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Passions Recaps: The week of October 9, 2000 on PS
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Monday, October 9, 2000

The Harmony Ruins:
Things are really in the ruins at the old Harmony village site today! Timmy asks Tabitha why Kay is always so mean and snarky. Tabitha tells Timmy it is due to the fact that Kay always figured she had a chance with Miguel. Tabitha feels the vibes in the air and tells Timmy that her plan of finally getting rid of Miguel is working. Evil Charity managed to blow Miguel down the mine shaft. We see him at the bottom of the mine shaft, motionless and do not know if he is alive or dead. Tabitha is excited as she knows her powers will be restored if Miguel is in fact dead and if Charity comes over to the dark side. Suddenly we hear Evil Charity say "WRONG AGAIN." Evil Charity tells Timmy and Tabitha they are about to be killed as well as they are a disgrace to the dark side. She tells Timmy and Tabitha to prepare to join Miguel in the depths of the earth. Charity is fighting over the good and evil forces. Tabitha hopes the good side will win out as she and Timmy will not be killed after all. Tabitha knows they are going to have to protect themselves if evil Charity wins the war. To help her win the battle, Tabitha goes and wakes Kay. She wants Kay to go find Miguel. Timmy wants to know why Kay is going to look for Miguel and Tabitha explains it is to do away with evil Charity. The fight over good and evil for Charity's soul continues. Miguel slowly awakes. He gets up in the mine shaft and is too weak and he falls down again. Kay comes across Charity and catches the display between good and evil. Charity decides she has to kill Kay as well as Miguel. Kay asks Charity why her eyes are such a funny orange color. Charity explains her eyes are that color due to the glow from the pendant. Evil Charity blows Kay into the shaft. Kay manages to hang on to the rafters and Charity steps in and walks on Kay's fingers. Kay falls into the shaft near Miguel. Evil Charity apologizes in a sarcastic sort of way and says .".. ooops; sorry about that!" Tabitha is desperate. She knows she has to get rid of evil Charity. She charges evil Charity and shoves her down the shaft. WE hear Charity scream as she is falling in the mine shaft.

Luis and Sheridan return to the cottage. They are both exhausted. Luis tells Sheridan he could not have delivered Pat's baby without her and all her support. He told her how proud he was of her that she was able to get though the evening especially because of the history she had with her mother dying shortly after child birth. Luis tells Sheridan she was great with the new baby. Sheridan asks Luis if this was the first baby he delivered. He tells her it was indeed his first and hopefully his last. Sheridan gets up to go change and Luis catches her as she is about to fall. Sam and Luis are talking on the phone. Luis tells Sam about the delivery of the baby and Sam tells Luis it sounds like he is falling for Sheridan again. He reminds Luis she is a Crane and not to get involved. He tells Luis the best part of the wedding party was saying good-bye! He was wondering why Ivy was worked up. He then realized he too would be worked up if his son would be getting married. Luis asks him if he is referring to his son Noah. Sam answers "of course, he is the only son I have!" Sheridan questions Luis about Sam warning him about her family. Luis tells her Sam told him to keep a professional distance away from her. Luis asks her if tonight had really changed anything. Luis tells Sheridan tonight marked something really important in his life. He says he really envies Ethan as he is about to start a new life. Sheridan tells Luis he would really like Ethan if he knew him. Luis admits perhaps he was wrong about Ethan! Sam shows up at the cottage. He tells Luis to do what is asked of him and not get emotionally involved with Sheridan. Luis admits that Sheridan gets to him like no one else. He then tells Sam he can't become involved with Sheridan as she does not trust him and he does not trust her. Sam tells Luis every time he sees Ethan Crane, he gets to him more and more. Luis tells Sam that Sheridan is a very beautiful woman but he will not fall for her.

