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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 1, 2004 on GL
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Monday, March 1, 2004

Buzz, Billy and Ed all meet at Company to discuss the headline: Josh Lewis: Murder Suspect. Buzz defends Frank as he's just doing his job bringing them all in for questioning. Billy reminds them to stick to their story for Josh's sake.

At the police station, Gus admits to Jeffrey that he doesn't believe Alan's story. He claimed he was only at the fairgrounds that night to survey some property he wanted to buy. Jeffrey is secretly pleased when Gus refuses to let Frank handle Alan; he wants to do it himself.

Frank and Jeffrey question Buzz, Bill and Ed separately, but they aren't convinced of their accounts of the night's events. They notice all three used the word "erratic" to describe the deceased's behavior that night, which only increases their suspicion. Frank doesn't like that his father is involved in a murder rap. Jeffrey and Frank know the guys planned their stories down to the word. Alan arrives with a lawyer for questioning and tells Ed and Buzz his "story." They don't buy it either. Buzz warns him not to underestimate Frank. Alan's lawyer advised him not to say anything to the police so he doesn't.

While questioning Josh, Jeffrey remembers Marah's suspicion that she was being stalked the day she found the razor blade in her doll. As Josh describes the shooting, Jeffrey remembers Marah's hands forming a gun when she tried to remember that night...somehow a bullet from Buzz's gun saved Josh's life.

Harley and Cassie meet at Company where Cassie admits she prefers Buzz's coffee to the Beacon's. Harley informs her she and Jeffrey have this in common. Cassie voices her dislike for the man, even though at times he can be human, like at the Valentine's dance. Harley agrees. Cassie hopes Jeffrey will go easy on her brother-in-law.

Gus finds Alan at Company and probes him again about the fairgrounds. How can he buy a piece of property he already owns?

Bill's phone has been ringing off the hook with nervous Lewis clients. His own nerves start to show but Eden reassures him that he can handle it and do his dad and uncle Josh proud managing the company. He is afraid Josh may be guilty. If Caroline Caruthers was stalking him, why did he keep it quiet? Eden can relate to "keeping things quiet", she's done it a lot, even with Bill. She decides to tell him about "the Shadow" who said Lewis had let the mob into the Fifth Street project. Bill says he would have known if Bruzi's guys were working for his company, but Eden reassures Bill that he couldn't possibly have known. Bill realizes that's how Tony got stabbed. Billy arrives and asks his son to run Lewis Construction for a while.

Marah is light-headed and unable to focus the day after the murder. Marina and Michelle try to convince her not to go to the police station to see her dad. Michelle suspects their mutual confusion the night of Carrie's murder had something to do with the rings. Marah's memory is still a blur but when she tries to remember that night, her hands come together as if she is shooting a gun. Michelle and Marina urge her to stick with the story Ed told them to tell the police - they were never at the fairgrounds. The truth will only complicate things and maybe make things worse for Josh. Michelle collects the rings from the trash and suggests they hold onto them just in case. When Michelle and Marina aren't looking, Marah sneaks out of the museum and goes to the station. Ed urges her to leave but she is adamant and asks everyone why her father has not been released. Frank says things have gotten complicated. Jeffrey reluctantly tells her he's keeping Josh in custody.

Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Cassie wants Olivia to tell Phillip the truth about their baby tonight. She gives Olivia until the end of the day to reveal the truth. Gus thinks it's a weird coincidence that Alan and the other men were all at the fairgrounds when Carrie was killed. Alan is angry that Gus can't turn off being a cop even when family is involved. After a series of probing questions, Marah says that Jeffrey doesn't give a damn about her or her father. He's just trying to get a conviction. Jeffrey is pretty certain that Josh is lying. If he doesn't get the truth soon, it could be very bad for the both of them. Marah declares that she was wrong about Jeffrey, and rushes out. Jeffrey is devastated. Cassie finds a crushed Marah sitting on the porch. She encourages Marah to give Jeffrey the benefit of the doubt. Marah vows to be strong for Josh. Jeffrey begins to tell Gus the story that Carrie told him about Maryanne and the five men. Alan goes to church, kneels down and asks God to forgive him. If God can't, Gus never will. Ross would be happy to look at the will Olivia had drawn up but Phillip chooses to trust her. Phillip explains Olivia's reasons for revising his will. Ross is concerned, but doesn't want to further Phillip's pain. Ross makes it clear to Olivia that he's very protective of Phillip. Olivia tells Phillip she's going out of town on business. Phillip wants to give Olivia another child. Upset, she runs from the room. Phillip sits on his bed, staring at his wedding ring very much alone. Olivia returns and introduces Phillip to their daughter.

Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Harley asks Frank why he's leaning so hard on Buzz. He replies she's asking the wrong guy; Jeffrey is calling the shots. Harley interrogates Buzz about the night at the fairgrounds, but he isn't talking. She calls to inquire about Buzz's recent travel itinerary. After speaking with the travel agency, she figures out he was scared of something the night he almost left town. She feels badly about grilling her father.

