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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 16, 2000 on GL
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Monday, October 16, 2000

In San Cristobel:
At the Palace:
Prince Edmund calls the royal doctor and tells him he has to see him ASAP. The doctor tells him he is tied up all day but Edmund tells him that he will be in his office in 30 minutes. Edmund tells the doc that the future of SC is in his hands.

At the Royal Doctor's Office:
Edmund goes in and hands the doctor an envelope full of pictures of himself with a very young woman that was not his wife. The doctor tells him that he makes a mockery of the royal family and wonders what Edmund is planning to do with the pictures. Edmund tells him that if he does what he says he will do nothing, otherwise, he will see the pictures on the front page of the paper and Edmund would make sure the doctor's wife gets several copies. The doctor asks what he wants. Edmund tells him that Cassie will be coming by soon and she will want confirmation that she is pregnant but he should tell her she is not. The doctor refuses and says that she will find out soon anyway if she is. Edmund tells him to tell her she is not now but in a few weeks he can tell her she is. Edmund tells him all he has to do is put off giving her the good news for a few weeks. He tells the doctor it is a no-brainer and leaves his office.

Later, the doctor calls Edmund at the palace and tells him that Princess Cassie called for an appointment. Edmund thinks it is great but the doctor tells him that he doesn't think he can lie to her.

In Springfield:
At the Carriage House:
Blake is going through her jewelry looking to see what else is missing. She is upset about the robbery but glad that she had a back up disk of her notes with Selena stashed in the boy's toy box. Ross tells her that it is obvious to him and the police that the robbery was done by an amateur and they should be glad that the babysitter didn't come back and surprise him. Blake thinks about it and wonders if Selena came and took the computer and made it look like a robbery. She thinks that she may have decided not to let her use her story and that is why she did it. Ross wonders why she would do that and Blake starts to tell him but says she cant. He asks her if she can't tell him because of making him an accessory. She said yes and he told her to give him a dollar and she could retain his services. She did and he told her that from now on anything she says to him would be confidential. She is relieved that she can get things off her chest and tells him that she thinks Selena is involved with a murder but all the details are fuzzy. Ross tells her that not knowing the details may be dangerous. Blake says she will go talk to Selena. She may not tell her what she wants to know but she may at least get her computer down.

At Inferno:
Abuela has Blake's laptop printing out her notes. She is reading some of the hardcopies and is sure that this is the story of her son's murder. Maria remembers that day and how she couldn't even recognize her own son's face he was beaten so badly. Tony comes in and asks Abuela if she had found what she was looking for. Abuela tells him that she did. He tells her if he needs her again to let him know. She tells him that she wants him to follow around "the red head" (Blake) and let her know what she does and whom she sees. Tony leaves.

At Company:
Buzz talks to Harley about Selena's bad mood. Buzz tells her that Blake had broken their agreement of confidentiality on Reva's talk show and Selena is upset by it. David comes in and he and Harley talk about the talk show and how he wonders if this is the break he has been looking for in the Miguel Santos murder. He tells Harley how what Blake described to a tee the murder and thinks that whoever her source is knows something. He thinks he should talk to Selena again because she was acting jumpy last time he brought it up to her. Harley tells him that she will do it for him since Selena is practically family. David can tell Harley knows something but she doesn't tell him. She is putting it all together in her mind though. David tells her that he didn't get to see the interview and he is going to WSPR to get a copy of it for them to go over. Harley tells him that it does sound like Miguel's death but that doesn't mean Blake knows anything. David will get the tape and they can go from there and question Blake as well. David leaves and Harley approaches Selena. Harley says David told her that she knew Miguel Santos in Chicago. Selena is evasive but Harley says that Blake and she are working on a book, and a lot of it is about Miguel. Harley tells Selena she seems jumpy. Selena tells her that Buzz was right about the book being a bad idea. She says there was nothing about the Santos family in it however, just her feelings and her past. Harley asks if she ever knew Miguel. Selena says she knew what Miguel looked like and saw him around but she didn't hang with his crowd. Selena says that Blake probably got the story from old newspapers. Harley apologizes for asking. Selena tells Harley to ask the cops to cross her off their list about the Santos murder. Harley agrees and leaves.

