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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 2, 2000 on GL
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Monday, October 2, 2000

At the Hotel:
Cassie, Richard and Edmund are discussing the picture of Cassie and Rourke in the paper. They are all getting ready to go to the christening. Richard sends for Rourke and asks him about the unfortunate incident in the park. Rourke apologizes for the picture in the paper and offers his resignation. Richard tells Rourke that he will not accept his resignation. He says that Rourke did his job well and protected Cassie. He tells him that he looked at the photo in the paper and that Rourke had completely covered Cassie with his body so that no harm would come to her and that was what he had hoped for her protector. Rourke thanks him. There is a banging on the door. It's Reva calling out for Cassie. Rourke goes to let her in. She apologizes and tells Cassie that she tried to stop the story from airing but no one listened to her but she has an idea. She invites Cassie to do a show with her talking about all the paparazzi and stalking of the press. Cassie thinks it is a great idea and tells Reva that the censors will have to bleep her answers. Richard tells Cassie to do the interview if she wants and to hell with protocol. Cassie says she will try to be dignified. She and Reva are laughing and hugging.

At Company:
Harley and Frank come in and ask Buzz if he is going to the christening. Buzz says he is not and he doesn't understand why they are. Harley asks him to go for Susan sake and he still refuses. Harley storms out and Buzz tries to justify himself to Selena who tells him she agrees with Harley. Buzz is complaining and says the Spaulding's think they own the whole town. He thinks the whole thing is hypocritical, but Selena says he feels guilty for letting Harley down once again. He thanks her for throwing up his past. She says that facing the past sometimes helps. Buzz asks if that is what she is doing with Blake and the new book. She said she is and he once again tells her that he doesn't agree with it. Selena and Buzz argue about denial and her working on the book. He says she has not been sleeping and has been irritable since the book started. She says she needs to do this so she can get past it. She wants to get to the good stuff with him. Buzz only sees her suffering and Harley is suffering too.

At the LeMays':
Josh calls and tells Jim that he has the flu and cant come to the christening. Jim tells him to get better and hangs up. Jim tells Beth that Josh, who was supposed to be the godfather, wont be able to be there. They are wondering who to ask to stand in for him. Beth isn't sure and Jim tells her that she knows the right thing to do as well as he does and suggests he ask Phillip. Beth tells him that it is up to him but she thinks it would be a nice gesture. Jim calls Phillip and Phillip accepts. Lillian walks in holding the baby and looks concerned about this decision. Jim tells her it is a harmless gesture and that Phillip is just going to be a stand in for Josh. Beth is impressed with Jim's generosity. Lillian says to herself that Beth never falls in love with nice guys. Beth and Lillian are proud of Jim. Susan comes down the stairs and wants to know what is going on. Jim is impressed with Susan in her long dress. He tells her that Phillip will stand in for Josh and Susan gets very upset. They get ready to leave for church. Lillian tells Susan that she has been angry at Phillip especially when he and Beth got divorced. He can be very selfish but also can be loving and generous. She tells her that Phillip saved Beth from the worst time in her life when she was just a little older than Susan. Lillian admires Susan's pearls that Harley gave her. She lets Susan try on her pearl ring and lets her keep it as a gift for being the godmother to her grandchild. They leave for the church.

At the Church:
Phillip tells Alan that Josh won't be at the christening so he will be standing in as godfather. Alan starts in about Phillip needing to acknowledge the baby as his own. Phillip tells Alan that he needs to quit while he is ahead. Alan argues with Phillip and tells him that he doesn't want to sit and watch another man raise his grandson. They continue to argue. Phillip tells Alan that today is for the baby and that his feelings don't matter. He says that it is best for the baby if all the parents put the baby first. Alan says he misses Beth and goes on to sing Beth's praises and starts comparing her to Harley. Phillip tells him he will ask him to leave if he doesn't behave. Alan tells him that he can ask him to leave but he can't force him out the door. The LeMay's arrive and Lillian takes Lizzie and Alan outside. Susan is holding the baby. Beth and Jim want to let Phillip hold the baby and Susan finally consents. The priest comes in and asks Phillip if he is the happy father. Beth tells the priest that Jim is the father. Beth and Jim go to talk to the priest while Phillip tends to baby Jim. He tells the baby that he wants to earn his trust and do the best for him. Harley walks in and sees Phillip with the baby. She looks hurt. Phillip notices Harley and gives the baby back to Susan. He tells Harley about standing in for Josh. Harley walks away and tells him she can't sit in the church and watch this. Frank comes out to see what the problem is. Harley says this is too much for her. Jim comes over to Harley and tells her that if he can get through it, she can. They are there for the baby. Frank agrees. Harley goes into the church. Edmund arrives and Beth and Susan are glad to see him. Richard and Cassie arrive and Beth is happy to see them as well. Michelle and Ross come in and talk about Rick and Blake also having the flu. The priest comes in and asks everyone to have a seat.

