One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 4, 2005 on OLTL
Duke and Adriana escaped before Asa agreed to Carlo's demands. Tess forged Todd's signature. Dorian set a wedding date. Nora's HIV test was negative. Kelly turned to Spencer after Kevin revealed personal information to the doctor. John saved Natalie from the fire first, but the killer ran off with her again. Viki blamed Marcie for the killings.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 4, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, July 4, 2005

John follows the clues and information given by Marcie and heads to the love center to try to rescue Natalie and Evangeline who are currently tied to poles with a blazing pyre beneath them. As the drama at the love center unfolds, Marcie is filling Michael in on what happened in her book. Michael expresses his worry for Natalie and how he thinks she really is not as strong as she lets on. Marcie shows a bit of jealousy and points out that she thinks Natalie is strong enough when she needs to be. A call from the hospital pulls him a way from the argument and leaves Marcie there to wait for word from John. Bo, Kevin and Asa are meanwhile just a room away. After Asa fills Bo in on Carlo's demands, Bo has Carlo brought up to negotiate the safe return of Adriana and Duke; however, Adriana and Duke are working on an escape from their captors. The two stage a fight and in the commotion grab the men's guns and tie them up. After they finish Duke calls Asa and informs him not to go through with the negotiations after a brief talk with his father Asa tells Carlo that the deal is off because Duke and Adriana are safe. After making sure all is well with the Asa and Carlo situation, Bo heads to the Love Center to see what is going on. Before he leaves, he gives Viki a call to let her know the status of the search for Natalie.

Viki meanwhile is engaged in a conversation with Todd trying to find out where Jessica is. He initially refuses to tell her where Jess is because he wants to honor his promise to her. After pushing and vowing not to give up with out a fight Todd reluctantly agrees to tell her. Luckily for him the phone rings and it is Bo with is information on Natalie. This distracts Viki enough for Todd to avoid telling Viki the harsh truth behind Jessica's departure. She has moved on to worrying about her other daughter and is toying with the idea of going to the love center to see what is going on. Todd attempts to dissuade her, but Viki sneaks out while she has Todd making her some tea.

Jessica is still at Saint Ann's fighting Tess trying to find out the secret that caused her to split and trying to suppress Tess. Tess doesn't give up that easily though, she starts to reveal the secret to Jessica but Jessica ends up retreating and Tess takes control. She tries to take a nun's keys, but Addie sees Tess with the keys and blows her attempts at an escape. Recognizing Jessica's face, Addie starts talking to Tess and shows her the scrapbook she is working on. A rather unenthused Tess listens to Addie though she does find interest in one page in particular. It's Starr's report card with Blair and Todd's signatures on it. Shortly after this Todd receives a call from one of the Sisters at St. Ann's expressing her confusion that he signed Jessica out already. He informs her that he was never there then after being told that he signed the paper he rushes out of Viki's.

Back at the Love Center John is fighting to get to the girls in time. After finding bolt cutters he gets into the center he is faced with another obstacle though another set of doors are chained off and to the left another that is locked. He pries the door open and finds the girls tied to the stakes and notices Natalie is unconscious while Evangeline is struggling against the ropes binding her. He first cuts Natalie down and after ensuring she is out of harm's way he heads to Evangeline who is nearly unconscious after saving her Bo enters in and asks where Natalie is

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Natalie has been kidnapped from the Love Center. John discovers her bracelet and deduces that the killer stuffed her body down the laundry chute. Viki is near hysterics, but Bo steps in and escorts her back to Llanfair. Meanwhile, Evangeline is rushed to the hospital, where an anxious Michael is waiting to treat her. Mrs. Williamson arrives on the scene, on the verge of an emotional collapse. Michael orders her to stay outside but assures her that Van will be all right. John shows up at the hospital, and Michael tries to force him to have his hand examined; John explodes with impatience. Meanwhile, Lisa Williamson is finally allowed to see her daughter. Van tries to explain that she is alive because of John; however, Mrs. Williamson can't see past the fact that McBain saved Natalie first.

