brooke came in and Jack tried to stop her from talking to Eliot. Jack told Brooke that Eliot was leaving town. Brooke grabbed Eliot's arm and told him that he better not walk away from her now. Eliot wanted to talk to Brooke in private so they went into one of the rooms and closed the door to talk. Brooke told Eliot that Laura would have been the age of all the kids in the shelter now if he didn't get behind the wheel of a car when he was drunk and kill her. Erica was at the shelter trying to talk to Bianca and told her to stay away from the undesirables. Bianca was telling her mother that she was wrong about Rev. Eliot. Erica was telling Bianca how terrible it is to loose a child. He stole Brooke's most precious dream. Bianca told her mother that Rev Eliot had a secret and that everyone has a secret. Bianca also told Erica that she felt Rev Eliot loved Brooke and if he told her the truth, she would probably leave him. In the back room, Brooke and Eliot are arguing over the way he handled the situation. Brooke called Eliot a "coward" and a person hiding behind the clerical collar pretending to serve God. Eliot told Brooke that he thought there was a chance that she would not forgive him. He told her that there was many times when he tried to tell her but did not. He said that he came back to Pine Valley to ask for her forgiveness. Brooke told him once that "forgiveness was once possible." He felt that she needed to know the truth. She asked Eliot if he knew what it was like to bury your own child. One day you are talking about the back of the box of cereal at breakfast and the next morning, you are planning the funeral. Eliot told Brooke that he is going to leave Pine Valley. Brooks told him that if he left, he would hide behind his collar and leave like a thief in the night. Eliot told Brooke that he had lived with what he did to her family every second of every hour of every day. Brooke told him that if he left, he would be getting away with murder again, and that was what he was good at.

Arlene was experiencing stomach pains and was being comforted by Vanessa. Arlene was afraid she was loosing the baby and wanted Vanessa to take her to the hospital. Arlene's pains were getting worse. They were almost out of the front door when Arlene doubled over in pain. She left Vanessa alone for a few minutes while she left the room. Winifred came into the room wondering who was screaming. Vanessa told her that nobody screamed. After Winifred left, Arlene came back into the room "white as a sheet." She told Vanessa that she had a miscarriage. She started to cry and Vanessa held her and tried to comfort her. Vanessa was trying to get Arlene to go to a doctor and make sure everything was OK. Arlene said that the only thing the doctor would tell her was that she lost the baby and then Vanessa interjected the words "meal ticket." Arlene just looked at Vanessa and said that she was carrying a life inside her and she had Adam. Arlene said that Adam loved her and this was proof of it. The baby was going to make him stay with her and he was going to forget about Liza. Arlene said that now Liza would get everything, Adam, the house, everything.... Vanessa came up with a scheme to try to stage an accident so it would look like Liza caused the miscarriage. Vanessa gave the phone to Arlene and she called Liza. She told Liza that she wanted to talk to her about the divorce from Adam. Liza told her that she would be right over to see her. She then called Hayley and wanted her there as the impartial witness. She told Hayley that she was reconsidering the offer of letting Mateo and her adopt her baby. Arlene told Hayley that she wanted this baby to have the best that could be offered and that she and Mateo would be the best. Hayley said that she was on her way over. Just then, Lisa came through the front door and told Lisa that she would sign the divorce papers as long as Adam and Liza would make this baby a part of the Chandler family. She wanted Adam to function as father in every way, the baby was to be invited to all the functions including birthdays, holidays and other activities. Liza would not agree because it would mean that Arlene would also come along. Arlene told Liza that she would not divorce him and then it would mean that Liza could not marry him. Liza reminded Arlene that he was "Adam Chandler" and he would find a way to get around it. Liza started to walk away and as she did, Arlene grabbed a bottle of liquor and said that this was the only friend she had and that Liza was making her do this. Liza tried to get the bottle away from her but Arlene would not give it to her.

Greenlee came back to her motel room and before she entered, she looked to see if Wade was following her. She didn't see him so she entered her room and gave a big sigh. Wade was in the bathroom and he came out holding a gun on Greenlee and told her that she had been a very bad girl. He wanted to know why her boyfriend called the cops. She told him that Leo was not her boyfriend and the reason he wanted to call the cops was because someone took a shot at them. She handed Ryan's passport to Wade and then he asked her where the money was. She told him that she was not an ATM machine and could not withdraw $1,000,000 in twenty dollar bills. Just then, Leo started pounding on the door of her room and telling her that he knew she was in there and he wanted to know what was going on and he wasn't leaving until he found out. Wade held a gun to her and said she was in big trouble. Leo broke the door open but there was nobody in the room.