The christening ceremony is going on, with Beth, Jim, Susan and Phillip all responding to the priest. Lizzie is standing with them. Harley is holding her head in the pew, and looking very unhappy. Alan is smiling. The baby is baptized as James Lemay. The congregation responds to some prayers. Harley looks like she is going to cry.

At the LeMay's after the christening:
Alan comes in and tells Beth that her home is simple and elegant just like she is. He makes a few comments that put Harley down and she overhears it. She is very upset already and Frank takes her outside. He tells her to ignore it all. She says she will try. Richard, Cassie and Edmund arrive. He greets Susan and tells her he was impressed at her poise when standing next to Phillip at the church. She shows him her ring from Lillian and goes over to thank her again. Alan pulls Beth aside and asks to hold his grandson. She lets him hold the baby. He thinks the baby looks like him. Phillip thanks Beth for the gesture of stand-in godfather. Alan grabs Phillip and Beth and has a photographer snap a picture of them with him and the baby. He then gives the photographer $1000 to bring him all the negatives and three 8 x 10's to his home by 9 that evening. Lizzie gives Edmund her "Lizzie" hat and he puts it on She tells him that he can use it as a disguise so people who want to punch him wont be able to recognize him. She tells him he looks goofy. She leaves to get him some punch. Beth tells Edmund he should be honored, Lizzie wore that hat all through her illness. Edmund tells her that enjoyed being a part of the day. Beth goes to check on the baby. Lillian approaches Edmund and tells him she doesn't trust him near her daughter. He says she needs to get in line. He may surprise her and there is more to him than meets the eye. Susan wants to take the baby from Phillip. She tells Phillip that Jim hates him holding the baby in his house. Phillip says she is a loyal daughter and he hopes Lizzie will grow up like her. Susan starts to cry and runs up to her room. Edmund sees her and asks Phillip to step out onto the porch. Phillip steps out with Edmund and Edmund decks Phillip, and says, "That was for Susan." Frank is behind Edmund and tells him he is glad he has diplomatic immunity and can't arrest him for that great punch. He shakes Edmunds hand and they both look down at Phillip.

Tuesday, October 3, 2000

At Company:
Harley and Phillip come in and Buzz is making his usual negative comments towards Phillip. He says something about the christening. Phillip tries to be nice and tells Buzz that he is sorry he wasn't there with them but that they brought him some cake back. Buzz said that he hates cake and then starts being even meaner. Phillip tells him that he would like to get along if only for Harley's sake. Buzz started yelling at Phillip and telling him he is the only thing that is wrong for Harley. He shows them the society page of the paper with "the picture" Alan had put in there with him, Phillip, Beth, and baby Jim. Phillip says something about how Beth is really going to get a hard time from Jim over that and that was the last straw. Buzz goes ballistic on him. He tells Phillip that he should be worried about what Harley thinks and not even thinking of Beth.

They walk outside and Phillip tries to make light of the situation and says that people should not be laughing behind their backs. Buzz comes out and is systematically listing all Phillip's mistakes. He says that he thinks Phillip is more concerned about Beth than about Harley. Harley tells her dad to shut up and says she doesn't want to run away like he did. All she really needed was his support. She is crying and angry as she walks away. Phillip follows her. Phillip tries to plea to her and she tells him she has nothing more to give him. Phillip tells Harley he loves her. Harley tells him that she has always known that love equals hurt and had lost site of it. He tells her he doesn't understand why "the picture" bothers her so much. He says that Buzz didn't help the situation and mentions her overreacting. Harley gets upset and says she wished she didn't feel anything anymore. She tells him that things are working anymore. He asks her what she wants to do and she said that she wants to be alone and not have him pressing her for answers. Harley walks away.

