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Adam tried to convince Liza that it wasn't her fault that Arlene had suffered a miscarriage. Edmund threatened to sell Wildwind and ordered Alex and Dimitri to leave. Bianca moved in with Jack after learning that Erica had read her diary. Leo was arrested, and Woodruff offered him a deal.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 16, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, October 16, 2000

Leo and Greenlee are at the Valley Inn celebrating with a $300.00 bottle of champagne. Leo tips the waiter and extra $100.00 for bringing the champagne to him. Leo asked Greenlee if her grandfather left and she told him that he went home but was glad she was OK. Leo told Greenlee that they were drinking to their own good health since Wade threw them into the elevator. Leo left Greenlee for a few minutes and Ryan walked in with the press all around him. The press wanted to know if all the rumors were true. Ryan told them that the company was doing very well. Greenlee was listening and spoke up and told the press that she would give them a statement. She said that she was with "Incredible Dreams" from the very beginning. She was the creator, financer, originator and all around girl Friday. She told the press that she loved to give interviews and would give them her side of the story. Ryan pulled her away from the press. Greenlee told Ryan that she was not going to sit back while he became the next "Bill Gates." Ryan then handed her an envelope with all the money that he borrowed from Greenlee's grandfather plus some interest. He was buying her out, "right down to the last paper clip." Greenlee said she would take it to her grandfather and then Ryan changed his mind and decided to give the money to her grandfather instead. Greenlee was still talking to Ryan when his date showed up and they left for dinner at the Valley Inn. Leo came back just in time to listen to Greenlee talk about Ryan again and about his new date, Leslie. Leo tried to "shut her up" by kissing her. All Greenlee could say after the kiss was "wow." Leo told her to forget about Ryan and now was the time. Ryan showed her the key to the "Presidential Suite" and said that all they had to do was open the door. Greenlee' jumped into his arms and they left to go to the room. Leo took her to the "Presidential bathroom" for her champagne bath. Greenlee was asking Leo where he got the money to pay for the suite and Leo wouldn't tell her. He just said that if he could afford it, he wanted to pay for it and she expected the best and he wanted to give it to her. Leo made first class travel arrangements for the tow of them. Greenlee told Leo that before they left, they should make sure that Wade would not bother them again and her grandfather has gotten all his money back. Leo told Greenlee that he thought her grandfather did not care if the money came back and then Greenlee told Leo that was before he knew he could get it back.

Gillian and Jake went to a concert and left early because it was boring. Jake did not want to take Gillian back to Wildwind so they decided to walk through the shopping mall instead. They saw the Halloween costumes and thought they might buy some for the children in the hospital. Jake put on a scary mask and tried to scare Gillian. She said that he almost gave her a heart attack and Jake said that it was a good thing he was doctor. Gillian and Jake pick out a few costumes and then leave to get some dinner. As they were getting ready to go into the Valley Inn for dinner, Jake's beeper went off and he had to take the phone call. While Gillian was waiting in the lobby, Ryan came in to find out if his dinner table was ready. Gillian saw him and started to walk toward him when Ryan's date came in and put her arms around him and asked if they were ready to go to dinner. Ryan introduced Gillian to his date, Leslie. Leslie commented to Gillian about how Jake was a hero. Gillian commented that Ryan was a hero also. Leslie invited the two of them to join them for a drink but Gillian said that Jake got paged and may have to leave for the hospital. Ryan and Leslie excused themselves. Jake came back and Gillian told him that it was too busy at the Valley Inn and she suggested they go to the Mexican Restaurant that he had been talking about. They left the Valley Inn.

Edmund was talking to the ghost of his father. The ghost was telling Edmund that he needed him if he was going to beat Master Dimitri. Edmund knew that his father has been dead for years and he knew that this was not real. His ghostly father told him that he was a coward and that his brother was going to take everything from him that he holds dear. He told him that Dimitri already took the women he loved, he will take his children, and his home. He told Edmund that it was time to face the truth. Edmund was trying to tell his ghostly father that Wildwind was his and not Dimitri's. Edmund's "ghost" told him that his brother was at Wildwind with his woman now and may even be in bed with her. Edmund told the "ghost" to leave him alone and the "ghost" just laughed. Edmund ran out the door.