Blake comes in and tells Selena she wants her computer back. Selena is surprised and hustles her outside. Blake says she offered to give up the book twice and she said no. She said she would have deleted the files if she had asked her to and Selena didn't have to steal the computer. Selena doesn't know what she is talking about and Blake tells her about the break-in. Selena sits down on the step and is figures someone connected to the Santos broke in. Blake apologizes for shooting off her mouth. Selena says that Blake will have to tell the police that she read about the Miguel Santo's murder in the newspaper and tell them the only thing Selena told her was about her life on the streets. Blake is shocked to find out that Mike is Miguel. They realize they are both in trouble. Selena hopes the computer is at the bottom of the lake right now. Tony is lurking in the bushes hearing the whole conversation.

Olivia meets up with Sam outside Company. She asks him to help her. She said Marah gave her a hard time that morning and was hoping that she would have something to cheer her up. Sam tells her that he is on his way over there and will see if he can take her mind off all the negative things which will take the pressure off Olivia. He wants to know if he can keep his bike then and Olivia said, No. She asks him to do it for her anyway. He says he will but asks her to think about the bike.

Buzz goes over to a shaken Selena and asks what the problem is. Selena says that the gossips are talking and she is in the middle. Buzz mentions the Santos things and Selena says Harley was asking questions but that she was very sweet about it. Selena is jumpy and feels all eyes are on her. It is exactly what he tried to spare her from. Buzz hugs her and says he has lost all the women in his life, but won't lose her. Whoever wants at her will have to go through him first.

At Inferno (Again):
Tony comes back in and tells Abuela that he followed Blake and she met up with Selena, a waitress, at Company and that they were talking about the book and how "mike" was really Miguel Santos. Tony tells her that he is sorry to give her the news but she thanked him and told him that she was glad to finally get the opportunity to avenge her son's death.

At the Lewises':
Josh leaves Noah a message asking to contact him. He tells him he is at the house with the kids and Reva has left again. Marah, Shayne, and Josh all had no sleep and were worried about Reva. Shayne wonders if this is going to be another time when his mom walks out the door and doesn't come home for 5 years. Josh tells him that she wouldn't do that again. He tries to reassure everyone even though he is also worried.

Olivia comes in with breakfast in hand. Marah is her usual rude self and Shayne takes a bagel and heads out to the kitchen. Marah goes to make some coffee and Josh tries to apologize to Olivia for Marah. She tells him that is just Marah's way of saying hello to her. He tells her they all had trouble sleeping due to a disappearing Reva. He says this time he is prepared. Olivia resents Reva for doing this to them again. Josh says that Reva was just trying to prepare them that something might go wrong. Olivia says Reva could have handled it differently. They argue about Reva being addicted to drama. Olivia says that the show will never end as long as she has an audience. Josh still thinks it is about her promise to Diego. Olivia kisses him and says she has to go.

Susan, Max and Marah are checking the bus schedule for their trip back from Chicago, there isn't a bus back after 11. Sam arrives with the copied CD's and they listen to them and are impressed with the quality. They should have no trouble selling them. Max is still upset about the CDs and thinks they shouldn't do it. Marah tells Sam there is no bus after the concert so they are in a bit of a spot. Sam says she has a car. Marah says she can't drive after dark in the city. He tells her he will drive.

Noah comes by and Josh tells him that Reva had disappeared and wonders if Noah knows anything. He tells him that he doesn't but may be able to find out something. Josh tells him that Reva left late last night and he was hoping she was with him. He is worried. Noah says he has an idea and will look into it. Frank arrives and says he got a message from Reva. He wants to know what it going on. Noah has to leave to see a patient. Josh wonders whether he is going to check on a patient, or Reva.

Tuesday, October 17, 2000

In San Cristobel:
On the phone, Edmund asks the doctor why he says he won't go through with it. The doctor argues, not wanting to put Cassie and the baby at risk but Edmund continues to threaten the doctor with exposure and tells him it will only be temporary and he will take personal responsibility for her safety. The doctor tells Edmund that he has a patient and hangs up on him. Edmund is very upset.

Cassie and Richard arrive at the doctor's office. The doctor gets off the phone and Cassie tells him that she is pregnant. They tell him that they took two pregnancy tests and she knows the feeling so they are just there for conformation. Cassie goes in for the test while Richard goes over some names. She comes back and they are waiting for the doctor. Richard goes over his list of names and they are awful. Perseval and Oscar for instance. He tells her that they are all traditional Winslow names. Cassie tells him that the tradition has to stop. The doctor comes out and looks at the file that says the test was positive when Edmund knocks on the door. He is there with the doctor's wife and pretends that they are there to see if he wants to go for a bite to eat. They leave and the doctor tells Richard and Cassie that she isn't pregnant. She and Richard are upset, she was so sure. Edmund is pleased, as he listens by the door.