At the LeMay's:
Beth opens the newspaper and sees "the picture." She shows it to Jim who is getting ready for work. She apologizes to him and Jim is unusually calm. He tells her that there is no reason to because the article says nothing bad about him. As a matter of fact it doesn't mention him at all. "The picture" identifies the baby as Alan's grandson and the parents as Beth and Phillip, nothing at all about him. Jim tells Beth that the story sells papers because of the Spaulding's and he isn't anyone so he would never make the society page. Beth is surprised at how calm he is and says he is a rock. Her life with Phillip was a roller coaster and she is learning trust from him. She kisses him. She asks him not to brood at work. He puts the paper in the recycling bin and leaves for work. Beth goes over to the baby in his bassinet and then looks at the newspaper. She goes to put it outside. Edmund sees her and offers her a hand. He has a copy of the newspaper. Edmund asks Beth if she suspected him of engineering "the picture." Beth says she didn't suspect him. He says he would never have done anything to further boost Phillip's ego. Beth wants to go out and asks Edmund to watch Lizzie and James. Edmund has never held a baby and is nervous. Beth tells him about diapers, wipes and bottles. She says he will be fine and leaves. Edmund walks over and looks at the baby. Baby Jim starts to cry and Edmund starts to panic. He goes over and asks the baby to stop that "dreadful noise." He starts to smile and talks to the baby but the baby still screams. Edmund tries picking him up and holding him but the baby still cries. Edmund tells the baby to shut up and he does. He burps and spits up all over Edmund. Lizzie comes over to Edmund and tells him that the baby needed to burp. They laugh a little and Edmund goes to clean his jacket.

Beth walks into her house and Lizzie is in the living room. Both Edmund and the baby are sleeping. Edmund is in his undershirt on the couch, with the baby asleep on his legs. Beth smiles as she looks at the two of them.

At the Spaulding's:
Claire and Alan are having coffee. She looks at "the picture" and Alan claims he had nothing to do with it. She is amused. He asks for her discretion. She tells him he has made a tactical error. Claire tells Alan he looks proud in "the picture" and that makes him very vulnerable. She handed her heart to Michelle and she was hurt. It was only when she backed off that Michelle let her in. Claire discusses all his grandchildren and says that Beth is malleable and James may be his hope for the future. She says there are things beyond his control. She tells him she has to go to work. He invites her to the party for Richard and Cassie. She tells him he should trust her; she can be very helpful to him. She is an enemy of Harley's and they want the same things.

Phillip comes in and yells at Alan, calling him a bastard. He is very angry and Alan tells Phillip that his son, Jim, is the bastard for now. Phillip tells Alan he will see him in hell. Alan tries to deny he had anything to do with "the picture" but Phillip knows better. Alan says that Phillip is only upset at the truth that Beth and the baby are Spaulding's. He tells Phillip he has to do the right thing. Phillip tells him to stay out of it and leaves. He runs into Beth at the front door. She tells him that Jim handle it fine and he tells her Harley wasn't. Phillip tells Beth that he talked to Alan and she doesn't have to. She tells him she has to fight her own battles. She goes on in and sees Alan. She tells him that he is evil. Beth tells Alan she is upset with him. She said that Phillip hasn't walked out on him because of family loyalty but she is different. She reminds Alan how at one time he wanted her out of the family, just like he wants Harley out now. He says that was a mistake. He wants to help her now. She can't believe his nerve. He wants her to come home where she belongs. She says she is married. Alan tells her that Jim is very comparative to Bradley Raines, her stepfather (that raped Beth as a teen). He tells her that she is drawn to strong men and Jim is a Neanderthal. Beth tells him that Jim is a saint and nothing like Bradley. Alan tells her that she needs to watch out for Lizzie and protect her from Jim. Alan tells Beth that she will always be able to come to him and for her not to stick her head in the sand when her children are at risk. Beth tells him not to mess with her family. Alan tells her he was glad she was frank with him and to call on him anytime. She leaves.

At Millennium:
Mae is crying. Danny offers her a handkerchief. He says if Tony laid a finger on her, he will cut it off. She tells him that it wasn't Tony; she was downstairs and thinks the whole place looks like a movie set. She loves it and got emotional. It reminds her of an old movie. Danny wants to know what it is with her and old movies. She says they are better than life; all the boring parts are cut out. She loves movies. Plus when she grew up the only channel they got was an old movie channel. She said she lived with her father and grandmother in Cooperstown. Her father worked long hours and she would watch old movies with her dad when he got home. Ross comes in and interrupts their talk. He wants to talk to Danny about the divorce. Danny asks Ross if that is all Michelle wants. Ross asks for Danny's attorney's name and tells him that Michelle wants a quick divorce. Danny says that Michelle can have whatever she wants and he will not be getting a lawyer. Ross leaves and May comes over and tells Danny she is sorry. Mae tries to sympathize with Danny. She offers him a brandy or soda at her place. Danny asks her what movie they are in now. She tells him some movie and kisses him. Danny tells Mae that was generous of her but that they aren't in the movies; this is real life. Things are very complicated for him and he still feels married. She remembers another old movie, Brief Encounter to him. He tells her he is glad she works there. She says she is glad too. Danny looks sad.

