All My Children Recaps: The week of March 8, 2004 on AMC

Edmund agreed to postpone the surgery. Erica blamed David for not terminating Bianca's pregnancy. Kendall, Bianca, JR, and Babe went to their first childbirth class. Greenlee and Ryan conned their way into staying at a hotel and out of jail.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 8, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, March 8, 2004

Bianca's baby shower came to standstill after Erica's outburst about naming the baby after Mona (Miranda Mona Montgomery). Bianca tried to ask her what she wants, but Erica only said she wanted to get the stain off her jacket before it sets. Bianca worried about her mother and felt guilty for surprising her. Opal and Kendall assured her Erica would come around. Bianca went back to opening gifts and they all loved the music box Myrtle sent that had been given to her by her mother. Bianca and Kendall were worried about Erica, so Babe gave Krystal a signal to distract everyone and she went upstairs to see Erica. Erica begged Babe to help Bianca. Erica told Babe that she will be able to look at her baby and feel love and see JR and that Bianca only likes the idea of a baby and will only see Michael when she looks at her baby. Erica was very upset as she explained that Bianca will only relive the rape whenever she sees her baby's eyes and will not feel the joy and love she should. She begged Babe to save Bianca, as her friend, and not let her have the baby. They were interrupted by Krystal and after Erica left, Babe told Krystal what Erica had said. Krystal tried to be understanding but Babe started to fear for Bianca.

Downstairs, they kept opening presents and Kendall's gift was a toy dog and she begged Bianca to let her get a real puppy for the baby. Bianca asked questions about babies and childbirth and Erica returned to the party, handing Bianca the gift she'd brought. Bianca was thrilled to find a silver cup and spoon. Erica thanked Babe and said her goodbyes. Kendall tried to stop her, but Erica insisted on leaving. Opal followed her out and the cake was brought in. Bianca asked Babe what Erica had said, but Krystal signaled Babe to not tell her. The celebration continued and Bianca asked Kendall to be her Lamaze coach. Kendall joked that her nickname for Bianca's baby would be "MiMo. ("Mee Mo")"

At the hospital, Maria bumped into Aidan who expressed his concern about Edmund. Maria was worried and only said she was counting on David now. Aidan was supportive and Maria apologized for dragging him into her drama.

In Edmund's room, David said he was ready for whatever Edmund had to give. Edmund only wanted to thank him for saving his life during the surgery...but David said he was there to consult about his current condition, at Maria's request. David explained the significant risk of more surgery to Edmund's already damaged heart and said even he likely couldn't save him. Edmund asked for a personal opinion instead of a professional one. David stated he learned his lesson and would have nothing to do with separating him from Maria ever again. Maria came in later and Edmund told her he'd decided to postpone the surgery and wanted to go home.

Bobby handed Anita a belated Valentine's gift box. He expressed his love for her and how much he misses her and he pleaded with her to stay with him. She was surprised to find a beautiful necklace in the box, one they couldn't afford last Christmas. Bobby was excited about his new job and their future but Anita asked for more time to think about what she wants and for him to leave her alone. Aidan overheard and tried to chase Bobby away, but Anita explained he was her husband.

David went to the clinic and was told a patient was waiting for him. He was surprised to find Erica in the cubicle.

Greenlee was thrilled that Ryan wanted her to ride off with him into the sunset because it meant he'd forgiven her and she cried. Ryan was pleasantly surprised at her vulnerability. Ryan explained the rules about no death grips and leaning into turns and not complaining about passing outlet malls. Greenlee got excited and wanted more information about where they were going and Ryan told her if that was the case, she was uninvited. She was reluctant to throw caution to the wind and expect daily surprises, but admitted she trusted him with her life. As long as Ryan promised to take her shopping so she could be the Audrey Hepburn of the motorcycle set and get veggie pizzas, she'd agree. He handed her a helmet and warned her about bad hair days. Greenlee grabbed the empty box and they left.

