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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 9, 2000 on GL
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Monday, October 9, 2000

At the Lewises':
Noah tells Reva that Woody had a heart attack but tells Reva not to call 911. Noah wants to know where Woody had been in the house. He wonders if Woody made any phone calls from there. He tells Reva Woody probably didn't make any calls because if he had they would both most likely be dead. He tells her that her curiosity almost got her killed tonight. He tells her to check Woody's pockets. She finally does and finds a box in the lining of his jacket. It is an eyeglass case with a vial and syringe in a case. Noah tells him that the drug hits the CNS immediately to stop the heart. Reva wants to know who he is, what he is doing with such a drug and how Noah knows him. Noah tells her that Woody was a senior operative for the agency. He recruited Noah when he was still a student. He says he had been trying to get out and that is why he came to Springfield. He tells her that they were going to let him quit until Reva started her investigation. He tells her to get cleaned up and help him. He tells her that they are going to take the body back in his room at Tower's and pretend he had a heart attack in her sleep. He tells Reva that she has to tell everyone that she left with Woody and turned him down at his door. He says her instincts were right on about Diego and the illegal immigrant situation. He tells her that the people come from Central American and San Cristobel is the staging area from there. He assures Reva that Richard doesn't know a thing about it. He tells her that the conditions are terrible for the aliens and most don't live past the two years that it takes to pay back the people for smuggling them into the country. They start to leave and Noah tells her they will pretend he is dead drunk. Reva puts a coat on over her slip and they start to carry him out, making excuses to Marah when she comes in and sees them. Marah finds Reva's dress on the floor and is puzzled.

In Noah's car:
Reva and Noah are in the car with the dead Woody in the backseat. She wants to know more about Woody and the agency. She wants to know why he would want to kill her. He says that Woody was sent to find out what Reva knew and to eliminate the problem. He tells her that the bad guys are involved with the mob. He tells her that it is a complicated situation but the agency doesn't want anyone interfering with their operations. He tells her that agency will save more people in the long run. Noah notices a police car following them. They are both worried when he turns on his blue lights. The police officer tells Noah he has had a taillight out. Then he recognizes Reva from the Ruth Lockhart situation. She says she has been staying out of trouble. They are just bringing a drunken friend home and the officer leaves.

At Company:
Billy enters Company and asks if Susan is Cinderella. He tells her everyone else is at the party. He tells her to call him Billy even though he is her grandfather. Susan tells him that she hasn't been avoiding him but he says he has been avoiding her. Susan wants to know why he was avoiding her. He tells her that she is his granddaughter but he doesn't really know her. She offers to give him a school picture and pours him some coffee. She suggests they play 20 questions to get acquainted. She tells Billy about wanting to go to the concert in Chicago but she is still in trouble for running away. Billy laughs and says he has made a lot of mistakes also so it must be in the genes. He says that between the Lewis's and the Shayne's there is a fire in him. He mentions Reva and him and says that she will always have a place to come home to. He gives her a key to his apartment at Towers. If she ever wants to run away, she can come to him.

At the Carriage House:
Blake and Ross are still in bed basking in the afterglow. Ross says they need to get up and go to the royal party before it is over. Blake gets out of bed to get dressed. Later, Blake is trying to put on her jewelry and Ross is re-dressed in his tuxedo. He shows Blake a fax that they had received that said she had won an award for her book. She starts talking about her new novel and Ross reminds her not to tell him anything that he doesn't need to know. They kiss again and head out to the party.

At Spaulding's:
Harley is restlessly tossing in her bed. She is trying to read but couldn't concentrate. She tries to go sit in a chair and read and finally gets up frustrated. She goes to the phone and calls her sitter. She asks her to come over and watch Zack a little while. She tells her that she has to go to the party for awhile after all. She goes to her closet and grabs a bunch of dresses to try on.