Reverend Taylor came into the shelter and was talking to Eliot. Eliot told him that Brooke knew and that she told him that he was taking the coward's way out by leaving. Reverend Taylor told Eliot that since this was now in the open, there was a way that he could let him stay on in Pine Valley. Eliot said that the honorable thing to do was leave and get out of Brooke's life forever.

Jack brought Brooke home and when they entered the house, Brooke told Jack that there was no way she was going to let Eliot leave town with a clean slate and start over again. Jack wanted to know what she meant and Brooke responded by saying that she has just begun to ruin Eliot's life.

Arlene and Liza were fighting over a bottle of liquor. Arlene wanted to take a drink and Liza was telling her that it was not good for the baby. As Liza tried to get the bottle from her, Hayley came through the front door. When Arlene realized that Hayley was there, she started to go up the stairs and Liza was behind her holding her arm and telling her that she doesn't deserve to have Adam's baby. Liza grabbed Arlene's arm and Arlene lost her footing and fell down the stairs. Liza just stood there as Hayley called out her mother's name. Arlene, meanwhile, lay unconscious on the floor.

Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Alone in an office at Pine Valley Hospital, Jake reflected on the conversation in which he told Gillian that she was free to leave him. Fresh from his business trip abroad, Tad showed up at the hospital for some small talk with his brother. Jake, though, was less than enthusiastic, telling his brother that it was pretty much over for him and Gillian. Naturally, Tad wanted to know what had transpired while he was out of town. Jake skimped on the details, saying only that he was aware that Gillian's life had gone on after he'd deserted her. Tad told his little brother that he was "proud" of him, but urged him not to give up on his relationship with Gillian. He pointed to his relationship with Dixie as a sign that even the rockiest roads can even out in the end. When another doctor entered the room, Jake made up an excuse that he the other doctor were working together on a case. Tad smiled, nodded his head and left the office. Though it wasn't entirely a lie, the truth was that the other doctor was helping Jake with his medical condition. Jake listened as he was told that there were no changes in his condition. However, the neurologist was almost certain that Jake's impotence would reverse itself naturally over time. If that didn't work, the doctor explained, there was always an experimental medication.

At the hunting lodge, Alex returned from an outing with Edmund's children and found Dimitri waiting for her. The pair wanted to spend a romantic night huddled up in front of the fire, but Dimitri explained that he had to meet with Ryan. As Dimitri was leaving, Gillian showed up on the doorstep grumbling about the difficulties in her life. Dimitri told Gillian that he'd love to speak to her, but said that he had a meeting to attend. Alex gladly welcomed Gillian into the lodge and the two sat down for a heart-to-heart. Alex started the discussion by apologizing for "neglecting" her relationship with Gillian. Gillian claimed to understand that Alex had other things on her mind. Slowly but surely, Gillian related her situation to Alex. She explained that Jake had pushed her out of his life because he'd figured out on his own that she had been seeing Ryan while he was in Chechnya. Alex saw that as a good sign, a sign that she was free to move forward with Ryan. Not so, said Gillian. Gillian mentioned Jake's medical condition and a sense of devotion that she still has for her husband. "You're caught in the middle," Alex stated understandingly. "Is it possible to love two men?" Gillian asked Alex. Perhaps at first Gillian didn't realized that Alex had asked herself that question not so long ago. Alex told Gillian that in her situation, Dimitri is her "one great love." Yes, she admitted, she cared deeply for Edmund, but she wondered if Edmund wasn't a mechanism to help her get by. Alex quickly explained that she hadn't chosen Dimitri over Edmund --- her heart had made the decision for her. Gillian interjected that her situation was a bit different because she was married to Jake. Alex warned Gillian that no good would come of her relationship with Jake if she were merely staying with him out of some sense of obligation. Gillian feared that she would make everyone miserable by remaining in Pine Valley and questioned whether or not she would return to Hungary. Alex shook her head and assured Gillian that nothing good would come from running away. "Everything will work out for the greater good," Alex smiled.

Hayley raced to her mother's side just as Adam returned to the mansion. Liza stood at the top of the staircase transfixed on Arlene's lifeless body. Arlene's eyes fluttered slightly and Hayley raced to call the paramedics. When Arlene regained consciousness, she immediately asked about her baby. Hayley tried to calm her mother, but it did little good. Arlene looked weakly in Liza's direction, saying that if anything happened to the baby it was all Liza's fault. Adam looked to Liza for an explanation. Hayley asked that they wait until later to talk about what had happened. The paramedics arrived at the mansion and Arlene was whisked off to the hospital.

