One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 9, 2000 on OLTL

Ben and Viki planned their wedding. Roseanne visited Will in jail. Nora went to Colin's house to try to regain her memory. R.J. and Todd argued about Téa. R.J. ordered Colin to keep quiet. Todd asked Starr to spy for him.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 9, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, October 9, 2000


At the Bar

Ben continues to keep tabs on Kevin a.k.a "Butch", who now has his hands full since Kelly a.k.a "Theresa" has shown up. Rourke wants to know why she is there and Butch explains it's his wife. Rourke wants to know where her wedding ring is and "Theresa" tells him that's why she's there...her ring went down the drain AGAIN and "Butch" needs to help her get it back! Rourke gets a phone call and has to leave. Ben tells Kevin and Kelly the charade is over, but Kelly and Kevin have other plans. Meanwhile Todd has been in the bar watching them and burning Sam and Viki's pictures in an ashtray. He follows Rourke outside with information about his new buisness contacts Butch and "Adelade." Before he can say a word though, Ben introduces him as Dectective Manning, and Rourke leaves. Ben tells Todd he will be on him and he will not hurt Viki again. Todd returns to the bar and beats up the jukebox, orders a beer and writes a note to himself to GET BO/NORA/LINDSAY/SAM and BEN.

At Bo's office

Lindsay continues to lie to Bo about her affair with Colin, and Bo continues to get tougher with his questions about the affair. Nora walks in and wants to know about Lindsay also. Nora tells Bo she hasn't lost her lawyering skills and wants to be active in the prosecution of who ever did this to her. Hank enters and overhears this and welcomes her aboard the case. Lindsay leaves, looking upset and nervous. Hank, Bo and Sam brainstorm on how to go forward with the case. They decide to offer Colin a deal of unlawful restraint instead of kidnapping....Colin refuses, saying he knows nothing. Meanwhile, Nora confronts Lindsay about there "friendship" and asks "Why do we hate each other so much?." Sam then warns Lindsay he will find out the truth and she can count on that!


Viki has Betty Rollins over to visit and they discuss cancer and Viki's diary. They plan on running an awareness campaign in the Banner with early detection being the subject. Joey stops by and they talk about Kelly, and Joey's plans for the future. Afterwards, Ben comes home and Viki kids him about looking through a bridal magazine. They start planning their wedding. At Kevin's office

Kelly teases Kevin about her new "Look" and Kevin is obviously excited, but Kelly leaves him hanging and says she is going to work on the shooting. Kevin calls out to her that he loves her. \

Tuesday, October 10, 2000


Kelly goes to see Todd at the Sun in hopes of getting a job their. She has decided she doesn't want Kevin controlling which stories she is working on. Todd isn't there, but Kevin shows up. The two cuddle in Todd's office and Kevin convince her not to work for Todd. He promises to let her work on finding the Mob shooter no matter how dangerous it is.

Meanwhile, Todd sneaks into the Buchanan mansion to talk to Blair. When Todd asks her about Ben, she and Max have such a strong reaction, Todd thinks there may be something to find out. After Max and Blair leave the room, Todd teaches Starr how to eavesdrop. He wants her to spy on Blair and Max and report back anything they say about Ben. She excitedly agrees. Starr tells her daddy how much she loves keeping secrets. "You are your mother's daughter," Todd replies. As Todd leaves the mansion, he nudges Starr towards the room where Max and Blair are talking. She gives Todd a "thumbs up" and proceeds to spy on them. She hears Blair say "no one can find out who Ben really is!"...

Viki and Ben discuss Todd and how he never changes. Viki is upset with herself for letting Todd back into her life. Ben doesn't think she should blame herself for being a loving person. Viki opens up the Sun and the front page headline screams, "Mob Doctor a Gigolo!". She is can't believe he would lash out at her like that. Ben convinces her not to confront Todd, but later goes to Todd's office to have a few words with him...

