One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 22, 2004 on OLTL
Paul gave Kelly an unwanted baby boy. Todd wanted Kelly to keep quiet about losing her baby, as he was afraid that Blair and Kevin would be pushed together. John was arrested for Stephen's murder. Blair realized that Todd hadn't raped her. Viki suffered a mild heart attack.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 22, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, March 22, 2004

Todd sails a kiss at Blair from outside. Kevin goes to look for Todd but doesn't find him. She tells Kevin she wants to turn in early. When he leaves she heads out. Starr calls Todd to complain about the party and Kevin. Starr puts Jack on the phone to say hello. Starr tells Todd next time he calls and Blair answers the phone he should disguise his voice. Blair arrives at Todd's door. Blair warns Todd not to come to the house again. He tells her she is free to live her life. He wishes her luck. Todd plays it cool and tells her she should go. Blair returns outside the penthouse to find her keys. Todd looks through the peephole. Todd gets information about Kelly's whereabouts. He jots down the address and runs off.

Kelly asks Paul where he found the baby. Whose baby is it? Paul remembers helping Babe deliver her baby. He promises Kelly there won't be any trouble and she will have her baby soon. Kelly calls Kevin and makes up some story about being with her friend Sandy in Baltimore. Todd shows up at the hospital. Kelly stuffs a pillow under her gown to look pregnant. She tells him she is fine. She tells him she didn't want to worry Kevin so she didn't tell him. She gets a phone call and asks Todd to leave. Todd asks one of the nurses if it's ok for Kelly (under the assumed name Heather) to travel. The nurse tells him Kelly has been discharged and that she should be fine physically but emotionally she will need time since it wasn't just a miscarriage it was a stillbirth. Kevin calls Kelly's friend Sandy who said Kelly was not with her. Blair comes to see Kevin distressed. Todd returns to Kelly's room and tells her he is so, so sorry then pulls her blanket off the bed to reveal the pillow. He said he knows how hard it is to lose a baby. Kelly is fumed. He tells her he can help her. He tells her he could get her a baby. Paul calls and she kicks Todd out. Paul gives her directions to him and the baby. Todd listens in on the call. Todd returns again to find her packing. He tells her he heard everything and that the only reason why she turned down his offer to get her a baby is because Paul has already gotten her one.

Kevin is worried about her. Blair tells him Kelly is looking for attention. She reminds him of how attentive he was to Kelly when she had the first miscarriage scare. He then agrees since she did pretend the Music Box Killer was stalking her. Blair is shocked and wonders why Kelly would do something so psychotic. Blair tells Kevin she went to see Todd.

David tells Dorian that Jessica and Antonio checked out of the hotel. They make plans to see Adriana's mother. Antonio and Jessica see them together. Antonio is suspicious. Dorian plays it off as coincidence. Antonio warns Dorian that it's personal and if Carlotta gets in trouble because of it he will see her in jail. Antonio and Jessica leave. Ramona is fearful of Antonio. Ramona tells David and Dorian that her and her husband have been meaning to go to Caracas. Dorian writes her a check. Dorian and David try to beat Antonio to Carlotta. On the plane David tells Dorian that if she wants to get married she will have to ask him. Dorian reminisces about how sweet David was for planning the wedding. He tells her he is crazy for her and that he wouldn't dream of pulling a scam on her. Dorian and David get home. David had her room redecorated. Starr warns him that Dorian would not be happy since she likes to be in charge. Dorian adores the room.

Antonio tells Jessica that Stephen is dead and he has to head up the investigation since John is the prime suspect. Jessica tells Antonio that the last call she got from Stephen sounded like he was tying up loose ends as if he knew he was going to die.

Before he dies Stephen tells Michael that John murdered him. John asks Bo if he believes he is not responsible for Stephen's shooting. John continues to defend himself against Stephen's lies. Bo tells John he is on his side. Natalie shows up too and asks about the shooter. John tells her they have a suspect, him. Bo wants to take John to the office to test his gun. Natalie is outraged. Natalie follows them to the station. She tells John that she called Evangeline. He tells her he doesn't need a lawyer. Bo tells Antonio to stay objective; they must handle the case by the book since they are under a microscope. Daniel tells them the people want an arrest and so does he. Natalie tells John she is there for him.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Kelly meets Paul at the cabin and Kelly holds her baby for the first time. She asks him how he did it. Todd spies on Kelly and Paul. Todd makes a call to the Banner/ Sun and asks someone to dig up information on Paul. Paul tells Kelly to take the baby home to Kevin because there's no turning back. Paul tells Kelly he knows the mother and she doesn't want the baby. Kelly promises Paul she will be a good mother. Kelly hides out at Todd's until she figures out a plan. Kelly gets cold feet about lying to Kevin and she tells Todd she is going to tell Kevin the truth. Todd plays with Kelly telling her Kevin will leave her when he finds out the baby is not his. Kelly tells him it's her problem and she will handle it her way. Todd finds Dorian and brings her to his place to see Kelly. Kelly bonds with the baby. Kelly introduces the baby as hers. She tells Dorian she left town because she was mad at Kevin. Dorian holds the baby and leaves a frantic message for Kevin to meet her at the hospital.

