One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 19, 2006 on OLTL
Adriana's stalker attacked Rex. David accepted responsibility for killing John and Michael's father. John suspected there was more to the story. Bo was falsely accused of having a role in faking Margaret's death. Kelly tried to persuade Todd that Blair still loved him. Blair pretended to sleep as she listened to a conversation between Spencer and David.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 19, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, June 19, 2006

When asked if the man in the picture (Spencer) is the person who signed for Margaret's and the baby's body at the morgue, the morgue attendant points to Bo as the man who signed for their bodies. Bo becomes angry and gets in the man's face demanding that he tell the truth but the morgue attendant sticks to his story. A frustrated Bo lashes out and pins the attendant against the wall but ends up releasing him after he threatens to sue Bo and the police department for police brutality. Hugh leads the attendant away while John tries to reassure Bo that no one will believe the man's statement. Bo is concerned about the bad publicity that the police department will receive once the press gets a hold of the evidence against him.

Hugh tells John that the morgue attendant signed his statement regarding Bo and the bodies but with no witnesses to back up his claim, it will be easier to throw doubt on his account of what happened. John asks Hugh if he is really planning on charging Bo. Hugh admits that although he doesn't want to, based on the attendant's statement and Bo's signature on the documents he may be forced to bring Bo in for questioning or worse John may have to arrest Bo.

With Dr. Crosby and Antonio by her side, Jessica watches the video of herself and Norman Leeds. When the little girl in the tape says that she is Tess, Jessica realizes that she is really watching what Tess went through to protect Jessica. She begins to realize that instead of hating her alter, she should have been thanking her for what she endured to protect her. Unfortunately after watching the tape, Jessica still has no recollection of what happened to her. Even though she is watching herself, she feels as if she is watching it happen to someone else. Antonio suggests that they quit for the day but Jessica decides instead to watch the video alone without the safety of Antonio or Dr. Crosby in the room. Against Antonio's protests, Dr. Crosby agrees to respect Jessica's decision to watch the video alone.

Viki, Clint, and Natalie are on the patio anxiously waiting for Jessica to finish viewing the tape. Kevin just happens to stop by and is disappointed that the family didn't even bother calling him so that he could also support his sister during her crisis. Viki and Clint try to rationalize why he wasn't invited but Kevin assumes that it was due to his problem with the bottle. He assures them that he loves Jessica as much as they do and wants to be there for her. To Viki's dismay, Antonio and Dr. Crosby join them on the patio and inform them that Jessica has decided to watch the video alone. Viki is concerned about the re-emergence of Tess but Dr. Crosby lets them all know that this is a battle that Jessica will have to fight on her own.

After Clint tells Nash that Jessica is watching the video, Nash becomes concerned about the effect on Jessica and Tess. Clint tells Nash that no matter what happens he considers him family. Nash goes back to cleaning the cottage in Napa after his conversation with Clint. He imagines that Tess is there with him afraid that after Jessica views the tape she will cease to exist. Nash tries to reassure her that she is stronger than she thinks but Tess is not only concerned about her own existence but also how Jessica will handle the truth. Tess has protected Jessica for so long that she feels sorry for her now that she will have to face what happened. Nash tells Tess how much he needs her and how much he hates Reston for forcing him to leave her.

Against Adriana's wishes, Rex agrees to keep Claudia up to date on the Jess and Tess saga. Adriana accuses Rex of choosing money over his family and Rex accuses Adriana of being judgmental just like her mother. He tries to reason with Adriana that if he doesn't take the job, Claudia will just hire someone else who won't care who he or she hurts in their quest for information. Rex also tries to get Adriana to understand that he needs the money. Although she is still angry, Adriana is forced to table her argument with Rex in order to get ready for her photo shoot. As Rex and Claudia are finishing their business, Claudia gets a call from a distraught Nash who asks her where she is and when she is leaving for Napa since he is anxious to finish their business so that he can return to Tess.

Adriana becomes freaked out by the butterfly tattoo on the arm of the male model she is posing with. Rex grabs the model and accuses him of stalking Adriana for weeks now. When the model protests, Rex threatens to call the police and have him arrested. The model produces his passport which proves that on the night of the tornadoes when the stalker was in Rex's apartment, he was out of the country on a photo shoot. Rex releases him and apologizes for the accusation but the model storms out vowing never to work with Adriana again much to the dismay of the photographer. After Adriana confesses to Rex how much seeing that butterfly tattoo rattled her, he vows to do everything he can starting as soon as possible to find out who has been stalking her.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