Richard holds Cassie while she tells the doctor how sure she was. She is crying and feels that the test is wrong. The doctor tells her that she may become pregnant in the near future but she isn't right now. Richard tells her that it isn't her fault and holds her. The doctor gives them some time alone but peers through the door at the sad couple looking very guilty.

Edmund comes back and meets up with the doctor. He tells him that he was proud of his performance. Edmund puts an envelope of cash on his desk and tells the doctor to use it for his daughter's education. The doctor tells Edmund that he hated telling them a lie and wanted to tell the truth. Edmund tells him that if he hated that he will really hate what he wants him to do next.

Back at the palace, the Prince gets a call from the doctor. He asks Richard to come in for another appointment alone. He wants to talk to him about a few things as soon as he can. The doctor hangs up and looks over at Edmund.

At Company:
Selena remembers something Miguel says about taking care of her. Buzz tells Selena he will take care of her but he doesn't know how. They chat a bit about Selena's locket and how she likes to hold it because it had Drew's picture in it. Selena tells him that they need to get back to work and they both get up. Selena takes some menus over to a table and looks up to see Abuela. Abuela asks if she is Selena. Selena gives them a menu and tries to leave but Abuela tells her to stay and her bodyguard orders. He orders a bloody steak and a knife along with many side items. Abuela orders an espresso and mentions to Selena that her locket is beautiful. Selena tells her she found it in a pawnshop years ago. Abuela tells her it looks just like one that had been in her family so many years but had gone missing. Selena tells her that she is sure Abuela's locket never ended up in a pawnshop. Abuela asks her if she is sure that is where she got hers.

Buzz tells Selena that they should go get ready for Inferno's opening that evening. She said she didn't feel like going but for him to go ahead. Selena looks at the locket and takes Drew' picture out and underneath it is a picture of Miguel. She remembers things he told her about their love and never letting her go.

At Inferno:
Abuela is talking to Tony about Selena and Blake's conversation. He didn't hear everything. Abuela wants to leave to see Selena. She asks Geraldo to take her. Danny comes in and asks where she is going and Tony tells him that she is going home to get ready for the opening of Inferno. Danny is skeptical and questions Tony. He tells him that he and Abuela wouldn't lie to him. Danny goes into his office and sees a very large man holding May in the air. Danny tells him to stop and pushes the man off but May stops him. She tells Danny that the guy is her friend and that his name is Tiny. May tells Danny that she and Tiny live near each other and that he is aspiring to be a professional wrestler but in the mean time she thought he would be a good bouncer for the club. She explains that she asked him to practice his technique on her and that was why he had her up in his arms like that. Danny gave it a little thought and asked Tiny to wait outside. He tells May that she can tell Tiny he has the job. She told him that she was glad he wanted to protect her. He tells her that she has made his adjustment without his wife more pleasant and he thanks her for that. They kiss.

May comes in dressed in her cigarette girl costume. She does her little speech and Danny helps her with the pronunciation of Cigarillos. They end up kissing. He helps her get ready and she goes out ready to work the room.

Abuela comes back and tells Tony about Selena's locket. She asks him to get it for her and he tells her that he will.

At the Carriage House:
Blake comes in and hides her head in a pillow. She is screaming into and Ross asks her what she is doing. She tells him that she just found out that what she wrote about was the actual true murder of Miguel Santos. She thinks that she is going to get killed. Ross tells her that she will be fine and that they will start by going out to the opening of Inferno. Blake wonders if he is crazy wanting her to go to a Santos establishment. He tells her that she should show them she knows nothing about the murder and they wont bother her. She thinks it is a great idea and decides she will act stupid so they would thinks she couldn't possibly figure anything out. She goes through her dresses looking for something that says, "Stupid."