The Hotchkiss Mansion:
Ivy is once again begging Ethan to go through with the marriage and marry Gwen in the morning. Ethan replies that he loves Theresa. Ivy screams out in fear. She admits it is all her fault that Ethan fell in love with Ethan as she influenced Ethan to spend so much time with Theresa. Alistair who is on the phone tells Julian he will hold both Julian and Ivy responsible if Ethan does not marry Gwen. Rebecca is telling Ethan they knew he would marry Gwen ever since the first time he met Gwen. Julian, Ivy and Rebecca are putting words in Ethan's mouth. they are relaxing now that they seem to think the wedding will indeed go ahead. Ethan tells them he means what he said and he is not going to marry Gwen. Rebecca asks Ethan how could he stab Gwen in the heart? Ethan wants to talk to Ivy alone. He asks his mother why does she not what him to follow his heart. He asks her if she remembers her first long and continues to say he does not want to look back years from now and wonder "what if." He tells him mother he needs time to think and asks her if she wished she had had some time to think her future over all those years ago. Ethan explains to Ivy he did not see falling in love coming! Theresa allows him to be free. Ivy is disgusted and tells Ethan she cannot see Theresa as his first lady should he become president of the United States. She continues to tell him she is nothing but the house keepers daughter and even though she is not trying to be a bigot, she knows Theresa will never fit in. Alistair speaks to Ethan on the phone. He tells him very sternly that his plans for him includes him having Gwen at his side. Julian and Rebecca tell Ethan to marry Gwen and continue seeing Theresa on the side. Every one is clutching at straws trying to get Ethan and Gwen to marry in the morning! Gwen appears on the scene and wants to know what is going on. Rebecca tells her they need to go over the plans for the wedding tomorrow. Gwen tells her mother nothing needs to be reviewed and wants to be alone with Ethan so he can tell her what he has been dying to tell her for days! Alone at last, Gwen reminds Ethan of the sport where they first kissed and the big tree where Ethan carved their initials. Ethan tells her he has to talk to her about the wedding. Alistair tells Julian his plane is about to land in Harmony and the mess about the wedding had better be cleared up before he does land. Ethan tells Gwen there is no easy way to tell her what he wants to tell her and finally says ... I'M CALLING OFF THE WEDDING!

Theresa is alone with chief Bennett. She asks the chief if he believes in fate as she hold the letter that says he is Ethan Crane's father. She tells Sam he has to talk to him about Ethan. Sam tells her the Cranes are all bad news and Ethan is just as bad as his father Julian. He tells her it is in Ethan's blood to act cold. At that moment, Pilar enters, returning from the party. Sam tells her he is looking for Luis. While Sam is talking to Luis on the phone, Pilar notices Theresa has the letter that was hidden in the suitcase. Theresa asks her mother how could she let Ethan be raised as a Crane when it was a Bennett. Pilar explains to her daughter that it is not her secret to tell. Theresa tells Pilar she is going to tell Ethan he is not a Crane tomorrow at the wedding in front of everyone. Pilar tells her she cannot announce this news. Theresa tells her mother Ethan could do anything he choose if he knew he was a normal person and she has the proof to show he is normal. Pilar tells Theresa exactly what would happen if Ethan did read the letter she was holding. She tells Theresa Ethan is a Crane in all the ways that matters and he would end up hating her if she blurted out the news that he wasn't. Pilar tells Theresa she would hurt him most if he was told he was not a Crane. She explained that Ivy made the choice to keep this a secret years ago. She also tells Theresa that perhaps Ethan does not love her as much as he loves Gwen. Theresa tells her mother she was at the party and Rebecca offered her a plane ticket to go anywhere in the world. Pilar is angry with Rebecca. She persuades Theresa to forget telling Sam or Ethan and she will speak to Rebecca in the morning to tell her to mind her business. She tells Theresa she loves her very much and she cannot loose her like she lost her husband and son. She does not want to light another candle for Theresa to return to her. Theresa gets into bed and Pilar gives her a good night kiss. After Pilar leaves, Theresa gets out of bed, turns on the light and takes off her robe. She is fully dressed and she takes the suit case out of the closet and begins packing. As she packs she is crying ... she is going to leave Harmony...!

Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Tabitha is happy that there are no signs of life at the bottom of the mineshaft where Miguel, Kay and Charity have failed to their deaths. She knows Miguel died at Charity's hands and now her friends in her basement will look favorably upon her. Tabitha feels bad that Kay had to suffer as well but she is glad they accomplished what they have been trying months to do! Timmy is really hurt that the kids are dead especially his beloved Charity. Timmy is praying while Tabitha is feeling her powers slowly returning! She tells Timmy she can actually see him crying. She explains to him this is a time to celebrate. If it wasn't Miguel, Kay and Charity who fell to their deaths, it would have been them. Timmy wants to leave a memorial to Charity. There are no flowers around so he throws a big pinecone down the mineshaft. When the pinecone hits the bottom, it lands near Kay. Kay stirs and she wakes up. She begins to wonder how she fell down the mineshaft. She thinks Charity pushed her down the shaft. She says Charity is crazy enough to do that. Suddenly, she sees Charity and she shakes her. Charity makes a sudden movement. She screams: "What is wrong with you?" Charity wakes up and Kay tells her she saw her acting strange before they fell down the mineshaft. She explains that the pendant was glowing and Charity freaks out when she realizes that she lost the pendant Tabitha gave her. Back above the mineshaft, Tabitha and Timmy sees the good spirits of the Harmony ancestors. They tell Tabitha that she will burn. Tabitha laughs at them and tells them they surly can do better than that. She tells them to hit her with their best shot. They do and Tabitha starts spazzing out! Kay tells Charity they are all going to die any way. She is scared that she is going to go to hell because of all the lies she has told in the past; especially the lie she told to Whitney about Chad getting a local girl pregnant. Charity tells Kay that the truth always comes out and Chad will eventually figure out Kay was behind that lie. Timmy is scared as Tabitha continues to spaz. When the ordeal is over, Timmy asks Tabitha if she is all right. She tells him she is fine but she is going to need a lot of practice working on her powers. She is sure evil will rock Harmony now that she will have her powers back. Kay decides to try to find a way out. She walks down the tunnel to find where it leads her. Kay returns and tells Charity it is too dark and she cannot see where she is going. Charity tells her they have to get Miguel to a doctor. He is still alive but his heartbeat is very slow. Tabitha and Timmy are covering the area with tree branches so all footprints will not be found. Simone and Reese are sleeping the sleep of the dead. Tabitha is sure they will never find their friends when they wake in the morning.

Chad is in his apartment. He is looking at a picture of Whitney and wonders how she could turn on him so fast. Chad turns on his music. Whitney can hear the music in her room. She wonders if Chad uses his music to seduce his women. She thinks that is probably how is seduced Tiffany. She becomes angry when she thinks that she almost fell for him. She wonders what is wrong with men? First Chad, not living up to his responsibilities and Ethan breaking Theresa heart. Whitney phones Theresa to find out how she is doing. Whitney is so upset that Theresa is hurting over the way Ethan used her that she decides she is going to go give Chad a piece of her mind. She bangs on his apartment door and starts to tell Chad off. Chad is taken a back. He told Whitney that he would have turned off his music; all she had to do was ask. He wants Whitney to tell him what is going on. He wants to know the real reason he has been getting the very cold shoulder from Whitney. Whitney decides she is going to tell Chad the real reason she is so upset with him and ask him if the name Tiffany rings a bell. Chad admits he knows no one by that name. Whitney tells him he is lying and wonders if he really slept with so many women he can't keep them straight. Whitney tells Chad she originally thought he was different. Chad is so confused. He wants to know exactly what Whitney is talking about. When Whitney tells him about Tiffany being pregnant, he tells he that he has been looking for his own parents. If he was the father of a child, he told Whitney he wound indeed stick around and not run as she is accusing him of doing. Chad wants to know who told Whitney this lie. Whitney tells Chad the conversation is over and she warns him to stay away from her sister Simone or she is going to tell her father all about Chad. Again, Chad asks who is telling lies about him. He will not rest until he finds out who has spread this vicious lie.

