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Passions Recaps: The week of March 8, 2004 on PS
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Monday, March 8, 2004

At the Blue Note, Whitney's sad song is affecting nearly everyone in the room. Fox is having flashbacks of Whitney while Theresa is staring at Ethan, unaware that her feelings are written all over her face, no matter what she says. Fox isn't convinced that she's over his half-brother Ethan. Gwen is missing Sarah terribly, and gets even more overwhelmed when she sees Ethan glance at Theresa. Rebecca walks up and takes Gwen aside. Gwen vents to her mom about Ethan still having Theresa in his heart, but Rebecca assures her that she and Ethan will be adopting little Ethan very soon.

Sheridan has some flashbacks, pretty much remembering all the passion in her and Luis' romance. She goes to the bathroom to check on Gwen, and they each pour their hearts out. Sheridan is committed to her marriage, and uses this to assure Gwen about Ethan. Sheridan does admit though that all she could think of during that song was Luis. Gwen ends up telling Sheridan how it's "all Theresa's fault" for the misfortune of Gwen not being able to have any more children. The two best friends cry on each other's shoulders, then regain their composure and return into the club.

Eve and Julian are still dancing outside, and Julian asks Eve to run away with him. They could go tonight, leave right away and head for Paris. At the thought of Paris, Eve gets excited and tells Julian, yes, she will go away with him. Then she thinks of her family, and has regrets. She can't leave them she tells Julian, as she would feel guilty. Julian decides that the only way he can ever have her to himself would be to kidnap Eve, right here and now. Unfortunately, TC has just walked outside and doesn't like this idea. TC tells Julian he is going to kill him once and for all.

Luis thinks that Sheridan has remembered her love for him, and wants to talk to her. Unfortunately for Luis, Sheridan coldly brushes by him and won't stop to talk. When Luis tries to approach her again, Antonio stops him. Luis tells Antonio that the only reason Antonio feels so threatened by Luis is that deep down Sheridan really does love Luis, and that Alistair and Dr. Ackland brainwashed her. This irritates Antonio even more.

While Gwen was in the bathroom talking with Sheridan, Sam approached Ethan, to ask him what's wrong. Ethan tells his dad that even though he's married to Gwen, that song Whitney was singing made him think about Theresa. Sam says that's perfectly understandable because Ethan and Theresa once shared a great love. Sam asks Ethan if he wants to leave his wife for Theresa, but the ever-good Ethan wants to stay with his wife, as he loves her.

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Luis is so moved by Whitney's music that he feels he has to press his case with Sheridan. This may be his only chance to get through to her and make her realize how in love they once were and must be again.

Antonio is losing it and lashes out at his brother over Sheridan. He insists Sheridan has made it clear. She doesn't love Luis she loves him.

Sheridan isn't as sure as she once was about where her heart really belongs. She has to confess that Whitney's song prompted her to remember Luis. Meanwhile, Whitney is concerned that the reason Eve isn't in the audience watching her sing is that she's with Julian.

Julian won't take no for an answer and begins to pull Eve to come along with him and get into his limo. But TC is on the case. After catching Julian dragging Eve away, TC beats him up until Julian looked like he's been beaten to death. Sam arrives to arrest TC for murdering Julian.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

The memories of Luis that Whitney's song are stirring up are making Sheridan upset. Antonio asks Sheridan what's wrong after she says Luis' name, causing her to get confused and run away. Luis goes after Sheridan, with Antonio hot on his heels. Pilar goes to Sam and asks for his help, as she is afraid her sons will kill one another. Outside the club, Luis runs into Hank, who tells him to let Sheridan be. Luis says she remembers their love, and is got to be confused right now, so it's not a good time for her to be alone.

Sheridan goes to the gazebo, remembering when Luis proposed to her there, and how happy she was. She gets even more upset when she hears Luis calling her name and runs away again. Luis finds Sheridan's necklace on the ground at the gazebo, and is sure she's remembered their love. Hank keeps insisting that maybe Sheridan just needs to be alone.

Down on the docks, Sheridan has more and more memories of her happiest times with Luis, and gets frustrated. She says to herself, "Why do I think of myself and Luis? I'm committed to Antonio- whatever Luis and I shared is in the past." Even as she says this she doesn't sound sure of herself. Sheridan hears Luis calling her name and runs again. Luis questions the old man on the wharf, and learns that Sheridan didn't look quite all right, like she didn't need to be out alone right now. Luis is now convinced more than ever that Sheridan remembers that she loves him; because this spot on the wharf was the first place he ever kissed her. Along her journey, Sheridan realizes that she still loves Luis- and is more shocked and confused than ever it seems.

