One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 22, 2007 on OLTL
Todd teamed up with John while Michael was arrested for perjury. Marcie headed to Georgia. Jared and Sarah grew closer as Cristian and Natalie voiced their dislike for the relationship. Jessica and Nash made a plan. Blair offered to be Langston's foster mother, given her own experiences growing up. The reading of Asa's will was set to take place in Texas.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 22, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, October 22, 2007

Ramsey is frustrated by Ron's refusal to cooperate. Ron manages to tell Michael that Marcie is okay, but that she's determined to never return to Llanview. Marcie reminisces about happy times as she sets out on her new life, while John has a surprising proposition for Todd.

Cristian and Sarah enjoy some casual flirting, but Cristian drops her like a hot potato when Layla calls with news about Evangeline. Meanwhile, Jared proves he won't be bought off by Natalie. Cristian and Natalie can't hide their displeasure when they see Jared cozying up to Sarah.

Dorian wants Bo to pull some strings so Langston can come home with her instead of spending the night at a Social Services facility. Seeing Dorian's genuine concern for Langston, Bo makes a call, but is unable to make it happen. Dorian later vows to Langston that she'll bring her home, as Marty and Blair discuss being mothers and their past.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Marty is surprised to learn that John and Todd will be traveling together in their search for Marcie and Tommy and fears John could jeopardize his future by getting involved with the investigation while suspended from the force. Blair is equally shocked when Todd reveals the change in plans and worries that he and John will end up killing each other. John and Marty share a goodbye kiss. Blair is wistful as she prays for Todd's safe return with his son. Michael's plan to go along with John and Todd come to a screeching halt when he's arrested for perjury. Nash and Jessica try to drive Jared out of the cottage by being annoying but he stands his ground. Meanwhile, Cristian warns Sarah not to get involved with Jared but she turns the tables and accuses Cristian of being jealous. Cristian is relieved when Sarah lets the matter drop. Miles thinks it's obvious that Natalie is in denial about her feelings for Jared. Natalie arrives at the cottage to tell Jared he won't be going out with Sarah but Jared challenges that Natalie is only upset because he's not going out with her. Roxy likes what she sees when she drops in on Miles. Roxy and Miles decide to fulfill their community service sentences together.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Starr, Cole, and Markko talk about missing Langston, who is living in a group home and has been assigned to a new school. Langston shows up and asks them to hide her. She doesn't like the group home or the new school, and she ran away. Markko says he'll run away with her. Langston says he can't do that. Cole and Starr agree, despite the fact that the two of them ran away together once. Starr says Langston can't stay at school. Markko and Cole's parents would call social services if they brought her home. Starr points out her parents don't play by the rules, so Starr will cut school and Langston should come home with her. The girls sneak out of school. Markko tells Cole that he will think of a way to help Langston and Cole has an idea how.

Dorian is on the phone, still trying to become Langston's foster parent. Blair arrives and they talk about Dorian's frustration; Dorian wants Blair to take over, because she knows what it's like to be a foster child. Blair asks Dorian if she wants to help Langston because she feels guilty about not being there for Blair. Dorian says Blair should be Langston's foster mother. Blair says she can't. She has two other children and Todd's baby to raise. Dorian says to forget it. Ms. Woodrow the social worker arrives to tell them Langston is missing. Dorian yells at Ms. Woodrow for losing Langston. Ms. Woodrow asks if anyone, including Starr, has heard from Langston. She sits down to wait until Starr comes home. Dorian asks Ms. Woodrow how long the fostering process takes. Starr and Langston run into the parlor and ask Dorian for help, realizing too late that Ms. Woodrow is sitting right there. Langston says she is not going back to the group home. Blair volunteers to be her foster mother. Ms. Woodrow says that's not the way it works. Langston says she doesn't know if she live with the Mannings.