Jeffrey has a sinking feeling Marah is involved in Carrie's shooting. Cassie pushes him to seek out the truth. Jeffrey says if he keeps digging for the truth, Cassie may be sorry that he did. He backtracks, but Cassie realizes she heard real emotion when he spoke about Marah and Josh. Sam informs Cassie that Olivia and Emma have disappeared. A confused Phillip looks at Emma. He shakes his head, insisting this baby is not his. Olivia convinces Phillip that she is telling the truth. She maintains Phillip can't tell anyone about the baby. He notes it's all about timing, like signing a new will. Olivia declares Emma makes all the mistakes they've made worth it. Cassie is glad Olivia finally told the truth. Meanwhile, Phillip angrily vows to take Emma away from Olivia.

Jeffrey cannot stop thinking about how fragile Marah was on the night of the shooting and how she put her hands together into a shooter's position. He goes to Buzz and says his statements about the fairgrounds are as bogus as he's ever heard.

Thursday, March 4, 2004

Phillip pretends to take his medication, as he curses Olivia under his breath. Alan apologizes for being so tough on Phillip but, to Alan's dismay, Phillip insists that Alan was right all along. Disturbed, Alan tells Phillip that he is a much better man than his father, and that he will be seeing clearly soon.

Reva is suspicious when Josh becomes insistent on making sure Marah is doing alright. Josh tells her he is sorry for letting everyone down, as Reva reminds him that he is not perfect and that it is understood he shot Carrie out of self-defense. Reva is thrown off balance when she sees another vision of Maryanne beckoning her. Alone, Reva wonders what she's trying to tell her.

Gus confides in Harley that he's learned disturbing news about both of their fathers. Harley finds it hard to believe that Alan, Buzz and Josh could ever have been involved in anything together. Earlier, Gus threatened to force a confession out of Alan, who was ready to give it freely. Alan didn't want to have to involve him. He pleaded with Gus that the death was an accident, not a murder, but Gus is too disgusted with his father to believe that. Harley is sickened by the thought of Buzz and the others leaving someone to die. Gus is angry with himself for caring for Alan. Gus and Harley can't believe that Alan has made Gus an accessory to murder. Harley insists that he should stick by Alan, and that love is stronger than anything else.

Friday, March 5, 2004

Harley finds Gus alone in a darkened room, obviously torn about what to do about Alan. Harley suggests that he should follow his gut. She doesn't think Gus should cover for Alan, but she doesn't think Gus should turn his father in either. She suggests a third alternative--convince Alan to make a deal with the D.A. She suggests that they could use Alan in their investigation of Antimonius/Delirium. The one downside is if Alan should refuse to give access to the Spaulding files, that could tell Gus something that he doesn't want to know.

At the police station, Jeffrey is interrogating Josh. He tells him that they found new evidence at the scene-- -footprints belonging to a woman wearing designer shoes. Jeffrey thinks those prints belong to Marah but Josh denies that Marah was there that night. Jeffrey warns Josh that Frank will figure out himself that those prints belong to Marah and will issue a warrant to search the museum. He asks Josh to explain why Marah's been so freaked out lately, as if she was suffering from post-traumatic disorder. Jeffrey wonders what has her so traumatized. He figures Marah either saw Josh shoot Carrie, or she shot her herself. Josh tries to explain away Marah's condition by telling Jeffrey about all the stress Marah has had in the past year, but he's not buying it. Josh warns Jeffrey that going after Marah, in the face of Josh's own confession, could hurt Jeffrey professionally, not to mention emotionally.

At the museum with Reva, Michelle, and Marina, an agitated Marah has a flashback of the night Carrie died. Marah's ravings about someone having a gun lead Reva to conclude that Marah was at the Fairgrounds the night of the murder, but Marah denies it. She then goes off to get some rest. Reva then suddenly remembers that she called Marina the night of the murder but no one answered. Why was that if they were home? Michelle tries to shrug it off by saying that they were so engrossed in the movie they were watching that they must not have heard it. Skeptical, Reva rushes out and heads to the police station. When she lets on to Frank that she wants to talk to Buzz and Ed, he warns her against conducting her own investigation. Reva tries to grill Frank about what they found at the Fairgrounds but he can't say. Ignoring Frank's advice to stay out of it, Reva goes to the Fairgrounds herself and has a vision of Marah shooting Carrie!

Meanwhile, at the museum, Marina speculates to Michelle that perhaps Marah did shoot Carrie. Though Michelle is skeptical, Marina doesn't think it's a stretch that Josh is covering for Marah. Just then Marah returns to the room saying that she keeps getting images from that night but can't piece them together. She sees Josh and Carrie struggling for the gun and then sees Carrie getting shot. It suddenly dawns on her, what if SHE shot Carrie? Michelle tries to reassure Marah that she didn't shoot Carrie; she's just feeling guilty. But Marah finally realizes the truth and heads off to the police station and confesses!

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