Wednesday, October 18, 2000

At the Lewis's:
Shayne and Josh are playing checkers. Shayne is winning. Josh tells him he is glad to be spending time with Shayne and Marah while Reva is gone. Shayne tells Josh that Reva is real good at her job and he is sure she has gone to track down a story and she will be fine so they shouldn't worry. Josh is proud of his son and tells him so. Marah comes in wearing a very tight blue dress. She is ready for the Inferno opening. She asks Josh if she looks okay and he tells her she does and then reminds her that he and Olivia will be at the club also, chaperoning. He asks about her date and the doorbell rings. It's Tony. Marah introduces him to Josh, who is a little uneasy about his being a Santos. She tells him that he is Father Ray's brother and a good guy. Shayne tells Tony that all the Lewis men would be on him if anything happen to Marah. He tells Josh and Shayne that he will protect Marah. Josh asks him if he is involved in the family business and Tony tells him that he works at the club with Danny. Josh tells them he and Olivia will be at the club as soon as they can and will meet them there.

At the firehouse:
Selena is in bed and Buzz has dressed to go to Inferno. He asks again if she wants to go but she doesn't. She tells him to go check out the competition and have a good time.

At Inferno:
Everyone is getting ready for the grand opening. Danny, Abuela, Pilar, Ray, and May drink a toast to the club. Danny shows Pilar the remote controls. He shows her the one for the casino and the one for the music. He tells her that no one is to touch the casino one but that she should be in charge of the music, making sure it wasn't too loud or too soft. Bill arrives and kisses Pilar and she lays the remote down. Claire and Alan come in and are impressed. They sit down and have a look around. Rick and appear to be on another date and come in next. Alan and Claire snub them. May walks over to Alan and Claire and they see her Cuban cigars. They buy two and tip her very well.

Billy and Holly arrive. They sit down and Holly thinks they should let Rick and Frank join them. He tells her that he wants to be alone with her. Bill comes over and Billy tells him to get lost. Holly thinks that is awful but Bill understands that his dad wants a little privacy with Holly. Billy asks Holly what she wants and where they are going. She wonders if he has ever had a woman friend in a strictly platonic relationship. Billy says what fun is that. May comes over with her cigars and Billy tells her he doesn't want any other bad habits. May looks hurt and leaves. Holly tells Billy she doesn't want any romantic involvements; she is burnt out. Billy says she is just scared but that she hasn't scared him off yet and has made his mind up. Holly is trying to discourage Billy, and is happy for the interruption when Josh and Olivia come over. Billy tells them that Holly has an aversion to romance. The two brothers go to get some drinks and Olivia tells Holly that Billy! won't give up.

Josh tells Billy that he has a thing for stubborn women including Vanessa and Reva. Billy looks at Marah and remembers when Mindy was that age. Josh wonders what he did to keep from worrying. Billy says he still hasn't stopped worrying and Mindy is all grown up now. Marah and Tony make their way over and stop by to see Abuela. Tony introduces Marah to his grandma, who is impressed that Marah speaks a little Spanish. They go over to her family and Marah introduces Tony to her Uncle Billy who gives Tony the same spill about the Lewis's protecting their own. They leave to mingle.

Frank and Rick are standing at the bar watching everyone thinking about how desperate they must look. A lot of other couples come in and are joining others but everyone is ignoring Claire and Alan.

Beth and Jim come in and later so does Phillip and Beth. Beth sees Harley and Phillip and talks to Jim about the trust that Phillip wants to set up. Jim is against the idea and says Phillip just wants to have control. Beth says Harley is all for it. Jim says he can provide for his family. Beth says they can put it in trust. Jim still isn't buying. Beth asks him to think about it. Jim thinks Beth likes this idea in case he can't provide for his family or he dies. Beth tells him that she thinks it would give them some breathing room. Alan visits Jim and Beth, making snide remarks about Beth and Jim's house, etc. Jim asks Beth if the arrangement with Phil would make his father disappear too. Jim goes to Phil to accept the offer. Jim finally gives in and tells Beth they will take Phillips offer even though he can provide for his family. They go over to the young Spaulding's and tell them what they decided. Beth, Jim, Phillip and Harley are toasting to their agreement. Harley thanks Jim. Jim says he won't rock the boat. Jim says it is done and they don't have to do anymore.

Ross and Blake come in and see that Buzz is there without Selena. Harley comes over and asks Blake if they can talk. Harley asks Blake about her interview on Reva's show. She asks her if the story she told was from Selena. Blake tells her that she got the story from old newspapers and had nothing to do with Selena's past. Harley seemed appeased and left it at that. She went to talk to David and told him that Blake made up the story from the old newspapers archives at the Journal. Blake breathes a sigh of relief as Harley leaves. Ross goes to get some stronger drinks. While Ross is gone, Abuela comes around and greets Blake. She tells her that she is looking forward to her new book and that it sounds real interesting. Blake is very shaken. Ross comes back and Blake asks to go home.

