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David realized that Kendall still had feelings for Ryan. The test results relieved Babe. Krystal stopped Tad from revealing the truth about Babe's previous marriage. Maria begged Edmund to delay the surgery. Maggie asked Jamie to be her new roommate. Jack, Kendall, and Reggie faced charges.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 1, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, March 1, 2004

Ryan tries to make the new and improved Greenlee see that she isn't the reason he and Kendall broke up. He signs over the Cambias estate to Bianca, then convinces Greenlee he is with her because he wants to be, not because he has to. Meanwhile, David and Kendall kiss, causing her to realize that she still loves Ryan... but wants to change that.

Opal and Myrtle pay an unexpected visit to Erica, who is unaware that Jack sent them. They take a concerned mental note when they spot her drinking a glass of wine. Erica is onto Jack's scheme, which has her marching out the door, leaving her guests behind. Joe announces to hugely relieved Babe that the tests prove that JR is her unborn baby's father. Adam isn't pleased by the news and is forced to adapt to the idea that Babe is going to have his grandchild. At the same time, Tad is poised to spill Babe's secret that her previous marriage was never annulled, thus making her marriage to JR invalid.

Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Maggie fed Bianca in their apartment and discussed all the recent troubles and baby names. Lena burst in to excitedly tell Bianca she's found the perfect house, with a room for an au pair. Bianca was adamant that she would raise her child herself and leave the current management in place at Cambias Industries. They made plans to go look at the house together as Maggie began to reminisce and think about Bianca, their past and her future. Lena described the house and they all had ideas and it really seemed perfect. Jamie stopped by and Maggie grabbed her coat and rushed out, pretending that Jamie came to pick her up for a date. She told Jamie she had to leave before she said something foolish. Lena and Bianca then discussed Maggie and her obvious shock upon hearing that Bianca is moving out. Bianca said she'd meet Lena at the house after running an errand she had to do first.

In Joe's office, Tad tried to tell everyone there was another secret. Everyone was nervous so Krystal finally said she would make the announcement...that she and Tad were planning to get married. Tad was the most surprised of all and he went into the hall with Krystal to warn her that her life as she knew it was about to end. JR caught Adam trying to eavesdrop as Krystal reminded Tad that if he told the truth about Babe's annulment, Adam would win. They were still arguing when Babe said she wasn't feeling well and wanted to go home. Tad didn't want everyone to leave, but the group dispersed with Adam's parting shot being to call Tad a randy juvenile delinquent. Tad and Krystal continued arguing about Babe, Paul Cramer, the baby, and parenthood. Tad congratulated her for how hard she works to spin lies and she begged him to listen to her new plan. She told Tad that Babe was only forgetful about not filing the annulment papers and that this was their chance to throw JR and Babe a great wedding and reception. Before JR found out and threw Babe out, forcing Krystal and Babe to raise the child alone. Or before Jamie found out and had a chance to move in on Babe, or before Adam decided to go for custody himself. They stormed out together.

Mary was surprised to see everyone return to Chandler mansion and after a signal from Adam, congratulated JR. She was even more surprised to hear Adam being obsequious and apologetic to Babe. JR suggested they have a baby shower and Adam agreed with the idea that Mary host it. Babe then suggested that they throw one for Bianca instead. Mary snidely questioned what to give the lesbian who has everything, the one who shot and killed the rapist who impregnated her. Babe insisted Bianca was a good friend and would be a good mother and Adam and JR rose to her defense as well. Babe said she wanted to throw the shower tomorrow, which Mary said was impossible. Krystal and Tad arrived at the Chandler's and he asked to speak to JR alone. Krystal told Babe she didn't know what Tad might do.

Kendall began picking up the broken pieces in Erica's office and asked Erica if she was alright. Erica insisted she was fine, but Kendall didn't believe her. Kendall tried to comfort her and even offered to give Enchantment back. Erica held Bianca's picture and kept hearing her voice saying it would never be over. Kendall suggested they run Enchantment together, as a family and Erica was bewildered. She told Kendall that she was done with Enchantment and had enough wealth and even her own family doesn't really know her and fame didn't bring the happiness she'd hoped. Kendall thought her change of attitude was because of Bianca's rape. Erica then ranted about how everyone is expecting her to fall apart and insisted she won't. They discussed Erica's future plans and how traumatic events stay with a person forever and it may be struggle to get over it. Erica told Kendall she'd grown up and Kendall wondered if they could continue to grow together, as family. Erica reminded Kendall that she'd had everything and threw it all away by bonding with Bianca, cutting Erica out. Erica further stated she was the one who was betrayed and Kendall is the one who imagines betrayals where none exist. Erica got a shocking phone call and stood in front of Kendall, shouting to the person on the phone that she will never forget and never forgive. Bianca walked in just then.

