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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 8, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, March 8, 2004

Molly arrives at Lily and Holden's and sees that Holden is packing the children's belongings. Holden tells her that Lily refuses to get help for her obsession with Rose's death and now he needs to keep her away from the kids until she gets herself some much needed mental help. She needs to commit herself to a mental hospital. Molly offers any help she can give and tells Holden not to blame himself for Lily's condition.

At Lucinda's, Lily complains about Holden to her mother. Lily wants the name of the private investigator Lucinda uses so Lily can hire him to find where Holden is keeping the children. Lucinda refuses to help her and urges her to get professional help. Lily claims she does not need to be institutionalized and is horrified that her mother is siding with Holden on this.

At the coffee shop, Lucy remembers Aaron's pleas for her to testify against Clark at the trial. Madison comes in and reminds her that Clark's father is connected to unsavory characters and that they should be afraid of him. Madison also feels sorry for Alison for having her past brought up on the stand. No way is Madison subjecting herself to that.

In court, Alison tells her story about the attempted rape by Clark. Tom finishes his questions and Clark's attorney begins a brutal cross-examination. In the hall outside the courtroom, Susan Stewart and Kim Hughes run into one another. Susan verbally confronts Kim about her treatment of Alison and Kim defends herself and says she is in court to support Alison.

Jack arrives at Paul's following a summons from Paul. Paul is worried that Rosanna has been out of touch with him for several days. He tells Jack that Rosanna has been on the island of St. Bart's in the Caribbean since she left Oakdale, but she has checked out suddenly and he is worried about her. Paul was Rosanna's only way of keeping tabs on Carly and Lucy, and it would be unlike her to cut off all contact with him. Jack promises to make some phone calls.

During cross examination, Clark's attorney brings up the sad story of Will Munson's burning down the Snyder barn and Alison's allowing him to take the blame for a crime she committed. Next, the attorney moves on to Will's murder of Rose, and explains that Alison is mentioned in the psychiatrist's report for affecting Will's emotional state. Then he moves on to Alison's tricking Aaron into marrying her and the subsequent miscarriage of her baby. Chris can't stand this badgering of Alison and cries out from the courtroom.

Lily calls Holden and asks if she can come home to talk to him. He agrees and Lily arrives much calmer and apologizes for her behavior. Then she notices the kids' belongings all packed. Holden goes to make coffee, and Lily hits "redial" on his cell phone. The children's babysitter, Dawn, answers, and Lily can hear Luke in the background talking about ice cream. Lily realizes they are at the coffee shop, and she leaves hurriedly. Holden returns and realizes that Lily knows where the children are. He makes a fast call to Molly, asking for her help.

Lucy comes back to Paul's and asks him to take her for a drive so she can forget about the trial going on. She does not want to be tempted into testifying as Aaron wants. Paul reminds her that Aaron and Alison cooked up the plan to trap Clark to help Lucy, but Lucy has a hard time forgiving them for hurting her.

John runs into Lucinda in the lounge of the Lakeview and they chat about Lily and how she has turned to Dusty for help. Lucinda tells John about the foundation for Rose, and John tells her not to trust Dusty who does nothing unless there is something in it for him.

Jack returns to Paul's and reports that Rosanna checked out from the hotel in St. Bart's and withdrew a million dollars from her account. Paul then receives a telegram from Rosanna in which she says she has come across a business opportunity for Cabot Motors and that she will be out of touch with him for a while. Paul seems satisfied with this explanation, but Jack is not buying it.

Holden confronts Lily at the coffee shop when she arrives to see the children. Lily pleads with him to tell her where they are, but Holden remains firm. When Lily has received treatment at a mental facility, then she can resume her relationship with the children.

Molly has the Snyder children safe in her suite in the Lakeview. Meanwhile, in court, Clark's lawyer asks Alison the ultimate question: why should anyone believe her when she has such a history of lying? Before Alison can answer, Lucy rushes into the courtroom and answers the question herself. "Because," she says, "he has done this before."

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Carly meets Jordan Sinclair. When she learns Jordan works for Barbara she tries to flee but Barbara spots her. Barbara pulls her aside and says that Paul already told her that Carly was coming to him asking for career advice. Barbara puts Jordan on notice about Carly. Carly is her enemy and as her employee, Jordan will have to make Carly his enemy, too. Jordan would rather quit. Barbara backs down and Jennifer is impressed.

The judge allows Lucy to testify and Paul arrives to support her. Lucy nails Clark and he changes his plea. Alison thanks Lucy. Lucy admits that Aaron was the reason she almost didn't testify. She tells Aaron goodbye for good. Aaron confides in Alison that it is over with Lucy. Alison comforts him. After, a sad Aaron is even sadder when he sees Alison and Chris in a clinch. Lucy starts to cry due to the stresses of the day and the disappointment over missing her interview at Dartmouth and Paul is there for her. He will take Lucy to her interview.

Kim and Susan make up.