Buzz is at the table with Phillip, Harley, Rick, Frank, David and Vicki. Buzz notices May come up behind them and she introduces herself to them. All the guys notice how hot she is and asks her to join them. She sits down a moment and they chat with her a while. Buzz tells her that he runs a boarding house if she needs a place to stay. Rick tells her that she seems really sweet but asks her why she is selling tobacco products. He tells her that she is single handedly promoting lung cancer in Springfield. May is very upset and tells him that he is the second person tonight to say that. They all fill sorry for her and buy things from her anyway but tell her that they don't smoke. She gets up and goes over to Father Ray and tells him she is upset and asks him if she is promoting cancer. She tells him she may have to rethink her line.

Marah is talking to Tony. He suspects that her friends have warned her off him. He says he has never been "regular" people like her and her friends. She says they don't always hang out together, but mentions their plan to sell the copied CDs. Tony is impressed. He asks her if they can be alone. She says maybe if they aren't gone too long. They start to walk outside but Abuela catches them and asks to talk to Tony alone. She tells Tony to go and get that locket for her, NOW! Tony tells Marah he has to do something for his Grandma and will be right back. He escorts Marah over to her family and tells Josh to take care of Marah while he is gone. Marah is annoyed.

Pilar thinks everything is going great. Frank and Harley congratulate Danny. Pilar tells him to make a toast and he tells her to turn down the music. Pilar hits the wrong remote and the room is transformed into a Casino. Everyone is surprised and Danny looks mortified.

In San Cristobel:
Richard asks the doctor why he thinks he may be the infertile one. The doctor thought he might not want to say this in front of Cassie. Richard says he and Cassie have no secrets and he has already fathered one child. He then agrees to go through the tests with the doctor to be thorough. Later, the doctor tells Richard that the tests came back with his being infertile. Richard doesn't understand and the doctor tells him all the possible reasons. Richard thinks he needs a second opinion. The doctor tells him to go to a certain doctor in New York and not another one on the island. Richard agrees. Richard leaves. The doctor calls Edmund and tells him that he gave Richard his diagnosis.

Richard comes in the palace and sees Edmund. Edmund asks if he is alright and Richard tells him that the doctor told him he was sterile. Edmund laughs and acts like he doesn't believe it and then acts like he is just finding out that Richard is serious. He asks what he is going to do and Richard tells him that he will just have to accept it.

At the Firehouse:
Selena is sleeping in her bed as Tony enters her room looking for the locket. She wakes up and calls out. Tony dives down by the bed and pulls his knife out. Selena sits up and says, "Who's there?"

Thursday, October 19, 2000

In San Cristobel:
Richard and Edmund are having a drink while they discuss the doctor's findings. Richard doesn't believe this could be happening. Edmund feigns sympathy and Richard tells him that he is going for a second opinion in New York at a doctor that the SC doctor recommended. Richard leaves after asking Edmund not to mention this to Cassie. Ed is upset with Dr. Weymouth, but says to himself it is not over. Edmund calls Dr. Weymouth and argues with him about suggesting to Richard a second opinion. Edmund demands to know who the doctor in NY is. Dr. Weymouth tries not to tell him but Edmund threatens him with blackmail until he tells him that he suggested Dr. Holt on Park Avenue. Edmund thanks the doctor and turns his attention to Rourke, who had just come in. He tells Rourke that they have to act immediately and Rourke should get Cassie alone that evening.