As John and Michael look on, David pleads not guilty to Thomas McBain's murder. Hugh wants bail denied since he considers David to be a flight risk since not only does he have access to money but he was also just captured in Thailand. The judge denies Hugh's request but sets the bail at $1 million dollars to David's dismay. Before David is escorted back to jail, John asks for ten minutes alone with David so that Michael can say his piece. David agrees to five minutes during which Michael berates him for robbing him and John of their father. He tells David that although he was not as obsessed about finding out who killed his father as John but he does wonder now that he knows who the shooter is how David managed to live with himself all these years. Michael feels that David is a lowlife and there is probably no one who can say that their life was better because David was in it but Tom had a wife, children and was a decorated policeman. David apologizes to Michael for his loss and tells Michael that his life wasn't as unproductive as Michael believes. After Michael leaves, David finds out that someone has posted his bail.

A gloomy John returns to his apartment. When a news flash of David's not guilty verdict plays over the radio, John takes a bat to it and smashes it to pieces. Natalie arrives after receiving John's text message. She spies the damaged radio and inquires as to what happened. John fills her in on David's not guilty plea which doesn't surprise Natalie. John tells Natalie that he has spent his whole life wanting justice for his father's murder and now that it has arrived he doesn't feel any better.

Jessica tells her family that even after watching parts of the video by herself, she still feels as if what happened in the video happened to someone else. Jessica is relieved that Tess has not resurfaced and feels that she is gone but Viki reminds her otherwise. Dr. Crosby believes that Jessica is still not ready to deal with what happened and that is why she feels disconnected from the situation. She agrees to be hypnotized which alarms Viki, Clint, and Antonio but Dr. Crosby reminds them that it is Jessica's decision to make. While under hypnosis, Jessica reveals her fear that Tess is dead to Dr. Crosby but even under hypnosis she still cannot face what happened. Jessica decides that it is time to visit Norman Leeds.

Rex shows up at Llanfair to speak to Bo. He tells Bo that the attacks on Adriana are getting bolder and that he needs his help to find out who the stalker is since he considers Bo to be a great cop. Bo confides in Rex how he is being framed for the DNA match and the disappearance of the bodies believed to be Margaret and her son. Rex vows to help Bo clear his name but Bo once again pleads to Rex to let the police handle it. Rex thanks Bo for his concern and then warns him to stay out of his way while he hunts down evidence to clear Bo.

Adriana overhears her mother talking to her "fired" assistant Darryl about Adriana's incident during the photo shot. Dorian has to make a cover story when Adriana is insistent that Dorian hired Darryl to spy on her. Darryl tells Adriana that his mother decided to give him a second which makes her even more skeptical about their encounter. After Darryl leaves Dorian insists that she took Darryl back because a good personal assistant is hard to find and since she keeps him very busy with work, he doesn't have time to spy on Adriana. When Dorian makes a remark about Adriana and Rex having so many problems because they are from two different worlds, Adriana goes off in search of Rex to make things right between them but ends up making them worse when she almost tells Bo about Rex spying on Jessica.

Kelly pays Todd a visit and finds him getting dressed to leave even though he has not been released vowing to make everyone pay who wanted him dead especially Spencer. Kelly tries to convince Todd that Blair still loves him but Todd tells her that Blair is dead to him, although he later admits to still loving Blair. When Kelly is unsuccessful in getting Todd to get back in bed, she enlists Michael's help who finally convinces Todd to stay in the hospital for at least another day.

Spencer awakens Blair from a terrible nightmare that she is having. When he asks her if it was about Todd, she tells him that she was dreaming about him. She then tries unsuccessfully to get out of having sex with Spencer who is increasingly becoming suspicious of her behavior towards him. After Spencer falls asleep, Blair sneaks out of the bedroom and begins rummaging through his wallet. Spencer catches her and asks her what she is doing. Blair covers by telling him that she was going to order food for them. They end up downstairs in the restaurant where they run into Dorian who asks to speak with Blair alone. Dorian lets Blair in on her knowledge that Blair is having second thoughts about Spencer since she believes that Blair is also having second thoughts about Todd. Blair's denials fall on deaf ears before Dorian rushes off declaring that there is something that she has to take care of.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Evangeline is warmly welcomed to the gym by Cris, before his fight, much to the annoyance of Vincent. Cris is under contract to him now and he doesn't want his man subjected to any distractions; he needs to stay focused. Evangeline is an inspiration, not a distraction, Cris assures him. When she conveys her disappointment due to losing some clients because of her blindness, he in turn encourages her, urging her to remember the rush of the courtroom. Layla flirts with Vincent and Rex bets against Cris, which irks Adriana. She doesn't understand that Rex is merely going with the odds due to Cris' injured hand.

