One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 15, 2004 on OLTL

Starr received a package from Todd. John resigned from the FBI. Rex explained his desire to change an abandoned theater into a restaurant. Antonio wondered if Dorian were really Adriana's mother. John saved Stephen after the killer had been shot. Rex and Lindsay were spotted as they kissed. Michael and John's mother decided to move to Llanview.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 15, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, March 15, 2004

David waits on Dorian. She arrives. She tries to talk to David alone but the distractions keep coming. He takes off her coat to see she is not wearing her wedding dress. She tells him she is not going to marry him. They get in a big fight and Dorian leaves. David runs after her. River and Adriana tell Andrew about their dream to get married. River promises not to mess up like his parents.

A vigil is held for all the victims. Natalie is on edge. She jumps at every sound and thinks she hears Stephen.

Evangeline has dinner with R.J. Nora joins them. They talk about Todd. Todd gives a man an envelope of money for what he calls retribution.

Blair tries to ease Kevin's nervousness. Starr catches them in embrace. David arrives looking for Dorian. Blair is happy about it. David tells her not every relationship is destined to fail. Blair and Kevin have dinner at Capricorn. Evangeline tells Blair that Todd is out of prison. Kevin hopes Todd leave Llanview forever. Todd calls Starr. He promises that Kevin will be out of the picture soon. He then makes arrangements for a flight to Houston.

David finds her at Capricorn. He asks her to change her mind. She asks him why is getting married so important. He tells her to get the respect he deserves. People won't think their relationship is a joke. He tells her that if she doesn't believe he loves her then one day all she will have is thirty million cold lonely dollars. She tells him she can't marry him because she is starting to fall in love with him. She tells him she feels needy and girly and vulnerable. She asks him to promise that he won't trade her in for another woman.

Evangeline tells R.J. they should try to hook Nora up with an eligible man.

Stephen is shot at but John saves him. Elyssa Collins a victim of Stephen tried to kill him. Bo is upset because he cannot see the justice in it all. John pays Stephen a visit. Stephen easily riles him up with just the mention of Caitlin's name. John sits in the Church and talks to Caitlin. He tells her Stephen won't hurt anyone and maybe now they both can find peace. Mr. Nelson tells Bo that John infringed on Stephen's constitutional rights. The FBI comes looking for John. He is from Internal Affairs. He wants to talk to John about his behavior. John is put on suspension and his badge taken.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Jessica and Viki talk about how they are glad that Stephen is behind bars.

Jessica visits Stephen. She tells him she came to write her last article on the Music Box Killer. She asks him why he killed all the women. He blames his mother, grandmother and grandfather. Before he finishes his speech, John arrives and tells Jessica to leave. While he talks to Jessica, Stephen snatches sleeping pills from her bag. John asks the guard to leave him and Stephen alone. Stephen asks John why he saved him from being shot. John tells him it was instinct because if he had time to think, he probably wouldn't have saved him. When John leaves, Stephen begins to bang his head really hard against the bars. When the guard returns Stephen accuses John of hurting him.

Bo meets with Agent Christopher. Bo asks him to reconsider the suspension of John. Bo defends John by saying it's a ploy by Stephen to ruin John. He implores him to reinstate John. Agent Christopher agrees to take another look at the case. As he is about to leave Bo's office the guard barges in to tell them that Stephen has been brought to the hospital because John attacked him.

John stops by the diner. Natalie pours him a cup of coffee. She invites him to dinner. He suggests they have burgers at Rodi's. The police arrive to take him in for questioning. John defends himself to Agent Christopher. He tells him that Stephen could have hurt himself to get out of his cell. Agent Christopher has doubts and wonders how John has kept his badge all this time. John takes out his badge and throws it on the desk and resigns. He calls Natalie to let her know they are still on for dinner at Rodi's.

David tries to seduce Dorian in leaving for their trip but she has to go to the hospital for a meeting. Antonio shows up but Dorian couldn't talk to him. He tells David that maybe he can answer whatever questions he has. He asks David about Dorian being Adriana's mother. David spins the tale of Dorian being involved with a powerful and connected bad guy. When she broke up with him she found out she was pregnant and didn't want him to know about Adriana so she and Carlotta arranged to send Adriana to Puerto Rico to Carlotta's friends Ramona and Cesar. Antonio doesn't buy one word of it. He tells him he is going to find out why Carlotta is going along with the lie.

Adriana and Carlotta tell Antonio about her new mother and the inheritance. Antonio tells Carlotta he thinks she is hiding something. She tells him she was there when Dorian gave birth to Adriana. Later Adriana asks Carlotta why she told Antonio that Dorian is her mother. Carlotta tells her to give Dorian a chance she will be good to her. Adriana has doubts. She wants to know what kind of mother gives her daughter away and lies about it.