Cassie is in her room when Rourke comes in. He tells her that Richard will be awhile on the phone. Cassie tells him that he can go to his room now and he bid her a good evening. He searched for some reason to stay and acts like his shoulder is hurting. He tells Cassie that the only thing that helps it is to rub it. She offers to help. He tells her that it was an old diving injury and he doesn't want Richard to know because he may think he is unfit for the job. Cassie starts rubbing his back and says she can't feel a knot. He strips his shirt off, stunning Cassie. She shrugs it off and rubs his shoulder just as Richard walks in the door. Cassie notices Richard and says she thought he would be a while longer on the phone. Ed walks in and Richard asks both of them to leave so he can talk to Cassie. In the hallway, Ed tells Rourke he did very well then he stands back and overhears a little of Richard and Cassie's conversation. Inside the room, Cassie just looks at Richard. She asks him why he is looking at her so strangely. He wants to know what he walked in on. She explains about the shoulder injury and Richard sarcastically tells her how thoughtful she was to rub it for him. Cassie wants to know why he is acting that way. Richard tells her she has an effect on men. Cassie says she knows when a man finds her attractive and Rourke doesn't. Richard tells her that Rourke is a man and there is no way he doesn't find her attractive. He tells her that he knows she was just trying to help and doesn't want to discourage her from being herself but that she needs to censor herself, but not with him. He says he would encourage her to behave X-rated with him. Cassie asks him if he has a muscle to be massaged. He is speechless for a minute and she tells him his jealousy was a turn on and she will show him she is only "his." They start to kiss quite passionately.

At the Firehouse:
Selena is in bed trying to get to sleep while Tony is creeping along the floor in front of the bed. He gets the locket and she wakes up to catch him. She asks him what he is doing and threatens him with a baseball bat. They struggle and he gets the bat and knocks her out. Tony bends over Selena, and checks her. He rolls her on her back, noticing a cut in the palm of his hand (from the knife). He starts to trash the place, as Selena lies unconscious on the floor.

At Inferno:
Pilar exposes the casino to everyone, making Danny think fast on his feet. He covers by telling everyone that the casino is for the entertainment of Springfield's high roller's and is also available for private parties. All the cops are looking at Danny for explanation, Harley, David and Frank. Danny tells them that all profits from the casino will be donated to a local charity. The crowd applauds. Harley asks which charity, and Danny says they will change weekly with the first week going to Father Ray's church and the second week to the Police Benevolent Association. Frank thinks that is a great idea. Danny tells them that there will also be a membership fee of $1000 that will be donated to AIDS research. Danny says he will find a way to make a profit with the accountant while at the same time donate something to charity. He informed them all that this would make the casino totally legal.

Alan goes to Danny and tells him that he had a nice save and that he is very impressed by the new club. He and Claire go to gamble and meet up with Jim. Alan tells Jim not to waste all his money because he can't afford it. Jim challenges Alan to a game of blackjack.

Pilar apologizes to Danny for her mistake. Danny says at least the church will benefit.

Phil decides to gamble, to make his donation to charity. Buzz asks Harley why she was interrogated Selena this morning. She mentions the Blake interview and connection with the book. Buzz says Selena just talked about her life, and Blake got the rest from the newspaper. Buzz says Selena shouldn't have gotten involved with Blake. Harley says he was right. Buzz wants to know how she is doing with Phil. Harley tells Buzz about the financial agreement with Beth and Jim. Buzz doesn't like it, but Harley thinks it is a good idea. Harley does think Jim's pride was hurt but she will talk to him about it.

Harley goes to Jim and thanks him for going along with the financial deal. Jim thinks in the long run it will help. Harley says the money is for the kids. He should think of it as insurance. Jim says like if he dies. Harley says she thinks Jim and Beth will have more children and Phil can be a distant memory. Phil is still gambling when Harley comes over and tells him Jim is okay with the deal. Phil says they are all trying to be more flexible. Phil thinks there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

Marah tells Holly and Olivia that she was dumped by her date and she doesn't know where her mother is. Olivia tries to reassure Marah about Reva and tells her that she will be fine. Holly says that it is good to express your anger. She tells Marah as she get older, you tend to hold on to your emotions until you have time to deal with them and it is healthy to let them out. She tells Marah that Josh and Olivia are just handling their worry differently but they are still worried. Olivia is impressed with how Holly handled Marah.

Pilar almost spills something on Vicki. Vicki tells David that she almost thought Ruth was there and she knows Ruth was responsible for that waiter spilling the drinks last week. Vicki tells him that she doesn't like Ruth and says she has a thing for David. Vicki hates when Ruth plays the pity angle and makes snide remarks on Ruth's life choices. David defends Ruth. He says everything was handed to Vicki. Vicki says David had it easy too. They argue and David walks away.