In her room, Theresa is writing a letter after her suitcase is all packed. She knows she has no other choice. She has to leave Harmony so she can be as far away from Ethan as she can be. When Theresa finishes her letter, Whitney calls her. Whitney tells Theresa she is glad she is home and did not go through with the crazy idea to leave Harmony. Theresa tells Whitney she hopes what has happened between her and Ethan will not influence and stop true love for her and Chad. Whitney tells Theresa she is not the least bit interested in Chad Harris. Theresa says good bye to Whitney and then goes to her mother's room. Pilar is sound asleep. As she looks at her mother, Theresa remember her mother saying she does not want Theresa to leave as she does not want to have to light another candle for another lost member of her family. Theresa tells her mother she loves her and softly kisses her before she leaves for the airport. Theresa arrives at the airport. She tells the clerk she needs to get away. They decide that Australia is a good location to visit this time of year. Theresa hopes it is far enough away from the man she loves. While sitting in the waiting lounge, Elaine comes and sits next to Theresa. she is off to Australia as well. She asks Theresa why she is going to the land down under. Theresa told her the story. Elaine tells her the best way to mend a broken heart is revenge. She asks Theresa if she has anything she can use against Ethan. Theresa explains to Elaine that she cannot hurt him as Ethan is still in her heart. She remembers all the good times they had together while the song "Kiss Me" is playing. Elaine tells her the plane is boarding. Theresa is the last to board. Before she gets on the plane, she wonders if she is doing the right thing. She decides that yes in fact she is going!

The Cranes/Rebecca/Ethan/Gwen:
Ethan finally worked up enough nerve to tell Gwen that their wedding was off. Gwen was stunned for a minute and then she realizes that Ethan is only joking with her. Ivy tells Rebecca that Ethan is a good man and she is sure he will end up doing the right thing. Rebecca tells Ivy that if she did not know any better she would swear Ethan had no Crane blood in him. This made Ivy flinch. She told Rebecca she had not had anything to eat all day and that was the reason why she flinched. Gwen continues to insist that Ethan is joking with her. Ethan tells her to listen to him the wedding is definitely off. Julian is celebrating in Rebecca's mansion. He offers the ladies a glass of bubbly to toast the bride and groom as he is sure he persuaded Ethan to marry Gwen. Rebecca tells him to hold off on the bubbly. Gwen asks Ethan if he is ill, if he has the pre-wedding jitters. Ethan says he is not ill nor does he have the jitters. Gwen begins sobbing and ask Ethan how can he do this to her when she finally realizes that Ethan is in fact serious. She then asks Ethan if he is in love with another woman. Ivy becomes very angry with Julian and Rebecca and tells them they are planning a wedding not a bloody business merger. Ivy in fact tells Rebecca to shut up. Julian tells them again he will make the wedding happen. Gwen asks Ethan to tell her who the other woman is. Rebecca starts telling Ivy it is all her fault Ethan is not marrying Gwen as she hired Theresa and Ivy tells Julian it is his fault as he has been pushing Theresa at Ethan for months. Ivy phones Pilar and tells her to get the papers ready. She is coming over to get them so she can destroy them so the secret about Ethan's father will never be found out. Gwen insists Ethan tell her who the other woman is. She wants to know who the bitch is that Ethan loves more than her! Rebecca has found out that the little gold digger Theresa has picked up an airline ticket for Australia. Ethan begs Gwen to calm down. Gwen tells Ethan she will ask Theresa who the other woman is and then realizes that the other woman is Theresa. She slaps Ethan hard across the face. She tells him to get the hell out of here and never return. She never wants to see him again. Julian tells Rebecca that no son of his is going to marry the house keepers daughter. Alone, Ethan takes off his tie and loosens his shirt. He had to tell Theresa he has called off the wedding. He decides to go to Theresa's house and tell her in person. When he arrives, he does not want to wake Pilar so he tries the front door and it is unlocked. He is in the living room and he hears Pilar call out that she has Ethan's papers in her hand ready to give her, thinking it is Ivy who is in her house. She comes out and sees Ethan in her living room. He wants to know what papers Pilar has ... will he find out...?