Alex and Dimitri were at Wildwind together. Alex said that it doesn't feel right coming into this house without Edmund but they wanted to see Maddie and Sammy. Alex said that she thought this place was going to be her home and Dimitri told her that he wanted to spend the rest of his life at Wildwind with her. They were having a hard time trying to find a place to renew their marriage vows. Every place that they found to renew their vows at would hurt Edmund too much. They finally decided to go to Hungary to have the ceremony. The Countess brought Maddie and Sammy to visit with Alex and their Uncle Dimitri. Sammy showed his Uncle Dimitri a painting that he did of a smiley sun and happy flowers and a big blue sky. Dimitri asked him whom he painted it for and he said that he painted it for his daddy because his daddy was so sad. Edmund walked into Wildwind and was watching Dimitri and Alex playing a game of golf with Sammy and Maddie. Dimitri hugged the two and said that he really missed them a lot and wanted a big hug from both of them. When the kids saw Edmund, they ran to him and he gave them a big hug. Sammy gave his picture to his dad and he was pleased. The Countess took the children to their bed and Alex said that she would help her. Dimitri and Edmund were left downstairs to talk. Dimitri told Edmund that he would like to take his kids on a camping trip and Edmund told him to stop talking about his children. Edmund told Dimitri that his children would not go anywhere with him. They started to talk about the living arrangements. Dimitri said that he and Alex would move out if that was what Edmund wanted. Edmund told Dimitri that Wildwind was his and he wanted everyone else out. He would do what he wanted to do with Wildwind, like selling it. Dimitri said that he would have to re-bury him again if he sold Wildwind. Edmund told Dimitri that he hoped he had his coffin picked out.

Leslie and Ryan were talking and she told him that he was always making other peoples dreams come true. She wanted to know what his dream was and Ryan told her that making the company huge was the only dream he had for now. She told him that she could tell he was not a happy man and wanted to know what would make him happy. He told her that the one thing that would make him happy would not happen.

Jake brought Gillian back to Wildwind. She offered to have him come in but he had to leave. Gillian offered to cook him some dinner some time soon. She told him that she knew about his allergies now and would not kill him. Jake said that he married her because she was the most captivating woman he has ever known and not for her cooking skills. She said that she was glad for that reason. He kissed her goodnight and he left.

Tuesday, October 17, 2000

Shopping separately at the mall, Hayley and Mateo bumped into one another in the food court. Mateo noticed that his wife was trying to hide a shopping bag from him. He poked his way through the bag and noticed that Hayley's bag contained an assortment of baby clothing. The pair sat down at a nearby table and Hayley explained that she was actually on her way to return to the clothing; she had picked it up before Arlene's miscarriage. Mateo told Hayley that she could hold on to the baby items. With a smile, he explained that they'd need the clothing one day when they have a child of their own. Hayley wrapped her arms around her husband and gave him a big hug.

Just a few yards away, Jack and Bianca walked around the mall doing some school shopping. Bianca grumbled about needing a chaperone, but Jack quickly pointed out that she wouldn't be in the predicament she was in if she hadn't cut school. Bianca sighed and agreed that she'd caused the trouble herself. She asked her uncle if she could have a few unescorted minutes to buy something "personal." Jack was reluctant to let the girl run off on her own because he'd promised Erica that he wouldn't let Bianca out of his sight. Nevertheless, he ceded to his niece's wishes and let her go off on her own. Time passed and there was still no sign of Bianca. As Jack paced back and forth, he ran into Mateo and Hayley. He asked either of them if they'd seen Bianca, but he rejected their offer to help him find her because he feared that it would upset Bianca. Jack smiled nervously and admitted that being a "parent" was a lot harder than he expected. Hayley and Mateo headed for home leaving Jack to continue his nervous pacing. Bianca eventually did show up as promised and Jack breathed a sigh of relief. As Jack and Bianca continued their walk, they came across a booth set up to sell candy as a fundraiser for the Pine Valley High School cheerleading squad. Jack introduced Bianca to the three girls manning the booth, but all three cheerleaders turned up their noses at the sight of the Jack's niece. One, in fact, made a wisecrack about Bianca's shoes and her apparent love of the Seattle grunge scene. One of the other girls recognized Bianca from a photo in the paper --- or more precisely she was recognized as Erica Kane's daughter. The girls' reception turned much warmer and they gushed endlessly about Bianca's famous mom. The trio assured Bianca that she would be part of the "in" crowd with a little bit of their help. After the girls closed up shop and headed off for parts unknown, Bianca told her uncle that she wasn't happy with her new schoolmates. She complained that no one ever wants to know her for who she is --- they want to know her because she is Erica Kane's daughter. Jack smiled warmly and told Bianca that he'd like to get to know her if given the chance. He then worried that his remark was kind of corny. Jack assured Bianca that he loves her just the way she is and that she doesn't have to change for anyone. Bianca bowed her head sadly. She told her uncle that he sounded a lot like her father. She also admitted that she's often picked up the phone to all her dad... before realizing that she couldn't do that any more. Jack smiled and told Bianca that he'd always be there for her if she needed someone to talk to on the phone or otherwise. Bianca embraced Jack and buried her head in his chest.

