As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 23, 2004 on ATWT

Henry failed to reunite Mike and Katie. Paul and Carly struck a deal. Craig found out what Clark had done to Lucy and enlisted Aaron's help in setting a trap. Alison's life was in danger after she helped Aaron catch Clark. Lucy found a true friend in Paul. Craig became suspicious of Paul and Carly's business relationship.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 23, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, FEBRUARY 23, 2004

Mike arrived to fix Katie's water heater, which Henry had purposefully broken in order to arrange a meeting between Mike and Katie. Mike told Katie that he felt that he needed to leave town to get off the merry-go-round that their relationship had become. As the two began to share a tender moment, Henry walked back in, and Mike took advantage of the break in the mood to escape. Katie planned to drown her sorrows in ice cream.

In the Hugheses' kitchen, Chris protested to Kim that he was not threatened by Alison's relationship with Aaron, in spite of the fact that Kim had seen Alison and Aaron hugging at the hospital. Aaron arrived at that very moment with the annulment papers and asked to speak to Chris. He sincerely apologized to Chris, saying that he had been wrong about what had happened in Chicago. Chris forgave him, and the two young men shook hands. Alison walked outside with Aaron and thanked him for his apology to Chris.

Alison and Aaron embraced and promised to remain good friends. Alison went upstairs to get ready to go to the hospital to work, and Chris asked Kim to stop lecturing Alison. He left a shaky and tearful Kim standing in the kitchen. Aaron went to Al's Diner, where he found Clark sweet-talking a new girl. Aaron warned the girl to watch what she was drinking when she was with Clark, causing the girl to stalk away from Clark. Clark threatened Aaron, "Back off, or you'll regret it."

At home, Jack questioned Carly about her decision to go to work for BRO, and Carly admitted that Barbara didn't know that Paul had offered her a job. Jack immediately guessed that Paul was planning to kick Barbara out of the business and that he wanted to have Carly waiting in the wings. He warned Carly that she was bound to get hurt if she went along with Paul's plan, but Carly insisted that she wanted the opportunity to become a success right away and that she was willing to take the risk. She finished, "Just don't get in my way, okay?" When Jack reminded Carly that when she was designing she got reckless, Carly was hurt that Jack didn't have faith in her good judgment.

At Metro, Molly told Craig that she had let it slip to Paul that there might be trouble with Cabot's adoption. Molly begged Craig's forgiveness, but Craig blamed only Paul. Paul had gone to see Lucy at Fairwinds. She told Paul that she was considering moving back to Montega, but Paul answered, "I never figured you for a quitter." He put his arms around her to comfort her, and just then, Craig walked into the room.

Craig greeted Paul sarcastically, "What a good friend you are, always there in times of trouble." Craig insisted that Lucy leave the room, and he confronted Paul about betraying Craig to the Canadian authorities. Paul responded by confronting Craig, "While you were out there cleaning up your latest disaster, your little girl nearly got raped!" Paul told Craig that he was the one who had saved Lucy, accusing, "You were never a worthy parent to Cabot. Now Lucy is starting to figure out that she deserves better, too."

Tuesday, FEBRUARY 24, 2004

Lily learned WOAK's celebrity reporter was interviewing Barbara Ryan live. She blew up about Barbara, and Holden cautioned her to slow down. Lily crashed the interview and told all about Barbara and Will, and Rose's murder. Holden saw Lily on TV. She went too far, and Holden stopped by then took Natalie. Later, Holden lit into Lily. Lucinda stepped in before Aaron and Clark threw punches. Aaron filled Lucinda in about the attempted rape.

When a jealous Craig tried to beat up Paul, Lucy intervened. Lucy announced that she hadn't told Craig about Clark because she hadn't wanted him to make things worse. She also said she would not stop seeing Paul. Barbara called Paul to go to the interview. Lucinda got involved when Craig pressured Lucy to stop confiding in Paul. Craig was devastated.

Carly insisted to Jack she was not backing down about BRO. Paul and Molly formed an alliance. Jack arrived and confronted Paul about Carly and BRO. He decided to go along with the deal and stay silent, but he'd be watching Paul. Carly watched Barbara's interview and daydreamed about being interviewed herself. Lucy deflected Lucinda's attempts to probe about the attempted rape. Lucinda got a call about Barbara and Lily's onscreen debacle but kept news of Lily's breakdown from Lucy.