Danny asks Claire if Michelle would approve of her being in the club. Claire says it seems like Danny has moved on. Alan wants to know the real deal on Danny's club. Danny says the deal is how he explained it. It is an after hours private club. He says the profits will be donated to charity. Alan is impressed with his creative accounting. Alan offers Claire a membership and asks Danny if he prefers cash. He tells him, "Always"

Beth and Jim toast to their future. Beth thinks the arrangement with Phil will work and let them be free. She says maybe they could have another baby of their own. Jim would love that, but not right now. He says they can't afford it. The house is too small. He wants to be in a better financial position. Maybe Beth can go back to work for a while before they think about it. Jim kisses her and says he wants it too, someday.

Buzz tells Harley that Selena is probably asleep and he thinks he should go home. He kisses Harley and leaves. Rick wants to toast his good pal, Phillip; he hasn't punched or been punched all evening. Rick wants to know how things went with Jim and Phil and Harley tell him they think it went okay. Phil wants Harley to have peace of mind. Rick asks what he will get Harley to give her peace of mind? A new sports cars or a trip to the Riviera. Harley likes the idea. Rick leaves.

Frank gives advice to David about making up with Vicki. David goes back over to her and she said she almost left. David wants to get things straight about Ruth. Vicki says he always defends Ruth but not her. David says Vicki sometimes treats Ruth badly. David says they should avoid Ruth as much as possible. Vicki can do it but doesn't believe David can.

Marah is getting madder wondering where Tony is. She is going to leave. Josh tells Olivia he will be staying at Reva's and sleeping alone again. He will go home and Olivia is going to stay and ride home with Billy and Holly.

Alan wants to have a little fun and tells Jim that he donated money in his name to the church so he wouldn't have to go broke. They challenge each other to blackjack. Beth wants to leave, but Jim says Alan is on his turf now and that he is really good at cards.

Tony comes in to see Abuela. He tells her he got hit and cut on some glass and that he had to knock Selena out and she was also cut on some glass. She asks him if he retrieved what she wanted and he hands her the locket. She looks inside and is shocked to see a picture of Miguel.

At the Firehouse:
Buzz comes home and finds Selena on the floor. He calls 911.

Friday, October 20, 2000

At Cedar's:
The doctor examined Selena while Buzz, Harley and Frank waited outside. Buzz asks the neurologist if she will be alright. He says she should be okay but she will have a headache for a while. Selena is sleeping when they come back in the room. She is coming to and asking for Miguel. Buzz ignores it and talks to her until she is awake. She smiles at him and asks where she is. He tells her she is safe at Cedar's. She wants to know what happened, but Buzz says he was hoping she could tell them. Selena says there was a man in their bedroom. Harley asks for a description but Selena says he was wearing a mask. Frank wants to know if she remembers anything else. Selena says she was sleeping and heard a noise, she sensed someone was there so she pretended to still be asleep. She said the intrusion of the situation made her mad and she decided to get up and fight. She grabbed a bat and turned on the lights. She doesn't remember anything except the beginning of the fight. Harley says they found blood at the scene and it will be tested. Selena asked if anything was taken and Harley said that her jewelry box was gone through and a lot of things tossed around. Harley said to check things out and make a list and the police would check the pawnshops for her things. Buzz is worried. Selena tells Buzz this is no big deal but he isn't listening. He tells her that someone has threatened her and he doesn't want to lose her ever. Harley tells him that they will get this guy. It won't be like it was with Jenna. Selena says it was just some scared kid wanting something to fence and they should let it go. Buzz says that he sees fear in her eyes. Frank comes back in and tells Selena and Buzz that they are posting a guard at her door. He tells her that it is really good that she didn't see the guy's face. Buzz says that Selena is worried that this is a message from the mob about Blake's book. Harley says if this were a message from them, she would be in the morgue. Buzz says that just because he is paranoid doesn't mean that he is wrong. Harley and Frank promise to look into it further.

At Inferno:
Abuela is in the office looking in the locket and crying over Miguel. She kisses his picture inside and then sees the picture of the baby and wonders if it could be another grandchild for her. Tony comes back in and asks if Abuela needs anything else. She notices Tony's hand and tells him he needs a doctor. Tony doesn't want to call attention to his injury. Abuela says she will call one of "their" Doctors. Abuela tells Tony that Danny will make a lot of money at the club. Tony says he will too someday. Abuela tells Tony he is still learning but that someday he may have his own place. He asks her if she wants him to go back to see Selena but she says he has done enough and now it is her turn.