Mateo arrived at the hospital before the ambulance. A doctor immediately met with Arlene and Hayley as they arrived in the emergency room. Hayley briefed the doctor on what had happened, saying that Arlene had fallen down a flight of steps. Vanessa followed behind the ambulance, arriving just a short time later. She explained her appearance by saying that she'd been dropping by to see Arlene when she noticed the flashing lights in the driveway. As Arlene was being wheeled into an examining room, Vanessa overheard her ask the doctor to save the baby first. "Brava," Vanessa mumbled to herself. Adam approached Liza and asked her what led up to Arlene's accident. Liza described everything accurately. Vanessa scolded Liza for "attacking" a pregnant woman. Hayley shushed them all and asked that they all pray for the baby. Hayley sat down with Mateo and Adam and confessed that she would have been at the mansion sooner --- perhaps in time to stop the accident --- if she had not stopped by the jewelry store to purchase a necklace for the baby. It was clear that Hayley was beginning to second-guess herself for not having gone directly to the mansion. As they talked, the doctor exited Arlene's room. According to the doctor, Arlene had dislocated her shoulder and suffered a concussion during the fall. Hayley looked up nervously and asked about the baby. "We weren't able to save the baby," the doctor replied. Vanessa went into the room to visit Arlene. She broke the news that Adam hadn't seemed particularly upset about the baby not surviving. She also whispered that Arlene might have gotten more sympathy if she hadn't been holding a bottle of liquor just before the fall. Arlene pursed her lips together and muttered that she was desperate and hadn't had much time to think. Adam appeared in the doorway and Vanessa knew to make herself scarce. As she passed by Adam, Vanessa told Adam that she hadn't told Arlene that she'd lost the baby because it wasn't really her place to do so. Arlene looked at Adam with wide eyes and asked about the baby. "I'm sorry, Arlene," Adam replied. Arlene sobbed uncontrollably. Outside the room, Vanessa told Hayley that she was sorry about the loss of her little brother or sister. She also urged them all to be strong for Arlene's sake. Liza sighed deeply, looking very upset. Back inside, Arlene told Adam that she had thought a lot about her baby and said how much she wanted to have another child. "I wanted this baby more than anything. I even pictured her face," said Arlene tenderly. She shook her head and said that she never should have called Liza. Adam looked curiously at his wife and asked her why she called Liza. Arlene said that she'd called Liza because she wanted to come to some sort of agreement over their impending divorce. Again Arlene said that if she hadn't called Liza her baby probably would still be alive.

Ryan was scheduled to meet with Dimitri at the local health club. He arrived a little early and took out some frustration on a punching bag. Edmund strolled up to him and jokingly asked if he felt any better after beating up a defenseless bag. Ryan nodded slightly. He then warned Edmund that he was going to be meeting Dimitri. Edmund shrugged indifferently and continued about his business. Edmund asked Ryan if he'd mind sharing the bag. Ryan started to take off his gloves, but Edmund said that he didn't use gloves when he boxed. When Dimitri arrived, he greeted Edmund with a smile. Dimitri incorrectly assumed that he'd been summoned to talk about Gillian. That wasn't the case. Ryan told Dimitri that he didn't even want to mention Gillian's name. Instead, he wanted Dimitri to invest money into Incredible Dreams and buy out Woodruff Greenlee. Dimitri asked Ryan to send him his latest earnings report and a business prospectus so that he could discuss the investment with Alex. That aside, Dimitri said that he wanted to talk about Gillian. Ryan angrily snapped at Dimitri and again said that he did not want to talk about Gillian. Ryan calmed down and apologized for raising his voice. Dimitri spotted Edmund getting some water and excused himself to talk to his brother. The conversation was civil, but hardly meaningful. Dimitri asked Edmund why he hasn't seen him around the grounds. Edmund curtly replied, "I've been busy." Edmund told Dimitri that he's been doing okay --- at least better than Ryan's doing. Edmund then sarcastically commented that Dimitri was the last person who should be giving advice about a woman torn between two men. Edmund walked away and Dimitri filed out of the club. Later, Edmund returned to the punching bag and began punching it. With each subsequent blow, the force behind Edmund's punch grew. As he hit the bag, he flashed back to childhood boxing lessons he'd had with Dimitri. In his vision, Edmund recalled how the man who'd raised him, Alf, gushed endless praise at Dimitri. After Dimitri left to go riding, Alf ridiculed Edmund and told him that he'd have to learn how to use the punching bag without gloves. Edmund started to punch the bag, but Alf pushed the bag into the young boy and sent him flying to the ground. Edmund looked up from the ground and listened to Alf's taunts about how Dimitri, Lord of the Manner, would always be better than him. Edmund struggled to his feet and started pounding away on the bag. In the present, Edmund continued attacking the bag. When he stopped to catch his breath, a steady stream of blood trickled down from his knuckles.