At Nora's house, Nora is becoming more irritated and impatient being at home. She decides she needs to see Bo and figure out what is going on with the case against Colin. Lanie tells her that she will be moving out soon and getting a place of her own. Nora invites her to stay on as a housemate. Later Mathew comes downstairs and runs to Lanie's arms instead of Nora's. When Lanie asks why he doesn't want to hug his mother, he replies that his "mommy is a ghost." Nora asks if that's what the kids in the playgroup are telling him and he says yes. Nora becomes more determined that ever to bury Colin for what he did to her and leaves to go to the precinct. Later, Lindsay shows up and realizes that Lanie hasn't told Nora that she is involved with Bo. Lindsay uses the opportunity to taunt Lanie and remind her how important Nora and Bo are to each other. When Nora shows up at the precinct, she becomes irate when she finds out Colin got out on bail because there wasn't enough evidence to keep him locked up. Although Bo tells her to sit tight, she sneaks out and grabs Colin's keys out of the police envelope containing his personal belongings. She goes to his house and begins to wander around looking at all the rooms. Just as she starts to head up the stairs, Colin walks in!

Wednesday, October 11, 2000

Police Station

Jess is visiting with Will who is concerned that Sam is running out of options to help him. He admits that it's only 7 years that he'll be at Statesville and as long as he and Jess are back together, he'll be able to handle it. Jess refuses to listen to this or to have Asa win. He tries to talk her into going back to class; she goes to make a phone call. In police headquarters, Bo gets in touch with Antonio and Sophia, who are tailing Colin. He advises them that Nora may be in the house ahead of Colin and they are to find her and get her out. Lindsay and Lanie who are nearby, over hear this phone conversation so Lindsay rushes off to Colin's aid. Lanie goes to visit with Will and he confides in her that he's scared but has tried to make Jess feel better. Roseanne is looking for Antonio and when Sykes orders her to go away, he's working, she announces that she wants to see Will. Just then, Jess goes by and tells her to stay away from Will, she's done enough damage. After Roseanne assures her that she's trying to help and has even worn a wire to try to catch Asa lying, Jess calms down, apologizes and runs off. Everyone has done what they can to stall Will's trip to Statesville, John informs Roseanne, no one is happy and they really need the tape of Asa's confession.

Buchanan Mansion

Asa and Max have a chat while Starr eavesdrops nearby. Asa is extremely angry over the fact that Viki is engaged to Ben and threatens to find a weakness or secret to harm him. He wants to kill him! Ben has no secrets left after today's Sun article, Max points out to his father. And he'll take care of Ben himself. In the hallway, Starr demands that Nigel take her to see Todd. She even threatens him with telling Asa that Nigel put his heart medicine in his eggs. Nigel mutters about her being like her father as he agrees to take her to the Sun. Jess comes by to pay Asa a visit as Max excuses himself. She wants to make him a deal about Will-his freedom for Asa's getting his family back, since he has everything but that. He could give Will a pardon, he won't care if others then think he lied. He tells her she's a Buchanan for sure, but she doesn't want the honor. He says he can't help her, he wants her to be happy and thinks that'll be without Will.

Sun Office

Ben informs Todd that he's made a mistake by bringing Viki into his fight with him and that she's hurt by what Todd has written. He lets Todd know that he's warned. Just then, Todd fields several phone calls-there's been a work stoppage, employees calling out sick and computers are down. Ben has friends, he politely lets Todd know, and there will be further info on Todd in the Banner if he doesn't cease what he's doing. Later, Starr shows up with Nigel in tow, who leaves father and daughter alone. Starr gives Todd the news: Ben has a secret that Max doesn't want Asa to know and Asa wants to kill all Rappa-Davidsons. She assures her father that this doesn't bother her, since Asa never gives her Christmas presents anyway. She likes seeing her dad smile and he tells her things are going their way.