Rick is trying to get back into Inferno. Tiny tells him he needs a membership card to get in, but Rick says he is Danny's brother in law. Danny tells Tiny to let him in. Then Danny says that Rick has a lot of nerve using his name to get into the club. Rick wonders about the club, but Danny says making money off the vices of Yuppies is his favorite past time. Rick tells Danny he is not the only one whose wife left him. Rick wants to be with his friends and offers Danny money to join the club. Danny tells him to give the money to Tiny.

Holly is playing the slot machines, but Billy wants to play cards. Holly tells Billy they are just friends, but he wants more. He is teasing her about the slot machine. She finally wins. Rick asks if he can join them and then offers to buy Olivia a drink. Billy tells Rick to be careful with Josh's "little filly". Rick asks her if she is branded and she laughs.

Rick toasts Olivia and they make jokes about the Lewis men. She tells him she likes the idea of being committed to Josh. Rick sees the look of permanence and attachment in her eyes; he misses that. He tells her he had a rough year. Rick starts to tease her and they go to the blackjack table.

Beth is trying to discourage Jim from gambling with Alan. Claire and Alan are playing blackjack and he has won four hands. Beth and Jim come over and Alan tells Jim there is a $10 minimum. Jim is going to play, as are Rick and Olivia. Alan keeps goading Jim about money. Jim wins a hand at Blackjack and continues to play. Alan is steaming. Beth and Jim seem happy and Jim's luck is holding. Jim has won $360 and quits with Alan telling him he is a quitter. Rick and Olivia continue to play. Rick leaves the table.

Rick runs into May and she asks him not to make those remarks again about the tobacco. He tells her she could sell anything and should try selling something else. Danny comes over and tells her to reload her tray. Danny tells Rick to stop being so moral and to stop hassling his employees.

May walks into the office and excuses herself to Maria. Maria tells her to come in. Pilar asks Abuela if she wants to go home. Pilar talks to May and says she seems to like Danny. She asks if he is a good boss. Pilar wants to know if they are getting along. She keeps prying. Maria asks right out if she is intimate with Danny. May says why didn't she ask, he has made all of her dreams come true. Pilar says that is too much information. May tries to tell more details but Pilar doesn't want any pictures. May is talking about the club and the lifelong dream. Pilar smiles and asks if May knew about his recent breakup with Michelle. May knows everything and says that in the movies, they would just be the other's subplot. She leaves, and Pilar asks what planet she is from. Maria says May is smarter than she originally thought. Let Danny have his fun, she says.

Olivia is still playing cards and tells Alan he overplayed his hand. Claire and he had an argument and she told him that the only time he bothered with her was when they were competing against Jim. She tells him to look elsewhere for a companion and leaves in a cab.

Olivia goes over to Holly and asks where Billy is. Holly says he is planning his next approach. She doesn't want to be more than friends with Billy, but he won't listen. Olivia says she kind of admires Billy's persistence; it reminds her of her and Josh. Holly says that Olivia and Josh are a universe away from her and Billy.

At the Lewises':
Josh is making hot cocoa for Marah. They are sitting in the living room reminiscing about all the nights they have spent like this. Marah asks how committed he is to Olivia. Josh tells her that he isn't using Olivia and that his feelings are real for her. Marah misses Reva and wishes she were there. Marah says she wants Josh to be happy, but couldn't he be happy with Reva. She tells him that maybe if he was there, Reva wouldn't have run off again. Josh reassures Marah that Reva knows what she is doing and then will come home. Marah says that Josh is always there for her. They sit down and play a game of "Go Fish" and talk about her childhood. She asks him how he did it when they were young. She knows she asked him about Reva all the time. Didn't he want to scream? He says he screamed when he was alone. Marah is amazed at how he kept things together. Josh says that they needed him, and he focused on the day-to-day things, not the big picture. He put his other feelings into a box and did not think about it until he had to. Josh says that when things were complicated, it was the only choice. Marah wants to know if that is what he is doing now, with Olivia and Reva. Does he have them in separate boxes, since he seems to love them both? Josh says he is trying to make Olivia the center of his life emotionally, while keeping Reva in perspective.

In San Cristobel:
Reva is on the docks, talking into a tape recorder. She is narrating her experiences and has investigated two ships so far. A man is walking behind her and tells her to stop talking to her newspaper and start talking to a real live man. She talks to him and he says a boat is due tomorrow. The guy leaves and she talks into the tape recorder, saying that the ship will come in tomorrow morning.

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