Wednesday, October 11, 2000

The Pre-Wedding Party:
Gwen is devastated about Ethan calling off the wedding, she is angry with Theresa because she trusted her with everything. Rebecca Hotchkiss tells Gwen that she will make Theresa sorry she ever heard the name Ethan Crane. Julian and Ivy are worried about Alistair coming into town. Julian tells Ivy that he is going to uncover all of her secrets. Ivy starts to get worried, she knows that Julian is right, and does not want anyone to find out about Ethan really being Sam's son. She tells Julian that she has to go, and after Julian gives up his hold on her, she rushes to Pilar's house to make sure that the papers are safe. Little does she know that prior to this Theresa saw all of the papers and knows her secret and has her own copy of them on the computer. Gwen decides that she needs to leave and spend some time alone and goes. Rebecca begins talking to Julian about how maybe they should have been married, and how no one understands that a merger between wealthy families is what marriage should be based on. They begin to go elsewhere together.

Sheridan is having dreams about what Pat had said to her, and about what she heard Luis say on the dock. She wonders why he does not admit to it, and why it hurts her so much to cut it off with him when she cannot trust him. She goes to make some tea to help her sleep. Luis couldn't sleep either and is up doing some exercises when Sheridan comes in. They begin to talk a little, and she tells him that she has something she wants to say regarding what Pat told them. Suddenly, they hear something outside and Luis rushes to see what it is, it is Gwen. She tells Sheridan that she isn't okay, and needs to talk. Luis waits outside. After talking for a few minutes, Gwen realizes that Sheridan knew this whole time. She is upset that she was not told. She is yelling about hating Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald when Luis comes in and wants to know why she is talking about his sister.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Ethan rushes over to Theresa's house to tell her that he has called off the wedding, and as he walks in, he hears Pilar saying that the papers are almost ready to Mrs. Crane. As she comes out, she is shocked to see Ethan. He quickly asks her what she is talking about. She doesn't tell him, but he guesses that they are the papers that she was making a scrapbook out of. She tells him yes, and asks why he is there. He tells her that he needs to talk to Theresa. Pilar tells him that she is asleep. He begs her to let him just have 5 minutes with Theresa to tell her that the wedding is off. She agrees and goes to wake her up. Pilar quickly rushes out to tell Ethan that Theresa is not in her bed, or anywhere in the house. They both get worried and start to wonder where she is at when Pilar finds a note that Theresa left, saying that she was sorry that she had to leave, but she could not deal with everything and really needed to get out of Harmony. She also said that no one should look for her, especially Ethan. Pilar then remembers Rebecca's generous gift to Theresa and Ethan rushes to the airport to find her.

The Airport:
Theresa is at the airport, getting ready to board her flight. She is contemplating sending out the information on Ethan, but she doesn't want to hurt him. She is so upset because she thinks that Ethan was only using her and was going to carry on with the wedding plans. As they go to board, everyone is sent off the plane due to a "bigwig" that is landing. Theresa is curious as to who it is. As she is waiting to bored, she runs into a gentleman and tells him a little bit about why she is upset. To her knowledge, he is an average man; actually, he is Alistair Crane. He also is unaware who she is. Finally she gets to bored the plane and her newfound friend tries to convince her that she needs to send out the "dirt" that she has on Ethan, she begins to do so, when the stewardess comes and tells her that she will have to put her computer under her seat while they take off. And she says that she might do it later. She tells her newfound friend that she doesn't want to hurt Ethan and that she probably will not send out the information. As the plane gets started, Theresa looks out the window and tells Ethan good-bye, forever. Julian and Rebecca want to make sure that no one knows where Theresa went so they call the airport to have her name erased off the computer, just as Ethan is waiting for the results of his search for her. The worker tells him that there is no sign that she has boarded tonight, or has plans to board either. He wonders where she is. Alistair is on his way back to the airport.