Colin's House

Nora tells Colin she gained admittance to his house because the door was unlocked. He's highly doubtful since his keys were missing from the police station, but assures her he's not nervous that she'll find something to help her regain her memory. In fact, he hopes her visit will clear everything up. When he keeps calling her Scarlet, she calls him on it, but he insists it was her idea in the hospital. As they're chatting, he locates his keys where Nora put them. He proclaims his innocence again and offers to take her on a house tour. She refuses at first but changes her mind when he tells her not to be scared. In the meantime, Antonio and Sophia show up at the door, quietly announce their presence and bust the door down. They train their guns on an inside doorway as Nora and Colin emerge with cups of tea. Sophia mentions that they had a report of a "718" in progress. Bo arrives to see if Nora's in danger. He and Colin exchange words over the broken door. When he grabs Colin and tells him to stay away from Nora, the doctor orders Bo to stay away from him or he'll press charges. Nora wants to be arrested for trespassing but Bo won't have cuffs put on her. Colin mentions the tour they were about to take as Lindsay walks in and runs to hide as everyone else is leaving. Afterwards, she tells Colin he's lost his mind, to think about taking Nora on a house tour. She warns him not to implicate either her or R.J., asking if he received R.J.'s message. Lindsay is sick, Colin tells her and he's sick of everyone including Will. Lindsay thinks he only cares about Nora. She mentions that the tape would set Will free and after she leaves, Colin gets it out of the drawer and plays it. As he does this, we see Jess sitting in the park thinking and Ben visiting with Will in his cell. Colin thinks maybe he should let Will rot in prison, it would serve "her" right.

Back at Police Station

Ben bumps into Max who warns him to back off of Asa. Ben warns Max to have Asa back off of Will or things will happen. Bo and Nora get back from Colin's where Bo yells at her for breaking into Colin's house. She's upset, she doesn't remember the real her, she yells back and in the meantime nothing is happening from the investigation. Bo tells her that the DNA results will take time but she's resistant to his giving her orders. Lanie appears in the office and calms Nora down by telling her that everyone is trying to help, but she risked her life and it's not right. Bo orders an escort to take Nora home and thanks Lanie for her sticking up for him. She reminds him that Nora is in pain for losing him twice, they kiss and are spied on by Lindsay. Antonio and Sophia wander in, Antonio questioning the "718" that he's never heard of. She made it up, she jokingly says, because she didn't want them in trouble for breaking Colin's door down. Antonio spots Roseanne who wants to see him but he tells her he's busy. She mentions that she also wanted to see Will. Sophia manages to get Rosie aside to ask if she's spilled the beans on Sophia's feelings for Antonio but Roseanne assures her she hasn't.

Thursday, October 12, 2000

Llanview Police Department

Roseanne comes by to visit Will in jail claiming she is "worried" about him. Will finds this hard to believe but softens when Roseanne tells him she "tried to get the cops off your trail." Will asks if it is really over between she and Cristian which causes Roseanne to wonder if Will is doubting Jessica's commitment to him. Admitting that he trusts Jessica "like nobody else" he also confides that it's "fine while I'm in here...but when I'm gone, who will she turn to?"

As Sophia and Antonio are "engrossed" checking R.J.'s files for clues into why he and Lindsay have been seen together, R.J. comes in and observes their sleuthing. He offers, in his snide way, to simply fax them his schedule for the week and enjoys telling Antonio that "everything is not about you" when Antonio offers that R.J. has dropped by just to "get in my face." R.J. pushes another of Antonio's buttons when he asks about Cristian and this time it's Roseanne who steps in to stop the argument. However, R.J. enjoys telling Roseanne that she is "nothing" to him so she shouldn't think that she can protect Antonio from him any longer. When she claims that Antonio doesn't need protection, R.J. enjoys taunting her. "Once again you show your ignorance." After R.J. leaves, Antonio voices his fear that R.J. is "going after" his brother, but Roseanne suggests that Antonio let Cristian take care of himself. Antonio hears this advice as a suggestion to turn his back on his brother and refuses to take it; Roseanne feels rejected by Antonio and gets upset when he refuses to go out with her. Sophia returns and misinterprets the tension between Roseanne and Antonio as a "fight." Roseanne leaves in a huff and Sophia tells Antonio "there is no way you can be too worried about your brother." Officer Shelby interrupts with a "tip" for Antonio about a Cristian sighting in the park and he hurries off to see his brother.

Meanwhile, Bo is in his office telling Melanie about the "amazing" effect she has on him, making all the pressures of his day simply "go away" and how lucky he is to have her in his life. She concurs that there is "no place I'd rather be" so they agree to "escape" from all of Bo's duties and visit the park.