At the carriage house, Spencer is about to kiss Kelly when Kevin shows up. He wants to share the news about Natalie and Asa, so Spencer dismisses himself. Kelly is upset that Kevin was rude to Spencer, but she calms down when he explains his reason for dropping by. He tells his ex that she was the only person he wanted to be with after his rough day. He opens up even further, reminiscing about his horrible year, particularly the moment when he had to give up Ace. Finally, Kevin tells Kelly that she is the love of his life and that he doesn't want to let his ambition, or Asa's plans, or anything else stand between them ever again. A tearful Kelly is touched, but tells Kevin that they can't do this. She says that she's waited a long time to hear these words from him, but that she wants them to reunite based on their feelings, not on outside circumstances. Kevin asks her if she wanted to kiss Spencer, and Kelly avoids giving him a straight answer. He leaves the carriage house, very upset.

Meanwhile, Bo brings Viki home to Llanfair and hears a noise in the bushes. It's Spencer, who has made his way up from the carriage house. A glass breaks inside, and Bo and Spencer rush to Viki's side. She has dropped a glass, and her heart is acting up. Spencer intervenes and manages to get Viki into a relaxed state. She and Bo are grateful he showed up when he did, but Bo is also suspicious of his sudden ubiquity in Llanview. Spencer reminds Bo that he is a doctor and that he has done nothing wrong since coming to town.

David and Dorian enjoy a quiet evening by the pool. Dorian wants to know what David isn't telling her about his brother. David shares memories of growing up with Spencer, and the cons that their father pushed them into from a young age. Dorian is surprised to learn that David changed his name to Vickers; she had always assumed that Spencer was the one to change his name. She tells David that she feels she doesn't really know him, and he storms off. Dorian does some quick thinking, and when her lover comes back to the pool, she gets down on one knee and asks if he will marry her on August 19th. She chose August, because he came back into her life in August two years ago. David immediately accepts her proposal and leaves again, this time in a happy mood. Dorian makes a phone call, asking somebody to dig up all the information they can find on Dr. Spencer Truman.

Viki sits alone in the Llanfair library, looking at a photo album that includes pictures of Megan and Ben. She prays to God that Jessica and Natalie are all right, and that they come home to her soon.

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

At St. Ann's, Addie gives Todd an idea on how to find Jessica. Needing money but realizing she can't use Jessica's credit cards, Tess pickpockets a would-be suitor in a bar outside of Llanview. Although hurt, Evangeline tells John she understands why he rescued Natalie first. Evangeline points out some painful truths to John. John and Evangeline sadly part. Marcie tells John her original Killing Club journal has been stolen. The killer is seen with Marcie's journal. Kelly admits to Blair that she's torn between Kevin and Spencer. Spencer reads Kelly's medical records. Kevin makes it clear to Spencer that he wants Kelly back. Dorian continues trying to uncover Spencer's past.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Marcie visits the scene of the abduction/attempted murders; however Viki walks in shortly after as well and she's not too happy with Marcie. She tells Marcie that it's her fault for everything since her books put it all into motion with her book. She also points out that Marcie has been feeling sorry for herself when she really shouldn't because she is safe and not being held hostage by the Killing Club Killer. During the conversation Marcie points out that the burning at the stakes incident was not inspired by the book, but it was inspired by the original Killing Club journals. Viki expresses her mortification over the entire idea of plotting individual's deaths and writing it in journals. Marcie tells Viki she is not going to apologize because she knows it is not what she wants but does inform her that she is trying to help the police as best as she can. Shortly after, John walks in. Viki questions him on how the investigation is going but he informs her that they have not found her yet. After Viki leaves, Marcie asks if he thinks it's Marcie's fault he informs her that he thinks it is his. She offers her help with the case and making phone calls trying to find anything out. He willingly accepts and escorts her back to the police station to make some calls warning her about being out alone.

Rex is also dealing with guilt of his own. Lindsay shows up at Ultra Violet and he confesses to her about the plan to get John and Natalie together. He tells her how he feels that it is his fault that Natalie is in danger. She consoles him telling him how good of a person he has become and how he tried so hard to save her daughter's life. After the pep talk from Lindsay Rex feels better.

Tess decides to live it up in New York including a horse drawn carriage ride, which ends up cleaning her out completely. Just when she is looking for a lonely guy to treat her to dinner, she finds a very good-looking man in a very good looking and expensive car. This man is not like most though, even after laying her chars on as thickly as possible he turns her down flat and even tells her off. Tess doesn't take well to it and decides to help herself to his car after passing herself off as his wife.