Craig made peace with Aaron and tried to enlist him to punish Clark. The two men bonded and joined forces in a plan to nail Clark and get back in Lucy's good graces. Jack agreed to back Carly. Claudette assured a mortified Barbara that the interview had gone her way. Paul arrived to take Barbara to dinner.

Wednesday, FEBRUARY 25, 2004

Aaron laid out to Curtis and Alison his plans for trapping Clark, and Alison agreed to help. Aaron filled in Jack, who urged him to stay out of it. Kim arrived to see Alison set to go out, dressed as a tart. Alison blew Kim off. Lucinda urged Lucy to go on the offensive against Clark, but Lucy wanted to forget the whole thing had happened. Jack informed them of Aaron's intentions to trap Clark. At Yo's, Alison made her move on Clark. Aaron entered to watch the sting unfold. Clark spotted Aaron and slipped out with Alison.

At the police station, Jack told Holden about Aaron's plan. Craig showed up and announced that he supported what Aaron was doing. Chris arrived and got in Aaron's face about involving Alison in something dangerous. Alison thought she was safe because she hadn't sipped her drink, but it turned out that Clark had drugged the cherries she had been eating at the bar. A groggy Alison attempted to fight off the effects as Clark drove. Craig tried to call Aaron with no answer, and Lucy exploded that Craig had taken away her family with what he had done to Cabot and Rosanna.

Barbara was pumped about the new line she had designed. Craig realized Carly was aligned with Paul. He wanted Carly to use Paul to help him find his wife. Barbara surprised Paul and found one of Carly's designs. He covered, assuring Barbara her work was spectacular. Later, Carly wanted more reassurance that Paul had had nothing to do with losing Cabot. Carly was satisfied with Paul's explanation. They toasted the future and their promising business partnership.

Thursday, FEBRUARY 26, 2004

Barbara and Jennifer were at BRO. Jennifer was looking at designs that Barbara had drawn and was very impressed. Barbara was on a high and wanted to keep on working. Jennifer was bored and wanted something constructive to do. Barbara told her to go out and get something to eat. After Jennifer told her mother to settle down, Barbara decided to take Jennifer out to dinner instead.

Meanwhile, over at Paul's, Carly and Paul were toasting Barbara's downfall from BRO. They started talking about a name change. Paul thought of a something simple like "Carly." Carly was impressed, and as they were drinking a toast, there was a knock at the door. It was Lucy, who told Paul that she didn't know where else to go. Paul was very understanding and sympathetic.

Paul truly understood what Lucy was going through, and they shared a wonderful conversation. She confided in Paul that it was very hard to have everyone do and say everything for her. Paul told her that she shouldn't let people do that to her and that she should make some noise and let everyone know what Lucy Montgomery was made of. Paul told Lucy she was welcome anytime, and Lucy asked him if she could spend the night.

Lucinda, Craig, and Lucy were at the police station. Craig was telling Lucy that he would do anything to protect her. Lucy wasn't buying any of it. One minute Craig was trying to get Aaron out of her life, and the next, he was Aaron's best friend. Lucy told her father he couldn't be trusted and walked out. Lucinda tried to tell Craig that there was more going on with Lucy than the attempted rape.

Lucy was very upset about losing Rosanna and Cabot. Craig tried to leave, but Lucinda stopped him and told him to give Lucy some time. Craig tried to call Lucy several times, to no avail. He suspected that she had gone to Paul's, but Lucinda told him to leave it alone. Lucy would return when she was ready.

Carly went into the station and was writing a note to Jack while Craig was looking over her shoulder. He started to question her about her secret, but Carly promptly told him to mind his own business and left. Carly went to BRO and was fantasizing about her success when Barbara entered and started taunting her. Barbara said that there was no way Carly could be a threat to her, but Carly said she already was.

Aaron, Jack, and Chris were trying to find out where Clark had taken Alison. Chris told Aaron that Clark was dangerous, and Chris was holding him responsible if anything happened to Alison. Chris was about to leave to go searching for Alison, but Jack asked him what he thought he was going to do if he found her. Jack found the camera, and Aaron told him that everything that had gone down was on tape. Holden said to Aaron that every time Aaron tried to take the law into his own hands, something went wrong, and he didn't blame Chris for being mad at Aaron.