Wednesday, October 4, 2000

At Phillip and Harley's:
Phillip is dressing for the party. She is refusing to go. He tells her she is stubborn and should go. She tells him again he is not going and had already canceled the sitter. He tells her she has disappeared inside herself and tries to hold her but she pulls away and says that won't fix everything. She brings up Beth again and Phillip asks why she keeps bringing her up. Harley says Beth has always been between them. Phillip said if she is it is all Harley's doing, not his. He said everything is always Beth with Harley. He said she is obsessed with Beth. She is offended and they argue. Phillip says that people aren't looking at her but at him. Including her. She is always scrutinizing him. He says she keeps making up her own proof that he still is involved with Beth and he isn't. They are stuck and she needs to accept the past so they can move on. He tells her that he has children with Beth and will have to have some contact with her. Phillip says that he is where he wants to be and wants her to come out with him tonight. She pulls away from him. Phillip wants to know why. Harley says she can never compete with high school sweethearts and soul mates. He said she doesn't have to. She tells him to get going or he will be late for the party. He shouts he will have a great time and an even better time since he won't be brow beaten by her.

At the Bauer's:
Michelle is in the kitchen with Aunt Meta talking about her trip to New York. She said she would be leaving in a few hours and thanks Aunt Meta for letting her stay in her apartment. Rick comes down carrying Michelle's suitcase. She tells them both not to worry because Drew will be only a cab ride away if Michelle needs any help. Michelle talks a little about the baby and how she is surprised that Danny didn't flip out over the divorce papers. They know it wouldn't have been simple if he knew about the pregnancy. Michelle asks Rick for a favor. She hands him a duffle bag full of the things that Danny left behind. She asks him to take the things by and give them to Danny. Rick tells her that he will but really would like to take her to the airport first. She tells him that she hates long goodbyes and would rather just go by herself. He asks if there is a message for Danny. She cries as she says that this is the only way. Rick tells her she is doing the right thing and he is proud of her. Maureen would be proud of her too. Michelle says she doesn't know how she will live without Rick. She tells Rick that he means more to her than anyone and she loves him more than she could express.

A horn sounds outside and Meta tells Michelle the car is there. Claire walks in and tells Michelle that she just heard that he was leaving and wonder if she was leaving without saying goodbye. Meta goes out to tell the driver to wait. Claire says they are more strangers now than before she came to Springfield. Michelle says she was leaving without saying goodbye because Claire doesn't approve of her. Claire tells her that she does. Michelle says she has to go. She hugs Claire and says goodbye.

Phillip arrives and meets Aunt Meta in the kitchen. He is looking for Rick. She tells him that he will be back soon and offers him some cake. Rick comes back and teases Phillip about eating his cake. Rick tells Phillip he just dropped off Danny's stuff and that Michelle has left town. Phillip wants to know if there are any happy marriages in Springfield anymore. Meta says that times have changed and now people have choices. Phillip said those choices can be a double-edged sword. They could give you a sense of independence but they also could make people give up over the smallest little things. People don't feel that they have to work at marriage anymore. Rick and Meta get the picture that Phillip is talking more of his own marriage than just general conversation. Phillip says he is having trouble getting through to Harley. He doesn't know how much longer they can keep doing this. Phillip tells them he doesn't see any way to win. Harley is stuck seeing Beth and won't forget about her. Phillip says he is going to the party for Richard and Cassie and she refused to go with him. He asked Aunt Meta for a date and she tells him that she is too tired and should stay at home and read a book. She suggests Rick go with him and Rick asks if there would be any good-looking women there. Phillip says there probably would be. Rick said that he would go and use Phillip as bait. Phillip tells him he has to meet Vicki soon so Rick should get dressed. Rick tells him to go ahead and he would change and meet Phillip at the party. Phillip leaves. Rick tells Meta that on the way to the party he is going to stop into see a sick friend.