Kevin is not happy when he discovers Viki gave Todd a job. Blair tries to calm him down. She tells him he is upset about Kelly and he is trying to take it out on someone. Blair tells Kevin if something was wrong with the baby Kelly would tell him, she wouldn't shut him out. She takes his mind off of worrying by reminding him he is about to be a new daddy. David barges in to sell them on his ideas for Craze. David gives a presentation to Kevin and Blair. Kevin welcomes David to Craze Magazine. Jessica shows up to tell Kevin about Viki.

Jessica rushes in to find Viki asleep. Viki tells her she is not as sick as Natalie thinks. Jessica pleads with her to go to the hospital for tests and she finally agrees. Dorian tells Jessica she is worried about Viki. Dorian tells Viki she has results from her tests, Viki has had a heart attack. Viki tells Dorian she is going home. Dorian tries to convince her to check into the hospital. Dr. Long somewhat scolds Dorian for having Michael, a first year resident, care for Viki. Michael arrives in time to defend himself. Dorian is proud of him standing up for himself. Marcie finds Michael, who tries to calm her down. Michael witnesses Dr. Long sneaking a peek at someone's medical chart. Michael recovers Marcie's chemistry notes and her book. The fire alarm goes off while Marcie and Michael makes out. Marcie explains to Michael that she is not ready to be intimate.

Carlotta races in to see David. She is not happy he and Dorian went to Puerto Rico. Carlotta tells him she can't go on lying, that Antonio deserves to know about Adriana. David convinces Carlotta to wait and talk to Dorian before she ruins everything.

Viki reads about living with heart disease. An anxious Kevin asks Viki about her health. She explains she had a mild heart attack. She breaks down and starts crying.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The Vega apartment is the setting for dinner as Natalie and John arrive to spend an evening with Jess and Antonio. The article about John being a suspect in Haver's death, on the Intruder's front page, is largely ignored as the couples engage in small talk. Nat finally voices what everyone is thinking about and declares that John will be cleared. Off to the side, Nat confides to Jess that she hopes she's happy like her sister soon; that she and John are not ready to start a serious relationship though they have lots in common. John on the other hand, confides to Antonio that he and Nat could never be more than friends.

At the police station, Nora argues with Daniel about John, but when Bo announces that he's waiting for more evidence, Daniel drops it. Bo is tired of the whole incident and decides to head over to Capricorn where Eve is performing. Nora declines the invite. Later, she and Daniel receive a package containing a letter and a disturbing video.

Todd makes payment arrangements with someone on the phone; the person agrees to say that he/she has delivered Kelly's baby at a farmhouse. Kelly owes him now, Todd proclaims.

Kevin, Blair and David gather at Dorian's to work on their new magazine, Craze. Kevin is still extremely worried about Kelly, but eventually he receives a phone call from Dorian urging him to get to the hospital quickly. As he rushes out, Todd is engaged in paying off one of the workers busily renovating Dorian's house. Blair searches for her charm bracelet and upon questioning Starr, angers the girl who thinks she's being accused of taking it. Both Blair and David believe she has, along with some other missing items from around the house. Going by what's missing, David firmly believes the child is a witch. Either that or she's scared of something and trying to ward it off, he tells Blair. Blair thinks her daughter is really afraid of Todd and doesn't realize it. David gives her some advice that he's just read in a book that he picked up for their magazine research. In the other room, Starr recognizes Todd in the painter's clothes and tells him that she's been hearing noises. He vows to always protect her, even when he's not there. Todd pretends to be working when others go in and out. He gets Starr to agree to let him in on all of Blair's comings and goings as well as who she's seeing.

Dorian visits Kelly at Llanview Hospital, where she and her baby have been taken for medical checkups. She has been unable to reach Kevin, she advises her niece, and has left messages everywhere. When Kelly suggests her aunt locate Kevin through Blair, she's able to get him on the phone. She still can't seem to understand why Kelly called Todd for help and has a problem accepting Kelly's story. When Kevin arrives and anxiously asks what happened, they're interrupted when a nurse brings his new son into the room. He's ecstatic to see the child. Kelly "admits" that she was at a spa the entire time she was gone. She also suggests that they name the baby for Asa; he looks like a true Buchanan. "Ace" it is. Kevin admires his son who is soon taken out again by the nurse. He wants Kelly to rest but will return shortly to hear her entire story of the baby's birth.