In the car, Clarke told Alison that she was about to have the best time of her life. Alison pretended to fall asleep and took out her phone to call Chris. Alison tried to get Clark to tell her where they were going, and just as he did, the phone went dead. Chris heard and told Jack that he knew where they were going and said he had to get there first. Jack got it out of him that they were going to the Old Mill, so he had a squad car go out there.

Clark got Alison into the room and started to rape her when Chris barged in and knocked Clark out. Clark awoke and knocked Chris out. He said to Alison, "Now, where were we?"

Friday, FEBRUARY 27, 2004

by Andy

While Jessica prepared to visit Bonnie in prison, Sarah planted letters inside a photo album so Jessica would get caught. Jessica told Sarah she couldn't take another letter to Bonnie because Lisa was joining her on the trip that time. Casey and Lisa arrived. Casey tried to convince Sarah to back off her plan to take down Jessica. After Jessica and Lisa left, Sarah had second thoughts.

Casey and Sarah rushed off to Al's Diner to catch up with Jessica and Lisa. Casey created a diversion, and Sarah gave Jessica another chance to be honest about the letters. Jessica planted another lie, and Sarah decided to leave her letters inside the scrapbook. Jessica took off for the prison.

Bob and Susan were conferring at the hospital when Kim arrived. Kim wanted to apologize for the argument the other day and offered to bury the hatchet. Susan's beeper sounded, and she was called away, but she reserved the right to finish the discussion later.

Carly and Barbara exchanged zingers at the BRO offices. Carly said, "I'll snuff you out with the one thing you will never have...a really good design." Barbara replied, "You slay me. You're a plagiarist and a flop." Barbara shuffled Carly out the door. Carly simmered as Paul's plan unfolded.

Clark knocked Chris out with a nearby flowerpot then he grabbed Alison and said, "I'm not done with you yet!" They headed for the door when Chris jumped him from behind. They struggled until the police arrived and broke up the fight. Jack found a vial of GHB on Clark and arrested him. An ambulance took Alison to the hospital.

Holden put two and two together and figured out Craig had encouraged Aaron to set Clark up. But Aaron covered for Craig, saying the whole plan had been his own. Aaron and Holden walked away and cooled off. Carly arrived, and Craig probed her for information about her new partnership with Paul. He questioned her until he collected enough information about her plans. He got excited and said, "And with that bit of information, I stop Paul cold."

Craig guessed that Carly was somehow going to replace Barbara at BRO then said, "Barbara's going to like that as much as she likes her reflection at 6:00 a.m." Carly asked him why he would tell Barbara, because he hated her just as much as anyone. Craig said Barbara had only tried to put him in jail, but Paul was trying to take his family away from him, which was ten times worse. "No one messes with my family," Craig said.

Suddenly, Jack arrived dragging Clark behind him. Craig slithered out of the station, unnoticed. Aaron wanted to check on Alison, but Holden said Chris needed to take care of her. Holden finally cut his kid a break and told him how proud he was for taking a stand on a subject like that. Just then, Carly noticed Craig had left the building, and she suspected he had made a beeline straight to Barbara.

Bob visited Chris and Alison in her recovery room. He noticed the cuts on Chris's scalp and left to get a suture kit. Outside, Bob ran into Kim, and he filled her in on how Alison had gotten hurt. Kim was angry and badmouthed Alison's lack of maturity. Susan wandered into the area just at the right moment and blew a fuse, shouting, "You hypocrite! You want to bury the hatchet right in my daughter's back!"

Bob filled Susan in on why Alison was in the hospital. Susan dropped her guard and rushed into her daughter's room. After she found out Alison was okay, Bob asked everyone to leave. Bob told Chris how proud he was of Chris for defending Alison.

Kim and Susan returned to the hallway, where they picked up right where they had left off. Susan said, "I'll make this brief. All is not forgiven! You hate me so you take it out on my daughter. I'm warning you, I will do whatever it takes to defend my daughter. You and I are at war!"

Barbara opened the BRO office door and found Craig standing tall. She said she was all stocked up and tried to close the door, but he grabbed her attention. He said, "It's your favorite topic...self-preservation, and I think you're going to want to hear what I have to say." She let him inside but tried not to listen to him. He pushed and pushed, and then she asked him for a pair of scissors. He gingerly handed her a pair, then said, "What if I told you that Carly Tenney is working with your son to destroy you." Barbara's eyes revealed that she might think it was true.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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