At Olivia's:
Josh knocks at the door. Olivia asks him if something is wrong with his key. He tells her that he didn't use his key because of their fight the other day. She asks if he still has the flu and he says he does but he thought he come over and share.
Josh walks into Olivia's living room. He says he feels better but is unsettled over their argument. He says the Reva factor is worse than it has ever been. He doesn't think it is Reva, but her energy. Olivia asks if Reva enjoyed having him all to herself the past few days. He says he has been alone since the funeral and had a couple days to himself. In those days he realized he missed having her in his life. Olivia says the fight was her fault. But Josh said it was his. He tells Olivia that does have one problem. She needs to focus on her own behavior and not Reva's. She hates it when Reva does something decent or when Josh admires her. Olivia is jealous of her. Josh is connected to her permanently and Olivia has to find a way not to let Reva ruin things for them. She tells him that she also missed him. Josh wonders where they go from here and she tells him that she has a plan. They need to focus on the areas of non-conflict and build on that. He agrees. She says she is sorry and asks him if he is still contagious. He kisses her neck and forehead and continues making his way around her face.

Olivia and Josh have just made love on the sofa and are talking about the party. Olivia tells him that they have to get up and get dressed and go to the party. Josh doesn't want to but she reminds him that this is business and they have to go. Josh asks about Sam and Olivia tells him that he is at a party at Company. Josh thinks that is great and wonders why he and Olivia don't just stay at the apartment and make love again. Olivia gets up to get dressed and tells Josh she will meet him at Towers for the party.

At Millennium:
Rick brings in Danny's stuff and is talking to Danny. Danny wants to know where Michelle is. Rick tells him she is going to NY but not living with Drew and Jesse. Danny is offended that Rick won't tell her where she is staying but Rick says Michelle needs to do this. Rick leaves and Danny throws a glass against the wall. Mae fixes Danny another drink and flirts with him some more. Danny has drink after drink and tells Mae that he and Michelle thought they would make it but he just wasn't good enough for her. He says maybe she would find a nice doctor for herself and then her family would approve. She is acting sympathetic. He says Michelle wanted him to cut his family loose and he tried but it wasn't good enough. All she left behind was a stack of divorce papers. He drinks another one and toasts Michelle and apologizes for boring Mae. She says he has a broken heart that needs to heal. She tells him to be good to himself and let people be nice to him. Plus, having fun wouldn't hurt. He smiles and Mae says it looks good on him. He says whatever and walks away. She says she wishes she could make him smile more. She sits on the bar baring as much as she can on network television. She hums some tune from a movie and then starts singing to Danny. She gets close to him and they kiss.

At Harley and Phillip's:
Harley is in bed, trying to read when Rick gets there. She asks Rick how he got in and he tells her that he came to return the keys Michelle had from when she babysat. She thanks him and tells him goodbye. He tries to get her to talk to him but she doesn't want to. She tells him that she is not going to the party and doesn't want to talk about it. He tells her she has had an equally hard time with men as he has with women but she expects Phillip to make up for all the men in her life. He has to atone for all the sins of every man she has ever known. He says that will not happen. Harley says that she wants to be first with Phillip and that is all. Rick says that she is and that is what counts. He tells her that first love is special, but love gets richer as life goes on. If she expects something from Phillip that he can't give, her marriage will fail. Rick says everyone has a history and most have mistakes. Harley asks Rick if he ever cheated when he was married. He says no. She asks him to lock the door on the way out. He leaves and she tries to read again.

Thursday, October 5, 2000

At the Carriage House:
Blake is still getting ready for the party as Ross sits in his tux waiting. Every dress she puts on he compliments and she finds something wrong with. The first one was too boring and not sexy enough the second was too motherly and then another was slutty. She couldn't find anything she liked. Ross tells Blake the dress is fine and he tells her she is turning him on each time she changes. If she takes this one off, they will never leave the bedroom. She takes it off slowly. He tells her she is unfair as she throws the dress at him. I believe they finally decided to forget the party and just make love.

At the Hotel:
Richard talks to someone on the phone about security at the Tower's. He hangs up and Cassie walks into the room looking stunning. He tells her how breathtaking she is and that he has never seen her look so beautiful. She takes offense and tells him not to patronize her. Richard tells her that he would never do that. She asks why he comments on how beautiful she is and says nothing about how smart she is. He tells her he does but maybe not enough but he will try to be more sensitive in the future. She is grumpy and tells Richard that she will not be going to the party. He tells her that they have to go because that is part of their "royal obligation." Cassie says she is worried about people laughing at her because of the picture in the tabloids of her and Rourke. Not to mention Alan being there. She tells him that she doesn't like Alan. Then she mentions Richard's two exes will also be at the party. Richard tries to tell her that the pictures are rubbish and not to worry. She says she screwed up and he tries to calm her. He tells her he will be with her and is proud of her. He finally tells her she is over reacting and she gets really mad. She sits on the couch and says she is not going once again. He puts on his jacket and says they have to go. He tells her to put on her shawl and deal with it.