The Park

Bo and Melanie find it "incredible how much has happened" since the 4th of July when they were together in the park. Bo wants Melanie to understand that he has "to try to help" Nora but he confesses he feels uncomfortable about not telling Nora "about us." Melanie claims that Nora is in "an adjustment period" and can't be expected to "absorb that much all at once." While Bo is not surprised by the fact that Nora and Melanie would get along and even like each other, he surmises it must be awkward for Lanie to live in the same house while keeping their secret and asks what she and Nora talk about. Since they talk about Bo, Melanie decides to "keep it in confidence" between she and Nora. Bo accepts that and they hold hands and kiss as Don Henley's song "Taking You Home" plays over the scene. Later, Bo's pager goes off with the news that the final forensics report on Colin's place is ready.

Cristian runs into Jessica in another part of the park and he apologizes for his previous behavior when he was "drunk...and a jerk." Jess informs him that her mood is not about him or his behavior but about her grandfather and how he has changed. She is incredibly hurt that Asa has allowed his feud with the Rappaport family to poison him against his own family and she feels powerless to do anything to help Will. Jessica also apologizes to Cristian "for what I did to you" and admits that she had lied to him without even knowing that she was doing it. Cristian asks her to "be straight with me and what you feel for Will love or do you feel responsible for what Asa did?" Reluctantly, Jessica admits that "what I feel for's real, it's love." It's not the answer Cris wanted and he doesn't understand how their love could have died since "it was you and me for so long." Jessica is conflicted, too. "I do love you but I can't be with you...I don't want to feel this way...I've tried to change it but I can't." Jessica admits that when Megan died something changed and she felt Will was the only one who understood. Cristian claims this is a cop out because Jess had pushed him away after Megan's death but he reluctantly accepts her decision. "I can't handle this feel the way you feel, apparently that's all that matters." Jessica leaves and Antonio joins his brother, claiming that he knows "how it feels." That doesn't make Cristian feel any better, however, and he asks to be left alone. He assures his big brother that "I won't kill anybody, I won't jump off a cliff, I won't drink myself stupid" so Antonio agrees to give Cristian some space. R.J. watches Antonio leave and approaches Cristian.

Asa's Mansion

Asa is in a foul mood since Jessica's visit and when the doorbell rings he advises Nigel that "unless it's a matter of life or death" he is to get rid of them. Colin piques Asa's interest and gets an invitation to come in when he claims to have come "about the Rappaports." The two men agree that the Rappaports aren't "friends" of either of them and Asa is further intrigued when Colin tells him that "the blonde your son Bo's been chasing...used to be my wife." Colin tries to further endear himself to Asa by claiming he is "involved" with Nora's case because "she's something special." When Asa can't understand what Colin wants him to do about their mutual dislike of Sam and Lindsay, Colin admits it's what Asa has already done that "interests" him. Asa is furious when Colin tells him he heard that Asa "framed Lindsay's kid" but he really goes off when Colin reminds him of the tape that was "lost" in the train wreck. Asa accuses Colin of a "shakedown" and lies that there was no tape. Of course, Colin knows differently and enjoys taunting Asa with the "what if" that tape turned up. "You'd be behind bars and Will would be free."

Renee interrupts as Asa calls for Nigel to throw Colin out. Asa explains to her that "this loser is on his way out" but is shocked when Renee reveals that Colin is the person who kidnapped Nora. "You're a dead man." Although Colin tries to claim he "had nothing to do with it," as proved by his being free and not in jail, Asa doesn't accept this explanation of the "lousy man who victimized an innocent" woman. Asa goes to his desk, takes out his gun and turns it on Colin. "If Bo couldn't take care of you legally, I'll do it myself." Renee encourages Asa to show Colin "poor man's justice" by shooting him "right between the eyes, or lower." A freaked out Colin decides it's time for him to leave. "They're're a complete madman."