Hayley and Mateo returned home. There, Mateo gave his wife a charm bracelet as a gift. He told Hayley that they would add a new charm for each phase of their life together. After making love, Hayley walked over to the dressed and looked at all the baby clothing she'd purchased. Mateo walked up behind her and promised his wife that they would one day have a "real family" of their own.

At Chandler Mansion, Liza watched the security tape of Arlene's fall down the steps. She rewound and replayed the scene over and over again. Adam returned home and asked that Liza not put herself through the pain of watching the tape. Liza refuted Adam's claims that Arlene's fall was an accident. She told Adam that at the time of the "accident" she "hated Arlene" and the baby she was carrying. Liza said that she felt badly for Mateo and Hayley, who had also lost a baby through the ordeal. Liza claimed that she and Adam were not meant to be together --- that when they are people get hurt. Adam laughed off the Liza's remark as a "superstitious excuse." Liza continued on, saying that nothing good has ever come of their time together. Adam's face turned bright red and he stormed out of the room. Liza continued gathering Colby's belongings until Adam returned to the room toting the toddler. Adam flashed Colby as a sign that something good has come out of their relationship. Liza didn't argue the point nor did she agree with Adam. Adam asked Liza to stay so that they could continue talking, but Liza refused. "I can't," she replied, reminding Adam that he was a married man. Adam insisted that he would be divorced from Arlene soon enough. Liza placed Colby in her carriage and left the mansion.

Dimitri conceded that his living on the grounds was not the best arrangement. "Alex and I are leaving tomorrow," he informed Edmund. Edmund was infuriated by Dimitri's statement that he could not sell "their" home. He reminded Dimitri that their father, Hugo, had left Wildwind to him in his will. Dimitri argued that Wildwind has been in the Marick family for generations and that the property should never leave the family. "You're too greedy," Edmund snapped. Dimitri made things even more tense by hinting that Edmund couldn't truly appreciate the value of their ancestral home because he'd been raised in the stables. Edmund clenched his fist by his side. Dimitri noticed what Edmund was doing and began taunting him. "You wanna hurt me?" Dimitri chirped. "Take your best shot!" Dimitri blasted Edmund for turning to violence the way Alf had done. Alex entered the room and broke up what could have been an explosive situation. Edmund tried to talk himself out of the situation, saying that he and Dimitri were having a simple disagreement about his plans to sell the house. Alex knew Edmund was lying and called him on it. "I know you too well," she said sternly. Alex asked Edmund why he had destroyed Dimitri's memorial marker in the mausoleum. Dimitri shook his head and argued that his brother was incapable of destroying the plaque. Vandals, said Dimitri, were responsible for the destruction. Edmund's face flashed a look of sincerity as he told Dimitri that he really had destroyed the plaque. Unconcerned about his actions, Edmund stated that he removed the marker because Dimitri wasn't dead. In a state of disbelief, Dimitri and Alec headed back to the hunting lodge.

At the lodge, Alex told Dimitri that it was time to leave. She made a request that she and Dimitri go to Vadzel, but Dimitri wasn't ready to leave the country. Dimitri explained that he couldn't leave because he had to work his "magic" and convince Edmund not to sell Wildwind. Alex told Dimitri that she was worried that something bad would happen to all of them if they remained in Pine Valley. Edmund has changed, she insisted.

Back at the main house, Alf once again appeared to Edmund. He snarled that getting rid of Wildwind would not change who Edmund is --- "Edmund the Coward." Nor, he cackled, would it get rid of him. "You are nothing," Alf laughed. "And I am here to remind you." Edmund picked up a glass and threw it towards Alf. The vision, however, disappeared and reappeared on the other side of the room. Alf told Edmund that there was only one way to get rid of him. "Get the monkey off your back," Alf ordered. "You know what you have to do."

