One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 2, 2002 on OLTL
Nora realized that Troy and Emily were hiding something. Renee agreed to help Max. Mitch tried to track down Jessica. Mitch ordered Natalie to sleep with him or he would kill Cristian. R.J. accused Liz and Hank of keeping secrets.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 2, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, December 2, 2002
by Beth

Thanksgiving in Llanview

No thanks so far this Thanksgiving.......

Vikki is frantic to find Natalie and has asked Bo's help to find Nat. Meanwhile, Natalie and Michael have a heated confrontation regarding the state of their union. Mitch tells Natalie about how everyone who has stood in his way has met an untimely death and then threatens Cristian. Natalie says she will have her Uncle Bo put a stop to Mitch's insanity and Mitch tells Natalie that he will kill Cristian if she tries to leave him. Mitch tells Natalie "for all you know I have someone watching Cristian right now and for all you know he's already dead...."

Natalie realizes the true extent of Mitch's crimes. Natalie beats a hasty retreat back to Llanfair and safety while Vikki and Bo go to look for her at Mitch's. Roxy shows up at Llanfair looking for Vikki and finds Nat. Natalie questions Roxy about Dr Balsom's death. Roxy tells her that although he had a car accident there were 2 sets of tire tracks on a strip of deserted road and the police did not think it was an accident but could never prove it. Then

Roxy recalls a conversation Walter Balsom had on the phone with a mystery man telling him that "I'm going to tell the whole world what you did if you don't pay me to keep quiet." After which Walter left and Roxy never saw him again After speaking with Roxy, Natalie concludes that Mitch was not kidding when he said he took care of those who stood in his way...... he was ultimately responsible for the death of Dr. Balsom.

While attempting to break things off with Jen, Cristian is interrupted by a call from a panicked Vikki. Jen urges Cristian to go and look for Natalie. Cris is out the door before the words are out of Jen's mouth.

Vikki and Bo show up at Mitch's.... Mitch warns Viki and Bo that his marriage to Natalie is far from over and states that if Natalie is harmed in any way it will be because she chooses to be. Bo threatens to kill Mitch with his bare hands.

Mitch's words continue to ring through Natalie's head..... "for all you know I have someone watching Cristian right now and for all you know he's already dead...." Cristian and Natalie are relieved when they come face to face at Llanfair.

Nora remains baffled over Emily's reluctance to spend time with her. Emily tells Nora that it's just her own problems but Nora does not buy her act. Emily's parting words are that no one can make it better" ....Nora feels that something isn't right between Emily and Troy but continues on preparing for Thanksgiving dinner.......

Lindsay taunts Troy by threatening to call Nora and tell her about Joanna. Lindsay later fantasizes that Troy wants her back. Jen catches Lindsay spying on Troy's Thanksgiving dinner with Nora and Matthew. Sam drops the subject of Todd being in love with Blair once Blair enters the room. Sam realizes that Starr and Todd are both conspiring to get Todd and Blair to reconcile. Todd, Sam and Blair are unaware that someone is secretly taking photographs of them.

Tuesday, December 3, 2002

It was a day of looming secrets in Llanview today. As Elizabeth is about to leave her new home, Hank surprises her at the door. He is there to see Keri who is not home. As they begin to discuss Liz's confidence in Hank to hide the fact that her baby is Antonio's, R.J. appears in front of the door to see Keri as well. "Hushed tones, hard stares, conspiratorial tones," R.J. indicts. He accuses them of talking about their "little secret." Again. Unable to get a reply from them, he storms off. Hank is puzzled that R.J. would have such an angry reaction. Liz is sure that it's still remnants of missing his daughter's childhood. As her temper rises, Liz follows R.J. back to his apartment. They argue there at length. R.J. plainly asks, "What do you two know that no one else does?" She hollers back at him that he is "still out to ruin everything, just like [he] did before!" Passionate recounting of their history together escalates into a emotional clinch with their lips inches apart.