After Colin's exit, Renee asks if Asa would really have shot Colin. Admitting he was "sure as hell tempted to," Renee agrees she was tempted to have him do it and just wishes it "could have scared a confession out of him." Asa misreads Renee and assumes she is "still on my side" and has come back to him. He is dismayed that Renee has brought a preliminary settlement agreement for him to sign. Instead of letting the lawyers handle it, Renee "wanted to look you in the eyes and ask if anything has changed" Asa is adamant that Renee "take me the way I am" and claims he is the "same as always." Sadly, Renee admits that "you're not the man I loved...and married...hate has taken you over." When Renee asks Asa to "sign this and we get on with it," he just walks out of the room.

Nora's House

Lindsay stops by to "talk...just the two of us." Nora warily lets her in but admits that "I was told to keep away from more than one person." Lindsay confesses the "bad history between us" and claims she wants to give Nora the "answers you're not getting." Of course, Nora takes the bait. "I'm looking for the truth anywhere I can get long as it is the truth." Lindsay mixes the truth with her lies and gives it to Nora shaken, not stirred. She claims that Bo was the cause of all their problems and that they would be married if "someone" hadn't come in and "annihilated" their wedding. When a confused Nora asks who would do such a thing, Lindsay delights in informing her, "You did." She then claims to "understand" this ruthlessness as Nora's "self preservation" and "instinct" because she was "always possessive about Bo." A dazed Nora then asks what Lindsay did that made her do this. Lindsay serves this lie straight up, with a twist, "You brought up a mistake I made before Bo and I were even together." Nora feels that Lindsay isn't telling her the whole story but she has heard enough to make her feel that Lindsay "must really hate me." Lindsay immediately back pedals and claims that she "got over it" and Nora can't use this for a "motive to kidnap you" because after all it "turned out for the best."

Unwittingly setting herself up, Nora asks if this means Lindsay met someone else. Lindsay enjoys telling Nora, "No...Bo did...Who would have ever guessed that the love of his life would be right around the corner?" When Nora demands to know who "the love of Bo's life" is now, Lindsay pretends to change the subject and claims she needs to leave before Melanie arrives home. Nora calls her on it. "You came over tell wanted me to know...stop tap dancing around..." Lindsay enjoys giving Nora the answer she doesn't want to hear: "Lanie." Overwhelmed, Nora doesn't understand why Melanie and Bo would keep this "mercy secret" from her. "He told me everything else...Bo can tell me anything. He knows that." Lindsay pleads with Nora not to tell her sister she spilled the beans but Nora throws her out and then throws a pillow around the room. Later, still in shock, Nora wanders the room mindlessly picking up Matthew's toys as Lanie comes in the front door. If looks could kill...

Back at LPD

Colin comes into Bo's office all full of piss and vinegar claiming that he's "sick and tired of all this" and threatens a lawsuit against the department for harassment. He challenges Bo to "spring whatever clever trap you think you've got set for me this time" but Bo calmly advises Dr. MacIver that "I don't have to trap you...I gotcha!" as he hands the forensics report to Colin.

Friday, October 13, 2000

Buchanan Mansion

Starr tries to get Nigel to take her to meet her dad (Todd) in the park, but Blair catches her and makes her go to bed. Skye is searching Starr's room, and slips into a closet when they walk in. As soon as Blair leaves, Starr tells Skye to come out. Starr asks Skye what she is doing in her room. Skye tries to lie to her, but Starr isn't buying it. She demands that Skye give her cash or she'll scream. Skye gives her the cash, but she tells anyway. Skye faces Blair and they argue about who Max really loves and take verbal shots at each other. Skye gets the last word by saying that Max loves her because she can see it in his eyes. She dares Blair to try looking for it. Blair throws her out.

In the Park

R.J. offers Cristian a job, but Cristian refuses. R.J. insists it's a legitimate opportunity. Todd interrupts their discussion. R.J. tries to convince Cristian to talk over a drink, but Cristian leaves anyway. Todd and R.J. exchange the usual sarcasms about trying to kill each other, and about Téa. Todd thinks they should be even now, but R.J. assures him they are not, but will be soon. Todd wants to know if R.J.'s threat is about Té but R.J. isn't telling. Todd tells him that he did nothing to Téa. R.J. goes on and on about Todd's "intimacy" problems, which causes Todd to lose his temper and threaten to kill him. Todd is just about to throw the first punch when he hears Blair calling his name.

