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Passions Recaps: The week of March 1, 2004 on PS
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Monday, March 1, 2004

Luis shows up at Sheridan's cottage, to ask for money to pay off the lien the Crane's placed on the Lopez-Fitzgerald home. Antonio isn't there, and Luis is getting upset looking around the cottage. He starts to explain to Sheridan why he's there, as she gets the impression that he wants to talk about their love for each other. Luis says as much as he would like her to remember their love; no, that's not the reason he's there. He tells Sheridan about Pilar and Miguel losing their jobs at the cannery. Sheridan says that's terrible, as Luis goes on to tell her about how on the very same day Theresa got "let go" at the book café. Sheridan makes a comment about coincidences and Luis quickly lets her know that Rebecca Crane did all of this to get back at Theresa. So Sheridan says how hard it will be on them with only Luis' salary, only to find out that Luis got suspended from the police force for shooting off the lock on the hospital door. Sheridan doesn't understand why Luis would do such a thing, and he explains that he thought she was in danger and if he had it to do all over again he would do the same thing. Sheridan is touched that he would do this for her, and she tells him just to name the amount and she'll get the money out of the bank. Luis tries to tell Sheridan that he and his family will pay her back, but she won't hear of it. They are "family" and she's giving the money to them no matter what he says. They share an embrace, and Sheridan leaves for the bank. Alone, Luis shares his thoughts aloud, saying "Sheridan... Please remember our love..."

Whitney is at the Blue Note getting ready to rehearse as Eve comes in and tells Whitney to stop and to go home with her. Whitney denies her mothers request, and tells Eve that she has no right to tell her what to do anymore. As Whitney defends her right to sing, and Eve protests against it, Whitney starts to wonder why Eve thinks singing is so bad. Eve answers by saying it leads to drugs. Of course, Whitney is appalled by the thought of ever getting into drugs of any sort, and is outraged that her mother would think she would do that. Eve tries to explain that drugs are seducing, and reminds her of her bad experience in L.A. Chad jumps in saying they are in Harmony, nothing like that is going to happen. Whitney ends up calling her mother a whore, and gets smacked for it. Eve is upset and apologizes to Whitney, and then leaves at Whitney's request. Eve then finds comfort in Julian's arms right outside the Blue Note. After listening to Chad and Liz's advice, Whitney decides to go talk to Eve, only to find her in Julian's arms again.

Ethan secretly meets Theresa's lawyer, Woody Stumper, and gives him money and tells him to investigate Theresa's accusation of Rebecca mistreating little Ethan. He then runs into Fox, and lets him know all the bad news for Theresa and her family.

While Rebecca and Gwen are busy planning little Ethan's adoption, Theresa is trying to comfort a distraught Pilar, who is finally lost some of her faith in life. Pilar damns the Cranes for all the pain and suffering they have caused her family over the last 25 years. Theresa reminds Pilar that not ALL Crane's are bad- there's Sheridan. Pilar agrees, yes Sheridan is a compassionate and loving person, but even she has caused Pilar's family pain and grief. Meanwhile, Gwen is telling Rebecca how she can't wait until little Ethan is calling her mommy. Rebecca assures Gwen it won't be long, and she and Ethan will be a mommy and a daddy. Ethan comes in from serving the Lopez-Fitzgerald's with their eviction papers, and announces he has the adoption papers and now they only have to find a baby! Gwen couldn't be happier.

Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Sheridan assures Luis that she'll help him save his family home and agrees to give him whatever money he needs.

When Alistair gets wind of this, he makes sure to block Sheridan's bank accounts so she can't do what she promised. Alistair also incites Antonio's anger by telling him about Luis and Sheridan's latest encounter.

Eve is devastated at the thought that Whitney is following in her footsteps and takes comfort in Julian's arms. Whitney defiantly goes against Eve and decides to sign a business deal with Liz to sing at the club. Whitney can't understand why Eve wants to stand in the way of her career.

Theresa is rocked when she finds out that Rebecca is taking her to court to press for full custody of little Ethan. To make matters worse, Rebecca does her best to poison Ethan's mind toward Theresa -- pointing out instances which she says proves Theresa is not a fit mother.

Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Julian is trying to convince Eve to just tell Whitney about their past and their missing child. Eve can't bring herself to do this. She cries on Julian's shoulders, and just as they are about to kiss, Julian's cell phone rings. It's none other than Rebecca Crane. She wants Julian home and getting ready for the hospital benefit. She threatens Julian into agreeing, and then sets about getting herself ready. Julian kisses Eve and then they part.