Troy and Nora are passionately kissing in his loft as Lindsay spies through the windowed partition. Jen happens upon Lindsay and is worried about her mother's behavior. They go to the gallery to discuss it. In the loft, Matthew has heard a fire truck outside and interrupts Troy and Nora. Troy and Matthew go to the fire escape to check out the action as Emily arrives. Again, Nora asks Emily why she has been so estranged. Emily still sidesteps the question. The fire truck escapade was uneventful, so Nora collects her son to go home. Troy and Emily go back and forth about the Joanna misadventure. Emily concurs that Nora would probably never understand. As she leaves, she promises to never reveal anything to Nora and to try harder to be amicable with her.

At the gallery, Lindsay begins to smugly reveal the secret she has on Troy that will break up his relationship with Nora. As Lindsay serves them coffee, they discuss Lindsay's African discovery like thieves plotting a heist. The perfectly matched mother and daughter compare "what if" scenarios. Jen wonders why Lindsay hasn't destroyed Troy's life yet. Lindsay explains her three-step plan: 1. Tell Troy what she knows; 2. Torture him with the pending doom of telling Nora; and, 3. Blowing his world sky high. Lindsay also expresses concern that Nora would go running back to Sam. But Jen doesn't see that happening. She presses further for a reason, but her mother is evasive. Lindsay has a steamy flashback of Troy coming out of the shower in a towel. Lindsay tries to get her daughter to leave only to discover that Jen truly is afraid to go back to the loft and hear what Cristian has to say to her. Lindsay tells her daughter she doesn't see any way to keep Cristian from Natalie. Lindsay leaves to meet a client. Jen goes through some paintings in a stack against the wall and finds the beautiful "Square Angel" drawing by Cristian. The glass over the portrait shines a glowing light into her melancholy blue eyes. She's not giving up.

Lindsay arrives at Troy's loft where he has fallen asleep, laid out like a Greek god in a swaddling bed sheet, bare-chested with a book. Lindsay gingerly places her fingertips and then her full hand on his chest.

Cristian finally catches up to Natalie at Llanfair. They discuss their prolonged, agonizing efforts to become free of their current romantic entanglements to finally be together. Cristian is sure he can be free by day's end, but Natalie's situation is more complicated because of "Michael." Natalie flashes back on Mitch's threat to kill Cristian if she leaves him. She tells Cristian she wishes to remain in her marriage.

At Llanview University, Keri is concluding her class. Molly asks about the homework assignment and is interrupted by her catty gal pal, Shawna, who describes Keri's pregnancy as "sick." Antonio walks into the classroom and begins to put Shawna in her place. But Keri insists she can fight her own battles on her own "turf." Keri is strong and firm in her explanation of the pregnancy. She defends her mother's love towards her and is grateful to be able to give something back to her. Shawna is unmoved, but Molly offers a sheepish apology. Antonio tells Keri he is proud of her. Nora arrives and Antonio takes it as his cue to return to the police station. As Keri gives Nora a Hanukah gift for Matthew, her intuition is keen. Nora confesses, "I think Troy and Emily are keeping something from me."

Viki and Bo confront Mitch Laurence. Mitch insists his marriage to Natalie will not be annulled and asks, "Where's my daughter? Where's my lovely Jessica?" Viki snaps back at him, "You bastard!" Bo stops Mitch from his inquiries about Jessica, trying to steer the debate back to Natalie. Bo suggests Mitch leave town, which Mitch rebuffs. Bo vows to stop Mitch from ever being a husband to Natalie or a father to Jessica. He suggests the possibility of a restraining order, which Mitch says he can easily overturn. Bo is invincible in his resolve to monitor every tiny moment of Mitch's existence. He promises he will be "patient" in his efforts to land Mitch in prison or see him "dead," no matter how long it takes. Mitch maintains his overconfidence. "Viki, I won't have to go to Natalie." In a mock southern preacher accent, he says, "She gonna come to me." They leave and Mitch laughs to himself.