At Towers:
Phillip goes out on the terrace to be alone and runs into Beth and Jim. He tries to excuse himself to leave them alone but they invite him to stay. He tells them he is in a bad mood and goes to leave. Jim offers to get him a drink while he is at the bar and tells them they will be back. Phillip tells Beth he thinks Jim is enjoying Phillip's unhappiness and he hates that he looks like he pities him but Beth says he is just trying to be nice. Beth asks Phillip where Harley is and he admits that she stayed at home upset. Beth tells Phillip she is sorry about his problems with Harley. He tells her that Harley just cannot seem to deal with their (Beth and Phillip's) history. Jim comes back with the drinks and tells Phillip he can relate to that. Phillip wants to know how he deals with it. Jim says he uses a different thing every day and tries to focus in the moment. Phillip wishes Harley could learn to do that. Jim says it isn't easy and is the toughest part of their marriage. Harley comes in and surprises Phillip. He tells her he was so upset he even danced with Rick. She says she met Richard and Cassie on the way in. Jim asks how she is and Harley realizes that Phillip has been talking about their marriage. She gets upset all over again. Harley wants to leave. Phillip tells her that going home won't solve anything. Phillip says that Jim was being nice to him and was really trying to help them. Phillip wants to know why this keeps happening to them. He doesn't know what to do anymore. Harley says she can't do this but Phillip tells her that together they can.

Ruth is waitressing at the party and is greeted by David. She tells him that she is working extra shifts to pay off Charlie's hospital bills. Vicki comes over and asks David to dance. She tells Ruth to go attend to some guests who have had poor service. Later, a man pinches Ruth and she tells him off. He says he happens to be a judge, but that doesn't impress Ruth. Vicki intercedes. Vicki tells her she doesn't want her to cause a scene and threatens to fire her. David is watching them and comes over. He asks Ruth what happened and she tells him about what Vicky said but tells him she doesn't want to talk about it. Vicki comes over to ask David to dance again. David tries to ask her about Ruth and then someone spills a drink on Vicki, who screams. Vicki is yelling at the waiter who spilled the drink and threatens to fire him too. David tells her it was an accident and takes her out of there. Vicki is livid and David is trying to calm her down. Ruth giggles a bit.

Josh tells Olivia that he wants to leave so they can be alone. He tells her his kids are at his place and she says Sam is at hers. She wonders if he wants to go to a cheap motel. He says he has an idea and they leave.

Noah and Reva pull into the parking garage and try to get Woody out of the car. He tells her to get Woody's legs. They run into Blake and Ross in the parking garage. Noah tells them that Woody is drunk. Blake tells Reva that she won the best Romance novelist award. Ross wonders if Woody is heavy and Reva tries to get them away and back to the party. She tells Blake that she wants her on her show soon. Blake gets excited and talks to Ross about it as they go to the elevator. Reva grabs an empty trashcan and they stuff Woody inside so they can get him up to his room. Vicky and David come down to the parking garage with her still arguing. Noah grabs Reva and starts kissing her to get rid of them. David pulls Vicky over to the car and they leave. When Noah and Reva turn around they see a maintenance man taking the trashcan. Reva pretends to faint and Noah asks the trash man to watch her while he gets help. Noah finally picks her up with the help of the guy. The man leaves and they rush to get the can. Then as if everyone is Springfield hadn't seen them with the body already, Josh and Olivia come down from the party to the garage. They see Reva and Noah taking Woody out of the trashcan. They make up a story about him being so drunk he had passed out. Josh asks if Woody was okay. Noah says he will be. Josh and Olivia are skeptical and follow Reva and Noah.

Blake and Ross arrive at the party and ask if the bar is closed. Ruth tells them she will open it for them. Ross asks her to just leave them some champagne. They are the only ones there and dance.

Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Danny impresses May when he shows her the secret casino at Millenium. He then leads her to his secluded back office. Unable to resist each other, Danny and May kiss passionately and begin to make love. Noah and Reva continue to try to conceal Woody's body. Noah decides that their best bet is to try to blend in at a public place. Reva and Noah bring Woody to a dive bar on karaoke night, but they are shocked when Josh and Olivia follow them there. Reva gives a sexy karaoke performance to purposely drive Josh and Olivia from the bar. Noah and Reva are thrilled when Josh and Olivia leave, however, their happiness is short lived as rigor mortis starts to set in on Woody. Tony appears at the window as Marah is trying to call Josh. Marah is flattered when Tony tells her he was only protecting her on their date, but she still rejects his advances. Tony leaves, certain that Marah won't turn him down after challenging her to deny her feelings for him. Later, Tony walks in on Danny and May enjoying a romantic dance.