Meanwhile, Sam has deterred Antonio by placing him in handcuffs. Pilar comes out there and tries to reason with Antonio, asks him to let Sheridan be. Antonio sees this as Pilar wanting Sheridan and Luis to be together, but Pilar tries to explain how much she loves all her kids. Sam tells Pilar to go inside, he will handle this. Antonio requests that Sam let him go after Sheridan, but Sam won't because he knows Antonio will go after Luis. Antonio then accuses Sam of wanting Luis and Sheridan to be together, and Sam gives Antonio the cold hard truth. Sam tells Antonio that he was there when Sheridan and Luis fell in love, and it was real. Sam says that Antonio must let Sheridan decide, because what her and Luis shared was a really true love for each other. Antonio tells Sam that he won't lose Sheridan to Luis the same way Sam lost Grace to David Hastings. Sam gets upset and tells Antonio that he fought with everything he had to keep Grace, but in the end it was her choice, and she went back to her "first love." Antonio says Luis has to accept that Sheridan is his wife, but Sam tells him that he will have to accept it if Sheridan is still in love with Luis. Sam agrees to go with Antonio to find Sheridan.

Inside the club, TC keeps asking if Eve wants to go home, to get away from Julian. Eve insists quite a few times that she wants to stay. She gets up to go to the bathroom when Liz seats a stranger next to Eve's empty chair. This man is so convinced that the girl singing looks and sounds like a woman he used to listen to in Boston. TC assures him this isn't the case, as that is his daughter on stage. The unknown man replies that the woman he's thinking of could be this girl's mother. TC asks about the singer, and where her career went? The stranger tells TC that a man sitting across the room got her into a life of drugs, booze and sex. The man he points out is none other than Julian Crane.

Meanwhile, as a request to benefit the hospital, names are being drawn out of a bowl for people to come up and sing a song with Whitney. Chad draws out Fox, then Ethan then Theresa. Gwen looks like she could spit after Theresa's name is drawn. The song starts, and Fox steps up next to Whitney, leaving Ethan and Theresa on one side of the stage. The song goes on with phrases like "you're my sugar" in a very upbeat tune, as Whitney and Fox sing towards each other, and Theresa and Ethan turn towards each other and sing. Gwen is furious at Theresa up there next to Ethan. Chad also starts to wonder about Fox....

As Kay, Miguel and Jessica start to leave, Grace tries to reach out to Jess. Jessica tells her mother to leave her alone, and David stops Grace from going after her. Grace ponders for a moment, then puts a smile on her face and tells David to call the magazine. As David asks what for, Grace says he needs two tickets to Italy. She is going with him.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

While TC and Eve are occupied with problems outside, Whitney and Fox, unaware of what is happening, sing a love song duet.

Then Ethan and Theresa sing a song together with love subtext that doesn't go unnoticed by Chad and Gwen. The couples are obviously rekindling old flames.

The scuffle in the parking lot has spurred Eve into tearing down her defensive walls. Eve confesses to Julian that she does love him. Meanwhile, an old fan who saw Eve perform tells TC how Julian once led astray an innocent young singer whose name he can't remember.

Antonio and Luis are in a fierce competition as they search for Sheridan. Antonio and Luis blame each other for upsetting Sheridan so much. Meanwhile, Sheridan is convinced that it is Luis that she really loves -- she finally remembers -- and she wants to get in touch with Luis and tell him the whole story.

Friday, March 12, 2004

Theresa tries to make peace with Gwen and reassure her that she is no threat to her marriage. She pays Gwen a compliment.

Theresa's efforts seem all for naught when Gwen subtly hints about adopting Little Ethan and taking him away from Theresa.

An old fan of Eve's confronts Eve and Julian about the past they want to forget. TC begins to listen to the man's accusations, but he is interrupted before he finishes. Chad offers suggestions to Whitney about what to do regarding her mother's alleged affair.

Luis is overjoyed when he believes Sheridan has remembered their love. While Luis pushes her to choose him, Antonio worries about losing his wife. Finally, the question is put to her. Will she tell Antonio that she wants to be with Luis?

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