Wednesday, September 18, 2000

Leo and Greenlee were having a ball on their island get away, playing poker and sipping champagne. She lost money but they didn't care. Leo was her good luck charm. A bellhop arrived with a shopping bag. Leo poured out a bag of gifts for Greenlee -- a toe ring, earrings, and other boxes of jewelry. Greenlee asked how Leo could afford all this and assumed he got the money from Vanessa. Greenlee wanted to gamble again. This time, strip poker. Leo won the first hand. Greenlee pulled off an earring. "Wimp," he said as he dealt another hand. They played down to their underwear; clothes and jewelry piled up in front of them. "Full house," Greenlee said. What do you got?" Leo stood up and stripped off his briefs.

After, Leo got dressed and prepared to leave. Greenlee asked where he was going, but Leo wouldn't tell. He wanted to surprise her. "I never want to disappoint you," he said. She responded, "Everyone in my life has disappointed me except you."

Leo tiptoed back into the hotel room and kissed a sleeping Greenlee. She begged for her present. He made her close her eyes and placed a cute little puppy on the bed. Greenlee was delighted. She named her new dog Happy because that's how Leo made her feel. They decided it wasn't too corny.

They talked about where Greenlee would live when they returned to Pine Valley. Greenlee said Leo couldn't stay at Erica's forever. She immediately backtracked. "Maybe you can. Erica's pretty attached to you." Leo said moving in together might not be a bad idea. While they talked Happy piddled on the bed.

The couple decided they would move into a house together where Happy would have plenty of room. Greenlee said she would hate to ask her grandfather for money for rent because he had just lost $1 million to Wade Randall because of her. She hoped he would get it back. Leo said it wouldn't be easy to get back the stolen money. "It is if the bills are marked. Whoever was dumb enough to take gramp's money is going to get caught." Leo's eyes bugged out of his head.

Winifred welcomed home Arlene, who was accompanied by Adam, Hayley, and Vanessa. Mateo brought up the rear carrying all the luggage, flowers and balloons. Arlene sucked up the attention like a sponge. Adam said she was welcome to stay at the house until she felt physically ready to leave. Arlene said she was still feeling rather weak. Arlene asked Adam to sit with her, but he rushed off pleading something to do in the study. Alone, Arlene and Vanessa laughed over Arlene's good fortune. "My shoulder hurts, but the rest of me is fit and ready for battle," Arlene said. "What battle?" asked Vanessa. "To take over Chandler Mansion."

Looking for sympathy, Arlene told Hayley she had dreamed about the baby. Adam entered and asked if he could speak with Arlene. Adam loudly cleared his throat. Vanessa finally took the hint and left them alone. Adam promised Arlene $700,000 and hoped they could part amicably. He handed Arlene the divorce agreement, and asked her to sign. Just then, Liza walked into the room. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. "My God, what are you doing, Arlene just lost a baby!"

Arlene sat there weepy eyed while Liza berated Adam for his insensitivity. Liza asked to speak with Arlene and told Adam to take the divorce papers with him. Alone, Arlene became stony faced, and Liza begged her forgiveness. Arlene responded, "In an instant my life changed forever. Because of your anger I lost a child." Liza apologized again and left. Arlene sipped her drink and smiled. Outside Hayley and Mateo tried to tell Liza she wasn't to blame, but Liza would not be comforted. Instead, she suggested that subconsciously she wanted Arlene to miscarry.

Inside Vanessa refilled Arlene's drink. They laughed because Liza wouldn't let her sign the divorce papers. Arlene celebrated the fact that she and Hayley were getting along. Vanessa didn't think Arlene could carry on the charade for long. "Well if I can't win Adam's heart, I'll go for his wallet." $700,000 doesn't go very far Vanessa warned and reminded Arlene about her share. They chuckled, as Mateo listened outside. When he came in he smelled alcohol in Arlene's orange juice. To Arlene's disappointment, Adam realized Liza had left the mansion, and followed her out to the gatehouse.

Hayley and Liza said goodbye outside the gatehouse after a visit with Colby. Back inside the house, Liza found Adam had sneaked in. "I just saw our baby," he said. "She's beautiful. Want to make another one?"

Hayley returned to check on Arlene and promised to visit the next day. Arlene asked her to bring some of her 12-step books. Mateo smiled slyly as they left. Outside Hayley said "How about that?" Mateo told her to save her hallelujahs, there was more than vitamin C in Arlene's orange juice. Mateo suggested that Arlene was using the miscarriage to get what she wanted from Adam and Hayley. Hayley wanted to give her another chance, but Mateo was not buying and convinced Hayley they should keep an eye on Arlene.