Wednesday, October 11, 2000

At Inferno:
Danny takes May out of the back office into the main dining area and they dance with her wrapped in a blanket. He kisses her and her blanket drops to the floor leaving her unclothed. Tony comes down the stairs and sees them and leaves unnoticed. Danny dresses and gives May her clothing. She says she is hungry and asks if he wants anything. She tells him he is a sweet guy. May makes banana pancakes and bacon. Danny gets a little gloomy thinking about Michelle and how she didn't trust him. May tells him that was Michelle's problem and that she trusts him. She asks him if he trusts her and he tells her he does. Tony comes back down and tells Danny that he was coming in early for work. Danny tells Tony that he was in the middle of breakfast and he should go straighten the inventory he messed up. Tony makes a comment about Danny getting May and he having to work. Danny suggests Tony has a problem doing anything someone tells him to. Tony tells him he will prove him wrong if he would let him see Marah. May comments that Tony may be bad for Tony. Ray comes in and sits down with everyone for breakfast. May tries to make excuses for her appearance and Ray tells her that he isn't there to judge or listen to confessions. Tony tells Ray that May has been shacked up with a married man all night then he yells at Danny for waiting a whole second after his breakup before finding a new woman. Danny said he is moving on and that May knows everything and is ok with it. He tells Tony that Michelle is gone and he should show May some respect. Tony talks to Ray privately about seeing Marah. He tells him that he thinks God may have sent Marah to him to give him a reason to clean up his act. Ray tells him not to try to kid him. Tony and Ray discuss all of Tony's broken promises about straightening up. Ray says, " I know you better than anybody. You are smart and I love you bro and don't ever think otherwise. Maybe you can change, but it will be by God's good grace not because of someone else. Nobody expects you to be perfect." Tony says he just wants the chance to see what will happen between him and Marah. Danny and May come back into the room. Tony apologizes to May about what he said before. May says everything is okay. Ray tells Danny that they should lighten up on Tony about Marah and let them see each other. Danny says Marah is off limits. Ray says Marah is a big girl and can say no if she wants to. Danny points out that Marah is only 17. Ray says then Tony will have to be on his best behavior. Danny asks May her opinion and she says okay so Danny gives in and gives him a chance.

At Tower's: In the parking garage:
Richard and Cassie come upon Noah and Reva with Woody. They ask Noah and Reva what they are doing. Reva asks what they are doing down before dawn. All four of them claim they are just out for some fresh air and doing nothing. Richard asks Noah if he needs any assistance with their "nothing," Noah says he doesn't. Richard asks Noah if this is his nutty way of taking care of Reva. Noah says everything is almost in complete control. Richard suggest that it is a chance meeting and they should just all act like they never saw the other therefore there will be no other questions.

In the Royal Suite:
Richard and Cassie come in from buying a few pregnancy tests. Richard talks about how rude the sales clerk was to him. They bought 3 or 4 different test. Cassie is scared that it will be negative and she wants to give Richard a baby so bad. Richard tells her not to worry that they haven't been at it long and that this moment is just for them and if it's positive the baby will just add to the great joy they share already together. She goes to the bathroom and takes the test. When she comes back Richard asks what the tests says. Cassie tells him she doesn't know. She says the box says if the thing turns purple it is positive but it only turned a light pink. They read it and find that it is inconclusive. They try another test and Cassie comes back out with the news. She is pregnant. Richard is happy. Cassie is happy. They talk about what they were going to do. If it is a boy they would dye all of the swans in the royal moat blue and if it is a girl Richard would buy pink uniforms for all the guards. Cassie sits down on the couch with Richard and he says, "the royal princess has taken her seat and now I am complete." Cassie says they should keep the news to themselves until the royal doctor confirms the results. She says she won't even tell Reva. She asks him why he wasn't too concerned about Reva and Noah back in the parking garage. He tells her that nothing her sister does surprises him.