The first thing she does is yell at him about telling her what secret game he is playing with Starr. She demands to know why Todd wants to see Starr so late at night. Todd yells back that Starr can see him whenever she wants. Blair needs to know what he asked Starr to do. Todd thinks it's fine to have a secret with his daughter. Both tempers are flaring, and Blair asks Todd if he wants Starr to turn into a "miserable, lonely, vindictive, Todd clone". Todd makes her even angrier by saying that it has already happened. They take turns making snide remarks about each other and she slaps him. That brings them both back to their senses and they find out that they were both really angry about something else (Skye and R.J.). They calm down and talk about their problems. Todd tells her that Skye is not worth it and neither is Max. She points out that at least Max isn't trying to change her. Todd realizes she is right. Nobody really loves him. Everyone (Sam, Viki, Téa) has tried to change him...everyone except Blair.

Nora's house

Melanie comes home to find Nora waiting for her. Nora mentions that Lindsay came by and told her about their past (how Nora interrupted Lindsay & Bo's wedding etc). Lindsay also said that Melanie is the new woman in Bo's life. Melanie admits that it's true. She tells Nora that they didn't want to tell her right away because it was too much to deal with, and Bo cares about her very much. Nora gets defensive and she doesn't want to hear about Bo's feelings from Melanie. Melanie offers to leave, and Nora doesn't try to stop her this time. She waits by the door as Melanie gets her things. Melanie explains that she was only trying to help. They admit that they really like each other. Nora says she's grateful for all Melanie's done, but they both admit the situation is too complicated for them to be friends.

At the Police Station

Bo, Hank, and Sam show Colin the forensic report that gives proof Nora was in his house. They found a strand of Nora's hair in the laundry room, and flakes of skin with her DNA in the upstairs bedroom. Colin warns them not to start celebrating just yet. Sam tells Colin that he should be taking this more seriously because any jury will convict on this evidence. Colin tries to get a deal, but Bo and Hank say it's too late. Colin tells them this is as close to prison as he's going to get. Sam knows he has something up his sleeve.

Lindsay sees Will. She tells him she's been trying to see him since he got back but "they" wouldn't let her. He and Jen are her whole world. Everything else has fallen apart. Will assures her he'll always be on her side no matter what happens. She asks him what he means by that and realizes he's talked to Sam. Will believes that she had nothing to do with it. Sam comes down to tell Will that they nailed Colin with the forensic report. Will asks Sam to say he doesn't believe Lindsay was involved, because she needs to know Sam doesn't blame her. The best Sam can do is to say there's no evidence linking Lindsay to the crime. Lindsay insists they should concentrate on keeping Will out of prison. One of the guards informs them that someone has to leave because another visitor is waiting upstairs. Lindsay volunteers to go.

The surprise visitor is Colin. He wants Sam to help him. Sam and Will rub in the fact that they are putting him away for a long time. Sam talks about how Matthew suffered without Nora and now he is going to make Colin suffer. Colin tells Sam he has to choose between revenge for Nora or Will's freedom.

Melanie shows up at Bo's office to let him know about what happened with Nora. She apologizes for Lindsay telling Nora. He tells her about the forensic report. Melanie thinks that although Nora seemed okay when she left, from personal experience she knows Nora must be hurting. Bo insists on going to Nora, and Melanie says she feels like the "other woman". She hates to be adding to Nora's pain. Bo insists that Nora would understand that she tried to help, and that Nora is not her responsibility. Bo assures her he will see Nora through whatever she needs, and still take care of he and Melanie's relationship. They kiss goodbye.

At the end...

· R.J. sneaks into Todd's office and leaves a note saying that Téa wants to see him. Cristian catches him in the office and asks if this was the legitimate opportunity he offered.

· Lindsay runs into Melanie in Bo's office, and Melanie asks her why she told Nora.

· Bo shows up at Nora's house. She is furious, and even calls him a jerk.

· Colin promises he'll help Sam if Sam helps him. He says he has evidence that can clear Will.

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