One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 1, 2004 on OLTL

Blair wondered if her brain tumor had affected her decisions regarding Todd. Dr. Haver chose Natalie as his next victim. Jessica agreed to help John set up a trap. Dorian forced David to look for a job. Jen insisted that she and Riley were just friends. Nigel and Asa played poker in order to win the Angel Square Hotel.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 1, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, March 1, 2004

Natalie prepares to pack for hiding and prepares for Cristian's memorial. John finds a camera in Natalie's apartment. An uninvited Jen shows up for the memorial. Everyone pays their respects to Cristian. The Killer calls John and let him know that he can see Natalie crying.

Bo and John are brought evidence that Stephen was watching Jessica the whole time she was at the cabin.

Jessica is confronted by Antonio. He wants to know what Stephen did to her because she won't let him touch her. Jessica asks Antonio where John is taking her and Natalie. Antonio pacifies her by calling John who refuses to tell him.

Evangeline and R.J. distract themselves with Jamie. Evangeline takes pictures of Jamie and R.J. Jordan calls back Evangeline but he won't talk about Blair's condition. Evangeline finds out about Blair's illness. She thinks Todd was right. Blair was confused about their night of lovemaking.

Todd wakes up in the infirmary. He steals the doctor's I.D. He escapes and goes to Blair's hospital room. Dorian, David and Kevin find him. Dorian calls for security. Todd pulls a scalpel to ward them off.

An upset Kelly watches Kevin soothe Blair. Blair wakes up afraid she might die. The doctor asks Dorian if Blair has shown any other signs like forgetfulness or confusion. Dorian said no. Blair asks Kevin if he thinks she was forgetful for not acting like her self. An angry Kelly vents to Paul. Paul asks Kelly if she believes Dorian and David may have killed Aunt Betsy for her money.

Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Todd is shot, but he escapes with only a minor injury. The police take him away. Dorian drives Kevin away. Kevin returns to see Blair. She tells him that maybe the doctor was right about her misjudgment. Maybe Todd didn't rape her. Viki visits Todd. Viki suggests he give up on Blair. He feels he has nothing to live for. She tells him he will always have her.

David asks Dorian to marry him. She refuses because she wants to be sure he loves her for her and not the thirty million dollars. Also, she wants the biggest wedding Llanview has ever seen. An intrigued Paul eavesdrops. Paul tries to charm a nurse into getting Aunt Betsy's death certificate. David returns with wedding plans. He reserves the church and the palace ballroom. Dorian is surprised

Antonio points out to Bo and Viki that Jessica has not been the same since she came back. They get news of Todd's escape. Viki leaves to see Todd. John has a plan to trap Stephen. Feed him false information about the safe house. He gets a call from Stephen who hints that he will get to Jessica and Natalie. John looses his patience and smashes his cell phone to bits. John's mom, Michael and his cousin Shannon witness the outburst. Shannon has just transferred to L.U. because she got in trouble at her last school. Natalie calls John at work to tell him that Jessica is not acting like herself. He agrees with Antonio that Stephen got to her.

Natalie, John and Jessica arrive at their hideout. Natalie gets frustrated at Jessica who refuses to say that Stephen is the killer. Jessica gets a call from Stephen. He wants to know where she and Natalie are hiding. John and Antonio listen in on the call.

Jen tells Riley that Joe is pushing for a divorce. Marcie teases her about her new friendship with Riley. Jen insists they are just friends. Marcie gets a call from Michael. He wants her to meet someone. Riley confides in Marcie that he is keeping a close eye on Jen so she does not get hurt like Flash. Michael brings Shannon to L.U. and introduces her to Jen, Riley, and Marcie. Shannon goes off about the Music Box Killer, the food and how she will be as fat as all the other students if she keeps eating there. An offended Marcie excuses herself. Shannon is remorseful. Michael tries to smooth things over with Marcie, but was unsuccessful.

Stephen plans for his next victim: It is down to Natalie or Jessica.

Kelly tells Paul she likes having a brother. Kevin fills Kelly in on Blair's condition. Kelly is concerned that Kevin will begin to work like he did in Texas and ignored their relationship. His cell phone rings. Kelly feels stomach pains but doesn't tell Kevin. She calls Paul who runs to her aid. Paul gets to her and convinces her to go to the hospital.

Wednesday, March 3, 2004

David insists he loves Dorian, in spite of her controlling Adriana's new-found wealth. River overhears the pair plotting on various ways to spend the money and voices his new-found opinion of his grandmother. He's glad he found out what she's really like, he grumbles at her. Once he leaves, they each whip out prenups for the other to peruse. David is jolted when he reads that he must find a job. He refuses.

A sulky Adriana complains to Carlotta that she misses her; her new-found mother, Dorian, just feels like a stranger to her. She wants to be with River and Carlotta, the people that she loves. She tells her godmother that it's important for them all to be honest about everything. River shows up and Adriana informs him that she's going to give away all of her money to her hometown, aside from a small amount for the two of them to live on.

Jess gives Haver the location of the safe house that she and Nat are staying at. When Nat questions her, she lies and states that she was talking to Antonio, but when he and John show up, Nat learns that Antonio was not on the phone. They've brought a psychiatrist with them, Dr. Paulsen, who wants to try to clear up some of the confusion. Refusing, Jess insists that there is no problem. She denies having spoken to Haver and becomes confused when Antonio gently tries to speak with her. Crying, she yells that she wants to leave. Natalie is finally able to convince her to let the doctor administer some sodium pentothal to relax her, so that they can talk. Jess recalls her day at the cabin with Haver and how she became dizzy after drinking some tea. She recalls having found a music box and admits she doesn't know why she didn't mention it previously. When her phone rings, Antonio has her answer it. She tells Haver that she's unable to talk and agrees to call him back. He tells her that he's the only one who can be trusted. (He has now planned to make Jess his next victim, with Nat being the last). Antonio mentions hearing classical music in the background and she agrees that she's heard the same music before. She still thinks they all want to hurt her but Dr. Paulsen suggests that he hypnotize her again with the music that they've been able to record from the phone call. It works and Jess comes out of her dazed state. She offers to help and call Haver back, pretending to be on his side. She needs to see him; she implores him, and asks him to come to their hideout. He offers her an alternative, stating that he's unable to do that. He wants her to meet him the next night at Pier 57. Michael is sure they'll be able to get Haver at the pier but he thinks things are going too smoothly. The doctor must be up to something.