Wednesday, October 11, 2000

Gillian and Jake returned to work at Pine Valley Hospital on the same day, and bumped into each other in the hallway. They decided they could work at the hospital together despite their estrangement. He was pleased to hear she was living back at Wildwind. A teenage Jane Doe came into the hospital bleeding from a head would. Jake discovered the girl was deaf. Gillian called Tina who arrived at the hospital to sign Jake's questions to the teenage patient, Gretchen. Both Jake and Gillian thanked Tina. Jake complimented Gillian's quick thinking. Gillian recalled her aphasia, her frustration during her illness, and the way Jake helped her when she couldn't speak. "You were so wonderful to me and kind and patient." Feeling awkward, Gillian returned to work. Jake followed her out the door and then stopped himself. "Let her go Jake, all you need is time," he said to himself. Jake talked to his doctor and volunteered for an experimental drug treatment to get back his sexual function. Later, Jake asked Tina about Adrian. She said he was fine, but turning to Gillian, Tina said, "This girl had to take matters into her own hands and drag her man back home. She's awesome." After Tina left, Jake apologized for pushing Gillian away after he couldn't make love. He made her say that he was forgiven. Then he nervously asked her for a date. She accepted with a smile and returned to work. Jake took a deep breath and strutted off, one happy man.

Erica and Bianca had breakfast at the Valley Inn before Bianca's first day at school. David walked in and Bianca invited him to join them. A disheveled Leo stumbled in and asked to speak with Bianca. Erica thanked David for the flowers he sent to Travis' funeral. Outside, Leo asked Bianca if she had seen Greenlee. He explained that Wade was threatening Greenlee for the money she borrowed and that he had taken a shot at Leo. Leo realized that Greenlee had sent him away from the Pine Cone Motel to protect him. Bianca and Leo ran back into the restaurant and asked for Erica's help. David and Erica brushed off the so-called emergency, as another dramatic ploy on Greenlee's part. David said "from what I know about her, you'd be better off if she did disappear." Leo lunged at David. "Don't you ever speak about Greenlee like that again. She's stuck by me a lot more than you have." A waiter broke up the fight. David called Leo a fool and said he had seen Greenlee in the hotel with another man, just the night before. Leo realized the man was Wade. "Which floor?" he asked. "I can't believe I'm saying this brother, but you're beautiful." He kissed a startled David on the forehead and dashed off. David talked to Bianca about returning to school. He said he wished he had a mother who loved him as much as Erica did Bianca. Bianca said with her dad gone, and a new home and none of her friends around, it was very difficult to think about going to school. Erica said she would be fine, kissed her and sent her off to her first day at PVH. After Bianca left, Erica thanked David for talking to Bianca. David called Erica a loving but firm mother and he wished that Leo could have her for a mother. Erica said David hadn't been this flattering toward her in a long time. He said she was like a "mom of the year." Erica blushed at the compliment. He realized that Erica wanted more than anything to be a good mother to Bianca. Outside the restaurant, Paul, the waiter, caught Rain panhandling and was preparing to throw her out when Bianca intervened. "Since when do you abuse the friends of regular customers?" she asked. An apologetic Paul let Rain go. Bianca played off Rain's panhandling as a practical joke. Paul and the hotel guest walked away. "Nicely done," Rain complimented. Rain invited Bianca to go to the mall with her instead of going to school. Bianca agreed to hang out with Rain.

Greenlee was tied up in a chair beside a sleeping Wade in his hotel room. She tried to sneak out, but he woke up just as she reached the door. He told her if she wanted to live, she'd better start acting like it.

Wade retied Greenlee and told her if he didn't get $1 million from her grandfather, she was dead. He dialed her grandfather's number, held the phone to her ear and instructed her to start talking. While Wade held a gun to Greenlee's head, she begged Woodruff for the money. Wade pulled the phone away and told Woodruff he would kill Greenlee. Outside, Leo listened in at each door until he heard Wade's voice. He took a passkey off the housekeeper's cart and opened the door. Inside, Wade told Woodruff to hold on a minute. "Housekeeping," Leo announced in a high-pitched voice. "We don't want housekeeping," Wade said without turning around. When Wade tried to close the door, Leo shoved against it, knocked Wade down, and dislodged the gun from Wade's had. Wade dove for the gun and turned it on Leo. Greenlee untied herself while Wade held a gun on the couple. Leo asked him to let Greenlee go, but Wade said there would be no deals. Wade said unlike Greenlee, Leo wasn't worth a million bucks and he dismissed Leo and Vanessa as a couple of "grifters." He told Leo to turn around and get on his knees and held the gun to the back of Leo's head. After a tense moment, Wade changed his mind. Saying he needed time to make some plans he told Leo to get up. The three headed for the door. Wade, Leo and Greenlee walked toward the elevator. Suddenly a repairman ran up and advised them that the elevator cable had snapped. He locked the elevator doors, placed the keys on a nearby cart and left. Wade had Leo unlock the door and forced Leo and Greenlee into the broken elevator. "You too want to be together so bad, sit tight while I get the money." When the doors closed the elevator fell a few inches with a sickening thump. "Oh, my God. We're in hell." Just then, the elevator shifted again. Greenlee fell into Leo's arms.