At the LeMay's:
Jim and Beth are getting ready for the party. They are smooching and Beth tells him that they will help each other face Alan and the rest of the Spaulding's and then they will come home where they can be alone together. Jim tells her that Alan doesn't bother him that much because he doesn't let him. Beth tells him they should kill Alan and there would be one less Spaulding for them to deal with. Jim laughs. Beth tells Jim that the best thing about going to the party is that Alan cant stand to see them together.

At Olivia's:
Olivia has dressed up nicely and putting the finishing touches on her makeup when Sam comes in. He is impressed by his sister's beauty. He compliments her and asks her where she is going. She tells him that she is going to the gala for their prince and princess. Sam says she should have told him, he doesn't have a tux. She tells him that she is going with Josh and he shouldn't worry about it. He said he thought they were fighting. She tells him they made up. There is a knock at the door and it is Josh there to pick her up. He kisses her and tells her how beautiful she is. Josh then realize that Sam is there watching him. Olivia is ready to leave for the party and Josh tells her just to walk slow he is still a bit sore. Sam stops them and asks Josh if his intentions are honorable towards his sister. Josh smiles and tells him that is a very honest question and he is taken a little aback by it. He tells Sam that most kids his age don't use terminology like that. Sam tells him that he has an extensive vocabulary and has very old fashion ideals on morality. Josh tells him that he does as well and can respect that but to answer his question he only has the utmost respect for his sister and his intentions are nothing but honorable. He tells Sam that Olivia is a wonderful person who has always been patient and forgiving for all of his flaws. He reminds Sam that he is getting a divorce and it is difficult to say good-bye to all that history but Olivia is the person he wants to be with. Sam asks if he is on the rebound and Olivia is available to him. Josh says he would never treat Olivia that way and their relationship is very real. Sam wants to know if he will be bringing Olivia home tonight. Sam wonders if her staying out means he can also stay out. Olivia objects and tells him to be home by midnight. Sam tells them to have a good time and not to give his regards to Richard. He turns to Josh and tells him that the prince's intentions wer! e not that honorable. Josh tells him he understands.

At Tower's:
Alan is greeting guests with Claire by his side. He greets Beth as she and Jim give him the cold shoulder. Alan asks Claire if she is having a good time and tells her they will spend some private time later. Vicki is upset and tells David that Alan should have chosen another date. Vicki wants to preserve the contracts with SC and Richard. David thinks Alan just wanted a date and not a business contact. Phillip comes in and sees David and Frank. Frank asks about Harley. Rick pulls Frank aside and tells him that Harley is still a little upset about the picture in the paper and Phillip's reaction to it.

Vicki announces Prince Edmund as he enters the party and everyone applauds. Edmund greets Phillip and admires his black eye. Alan tells Phillip that he needs to be nicer to Edmund.

Reva arrives in a bright red dress and Alan introduces her to Claire. It is obvious Reva and Claire know each other and there isn't any love loss. Alan sees Noah and tells Reva her escort has arrived. She tells him she is not with Noah, but with another gentleman, pointing out Woody. Reva goes over to Woody and he tells her how great she looks and how her dress is fantastic.

Olivia and Josh come in and greet Alan. Alan asks Josh how he is and he tells him he is ready to get back to work. Olivia chimes in that Josh is ready to get back to work at the price that had renegotiated. Alan tells her, "of course," and then tells Josh that he has a very savvy negotiator. Josh tells him that is only one of her attributes.

Vicki announces the royal couple as they enter. The press is snapping picture after picture as Cassie and Richard walk in. They are smiling and she tells him she hates this. He tells her to hate it all she wants as long as she smiles. She tells him that she can put on a show and walks ahead of him. Richard follows trying to keep up with her. When he does Alan and Claire greet them. Cassie is being short with everyone never speaking more than a word or two. She excuses herself and walks out onto the terrace. Richard follows and she tells him that he doesn't need her at the party. Richard asks Cassie what is wrong with her. She is pacing and not happy. Richard tells her that she should go ahead and shoot him now and be done with it because it is obvious he can't please her tonight. She says she doesn't know what is wrong with her. She is on an emotional roller coaster. She hugs him and then gets an epiphany and smile. She says she must be pregnant. He wants to know if she is sure. She tells him that the only time she has ever felt that way was when she was pregnant with Tammy and RJ. She hugs him and they kiss. He wants to forget about the party and celebrate alone upstairs but now she wants to dance with him. They go back into the party. They are playing a waltz. He asks her to dance and tells her he loves her. They are waltzing and smiling at each other oblivious to the fact that Edmund had overheard the whole thing. After their dance Richard is ready to leave but Cassis now wants to stay. They have a slow dance and Reva comes over and tells them how happy they look. Meanwhile, Edmund tells Rourke to step up the timetable and implement phase two now.