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

While Babe is cleaning up the mess from Bianca's baby shower, JR and Stuart surprise Babe with her own mini-baby shower. She is surprised and touched by JR's new love towards her and the baby. Stuart showers Babe with lovely compliments about her shower for Bianca and gives her a baby gift close to his heart. He gives her a growth chart that him and Adam used as children, so she can measure her own baby's height. Babe thanks him and then admits that she often wonders that if she weren't pregnant, would JR keep her around? Stuart figures out that Babe is worried about her lie but assures her that now since she has been honest, her marriage will be fine. Babe looks nervous when he asks her if there are any more lies, but JR and Adam enter the room before she can answer him. Adam showers Babe with gifts and when JR demands that Adam get some snacks for babe, Babe tells him that she doesn't want either of them waiting on her hand and foot. She wants them all to be a happy, loving family. Adam retreats to his study, where he vents his anger to Mary. He tells Mary that as soon as the baby is born, he will expose whatever secret Babe is hiding and throw her out on the streets. Adam brings up Tad's funny behavior at the paternity test results and Mary decides that she can get the secret out by seducing Tad. Adam scoffs at the idea, especially with Mary's track record with Jamie and younger men. Mary tries to seduce Adam, but he pushes her away and goes to see Tad himself. JR gives Babe a mega-huge diamond engagement ring to match her wedding band, proclaiming his love for her and their baby. He even says he admires her for sticking with him and fighting for their love, even when he was a jerk to her. Babe tells him she loves him as well, they hug, and JR promises to do whatever he can to help her relax during her pregnancy.

Krystal goes to see Jackson, introduces herself, and begins to tell him about Erica's sudden breakdown. She explains that Babe threw Bianca a baby shower and when Bianca announced her baby's middle name, Mona, Erica crashed into the waiter, spilling champagne on herself and looking pale as a ghost. Krystal adds that when Babe went to check on Erica, she said some very scary and unusual things, which prompted Krystal to see Jackson. She says that Erica's strange behavior makes her worry about Bianca and the baby. Jackson thanks Krystal for telling him about then Reggie shows up, saying "This isn't Erica." Jackson introduces Reggie to Krystal and Reggie reluctantly goes to his room when Jackson asks him for some privacy with Krystal. Krystal is amused by Reggie's protectiveness and then tells Jackson about her "friend" who needs to get a one-night stand marriage annulled. Jackson tells her to go file the papers in the court to assure confidentiality. Pleased with his advice, Krystal leaves. Reggie comes out of his room and reminds Jackson that he should be with Erica. Jackson assures him that he has no interest in Krystal and forbids him to attend his hearing tomorrow. Reggie is bummed, but agrees.

Erica has no problem speaking her mind to David as she lay on the examining table. She tells him flat-out that he is the reason he is the reason she is in pain. "You're the one who ripped my family and I to shreds," she says. "You might as well give me one of your drugs to finish me off." She even asks him what he said to Bianca "to make her change her mind." David refuses to breach his patient/doctor confidentiality and tells Erica that if she is upset, they can go somewhere else to discuss her problems. Erica tells him that it is the perfect time to talk and David warns her not to take out her anger at Bianca because it could complicate her pregnancy. Erica continues to believe David persuaded Bianca to change her mind about the abortion, even though he denies it. In a desperate attempt to blame him even more, she tells him that he convinced Bianca to have her baby to compensate for the loss of Leora. Stunned by her blow, David warns her that she is crossing too many lines and he refuses to feel sorry for her, even though that is what she wants. He points out that she has two wonderful, smart daughters who love each other so much that they would lie just to protect each other. When Erica asks him to have some compassion for her situation, he retorts that she should him some compassion. After all, he is the one who won't get to see Leora grow up. Angry and annoyed, Erica walks out of the clinic, with Opal in black attire and matching sunglasses following at her heels.