Adam yelled at Liza for stopping Arlene from signing the papers. He asked her to butt out. "You're the woman who locked her in the attic with rat poison," he said. They argued over who has treated Arlene worse. Adam said "And another thing, you'll marry me by Thanksgiving." He grabbed her and kissed her. She opened the door and threw him out.

Erica came down the stairs with a box holding her old PVHS sweater. Opal visited. Erica explained she was looking through her old high school things to try to recall what it was like to be a teenager. Opal asked if Erica had read Bianca's journals. Erica justified her moves as concern for Bianca.

Opal warned Erica she was betraying Bianca's trust by reading her diaries. Erica picked up the journal to discover Bianca had ripped out half the pages.

Erica tried to figure out what Bianca had to hide. Opal thought perhaps Bianca had written about her rehab and didn't want anyone to read about it. She thought Erica should understand, but Erica was convinced that something had happened to Bianca that had nothing to do with her treatment. Opal tried to pass it off as growing pains. Erica thought she had written of a broken heart. What if she was molested or worse? Erica rushed off to the school to reassure Bianca she was there for her no matter what had happened.

Bianca walked the hall with her new guidance counselor, got her locker combination and her school schedule. As she looked for her locker, the cheerleaders she met at the mall arrived to decorate Bianca's locker.

The teenagers fawned over Bianca. Junior walked down the hall with a football jock. "Who's the babe?" he asked Junior. Junior introduced Bianca to Marcus, the captain of the football team, and also known as the top scorer on and off the field. Discovering they were in the same class, Marcus walked Bianca to class, and left her three new friends jealously watching.

After class Marcus bragged to the three girls that Bianca was brilliant in English. One of the girls confided that Bianca was Erica Kane's daughter. Marcus smiled.

Erica showed up at the school and discussed Bianca's situation with the guidance counselor. Bianca was shocked when she saw Erica. "Mom, what are you doing here?"

Thursday, October 19, 2000

With Liza out for the day, Hayley was left in charge of WRCW. Her workday started off with a message of sympathy from Becca. Becca pulled Hayley aside and told her how sorry she was that Arlene had lost her baby. Ryan and three beautiful women breezed into the studio and took up position directly in front of Hayley. Hayley immediately told Ryan that she was extremely busy and wouldn't have time to talk to him for at least two hours. Ryan smiled confidently and told Hayley that he knew otherwise; the studio was free until much later in the evening. He pulled Hayley aside and announced that he wanted to rent out the studio to film something "Rated D --- Dreamers Only." The studio was quickly put together to film a commercial for "" The commercial featured Ryan's three attractive escorts discussing their fantasies with beautiful imagery of exotic locations and a voice over from Ryan. At the conclusion of the taping, Ryan turned to Hayley for some feedback on the commercial. Hayley gritted her teeth and told Ryan that the commercial was missing something --- him. The commercial was re-shot. This time, Ryan appeared in front of the camera, flashing his big brown eyes to the audience. "If you can dream it, we can make it happen," Ryan pitched. Hayley and Becca went wild after the cameras stopped rolling. This, they agreed, would have people logging onto the web site in record numbers.

Jake and Gillian spent time with some young patients in the solarium at Pine Valley Hospital. It was clear that the children were enjoying themselves, but none of them wanted to be in the hospital for Halloween. A nurse strolled into the room and handed Joe, who'd been observing from the background, a packet of papers from a Swedish medical research company. Joe stepped into the hall to open the documents. He read over everything, but as he did David arrived on the scene. He heard the name of the Swedish lab mentioned and immediately wanted to know what Jake was working on. Joe warned David to mind his own business and then stepped back into the sunroom to talk to his son. Jake informed his dad that he had been expecting the papers; the letter had been addressed to "Dr. Martin" so there was bound to be some confusion. Inside, the Swedish lab had enclosed information about the experimental anti-impotence drug Jake had been told about. Naturally, Jake was interested in becoming a patient for the project, but his dad advised him against being a "guinea pig." Jake told Joe that it was very important for him to try the medication. Gillian was en route to the children's wing when David pulled her aside and asked her what Jake was working on. Gillian had no idea what David was talking about, but she never had a chance to say anything. Joe and Jake wandered into the hallway and Jake asked David for a few words in private. There, Jake warned David to stay away from Gillian. There was clearly no love lost between the two and Jake rebuffed David's claim that he wanted to work together with him on whatever project he was involved with. Jake laughed, accusing David of not wanting to share the headlines in the medical journals. Jake met back up with Gillian later on the sun porch. They decided that they'd step out for an hour or so and grab a bite to eat at The Valley Inn. Before leaving, though, Jake and Gillian were sure to tell a nurse that they'd be off hospital property. After they'd left, David scrambled down the hall and bumped into the same nurse. He asked if she'd seen Jake, to which the woman responded that Jake and Gillian had gone to The Valley Inn. David thanked the nurse for her help and headed for a nearby phone. David phoned his office and informed Dixie that he'd be taking an early lunch at The Valley Inn. To himself, David muttered that he was sure that Jake was up to something.

