Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 23, 2004 on GL

Cassie forced Olivia to be honest with Phillip about Emma. Marah shot and killed Carrie to protect Josh. Josh confessed to killing Carrie in self-defense. Jeffrey suspected there was more to the story. Reva demanded Josh tell what had really happened. Gus suspected Alan knew more about the shooting.
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 23, 2004 on GL
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Monday, FEBRUARY 23, 2004

At Ravenwood, Cassie tried to convince Olivia to tell Phillip the truth about Emma. Cassie implied that Olivia was only after the Spaulding fortune and as long as she kept her daughter a secret, she was playing into the rumors. Olivia didn't care as long as Lizzie stayed away from her baby. Cassie threatened to tell Phillip the truth, but Olivia posed a counterthreat -- if Cassie told, Olivia and Emma would leave, and with the Spaulding resources, they'd never be found. She wanted Phillip to keep believing that he owed her.

Cassie finally saw Olivia had been using her in order to fulfill her plan to gain control over the Spauldings. Cassie didn't believe that Lizzie was the reason Emma was still a secret. Cassie had seen what losing his daughter had done to Phillip. Olivia realized she had no other choice than to take Emma to Ravenwood to meet her father. But she had to take care of something first.

At the Beacon, Olivia met a man who handed her a file. She was anxious to get to work.

Cassie promised Phillip he was going to get better. Phillip envied Cassie's ability to heal after losing her child and Richard. He admitted that although he was still living, he was not sure why he should be. Cassie said it was love that had helped her through. She hoped he would have love to help him too.

At the museum, Marah told Marina and Michelle that she wasn't going to the fairgrounds. She feared Carrie was up to something. Michelle felt that a memorial for Maryanne was the best way to end things. It would provide everyone with peace. Marina agreed, feeling Michelle's enthusiasm. Marah gave in.

At the fairgrounds, spotlights illuminated Buzz, Billy, and Josh. Buzz nearly drew his gun when Alan and Ed arrived. He checked to make sure it was loaded when the others entered the fun house. They felt vulnerable as they spotted Carrie in the house of mirrors. Carrie kept her distance -- she had seen Buzz at the shooting range that day and knew she was in danger.

Buzz showed the others the gun, proud that he had gone prepared. Josh was disgusted, promising Buzz wasn't going to use it. Carrie wanted "a life for a life" and insisted one of the girls had to die to balance the scales. Josh became enraged, kicking and cracking one of the mirrors, begging her to kill him instead. However, Carrie wanted the pleasure of seeing him suffer.

Carrie demanded the men choose which girl would die. Alan threatened that it might be Carrie who died that night. She suggested she might already have the girls even though they had told her they wanted nothing to do with her.

The girls explored the fairgrounds, feeling the effects of the Antimonius in their rings. They followed the music emanating from the fun house. Josh thought he heard Marah's voice. The guys realized all three girls had to be there. Buzz pulled his gun as they split up to look for the girls. Josh saw Marah in the mirror and Carrie in the distance, pointing a gun. Billy, Buzz, and Josh yelled for Marah to get down on the floor. She did.

Sandy scanned family photos at the Lewis house. He read the inscription on a handmade ashtray and realized Reva hadn't been there much for Shayne's childhood either. Reva entered with a box of junk and asked Sandy to help her start sorting through the remnants of her family's past. Sandy agreed on the condition that Reva make him cookies. He found a carousel music box and said he had always wanted one.

The music made Reva zone out, but when Sandy asked if she was having a psychic vision, she said it was nothing -- the music gave her the creeps. Reva noted it was the second time she'd had a feeling when Sandy had been around. She said maybe they really did have a connection. After Sandy left, Reva saw a vision of Carrie in the house of mirrors while going through an old jewelry box.

Tuesday, FEBRUARY 24, 2004

Gus asked Phillip about the missing shipments of Antimonius. Olivia wasn't pleased to find Gus in Phillip's room. Gus insisted he'd see his brother whenever he wanted. Later, Olivia asked Phillip to sign an addendum to his will. He was hesitant, but the mention of children persuaded Phillip to sign.

Cassie could see that Olivia obviously had done a number on Gus, but she thought he should just let it go. Reva sketched the scarab ring. Cassie asked her why she cared about the ring so much, and Reva had no idea. An uneasy Reva dropped the sketch.

Gun in hand, Carrie stalked the girls through the dizzying maze of mirrors. The men looked for an exit. An infuriated Buzz aimed his gun, but he was never able to get a bead on Carrie's location. Alan found the source of the blaring music and cut it off. A disoriented Marah fell behind as Josh and Billy looked for a way out.