Anita explains to Bobby that Aidan is a friend of Maria and Edmund's, but it doesn't seem to make Bobby any happier. Aidan leaves and Bobby apologizes for making Aidan's concern such a big issue. He keeps telling her how much he loves her and how her family is also important to him. Anita allows herself to still keep an emotional distance from him and asks him to leave her alone. Bobby agrees to leave if Anita wears the necklace and when he slips it around her neck, she pulls away as soon as he tries to kiss her neck. Obviously hurt, Bobby leaves and Anita barks "What made this any of your business?" to a concerned Aidan.

Erica goes to S.O.S where she runs into Bobby. Bobby jokes that they need to stop running into each other and when Erica figures out that he knew who she was at the baby shop, she asks him why he never said anything. He explains that she didn't say who she was and he thought that she was probably tired of people getting in her face, looking for answers and asking questions. They enjoy a pleasant conversation, each getting their angry out without exposing their problems. Opal sneaks in, gets pulled into a fast dance, and spies Erica sitting with Bobby, but she never sees his face. She calls Jackson who shows up at S.O.S. They go inside and when Erica sees them, she asks Bobby to sneak her out using the back door. When she runs off, Jackson calls her name. Erica stops and looks at him.

Tad gets a visit by Krystal, who tells him she can solve their problem. Little do they know that Adam is listening from outside.

Wednesday, March 10

Adam listened outside Tad's house as Tad and Krystal talked, but he couldn't hear much. Krystal told Tad she spoke with Jackson and Babe can file the annulment papers without anyone ever knowing about it. Tad agreed to doing it that way then apologized to Krystal for what happened at Adam's. Krystal accepted the apology and said they would have no more showdowns. Adam was able to find a spot where he could hear, but only caught the last of the conversation. Krystal said their business was concluded, and the two of them talked about why they had slept together in the first place. Krystal told Tad she wasn't good with crowds so she would leave him to Liza and Simone. Tad got the Kama Sutra book she had given him and handed it back. She took out the worry stone he had given her and sat it on the desk. She told Tad it was a fun game while it lasted and that she had finally met her match. Krystal walked out the door and Tad looked very sad. A moment later a knock on the door interrupted him and Liza swept into the room. She began kissing him and they ran off to the bedroom while Adam still watched from the window in disgust. Twenty minutes later they emerged from the bedroom, pulling their clothes back into place. Liza kissed Tad then left. Tad saw Krystal's worry stone still on the desk and sat down, with a very sad face.

Adam met Mary in SOS. He said he didn't find out what Babe's secret was but he may be able to get the information yet. Mary asked how and he told her his ex-wife Liza was all over Tad. Mary asked if Liza would cooperate. Adam replied "Like she has a choice?."

Reggie was playing basketball in the park by himself when a girl showed up. She complimented him on his ability and he asked her to shoot hoops with him. They began to play but she was able to get some shots off of Reggie. He said it was because she was so fine she distracted him. She said "You're a package but I'm able to concentrate just fine!." Reggie asked if she was new in town and she said sort of. He asked about her family and she said she had no family and no friends. Reggie concluded she was a runaway, which she didn't deny. He said she couldn't stay in the park alone, it wasn't safe. She said she didn't have any other place to go so Reggie said he had a place she could stay and they walked away together.

In SOS Jackson walked toward Erica as he called her name. She and Bobby stopped and Erica looked directly at Jack, then hurried out the back way. Opal told Jack to go after Erica but he refused. He sat at the bar and ordered a drink while Opal begged him to follow Erica. Jack said he couldn't force Erica to turn to him. Opal ran after Erica while Jack took his drink to a table and sat down. Minutes later Tom Cudahy came in and Jack welcomed him. They sat down and Tom said he and Livia were thinking about moving back to Pine Valley. Jack asked Tom for advice on Erica, and proceeded to tell him everything that had been going on. Tom said he couldn't stop her from drinking but that it certainly was a danger signal. Jack said he'd been trying to get Erica to talk about her feelings but she won't open up. Tom told Jack he had to keep trying.