Maggie and Jamie compared loser tales and agreed that life sucks. They held each other.

Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Kendall and Bianca stood by as Erica blasted her father on the phone. When she hung up they asked what he wanted. Erica said he was asking her for her forgiveness. Bianca picked up the phone to call Jack but Erica said no one must know that Eric Kane had called. She said he was to blame for everything and she would never forgive him for it. Erica told her daughters that Eric Kane left a legacy of rape and lies. "He abandoned me, he didn't care what his friend would do to me. We have to live that night over and over again because of him" she told them. Her tirade became more and more heated as she said her father would know what it was like to have someone he loved turn their backs on him. Bianca and Kendall asked if that's how she felt about what they did. Bianca asked if her mother felt so betrayed by them that she couldn't get past it. Both girls told Erica how much they loved her and Erica started to look as if she would let her guard down.

In Adam's home office he and Mary groused about Babe's child being a Chandler. Adam very unhappily said he has to accept the tramp as part of the family. Mary was disgusted but Adam ordered her to treat Babe with the utmost respect. He said from now on they would have to treat Babe like a queen, until the baby was safely born. "Then Babe will fade from the picture" he told Mary. Adam demanded that Mary give the baby shower for Bianca as Babe wanted. She argued but he threatened to throw her out of the house if she didn't comply. Mary said she didn't have time to get engraved invitations and Adam told her to invite the guests personally. She was horrified but left to do as he told her.

Just as Erica looked like she might open up to Kendall and Bianca, Mary Smythe barged into the office. She announced the baby shower for Bianca, given by Babe. Bianca said now wasn't a good time for a party but Erica interrupted her and said Babe could count on all 3 of them to be there tomorrow. Mary left and Bianca told Erica she didn't need a shower if it was going to make her more upset. Erica said it was a great idea but she was really busy now and ushered the girls out. Bianca and Kendall stood at the door and wondered if Erica had implied that they had betrayed her. Bianca said because Erica was willing to go to the shower she was reaching out to them. They hugged as Erica listened from the other side of the door.

Jack and Edmund played cards in Edmund's hospital room. Edmund told Jack he was going to pursue the surgery that might restore his ability to walk. He said Maria didn't want him to do it and asked Jack to help Maria understand his position. Meanwhile Anita was in Dr. Joe's office, thanking him for hiring her as Maria walked in and said he couldn't give her a job. Dr. Joe left them alone to discuss the situation. Maria was adamant that Anita go back to Chicago to be with her husband. Anita admitted that Bobby wasn't home much, he'd taken a new job that kept him traveling. She said she wanted to stay to help Maria and Edmund. The sisters discussed Edmund's condition. Maria said she was going to convince Edmund to forget about the surgery. Anita said Edmund wanted to have the surgery. They argued and Maria said she wasn't going to let Edmund take the chance. She said the only thing that matters is that Edmund is home with his family. Anita said what if that wasn't the only thing that mattered to him. Maria said she would make him forget the surgery. Back in Edmund's room, Jackson said sometimes the risk we take is worth the price we pay. A man came into the room and served Jackson with court papers. Jack said it looked like he was going to pay the price. Edmund asked if it was worth it. Jack left the room. Maria came in and told him she has all sorts of things she needs his help with at home. Edmund pulled her close and told her how much he loves her. Then he told her he wants to have the surgery.

Babe and Krystal sat nervously inside the house as Tad took JR outside. Babe wanted to know what he was telling her husband and Krystal tried to brush it off. Babe realized that Tad knows she was married to Paul and the marriage was never annulled. Krystal said she was sure Tad wouldn't tell JR. She asked if Babe wanted to be sure JR was the father of the baby, she said they could have another test done. Krystal asked Babe if she wanted to be with Jamie rather than JR. Babe said no, she loves JR only.

