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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 8, 2004 on GL
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Monday, March 8, 2004

At the docks, Gus admits to Alan that he's been working with the FBI to investigate Spaulding. Alan can't believe his son put police work before family. Gus was trying to protect him - he thinks he is innocent. Alan can't believe he left his company so vulnerable. Gus suggests Harley's deal - if Alan agrees to cooperate in the Antimonius investigation, the D.A. may reduce the criminal charges against him. Alan adamantly refuses to open his company's books to the federal government - ever. If the public learns of an investigation, the Spaulding stock would plummet and never recover. Alan will not jeopardize his family or his employees just to help himself. Gus reminds him of the damage that would be done if the public sees Alan Spaulding being carted off to prison. Gus knows Alan's reasons are just excuses - he must know something about Antimonius. He warns his father of the repercussions - 20 years in jail. After Gus leaves, Alan remembers Gus' words about a being a responsible man.

Gus returns home and greets a framed photo of his father, Joe August. Joe always taught his son to find the good in people. Gus wishes his real father was more like Joe. Knowing in his heart that Alan is a good man, Gus has his doubts. He promises to never give up trying to be the man his father wanted him to be.

At the museum, Reva sees more visions of Carrie's murder. Michelle discovers Marah is gone. Danny entices his wife with a romantic evening at the Beacon, but Michelle can't stop worrying about Marah and Josh. Danny wishes he could take the burden from her shoulders, but respects her decision to keep what's going on with Ed to herself. Michelle thanks him for protecting her - she has learned how precious family is. Danny hands her a pink envelope - it was slipped under their door. Michelle remembers Carrie holding similar envelopes, and fears she may still be alive.

At the police station, Josh tries in vain to calm Marah who insists her dad is innocent - she was the one who shot Carrie. Josh and Marah break down crying. Josh wants to stick to his story, but Marah has to put an end to the lies and take responsibility for what she did. Marah explains to Jeffrey that Carrie lured her to the fairgrounds that night for a memorial for Maryanne. O'Neill helps her complete the rest of the story, knowing she was scared and disoriented and only did what she did because her father was in danger. Outside the interrogation room, Jeffrey finds Reva who reads from the look on his face that Marah is already there. The D.A. confirms her suspicions - Marah confessed. Josh and Reva cry as they watch O'Neill take their daughter for questioning.

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

A distressed Michelle wants to go home after she receives a pink envelope. Michelle, Alan and Josh tell the story of Maryanne's death. Michelle explains to Danny why she didn't tell him about Carrie, and later worries that she might have sabotaged his campaign. Danny is upset that Michelle had to face Carrie alone. The pink envelope turns out to be an invitation to Mel's baby shower.

Alan informs Alexandra about the Federal Investigation into Spaulding. Alexandra thinks Alan will use her as a scapegoat to the Feds. Alan says he will do whatever he can to protect Alexandra from the fallout of the investigation. He thinks it would be best if Alexandra goes to Europe, but that is for her to decide. As for Alan, he intends to come clean. Jeffrey pulls Marah into the stairwell. He has difficulty being physically close to Marah as it stirs up his longing and sympathy toward her. He says that what she remembers is open to question. He advises her not to say another word and to call a lawyer.

Josh apologizes to Reva for shutting her out. Reva believes she has seen Maryanne and that she is trying to tell Reva something that only Maryanne knows. Reva intends to stand by Josh, the same way he has stood by her so many times.

Jeffrey wants Marah to have a terrific future, and insists they cannot be seen together any more. Jeffrey reports to Ross that he believes Marah acted in self-defense. Thanks to Jeffrey, Marah won't be spending the night in jail. Marah is lead away to be booked. A protective Reva and Josh take Marah home.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

At the Lewises', Shayne is staring out the window. When Josh tries to talk to him, he snubs him and tells Reva that they need to concentrate on Marah. Just then Marah wakes up and makes plans to return to her place, but her parents convince her to move back home; into the pool house. Later, while getting the pool house ready for Marah, an angry Shayne lashes out at Josh because no one told him what was going on. Shayne notes that he did nothing while his family was in trouble, but Josh disagrees. He says that Shayne's recovery taught everyone not to give in to adversity. Later, Marina arrives and relates her story to Shayne. At first, he thinks that she kept the secret from him because she thought he was too weak; she couldn't trust him. Marina denies it and goes on further, telling Shayne about the rings. She tells him how she had wished that he'd walk again. Seeing her in tears, he gently tells her that it wasn't magic that made him walk again; it was her. Back at the house, Reva gets a visit from Cassie and Edmund who've come to console Reva. When Reva relates that Jeffrey has helped Marah by refusing to let her incriminate herself, Cassie's very impressed and decides to call him and thank him. Suddenly, Edmund jumps up and tells Cassie that that's a bad idea since it could backfire on her since some times she rubs Jeffrey the wrong way. Reva agrees that they should leave well enough alone and asks Edmund to keep Cassie away from O'Neill. Later, at the Beacon, Edmund is unnerved to overhear Cassie trying to call the D.A.