Erica and Bobby took off in his car. He asked if that man in SOS was her friend and she said no, he was more like a stalker. Bobby said he was going to Philadelphia and Erica said she wanted to go with him. They compared stories about what the people around them had done to them and found they had been through similar experiences. Bobby offered to drive her home but Erica refused, saying she wanted to go to Philly with him. He handed her a ball cap to help disguise her and said for the night her name was Desiree. He told her that they were going to a hotel in Philadelphia to play poker with some high rollers who had played at the casino in Vegas where Bobby had worked. At the same hotel Ryan and Greenlee discussed how they would get a room for the night. Greenlee offered up her credit card but Ryan said no, they were doing it his way. Greenlee got excited when she realized Ryan wanted to run a con. She said Leo had told her all about them and she would be Ryan's pigeon. She went to the concierge desk and said she needed help with the ATM machine. The man left the desk to help her and Ryan began snooping through the drawers. He found an envelope and stuffed it in his jacket. He signaled Greenlee that he had what they needed so she pretended she found her lost ATM card. Ryan showed Greenlee the letter in the envelope. It said that "Tony the Traveler" an internet travel expert, was going to be making a surprise visit to the hotel sometime in the next month. Ryan decided to pretend he was Tony and get the room comped. He ran out to buy a disguise. Meanwhile Erica and Bobby arrived and Bobby asked at the desk them to ring "Mr. Moore's room." After speaking with Mr. Moore they headed upstairs, but Erica needed to stop at the ladies' room. She passed Greenlee as she went in but Greenlee didn't notice her. Bobby tried to chat with Greenlee as he waited but she blew him off and walked away. Erica and Bobby went to Mr. Moore's room, and before going in Bobby told her about the men they would be playing poker with. Erica was very excited to play poker and said she'd played a few times when she was younger. They walked into the room and Bobby introduced her as Desiree to Pug Moore and the other men. They were delighted to have her join them. Pug got her a drink and the game began. Downstairs Ryan returned dressed like "Harry Potter on steroids" according to Greenlee. They went to the front desk and tried to check in under his name "Mr. Smith." No reservation was found and "Mr. Smith" got very agitated with his assistant. She said the confirmation number was in his wallet, which he probably left in the car. "Mr. Smith" went to the parking garage to pretend to look for it, while Greenlee gave the desk clerk a sob story about how she would lose her job as assistant to "Tony the Traveler" if they didn't get the 2 bedroom suite he had reserved. Another clerk over heard them and said they were expecting "Tony the Traveler" and of course would comp them the suite for the night. When Ryan returned the clerk also comped them dinner at the hotel's restaurant. Ryan took the keys and they headed to their room. The poker game came to a close with Erica having won a lot of money. They decided it was time to leave and Pug invited "Desiree" to play with them anytime. As Bobby and Erica headed out the door Ryan and Greenlee stood in front of their door to open it. Just as Greenlee got the door open, Erica and Bobby stepped into the hallway. The four of them just stared at each other.

At BJ's Anita ran into Aidan, who invited her to share a piece of chocolate cake. He apologized for butting in between her and her husband. Anita said maybe she and Aidan should stay away from each other. Aidan didn't agree.

Thursday, March 11

Bobby and Erica meet up with Ryan and Greenlee in the hall. Ryan asks what Erica is doing there and she says she could say the same thing. Greenlee tries to stop Erica from walking away because she wants to apologize for what she did in the courtroom. Erica doesn't really want to discuss anything with her. Ryan asks Erica to step inside his room so they can talk in private. Bobby attempts to stop him, but with a look from Ryan and a held-up "it's okay" hand from Erica, he backs down, leaving him alone in the hallway with Greenlee.

Greenlee tries to intimidate Bobby, telling him that he needs to leave her "father's fiancée" alone. Bobby comes right back at her with "What if I don't?"