Outside JR told Tad he was the happiest man on earth. Tad asked if he was happy with Babe and JR wondered why he'd ask such a thing. Tad implied that Babe was hiding another secret and asked how JR would take it if he found out Babe was playing hide and seek with the truth. JR said he couldn't take another hit like that. Tad asked if JR loved Babe. JR said yes, he loves Babe and realized what a jerk he'd been. But he didn't know if the situation between him and Jamie could be repaired. He hoped that he and Tad could get past this because "You're as much my dad as Adam is." JR said he's finally gotten the family he always wanted. Tad was touched and didn't tell JR about Babe's marriage to Paul. He told JR that Dixie would be "over the moon" about this baby. They hugged and JR went back inside to Babe. Tad looked up at the sky and said to Dixie that he couldn't do it, he didn't have the heart. Krystal came out and said "You have the biggest heart, you did right by those kids." Tad turned to her angrily and said he did it for JR only, but that Krystal had to fix this. He ordered her to make sure JR never finds out his wife is a bigamist. She promised to make the marriage to Paul disappear. Krystal swore that Babe loves JR more than anything and will never repeat her mistakes. She thanked Tad for being a gentleman and hugged him. Tad pulled back and sarcastically said "Is this the part where you sleep with me to make sure I keep my mouth shut?." Krystal was offended but Tad made a few more comments on how far Krystal would go for Babe. She said she'd done a lot of awful things in the past for Babe and said that sleeping with Tad wouldn't be the lowest thing she'd done. Tad refused her offer of sex and Krystal told him to go to hell as he walked away.

JR fussed over Babe and said he wanted to go to the next OB appointment with her. Babe asked him what would have happened if they had found out today that the baby wasn't his. JR tried to avoid the question. Babe asked if he still loved her and JR said yes, although he couldn't have handled it if the baby wasn't his. Adam walked in and handed Babe the Chandler christening gown, saying it was a peace offering. Babe accepted it as JR smiled at his father. JR suggested a toast and Adam went to pour the drinks.

Thursday, March 4, 2004

Alone in the cabin, Greenlee dreams of the box she found in the mine shaft, the box that Ryan told her held "the secret of love" in her earlier dream while she was still trapped. She wakes determined to find the box and goes back to the mine shaft. Ryan finds her and drags her back to camp. Once he has her safely back inside the cabin, Greenlee tells Ryan she must have the box. It's important. Ryan reaches behind a chair, picks up the box, and asks, "You mean this old thing?" Greenlee had been holding the box when Ryan found her so he saved it because he knew it must be important to her. Finally they get the box open. Greenlee is elated to find it empty, just like the box Leo once left for her. Greenlee's confusion lifts and things seem clear to her as she smiles at Ryan.

Kendall, Reggie, and Jackson meet with Alan Singer and Justin McCoy. Prior to the meeting, Jack tells Kendall he has a feeling Singer won't be happy until they are all three behind bars. Jack makes Reggie and Kendall promise to let him do all the talking. Singer and McCoy arrive. True to form, Singer rattles off more felonies and misdemeanors among the three than they can count. The only plea Singer offers involves two to five years jail time for each of them. Jack reminds him all the crimes were victimless because Cambias was killed in self-defense and that there were mitigating circumstances. The kids were only trying to save Bianca. Jack counter-offers pleading out Reggie and Kendall to the misdemeanors with probation and community service and for himself to plead guilty to the more serious counts and do whatever jail time the judge throws at him. "So what do you say, Alan?" Jackson asks. "When the doctors operated on you did they find a heart?" As Alan seems to consider Jackson's counter-offer, McCoy agitates for them all to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Just as Alan is about to accept Jack's offer, a knock on the door announces the arrival of Peter Edgemont. Peter is a special assistant to Governor Brooks, who has been following the case closely and personally sent Peter with sentencing recommendations. Peter mentions to Singer that the governor would like to see his name on the ballot for Attorney General. In a quandary Singer likes the idea but states his platform is that he is tough on crime. Mr. Edgemont tells Singer there exists a huge public perception the office has screwed up royally with this case and reminds him the public will recognize a scapegoat for what it is if he tries to make one out of Jackson. Singer nods his understanding. McCoy pipes up and says if Singer doesn't prosecute all three of them that he will when Special Prosecutor Singer leaves because then he will be acting DA. Peter appreciates the reminder and gives Singer one last duty as special prosecutor - fire Justin McCoy. Jack will likely be disbarred. There's not much Singer can do about that. But they all three end up pleading to the misdemeanors for probation and community service.

Knowing McCoy will file for Jackson to be disbarred, Jack cleans out his office. As Reggie looks on he comments how Greenlee hasn't been there to support Jack during any of this trouble. With Kendall still in the room and listening, Jack tells Reggie that Ryan called this morning. He says Ryan told him he found Greenlee and that they are together and okay, which to Kendall only proves her suspicions that Ryan and Greenlee were conspiring against her all along.