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Thursday, October 12, 2000

by Dan J Kroll

Tad and Dixie were about to enter the dining area at The Valley Inn when they spotted David and Erica. Dixie was supposed to have reported to work at the hospital, but Tad encouraged his wife to take the day off since David was obviously playing hooky. Dixie was reluctant, but ceded to Tad's request that they spend the day together in the honeymoon suite. As Tad went to check on availability of the room, Dixie, her face red with embarrassment, waited patiently. Erica thanked David for helping her convince Bianca to go to school. David nodded his head and told Erica that he wanted to stick around and have breakfast with her. "I can stay as long as you want," he beamed. Erica looked caught off guard as she told David that she couldn't stay due to a prior engagement with Opal. As Erica started to move, David took Erica's hand and asked her not to leave until he had a chance to tell her something. Erica obliged, listening as David apologized for the way that they had argued just prior to Travis' death. Erica sighed slightly, recalling that she and David had sparred over Dimitri. The argument made Erica regret never having had a chance to work things out with her late husband. David looked over and Erica and smiled. He told her that he still felt "something" between them. Erica continued to listen as David spoke of hope for reconciliation. After he finished, Erica told him that she didn't see any chance that they'd get back together. "We were smart enough to end our relationship. Let's keep it that way," she replied coldly. David argued that they still had a chance and reminded Erica of the love they'd made in his office. Erica rose from the table and bid David farewell. As Erica swished away, David threw his napkin on the table in disgust. David turned to watch Erica, but instead he saw Dixie loitering in the lobby. He approached his office assistant and asked her why she wasn't at work. Before Dixie could respond, David reminded Dixie about a grant application that was due at the end of the week. Dixie tried to protest, saying that the application didn't have to be done for another week. David, however, countered that he'd be busy the following week and needed it done immediately. Tad approached and snapped that Dixie was going to be spending the day with him. David and Tad bickered back and forth. Finally, Tad told David that it was unfair for him to grumble at Dixie just because his "fondle" session with Erica hadn't gone as planned. David bit his lip and told Dixie to spend the day with Tad. As he left, though, he muttered that he didn't think Dixie's romp with Tad fell under the category of having to take care of her family. Dixie chased after David and reminded him that she's never missed a deadline before. She pledged to have the completed forms on David's desk by Monday morning.

In their office at Tempo, Edmund's blooded knuckles worried Brooke. She urged him to have his hand examined, but Edmund insisted that he was okay. When Brooke learned that Edmund had injured his hand on a punching bag, Brooke muttered that she'd love to have a chance to take out her anger on an inanimate object. Brooke told Edmund that she had "made a fool" of herself at the community center. She continued on, saying that she was furious that Eliot was going to tuck his tail between his legs and flee Pine Valley. Brooke fumed that Eliot would have the chance to start anew somewhere and not suffer any sort of repercussions for what he'd done to Laura. Edmund reminded Brooke that Eliot had served his time in jail and urged her to let him leave. Brooke fielded a call from a reporter, but said that she had no comment on Eliot or his situation. During the course of the call, Brooke learned that Eliot was preparing for his final sermon. She looked at Edmund, her face dripping with fury. She told Edmund that her "pain is never, ever going to go away" and snarled that she could "make sure that [Eliot's] never does, either." Edmund told Brooke that he wanted to be in on whatever it was she had planned.