Claudia arrives in California and shows up on Nash's doorstep early. He greets her fresh from the shower and with nothing more than a towel wrapped around him. She advises him that she can't be played and that his method is therefore not effective. She assures him that she wasn't followed by her father's men and agrees to a tour of the winery. Afterwards, she regrets that she can't sign the contract to loan him the money as she doesn't have it and would need to get it from her father. He shows her proof of Reston's threats against his daughter, in the form of the note left in the baby's crib. She believes it to be fake and asks for more proof. While there she receives a call from Rex, advising that there's been no sign of Tess. When she leaves, she vows to win Nash back, even if it means selling out her father.

Jess insists on visiting Norman Leeds and waits behind as her parents go into his room first. The man is not awake and both Viki and Clint voice their hatred of him while holding each other back from conducting physical harm to the man. When Jess steps into the room, she suddenly has a flashback and is able to recall everything up to actually being in the house with the man. He begins to stir as she tells him off and warns him that he will burn in hell. She asks to be taken to the bar where she met the man and leaves with her parents. Antonio stays behind to voice his own hateful thoughts to the man. Suddenly, he goes into cardiac arrest and cannot be saved. At the bar, Jess has more flashbacks and encounters Rose, another of Leeds' victims. The girl denies anything happening to her but comes to accept it when Jess calmly talks to her, suggesting that she talk to others and seek help.

The fight starts and Layla provides play by play for Evangeline. Cris has a difficult fight and is knocked out. Adriana again thinks she's face to face with her stalker when Dorian's assistant mentions "floating like a butterfly" in reference to Cris' moves in the ring.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Paige awakens from a nightmare to find Bo sitting by her bedside. He tells her that Todd is alive. Paige wonders how and then confesses to Bo about helping Spencer deliver Margaret's baby. Bo can't believe that Paige knew that Margaret was alive and sat back while Todd was prosecuted for a crime he didn't commit. Paige says that she was hoping that somehow Todd would get off. She then goes on to explain to a disbelieving Bo that she was on her way to tell everything the night of Todd's execution; the night of her accident. Bo informs her that Todd was executed and it was only due to a miracle that John got to the prison in time for Todd's life to be saved. Paige is remorseful for her actions but swears that she kept silent due to the evidence that Spencer set up to make everyone believe Bo railroaded Todd. Paige informs Bo that Spencer has got it in for the Bo and the whole Buchanan clan and that he won't stop until he destroys them.

While Bo is visiting with Paige, Hugh is paying Nora a visit and discussing with her the new twist that Todd's case has taken. He tells her how he made a mistake when he went after Todd the way he did and now there is evidence that suggests that Bo signed the autopsy report and went to a morgue to get two bodies to plant as Margaret and her baby. Nora tells Hugh that if he wants to help Bo then he needs to play by the book and ask Bo for his badge. Hugh steps outside of Nora's room when he gets a call from Bo asking him to meet him at the station because he has something to give him.

John, Natalie, Spencer, Dorian, and Blair end up at the same nightclub. Spencer invites Dorian to sit with him and Blair so that they can talk while Natalie and John keep a watchful eye on the situation. To everyone's surprise, David shows up after having just been released on bail. John and Natalie are angry that David is allowed to walk around free after committing murder. David sits at Spencer's table and questions Blair as to why she is still hanging around Spencer when the father of her spawn has just been found innocent and brought back from the dead. Blair wants to know who posted David's bail believing it was Dorian as does David until Spencer reveals himself as the one who posted his brother's bail. Before taking her leave, Dorian warns David to be careful of the company he keeps while enjoying his temporary freedom. David reveals to Spencer that he has decided to be a man once and for all and plead guilty for taking the life of a good and honest man.

Viki visits with Todd and is dismayed to learn that he has revenge on his mind. He vows to get back at Blair for turning her back on him and calling him a murderer in front of his children. Viki reminds Todd that he has a second at life unlike Duke who will never hold a girl's hand or have a family to love. She implores Todd to forgive Blair and put his family back together but Todd tells her that they were over the day he saw her and Spencer together at the cabin. Viki tells Todd that she sees him becoming the vengeful and hateful man that he used to be and that she can't watch him destroy himself. Viki leaves with Todd calling after her.