Inside the room, Ryan asks if Erica is trying to hide - and she admits that she just wanted to get away from being Erica Kane for one night, with all that happened. She quickly turns the tables on him and says that she thinks he is hiding, because of Kendall and her inability to commit. He denies it and says that the situation with Kendall spurred his leaving, but it was because there was no reason to stay. She asks him if he is still in love with Kendall.

In the hall, Greenlee tells Bobby that she's got him all figured out - pompous money-grubbing jerk that thinks he can play Erica for the fool. It seems that out of some newfound loyalty to her father, she is trying to protect Erica from Bobby. Bobby shoots back that he has never disliked a woman until now.

Erica and Ryan talk more about Kendall and everything that happened and how it has affected them and their relationships. Erica is preparing to head back to Pine Valley, but she says that she will miss Ryan. He gives her a secret number (one that the viewers can't see) so that whenever she needs him, or if she just wants to talk, she can reach him - he will be there.

Despite Greenlee's "efforts", Bobby stands strong and he and Erica leave together. Going back to the same old predictable Greenlee, she starts yelling at Ryan for letting Erica go. He tells her that she always has to try to control everyone and what they think and do. She says that she was just trying to help, and Ryan says that Erica didn't need it. She continues to rant, trying to "understand" why he wasn't more upset. She zeroes in that they had talked about Kendall and started demanding that he tell her what Erica said. Ryan retires for the night to get away from her.

Kendall, Bianca, Babe and JR attend a Lamaze class together. Bianca and Babe are equally scared about the upcoming labor. Babe, as always, has a bunch of "Mama says" things that are supposed to help. For example, "Mama says" that singing "99 Bottles of Beer" helps pass the time with labor. She also says that even though it hurts, the pain just melts away when you get to hold your baby. Even though Bianca thinks Kendall is going to pass out halfway through labor, both Kendall and JR vow to be there every step of the way for the moms-to-be. They part ways.

Bianca marvels on about how much her life is going to change, and then she mentions that she is going to meet with Marian tomorrow to sign the papers for the house she wants to buy. Kendall says that she can't buy that house because she has a surprise for her. The surprise turns out to be Kendall showing Bianca the place that Ryan bought. [Note: it isn't actually shown, but you can tell what she means via the description].

Bianca wants to know why Kendall won't live there instead of the condo - which is mere feet away from where Michael lived and where the nightmare began. Kendall confesses that living with that would be much easier than living where there was a constant reminder of who and what she lost. Kendall admits that while she still loves Ryan, she abandoned the relationship because he couldn't say the words when she asked him to conform that he didn't conspire with Greenlee against her. She said that trust is easy for a lot of people but not for her, and she needed to hear the words. She couldn't just trust him. Bianca said that she didn't want her to end up like Erica - and that she had worked through all of the issues and she was sure that Kendall could work through them as well. She could get Ryan and her life back if she wanted it badly enough.

Kendall says that all she needs to know is that Ryan and Greenlee are together now and she never wants to see Ryan again. She says that if Greenlee ever comes back to town, she will make sure that they don't travel in the same circles because Greenlee reminds her of how she lost Ryan.

Babe and JR go to SOS so that Babe can feed her guacamole craving. JR tells her that after hearing Bianca talk about having a daughter that he hopes they have a girl. If they do, he wants to name her Elizabeth after his maternal grandmother and his sister that died a few years ago. Babe says, "Elizabeth Chandler - sounds like an angel to me."

Edmund's homecoming is today, and Anita is there to greet them. There are stairs at the front of the house and Anita helps Maria get Edmund inside. When they get to the living room, there is a romantic and intimate dinner for two. Anita explains that Aidan took Mama and the kids to a nice hotel with a lot of activities and fun things to do. Today marks the 10 year anniversary of Maria and Edmund's first wedding and she wanted them to celebrate. She also tells then that she had the servants set up the downstairs bedroom for them. She leaves them to have dinner.