Carrie watched Ed, Michelle, and Marina. Seeing a clear shot, she aimed her gun. Spotting Carrie, Ed forced Michelle to the ground as a shot rang out. The lighting suddenly changed, flickering like a disco ball, and Marah became separated from Josh. Ed, Michelle, and Marina found an exit, and Ed locked the girls out. The men moved off in different directions in search of Josh and Marah.

Josh saw Carrie and prepared to make his move. The fresh air had a clarifying effect on the girls. Carrie shot Buzz. Josh rushed her before she could finish him off, and her gun flew across the floor. She grabbed it in the struggle, but before she could use it, Marah shot Carrie with Buzz's gun.

Wednesday, FEBRUARY 25, 2004

Danny blamed Lizzie for putting Nico in the hospital. He accused Lizzie of using and selling "D." She vehemently denied it and told Danny about Blade. Nico was angry with Danny for using his name in a lie. He had been trying to protect Lizzie from the wrath of her family, and Danny should just drop it. However, Danny had no intention of dropping anything. Lizzie was grateful to Nico for looking out for her. If Danny were able to rid Springfield of "D," he hoped it would neutralize Ross's advantage in the campaign. He wouldn't listen to Tony, who warned of the fallout.

After hearing shots, Michelle and Marina were determined to get back inside the funhouse. Carrie went limp and fell through the trap door to the river below. Marah didn't realize what had just happened. Wanting more than ever to protect his daughter, Josh said he had killed Carrie. The men all wanted to back up Josh's story.

As the effects of the drugs wore off, Michelle and Marina pounded on the door. Josh asked Ed to take the girls home. Ed told the girls that the danger had passed as he led them away. Although grateful for Alan's offer to stick up for him, Josh wanted Alan to go home; his being there would only make the situation look suspicious.

Jeffrey asked Reva if she'd had any impressions when she met Carrie. Reva couldn't explain her feelings about Carrie's ring. Reva had a vision of Maryanne, but didn't let on to Jeffrey about seeing her. Later, Reva found a picture of a young Maryanne in Jeffrey's briefcase. Jeffrey left it with her to see if Reva got any feelings about it. A frustrated Reva asked Maryanne how she could help her. Meanwhile, Josh called the police to report Carrie's death.

Thursday, FEBRUARY 26, 2004

Josh, Billy, and Buzz agreed to protect Marah and tell the police that Josh had shot Carrie in self-defense. Josh wanted the others to stick to the story and exclude Alan's and the girls' parts in the evening. Back home, Gus and Harley began to work Alan, trying to get information on Antimonius. Alan angrily declared that he wished he had never even heard of the drug.

Ed insisted the girls not ask questions and that they follow his story. Buzz and Billy relayed their story to Frank when Frank realized Buzz had been shot. Harley got a call from Frank, who filled her in on what had happened. Gus was perplexed as to why Alan wanted to know if it had been self-defense. He was further suspicious when Alan referred to the stalker as a female. Ed tried to get Marah to snap out of her daze.

Jeffrey questioned Josh and Billy, who explained that the woman had been stalking Josh for some time. Jeffrey tried to hide his shock when he heard the woman was Caroline Caruthers. Josh told Jeffrey that Carrie had been deranged. He said if Buzz hadn't had his gun, Josh would be the one who was dead. Jeffrey asked Josh to reenact the shooting, and he did.

Ed worried when Marah said she knew Josh hadn't shot Carrie. The girls clued in that Ed was giving them a cover story. A cop gave Frank the plate number of the car seen leaving the fairgrounds. Harley thought Buzz should be at the hospital, but he refused and started to break down. Gus confronted Alan, who acted surprised to hear the shooting had taken place at the fairgrounds. He claimed that that he had been there scouting the property. Marah opened the door to Jeffrey. Meanwhile, Frank cuffed Josh and read him his rights.

Friday, FEBRUARY 27, 2004

Frank took Josh to the police station for processing. He gave Josh the opportunity to add to his statement, but Josh said he had nothing to add. He had shot her; he'd had no choice. While Josh was being fingerprinted, Frank told him that stepping forth voluntarily would look good in the eyes of a judge, if it even went to trial. Josh stated he wanted to pay his dues.

Ross arrived and asked for a moment with his client. In the interrogation room, he blasted Josh for talking to the police without counsel present and said they'd be handling his defense Ross's way. Josh told Ross that he wanted to plead guilty and accept the punishment. Ross tried to tell Josh that going to jail wouldn't do his family any good; his crime was defensible. However, Josh insisted.

As Ross asked why Josh was railroading himself, Reva rushed in. She told Josh that Billy had told her about the shooting and asked him what had happened. He told her the fabricated story about Carrie being a stalker and him having to shoot her in self-defense. Reva wanted to go tell Marah and Shayne and was shocked to learn that Ed was doing that. She asked to speak to Josh alone.