Thursday, October 12, 2000

Sheridan's Cottage:
Gwen tells Sheridan that part of her wants to crawl into a hole and die, but most of all she wants to kill Theresa with her bare hands. She says she trusted her and she stole Ethan right out from under her nose. She says Theresa must have gotten a good laugh over her asking her to be her maid of honor. Sheridan says she doesn't think so, but Gwen is adamant. She says that tomorrow should have been the happiest day of her life, but she would give anything not to wake up because of Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald. Luis comes in just in time to overhear this. He asks why they are talking about his sister. Sheridan says that Gwen is just a little upset and sends her to the other room to freshen up. As Gwen leaves she says she is going to kill them and Luis asks Sheridan who is Gwen going to kill and why was she mentioning his sister's name. Sheridan tells him that Ethan called of the wedding because he was having second thoughts. Luis says it's a little late for that, but it's a typical Crane stunt. Sheridan says that Ethan does love Gwen. Luis says he doesn't care as long as it didn't affect his family. He then asks again why was Gwen mentioning Theresa's name. Sheridan tells him that it is because Theresa was helping with the wedding to make extra money. Luis is furious. Sheridan asks him to step outside while she talks to Gwen. Luis says he's not through with her because he doesn't feel like he's getting the whole story. Sheridan and Gwen talk and Gwen say's she can't believe that she didn't see through Theresa. She says will she get that little witch one way or the other. Sheridan tells her that Ethan still loves her and he needs time to think. Gwen warns her to stay away from the Lopez-Fitzgerald's because they are only after the Crane money.

The Park:
Sam is walking around the park and comes to the place where he and Ivy used to leave messages for each other. Hank comes up to him and asks if he's thinking about a lost love. Sam says yes and asks him how he knew. Hank says because this was Sam's special place where he used to meet his mystery woman back in high school. Sam tells him that he saw her and Hank asks if he has something going on with her. Sam is shocked because he loves Grace. Hank says that's what he figured. Sam says there is something about your first love, but Hank says he can't remember his. He has his future and present love is in his heart, Sheridan Crane. Sam tells him not to get involved with a Crane. He says Hank needs to get involved with a local down home girl that he can raise a family with. They head over to Sheridan's cottage.

Pilar's House:
Ivy is burning the papers that proves that Sam is Ethan's father. She says that Julian and Alistair won't be able to prove anything now. She says that if they hadn't kept her away from her true love Sam, she would still be with him now. Pilar tells her she is doing the same thing to Ethan that they done to her, she is keeping two people apart that love each other. Ivy tells her she couldn't be more wrong. She says the two situations are completely different but Pilar says they aren't. Ivy says her father arranged her marriage to Julian, but she never loved him. She says that Ethan has loved Gwen all his life. Pilar says that even though Ethan has only loved Theresa for a little while, it's obvious that he loves her very much or he wouldn't have called off the wedding. Ivy says he is confused, but Pilar says he's not. She says the only reason Ivy wants Ethan to marry Gwen and not Theresa is not because he loves Gwen more, but because Theresa is not from her social class. She says it's the same way that Sam wasn't. Ivy says that Pilar is being unfair. She says that if Ethan doesn't marry Gwen he will lose everything and Pilar knows it. Ivy says Ethan will be disowned and every dream she had for him will vanish. Pilar asks her what about Ethan and Theresa dreams. Ivy says she stayed married to Julian all these years just so Ethan could inherit the Crane fortune and she couldn't bare it if he gave it all up. Pilar tells Ivy that wealth and power don't mean anything to her, but she doesn't want Theresa and Ethan together anymore that she does. She believes there that as much as they love each other, there are still to many things against them. Ivy agrees. Pilar says that what makes her the maddest, is that Rebecca had the nerve to interfere in her family. She says she had no right to give Theresa a ticket out of town. She said God help Rebecca if anything happens to her baby girl. Ivy goes on about her sacrifices for Ethan until Pilar tells her she is tired of her whining. She says she has listened to her go on and on about her problems since before she was married. She asks her if she ever stopped to consider that she might have problems too. Ivy says she didn't know and Pilar says she didn't want to know. Pilar says her family has been torn apart, the love of her life disappeared and her son Antonio vanished. Now she doesn't know where Theresa is and the only thing Ivy can think about is her self. Pilar says that maybe Luis is right about the Cranes being behind Martin's disappearance. She says that Luis risked his life to protect Sheridan and that Theresa did everything Gwen wanted for the wedding, even when it was tearing her apart inside. For this, the only thing her family gets is scorn, anger, and a one way ticket to no where. Ivy says she didn't have anything to do with the ticket, it was Rebecca. Pilar says that Ivy was at the mansion with her jewels and her servants, moaning and groaning about her lost love. Ivy says that this is a cruel thing to say. Pilar says one day Ivy says she is going to tell Sam the truth and the next day she's changed her mind. She says she's sick of it. Ivy tells her she has made that quite clear. Pilar asks her what about her and her family. Ivy says that she has never spoken to her this way before. Pilar says that maybe it is about time she did. She asks Ivy if she thinks it is unjustified and she says no. She says Pilar is her most trusted friend and confidant, and how has she repaid her. By not considering her feelings and by only thinking of her self. She says she has treated her shabbily and she apologizes. Pilar accepts. Ivy says it's a good thing Theresa never saw the papers. Pilar remembers finding Theresa with the papers. Ivy starts to burn the papers again, but she drops one.

