One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 10, 2005 on OLTL
Margaret spiked Todd's coffee. Antonio kept an eye on Jessica. Cristian opened up about his visions and the voices he'd been hearing. Cristian recalled killing Tico. Kelly divulged some information about Ace to Bo. Dorian planned revenge on Viki. Asa and Kevin visited the Chandlers in Pine Valley to stake their claim to Ace.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 10, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, January 10, 2005

When Antonio assures her that he didn't trash her room, a terrified Jessica fears that she is being stalked. Antonio insists he get her protection, but she refuses. Later, Antonio spots Cristian leaving Lindsay's gallery in a hurry.

Evangeline thinks John has ulterior motives for wanting to tell Natalie his suspicions about Cristian. When he gives Evangeline the entire story, however, she comes to realize that Cristian could be dangerous. At the same time, Cristian remembers being ordered to kill someone near and dear to him in Llanview.

Blair convinces Bo to put out an APB on Todd. Margaret starts to worry that Blair is on to her scheme and heads out to deal with her. Dorian uses her charm on Brooks as they join forces to act out against Viki and Kevin.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

While trapped together in the gallery elevator, Cristian confesses to Antonio that he's scared he'll end up hurting someone he loves. As they try to escape, Antonio trips and could fall to his death if Cristian decides not to save him. An angry Natalie gets defensive when Jessica says she thinks Cristian ransacked her room.

JR Chandler approaches Bo, who is left curious enough by his accusation to question Kelly about Ace. Kevin is upset with Duke when he refuses to turn against Kelly by revealing what he knows about Ace. Kevin then tries to irk Adriana by insinuating there's more going on between Duke and Kelly than mere friendship.

Lindsay is tricked into admitting to R.J. that she hired a high-powered attorney to represent Rex. Jen visits Rex in jail and fails to convince him that she's innocent of murdering Paul. Meanwhile, Nora gives Daniel an answer to his marriage proposal: yes!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Dorian wants David's help in conspiring to ruin Viki and wants to turn to Governor Brooks. David doesn't like it and lays the ground rules: no nudity and no kissing. Dorian tries to convince him that sometimes one has to take extraordinary measures in order to get something.

At the gallery, R.J. congratulates Nora on her engagement while Lindsay believes that she only did it to make Bo jealous. As usual, the women have words. Nora invites Daniel to spend the night with her as Matthew is sleeping at a friend's house. Lindsay tries to stir things up by mentioning Daniel's kiss again but Nora fails to get angry about it. Daniel states matter-of-factly that one day he will be king of Llanview. R.J. asks Lindsay to quit Nora bashing and admits that he cares for both women. Van mentions to John how surprised she is that Cris isn't happy and excited about his artwork. Nat and Jess get a maintenance man to pry open the elevator door where they have a shocking view of Antonio hanging on for dear life as Cris just sits and stares. John and Van realize that maybe the brothers are stuck in the elevator and get there in time to see Nat snap Cris out of his daze in time to save Antonio. He later states that he was just thinking of the best way to help but it's obvious to everyone that his mind was elsewhere. Later, Nat and Jess argue over Cris' hesitation as well as the fact that Jess was clearly concerned over Antonio's safety, thus revealing her true feelings towards him. John notes that the cables have been cut. He promises to tell Antonio if he learns anything. Cris assures Natalie that he'll never hurt her. Van turns down John's invite to spend the night together. She suggests that they do that every time they disagree on something, which they have earlier, and it all goes away, temporarily. He's just confused.

Kevin takes Duke to Capricorn and emphasizes that yes, he misses Kelly. Duke thinks he should mend fences with Kelly but once they get involved with Viki and Kelly's conversation, things go sour. Viki thinks that Ace should remain in the Buchanan family but when Bo starts to question Kelly after speaking to JR Chandler and they all get the full story, Viki sides with Kelly, as does Duke. The baby belongs with his natural mother, and Kelly refuses to divulge any information on Babe's location, swearing that she'll go to jail first. Asa joins the fray and sides with Kevin, vowing to get Ace back with the Buchanans. Viki thinks that maybe Kevin should devote some time to his real son, Duke. She warns him that he'll have to fight the Chandlers and Dorian who will protect Kelly. Bo admits to Paige that he still thinks that Daniel is not a good guy. Nora and Daniel have arrived and seeing the avid discussion, Nora asks Bo what it's about; he curtly tells her it's "family business" which irks her. She wonders if it's because she's with Daniel now, which Bo denies. He just doesn't want to see her hurt he tells her, but she figures he'll probably gloat if she is.

Daniel gives Nora a beautiful ring and they make love. They're both happy that they waited.

Bo and John chat at the firing range where John voices his unhappiness at his cases crossing over into his personal life. He asks Bo about post-traumatic stress after Vietnam and learns about the different scenarios consisting of blacking out, lashing out, violence and blind rage.

Cris admits he froze and couldn't have saved Antonio without Natalie's help. He doesn't ever want to separate from her again. Soon after he has a nightmare, reliving the fact that someone has told him that he will be changing lives by killing people. He watches as he pulls the cord on Tico's machine. Startled, he wakes up, a pain raging in his head.

Dorian and David console Kelly and promise to keep Kevin from getting Ace.

Lindsay tells R.J. that he's the best thing that's happened to her in the past year.

John replays the conversation with Bo regarding the PTS and the further fact that the person is able to harm his family or wife. He's frightened for Natalie.

Antonio takes Jess home, refusing to accept Jess' pronouncement that Cris is a stalker. She asks him to leave before he kisses her but on his way out, he spies a note. Jess reads it out loud, "You will never be happy with Antonio."

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Blair and Margaret face off. Margaret is in defense mode and is keeping her gun within reach just in case.

Meanwhile, back at the cabin, Todd finds something that he thinks might help him break free.

The flashes of his horrid past continue to haunt Cristian. He realizes the kind of man he has become and is tortured by the thought. Natalie sees the emotional struggle Cristian is going through and worries what he might do next.

Jessica tells Antonio of the note and he insists on staying with her at Llanfair so he can keep an eye on her. Meanwhile, John gets what he thinks is a lead in Tico's murder case. Michael's concern for Marcie's well-being touches her deeply.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Margaret isn't about ready to back down and threatens Blair. When she leaves, Blair tries to follow her but she gets the slip.

At the same time, Todd hallucinates Viki, who encourages him to escape, and Dorian, who tells him to stay put.

John finds evidence that doesn't look good for Michael. Because he's certain of Michael's innocence, however, he decides to keep it to himself. Michael, however, tells Bo about the evidence so John won't get into trouble.

Cristian becomes more and more worried that he could hurt Natalie. Asa and Kevin show the stubbornness of the Buchanan genes. They are more determined than ever to go to battle with the Chandlers for custody of Ace.

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