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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 1, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, March 1, 2004

At Oakdale Memorial Hospital, Dr. Hughes asks Katie to help a patient with a back injury. Cheerfully, Katie enters the room, and there she discovers Mike! Although Mike acts angry that she is there, Katie tells him that Bob Hughes instructed her to stay with him until the nurse arrives. Katie persuades Mike to tell her how he was hurt, and he tells her that he fell from a tree after saving a little girl and her kitten. The two admit that they still love each other, but that Simon will always be between them. The nurse then asks Katie to help Mike into his hospital gown, which almost leads to other things, but the nurse returns. After Mike falls asleep, Katie returns and kisses him, whispering, "Wherever you go, wherever I am, I'll never forget you."

Jessica and Lisa arrive at the prison to visit Bonnie with the scrapbook that Jessica made for Bonnie, unaware that Sarah had slipped something into it. The guard finds the entire stack of letters from Sarah to Bonnie, which clearly violate the court order that the two cannot communicate. Jessica calls Ben, and Margo also arrives. Margo gives them the news that the judge will decide whether to suspend Jessica or to disbar her permanently. Back at Jessica and Ben's home, Casey is distressed with Sarah's actions but still promises to stand by her. He meets Tom at Yo's and tries to ask Tom's advice without telling any particulars, confusing his dad. When Jessica and Ben return home, a shaken Jessica tells Sarah that she will not be allowed to visit Bonnie any more, and Sarah snaps, "What did you expect?" smugly continuing, "I did it."

Paul opens the door of his penthouse to find Jennifer looking for some sketches for B.R.O. Lucy walks into the room, dressed only in one of Paul's shirts. Jennifer tells her brother that it is inappropriate for him to have a high school girl stay in his apartment, then accuses Paul of using Lucy to get back at Craig. After Paul convinces her that he is just trying to help Lucy, she makes him promise to take her back to Lucinda's the next morning. Before she leaves, Jen softens and thanks Paul for being so forgiving of Barbara and for making them all a family again.

Meanwhile, at the Barbara Ryan Originals office, Craig breaks the news to Barbara that Paul is plotting to replace her with Carly. At first Barbara protests, but she remembers seeing Carly with the "Carly" logo, and she also remembers seeing Paul with a design drawn by someone besides Barbara. Barbara declares to Craig that she owns controlling interest in B.R.O., but again remembers signing some papers without reading them. A horrified look crosses Barbara's face. Craig warns Barbara that the only way she can save herself if to act quickly, before Paul puts all the pieces in place. Craig leaves, calls Lucy, and finds that she is at Paul's. Craig goes to Paul's penthouse and asks her what he can do to get her to give him another chance as a father. Lucy replies, "You'd have to be somebody else," and asks him to leave and not to come see her again. Outside the door, Craig says, "Paul Ryan, at least you're finished."

The minute Craig walks out the door of B.R.O., Barbara calls Paul and insists that he come to the office immediately. When Paul arrives, Barbara craftily suggests that they hire her an assistant, the person who created the mysterious design. Paul's evasion and hesitation seal her certainty. Barbara gently kisses him and says, "That, my darling - that was goodbye." Confused, Paul asks Barbara what she means by goodbye. Barbara answers, "As of this moment, I am cutting you out of my life forever....You are trying to destroy me and I promise you, son, I will not let you get away with it!"

Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Sarah reveals she knows Jessica lied about the letters. Jessica apologizes but Sarah doesn't accept. Ben tries to calm things down but can't. Sarah remains hostile toward Jessica. Ben suggests they ship Sarah back to the shelter. Jack shows Carly an e-mail from the NYPD; he's applied for a transfer. He is worried that BRO deal will blow up for Carly, and is willing to move to New York so she can start her own company. Carly is grateful for Jack's support and they begin to make love. Fired up by Craig, Barbara accuses Paul of trying to steal BRO. She wants to see contracts she signed without reading. Paul bluffs Barbara out of reading the contracts and quits BRO. To Paul's surprise, Barbara declares that if business is going to hurt them, then she's willing to let him go. Paul wants to stay with BRO, and extracts promise from Barbara to trust him. Barbara waxes ecstatic over family closeness and Paul, in spite of himself, is moved. After, Paul calls to report to Carly their game is still on. Carly is thrilled. Holden hires a babysitter even though Lily is home. She accuses him of not trusting her with their kids, and he admits this is true. Later, Lily apologizes to Kim for barging into the WOAK interview with Barbara, and then bursts into tears, fearful of what is happening to her. A supportive Kim suggests they go out for a while. Holden turns to Dr. Michaels for help with Lily. Dr. Michaels shows him a pamphlet for an in-patient psychiatric facility. Holden rejects the idea. Lily catches Holden with Dr. Michaels. She spots the brochure and thinks Holden is trying to commit her.

Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Barbara meets Jordan Sinclair, who makes his pitch for the assistant job. Barbara hires him on the spot, but Jennifer is unimpressed. Barbara justifies hiring Jordan but Jennifer isn't persuaded. Jordan overhears. Kim complains about Alison. Bob suggests that she ask the kids to move out. Kim doesn't want to throw the kids out since they can't afford to rent an apartment. Bob suggests that she focus on Alison's good qualities and reminds her that she went through a similar situation with Bob's mom Nancy. Tom tells Alison that they've decided to press charges against Clark and asks her to testify against him. Chris is afraid that the defense attorney will skewer her on the stand and asks her not to do it. Tom wants Lucy to testify but she refuses. She is angry at Aaron for riding to the rescue and putting Alison at risk. Aaron arrives full of good news about Clark's arrest. Chris takes him aside and tells him Alison isn't going to testify. Lucy arrives with flowers for Alison. Emily and Kim show up with gifts and congratulations. Alone with Aaron, Lucy says he tries to control her the way that Craig does. She breaks things off with him for good. Emily is proud of Alison and says she'll make a great witness. Chris insists that Alison probably won't testify, and Emily argues with him. Tom persuades Alison to testify. Lily comes home and announces that she's checking herself into the hospital. Holden is cautiously optimistic. She says goodbye to her family. Later, Holden discovers that Lily lied to him. Meanwhile, Lily arrives on Dusty's doorstep.

Thursday, March 4, 2004

Alison told Tom she would testify against Clark. Chris was totally against it but Alison insisted that it was her decision. She accused Chris of being ashamed of her because her past would be brought up if she testified. Chris said that wasn't true but he felt that they should talk about it more before she made her decision. Bob came in and released Alison who wanted to go to Al's for a milkshake. At Al's, they ran into Clark who said he would have his day in court and he would end up on top. Clark really got to Chris and Chris said Clark needed to be stopped and was behind Alison testifying 100%.

Holden was getting his children ready to go over to Emma while he and Lucinda looked for Lily. Molly called and said she had seen Lily earlier. Lily wanted Dusty's address in Chicago. Molly gave Holden a theory that Dusty just started the foundation so he could get closer to Lily. Holden totally disagreed and left with Lucinda to go find Lily. Lily was telling Dusty what a hard time she was having dealing with Rose's death. Lily kept saying that she was broken and she couldn't find a way to get over Rose. Dusty told Lily that Rose would want her to get over it and move on. Dusty kept telling Lily that nothing was going to bring Rose back and she needed to find a move to come to terms with Rose's death. Lily thought the foundation was a fake but Dusty said that was why he was in Chicago. He said he was going to do whatever it took to keep Rose's memory alive and he asked Lily to help him. She finally agreed when Holden arrived at the door. Holden wanted to know what she was doing there. Lily told him that she couldn't tell him where she was going but that she had found what she was looking for to start getting over Rose's death but Holden did not believe her. He told her that he was taking her home and tomorrow they were going to come to a resolution once and for all!

Jennifer was arguing with her mother about Barbara's new assistant, Jordan, and then complained to Paul about him. Paul seemed unaffected by the news and went over to BRO to meet him. Before Paul arrived Barbara told Jordan she wanted him to keep an eye on Paul but Jordan said he would not get in the middle of a family dispute but Barbara told him that wasn't the case. She said that Paul sometimes forgets to give her information about the business and that Jordan would just have to keep his eyes and ears open. Paul greeted Jordan and played it cool. Jennifer was not happy about Jordan but Paul said he had better things to do than argue about it and left Jennifer to stew.

Friday, March 5, 2004


Carly clobbers Craig for telling Barbara about Carly and Paul's partnership. Craig says Carly is his new enemy. He points out that Molly told Paul about the bad adoption. Carly and Molly dance around each other, avoiding a confrontation. Molly demands to know what Carly wants from her. She claims Craig was lying about Paul, and wants Carly to leave her alone. Carly attacks Craig for embarrassing her in front of Molly and warns him to stay out of her business. Jennifer volunteers to do a fashion magazine interview, but Jordan has serious reservations and Barbara suggests they do the interview together. During the interview, the reporter questions Jennifer about Will and Jennifer almost loses it, but Jordan charms the reporter and saves the day. Jennifer fills Barbara in on what happened at the interview. There is still major tension between Jordan and Jennifer. Lucy isn't interested in talking about the trial with Lucinda. Tom informs Alison the judge has suppressed the videotape that Curtis made, and they have no case. Clark and his lawyer are about to leave, assuming Alison will drop the charges. Alison decides to testify and Curtis leaves to find the bartender at Yo's. Meanwhile, Aaron tries to convince Lucy to testify, but fails. Curtis discovers the bartender has skipped town. Tom calls Alison to the witness stand and Aaron still hasn't returned. Lily tells Lucinda she is a changed woman and is ready to go home again. Holden lets her in but won't tell Lily where the kids are and says that if she doesn't get help, she won't be seeing them again. Lily insists that no one will keep her from her kids, not even him.


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