One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 28, 2007 on OLTL
Viki was unable to be a liver donor for Jessica, despite being a match. Jessica recorded a video for her daughter in the event the worst happened. Despite the odds, Antonio was the only acceptable donor. Marty recalled murdering Spencer. Miles took extreme measures to win Marty's heart. Blair received a mysterious phone call.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 28, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, May 28, 2007

Nash, Viki and Clint's hearts break as they watch Jessica record a video in which she says goodbye to her daughter in case she doesn't survive. Viki feels for Antonio when she runs into him at the diner. Antonio tells Carlotta that he needs to get away from all the betrayal that's surrounding him and has decided to leave Llanview for parts unknown with Jamie and may never return. Paige believes she has good news for Jessica and her family. Wanting to score points with Clint, Dorian blackmails David into having his blood tested to see if he could be a match for Jessica. John remains concerned about Marty. Marty meets with Dr. Young to try to decipher the disturbing dream that's been plaguing her and experiences an astounding breakthrough. Miles turns to Jordan for more advice on how to win Marty. John and Talia get a break in their hate crimes investigation. Starr is stricken when she sees Cole and Britney on a date at the movies. Cristian is more than happy to try rescue Starr from further heartache but she demonstrates just how mature she really is. Starr is heartbroken as she watches Cole with Britney.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Paige delivers the ironic news to Jessica that out of all the donors tested, Antonio has the only liver that her body will accept. Viki and Clint seek out Antonio only to learn from Cristian and Carlotta that he left town and doesn't want to be found. Roxy tries to bolster Jessica in her own unique way. Nash refuses to allow Jessica to give up hope as he vows to find Antonio and bring him back to Llanview. Dr. Young is hesitant to validate Marty's belief that Marty murdered Spencer and offers other possibilities for her disturbing memories. Marty, however, remains certain that she is the killer and is at wits end over what to do next. Miles is clearly up to something when he meets with Dr. Young. John and Talia share their latest findings with Bo and Nora and believe they are on the right track to determining the origin of the OPP attacker. Nora is grateful to have some positive news to share with her son. Tate continues to try to manipulate Adriana's feelings but she voices her faith in Rex. Meanwhile, Rex questions a former friend of Tate's but doesn't feel as though he's learned anything useful before the meeting comes to an abrupt end. Adriana finds out that Rex is still digging for dirt on Tate.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

David is surprised to get a visit from Marty, especially after she asks him why he confessed to killing Spencer when he didn't do it. David assumes Marty's been talking to Dorian, but Marty insists she hasn't. He then asks her why she thinks he didn't kill Spencer. She tells him that she doesn't think he has the guts to murder someone, and he counters by saying that she doesn't know him as well as she thinks she does. Then Marty lists reasons David couldn't be a murderer, including the fact that he's lazy. David finally confesses that he didn't kill Spencer. He starts to ask Marty why she's there, but then he realizes that she's the guilty one. Marty's shocked that he'd come to this conclusion, but he explains that she feels guilty because she prevented Spencer from doing jail time. Marty then realizes that the only reason David would be confessing to a crime he didn't commit is for money. David tries to deny that fact, but isn't all that convincing. Before going back to his cell, he tells Marty to just let it go, but she tells him that she can't.

Bo and John give the mayor an update on the progress of the arson case, and tell him about the bird symbol showing up at each crime scene. They also mention that they have a connection between OPP and a Wyoming camp and are following up on all the leads they can. The mayor wants them to work harder and faster to nab the arsonist and he wants a press conference whenever they get any good news. He then leaves Bo's office.

Later, John asks an officer to try to track down any information he can about OPP in Wyoming. The mayor comes back to ask him some questions, but John takes a phone call instead. He hears from the guard at Statesville that David had two visitors. One is Dorian, and before the guard can tell him the other, the mayor hangs the phone up for John. The mayor says that he's more important than any work John might be doing. John stands up to the mayor and tells his secretary to forward all reports to the mayor's office. The mayor leaves with a warning that things aren't finished between them.

As John tries to get Statesville back on the phone, Marty comes in looking for him because she has something important to tell him.