Antonio and Luis are making a big mess in Sheridan's cottage as they fight from one side of the room to the other. Sheridan screams at Antonio to just listen to her, as she tries to explain about Pilar's home. Antonio listens to what Luis has to say, until Luis lays blame on Alistair for the whole situation, including Sheridan being brainwashed. Sheridan insists they all have to work together to save the house, but Luis and Antonio cannot put aside their anger towards one another. Sheridan is forced to be mean to Luis to try to get him to accept her being with Antonio. Sheridan apologizes that she can't help with the money, and kicks Luis out. Once Luis is outside, Sheridan confesses to Antonio that she feels bad for hurting Luis. She quickly covers by adding that she feels bad for the whole family, being kicked out like they are. Sheridan keeps insisting there has to be a way to help, while Antonio tells her not to worry about it as she doesn't need to be stressed. Antonio assures her nothing is going to come between them.

Liz tells TC about her asking Whitney to sing. At first TC reacts angrily- why would Liz do such a thing? Eve walks in, and TC stands up and tells her that Liz told him everything. Eve starts to think that TC knows about Julian, and almost slips up. TC is talking about Whitney singing, and how they should go support her. Eve says absolutely not. TC walks off saying he is going whether she goes or not, at least then Whitney will have one supportive parent there.

Chad wants to call Dr. Russell and ask her to come down to the Blue Note and listen to Whitney. Whitney remembers the harsh words from her mother and the slap across her own face, and tells Chad no way. Whitney is not in an upbeat mood, so she rejects a happy song for a slower one about love and sorrow.

A tearful Pilar is packing up her belongings, and Theresa is pacing all around, worried one minute with Fox trying to comfort her, and the next minute she's hugging her upset mother. They are in despair as they haven't heard back from Luis, and Pilar believes that Sheridan couldn't help or it wouldn't be taking so long. Theresa keeps trying to blame herself for this, and apologizes over and over to Pilar.

Thursday, March 4, 2004

Fox sees a whole new side to Theresa when she vows to not only help her mother, but to prevent Rebecca and Gwen from getting full custody of little Ethan. Theresa pins her hopes on Sheridan helping with the money needed to keep the family home. When Theresa finds out that Sheridan can't help, she is crestfallen.

Gwen is still thinking about the daughter she lost and still blames Gwen for the baby dying. This makes her more determined than ever to make Theresa suffer the way she has and take her child away from her. She talks to Ethan about how happy she'll be when they adopt little Ethan. Rebecca pretends no to care about Little Ethan, so Ethan will want to adopt the little boy.

Confronting each other on the wharf, Luis and Alistair square off over what Alistair is doing to ruin Sheridan's life and take everything near and dear to Pilar's family away from her. Meanwhile, Antonio has a change of heart when he tells Sheridan he will walk out of her life if that will make her happy.

Friday, March 5, 2004

Antonio suggests that he and Sheridan go to the benefit at the Blue Note. At first Sheridan refuses, but then eventually changes her mind. She thinks to herself that Luis shouldn't be there anyways. Antonio comes out of the bedroom with a pair of earrings and tells Sheridan she should wear these, as they would be so beautiful on her. We see pain on Sheridan's face, and she explains to Antonio that Luis had given her the pair. Sheridan decides not to wear any earrings tonight.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald's, Pilar and Luis are still moping around, and Fox suggests he treat them all to a night out on the town. He explains about the hospital benefit at the Blue Note, and that Whitney is singing there. Pilar, Luis and Miguel turn down the invite; they are too depressed to go have a good time. Fox takes Luis and Theresa aside and tells them they should go to the benefit for their mother, as she needs some cheering up. So Luis and Theresa convince them all to go. They all agree, as none of them think they will see the people who are ruining their lives.

Liz and TC are at the club, along with Rebecca and Julian, amongst many other guests. To everyone's shock, Eve changes her mind and decides to come to the benefit. Eve ends up outside, alone with Julian. They reminisce over the past, and Eve admits that she loves Julian and doesn't regret anything. Julian tells Eve that she is his only love; past, present and future. They share a passionate kiss, and then Eve wants to go in because Whitney has started singing. Julian asks her to dance with him for just a moment.

Inside the club, Rebecca is thinking Julian has snuck off with TC, and at another table TC is wondering where Eve is. He concludes that she just couldn't handle watching Whitney sing.

Luis, Pilar and Miguel are all affected by the sad, long lost love song that Whitney is singing. Luis tells Pilar that he can't believe Sheridan isn't affected the same way he is. Just then, Sheridan remembers her and Luis dancing, and she whispers his name. Sheridan turns around to look at Luis, and they lock eye contact. Luis can slightly see that look in her eyes, as if she remembered something.

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