Wednesday, December 4, 2002

Nora confides to Keri that she believes that Troy and Emily are keeping a secret from her and no, she doesn't think it pertains to the holidays. With her relationship with Em suddenly changing from warm to uptight, she truly believes there is something going on. She eventually convinces herself to forget about it though Keri wonders who exactly she's trying to convince.

As Lindsay touches a scantily clad and sleeping Troy, he wakes up abruptly and demands an explanation as to what she is doing in the loft. He threatens to call the police to report her trespassing and refuses to consider that she'll tell on him as she always says she'll do. A quick-thinking Lindsay says she "was just stopping by" when she saw his open door and decided she needed to speak with him. He startled her when he awoke and she noticed he wasn't wearing his "amulet of shame." Now she just wants to get the amulet back to remind her of his past with women, she tells him. Retrieving the amulet, Troy holds out his hand to her and she grasps it for a moment too long. Questioning her on what she wanted, she tells him never mind. He orders her out. After she leaves, Troy recalls another time when he found Lindsay in the loft. His thoughts are interrupted when Emily pays a visit. He tells her he feels better about everything. Em agrees that he can't tell Nora the truth though Troy doesn't believe he'll have to. He thinks he can stop Lindsay after all, he says.

Lindsay puts the amulet into her purse, replaying the recent scene in her mind. When she arrives at the gallery, she finds Nora waiting for her, admitted by Lindsay's personal assistant. Nora says she's there on a case and Lindsay happens to be a witness. They are both dismayed to be involved with one another, especially on a court case but Nora hopes that it can be resolved right away. She hands Lindsay a list to look at about some acquired artwork and requests that she sign it. As Lindsay goes to pull a pen out of her purse, the amulet comes out with it. Shocked, Nora inquires what Lindsay is doing with it, suggesting that perhaps she picked through Troy's garbage. She had a copy made, Lindsay retorts, because she liked Troy's so much. She signs the paper and asks that Nora leave. Once out, Nora thinks it a mighty coincidence that first Troy and Emily, and now Lindsay, are acting so strangely.

A sobbing Liz has a confrontation with R.J. which almost has their declared hate for each other turning into a kiss. She roughly pulls away and heads to the door, encountering Hank who decided to come and check on her. He knew she was visiting R.J. to tell him off and was afraid of what might happen. Both Liz and R.J. refuse to answer any of Hank's questions though Hank blames his brother for harassing Liz. Surprisingly, Liz defends R.J. and tells Hank to leave him alone, that he didn't do anything. Indicating that he can sense tension in the room, Liz quickly covers up with R.J. picking up the ball and running with it. Nothing at all is wrong, they both tell him. Once he's gone, R.J. admits how surprised he is that Liz defended him but she tells him it's her fault too. They keep arguing about the past and it's time to move on. Instantly, they begin to argue again over the supposed secret that Liz has with Hank. They agree that they both love Keri so that's a start and resolve to have a decent conversation for a change. R.J. invites Liz to his club.

Surfing the web on a computer at the school library, Rex finds a site where he can buy a paper for class. As he prepares to finalize his purchase, a deep voice calls to him from behind. He identifies himself as Michael and calling Rex by name, indicates that he wants to know about his two sisters. Rex refuses to answer any questions, not knowing this stranger. Mitch (Michael) is trying to locate Jessica about a private matter, he discloses, and wants to know where she is. Rex sarcastically directs him to Llanfair and is surprised to learn that apparently Jess is out of town. Mitch hands him a card, asking him to call if he learns anything and he'll make it worth his while. He shows him a wad of money.

Dumbfounded, Cris cannot accept what Natalie has told him; that she wants him to accept her marriage to Michael. She suggests he return to Jen but Cris wants to know why she's lying. Turning things around, she blames Cris for never breaking up with Jen and tells him she's tired of waiting. Cris is unable to make sense of this but Nat orders him to leave and go back to Jen. When he states that there has to be another reason, Natalie says that her husband makes her feel safe. He made her realize that she and Cris weren't meant to be together but that she and Michael should be, according to God's wishes. Cris scoffs at this and tells her she's being taken advantage of. Michael is giving, Natalie insists. He's given her faith. Cris replies that Michael is using her. Natalie is full of answers and insists that she can't break her promise to God. She is unable to look Cris in the eye and tell him she loves Michael but says instead that there are all kinds of love. She storms out of Llanfair with Cris in close pursuit.