In Woody's room:
Noah and Reva managed to get the Woody's body into the bedroom. Noah gives Reva gloves and says they have to make it look like this is where he had the heart attack. There will be a discrepancy as to the time of death so they should just hope Springfield and Washington don't communicate. Noah turns down the lights and Reva sets the stage for a romantic dinner. Noah puts Woody's fingerprints on a wine glass and Reva puts her lipstick on another. Reva asks about calling 911. Noah tells him that he will as soon as he calls Washington and tell them their fabricated story. Noah calls the agency and tells the girl who answers, "Yes he is definitely dead and stiff. Listen honey, I need your help, do you think I'm kidding around here. Woody and I had a blow up and I don't want any fall out." Meanwhile, Reva is undressing Woody while Noah is talking about the blow up and asking the girl to cover his back. He says if they don't believe Woody died of natural causes they will suspect him for reasons of jealousy because Woody had been dating his girlfriend. He says they can put their heads together and think of something. Reva asks him who "Perdida" is and he tells her that she is his former partner. Noah goes to call 911.

At the Lewises':
Reva walks in and goes to look for her dress. Marah and Shane come in and Marah tells Reva she hung her dress up in her closet. Marah tells her mom that she should put the dress on before leaving the house not take it off. Reva gets ill and tells them that she had a rough night. The kids keep saying she is either high of drunk. She tells them to sit down and she would tell them all about her evening. Reva tells the kids about Woody having a heart attack in the living room and Noah coming to help her. She says that Woody and Noah both ended up being international secret agents. She tells them that the whole situation was life threatening and their lives were all in danger because of Woody, but Noah turned out to be a good spy and helped her transport the body all over town to a Karaoke bar to kill time until they could sneak him back into his room. She tells them she managed to get him back to his bedroom and stage it so it would look like he had his heart attack there after a big night with a paid woman. Noah called Washington and lied through his teeth to protect them and then told her to come home to her kids before they were upset. Marah and Shane are looking at her like she is nuts and are convinces she is under the influence of something. Marah gets up to make her a pot of coffee saying their mom is totally out of it. Reva sits on the chair and says that she isn't out of it but very much into it, up to her eyeballs.

Thursday, October 12, 2000

At Inferno:
Danny wheels in Abuela to show her the new dinner club. She thinks it is beautiful. He tells her the surprise is for after hours. He gets his remote control and pokes a few buttons and the casino tables come out of the walls. Abuela is very impressed and tells Danny that he makes her very proud. Danny tells her that the grand opening is tomorrow night. Tony comes in and asks Danny if he could bring a date to the opening tomorrow. Danny finally agrees and Tony leaves. Abuela smiles and tells him to be patient with Tony. She promises him that it he will be useful someday. May comes in and goes up close behind Danny. Danny introduces May to Abuela and May started sucking up to her commenting on the old days and the music, cigarette girls, dance halls. Abuela seems to like her and excuses herself to use the phone. Danny tells May that he has been sleepless because of dreams cluttering his mind. She knows he was dreaming about Michelle and he didn't deny it. She tells him that she loved being with him but she knows she isn't his soul mate like she was.

Abuela is looking at the monitors in the casino. She wants to know how to access channels so she can watch her soaps. He tells her that they are mostly for the races but that there are some local channels. He finds Reva's show and tells her that it is pretty good and she should watch it. Abuela tells him to break down and get cable. He promises he will. Abuela watches the interview with Blake and recognizes the situation as her son and Carmen. She finds it distressing and is getting angry. Tony comes back in and she tells him she has a job for him to do post haste.

At Company:
Blake tells Selena that she won a romance writers award. Selena congratulates her and Buzz reluctantly congratulates her too. Buzz leaves the room so he doesn't have to hear them talking about the book. Blake wants to know about how Selena's felt about "Mike's" wife. Selena tells her that she resented her. She had the open relationship with Mike, all the respect, the name and his children. She says she and Drew had nothing. Reva calls Blake and asks her to come down to WSPR ASAP for the interview and Blake tells Selena and leaves.

Selena has a flashback from her dream of Mike bloody and beaten lying on the bed. She screams and Buzz comes over to help her. He wants to talk to her about it but she avoids talking by leaving the room.

Buzz asks Selena if she wants to go to the opening of Inferno with him. She is still a little out of it and he tells her that he feels she has changed her mind about getting married. She said she hasn't changed her mind and that she is looking forward to it. Buzz is ready to set the date. Selena asks him if they can discuss it later, she wants to watch Blake on Reva's show. She and Buzz watch as Blake spills the beans on the new novel without changing any of the details. She is very upset. Buzz tries to calm Selena down but she is too busy cursing Blake.