Marah arrives at the Museum and tells Marina and Michelle that she confessed. They try to reassure her that it was self-defense and tell her she has nothing to worry about. Later, Sandy stops by, having been informed of everything by Reva. Marah tells him that she finally knows what he went through, keeping the secret of his parentage all that time. They talk about keeping secrets, especially about Josh's long-time secret. Sandy tells Marah that he thinks people like Josh live with guilt everyday of their lives and start to believe that they should be punished. He reassures her that she saved her father's life.

At Company, Billy, Buzz, and Ed are looking at a newspaper that states Josh was released after an unnamed person confessed to Carrie's shooting. Jeffrey enters and tells Billy that someone in his family came forward with new information about the shooting. He strongly suggests that the men change their statements, for her sake. At first, Billy doubts that O'Neill wants to help Marah, but Josh enters and confirms it. Jeffrey tells the men to make it clear in their new statements that Marah had no choice but to shoot Carrie. Frank enters the restaurant and asks Buzz if there's anything he wants to tell him. But before Buzz has a chance, Frank coldly relates the whole Maryanne Caruthers story. When Frank refuses to discuss the matter further, Buzz steps out to find Alexandra and realizes that she knows everything. He's surprised when instead of walking out of his life, she offers to help him. Inside, Frank goes over to Jeffrey and warns him about becoming too involved in the case and not playing things by the book. He's concerned about what will happen if the Attorney General got wind of any personal bias on the D.A.'s part and Jeffrey states that he doesn't give a damn.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Buzz asks Harley not to push him for information. Harley insists that she is going to protect the family from anything else Carrie might have planned. Gus and Harley both decide that sadly, it's necessary to give both their fathers time.

Billy and Josh tell Bill that they want him to permanently run Lewis Constitution. Bill, Billy, and Josh share a nice moment when Bill agrees to take the reigns. Jeffrey admits to Reva that he can't just walk away from Marah. He says he couldn't take advantage of Marah and Reva notes he crossed a line. He vows to stand by Marah's side for as long as he can. Reva lets him go see her. Josh informs Reva that he handed the business over to Bill. He shows Reva that he's moving back home for good. Reva has a vision of Maryanne, but covers with Josh, insisting that all that matters is that he is home.

Marina tries to console Marah, saying she did exactly what she had to. Marah replies that she did exactly what Carrie wanted her to do. Marina is shocked to find out that Jeffrey O'Neill was Marah's wish. Marah tries to convince Jeffrey she is okay and he asks her whether it's occurred to her that he is not okay. They kiss. Marah asks Jeffrey to stay and he does. Marina overhears the others talking about the idea that Carrie may not be dead, and affirms that Carrie is dead; she has to be. The gang agrees that they need something happy.

Harley, Buzz, Marina and Gus toast to their family. Marah has a nightmare about Carrie, saying that she didn't need to shoot her, she never had a gun, and that Marah was out of control. She declares that the blood on Marah's hands will never come off.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Alan and Gus head off to the police station. Alexandra slaps Gus, but Alan defends Gus to Alexandra. Gus informs Alan that the Feds want access to all of Spaulding. Gus demands the truth from Alan about Antimonious and the Pharmaceuticals division. Alan gets angry when Gus suggests that Spaulding is connected to the mob and the distribution of Delirium. An angry Alan declares that he wants nothing to do with Gus. Alexandra sees Alan is hurt. Gus hates what Jeffrey has forced him to do while questioning Alan.

Jeffrey receives news that Marah had Antimonious in her blood the night of Carrie's murder.

Olivia congratulates Bill on his new position. Savvy Olivia tells Bill she intends to stick around Spaulding and they should probably get to know each other better. Regardless of his new job, Bill assures Danny he'll continue working on the campaign. Olivia suggests that Eden push Bill to do business with Spaulding. Eden promises always to stand by Bill. Danny doesn't want Ross taking shots at Michelle. Ross feels insulted by Danny's accusation. Eden receives flowers from Vinnie Salerno.

Phillip pretends to take the pills, and stuffs them into a tissue box. Rick worries when Phillip says his baby is alive. Beth and Lizzie arrive for a visit. Even though they try to convince him otherwise, Phillip again speaks of seeing baby Emma. Olivia is horrified to discover Phillip talking about Emma. Olivia practically pushes Beth and Lizzie out the door. Olivia reminds Phillip that he can't breathe a word of Emma to anybody. Lizzie is suspicious of Olivia.

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