Hank finds Keri in her classroom where he gives her some materials that she can use for her class teachings. He asks after her and the baby. Keri mentions that she's worried about his relationship with Antonio. When Hank tells her there's no problem, she finds it difficult to believe him. Antonio thinks there's a problem, she says. Hank suggests she ask him about it.

At Llanfair, the maid confirms with Rex that Jess has gone on a trip with Seth.

Cris follows Nat to Mitch's house where she is lovingly greeted at the door. He begs her to come with him instead but she tells him they're through. She kisses Mitch passionately while he looks over at Cris in triumph.

Thursday, December 5

Jen contemplates drugging Cristian in order to buy herself more time, but quickly drops the idea. Jen decides to face Cristian and let fate take its course. Meanwhile, Natalie insists to Cristian that it is over between them. Cristian is forced to accept Natalie's decision although he remains suspicious of her actions. Mitch reiterates to Natalie that he'll kill Cristian if she leaves him. Mitch wants to consummate his and Natalie's marriage. Jen overhears Cristian telling Antonio that Natalie got married.

Seth doesn't reveal to Jessica the real reason why they left Llanview. Seth and Jessica make love and Jessica later receives a few more text messages from Mitch. Jessica calls Viki and wonders why Natalie is still in Llanview.

Max convinces Renee to help him break up Asa and Rae. Asa is beginning to genuinely like Roxy. Asa covers when Rae arrives and finds Roxy in his office. Roxy is surprised when Asa wants to spend time with her alone.

Rex is upset that Jessica is out of town with Seth. Viki refuses to tell Rex anything about Jessica's trip.

Friday, December 6, 2002

Jen walks in on Cristian and Antonio's conversation about Natalie getting married. Excited, she asks all about Natalie's marriage. Antonio politely asks her to leave and she willing does. Outside her apartment, Jen calls information to get Michael Lazarus' address.

Mitch tells Natalie that it's time to consummate their marriage. Natalie pulls away and tells him that their marriage is only on paper and that she will not sleep with him. Mitch continues his threat about killing Cristian. Natalie tells Mitch that she won't do anything with him and that he just wants her money. There is a knock on the door and Natalie answers it to see Jen standing there. Jen congratulates Natalie and wants to meet "Michael".

Jessica asks Viki if Natalie is still in Llanview. While on the phone with Jessie, Rex tries to eavesdrop. Bo walks in and asks Rex what he is up to. Bo tells Viki that eventually Jessica will find out that Mitch is her father. Bo says that he has to leave and as he walks out the door, Cristian walks in. Cristian asks Viki all about Michael Lazarus. Viki tells him who Michael really is. Cristian and Viki begin to understand why Natalie is staying married to Mitch ľ to protect Cristian.

Jessica discusses her conversation with Seth. She begins to wonder if Natalie is really ok. Seth tells her that Natalie will be fine, but Jessica thinks that Viki is keeping something from her. Jessica wonders what would make Viki keep secrets from her.

Asa tells Roxy that he wants to take her to his own tropical island. He then asks her if she wants to go and Roxy tells him to hold on a minute and that she knows what he is up to. Roxy tells him that he is trying to set her up and make Max single again. She thinks that Asa wants to kill her. Asa promises Roxy that there is nothing up his sleeve. Just as they are discussing their trip, Bo interrupts them and tells them that Mitch Laurence is alive. Bo asks Roxy questions about Mitch.

At the Palace, Max tells Renee that it's show time. As soon as Renee begins her crying act, Rae automatically turns to her and offers to help. Renee tells Rae that she is crying about Asa. Renee tells Rae that she can't eat or sleep without Asa. Rae gives Renee some books and tells her that they will help her.

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