The Mansion:
Julian and Rebecca laugh over getting Theresa's name erased from the airport records. Julian says that Ethan will never be able to find her. He says that once the temptation is removed, that the male species usually comes back to their senses. He tells Rebecca that Ethan and Gwen will soon be married. Rebecca hopes that Ethan comes to his senses quickly. She says she is disappointed that the Crane family doesn't have more influence over him. She says she thought that Ivy and Ethan had some kind of special bond. Julian wonders where she wondered off to in such a hurry. Rebecca says why bother trying to figure Ivy out. Julian says he wouldn't, but he feels that she is hiding something from him for months. Rebecca says that the reason he can't control Ethan because he can't control his wife. Julian asks if he's supposed to chain Ivy up, but Rebecca says to forget about her for a while. She says they need to talk about her and him. She has him to sit down while she gives him a massage. She compliments him and Julian eats it up. She asks him why he married Ivy. She speculates what they could have done if they had of married. She says they could conquer the world. She asks him what if he were to get rid if Ivy and then they got together. Julian says they would make a formable team. Rebecca says they would be unstoppable. Julian says that Alistair wouldn't allow him to leave Ivy, unless her secret was really bad. Alistair calls and tells Julian that Ivy is at Pilar's and Julian leaves to go there.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Hank and Sam arrive and Luis tells them about Ethan calling of the wedding. He also tells them about Theresa helping with it. Sam says Ethan is becoming more and more like the Cranes and he warns Hank away from Sheridan again and leaves. Hank tells Luis to go easy on Theresa.

Meanwhile Sheridan is trying to get Gwen to realize that Ethan still loves her. Gwen leaves the room and Hank and Luis come in and want to know why Ethan called off the wedding. Sheridan tells them they wouldn't understand. Gwen comes back into the room and says she will be happy to tell them why. She tells them a gold digger stole Ethan away. Luis wants to know if the gold digger is anyone they know. Gwen says she will tell him her name.