Michael is arrested for perjury. John asks to see the arrest warrant. Todd pokes at Michael, trying to get a rise out of him. Michael tells Todd that Marcie will never give their son to Todd. Michael says he can convince Marcie to give up Tommy. John says the arrest warrant is valid and Madison starts to arrest Michael. Todd intervenes. Madison has orders and Todd asks if they need to be carried out right this moment. John suggests calling the DAs office and asking if they need to do it right now. John asks Todd what he's up to and Todd says they need Michael, and gets Marty to agree. Todd wants to get going to find his son. Michael asks if there's anything John can do so Michael can go with the two of them. John can't do anything, so Michael asks him for a favor. He wants John to convince Marcie to give Tommy back, and then he wants John to let Marcie go. John says he didn't know that was part of the plan. Marty has done a psychological profile on Marcie, where she might run to. Nora arrives, angry at Todd because first he wanted Michael arrested and now he wants the arrest put on hold. Nora apologizes to John that she didn't let him know the arrest was today, out of professional courtesy, but she has to go forward with it. Michael is arrested; John volunteers to go with him to the station. Michael says absolutely not, that John has more important things to do. Marty asks Todd to think about what is best for Tommy. John gives Michael a hug and Marty volunteers to go to the station with Michael. John tells Todd that before they go anywhere they have to get a few things straight. They start yelling at each other and pointing fingers, with John saying that Todd isn't going to hurt anyone this time. Todd asks sarcastically if they're going to be the Hardy Boys, and John snaps, "Yeah, we are."

Viki is working as a waitress at a diner in Paris, Texas. Moe has Viki taste the dinner special and she shares some cooking tips. Gigi arrives. Moe threatens that if she's late again, she'll be fired. Gigi says she has a situation with her boyfriend Shane. Viki wonders if she needs some help with her situation. Gigi's got it covered: she has a lottery ticket. Gigi's ticket does not win, but in between fighting with Moe, she talks about what it would be like to have a ton of money. Viki tells her that wealthy people have problems of their own. Natalie calls Viki at the diner, thinking she is in Paris, France. Natalie wants her to come home, and wonders what she's doing there. Jessica and Natalie tease Viki.

Renee, Nora, and Clint are looking at photo albums and remembering Asa. Matthew arrives, wanting to go to school. Nora says he should wait one more day because he was sick, and he agrees to keep Renee company. The phone rings: it's Asa's attorney Beaver Calhoun calling to arrange the reading of Asa's will. Clint asks Renee if it's too soon. Nora gets a call from the DA's office. Renee says it is too soon and everyone else should go without her. Clint says Asa wanted the whole family there. Nora has to go to work. Renee changes her mind and agrees to go. Clint tells her the meeting is going to be at the ranch in Texas. Clint and Nigel talk about plans to go to Texas. Everyone leaves, and Nigel announces that Jared is here to see Renee. Jared has been worried about Renee, and stopped by to give her flowers. Renee is overwhelmed. Jared talks about hunting for an apartment. Renee invites Jared to look through the photo albums. Jared declines, but says he would like to check in on her from time to time. He goes to leave, and Renee invites him to live at the mansion.

Jessica, Natalie, and Nash try to irritate Jared by playing annoying kids' music. They are throwing a Halloween party with a bunch of kids, who are getting into everything. After the party, Jared tries to clean up the mess the kids made, including peanut butter and jelly on his laptop. Jared has had enough and yells at them. Nash and Jessica tell Jared that they are thinking of opening a day care center right at the vineyard. Natalie says it's nice to see Jared freaking out for once. Jessica takes a call and says she doesn't mind if the twins come over. Jared has had enough and leaves. Natalie takes Bree for her nap. Jess asks Nash what's wrong. He hates Jared. Jessica tells him just to stick with the plan. Natalie, Jessica, and Jared talk about how stupid Sarah is to be interested in Jared.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The girls talk to Viki in "Paris" and Nat offers to come visit for a weekend. When Clint shows up at the vineyard, Viki avoids having to discuss the visit when Nat has to hang up. Asa's will is going to be read and Jess, Nash and Nat learn that they must fly to his ranch in Texas in order to hear it. They're all ready to go. They fill Clint in on Jared, sort of, leaving out many of the details. After he leaves, Jess explains that she didn't want him to know that Tess had created another problem for them. They are a little concerned to leave Jared alone. Viki's co-worker is surprised to learn that she has 4 children. She asks for advice on dealing with an ex-husband when she learns that Viki is still friendly with hers.