At the church, Ricky confronted Eliot about the rumors he'd heard. When Eliot confirmed that everything he'd heard was true, Ricky wasn't sure how to react. He blasted the minister for having had his father hauled into court. "At least he never killed anybody," Ricky snapped. Eliot nodded and explained that he'd never claimed to be better than anyone; he'd had Hank taken to court because he was hurting Ricky. Ricky became silent, sort of nodding his head. Church began, with Becca and Ricky among those in attendance. At the conclusion of the service, Eliot addressed the congregation and informed them that he would be leaving Pine Valley. As he spoke, Brooke and Edmund arrived --- with Brooke take a seat in the front pew. Eliot's voice cracked and he tried to hold back tears as he revealed that he had taken the life of a young girl. Throughout his confession, he didn't reveal that identity of the child he'd killed. He explained that during his time in jail time, he had found his calling to the Lord. Then, as he looked in Brooke's eyes, he recalled the emotional encounter he'd had when he'd told Brooke the truth. Suddenly, he realized that Brooke was right; running away would not solve anything. He looked at Brooke and told her, "I am leaving you with an open wound that I caused. If I run away now, I'm a coward." Brooke did not appear relieved and told Edmund that she needed to go home and make sure that Jamie was okay. Ricky later walked up to Eliot and told him that he was glad that he wasn't going to leave town.

As they puttered through the mall, Bianca gushed enthusiastically to Rain about the rush she was getting from skipping school. Rain shocked Bianca by announcing that they were going to "panhandle" to get money for a movie and a bite to eat. Bianca nervously stated that she wasn't quite ready to ask people for money. Rain agreed and told her new friend to watch and learn. Rain gave Bianca her denim jacket and mussed up her hair. Rain then took to the crowds to ask women passing by for a dollar so that she could phone home to her mother. One by one, the woman parted with their money --- and Rain loved every minute of it. Rain told Bianca that it was her turn to test out her stuff. Bianca bashfully told Rain that she wasn't sure that "Erica Kane's daughter" could get away with asking for money. A woman happened to be passing by and chattered on and on about what a fan she was of Erica. Bianca rolled her eyes and told the woman that she wasn't really Erica's daughter --- and that Rain thought it was funny to say that she looked like Erica's daughter. The woman apologized and agreed that Bianca really didn't look anything like Erica's daughter. Across the food court, Erica and Opal raced towards each other, both apologizing to the other for running late. They sat down and discussed what was going on in their lives --- Opal's booming business at The Glamorama and Erica's troubles with Bianca. Opal assured Erica that now that she was "a full-time mom" things wouldn't always be smooth between her and Bianca. Erica chattered on about wanting to buy Bianca a new fall wardrobe, but Erica quickly realized that buying clothing for Bianca might be seen as another attempt to dictate her daughter's lifestyle. Erica sighed and told Opal that she feels as if Bianca is holding something back from her. She told Opal about the theory that Bianca had developed a relationship with a boy at rehab. Opal pursed her lips together and said that she's sorry that Bianca had her heart broke, but she also assured her that heartbreaks were natural for a 16-year old. Erica shook her head and sighed that things are different now then when they were Bianca's age. Across the way, Bianca was ready to move into action for her first attempt at asking for money. Suddenly, she froze in her tracks; she'd spotted her mother across the mall.

In the elevator, Greenlee began to panic. As the elevator sank little by little, Greenlee feared that she and Leo were going to die. Things got even worse when Greenlee learned that the emergency phone was dead. Leo pushed a ceiling panel to the side so that he could check the elevator shaft for an exit route. Leo lifted himself so that his head could peek out into the shaft, but he immediately lowered himself back into the car, a look of horror on his face. Leo told Greenlee that the car was literally hanging on by a few threads; the cable had been shredded. Greenlee started yelling for help. Greenlee fretted that she'd never have a chance to own a dog, something her parents had never allowed her to do. Leo quickly wrapped his arms around her and advised her to remain as still and as quiet as possible. To calm her down, Leo planted a kiss on Greenlee. Leo then climbed back outside the car to once again figure a way to get to safety. "There's a ladder fastened to the wall up there," Leo told Greenlee. He told her that she'd have to climb the cable to get to the ladder. Greenlee fussed about being the first to climb to safety. Leo ordered her to stop wasting time and start climbing. With a boost from Leo, Greenlee climbed out of the car and made it safely to the ladder. Jubilant that she was going to be fine, Greenlee cast a gaze down to tell Leo to start following after her. Suddenly, the elevator shifted yet again. Greenlee called out to Leo as the car dropped.