Carly arrives at Paul's, distressed off her run in with Barbara. She and Paul need a place to meet and discuss her designs. Paul suggests Carly accompany him to Dartmouth and he'll swear Lucy to secrecy. Carly is all for it. Lucy fills Lucinda in on the day's events and sings Paul's praises.

Katie arrives to leave a package on Mike's doorstep but he catches her in the act. Katie insists that Mike keep the watch she gave him and runs off. Lucinda fails to persuade Mike to stay in Oakdale and fight for Katie. Katie pours her heart out to Margo. A messenger delivers Katie's engagement ring. Katie realizes it's really over with Mike. Meanwhile, Pilar collapses on Mike's doorstep.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Lily fills Dusty in on why Holden has taken the kids and urges him to talk to Holden. Dusty refuses. Meanwhile, Molly encourages Holden to settle things soon. Dusty realizes Molly has the kids and demands that Holden tell Lily – or he will. Lily and Holden share a heart-wrenching talk and Lily decides to get help from Dr. Michaels. Lily is chilly with Molly, who is a little lonely after the kids leave. Molly slams the door in Dusty's face.

Jessica's license is suspended for sixty days. Sarah learns she is going to be moved from Jessica and Ben's home. Casey wants her to talk to Jessica, but Sarah needs Casey's help in getting to Atlanta to be with her grandfather. Curtis enters Al's diner with a note from Sarah, saying she is leaving. Casey denies having seen Sarah. Tom, Ben, Jessica and Curtis leave to find her.

Casey agrees to hide Sarah in the attic and bring her food. Mike frantically calls for an ambulance for an injured Pilar. At the hospital, John explains that Pilar may have internal injuries. Mike stays with her, as Katie is stunned to see him by the beautiful woman's side. Margo enters to question Pilar about the stabbing, but she weakens before Margo can get details. Katie learns that Mike is with his ex-girlfriend and shows a hint of jealousy. Pilar apologizes for interfering with Mike's plans. Mike denies he is leaving town because of a woman. Margo questions why Katie has a problem with Mike helping Pilar. Katie is convinced nothing will keep Mike in Oakdale, especially not Pilar. Meanwhile, Mike offers to stay in town until Pilar is literally back on her feet.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Katie was looking at Pilar's name on the sign outside her hospital room. A nurse walked up and told Katie that Pilar was cold and asked Katie to bring her a blanket. Katie went in with blanket and started to make small talk. Pilar mentioned that Mike had given her the flowers and asked Katie to get her some water for them. Katie came back in with the flowers and brought up Mike's name. Katie told her that Mike was a great guy and that he would do everything he could to make sure Pilar was okay. Pilar sensed that there was something between Katie and Mike but Mike walked in before she had a chance to say anymore. Mike was curious about what Katie had said and asked her to go get Pilar some water. Pilar asked Mike what his relationship with Katie was. Mike changed the subject but it was quickly changed back to Katie again. Mike finally told Pilar that there was something between him and Katie. Pilar said she could see the hurt in his eyes when he looked at Katie. Katie couldn't go back in to the room and left to find Henry. She asked Henry to check into the Mike-Pilar relationship. Henry gave Katie a bad time and told her she was jealous. They bantered back and forth until Henry agreed to her request.

Casey got Sarah some money for her trip to Atlanta. Before she left she wanted to eat something. Margo and Jessica were having coffee at Al's and Margo asked the waitress if she had seen Sarah. She said she had seen Sarah and Casey sneak out of Al's earlier. Margo placed a call to Casey and asked him to get to Al's. Margo interrogated Casey and he came clean about seeing Sarah but he wouldn't tell them where she was or what she was up to. Margo wasn't buying his story and warned him that he better think about what he was hiding. Meanwhile over at Margo's Sarah was looking at some pictures when Lisa came in. Sarah dropped the box of pictures and hid but Lisa found it and started calling out. Casey walked in and covered Sarah's tracks. Lisa accepted his story and left. Casey told Sarah what had transpired at Al's and Sarah started crying. Casey told Sarah that he thought Jessica really cared about her but Sarah told him not to buy it. Over at Al's, Jessica was clearly worried about Sarah.

Paul was taking Lucy to her college interview but he asked Carly to go with them so they could get some work done. Carly noticed that Lucy didn't look too happy about Carly joining them. They arrived for Lucy's interview and Lucy was a little nervous. Paul made her laugh and then kissed her cheek for good luck. Carly gave an exasperated look and said under her breath that Paul was clueless. While Lucy was in her interview Carly showed her sketches to Paul and he was very impressed. Lucy came out and as they were about to leave, Carly noticed that it was snowing very hard and they weren't going anywhere.

Jack arrived at Craig's to tell him that he was suspicious about Rosanna and the telegram she sent to Paul. Jack thinks that Rosanna has been kidnapped because of what she wrote in the telegram and that a large amount of money was withdrawn from her bank account. Craig was jumping to all kinds of conclusions and wanted to hop on the first airplane to St. Bart's (where the telegram came from). Jack told him to go slow and that they needed to take one step at a time. Later, Jack received a picture of a man that he thought might be involved in Rosanna's disappearance and called Craig. After Craig left, a man fitting the description of the man in Jack's photo stepped into Craig's living room.