Frank is at the bar telling Rick about Edmund punching Phillip. Jim overhears and laughs. He wants to be filled in. Frank tells him he missed it and tells him about Edmund punching Phillip. Later, Phillip goes over to Jim and thanks him for coming to the party and tells him he had nothing to do with the picture in the paper. Jim asks Phillip if he has a black eye and Phillip says no and leaves. Jim smiles obviously getting joy out of the situation.

Woody is admiring Reva's dress. She asks him again what he does for a living. He tries to side step the issue and she asks him if he and Noah worked in the same think tank. He keeps saying no, but she doesn't believe him. Noah is watching them intently. Reva flirts with Woody and asks more questions. He leaves to get her some champagne while she goes to the powder room. Noah goes to Reva and tells her to quit asking questions. Noah tells her Woody is a major Don Juan. Reva goes into the ladies room and Noah goes to the bar to talk to Woody. He tells him to stop what he is doing. Woody refuses. Reva comes out and runs into Olivia, who tells Reva she looks festive. Reva gets smug and tells Olivia to say hello to Josh for her. Olivia asks why she doesn't tell him herself. Reva tells her that she is impressed that she isn't guarding Josh anymore. Reva tells Olivia she has moved on.

Claire and Alan are dancing and he compliments her. He tells her they will dance all night long if she wants.

Rick and Frank are at the bar, and Rick encourages Frank to talk to a woman. Frank tells Rick that he should go after her. Rick loses his nerve too. Phillip comes over and Rick says another pathetic loser with no date. Rick and Frank start to slow dance. Vicki is embarrassed and wants Phillip to stop them but Phillip thinks its great. He watches them, smiling.

They start playing a tango and Woody and Reva dance. Everyone is watching them, especially Noah. They tango themselves right onto the elevator as everyone applauds.

Friday, October 6, 2000

At Company:
Sam comes in and greets Buzz. They chat awhile and Buzz asks him about free climbing. Buzz isn't sure he can do it but Sam tells him if he can play chess he can do it, it is all based on the same mindset, thinking four or five moves ahead. Sam goes over to Susan's table where she is sitting with Max, Marah and Shayne. Max sees him and gets on the defensive. Susan tells him to be nice to Sam. They talk about some concert they really want to go to and are wondering how they can afford it. Susan suggests selling the CD's that Sam makes but Max objects. He says it is illegal and they will get in trouble. He tells them it is stealing from the band. Sam tells him that they will send the band 35 cents from each CD they sell since that is all the record company gives them. Marah looks up and sees Tony walking in. He comes over and sits at the table with Marah. He asks why she has been avoiding him and she tells him that she has been very busy. He asks her to leave with him but she refuses and Shayne tells him to leave his sister alone. Tony tells Shayne that he only wants to look out for his sister as well. Shayne says something and Marah tells him not to tell their mom about Tony. She finally gets around to introducing Tony to everyone. Tony asks Sam if that was his motorcycle outside. He tells him it is very nice and Sam tells him that he is selling it for $7000. Tony tells him that he has $1000 in his pocket but would shoot craps for it. Susan and Marah are trying to talk Sam out of gambling with Tony but he takes Tony's dare. Tony goes over to get the dice from Buzz. He palms those and gets his own from his pocket. Susan tells Buzz they are learning about probability. Tony rolls the dice seven times and every time he hits eleven. Sam loses and the whole group is shocked. Sam throws him his keys. Buzz sees all of this and comes over to see what is going on. He asks Sam if that was his bike outside and asks him how much it is worth. He tells Buzz that Tony won the bike and he asks Tony to roll him for the bike. Tony agrees and starts to pick up his dice, Buzz stops him and gives him his own dice. He tells him that he has a feeling he wont be as lucky with his and is sure that if he rolled Tony's dice he would also get eleven. Tony got angry and threw the keys back to Sam. On his way out Buzz told him not to come back there. Sam is surprised that Tony was cheating and wonders how Buzz knew. Buzz tells him he was a good con but not the best he has seen. Sam and Buzz wonder who the guy was and Marah tells them that his name is Tony Santos. They are all shocked. Shayne tells Marah that she needs to stay away from him. Susan can't believe that he was doing something so illegal. Max chimed in and said, "like bootlegging CD's?" Susan dismisses it like there is no comparison.