Jen films Riley and the band practicing for their gig at Ultraviolet. He tells her that they've been good for each other. She's off to spread the word of the band's opening later in the evening.

Lindsay meets with Rex at Capricorn and tells him she's upset over their love making in public. Rex wonders if she's upset because it was a bad thing or a good one. She determinedly tells him that she can no longer live dangerously and must pull out of their business deal. Getting up to leave, she reluctantly tells him that she is no longer able to separate business from pleasure. Agreeing with Rex that maybe she wants to be caught, she ponders his next challenge that she needs to be with him to get caught. He ducks behind the stage curtain and she follows him. At a nearby table, R.J. voices his disapproval to Evangeline, who is handling several matters for Todd. As Eve begins to sing, Bo arrives and takes a seat at a table. Eve only seems to have eyes for him as she performs. Once the performance is over, Bo invites her to have dinner with him. R.J. is now annoyed that there always seems to be a cop present at his club. Proclaiming John to be innocent, Bo confides to Eve that he also had a son involved in police work. Eve relates that John has just always wanted to do the right thing. Nora arrives and interrupts the pair; she has new, bad evidence about John, she whispers to Bo. Daniel arrives looking for Lindsay and spies her coat on the back of a chair. When he catches a glimpse of her and Rex clutching at each other, he hastily makes a phone call. He wants Ultraviolet investigated for underage drinking. He wants it shut down immediately, tonight. Dorian shows up and meets David, who is relieved to hear that Kelly is doing well. When she begins to think about all that David has done for her recently, she suddenly gets down on her knees and proposes marriage to him. He accepts.

Evangeline pays Blair a visit and hands her papers regarding the childrens' custody. Blair refuses to discuss shared custody with Todd, but Evangeline urges her to reconsider. He fought for Blair and the children, she reminds her.

Todd and Starr "IM" on the computer; she's scared. He reminds her of the magic ring that he gave her though she feels that is childish. Soon, she hears a loud thud. Blair's heard it too but only finds a branch brushed up against the door when she opens it. Soon, she starts to think back to New Year's Eve and the incident with Todd. This time, she remembers things differently.

Bo watches the video with Nora back at the station.

As the young couples are in the midst of dinner, Bo arrives with a couple of cops behind him. He's there to arrest John for the murder of Stephen Haver.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Starr contacts Todd and tells him that she is scared. Over the phone, he tells her a story to try to make her feel better.

Viki finds Blair crying in the Lord Mausoleum, afraid she made a mistake charging Todd with rape. Blair recalls the night Mitch buried Todd alive and wonders why Todd came back as Walker. Viki tries to help Blair understand Todd's actions. Viki takes Blair back to Llanfair, where they continue to discuss Todd. Blair panics when Todd shows up looking for his sister.

David and Dorian announce their engagement after catching Adriana and River making out on the couch. River voices his suspicions of David's motives. Adriana promises Dorian that she won't do anything compromising until she and River are married. After River and Adriana, sneak out, Dorian finds a letter under her door and makes sudden arrangements to travel. To prevent David from going, she drugs his drink so he passes out.

Natalie defends John when Daniel insists he be booked for murder. Bo watches the video tape that was sent to the police station. A taped confession from a police officer states that John approached him about killing Stephen. When Antonio tracks the officer down, he is dead. Natalie tracks down Evangeline to represent John.

Still furious over Rex and Lindsay's relationship, Daniel goes forward with his plan to raid Ultraviolet, not knowing that Reilly is planning to play the club. Jen and Natalie clash when they run into each other at Capricorn.

Thursday, March 26, 2004

R.J. and Lindsay discuss her relationship with Rex. Though he doesn't believe her, she insists that she isn't interested and Rex and wants her relationship with Daniel to work. Daniel goes forward with his plan to raid Ultraviolet.

River and Adriana go to Ultraviolet to see Midnight Logic's musical return. When Shannon realizes Rex is the owner of the club, she hits on him. Realizing that he isn't interested, she moves on to River. Natalie tells Rex that she has had enough of Jen. When Natalie confronts her, the two start a fist fight that is broken by police who have arrived to check ID's for violations.

John hires Evangeline. Antonio worries about the evidence that is stacking up against John. When Jessica suggests that the shoot may have been hypnotized by Stephen, Antonio questions her further about what he had done to her. John suggests that Evangeline look into the theory.

In his effort to get to Kevin, Todd interviews the account executive of Buchanan Enterprises. After a drink, Margaret lets some office gossip slip to Todd.

Blair hides upstairs to avoid being seen when Todd barges into Llanfair. Viki argues with Todd when he confesses that he saw Starr. After he confides that Starr told him she is scared, she agrees to check on her for him. After he leaves, Blair wonders if she is to blame for Starr's fears. Viki again encourages Blair to try to figure out what happened New Year's Eve. After Blair leaves, Viki is overcome by another dizzy spell.

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