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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 15, 2004 on GL
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Monday, March 15, 2004

Bill questions Eden about the roses she received at Company. Eden says they must be for Bill. She suggests they're from Alexandra, congratulating him on his new position at Lewis Construction. She stops Bill from calling to thank Alex, saying she'll do it later on his behalf. Outside Company, Michelle promises Danny she's going to put all her energy into being the best mayoral candidate's wife. They stop Eden to congratulate her on her boyfriend's good fortune, but Michelle notices Eden's rush to get away. Danny suggests Eden is intimidated by Bill's first love. When Bill exits Company, they see he is happy about running the family business, but he is still committed to seeing Danny in the mayor's office. After he leaves, Michelle expresses her concern over Ross' encouraging poll numbers. What if Danny loses the election? Danny makes his wife promise him an election night date so that no matter what the votes, he still wins.

In Tony's room at the Beacon, Eden complains that just when things were going well for her and Bill, Vinny Salerno sends her flowers apparently he is pleased with her taste in men. With Bill running one of Springfield's largest businesses, Salerno thinks he's got leverage on the former madam. Tony doesn't see why Eden is so upset; this is simply Vinny's way of reminding her that she's still his girl. If she gets upset, she is just doing what Vinny wants it's what he does best. Tony warns her that she can have the perfect life with Bill, but she can't leave her past behind. Eden starts to cry and leaves, sorry she came to him for help. Bill surprises Eden in the lobby. She says she has a headache and cancels on their celebration night. Bill understands when she leaves for home, but looks at the engagement ring he'd planned to give her with disappointment.

Marah calls O'Neill's cell but Reva hangs up the phone before he answers. She warns her daughter that a relationship with the DA in her murder case is risky. Marah defends Jeffrey's softer side - the egotistical Jeffrey they all know is just a front so that he can do his job. He promised to protect her and she believes he will. Looking to Cassie for backup, Reva is defeated when her sister agrees with Marah. She too has seen a different side of Jeffrey O'Neill, but in the same breath she warns her niece to be careful. Marah knows the risks, but if she has to stop seeing the man she truly cares about, that will be just what Carrie wanted. Marah won't let Carrie win. After Marah leaves the room, Reva admits that Carrie has already won she's succeeded in ruining lives even after her death. Suddenly, the image of Maryanne appears outside the study window. Cassie suggests Reva call Dr. Langham, but Reva already told him about seeing Maryanne's ghost. He was pleased she has reached this level of ESP. Reva wonders why she sees Maryanne whenever Marah is in trouble it's as if Maryanne wants to help her. Cassie jokingly suggests Maryanne contact her now deceased aunt and convince her to make things right and clear Marah's name. The thought inspires Reva to visit the fairgrounds the place where both Caruthers women died. Maybe there she will understand the message Maryanne is trying to send.

At the Beacon, a reporter probes O'Neill for info. The public, he says, is starting to doubt the DA's abilities to serve justice. In fact, O'Neill's objectivity in the Caruthers case is in question. Jeffrey squeezes the back of the man's neck and drags him to the couch, warning that if anything about him is printed in the paper without proof, he will be sorry. The reporter understands and leaves. O'Neill calls Rick in the crime lab about Marah's blood test. He needs to know what time the Antimonius was taken, the dosage, anything ASAP.

At the Beacon Dax gives Edmund a photo and documents. The former prince cannot believe what he sees and advises Dax to forget the info as well. Outside the Beacon, O'Neill asks Edmund why he called, wanting to see him. Edmund urges the DA to do right by Marah Lewis, but neglects to say more. Jeffrey sees Marah's number on his cell and calls it. Marah confides that she merely wanted to hear Jeffrey's voice. He admits Reva was right they shouldn't talk unless it is safe; people may overhear. O'Neill is handed a copy of the newspaper, the headline reading: "DA Covers for Murdering Mistress." On tv, Marah hears the Springfield Journal reporting that she is the latest suspect in the Caruthers murder case, and she and the DA are romantically involved which may explain why no charges have been filed.

At Company, Edmund shows the photo to Cassie who is shocked to see Jeffrey O'Neill in uniform. Edmund explains that the military was just a cover for the CIA. A blonde woman and another man in uniform also appear in the photo. Cassie recognizes the man as Dr. Christopher Langham.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Cassie is supposed to be upset finding out that Jeffrey and Christopher were in the CIA but what really bothers her is that Edmund covertly gathered the information. When Edmund admits he was investigating Jeffrey, she angrily leaves the table. She insinuates he is being his old, mistrustful self. Cassie will look into the Jeffrey/Christopher connection; it's not like Edmund left her another choice.

The way Carrie operated, Harley thinks she may have planned a few more surprises for the men. Reva tells her she's looking for a ghost. Harley and Reva decide to work together to help clear Marah. They see a faded old sign for a carnival act: "The Vanishing Vanquo, the World's Greatest Illusionist." Harley finds a bunch of old ledgers and papers that belonged to the Vanishing Vanquo. Doris wants Reva and Harley to take a hike. Reva has a bad feeling about Doris Wolfe handling Marah's case.

Shayne and Sandy want to find out who leaked the story to the press. Josh warns them to cool their jets, but they don't listen. Marah worries about what the press will write about Jeffrey and her. Sandy speculates somebody at the Beacon saw her leaving Jeffrey's room New Year's Day. Shayne's impressed that Sandy kept Marah's secret.

Marah is upset about hurting Jeffrey and his career. Jeffrey recuses himself from Marah's case and appoints Doris. Doris is suspicious about the Antimonious in Marah's blood. Marah is innocent of murder and just because Jeffrey is off the case doesn't mean he won't do whatever he can to prove it. Will Jeffrey shred important documents from Marah's case?

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Alan suspects Alexandra may know more about the missing Antimonious shipments than she lets on. Alexandra retorts she is sure it hurt Alan when he found out he was wrong about Gus. He forbids her from selling off stock to avoid taking a bath on the price.

Reva worries that Doris Wolfe has it out for Marah. She doesn't say anything to Marah about Doris. Reva goes to Christopher for help. Unfortunately, he tells her, all Reva can do with regards to Maryanne is wait.

Gus walks in on Jeffrey as he contemplates shredding documents in Marah's case. He denies wanting to shred the documents, but Gus thinks Jeffrey is letting his feelings get in the way of his job. Jeffrey points out that if Harley were in trouble, Gus would be at her side. He declares Gus' cover has been blown and therefore he is no longer effective at Spaulding. He's fired. After, Gus informs Alan he is quitting the company. The strained encounter between father and son takes a lot out of both of them.

Marina suspects Sandy may have leaked the Jeffrey/Marah story to the press. She is hyper suspicious and paranoid; Michelle is so worked up she can't trust her own judgment.

Carrie strikes again.

Michelle remembers hiding Carrie's ring in a hollowed out book in her living room. Josh receives a pink envelope by messenger. With a trembling hand, he opens the envelope. It is from Carrie. It's an emotional moment as Marah opens the door to Jeffrey. They look at each other, and then she flies into his arms.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

The entire CBS daytime lineup will be pre-empted on Thursday, March 18th and Friday, March 19th for coverage of NCAA basketball. These pre-emptions were planned for and there will be no lost episodes.

Regular broadcasting will resume on Monday, March 22nd.

Friday, March 19, 2004

The entire CBS daytime lineup will be pre-empted on Thursday, March 18th and Friday, March 19th for coverage of NCAA basketball. These pre-emptions were planned for and there will be no lost episodes.

Regular broadcasting will resume on Monday, March 22nd.

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