Riley suggests to Jen that they lean on each other for support. Marcie gets a D in one of her classes. If she doesn't shape up she will lose her scholarship. Michael promises to help her pass the course. Jessica stops by looking for Antonio. She sees Marcie working on a novel instead of her political Science paper. Marcie sees Jen on her cell phone and gets inspired to write more about her new novel "The Killing Club."

Antonio tells Jessica he just found out that Adriana is Dorian's daughter and Carlotta kept it from him for sixteen years. He tells her that they are going to Puerto Rico.

Dorian arrives at the hospital to find Viki gasping for breath. She explains that she just left Ben's room and got dizzy. Dorian suggests she get a check up. Viki refuses. Dorian stops Michael who was walking by. He takes her pulse. He discovers her heart rate is a bit elevated. He asks her is there is heart disease in her family. Viki confirms that her father had heart problems. Michael suggests she sees her physician but then tells her to follow him since he was on his way to the ER. Viki tells him she is ok. Michael leaves. Viki changes the subject by asking Dorian why she was at the hospital. She also congratulated her on the wedding. Dorian tells her she did not get married because she has so much going on from her new job to her new relationship with Adriana. She tells Viki that she of all people should understand. Viki agrees with one exception; Natalie really is her daughter. Viki tells her she hopes she is telling the truth because if not it will come out. Carlotta calls Dorian to tell her that Antonio found out. Dorian tells her to stay tight. David shows up at the hospital to let Dorian know they are taking a honeymoon and he won't accept no for an answer. He tells her they are going to Puerto Rico immediately.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Rodi's is the scene for a St. Patrick's Day celebration as Natalie waits for John to show up. Viki gives her a shamrock for good luck. "Spirit of the Night" plays in the background. Kevin makes excuses as to why he's spent so much time with Blair but when Viki asks his feelings for Kelly, he admits that he loves her. When he learns that Kelly didn't look well from someone who saw her, he heads to the police station, concerned for her welfare. It's obvious that he has feelings for Blair, Viki thinks. They both need to resolve other issues though before they could think about getting involved with each other. Nat divulges that she thinks she might have a chance with John. The evening hours go by as she looks for him to show up at Rodi's.

Paul pays his sister a visit, only to find her in tears. The doctor has advised her that she can't have any children in the future. Kelly begs for help but Paul refuses, because of Kevin, he tells her. He admits to lying about the last time that he saw Kevin. He wasn't alone, he says sadly. He was with Blair, supposedly discussing business. Kelly proposes helping Paul find out what really happened to Aunt Betsy, but when he still declines to help her in her quest for a child, she tosses him from her hospital room.

At the police station, John convinces Bo that it's time he move on, though he did nothing wrong. He went by the book for all of the victims. John thinks he needs to stop his mother from moving to Llanview since he has now decided to leave. Bo not only believes him but also offers him the position of chief of detectives. Reluctantly, John agrees to think about it. Marcie is so engrossed in writing her novel that she doesn't hear the ringing of the station phone. When Michael stops by, she refuses to let him look at it. Daniel has to beg off from their date, he tells Lindsay. He has to attend a hearing. Kevin comes in looking for Bo and imagines Kelly walking in with a baby while he waits for his uncle. When Kevin finally gets the chance to fill Bo in, he finally receives a call from his wife. She's in Houston, staying with someone he doesn't know. She confirms that she was upset about Blair but he tells her how worried he's been and he wants her and the baby home. He realizes that she doesn't sound like her normal self but she tells him she's fine and will take the train home. She hangs up abruptly after telling him to keep working on the nursery. He decides to head for Texas to look for her; he has plenty of contacts. In leaving the station, John runs into his brother. Michael invites him to help Eve move into Roxy's. Daniel is happy to be finished early and is off to find Lindsay.

Eve has 2 month's rent for Roxy and meets Adriana who stops by for a late manicure. Snapping on the radio, Adriana catches the "spirit," and has to endure derogatory remarks from Shannon, who has stopped in with Eve.

A package for Starr from Todd arrives, but before Dorian and Blair can hide it, Starr grabs it and heads for her bedroom. Blair is quite concerned that Todd is out and later calls Nora to inquire about extra security. Viki brings Dorian a gift; a bottle of the same drink they had while being stuck in the cave. They drink a toast while Dorian reveals that she's thinking of renewing her doctor's license. Viki admits that she was the only one on the board who voted to have her re-instated years ago. She also declines Dorian's suggestion that she visit a doctor for a check-up. She has an appointment already scheduled a couple of months from now. She reassures Dorian that she's feeling fine. Dorian admits that she and David are still going to take the honeymoon trip. Starr shows Viki the gift from Todd that will show her who she is and where she's from. It's the Lord ring.