Edmund is grouchy, but Maria forges ahead and proposes a toast: to no more lost time. Edmund suggests that they watch their wedding tape. They do so for a while, but as the minutes pass, you can see that Edmund is becoming more and more uncomfortable watching himself walk around on the tape. He turns off the videotape and says that he's tired. Maria tries to help him, but he's angry and won't let her. He leaves her staring at their wedding photo.

After Edmund is in bed, and they are preparing to turn in, Maria starts to get in bed with him. He says that she would probably be more comfortable sleeping upstairs. She said that she wanted to sleep with him, but he said no and sent her away.

Jack and Tom Cudahy are still hanging out at SOS when Brooke shows up. She says that she was there to pick up take out and perhaps get a glimpse at her son, who merely left a note and took off to hang out. The three commiserate about having kids, more specifically Reggie and Jamie (in the here and now). Tom assures them that even though his son experimented with everything under the sun and got in more trouble than the law will allow, he is a shining example. He is poised to graduate with honors from Stanford. He said that his son gives them hope that kids can grow into civilized, rational people.

After Tom leaves, Jackson and Brooke talk about the research that Brooke has done about the possible upcoming surgery for Edmund. Jackson is worried that being this intimately involved will hurt Brooke. He realizes that it's hard to just stand by when the people that you love are in pain. Brooke said that just because things don't work out doesn't mean that you stop loving the person. She just wants to help.

Reggie brings the Mystery Girl to Greenlee's place and says she can stay there because his sister is MIA. She sees a picture of the family and he tries to explain how Greenlee is his sister and Bianca is his cousin but almost his sister. Mystery Girl thinks it's very "Diff'rent Strokes." They talk for a while about the troubles she is having with her family. He convinces her to stay for a while because they still need to have a re-match.

The final scene plays Melissa Etheridge's "Breathe" as we see these final clips:

  • Bobby dropping Erica off back at SOS

  • Jackson and Brooke sitting at their table, each lost in their own thoughts

  • Edmund in bed alone and Maria crying on the couch in the living room. Anita shows up and comforts her

  • Bobby looks at a picture of him and Anita and then takes off

  • Greenlee is bunked on the couch and looking uncomfortable

  • Ryan is sleepless in the bedroom, and lost in thoughts of Kendall

  • Kendall thinks of Ryan too as Bianca looks on

  • Friday, March 12

    Bianca sees JR and Stuart playing basketball with one of his Stuart's friends in the park. She goes over to talk to them and when Stuart and his pal leave, JR gives becomes mean and cold towards Bianca. He explains that he didn't appreciate her telling Babe to cut him some slack because he was parented by Adam. He doesn't want Babe to think that Adam runs his life or bosses him around. Bianca explains that she simply wanted to help Babe with her worries and didn't mean to insult JR in anyway. She also felt that she could relate to JR because of Erica's parenting skills. Bianca tells JR that she won't do the same things her mother did to her as a child. JR admits that he wishes he could even get to that point because he is scared to death of being a father. Bianca is surprised that JR is scared of being a dad, especially since he is the head man at Chandler Enterprises, a task that is super stressful. When JR brings up his similarities to Adam, Bianca tries to reassure him that he is nothing like his father. However, JR feels that he tries to hide that ugly side of him, but it usually ends up lashing out at Babe. JR and Babe talk more about their children and promise to make sure that their parents' skills do not come out with their own children. Stuart offers JR and Bianca some parenting advice, noting that "no one starts off knowing all the rules." He tells them that the most important thing they must do for their children is love them and listen to them, listen to what they need.