Lena sweetly reads a love story to Bianca as they listen to romantic classical music. The baby kicks, and Bianca expresses how peaceful and happy she is now. While dreaming about her future with the baby, Bianca realizes she doesn't even have a car seat to bring baby home from the hospital in. Not thinking she will get such a practical gift at her shower, Bianca goes on an online shopping spree. As Bianca shops she and Lena discuss Erica's acceptance of the baby. Bianca, Lena, and baby (with a kick) all agree that Erica will learn to love the baby.

While playing a racing video game, Jamie and Maggie make small talk. Jamie notices how Maggie loses her concentration whenever he mentions Bianca's name and asks what is wrong. Maggie says she is worried about losing her roommate and that she won't be able to afford her apartment. Jamie loses his concentration when Maggie suggests he move in with her. It would solve her roommate problem and get Jamie away from his parents' "schizoid" antics, plus no curfew. A two-bedroom apartment is opening across the hall from the one Maggie and Bianca share. After a bit more discussion over pizza, Jamie agrees to become Maggie's roommate. Maggie rushes home and announces it to Bianca by asking for the landlord's number.

Anita bumps into Aidan as he is about to enter Edmund's hospital room. Anita tells him she doesn't want him going near Edmund and Maria - ever! Anita respects marriage vows, implying that Aidan doesn't. Aidan explains that he, Edmund, and Maria have made peace with the past but respects Anita's wishes and asks her to give Edmund and Maria his regards. Anita sits in a chair outside the room guarding the door while Edmund and Maria share a tender moment on the other side of the door. Aidan returns with a latté for Anita and asks if he can make peace with her the same way he has with her sister and brother-in-law.

Lying in his hospital bed, Edmund tells Marie he will never forgive himself if he doesn't have the surgery. Maria kisses Edmund and reminds him of the things he can still feel. Maria declares that what they have now is so much more than some people ever get. Maria says that is enough for her and tearfully pleads with Edmund, "Can it please be enough for you?" Maria continues and tells Edmund of the dream she had in which he was dead. Edmund comforts her and promises it was just a dream. Maria can't convince Edmund to give up on having the surgery so she asks instead if he will just come home for a little while and play with the kids and see what it is like before he gambles all they have by opting for the surgery that could cure or kill him.

Friday, March 5, 2004

While Greenlee is sleeping, Ryan walks over to one of the tables and picks up the engagement ring he gave Kendall. He curses under his breath, waking Greenlee up and she asks him "What's wrong?" Ryan tucks the ring in the pocket of his pants and tells her he just has cabin fever. Greenlee tells him that he misses the rush of having power and money. Ryan says that he did have money, but he was happy with the choice he made to give it to Bianca. Greenlee realizes that she could help him get that back by using her wealth. She proposes they become partners in a business, but Ryan immediately refuses because their rocky past partnership. Greenlee offers to be his investor then, but Ryan still refuses. He gives her a thermometer, tells her to stay put, and goes outside to get some fresh air. Greenlee realizes that if she gets better, Ryan will leave her, so she hops out of bed and puts the thermometer next to the heater. The "Good Greenlee (GG)" pops up and scolds her for going back to her old, manipulative ways. Greenlee tells the GG she doesn't want to go back to Pine Valley and she likes having Ryan taking care of her. GG convinces Greenlee to let Ryan decide who he wants to be with and where he wants to go. She promises GG to let things happen honestly and then she is left alone. When Ryan returns, Greenlee tells him she is well and he can leave her. Ryan is thrilled and offers Greenlee the chance to go with him.

David goes to visit the spot where Leo died and runs into Kendall. She tells him that Greenlee and Ryan ran away together, which has to be David's worst nightmare. Instead, he says it is probably her worst nightmare and guesses that she is waiting to see Ryan. Shyly, Kendall admits that she is hoping to run into him because she still loves him and cares about him. When Kendall asks David how he coped with Anna leaving him, he tells her that Bianca saved him. By helping Bianca with the baby, it allowed him to forget his hurt and be sane again. David gets a page and rushes off, leaving Kendall alone, still hoping to see Ryan. Only Ryan sees her when he is walking and hides in the bushes. He decides not to talk to her and walks back to Greenlee.

Erica is wandering through a baby store, trying to find a gift for Bianca. She picks up a ballerina doll and becomes startled when it starts saying, "I love my daddy. My daddy loves me." She tries to turn it off, but can't seem to find the button and starts screaming for it to be quiet. A young man notices her screaming, rushes over and immediately turns the doll off, then offers to help Erica find a gift. The young man prepares a non-talking gift in a small pink bag and presents it to her. When she asks him how much she owes him, he tells her nothing at all because he does not work there. Erica is touched by his generosity, thanks him, and rushes off to the shower.