When Rex enters Adriana's apartment, he's confused as to why she seems upset with him. She confronts him with the fact that he met with one of Tate's high school friends behind her back, and he has no choice but to admit it. Rex tries to convince her that something feels off about Tate, but he can't put his finger on what it is. Adriana refuses to believe him and thinks that Tate has nothing to hide. Rex is adamant about checking on Tate's background some more, which just makes Adriana madder. She wonders if he's ever told her the truth since he told her that he was going to stop looking into Tate's past. Rex explains that his gut is telling him that Tate is bad news, and Adriana compares what Rex is doing to what Dorian did to "protect" her. He tries to convince her that he's trying to protect her because he loves her. She then tells him that she can't love him and that their relationship is over. Rex asks for another chance, but Adriana refuses because the trust she had for him is gone. Adriana asks Rex to leave, but before he does, he tells her that nothing will ever stop him from loving her.

Afterwards, Rex goes to Bo for advice on what to do about Adriana. He then realizes that he shouldn't be bothering Bo in the middle of the big arson investigation. Bo tells him to stay put because he could use a little break. After listening to Rex's problems, he tells Rex to give Adriana some space. Rex declares Bo a genius when it comes to women. Rex takes Bo's advice and is about to leave when Bo asks him what kind of evidence he found on Tate. Rex mentions that Tate and his father went to some camp in Wyoming and came back totally changed people. After Rex leaves, Bo starts to put this information together with the arson case.

Miles follows the psychiatrist into her office and she asks him what he'd like to talk about. As he eyes Marty's session tape, he says that he'd like to talk about a woman. The doctor puts a fresh tape into her recorder, and they begin their session. Miles starts off by showing her what he used to look like and how he owes his new life to Spencer. She asks him how he likes his life now, and he thinks it's wonderful, except that he can't get the woman he wants to love him. She asks him if he can accept a woman not loving him, and he says that he can't and will make this woman love him. The doctor tells Miles that he can't make someone fall in love with him, but he's sure that he can try. Just then the office phone rings. The doctor has to step out for a bit. After she leaves the office, Miles jumps up and gets into the locked cabinet where Marty's tape is stored. As he's replacing the tape and putting the key away, the doctor walks back in and asks him what he's doing. He covers, saying that he was just turning off the tape recorder. The doctor offers to continue to see Miles, which he accepts. He also tells her that he's helped her more than she even knows, as he fondles the tape in his pocket.

As Cristian is unsuccessfully trying to call Antonio, it's shown that he's in Barcelona with Jamie. She tells him that she wants to go home to Jessica. Antonio tries to explain to Jamie why they can't go back to Llanview. He starts to get a bit flustered when he hears a knock at the door. Thinking it's the driver he hired, he opens the door, and is surprised to find Nash there. He tries to close the door on Nash, but Nash slips through. Antonio sends Jamie to watch a DVD, and then threatens to call security to haul Nash away. Nash refuses to leave and tells Antonio that he needs Antonio's help to save Jessica's life. He tells Antonio that Jess needs a liver donor, but Antonio interrupts him saying that he already knows all this. As Antonio goes on, Nash interrupts him telling him that he's a match for Jessica. Antonio feigns reluctance to go through with the procedure because there are risks for the donor and because he's a single parent. Nash counters with the offer to give up Jessica if Antonio donates a piece of his liver. Antonio says he'll go through with the procedure without taking Jessica back because it's the right thing to do. He adds that if everything turns out well, he wants nothing more to do with Nash and Jessica.

Michael walks up to Viki and Clint and asks them if they've heard from Antonio yet, which they haven't. Viki is getting frustrated because she knows Jessica is in the ICU because she's dying. Clint assures her that Jessica won't die and reminds her that loads of people are looking for Antonio. She reiterates her idea of using her liver, but Michael soundly refuses that option. Cristian comes by and tells them that he hasn't been able to reach Antonio. Viki gets even more worried, but Clint is confident that they'll be able to track Antonio down. Viki and Clint go into Jessica's room and ask her if Cris can visit with her. They then let him in and give them some privacy.

When Cristian comes in, Jessica starts to apologize to him, but Cris won't let her finish. He assures her that they'll find Antonio, and that he'll work things out with Antonio. Jess wonders how he can't hate her for pushing Antonio away. He tells her that he hates that Antonio got hurt but could never hate Jessica.

Outside Jessica's room, Viki worries about Antonio being so angry with Jessica that he'll refuse to help her out. Then Clint and Viki reminisce about Jessica's first junior high dance.