    While Greenlee is sleeping on the couch, Ryan grabs his motorcycle keys and tries to sneak off, but she wakes up and asks him where he is going. He tells her that he wanted to go for a ride to get some air and clear his head. He tells Greenlee that maybe it is time for them to spilt up and have their own adventures. There is a knock at the door and the real "Tony the Traveler" along with the man from the hotel's front desk tell Ryan they are calling the cops and having him arrested for fraud. Ryan takes the phone away and offers to continue to say he is the real Tony the Traveler. Greenlee emerges, wearing her robe low on her shoulders and using her charms to get them out of a jam. She tells him that she is from Fusion and Ryan won their make-over contest. She explains that their con was his final test to take him from his nickname "Meatball" to a hot stud who can get a woman. The front desk man does not believe Greenlee's story, but Tony he does. Without saying it directly, he threatens to expose the hotel's hospitality towards Fusion in his article. The front desk man agrees to let Greenlee and Ryan stay free for the rest of their visit and leaves, with Tony smiling at Greenlee. Ryan is impressed with Greenlee's con and ability to get them out of trouble. Before she heads out and part with Ryan, he calls her name and tells her to wait.

    When Maria goes in to see Edmund and take care of his medical needs, he snaps, "Don't touch me!" She backs off, but when she tries to be his nurse, he yells at her again not to touch him. Then Edmund asks her if she "sees" him. He tells her that he sees him--her husband with tubes and wires sticking out of him, trapped in a bed. Maria tells him that she loves him, no matter what and then they begin to argue. Aidan and Anita overhear them fighting and quickly interrupt. Anita gets Maria out of the room, leaving Aidan alone to talk to Edmund. Initially, Edmund gives Aidan the cold shoulder as well, until Aidan reminds him that Maria loves him, with or without the ability to walk and if Edmund doesn't see it, then he is a fool. They each slurp down a beer and Aidan even uses the medical tubing to make two straws! In the living room, Anita tells Maria that maybe she shouldn't try to do everything for Edmund. He doesn't need her to be his nurse, he needs her to be his wife. Maria explains that she is trying to do everything for Edmund to show him how much she loves him. Anita points out that by Maria doing everything, it might change the way Edmund feels about her. Anita brings up Maria's lack of beauty lately and whisks her away for a little make-over. Maria returns with make-up and wearing a dazzling dress as Aidan rolls Edmund out, doting a suit and smile. Anita and Aidan tell them that the cook has prepared a superb lunch for them and seem pleased with their success.

    Erica is preparing for her interview and even sends a $300 bouquet of flowers back to the florist because they are too glamorous. After all, the interview is about her new company and the attention should be on her, not the flowers. While she is checking over the room, she sees Jackson in the headlines of the newspaper, reading that he might lose his law license.

    Before Jackson goes in front of the panel at his disciplinary hearing, he has some words with the judge who presided over Kendall's murder case. When she asks him if he has any character witnesses to vouch for him, he tells her no. He says that he has dragged enough people into his mess and will face the consequences of his actions on his own. Jackson presents his case to the panel, who tell him that he is an embarrassment to the law. Jackson says that he has no excuses for his case and would understand if he did lose his law license, but the panel should look at his history with the law. If they were to look at his history and not what he did, they would see how much he loves the law. The panel is about to leave to make their decision and Erica walks in, asking for a few minutes of their time. The panel agrees to hear what she has to say and presents a speech that truly helped Jackson's case. She explains that Jackson disobeyed the law to protect Bianca when the law did not protect her. Michael Cambias brought terror to her family and what Jackson did was out of love for his niece. After the panel leaves, Jackson thanks Erica for her speech and insists that they speak in private after a decision has been made. Erica tells him she has an interview to attend. When Jackson asks if they can meet that night, Erica only says they will talk as soon as possible. The board returns and tells Jackson that his license will be suspended for one year. If he breaks his probation during that year, his license will be revoked for the rest of his life. When Jackson turns to thank Erica, she is already gone.

    Erica rushes off to her interview. When she sits down, she immediately begins to talk about her new company, appropriately called, "New." However, the reporter takes a different angle and asks, "How do you feel about her daughter carrying her rapists child?"



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