Cristian is on the verge of losing his fight when Evangeline finds her way to the side of the ring and encourages him to get up and keep fighting. Thanks to Evangeline's words and support, Cris gets up and knocks his opponent out. Vince asks Cris and Evangeline to have a drink with him and Layla to celebrate Cris' win but Evangeline says that they have plans. After changing his clothes, Cris wants to know what their plans are but Evangeline reveals that she made that up to get out of hanging out with Vince. Cris takes Evangeline back to his place so that they can paint together. A skeptical Evangeline wonders how she can help Cris paint when she can't see but Cris tells her to trust him as he takes her hand and helps her draw an arc. While getting more brushes, Cris begins to feel pain in his hand again and keeps it a secret when Evangeline asks him what's wrong. He pulls her into a passionate embrace.

Vince and Layla run into Natalie and John at the nightclub. When Vince pretends as though he doesn't know her, Natalie reveals to John that it was Vince who led them to David. Vince and John have a heated discussion about Vince's assistance with finding his father's killer as Layla and Natalie try to keep them from coming to blows. Unfortunately, Vince goes a little too far when he makes a comment about how John shouldn't send Natalie out to do his dirty anymore because someone might snatch her up right out from under him. John attacks Vince and warns him to stay away from him and especially from Natalie.

Adriana thinks that Darryl may be her stalker but Rex tells her that there is a witness who can put Darryl at the club during the time that Adriana was attacked. She asks him how much money he lost after betting against Cristian and Rex tells her that he lost big but hopefully he will get that money back from Claudia unless Bo stops him from spying on Jessica. Adriana apologizes again for spilling the beans to Bo but Rex tells her that they are going to have their disagreements and that it's okay. Adriana playfully tosses Rex into the pool and when Rex leaves to find a towel to dry off, Adriana is attacked by a masked man. Rex hears her screaming and gets the man off of Adriana. The stalker turns on Rex and begins to drown him in the pool.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Adriana sat back sobbing and whining for the stalker to "please stop it!" as he continually forced Rex's head underwater in the pool. Finally, when the bubbles stopped coming up, she grabbed a towel, wrapped it around the assailant's neck and pulled him off Rex. The stalker fled and Adriana pulled Rex out of the pool. Rex caught his breath and said that he'd get Bo to help them track down the stalker, but Adriana was worried that if Dorian finds out about the stalker she'll never let her out of her sight. Rex agreed to hold off on telling the police, but said he'll spend the night to protect her, sleeping on the couch. Rex bent down and picked up a butterfly cut-out off the ground.

Cristian and Evangeline got hot and heavy and then Cristian suggested that they "make love." When Evangeline hedged, Cristian told her she was brilliant and beautiful, then whispered something in her ear that made her giggle. "I really want you, too," she said. "But would it kill you, would it make you crazy if we just wait a little bit longer?" Cristian agreed to wait and "bask in the yearning" for a little while if that's what Evangeline wanted.

Natalie pulled John off of Vincent and they left together and went up to the roof. John was upset with himself for losing his temper. He again mentioned how he doesn't feel redemption even though now they have a suspect in his father's murder and will probably win a conviction. They decided to shut out their troubles, lie back on the roof and look up at the stars together. They dozed off and John had a dream about being in the execution chamber with David strapped to the chair, about to be put to death, telling him that he's got the wrong guy.

Vincent poured champagne for himself and Layla. She told him how she never liked John or Natalie ever since Natalie broke up John and Evangeline and broke her sister's heart. When Layla stepped away, Vincent talked to his thug associate about how he bet against Cristian in the last fight and how they need to make sure that he doesn't again get inspiration from Evangeline and win the next one.

Bo thanked Hugh for standing by him even with the mayor breathing down his neck. Bo then turned in his gun and his badge. "You've got to treat me like any other suspect," Bo said. Hugh lamented not being able to pin things on Spencer. Bo called Evangeline and asked her to come to his office. He asked her to be his defense attorney. Evangeline said that she'd help, but can't be the lead attorney for him. She said it's because she's still struggling with her blindness. "I can't risk your freedom to take on this case by myself," she said. Bo told her that he believes that she is the best attorney available. She said he was wrong.

As Spencer left with Blair he told David to meet in his room in 30 minutes. Then he took Blair up to his room and gave her a sleeping pill when she said she was suffering from insomnia of late. Blair pretended to take the pill and then faked falling asleep. Spencer leaned over her and called her name in her ear to see if she'd respond. When she didn't, he assumed she was out cold. A moment later David stopped by. Spencer told David he has to plead not guilty. He told David the evidence against him is flimsy, but David said he doesn't want to live with it over his head any more. Spencer told David to trust him and just plead not guilty. He reminded David how he's protected him for 25 years, but David said it was more like he's held the murder over his head for 25 years. Blair sat back listening to it all. David said fine, he'd plead not guilty and trust Spencer to make sure he gets off. Spencer went back into the bedroom where Blair had already laid back down pretending to sleep.

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