Jared seems speechless at Renee's suggestion that he move into the Buchanan mansion. Bo, who is just arriving, thinks it's a crazy idea to extend such an invitation to a complete stranger, who showed up at a time that seems a little too convenient. What does he want? Renee is offended, as she feels she's able to read people; she sees Jared as good people and she likes him. Jared tries to refuse and Nigel quickly offers to show him out. Renee states that if Jared doesn't accept, he will have to leave and never come back. She asks him to take a walk with her and tells the other two that it's none of their business. They figure he's a gold digger who is looking to be "lord of the manor." When Clint gets there, he again hears more suspect news about Jared, however, when Renee and the young man return, she doesn't want to hear anything. Jared agrees to move in, promising to be respectful. He admired Asa a great deal, he says. Nigel agrees to keep an eye on him and Bo, admitting that he cannot go to Texas and leave a frail Lindsay alone, will do a check on him and keep watch as well. He has a bad feeling.

Marcie and Tommy stop at a restaurant in Virginia, where the envelope from Ron is opened. There is an untold amount of money in there, probably all of his savings, Marcie figures. There is also a letter, directing Marcie to drive to Decatur, Ga and look up a friend who will take care of her. She is also directed to destroy the letter to prevent any accidental sightings and she burns it in an ashtray. She also removes her wedding ring.

John and Todd follow a lead from Warren, John's FBI agent friend. They question the state trooper who pulled Marcie over, though he is suspicious and asks for ID when an overzealous Todd starts showing her picture. When he goes off to check them out first, John is able to text Warren to ask him to play along, which the agent does. When he comes back with the validation, the trooper is able to respond to them but isn't much help. It might have been her, he states, but her hair was darker. Todd doctors the picture with a pen but the trooper is still not sure. He has nothing written up, merely giving the woman a warning. He mentions that they were headed for Florida and perks up when Todd refers to Tommy by name. He recalls that the little boy's name was Aaron but the woman called him Tommy. He provides them with Marcie's new name and the description of the car she was driving. The guys decide to head south and maybe end up in Georgia during the first leg of their journey. John warns Todd to behave during future encounters.

Langston is flabbergasted by Blair's offer to take her in and at first the caseworker thinks it's crazy. Blair and Dorian, who is very proud of her niece, talk privately. Blair saw Langston's face and having personal experience in foster homes just made her have to do it. She thinks Langston is just scared. Dorian is concerned about Todd's consent but Blair feels able to handle it. Meanwhile, Langston and Starr talk too; the girl just feels weird, it's Starr's family, not hers. When all is said and done, Ms. Woodrow agrees to check with her supervisor after Blair's impassioned plea. Langston will be welcomed with love, just as Todd's baby will be. Langston needs a real home and she has someone who is willing and wanting to have her. The proper channels have to be followed and Langston must go back to the group home for now, but the caseworker agrees to give her support. It's official and the "4" Kramer women have a group hug.

Friday, October 26, 2007

At the Bonjour Café, Viki waits on a stranger in town named Charlie. Moe and Gigi argue relentlessly. While Charlie is a little taken back by the arguing, Viki appears to be enjoying her new surroundings. Charlie asks Viki help in ordering his meal; Viki obliges. Gigi teases Viki about her interaction with Charlie. Gigi tells Viki Charlie is an attractive guy; Viki claims to have not noticed.

At Capricorn, Natalie questions Cris concerning Sarah's whereabouts. Cris is well aware that Natalie knows Sarah and Jared are on a date at the Palace. Natalie attempts to convince Cris that Jared and Sarah's relationship does not bother her because she turned down his advances. Natalie explains to Cris that she actually feels sorry for Sarah because Jared is only interested in her because she (Natalie) turned him down. Natalie blames Cris for not talking Sarah out of dating Jared. Cris tells Natalie that he believes Sarah is only going out with Jared in order to prove something to them. Natalie tries to convince Cris to accompany her to the Palace in order to keep an eye on Sarah. Cris wants no part in this and attempts to persuade Natalie to mind her business. Natalie explains that Jared is out to get her family and she will not allow him to do so. Natalie questions whether Cris cares if Sarah gets hurt; he finally agrees to go with her to the Palace.