Michael comes back to Jess's room to take her for another round of tests. He tells Jess that she should get some rest afterwards. She then says that she feels like she could sleep forever, which scares Viki and Clint. Cristian leaves to continue trying to find Antonio. Michael tells Viki and Clint that the tests will take about an hour, so they should take some time to leave and get something to eat. As they're talking, Jessica's monitors start beeping and the nurse says that Jessica is failing.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

At Capricorn to rehearse a new song, Blair wants to help Cris out in some way as he sits and stares into space. Life around him is a mess with his brother gone and not talking to him, a racist out to kill him and his ex-girlfriend dying. No one can help him, he tells her. When Layla arrives from the hospital with Vincent and announces no change, Cris admits to Blair that he still loves Evangeline. They ask each other if they'd go back and start over with their loved ones. Though they had a brief moment that felt like old times in Chicago, Blair feels that there are "...too many wounds to heal" between her and Todd. Cris decides that he will tell Evangeline he loves her and never stopped. Blair practices her song and they drink a toast to things getting better. Vincent hangs with Layla and tries to comfort her as she reminisces and cries. He wants to take her home, just to make sure that she's safe. She can call him anytime if she needs him, he offers.

Miles gets back to the hotel and plays the stolen tape; he hears Marty's confession to killing Spencer.

At the police station Marty starts to confess to John but they're interrupted by Bo who wants to fill John in on a new lead in the arsonist case. Apparently Rex inadvertently stumbled upon a tip when he learned that Tate went to a camp in Wyoming and returned changed. Could it be a coincidence? John wonders how it could be Tate, in such public view, but Bo suggests that he can "hide in plain sight." He promises not to tell the mayor. While waiting for John, Marty receives a call from Miles, demanding that she see him right away regarding Spencer's murder. When John returns, he's surprised to find Marty gone.

Jess begins to crash and Viki and Clint learn that she's having kidney failure. She receives an emergency dialysis but things don't look good. In the meantime, Antonio, Jamie and Nash head back to Llanview. Antonio tells Nash that he may not have Jess forever. After all, he says, she promised to love him and she walked out on him. The same could happen to Nash. Nash retorts that he's more concerned with the fact that Jess is dying. He realizes it's a tough situation for Antonio and feels badly for what he's going through and understands. Antonio insists that he's returning and donating his liver because it's the right thing to do. Nash is finally able to reach Clint via telephone and learns that Jess is in danger of complete breakdown. Clint only hopes that the couple of hours it'll take for them to get back to Llanview will be soon enough. Jess is handed the phone and Nash urges her to hang on. They profess their love for each other and Jess asks to speak to Antonio. She apologizes to him as she hates asking him to be her donor. He tells her not to be sorry, that he wants to help. She will always be grateful, she tells him. Clint takes the phone and begs him to hurry. He and Viki beg their daughter to wait for Antonio. Unfortunately, there's a problem; there are heavy thunderstorms in the vicinity and the plane's arrival will have to be delayed.

John runs into Cole at the coffee shop as he's rehearsing his lines for the musical. He begs off helping run lines and suggests he find a girl to help him. He'd rather just see the show one time, he confesses. Cole swears he's staying away from girls for now. In answer to John's question about Marty's whereabouts, Cole only heard from her that she had a meeting to go to. He actually asks about the status of John's and Marty's friendship and learns from the detective that they're just friends. No surprise there, the boy replies. John is in no way like his dad, though he was hoping. Cole just goes on and on and then stops in embarrassment, asking the detective to forget the whole conversation. They admit that they like talking to each other though. Cole will tell his mom that John was looking for her, as McBain leaves her a message.

Marty gets to Miles' suite and hears her taped confession. Wondering how he got his hands on it, Miles will only say that "it fell into my possession." She assures him that she will turn herself in and was about to confess to John when he called. He's extremely upset that she killed his best friend but she misinterprets what he's saying. Surprisingly, he tells her she must not confess to the police because what would happen to her son if she does? He begs her to keep quiet. His best friend is dead but he loves her. In return he wants her undying gratitude and her hand in marriage. He'll keep her secret.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Antonio and Nash fear they won't get to Llanview in time to save Jessica as her health continues to deteriorate. Viki and Dorian's animosity is temporarily shelved in the face of tragedy. Jessica's devastated family looks on as the priest delivers last rites. Marty can't believe what Miles is suggesting and doesn't think this is the kind of person he truly is. Miles tortures Marty with his ultimatum and gives her twenty four hours to decide her fate. Michael and Marcie exasperate John when they relentlessly push him towards Marty. One of Blair's private investigators quits the case as he believes Todd either disappeared on purpose or is dead. Blair refuses to give up her belief that Todd is alive and is somewhat bolstered when she receives a mysterious phone call.

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