In their suite in the tropics, Greenlee gushed endlessly about her new puppy. As she did, she chuckled about how her grandfather, Woodruff, had given Wade a batch of marked bills. Leo's gleeful attitude suddenly took a nosedive. Stuttering nervously, he asked Greenlee to repeat herself. Leo told Greenlee that he needed her to leave so that he could spring another surprise on her. Greenlee was caught off guard not only by the spontaneity of Leo's request, but also his instance that she leave in a hurry. After he practically tossed Greenlee out of the suite, Leo placed a call to the front desk and demanded to speak to the manager. A short time later, the hotel manager showed up in Leo's room and asked Leo of his complaints. Leo rattled off a series of complaints ranging from a lumpy bed to faulty plumbing. The manager offered to have the bed removed from the suite and have a plumber fix the plumbing, but Leo refused the offer. Instead, he demanded that his money be refunded --- the same $100 bills that he'd given them. The manager explained that cash refunds are not given and explained that it would be nearly impossible to track down the same cash that he'd spent. The manager started to gather the jewelry and other items Leo had purchased. Greenlee returned to the room and yelled that her gifts be unhanded. Leo told Greenlee that the manager had gone back on a deal that they had made and that he'd asked that everything be returned for a refund. Greenlee was quiet for a minute or two before realizing that Leo was acting very strangely. It took but a few seconds for her to realize that the money Leo was throwing around and the ransom her grandfather had paid were one and the same. Leo attempted to deny the allegations, but Greenlee had caught him red-handed. Leo then opted for a decidedly different approach: blaming Wade. Leo explained that he'd only taken the money because he felt sorry for Greenlee after her run-in with Wade. After all, thanks to Wade Greenlee had been held at gunpoint and thrown in a broken-down elevator. Greenlee nodded her head understandingly... until Leo finished speaking. "Bull!" she shouted. Greenlee accused Leo of using the ransom money as his "chance to make an easy fortune." Leo implored Greenlee to believe what he was saying, but Greenlee no longer wanted anything to do with Leo. She grabbed her belongings (and her puppy) and stormed out of the room.

Bianca froze in her tracks upon seeing her mother and her guidance counselor with their heads together. Bianca panicked, asking Erica what she'd told Ms. Singer. Erica softly told her daughter that she wanted to tell the counselor that she was worried about her. Ms. Singer spoke up, assuring Bianca that anything that they had discussed was in the strictest of confidence. Bianca rolled her eyes and pooh-poohed the remark. She said that her mother is Erica Kane and that she makes and breaks her own rules. Bianca threw her hands in the air and angrily snarled that she would tell her mother everything --- but warned her that she'd be sorry when she heard everything. Bianca, Ms. Singer and Erica filed into a nearby classroom. Bianca sat on a desk at the front of the room, her legs dangling downward. She concocted an elaborate tale of how she'd joined a cult that worshipped the Goddess Diana. "You want to know who I am, Mom? I'm a moon maiden, a teen extraterrestrial," Bianca chirped. Erica pursed her lips together and told her daughter that she'd made her point. Ms. Singer left the two to discuss their situation in private. Erica approached her daughter and told her that she wanted to know what was troubling her. "We're only as sick as our secrets," said Erica citing a mantra she'd learned in rehab. Bianca softened, admitting to her mother that "something happened to [her] at rehab." A portion of what Barbara had related to Jack, she said, was true. "I did meet someone special," she continued. Erica feared from Bianca's hesitance that the boy Bianca had met had molested her. Bianca shook her head, but refused to go into any more detail. Erica reminded Bianca that she'd said that whatever it was that had happened had changed her in a dramatic way. "You felt lost, confused," Erica said softly. Bianca's eyes bulged and her jaw dropped. She looked her mother in the eyes and told her that she had never said those words; she had written them in her journal. "You hypocrite!" Bianca shrieked, accusing her mother of violating her privacy. Erica admitted that she'd read the diary, but insisted that she'd only read one page. She justified her actions by saying that she'd been concerned about Bianca's attitude. Bianca angrily told her mother that she no longer had to worry about her. "I'm cutting the cord," she snapped. Bianca grabbed her bags and walked towards the door. She informed her mother that she was moving out.