Alone with Josh, Reva told him to tell the truth about what had happened earlier that night. She told him to trust her. She didn't care what story he was giving everyone else; she wanted the truth. Josh simply told her it was over, and he was trying to do the right thing. He asked her to not leave Marah alone. Josh told her whatever happened, she needed to take care of herself and the kids. Reva wasn't accepting defeat and said she was going to do whatever she had to do to get him home.

Jeffrey went to the museum and told Ed that he wanted to see Marah. Ed objected at first but relented when Michelle told him it would be okay. Marah was still dazed and confused and told him to help her father. She said she knew he hadn't killed anyone. When he asked her what she meant, she said that her father was not that kind of person.

Marina and Michelle backed Marah up by saying it had been self-defense, and Jeffrey asked how they'd know that unless they had been there. Ed spoke up and said that he had been there, and he had told them what had happened. Jeffrey asked to speak with Marah alone. Ed sent the other two girls home.

Buzz was getting ready to close up Company when Alexandra rushed in. She was livid that he had never called her after being shot, and when she had gone to the ER, he hadn't been there. She was upset that she had almost lost him, but Buzz said she was stuck with him and kissed her. Alex told Buzz to let her take care of him and asked him to sit down and talk to her. She told him that she knew whatever had happened earlier that night, he had done the right thing. She told him that he had always been there for her when she had messed up, and it was her turn.

Marina then walked in and told Alex how her grandfather had heroically tried to help Josh with the deranged stalker and had taken a bullet for him. When Alex went to fix Buzz something to eat -- an omelet, the only thing she knew how to cook -- Marina confided in Buzz that she'd had two heroes in her life: her dad and him. While she knew she could never be as good as her father, she thought she could be like Buzz, who she said never stopped trying to make things right no matter how bad things got. Buzz told her she was more like her dad than she thought.

Marina started to apologize and blame herself for the night's events, but Buzz assured her that Carrie would have tracked them down even without the girls' help. He told her that he didn't blame her for anything. An upset Shayne walked in, having just gotten a message from Billy about the shooting. Marina tried to comfort him and said she wished she could do something, and he said she could do something -- she could tell him how it all had happened.

Marina told Shayne that his dad was safe, and her dad would make sure he was treated fairly. Shayne told Marah he wanted to help Josh and thought up an idea to investigate the stalker/gunshot victim, Carrie Caruthers. He wanted to look into her past to see if he could find anything in her history that could clear his father. Marina tried to dissuade him and told him he could help by simply taking care of his mother and Marah.

Michelle went home and flashed back to her and Marina hearing gunshots and Ed telling them to keep their secret. Just then, Danny entered, and Michelle gave him Ed's story on the shooting. Although he started to reassure Michelle that everything would be fine, Danny started questioning the evening's events -- mainly why Josh had needed four witnesses to confront one woman. He then mentioned seeing Alan in deep conversation with those same men at the Valentine's Day ball and commented that it was an odd group.

Michelle got upset and told Danny to stop -- not every accident was a hit; sometimes things just happened. Danny was confused as to why Michelle didn't want to get to the truth about what had happened, and she said she was just thankful that it hadn't been her father. Danny suggested that maybe it had all been a wakeup call for Ed. That night, he had helped Josh and taken care of Marah. Danny said maybe the Ed Bauer that Michelle knew and loved was on his way back. Michelle said she wished she could believe that.

Alone with Marah, Jeffrey asked her if she was all right, since she clearly looked spaced out. Marah asked how it could have happened, and Jeffrey tried to comfort her by reassuring her that he'd help her dad. He became concerned about Marah's condition and asked if she was okay. Marah was still confused about the night's events, and Jeffrey mentioned that Josh had shot Carrie with Buzz's gun.

At the mention of the gun, Marah held her arms out like she was holding a gun. Jeffrey was very concerned about Marah and asked if she was sedated. She said no and choked out that something awful had happened that night. He told her that he'd take care of it, but Marah, on the verge of tears, said no one could, as she continued to pretend she had a gun. Suddenly, she blurted out, "Oh, God!" and seemed to be on the verge of confessing when Ed rushed in to stop the interview.

With Ed's entrance, Marah lost her train of thought and couldn't remember what she had been about to remember. Ed tried to blame Marah's condition on the sedatives he had given her, which made Jeffrey suspicious, since Marah had said she hadn't had any. He then told Ed he was taking Marah to Cedars to be looked at by another doctor, since he didn't trust Ed. As Ed and Marah left, Jeffrey called Frank as he remembered his first conversation with Carrie weeks earlier when she had claimed her life could be in danger. Jeffrey told Frank that they needed to hold Josh overnight, and they needed to question all the men again.

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