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Thursday, October 13, 2000

by Dan J Kroll

Bianca panicked when she spotted her mother across the crowded corridor. Rain urged her friend to remain calm as she came up with a plan. The two girls hid their faces and scurried off. Erica, meanwhile, was distraught because she hadn't found the jacket that she wanted to buy for Bianca. Opal tried to cheer up her gal pal by walking her past the costume store. As the two women browsed the rack of Halloween garb, Rain and Bianca, donned in Halloween costumes, approached them. Rain took the lead, telling Erica and Opal that she was collecting money for the homeless at the community center. Erica and Opal gladly reached into the purses and forked over some money. Happy that they'd done something good, Opal and Erica called it a day and headed home. Bianca and Rain, meanwhile, chirped merrily about scoring more cash. Bianca wanted to check out a movie, but Rain decided that they needed to pull off one more scam. Rain instructed Bianca to bury her head on the table and feign serious illness. Bianca did as she was told and listened as Rain approached a man in the mall and told him that she and her friend, who had fallen terribly ill as a result of needing an insulin injection, were robbed and needed money to take a cab home. Bianca looked up to add credibility to Rain's story. Her face froze when she learned that the man Rain was trying to hit up for money was her Uncle Jack. Jack looked down at his niece in surprise. He told her that he had three questions for her --- why wasn't she in school, when was she robbed and when he she become diabetic. Bianca smiled nervously, but said nothing.

Greenlee raced to the lobby of The Valley Inn and begged the rescue team for word on Leo's fate. The men offered no reassurance, saying only that they were working as fast as possible and doing the best they could. Woodruff arrived at the hotel and immediately wrapped his arms around his granddaughter. Greenlee was on the verge of a nervous breakdown as she told her grandfather that she wouldn't be able to go on if something had happened to Leo. Fortuitously, Leo appeared behind the Greenlees. Greenlee raced to Leo and gave him a big hug. As Greenlee squeezed him, Leo grimaced in pain. He would later explain that he hadn't been in the elevator when it crashed to the bottom of the shaft; he'd escaped with the help of a woman named Victoria. Leo stated that when the elevator fell, it had only fallen to the fifth floor. There, Victoria heard his cries and pried open the elevator doors with a metal trashcan. Leo exited the elevator before it took its final fall and Victoria helped him make his way down the stairs to the lobby. Greenlee flashed a jealous look at Victoria, but the woman assured Greenlee that Leo had only been thinking of her throughout the ordeal. Leo looked at Mr. Greenlee and asked him how he knew to make his way to The Valley Inn. Woodruff explained that he'd spoken to Wade to arrange a drop off of the ransom money at the boathouse. Before he agreed to part with the money, Woodruff demanded to know where his granddaughter was being held. Leo asked to borrow Woodruff's cellular phone so that he could phone Derek and ask that the police try to pick up Wade at the boathouse. Woodruff agreed, but told Leo that he wasn't really interested in getting his money back; he was just relieved that Greenlee was safe.

Edmund stuck around the church to do some thinking. He got lost in thought and didn't notice that Reverend Taylor had entered the room. When Edmund did regain his whereabouts, the reverend asked Edmund if he needed someone to talk to. Edmund assured Reverend Taylor that he was "all right," but the reverend didn't believe him. Nevertheless, Reverend Taylor agreed to leave Edmund alone. He did, however, warn him that he might want to find another place for his quiet thoughts because a construction crew was coming in to knock down a wall. A short time later, Dimitri and Alex filed into the church. Like Edmund, they were seeking some private time. Edmund managed to scurry out of sight, but he wasn't able to slip out the back door because the door was locked. Edmund was forced to listen to his brother and former fiancée declare their undying love to one another. It was obvious that Edmund was furious, but he said nothing. As the couple kissed, Edmund once again tried to slip out the back door. This time, though, Dimitri heard the noise and moved in to investigate. Edmund looked down and spotted a sledgehammer lying nearby. He picked up the sledgehammer and prepared to swing it at his brother. Dimitri never got anywhere near Edmund's location, instead opting to turn back and devote his full attention to Alex. Alex told Dimitri that she understood that having to tone down their love for one another was driving him crazy, but she insisted that it was what was best for Edmund. Alex and Dimitri left the church, but Edmund remained behind. His grip on the sledgehammer was so tight that he once again tore open his hands. Edmund was once again confronted by visions of his tyrannical father badgering him about how Dimitri was better than him. This time, however, Edmund's visions became much more realistic. Alf appeared before him and ridiculed him for not having the backbone to use the sledgehammer on Dimitri. Edmund shook his head in disbelief. Alf cackled sinisterly and informed Edmund that he was there to help him take care of "Master Dimitri" once and for all.

Alex and Dimitri ended up at the mall where Alex wanted to indulge --- or overindulge --- in unadulterated American fun. She told Dimitri that she wanted to go to a Harrison Ford movie and much on popcorn and chocolate-covered raisins. Afterward, she wanted to have their photos taken in a mall photo booth. Dimitri smiled broadly, knowing that he could not deny the woman he loved.