Todd meanwhile is very worried about Jessica/Tess. He takes the note to Antonio though doubts it's a great idea. He tells Antonio how he feels about him and Antonio reciprocates. Todd breaks down and reads the note to Antonio but in the middle of it Viki walks in. Desperate for any information on Jessica that she can get, she asks Todd about Jess. Todd reassures her that her daughter should be all right, and then takes his leave, leaving Antonio and Viki to discuss Jess. Antonio wonders if it is a test and Viki informs him that Jess would not test him. Todd heads to the station to talk to BO. He demands he put out an APB for Jessica but doesn't want to tell him the whole story because he doesn't trust that he will keep the information from Viki. He reconsiders and leaves Bo to continue to his previous business. Right before Todd showed up he was talking to Nora who informed him that she took an HIV test. After a bit of worrying she gets the results : she is not HIV positive. After Todd left Antonio at Capricorn, Viki showed up and Antonio showed her the note and told her that he thinks Jess is ok but wishes he could do more.

The killer is going through pages of the original Killing Club journals plotting his (or her) next acts.

Friday, July 8, 2005

Evangeline comes back to the Love Center, where she stumbles upon John. He confesses to being worried sick about Natalie, and Van tells him to admit that he wishes she had been kidnapped instead. John denies this and once again tries to explain why he saved Natalie first: because she was unconscious. He maintains that the decision was not an emotional one, and Evangeline tells him that she does not blame him. They leave together and walk through the park, where John tells her that she is all he ever wanted. When she tells him to prove it, John kisses her long and hard. This unsettles Evangeline, who reminds him that his inability to tell her he loves her is what broke them up in the first place. Suddenly, Evangeline remembers that while the killer was preventing Natalie from climbing out the window, Evangeline heard footsteps upstairs in the house. She and John deduce that there is more than one killer, and John races off to the police station.

At the station, Roxy is livid that no one informed her that Natalie is missing. Bo and Rex receive the majority of her wrath, and Viki shows up in time to apologize on all of their behalf's. Roxy insists that she wasn't told because they don't think of her as Natalie's mother. She breaks down in tears, explaining that she always did the best she could for Nat and that they had come to depend on one another. Viki comforts Roxy, telling her that she can come by Llanfair any time she needs to talk. The two women remind each other how much Natalie loves both of them. Roxanne takes off, and Viki heads to the park where she stumbles upon Evangeline. Viki cradles the woman in her arms. Back at the station, John reveals to Bo and Rex that there is more than one killing club killer.

In a dark basement, a group of people are shown from the neck down, gathering around one man, who holds Marcie's original Killing Club journals. The man announces that in high school, no clique would accept them, not even the Killing Club. It appears from this scenario that there are multiple killers on the loose!

At Capricorn, David and Dorian meet with Whitney Lochlan, a renowned wedding planner. Whitney is quite stuffy and dismissive, and David is not too pleased with her. Spencer shows up at Capricorn, and David's discomfort grows. Dorian tells him that his attitude towards his brother is getting to be too much, and that her investigation turned up nothing but good things about Spencer. David is angry that she went poking around into his brother's past, but Dorian insists she did nothing wrong.

Adriana and Duke are back from Argentina, and Adriana stops by Capricorn to see her mother. Dorian proudly introduces her youngest daughter to Spencer. Duke and Kevin show up on the scene and Duke is also introduced to Spencer. Spencer is obviously intrigued by the Buchanans, but what is his secret?

Meanwhile, the devious doctor lets it slip to Kelly that Kevin told him about her fertility troubles. Kelly is hurt and rips into Kevin for his selfishness in revealing such a personal matter. Kevin tries to stammer an apology, but Kelly tells him that they are over. Spencer then invites Kelly out on a proper date, as Kevin stands by, wounded.

Nash uses his anti-thievery device to stop his car as Tess tries to drive away. He makes her get out of the car and reprimands her for her actions; however, he does not call the police. When Nash takes off, Tess hitches a ride in a jeep and has the driver follow Nash's vehicle. They tail him to a private party in the Hamptons, where Tess hops out of the jeep and marches in to the mansion. She mingles until she finds Nash, who once again rejects her advances. Not one to be dismissed easily, Tess works her way into the graces of Bruce, who happens to be the host of the party. Bruce is impressed with Tess's bravado and promptly anoints her the guest of honor. Nash is annoyed that Tess has worked her charms on Bruce. Meanwhile, Nash is trying to set up some kind of business deal with another man. He happens upon Tess once again, and this time she picks his pocket, procuring his wallet.

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