Leo and Greenlee arrived back in Pine Valley faster than anticipated. Apparently, Leo had slipped the pilot some cash and he put the pedal to the metal. As they sat at the bar in The Valley Inn, they were unaware that Derek was quizzing Drew about the money Leo had given him. Leo turned around and caught sight of Derek and panicked. "Cop alert!" he shouted to Greenlee. As they turned to make a getaway, they noticed that their path was blocked by two burly police officers. Derek strolled over and informed Leo that he was under arrest for "unlawful disposition."

Thursday, October 20, 2000

Erica met Myrtle at The Valley Inn to discuss her problems with Bianca. Erica immediately admitted that she'd nosed through Bianca's journal, but insisted that she'd only done so because she was worried about her daughter's welfare. Myrtle asked Erica what could have happened at rehab that had been "so terrible." Erica shrugged, again saying that she'd hoped to learn whatever it was that was bothering Bianca by reading the journal. Myrtle listened carefully to Erica's story without much interruption. Upon the completion of the story, Myrtle used her experience to offer some sage advice to her good friend. Myrtle told Erica that she and Bianca had a lot more in common than they believed. Both, she smiled, felt as though they could do nothing right. Bianca, she said, is coming off a broken heart and wondering if she'll ever be capable of being loved by another boy. Erica, on the other hand, fears that she's not able to do right by her daughter. Myrtle urged Erica to extend an olive branch to her daughter and to apologize again for reading the diary.

Leo laughed about the "flimsy charges" brought against him even as Derek placed him in a holding cell. Leo also chuckled that he was beginning to wonder if Derek liked him because of all the time they'd been spending together in recent months. Derek left Leo alone. A few seconds later, Greenlee somehow managed to slip past the guards and into the cell area. Greenlee labeled Leo an "insignificant prisoner" and went on a tirade about how Leo had gotten her in more trouble by roping her into his thievery. Leo brushed off Greenlee's insinuation that he was waiting for her to bail him out of jail. Instead, Leo smoothly replied that he'd be out of jail by happy hour. Greenlee shook her head in disbelief. She told him that she'd overheard Derek and the District Attorney discussing Leo's situation on her way into the station. She claimed that both men were still fuming over the way that they'd bungled the murder charges against Leo. This time around, she explained, they were looking to stick it to Leo and send him off to Statesville for five years. Leo's face turned pale and he turned his back to Greenlee. Finally, Greenlee knew that Leo wasn't as confident as he wanted her to believe. In return, Greenlee admitted that she wasn't as cold and uncaring as she led Leo to believe. She told Leo that she was "getting a rash just looking at the cot" in his cell. She pledged to do whatever she could to get the charges against him dropped. The two kissed, unaware that Derek was on his way back to the cellblock. Derek threw a fit when he spotted the lovebirds. He opened Leo's cell and readied to haul him off for arraignment.

At The Valley Inn, Jake gave Gillian a brief overview of the medicine he'd gotten from the Swedish lab. Gillian seemed interested, but Jake quickly silenced the talk about his recovery. Jake explained that he enjoyed being with Gillian and not having to talk about his medical woes or their past. He looked at Gillian between bites of his food and told her that he assumed that she initially returned to his side because of his medical problems. After he'd finished the last of his food, Jake asked Gillian if she'd like to go away with him to New York City. Gillian nodded her head and she and Jake headed off to talk to Tad about using his corporate jet.