JR goes to see Jamie to offer him a job with Chandler Enterprises. Jaime tells him that he would rather work a low paying job than come work for him. He says that JR would use every day they worked together as another chance to brag about his happy life with Babe and their baby. JR gloats that he isn't scared of losing his wife to his brother. Jamie tells him to treat Babe right and JR gladly offers to.

Babe and Mary are decorating for Bianca's baby shower, but Babe isn't happy with Mary's decorations. She calls the all-white scheme boring and starts throwing Mary's decorations out! Mary tells her that she will leave if Babe continues to destroy her decorations and Babe tells her she will send all her decorations somewhere else, such a retirement home. Infuriated, Mary yells that if it wasn't for the Chandler heir inside of her, JR would throw her out on the streets, where she belongs. When Mary leaves, Babe tells the servants to get rid of Mary's decorations and starts using her own colorful and warm colors instead for the party. Bianca arrives early for the shower, surprising Babe who goes frantic that the house isn't decorated. Bianca assures her that its no big deal and she came early to spend time with Babe. Bianca thanks Babe for the baby shower and admits she never thought she would have one. Babe reminds her that was the first friend she had in Pine Valley and when they hug, Krystal pops up with a camera in hand! Krystal tells Bianca that she is going to make a scrapbook of the baby shower for her. The doorbell rings and when Krystal answers it, she is surprised to see her two rivals, Simone and Liza. The bickering over Tad the Cad begins and Krystal reminds them that she has pulled out of the competition, so it a two woman show now. Simone whispers to Krystal about "her secret" and Babe's world crashing down on her. Babe overhears and pulls Krystal aside. Krystal assures her that Simone doesn't know anything and is using it to scare her off Tad. The doorbell rings again and as more guests arrive, Babe forgets about Simone's threats.

Marian, Opal, Maggie, Mia, Lena, and others arrive to support Bianca, showering her with hugs, gifts, and tiaras for all the guests. Simone brings out a throne for her to sit on so she can begin opening her gifts. Erica suddenly appears and everyone becomes quiet. Bianca breaks the awkwardness by telling everyone that the party can really start now that Erica is there. Things go back to normal and Krystal introduces herself to Erica. The servants begin passing around champagne and sparkling cider to the guests. When they get to Erica, she takes the champagne instead of the cider. Kendall gives a warm speech to Bianca, noting her grace, beauty, and that she looks up to her little sister so much. After the toast, Opal goes to talk to Erica and find out what she is drinking. When she asks Erica for a mint, she switches the drinks. Erica notices and asks for her champagne back. Opal pretends that she didn't switch the drinks, Erica says, "I thought you were my friend." "I am your friend Erica"," Opal begins to say, but Erica walks off angrily. JR crashes the party briefly to give Bianca a gift and then tells Babe he will be in the library, if she needs him. Bianca opens more presents and then announces to everyone that she has thought of a name for the baby. She explains that her first name will be Miranda, which is a strong character from Shakespeare's "Hamlet." Everyone awes and Krystal asks what her middle name will be. Bianca says that she had a tough time because there are so many wonderful people who care about her. "It is going to be Mona, after my grandmother," she says. Everyone in the room loves the name, but Erica looks absolutely horrified and bumps into a servant, who spills the glasses on the floor.

Maria goes to visit Edmund, with Maddie and Sam happily tagging along. When they go in to see Edmund, Maddie asks him if the wheelchair in the room is for him. "Can't you walk daddy?" she questions him. Edmund tells her that the wheelchair is only temporary because he was hurt so badly. Anita is hassled by her mom outside Edmund's room, who is telling her she should be with Bobby, not in Pine Valley playing babysitter to Maria. Anita tells her that Bobby can take of himself and she wants to stay to help Maria. Maria sneaks outside while the kids are visiting and pages someone. When she comes back in, the kids go to get ice-cream with their mother, leaving Maria and Edmund alone to clash on the issue of the surgery. Anita walks in and Maria leaves. Anita tells Edmund that Maria just wants him alive, even though the choice is his. David shows up outside and tells Maria that he got her page. She begs David to go persuade Edmund not to go through with the surgery. David doubts Edmund will listen to him, but Maria assures him that Edmund respects his surgical talent and will listen. David walks in and before he even opens his mouth, Edmund blurts out that he has something to say first. While Anita is outside, the stranger who helped Erica at the baby store shows up. Only he's no stranger - it's Bobby, Anita's husband!



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