Friday, March 12, 2004


Casey and Sarah drop by Fashions. Casey distracts Lisa while Sarah hides inside the store. Casey walks Lisa to her car. Later, a security guard makes a round and flashes a light inside Lisa's store. Sarah ducks for cover until he goes away. When she feels safe, Sarah starts to rummage through all of the clothes on the racks, trying on outfit after outfit.

Margo, Jess, Ben, and Curtis all try to figure out where Sarah could be at Margo's place. Casey and Lisa return. Curtis guesses Sarah might be at Lisa's store and finds a way to let Lisa know without alerting everyone else. A short time later, Lisa, Curtis, and the police catch Sarah all dressed up inside Lisa's store. Casey tags along and apologizes for dreaming up the idea of hiding Sarah. Jess and Ben arrive and demand an apology on Lisa's behalf. After, Jess says Child Services wants to take Sarah away from her. Jess throws up her hands and says, "If that's OK with you, that's OK with me." Sarah looks up with her big brown eyes not knowing what's next. Jess gives an ultimatum. If Sarah promises to drop the attitude and start showing respect for what Jess and Ben are trying to do for her, then Jess will try everything in her power to fight Child Services to keep her under her roof. "But you have to want it Sarah. It's up to you!" Sarah reluctantly agrees.

Holden interrupts Lily and Luke playing a game. It's almost time for Lily's in-home session with Dr. Michaels. The doorbell rings and Holden answers. He opens the door and finds Dusty. He wants to see Lily, but Holden doesn't think it's such a good idea. Lily intervenes and invites him inside. The doorbell rings again. This time Lily answers and this time it's Molly at the door. Lily's claws drop and she starts to swipe at Molly for recently harboring Luke, Faith, and Natalie. Holden steps in and pulls the two apart. He thanks Molly for stopping by and tells her he'll be in touch later. Dr. Michaels drops by as Holden demands to know why Lily lashed out at Molly.

Later at Al's, Holden leans on Molly's shoulder. He apologizes for getting Molly involved. Molly says she has no regrets and tells him to call on her next time he needs anything.

Dr. Michaels asks Lily for honest answers to her questions. She asks if she wants to be helped by therapy. Lily says she just wants to return to the way she was before Rose died. Lynne asks her if she had to choose between Rose and her family, which is the most important. "Can you keep your sister's memory alive and take care of your family? Which would be more important to you?" At first Lily says, "I don't think I should have to choose." But then she relents and says she would of course choose her family. Lynne says good job, packs up her things, and says, see ya in the morning for round two.

Holden returns and Lily informs her husband that she will not be giving him a scorecard on what happens in therapy. He wants to know why she is shutting him out. She says, "I am following your conditions. Now will you please follow mine?" Seconds after he leaves to pick up the children, Dusty stops by. Lily vows to push forward with the foundation despite Holden and Lynne's advice.

Jack tells Craig that Rosanna has disappeared from St. Bart's in the Caribbean. Craig demands that Jack look into Ro's abduction, but Jack says his hands are tied in Oakdale. Craig leaves. Meanwhile, at Fairwinds, the maid is tied up and gagged on the floor and the place is ransacked.

Carly, Paul, and Lucy check in to a nearby hotel. Paul reserves two adjoining rooms. Lucy makes goo goo eyes at Paul, but he doesn't see what's going on. Carly calls Jack and tells her husband she's snowed in and won't make it back tonight. Jack isn't happy his wife can't find another alternative, but relents and wishes her a safe return in the morning. Lucy and Paul return from the gift shop with overnight supplies. Later, Lucy enters Paul's room dressed only in an over-length college T-shirt. She starts to massage his sore neck. After the massage, Paul tells her he doesn't want to do anything to jeopardize their friendship. Lucy's heart is crushed. Carly enters his room to break the tension and Lucy leaves to take a cold shower. Carly thinks Paul asked her to tag along to be a buffer, but Paul pleads stupidity and ignorance. He promises to stifle Lucy's advances. Carly starts to talk business since that's why she's there. She brings up an idea of accessorizing the clothing with jewelry. Paul loves the plan. Paul and Carly celebrate the idea with mini-bar beers as Lucy draws a heart in a steamed-up window in the other room. Inside the heart, she draws the letters PR + LM.

Craig ambushes Lucinda at the Lakeview. He says he's been waiting for her while she was in a Worldwide meeting. She asks, "Why? Do you want to borrow money? Why are you lurking?" He wants to know where Lucy is, and Lucinda is more than happy to tell him Paul took her up to the interview. When Craig learns Lucy is snowed in, he stiffs Lucinda with the bar tab and heads off.

Jack investigates the break-in at Fairwinds.

Craig drives through the snow toward his daughter.


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