Jared and Sarah enjoy dinner at the Palace; they discuss Cris and Natalie's concern about their friendship. Jared questions Sarah about her career as a singer. She informs him that part of her life is over; bigger and better things are on the horizon. Sarah is surprised with Jared's fascination and knowledge of Asa and the Buchanan family. Sarah expresses her sadness over not being close to her family for so long. Upon hearing news that Asa's will is being read in Texas, Jared's interest is peaked. Sarah informs Jared that she would like to discuss the real reason why he asked her on a date. Jared admits that he loves the fact that their relationship is driving Natalie crazy, but reveals to Sarah that he is very much attracted to her. Sarah and Jared smile slyly at one another as they observe Natalie and Cris enter the Palace. As Natalie and Cris sit at a nearby table and attempt to be inconspicuous, Jared suggests to Sarah that they put on a show for them and takes her hand. Sarah plays along. As Cris becomes upset, Natalie calms him down by telling him that they are putting on a show for their benefit. Jared tells Sarah that Natalie and Cris are jealous of their relationship; they share a passionate kiss as a very upset Natalie and Cris watch.

While driving through Charlotte, North Carolina searching for Marcie, John and Todd continuously argue with one another. John tells Todd he does not deserve to have a child. Todd is positive that John does not want him to be reunited with his son. John is convinced that Todd does not care about what is best for Tommy. Todd is concerned whether or not John will turn on him once Marcie is found. Todd tells John if he was such a horrible person he could have never raised such great children. Todd explains to John that he has no idea of the relationship he has with Starr and Jack. John reminds him of giving Jack away to strangers as a baby and trying to kill Margaret while she was pregnant with Tommy. Todd tells John that he made things up to Jack and will do the same with Tommy. John admits to Todd that he did not reveal Tommy's true identity in order to protect Michael and Marcie. John vows to get Todd his son back in the way that would lease hurt Tommy; he advises Todd to become a better person once Tommy is returned.

Meanwhile in Decatur, Georgia, Marcie arrives at the bar she was instructed to go to in Ron's letter. The bartender informs her that she must leave the bar because Tommy is a minor, until a friend of Ron's named Harvey intercedes. Harvey is a friend of Marcie's brother Eric. Harvey tells Marcie that Eric has already contacted him and informed him of her situation. Marcie admits to Harvey that being on the run has taken a toll on her and she is unsure of how long she can continue. Harvey assures Marcie that she and Aaron are in good hands and he is willing to do whatever he can to protect her. Because Harvey realizes that Marcie is exhausted, he offers to take her back to his place so that she can get some sleep before getting back on the road. Marcie opts to stay and watch Harvey perform.

Antonio and Jamie visit Carlotta at the diner. Antonio informs his mother that Jamie asked to go trick or treating with Bree and he is saddened that he could not give her the impossible request. Carlotta tells her son that Jessica and Bree are part of his past and that he must continue to move forward. Talia takes a break from her undercover work and decides to stop by the diner. Talia becomes rattled when Jamie mistakes her undercover hooker outfit as a clown costume for Halloween. Talia apologizes to Carlotta and Antonio for entering the diner in her attire. Talia expresses her humiliation to Antonio. Jamie asks her to accompany them trick or treating since she is already in costume. Antonio attempts to persuade Talia to join him and Jamie for the night; Talia is reluctant because of her outfit. Antonio tells her that he will take care of everything.

Antonio provides Talia with a shirt from the diner and he dresses as a waiter. The two take Jamie out for a night of trick or treating. Charlie tells Viki he will be in town for awhile and is looking for a place to stay. Viki suggests that he take a room in the hotel where she is staying nearby; Charlie agrees and says he hopes they will be neighbors. Cris and Natalie are stunned by Sarah and Jared's public display of affection. An upset Cris grabs Natalie and plants a long kiss on her. Jared reacts by kissing Sarah again. The two couples sit across from one another embracing and passionately kissing. John receives a phone call. He asks where Ramsey is headed. He is told Decatur, Georgia. John informs Todd that he believes his lead on Ramsey may be wrong. As Marcie and Tommy sit at a table in the bar, she tells Tommy that everything will be alright. While Marcie is faced in the opposite direction, Ramsey enters Faces bar. He identifies himself as an FBI agent and presents the bartender with a photograph of Marcie. An unaware Marcie plays with Tommy a few feet away.

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