Rex turns Riley down when he requests to have the band play some acoustic sets at Ultraviolet. He might reconsider if he gets something out of it, he says, looking pointedly at Jen. She refuses and Riley manages to get her out before the two have words over their new "relationships." As Riley and Jen leave, Lindsay arrives and is pulled into a passionate kiss by Rex. She wants to talk business but Rex wants to dance. As they begin to kiss again, Daniel walks in, followed by Riley and Jen. Rex spots them. The three are disgusted and leave hastily. Daniel tells the pair he'll take them out to dinner at Rodi's. Rex and Lindsay continue to make out.

The "spirit" plays a song for Adriana and she heads for the radio station, revealing to Shannon that yes, the song he played WAS for her. The McBains plus Marcie arrive at Foxy Roxy's and John gets to talk to his mom. Even though John is leaving, Eve decides to stay in Llanview for herself. She "saw" John's dad when she was near death and he told her to move on, to stop waiting for him. She'll miss him if he leaves but she's decided to give Llanview a try.

Roxy arrives at Rodi's covered in green from head to toe. She's won the best costume contest and offers to buy Daniel a drink but he declines.

Nat shows up at John's place. Spotting the bottle in his hand, she figures out why he never showed up at Rodi's. They are awkward with each other and she suggests he take the position that Bo offered him. Suddenly, she grabs him and kisses him; he kisses her back.

Adriana arrives at the radio station just as River signs off.

Eve stops by Bo's office to thank him again for saving her and to give him two tickets to her opening show at Capricorn. He accepts one.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Stephen is angry when he finds out that the assault charges against John have been thrown out. Stephen informs his attorney that he has no intentions of going to prison or a psych ward. After agreeing to deliver a letter for Stephen, his attorney turns his back and Stephen steals his phone.

David and Dorian head to Puerto Rico, not realizing that Jessica and Antonio are already there searching for the truth about Adriana. While Antonio questions Adriana's adoptive mother, Jessica receives a phone call from Stephen. Upon hearing that Dorian is in Puerto Rico from Adriana, Carlotta calls her hotel and leaves a voicemail. Overhearing the conversation, Paul is satisfied that he was right about Dorian's scheme. He attempts to question Carlotta, but she refuses to offer any information.

After kissing John, Natalie rushes out of his apartment. Going after her, he apologizes for not being able to move on from Caitlin. Realizing that she forgot to invite John to her opening night, Eve heads to his house. When she arrived, she extended the invitation to Natalie, who accepts at Johns urging. After the set, John announces that he intends to stay in Llanview and accepts a job with the Llanview police.

R.J. and Evangeline set Nora up on a blind date. The date is going well until Roxy bursts in and tells everyone that the man is married to one of her clients.

Friday, March 19, 2004

Todd accepts Viki's offer for him to work at the Banner. Arguing with his sister over Kevin, Todd points out that Viki doesn't look very good. When Viki goes to check on Natalie, she agrees to get a manicure Natalie notices that her nails are blue and begs her to see a doctor. Viki refuses so Natalie takes her to the emergency room. When Viki's EKG comes back irregular, the doctor orders her to have a full cardiac workup.

Starr and Blair prepare for Jacks birthday party. When Nora brings Matthew to the party, Matthew asks Starr to help him get his parents back together. After entering them into a dance contest, Matthew tells his parents he wants them to dance again. Starr confesses to Matthew that she feels uncomfortable being in her room alone. When Kevin shows up at the house, Starr tries to kick him out but Blair invites him in. Todd leaves a box on the door for Jack's birthday. Kevin turns to Renee when he can't reach Kelly and his son, Duke, refuses to see him.

Michael and Marcie spent more time together until he is paged to the hospital. She is devastated when her computer crashes, losing all the writing she had done on her novel. Rex tells Roxy his plans to open a restaurant and she bombards him with ideas.

Bo gives John a badge. Stephen's trial starts with him confronting John in front of the press, moments before shots ring out and Stephen is shot. A witness comes forward, pointing to John as the person who shot the prisoner. Realizing the gun used to shoot Haver is the same that John uses as backup, Bo tries not to think the worse. When the trace comes back on the gun, it is registered to John. After telling Michael that John is the man who shot him, Stephen dies of his injuries.

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