Pilar's House:
Julian arrives and lets himself in. He sees Ivy burning papers and asks her what's she doing. She says that it is rubbish, she and Pilar were cold so they started a fire. She tells Julian that she come over to try to get Theresa to talk some sense into Ethan. She says Theresa is the innocent in all of this because Ethan is the one who started the relationship. Julian asks where Theresa is and Ivy says she left before she got there. Rebecca arrives and Pilar says it is all her fault. She goes to the door and tells Rebecca she has some nerve showing up after giving Theresa a ticket to leave. Rebecca says she better be grateful that she paid for anything for the whore she calls her daughter. Pilar slaps Rebecca so hard her teeth clatter. Julian breaks them up. Rebecca says that Pilar is a liar, that Theresa wouldn't talk Ethan into marrying Gwen because she wants him for her self. She says they are only interested in the Crane fortune and would do anything to get it. Pilar wants to know where Theresa is and Rebecca says she doesn't know. Pilar demands that she tell her where she is, and Julian tells her she is fired. Ivy says she is not fired, she works for her and will continue to do so. Rebecca asks her if she has lost her mind. She says that Luis has already moved in with Sheridan. She asks Ivy if she wants the rest of her family to get mixed up with the Lopez-Fitzgerald brood. Pilar tries to get Rebecca again. Rebecca tells Julian to fire Pilar. Ivy says she has no intention of firing Pilar and she and Pilar go into the house and shut the door. Rebecca tells Julian that Pilar knows Ivy's secret and that they will find out what it is. They leave. Inside Pilar wonders if she will ever see Theresa again. Ivy assures her she will.

The Park:
Sam goes back to the park and finds Grace there. She tells him she sensed it was an important place to him and she thinks she knows why. She says she knows he came there because being at the Cranes upset him. He tells her he loves her.

The Airport:
Ethan asks the woman at the desk if she is sure that Theresa's name isn't on the list. She says she is sorry but it's not. Ethan says he canceled his wedding to Gwen and went through hell with his family to be with her and he can't lose her now. Ethan gets the woman to search for under the name Rebecca Hotchkiss, but she can't find anything. Ethan says he has to find her because she must be thinking that he used her, he has to tell her the truth. Ethan prays that he will find her while looking out the window. As he does, he spots Theresa by the window. Ethan demands that the plane be stopped, but the woman tells him it is impossible. He demands to see the manager. When she arrives he throws his family's name around and demands that the plane be stopped or he will see that they are fired.

On The Plane:
Meanwhile on the plane the woman sitting next to Theresa tries to comfort her. Theresa says that she knows she is doing the right thing. As she is looking out the window she says to herself that this is good-bye forever and that she will never she Ethan again. She hopes that Gwen can give Ethan the happiness he deserves. The lady offers her a tissue and starts to tell her good riddance to bad rubbish, but Theresa stops her before she is finished. She says that Ethan is not rubbish and that he couldn't be bad if he tried. She says he is the most wonderful man in the world. The lady reminds her of what she said about Ethan using her, but she says she will never love anyone but him for the rest of her life. She remembers the contest that she and Ethan were in. She looks out the window and cries. The lady tells her to email the documents, but Theresa says she can't. An announcement is made that there will be a delay. Theresa looks up and sees Ethan. She hides in her seat and wishes him to go away. She covers up with a blanket. Ethan makes his way to her seat and tells her he knows she is under the blanket. She uncovers her head and tells him to leave. He tells her to get her stuff and come with him. The Captain tells him he had to leave. Ethan begs her to go with him and she doesn't move!

Friday, October 13, 2000

by NBC

Kay worries she, Charity, and Miguel could die before anyone finds them, while Tabitha and Timmy celebrate their apparent demise. When Simone and Reese announce they are going to search for the missing teens, Tabitha tries to dissuade them so they won't find the mysterious box. Simone and Reese come close to discovering the kids in the mineshaft, but Tabitha drowns out the shouts of help with her own voice. Later, Tabitha and Timmy realize they have to stop Charity from ever escaping the shaft, especially if Charity puts back on the pendent.

Sheridan stops Gwen from revealing to Luis Theresa's part in Ethan calling off the wedding. After Gwen storms off, Sheridan reveals to Hank how Ethan called off the wedding because he is in love with Theresa. When Sheridan tries to tell Luis, he says he is happy Theresa is no longer dreaming of being with Ethan. Meanwhile, Gwen's anger towards Theresa continues to build.

Ethan begs Theresa to trust his love for her and get off the plane with him, but Theresa refuses to believe him. Later, after Ethan is dragged away by security guards and the plane prepares for takeoff, Theresa realizes Ethan does love her after all. Ethan laments about losing Theresa, when she appears before him, and the two declare their love for one another.

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