Passions Recaps: The week of February 23, 2004 on PS

Whitney attempted to expose Eve's betrayal to her father. T.C. sought to understand his daughter's strange behavior. Rebecca tricked Theresa into believing she was abusing Little Ethan while Gwen got Ethan excited about adoption. The Lopez-Fitzgeralds were unemployed and homeless thanks to Rebecca. Antonio and Sheridan refocused on their marriage.
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Passions Recaps: The week of February 23, 2004 on PS
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Monday, February 23, 2004

Eve tried to head off a fight with Whitney by telling her that she and Julian were just supportive friends and were not having an affair. Whitney attacked Eve, saying she trusted what she saw, not what Eve told her. She wanted an explanation -- immediately. Eve danced around the truth and couldn't say what Whitney wanted to know. Whitney took Eve's silence as an admission of guilt.

Theresa was very sympathetic toward Ethan and Gwen and told Fox she wished she could do something to help them. Little did she know that Gwen and Rebecca were plotting to steal custody of little Ethan away from Theresa -- permanently.

Theresa and Fox continued to talk about Gwen and Ethan. Fox wondered if Theresa was still hung up on Ethan, but Theresa assured him she could never get past Ethan's treatment of her, no matter what. Meanwhile, Rebecca thought up another way to make it seem as if Theresa was not a fit mother.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

T.C. saw how viciously Whitney was attacking her mother and tried to tell her that she needed to have more respect for Eve. That nearly sent Whitney over the edge as she alluded to Eve's betrayal with Julian, sure that her father wouldn't be defending Eve if he knew what she knew. A furious Whitney got ready to tell her whole family about her "sainted" mother.

Antonio felt that he couldn't be a member of the Lopez-Fitzgerald family any longer because no one supported his relationship with Sheridan. Poor Sheridan thought it was all her fault and went to the family home to do damage control. What she hadn't counted on was seeing Luis in a state of undress and how that would make her feel.

Gwen worked Ethan to get him to warm to the idea of adopting a baby. She was counting on his change of attitude to help her convince him to let them adopt little Ethan. Meanwhile, Rebecca made everyone think that Theresa was abusing little Ethan and was an unfit mother.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Luis was still upset over being separated from Sheridan, and his life seemed like it was falling apart. Luis talked to his family about how nothing was going right for him. To make matters worse, Luis was suspended from his job because of his problems with Antonio.

Chad realized Whitney was upset about her mother and tried to tell her that she should try to concentrate on herself and not on her mother and father's marriage. Chad thought it was time Whitney started to think about reviving her singing career. Together, they went to a recording studio.

Julian offered a sympathetic ear and shoulder to an upset Eve. Julian told Eve he'd always be there for her, no matter what. Rebecca pointed out that Theresa could be a danger to little Ethan and made another step in her quest to take the child away from Theresa. Gwen observed as Rebecca blackmailed Julian into helping her cause grief for the Lopez-Fitzgeralds.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Whitney sang her heart out at the studio and cut her demo reel. Liz was still trying to get back at Eve and wanted to use Whitney to do it. Eve was concerned that Whitney was going to ruin her life. Liz carried through on her vow to upset Eve's marriage and life when she hired Whitney to sing at the Blue Note.

Luis' bad luck seemed to be spreading. He was not the only one to lose his job. His entire family was out of work as well. They had a family meeting to see how they could pull together to get through the crisis. Kay was on hand to comfort Miguel, who was quite impressed by Kay's sudden personality change.

Rebecca made it seem as if little Ethan was in danger, and it was all captured on a hidden camera. Theresa was horrified when she saw it. Rebecca made Ethan think that it was in the best interest of his child to keep Theresa and her family as far away from the child as possible.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Liz saw Whitney rehearsing at the club and thought back to Eve's youthful days when she had made so many mistakes. She assumed Whitney would follow in her mother's footsteps. Meanwhile, when Eve had to take care of a violent patient, Julian had to rush in to rescue her.

Sheridan assured Antonio that she would be faithful to him. While Alistair was listening to and watching her every move, Sheridan confirmed to Dr. Ackland that she no longer had feelings for Luis. Alistair kept goading Antonio to resent and distrust Luis.

Rebecca bragged to Gwen that they were very close to getting everything they wanted. Soon Theresa would be out of their lives, and Gwen would have little Ethan to call her own. Meanwhile, Ethan went to the Lopez-Fitzgerald home to tell the family they were being evicted. Sheridan assured Antonio that she would be faithful to him.

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