At the Lewises':
Reva is on the phone with WSPR. The guest for her show cancelled at the last minute and things are pandemonium at the station. She tells them she will get a friend of hers to come for an interview. Marah comes in and tells Reva she is worried about her and the story she told her last night. She asks her mom where she really was with out her dress. Reva tells her that she told her already but Marah isn't buying it. Reva tells her she has to work and doesn't have time to talk right now. Marah wants to know if she is in trouble. Noah comes in and Marah sarcastically calls him a secret agent and tells him to let her mom fill him in on the karaoke bar. Marah leaves. Noah looks at Reva for explanation about what Marah had said. Reva tells him that she told her kids the truth but it was so outlandish they didn't believe her. Noah fills her in on the rest of what happened with Woody. Noah said he had to tell the ambulance crew the actual time of death since there would be an autopsy. So there is a discrepancy between what he told the agency and what he told the EMT's and he hopes they don't compare notes. Noah says he will go to Washington and wrap everything up. So they will both be done with it. Reva thinks Richard should know and wants to tell him. Noah thinks that would be a bad idea. She suggests telling him anonymously about workers being smuggled through San Cristobel. Noah says they can't due to Washington's plan to stop the smuggling at the source, (a South American country). Noah tells her that if she messes with the agency she will end up dead. He tells her he has to be leaving for the airport to go to DC. They kiss and Noah leaves. Reva makes a phone call about making an airline reservation to San Cristobel.

Tony comes in and talks to Marah. Reva comes down and Marah introduces Tony to her. She tells her mom that he is from out of town and moved there for college. She doesn't let Reva know that Tony is a Santos. Reva leaves and Tony tells Marah that he would like to take her to the opening of Inferno. He tells her he wants her to feel safe with him so she can invite whoever she wants to go with them, her dad, brother, mom, cat or dog. She smiles and agrees to go with him as well as give him a second chance. Tony starts to leave and kisses her on the cheek as he goes out the door.

Reva is talking to Bill at the TV station. He tells Reva what is going on with Vanessa and tells her that they are trying to sell the station. He tells her that Billy has someone he thinks may be interested. Reva wonders if the new owners will make a lot of changes. Bill says Reva has nothing to worry about, she is very popular and her numbers are good. Billy brings in the potential new owner and it is Holly. Reva is surprised and asks Holly if she is buying back the station. She says that it is a possibility. She had to check with the FCC to see if she could own a newspaper and a television studio at the same time and she can. Reva thinks it is great and tells Holly to stay around and watch her show. She tells her the guest is intriguing. Blake comes in and her mom realizes that she is the guest. Blake asks her mom what she should wear and tells her that she is nervous. Holly tells her to go see Reva for her to help out while she discusses some business.

Reva sat down with Blake for their interview. Reva asks Blake about her first book and how it was loosely based on her own life experiences. Then she asks her about her new book. Blake starts talking about the book and doesn't realize what she is doing. By the time she is through she has told the entire history of the mobster and his lover. Then she worries that she said too much and tries to cover by telling Reva that it isn't a true story and all the facts have been totally changed. Reva tells her that it sounds like an intriguing book.

Friday, October 13, 2000

Blake is upset about all the information she just spilled out and wondered it Reva could edit it out. Reva told her it was a live show and that she was fine. Blake asked her if she thought the whole thing was fiction and Reva said yes and Blake felt better. Blake asked to see a replay and cant believe she said everything she said. Reva goes over to her producer and tells him she is going out of town to look into a story and will be in touch. She leaves. Meanwhile, Blake goes to walk out the door and runs into Selena. Selena yells at Blake for betraying her and tells her that she has put her life in danger. She tells Blake that she will not tell her another word and that she should stay away from her. Selena tells Blake to do what she wants with what she has because she won't get anymore. Selena leaves.

At Inferno:
Abuela tells Tony to find out what Blake knows about the death of her son. She tells him to keep it just between the two of them.

Later, Tony comes back in and tells Abuela that he broke into Blake's house and made it look like an amateur burglary. He said he took some jewels and a little grocery money he found, leaving the back door open. Then he tells her what she wants he also got, Blake's laptop. He hands it to her and she is very pleased. He asks her if she needs help with the computer and she said she doesn't. She tells him he did very well and she is impressed.