While Jack was on the phone making plans for a night out with a friend, Bianca hovered outside his apartment. She finally gathered the nerve to knock on her uncle's door. Once the door was opened, Bianca burst into the apartment and announced that she was moving in --- if that was okay with Jack. Jack told his niece that she was always welcome in his home, but followed that up with a request that Bianca and Erica try to patch things up. Jack didn't defend Erica's actions, but he did attempt to explain her mindset. He told Bianca that it was wrong for Erica to read her journal, but noted that she'd only done so because she was worried about her. Bianca countered, saying that her mother had read the journal because she was afraid that there was something in them that might embarrass her. Jack assured Bianca that both he and Erica love her very much --- just the way she is. By coincidence, Erica phoned Jack to see if he had heard from Bianca. Jack smiled broadly and said that Bianca was sitting on his sofa. Bianca was given the option of speaking to her mother and she reluctantly agreed. Bianca, though, was short on words. She offered a perfunctory "Yes, mom" or a mumble as her mother pleaded with her to return home to work out their difficulties. Bianca informed her mother that she wanted to stay with her Uncle Jack for a little while --- to be alone and have time to think. Jack waited until Bianca hung up the phone before issuing her a warning that might make her want to run back to her mother's house --- he told her to steer clear of the "bachelor's" kitchen and his refrigerator for fear of what she might find.

Erica hung up her cellular phone and looked around the bar in a state of panic. She grabbed her things and wandered out of the bar. Across the way, however, Greenlee met up with her grandfather and pleaded with him to do something to free Leo. Woodruff shook his head. He reminded Greenlee that he'd shelled out millions of dollars to her last beau, Ryan Lavery. Greenlee argued that she actually had feelings for Leo, though she was unable to explain what it was that she had for Ryan. Woodruff listened for a few minutes longer before agreeing to go down to the station and talk to her "boyfriend." Greenlee celebrated, but her grandfather noted that all he'd agreed to do was meet with Leo.

In his hotel room several floors up, David phoned a contact at the hospital to try to find out what project Jake was working on. The man on the other end of the phone, Phil, wasn't initially any help, but he did agree to look into the matter. After the call concluded, David sneered, "You Martins think you're so smug. Think again." David stepped into the shower. When he was finished bathing, a knock sounded on his door. Clad in a bathrobe, David answered the door and found a distraught Erica looking back at him. Erica apologized for her unexpected visit, but David didn't seem troubled in the least. Erica was on the verge of tears and asked David to hold her. David obliged and listened as Erica recounted the latest batch of problems she'd had with her daughter. David assured Erica that what she was going through was perfectly normal. He did, however, make a remark that even a superstar like Erica Kane will have "normal" problems. Tears in her eyes, Erica asked David why everyone she loves leaves her. David took her in his arms. One thing led to another and soon the pair was kissing. Slowly, David unbuttoned Erica's blouse. He then carefully hoisted her into the air and carried her over this his bed.

Across town at Jack's apartment, Bianca had fallen asleep on the sofa. She tossed and turned, her sleep hardly pleasurable. As beads of sweat formed on her forehead, she had a nightmare in which her mother virtually disowned her. "I tried everything I know how," said Erica. "But I cannot love you." Bianca woke from her sleep screaming for her mother.

Ryan barged into a meeting at Chandler Enterprises (ColMar) and asked Tad for a few moments of his time. The woman with whom Tad was meeting agreed to talk to Tad later. Once she was gone, Ryan told Tad that his Internet business was going to IPO (initial public offering) on the stock market. Tad puckered his lips and asked Ryan what he wanted or needed from him. "Nothing," Ryan replied with a smile. He explained that his visit was a "courtesy call" to help Tad get in on a deal that will make his oodles of money. "What the hell happened to you?" Tad asked curiously. Ryan figured out that Tad wanted to know when and why he'd become so interested in the business world. Ryan softly replied that it's taken him time to get his priorities in order. Ryan was on his way out of the office when Jake and Gillian arrived. Ryan remained composed and invited Jake and Gillian to a big soiree he has planned to fete the IPO. Ryan continued on his way and Jake and Gillian entered the office to ask Tad about use of the corporate jet. While the two brothers chatted, Gillian slipped out of the office and asked Ryan not to leave.

When Woodruff appeared before him in the cell area, Leo offered an immediately mea culpa. "I don't know what possessed me," Leo said apologetically. Woodruff fought back a laugh and told Ryan that he knew exactly what possessed him. "Greed, pure and simple," Woodruff grumbled. He referred to Leo as an "unscrupulous gold digger" that brings out the worst in his granddaughter. Surprisingly, though, Woodruff didn't allow Leo to explain or apologize for his ways. He is who he is, Woodruff responded, and needs to offer no apology for that. By now, Leo feared that he was out of chances and was as good as locked up in Statesville. Woodruff surprised Leo with an offer to have all the charges against him dropped --- and to let him keep all of the ransom money. Leo's neck snapped back as he asked what had brought about this sudden change. "Take the money and fly back to Europe," Woodruff replied coldly. "And promise you'll never see my granddaughter again."



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