At Tower's:
On the terrace, Richard and Cassie are talking about the possibility of her being pregnant. He wants to fly home but she wants to buy a home pregnancy test. She suggest Jenny, but Richard wants to keep a low profile telling her that telling her would be starting a grapevine. She goes to ask Reva's help. Edmund is still eavesdropping.

Beth sees Lillian in the powder room and tells her she is beautiful. Lillian is considering her mortality. She is considering a facelift. Beth asks Lillian if this is about her breast cancer. Lillian mentions a friend who died of breast cancer and starts lecturing about mammograms. She wants to remind Beth to have one. Lillian apologizes for climbing on her soapbox. Beth asks her when the last time anyone paid attention to her, reminding her that there is more to life than surviving. She tells her that she would like to see Lillian with some romance in her life. Lillian remembers romance but tells Beth that the men are not lining up anymore. Beth tells her that she has to let men know she is available. They laugh. Beth tells her mom that she should dance with the next person who asks. Lillian asks what if it is Alan and Beth tells her to dance but to stomp on his feet.

Phillip and Rick are drinking at the bar with Frank. Frank asks Lillian to dance. Edmund is wandering around the dance floor and asks Jim for permission to dance with Beth. Jim says yes because of how he stood up to Phillip when he hurt Susan's feelings. He tells him that he appreciates him belting Phillip. Beth tells Edmund she appreciates him helping Susan as well. He tells her that he knows what it is like to be the problem child.

Phillip is angry when he sees Edmund dancing with Beth. Phillip says he is sick of everyone thinking he is a selfish pig. He has been trying to make everyone happy since he got back with Harley. He enumerates all the ways he has been trying to help. He tells Rick that he feels bad for everyone, but because he doesn't express himself in the right order about his concerns, everyone thinks he is a selfish. Phillip understands why Susan hates him and why Harley is mad. Rick asks him why he is so angry with Edmund. Phillip tells Rick he thinks Edmund is trying to get close to the LeMay's and Spaulding's by using the most vulnerable ones. Rick reminds Phillip that they are at a party for the Winslow's and it is just a dance. He needs to step away from things sometimes. Phillip says this isn't one of those times. He goes to cut in on Edmund and Beth. Beth doesn't want a scene but Phillip starts making cracks about Edmund. Rick asks Phillip to dance with Lillian. Rick tells Beth he took an oath to preserve life even if it is Edmunds. Edmund tells Jim he didn't mean to involve Beth in a brawl but Jim says he didn't do anything wrong. Meanwhile, Phillip dances with Lillian, who is trying to cheer him up. Rick asks Lillian to dance next. They talk about Phillip and his reaction to Edmund. Phillip goes over to approach Edmund and taps him on the shoulder. Edmund asks Phillip not to ask him to step outside; as far as he is concerned they are even. Phillip says he doesn't know what he is doing with Beth and his family. He says if Edmund thinks about trying anything, he will be all over him. Edmund is sarcastic and tells Phillip he can't run him off. He suggests he try to find another hobby besides rescuing Beth.

At the Lewis's:
Woody and Reva arrive home. She goes to get some wine while he snoops on her desk. She offers him champagne and caviar. He says it looks like a seduction but she says she will get what she wants if he is comfortable. Woody wants to know what she wants. She flirts with him and asks if he and Noah have compared notes. She wants straight answers about them. Woody says this will be a straightforward evening. Reva says that she has heard she may be in trouble and doesn't have time to waste. She tells him she saw him with Noah and wants to know what the mystery is all about. She tells him that she has heard bits of Noah's past slipping out. Noah makes strange calls and now is warning her of all the danger. Now Woody shows up out of the blue. She asks Woody to tell her the big secret and he teases that he will have to kill her if he does. She doesn't give up and he challenges her to a game of strip poker. She agrees as long as if she wins he will have to answer one of her questions. He agrees and deals the cards. She wins the first hand and asks him where Noah got his job skills, speaking fluent Spanish not to mention his perfection at the martial arts. He tells her that Doctor's International trained Noah when he was working in South America. She lets Woody win the next two hands and Woody tells her to give up on her investigation. She tells him she cant. She tells him all she can do is be prepared for anything that can come her way. He wins another hand and Reva unzips her dress and takes it off leaving her in a red slip. Woody goes to the restroom and comes back a few moments later. He starts to kiss her but Reva pulls away. He holds her and falls just as Noah burst in. He sees her standing over Woody half naked.

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