At Company:
Selena is very upset about the show and hugs Buzz. Buzz doesn't understand why she is upset since he thinks Blake made up everything she said on the show to protect her. He has no clue that Selena was involved with Miguel Santos. He asks her why she worried so when she never was involved with the Santos man. Selena was taken aback and asked how he knows about it. Buzz tells her that he knows from David and Frank that Miguel Santos was the mobster that was murdered in a hotel room in his wife's arms. He wonders why Blake chose to add that to the book. Selena tells him she has to go see Blake and leaves.

Rick comes in and tells Buzz that he missed him at the Spaulding party. Buzz tells him he would never have been there and that he probably insulted a few people by not going. Buzz tells him he just doesn't want to see Phillip. Rick tells him that Phillip is meeting him there and Buzz tells him to keep him away from him. Phillip walks in and Buzz goes the other way. Phillip asks Rick to sit down and give him some advice. They both ordered lunch. Phillip tells Rick that he wants to provide for Beth and the kids and thought that he should fix a sort of trust fund for them to live off of so they wouldn't have to come to him and maybe put some distance between them and he and Harley. He just isn't sure if he should tell Harley while she is already upset at him, wait until she isn't upset at him, or not tell her at all. They talk it out and he decides to tell her just as she comes in. Harley sits down and orders a giant chocolate ice cream with sprinkles. She asks what is going on and Phillip tells her. She doesn't like talking about Beth but thinks it is a good idea. She tells Phillip to call her and do it right then. He calls and asks Beth to come over to Company ASAP. Beth shows up and they tell her the deal. She doesn't think Jim will go for it. Harley tells her to please convince him because they all need this space apart from each other especially her (Harley) and her marriage. Beth offers to try to is interrupted by a phone call. It's Edmund and he wants to see her. That was enough for the others to overhear and they all clear out.

Edmund shows up and tells Beth that he is leaving for SC that evening. He tells her he feels so much closer to her now and kisses her hand. He bids her farewell and leaves.

Ruth tells David that she is sorry for tripping the waiter and his dumping champagne all over Vicky. She said she isn't proud of it but she just doesn't like Vicky. She tells David that she does however like him, a lot, and that Vicky knows it so she tries to put her down at every opportunity. David tells her not to worry about Vicky.
Ed calls Beth. He wants to say goodbye before he leaves for
SC. He hangs up before she can say no. Phillip is

At Tower's Royal Suite:
Edmund is booking a flight back to SC when Richard and Cassie tell him that they are also heading back and he can fly with them. Richard tells him that they have a doctor's appointment and they think Cassie is pregnant. Edmund feigns happiness and congratulates them and kisses Cassie. Cassie tells him she took a home pregnancy test and she knows the feeling. Cassie tells Rourke that he will now be a bodyguard for two. Edmund tells them that he has to get back to SC earlier and will go ahead and make reservations on a commercial flight. Edmund thanks them for sharing the news and tells them he hopes their new life will be a new start for all of them, saying that the child is a gift to all of them, the entire country. He heads out the door and stops to tell Rourke they have a lot of work ahead of them.

At the Lewises':
Marah and Shane walk into the house and are arguing about brother and sister things. Reva offers them brownies and is acting a little odd for them. They ask her what she is doing. Marah asks her for money for a yearbook and Reva says ok and gets it and puts it in her purse. Shayne asks for money for a skateboard and she says "alright" and hands him an envelope full of cash. Reva finally tells them she has to leave for an extended period of time and she wants them to be all right so the money is for them to get them through until she returns. She tells them Josh and Olivia will be over to talk about moving in for a while. Josh comes in with Olivia and hears that Reva is leaving and that she isn't sure how long she'll be gone. Josh agrees to stay there but wants more information. Reva tells him that she really wants him and Olivia to be happy. Josh is getting freaked out at the finality in her voice and wants to know what is going on. Reva tells him that she doesn't have to tell him anything since they aren't together anymore. She tells them all that it is business and has to go. He tells her to watch her back and she says that she always does. She leaves. Marah asks someone to tell her that everything is going to be fine.

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