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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 15, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, March 15, 2004

Mike pays a visit to Pilar in the hospital. She tells him that Dr. Dixon has promised to discharge her later in the day. She also wants to know if Mike still has feelings for Katie. When Mike hedges, Pilar tells him if he does, to go make things right with Katie. Mike won't talk about Katie and changes the subject to Pilar's attackers. Mike realizes that Pilar has no clothes in which to be discharged from the hospital, so he leaves to buy her some.

Henry reports to Katie that Mike and Pilar met on the car racing circuit and "reconnected" in Spain. Katie proposes that someone ask Pilar if she still carries a torch for Mike. Henry gets the message.

Dusty meets with Lucinda to discuss the Rose Foundation. Lucinda offers a ten million dollar check to the foundation with the proviso that Lily not be involved in the foundation in any way. Dusty argues that the foundation is the only bright spot in Lily's life since Rose's death, but Lucinda is adamant.

Lily comes home from her session with Dr. Michaels and pronounces herself cured. She wants Holden to go to work and leave her alone with the children. She and Holden argue but are interrupted by Emma. "Your watchdog has arrived," says Lily sarcastically. Later, Lily apologizes to Emma who tells Lily that she has not begun to recover from Rose's death yet. Lily will not recover until she is willing to forgive. She must get together with Holden and forgive all the bad feelings. Lily rejects Emma's advice and leaves.

Paul, Lucy and Carly are still snowed in after Lucy's interview at Williams. Carly goes for coffee, leaving Paul and Lucy to talk. Paul tells Lucy that no one must know that Carly was with them on this adventure. Lucy agrees and suggests they have some fun as long as they are stuck another day. She investigates renting some skates to use on a local frozen pond.

Carly runs into Craig outside the motel. He tells her that Paul is using her to get to him. He wants Carly's help and if she doesn't agree to help him, he will tell Barbara that she is secretly working for BRO. He wants Carly to get Lucy on her way home now, and away from Paul. Carly reluctantly agrees.

Carly returns to the motel room and tells Lucy she has a cab waiting to take her to Boston where the snow has not been so heavy and she can get a plane back to Oakdale. Lucy is not happy but Paul urges her to leave, so she reluctantly goes. Carly then tells Paul that she was protecting herself by sending Lucy away. Paul hears of Craig's threats and assures Carly that she can trust him.

As Craig is leaving the motel, he gets a cell message that someone has broken into Fairwinds and his housekeeper bound and gagged. He heads for home immediately.

Mike goes into "Fashions" and Lisa helps him find suitable clothing for Pilar. Katie follows Mike there, and he spots her. Katie is reluctant to tell him why she has followed him.

"Father Francis Flannigan," a.k.a Henry Coleman, comes in wearing clerical garb and a phony Irish accent. He agrees to hear Pilar's confession but she tells him she is not comfortable doing this outside the church setting. She wants him to say the traditional prayers and when he stalls, she grabs him by his collar and calls him a fake.

Lily meets Dusty at his request. He shows her Lucinda's check and tells her the conditions. Lily wants to rip up the check, but that is obviously not what Dusty wants. He finally agrees that Rose would not want a check with strings attached.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Chris and Alison enter their new condo and it's a wreck. Chris assures Alison they'll get the contractor to make good on everything. A stunned Kim arrives and questions the wisdom of them staying there. Even though Alison wants to, Chris won't go back to his parents' home. Alison and Chris start to hang the plaque Kim gave them and a chandelier comes crashing down behind them.

Jordan secretly sets up a meeting with Barbara and Lisa. The women refuse to be in the same room and spar. Jordan smoothes things over with Barbara as Jennifer talks with Lisa. Jennifer is impressed, and confides she's never known what it was like to be as driven as Jordan.

At Fashions, the ice breaks between Lisa and Barbara. Barbara confesses that she misses their friendship. When Lisa leaves, Barbara realizes she can't see the pattern on the fabric she has in her hands and privately panics about her eyesight.

Mike realizes Katie is trying to keep him from Pilar and leaves. Meanwhile, Pilar accuses Henry of trying to trick her. Ben shows up and Henry is busted. Mike arrives in the middle of Henry trying to talk his way out of his dilemma. When Katie shows up on Mike's heels, it dawns on him why Henry was trying to pry answers out of Pilar. Mike warns Katie not to try anything like that again. She contritely agrees and exits. Katie presses Henry to continue to help her get information on Pilar, but he refuses. Pilar reveals to Mike that she has just gotten out of an abusive relationship but fears the man she was involved with will find her. He offers his place for her to stay but wants her to talk to Margo. She pleads with Mike not to tell anyone. Concerned, he agrees.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Chris and Alison are still freaked from the chandelier crashing when a neighbor drops by and reveals that the whole building is falling apart. Chris is unable to reach the developers. Chris and Alison make love in their new condo. After, Alison smells something. Bob and Kim get romantic and are interrupted by Chris and Alison covered in soot, bearing the bad news that the condo burned down.

Casey pleads to go with Margo to Jessica's hearing for Sarah. Although not pleased about their friendship, Margo agrees. The judge remands Sarah to thirty days custody of the state of Illinois while he reviews her case. Jessica suggests Sarah spend the thirty days with Margo and Tom.

Barbara tells Jennifer about her successful meeting with Lisa and suddenly her sight blurs. As Jennifer goes to try a dress on, Barbara slips out. Jennifer wishes she had a second opinion and Jordan offers his: she looks great. Jennifer asks Jordan to take her out. Carly worries that Craig will spill all to Barbara.

Meanwhile, Jack questions Craig's whereabouts while the police investigate the robbery at Fairwinds. Lucy is stunned the robbery really happened and Craig is hurt that she doubted him. Barbara interrupts Carly and Paul and Carly hides. Barbara decides against telling Paul about her vision problems and Paul convinces her to take some time off. Barbara hears a noise and guesses Paul has a woman over. When Barbara leaves, she has another episode just as Walker Daniels sees. Barbara admits to Walker that something is wrong with her. A cop hands Jack Rosanna's business card that was found in a muddy car track outside. Lucy overhears that Rosanna is missing and she confronts her father. She heads to Paul's and alerts him and Carly that Rosanna is missing.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

The entire CBS daytime lineup will be pre-empted on Thursday, March 18th and Friday, March 19th for coverage of NCAA basketball. These pre-emptions were planned for and there will be no lost episodes.

Regular broadcasting will resume on Monday, March 22nd.

Friday, March 19, 2004

The entire CBS daytime lineup will be pre-empted on Thursday, March 18th and Friday, March 19th for coverage of NCAA basketball. These pre-emptions were planned for and there will be no lost episodes.

Regular broadcasting will resume on Monday, March 22nd.


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