Wade cautiously approached the boathouse, his gun ready in his hand. As he searched around for the money Woodruff Greenlee had left for him. His eyes widened when he spotted a suitcase near the docked boats. He set down his gun on the railing and focused his full attention on the thousands of dollars before him. Since Wade was otherwise occupied, it was easy for Leo to sneak up behind him. Without being detected, Leo grabbed Wade's gun and ordered him to stop in his tracks. Wade froze in place, his face showing that he was irked at himself for allowing himself to be trapped so easily. Leo walked up to Wade and started barking orders and insults into his ear. Wade seized the opportunity to blindside Leo with a nearby duffel bag. Leo fell backwards when the bag hit his face and the gun went flying across the boathouse. A scuffle ensued, one that Wade eventually won. Wade grabbed his gun and ordered Leo on his knees. Apparently, Wade had forgotten how he'd managed to get the upper hand on Leo and took to insulting Leo. Leo waited until Wade was distracted and then clubbed him with an oar. Wade tumbled to the ground and Leo got in one or two more whacks with the oar. As he caught his breath, Leo recalled how Woodruff had made a point of saying that he wasn't interested in getting his money back. Leo hurried over to the briefcase and stuffed a few stacks of $100 bills into his pockets. After doing so, he placed a call to Lieutenant Frye, claiming that he was still at The Valley Inn and wanted the police to nab Wade at the boathouse. Leo picked up the briefcase and hurried off.

Back at The Valley Inn, Greenlee began to worry about Leo since she hadn't seen him in some time. She feared that Wade had returned and kidnapped Leo. When Leo finally returned, he told Greenlee that he'd gone upstairs to his mother's room to catch his breath. Greenlee nodded and told Leo that she was glad that he was okay. Greenlee headed off to wash up, while Leo worked on making plans for their evening. He flagged down a passing waiter and asked for a bottle of the hotel's best champagne. The waiter, named Drew, laughed at Leo and told him that he wasn't allowed to charge anything to his mother or stepfather's account. Leo pulled $300 out of his pocket and quickly silenced Drew. Drew took the money and obediently headed off to fetch a bottle of champagne.

Opal and Erica returned home to Erica's house. When they arrived, Erica noticed that the airline had located Bianca's lost belongings and messengered them over. Opal thought it might be a nice idea for Erica to unpack her daughter's belongings so that she'd come home from her first day of school and find her room in order. Erica agreed and opened up one of the boxes. By chance, the first box that she opened contained Bianca's journals. Erica thought that by reading Bianca's journals she might get a better understanding why her daughter was so distant. Opal wagged her finger at Erica and warned her not to invade Bianca's privacy. With pouted lips, Erica agreed that she'd not poke through her daughter's private writings. Opal left the room to get some tea --- and sure enough, Erica's curiosity got the better of her. As she read the first few entries in one of the journal, Erica realized that the book contained writings from Bianca's stay in rehab. In the entry, Bianca said that as the time for her to leave rehab drew nearer, she'd come to the conclusion that she really didn't want to go home. Something, she indicated in her words, had made her want to stay. However, for one reason or another Bianca was unable to say exactly what it was that had happened that had caused this change in her. Opal returned to the room and caught Erica in the act. Before Opal could scold Erica, Jack and Bianca walked through the door. Erica hid the journal and quickly turned around to ask her daughter why she was home from school so early. Jack informed Erica that Bianca hadn't gone to school; he had caught her scamming shoppers out of money at the mall with a panhandler. Erica's eyes widened. "Why are you mixed up with trash like that?" Erica squawked. Bianca threw her hands in the air and blasted her mother for referring so poorly to Rain, who Erica referred to as "that Stormy person." Erica was about to holler about something else when she realized that the two young women who had approached her and Opal in the mall were actually Bianca and Rain. Erica lectured her daughter for lying about collecting money for the community center. Bianca promised to make it up to the center, but Erica was more upset with Bianca for cutting school. Erica explained that a basic issue of trust has been violated. From this point forward, Erica announced that she'd be driving Bianca to school in the morning and picking her up after school. Then, according to Erica, Bianca would be taken to Enchantment where she'd do her homework and some odds and ends around the office. Naturally, Bianca protested the "unfair" punishment placed upon her. Frustrated with the entire situation, Erica slammed Bianca's journal on the table. Bianca's face fell. She immediately asked her mother if she had read the diary. Erica replied that she hadn't and Bianca quickly gathered her things and carried them up to her bedroom. Erica thanked Jack for bringing Bianca home. Jack nodded and headed off to an appointment. Opal looked sternly at Erica and let it be known that her discussion with Bianca about trust made her look like a hypocrite. Upstairs, Bianca raced into the room and closed the door behind her. "I know that my words have power," Bianca said to herself, "but I can't ever let my mother read this." Bianca then tore all of the pages out of her journal and shredded them into tiny pieces.

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