Kevin attempts to get Blair to accept that the rape was real, as a woman delivers the papers that will give her sole custody of her children. Kevin is adamant about delivering Todd his set. Out by the nurses' station, Evangeline tries to pump Jordan on Blair's condition but he refuses. She believes she has grounds for an appeal now. When Blair is taken out of her room for more tests, she runs into Evangeline and demands to know how the attorney could defend her ex and not believe her story. Evangeline presses, asking why Todd wouldn't allow her to go after Blair on the stand and why he was willing to go to jail. She may have sent an innocent man to jail, she continues.

Todd refuses to make it easy for the people who want to see him down. He won't kill himself and merely has another battle scar to add to his collection. Kevin arrives with the papers with the court ruling. Todd figures that he's there to provoke him and orders him to leave, threatening him. He reads a letter from Blair that Kev has also brought along where she informs him that he will never have any visitation rights again. Evangeline stops by and mentions her new grounds for appeal. He's ruined things by breaking out but she thinks Blair has been wrong and wants to go after her. She's looking for Todd's permission.

At Capricorn, Michael enjoys a meal with his mother and agrees to look after both John and his cousin, Shannon. When Eve expresses her worry over both of them, Michael suggests she hang around Llanview for awhile. Thinking it would be difficult in a place where no one knows her, Eve is taken by surprise when R.J. rushes over, being a fan of hers and having recognized her. He offers her a booking at his club; she agrees to think about moving. As they arrive, Shannon knocks everyone she's met to Marcie, who pleads with her to have a positive attitude in her new environment. Marcie overhears the offer to Eve and is overjoyed though Shannon mentions that Michael only ever cared about money in the past, along with all of the girls who used to chase him. She can't believe he's so concerned with family now. When Michael mentions that his pretty boss who always liked his work has been transferred to Stanford and maybe he can get transferred too, Marcie begins to have some doubts.

Once Blair is back in her room, she is checked over by Jordan. In answer to her persistent questioning, he agrees that it's possible that she was wrong in her interpretation of the fateful night.

As Eve gets into her car, she is stopped by Dr. Haver.

Thursday, March 4, 2004

Asa and Kevin butt heads over changes at Buchanan Enterprises. He calls Blair and is distraught to find her second guessing what happened New Year's Eve. Paying her a visit, Kevin tries to convince Blair that she was right about the rape. Kevin brings Addie to see Blair in the hospital who tells Blair that Todd would never hurt her. Viki goes to the hospital to see Blair with the research she requested about her tumor and questions Blair about her certainty regarding the rape.

Todd asks the prison doctor about the type of brain tumor that Blair had removed. Calling Evangeline, Todd gives her permission to go after Blair.

When Viki pays a visit to Dorian, she learns that Dorian is claiming Adriana is her daughter. Viki remembers telling Dorian to find herself a long lost daughter to get Betsy's money, and reminds her of that, telling Dorian that she is not fooled. Viki asks Dorian to stay out of Todd and Blair's legal battles, but she refuses. David invites Viki to their wedding but she sarcastically declines.

While preparing to set their trap for Stephen, Bo expresses his concerns, but John insists that he is in control of himself. When John sees Michael at the diner, he voices his concerns that neither have heard from Eve. Michael and Marcie grow closer.

Roxy plans a protest outside of Asa's mansion but Nigel sends her away in an attempt to have civilized talks about his hotel. Asa is determined to get Nigel back on his staff. Making a proposition, Nigel and Asa play a hand of poker for the Angel Square Hotel. Asa is ticked when Nigel wins.

Friday, March 5, 2004

Todd vows to take Blair back to court. Nora goes to Statesville to confront Todd about Evangeline's attempt to get his verdict thrown out. Kelly also visits Todd to find out of Blair slept with Kevin just to get back at Todd, but he tells her that Blair really wants to steal her husband.

When Kevin pays Blair a visit, she asks him to take her home, upsetting Kelly when they arrive home. Leaning on Paul, Kelly begins to think she's lost Kevin. Her emotional upset causes more abdominal pains.

Adriana tells Aunt Betsy's lawyer that she wants to donate most of her inheritance to her hometown in Puerto Rico. David slips his prenuptial agreement into the stack of legal papers, tricking Dorian into signing it. Later, while David is arguing with Kevin, she tricks him into signing her prenuptial agreement. Confronting each other, they realize that they both pulled the same trick.

Jessica calls Stephen to the docks and into a set up. While Natalie worries about Jessica, she receives a call from Eve telling her that Cristian is alive. When a man approaches Jessica, the police move in to arrest him but quickly realize that it isn't Stephen. Opening the package the man brought for Jess, they find a jack-in-the-box with a note from the killer. Natalie cons the police officer out of the room and sneaks out of the safe house. Eve is distraught that Natalie fell for the lies that Stephen made her tell about Cristian.

Daniel worries that Nora is beginning to doubt Todd's guilt. He is also concerned after seeing Jen and Riley together, but Nora defends the girl. Later, Daniel invites Jen and Riley to dinner with him.

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