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Passions Recaps: The week of March 15, 2004 on PS
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Monday, March 15, 2004

Gwen thinks that she is in a precarious position when Rebecca tells her that they will take little Ethan away from Theresa. Gwen is concerned about what could come out about Gwen's past that could ruin her mother's big plans.

Theresa is distraught about the prospect of losing little Ethan in the custody battle. Fox is there for Theresa, and tells her not to worry. Meanwhile, Julian catches Eve off guard with a steamy kiss. He insists he wants to be the only man in her life.

Eve and Pilar take care of Sheridan who is running a fever. They are concerned about what Sheridan will say when she is more incoherent and able to choose between Luis and Antonio. Meanwhile, the brothers continue to compete for the Sheridan's love. Sheridan recovers and says she has finally come to a decision.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Kay sees the latest problems facing Miguel and his family as another opportunity to advance her relationship with him. Kay tells Miguel it's OK if he would like to live with her in Tabitha's place since he and his family have lost their home.

Charity is still playing the bad girl, and can't keep her lips and hands away from Reese. He's only too happy to reciprocate. Jessica is horrified by their actions and lashes out in anger. Grace feels torn when David insists that they have to go to Italy right away. But when Jessica goes off on her, she begins to think it's best to get out of Harmony for a while.

Sheridan tells everyone that she is now ready to tell everyone who she wants to be with. Luis and Antonio are anxious to hear what she has to say. Finally, Luis is devastated when Sheridan says she has decided she should be with Antonio.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Sheridan feels bad for hurting Luis, and wants to make things right. She comes up with a plan to help Beth win back Luis' heart, and sets off to the Wallace home. Antonio heads out to take some money to Pilar. Meanwhile, Theresa and her family are finishing packing while they think back on old times. Antonio arrives with the money, and Pilar tries to reach out to her son. Antonio will not forgive Pilar for turning her back on him, and he turns to leave. As Antonio opens the door, there are two police officers standing there. They have a court order to evict the Lopez-Fitzgerald's right now. Pilar explains that they are just waiting for the truck to arrive, but the officer's start taking their things out to the curb. Just when they think things couldn't get any worse, Theresa gets served with papers stating little Ethan's custody hearing had been moved to today. Theresa almost faints as she realizes that she's going to lose her son without a job or a home for him.

Ethan is trying to find a little boy that will make Gwen happy, as Gwen and Rebecca are going over their success in getting little Ethan away from Theresa. Gwen tells her mom that she hates what they did to Pilar, but Rebecca insists that it was necessary in order to win custody of little Ethan.

Sheridan offers to help Beth win back Luis, as Mrs. Wallace tells Sheridan she's had a lot of bologna today. Sheridan doesn't understand what she means, as Beth acts sympathetic to Sheridan's losing her baby. Beth couldn't be happier as she realizes all her dreams are going to come true, all thanks to Sheridan.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Whitney worries when she learns Chad must repay a loan to Alistair. Julian and his father have a confrontation over Julian's missing child and Sheridan.

Rebecca continues to lay the groundwork for Ethan and Gwen to adopt Little Ethan by moving up Theresa's court date. Homeless and unemployed, Theresa frets that she can't win custody of her son.

Beth panics when Sheridan wants to see baby Martin. She avoids a mother/son reunion, but Sheridan overhears Beth tell Mrs. Wallace that she stole the baby.

Friday, March 19, 2004

At the end of Kay's first day at the cannery, her hands are calloused and cut, she stinks like tuna, and is utterly disgusted. The other women there tease her about being a daddy's girl, saying maybe her daddy could come down here and work for her. Kay calls Miguel to tell him she'll be home soon. Simone shows up, and starts into Kay about what a mess Kay's life is now. Kay defends her position, saying it's all worth it because she has Miguel now. Simone isn't convinced, until she sees Kay, Miguel and Maria together. Simone sees how happy they look and thinks to herself that maybe Kay's life isn't such a mess.

Julian has gone to Alistair, to demand answers about Sheridan, also to demand answers about the child Julian and Eve share. Julian learns that as long as Sheridan stays with Antonio she will live a long and happy life. If she ever goes back to Luis, Alistair will kill her. Julian does not like this, as he promised Katherine that he would look after his sister. As Julian and Alistair are arguing about Julian and Eve's child, Chad walks in. Chad repays the loan to Alistair, while Alistair insists it was a gift. Julian doesn't know what's going on, but he knows Alistair is up to something. Eve calls Julian to tell him she's at the custody hearing, and that this is all her fault for letting Julian protect their secret. Eve tells Julian there has to be something he can do to stop this, as Eve doesn't want to see Theresa lose her child. Julian tells Eve he'll be right there. Before Julian leaves, he tells Alistair that if anything happens to Sheridan or if Alistair hurts Eve in any way that Julian will kill Alistair himself.

At the Book Café, Mrs. Wallace has brought the baby over to see Sheridan. Sheridan sees the baby and exclaims, my boy, I must see my boy. Beth reminds Sheridan that it's Beth's baby and she can take care of him just fine. Sheridan apologizes. Beth takes baby Martin and her mother outside, and is yelling at her mother for bringing the baby here. Beth turns around to see Pilar standing behind her, and asks how long she's been standing there? Pilar wants to know why Beth is yelling at her mother. Beth explains that Martin has a cough and she didn't want him outside. Pilar points out then baby Martin should be inside the book café, but Beth doesn't want Sheridan to see him. Beth says it's just because Sheridan is sad about losing her baby, and Beth doesn't want to rub it in too Sheridan that baby Martin makes Beth so happy. Pilar doesn't believe Beth, she thinks there's another reason Beth doesn't want Sheridan to see the baby.

Inside the café, Luis is talking on his cell phone, explaining that it would be hard to run into Sheridan and not want to take her into his arms and convince her that he's the man she loves. Luis gets off the phone and goes to order his coffee, and comes face to face with Sheridan. Luis thinks for a moment, and then grabs Sheridan and kisses her passionately. At first Sheridan tries to protest, but Luis tells her he wants her to remember that Luis is the one she should be spending the rest of her life with. Sheridan kisses Luis back and says she remembers.

Whitney and Chad get the call from Fox that Theresa's custody hearing was moved to today, right then and now. Whitney and Chad leave for the courthouse. They get there at the same time as Eve, and Whitney and Eve argue before they go into the courthouse. Inside, little Ethan is brought into the courtroom, and he screams for his mother and runs straight into Theresa's arms. The judge isn't convinced as he asks Woody Stumper why he should give custody to a convicted murderer with no home and no job. Theresa tells Fox she's not going to get her son back, ever. Woody points out that Julian Crane is indeed alive and well, that Theresa was wrongly convicted. The judge responds that Theresa still has no job and no home. Opening statements are heard, and Rebecca gets on the stand. Rebecca's comments cause Theresa to lose it, and she exclaims that Rebecca is a liar. The judge warns Theresa about her behavior as she calls Rebecca a bitch, and is told to sit down or lose her child right then and there. Rebecca is next to hear the judge's sharp comments as she speaks out of turn. Eve gets up on the stand to testify in Theresa's behalf, and as the state's attorney puts words into Eve's mouth, she dares the judge in continuing on to explain how the bond between a mother and her child should never be broken. It seems as if Eve sees no one but Whitney as she says those words.

Theresa gets put on the stand, and she explains to the judge that her situation is temporary, that she has a place to stay with the Russell's, which is a warm and loving home. Theresa also states that she will get a job very soon. The judge seems sympathetic to Theresa's pleadings, but he still has to make a decision based on the child's well being.

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