One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 11, 2011 on OLTL
Sam identified the man with the scar as the man who had killed Agent Kent. The man with the scar wore a superhero costume to Sam's party. Baz was suspicious of both Todd and Tomás after learning about CIA files on them. Nate agreed to do Rick's porn film, but he tried to keep Deanna from getting involved in it. Viki realized that Echo was responsible for trying to ruin David and Dorian's marriage.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 11, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, July 11, 2011

David returned to La Boulaie and ran into Dorian by the pool. He advised her that he wouldn't give up on their relationship, but he was shocked when Dorian turned and pointed a gun at him. She told him how easy it would be for her to pull the trigger. David was aware that Dorian was angry, but there hadn't been an affair, David stated adamantly. Dorian disagreed, because she had evidence.

Dorian had intercepted a package addressed to David that had included a note and the gun. She accused David and Ionia of plotting to get rid of her. "I'm onto you. Sayonara, Vickerman," Dorian called out as David began to back up. Suddenly, he tripped over a foot. "Dorian, could you come here a second?" David asked. They wondered about the man who was lying in the bushes.

Dorian suggested that David feel for a pulse. He knelt down and checked. He assured Dorian that the man was dead, and he was certain that Dorian had killed the man. David called the police. He hoped that Dorian had a good explanation for them.

On the floor at Llanfair, Viki found the shattered frame that held the photo of her and Todd. She stepped outside and called out, but no one answered her. She continued to ask whether someone was there, while the man with Todd's original face hid. He muttered to himself that he could trust Viki. Before he was able to make his move, Bree ran outside to tell Viki that she'd heard Natalie and Jessica fighting. "Please make them stop," the little girl begged her grandmother.

The man was still using Agent Kent's phone, and it began to ring. The person on the other end demanded to know why Kent hadn't checked in at the office and provided an updated report. The man, pretending to be Kent, claimed that he'd had travel problems. The caller ordered Kent to reveal his code. "What are you wearing?" the man finally asked. The caller demanded to be told what had happened to Kent.

The man affirmed that he'd killed Kent as practice, "for when I get my hands on you." The caller inquired about the man's location, and the man stated that he was in a little town where he'd met a kid named Sam. The boy had told him about lots of people, and the boy had a father named Todd Manning. The man added, "I'm like no way. His father can't be Todd Manning, because I'm Todd Manning!"

The man wondered who could be walking around as Todd Manning, and he thought the best thing would be to ask Viki about it. The caller suggested that the man leave Todd's family out of it, because the caller couldn't guarantee their safety. The man vowed that he would kill the caller, just like Kent, if Todd's family members were hurt.

Natalie revealed to Jessica that she and Brody were in a relationship. Natalie felt that she owed her sister the truth. "Why start now?" Jessica retorted. Jessica assured Natalie that she wouldn't cry over it, and she accused Natalie of stealing Brody. Natalie insisted that she'd never meant to hurt Jessica. Natalie was unable to admit that she loved Brody though, only that she had a connection with him due to their child.

Jessica reminded her sister that she'd had a connection with Brody once too. Natalie declared that Jessica had destroyed things on her own, because she hadn't been able to accept Brody's mistakes. Natalie accused Jessica of taking a "vacation from reality" when she'd dropped everyone from her life, but Jessica complained that it hadn't been her fault. Natalie advised her that life had continued; it hadn't stopped just because Jessica had removed herself from it.

Natalie swore that she would always love Jessica, but she wouldn't be the excuse that Jessica wanted for everything that had happened. Natalie also wouldn't allow Jessica to take her happiness away. Jessica accused Natalie of wanting Tess to return so that Natalie wouldn't feel guilty. Natalie retorted that she probably liked Tess better anyway. Jessica rolled up her sleeve and slugged Natalie in the eye, just as Viki appeared.

Viki was appalled, though Jessica insisted that Natalie had deserved it. Natalie was a bitch, and she was seeing Brody, Jessica stated. Viki advised the women that Bree had heard the two arguing, and she'd been upset. Jessica took off for the little girl's bedroom in order to console her. Viki wanted to talk to Natalie, but Natalie was eager to get to work. She was sick of the entire thing, and she asserted that everything was not her fault. She, Brody, and Liam were a family, and no one could stop them, Natalie announced.

Jessica returned to Viki after Natalie had gone, and she revealed that she'd apologized to Bree. Jessica was aware that she would have to figure out how to deal with her anger. She only knew that there would be no more Tess to do it. She wondered if Tina had treated Viki in the same manner. Viki acknowledged that she and Tina had lots of problems, but they would always be sisters.

Jessica admitted that she'd felt like Natalie had just been waiting to "swoop in" and take Brody away. Viki advised her daughter that it took more than one person to be in a relationship. Jessica believed that Natalie should have just left Brody alone.

John showed Brody the photo of the tape recorder and noted that the recorder was missing from the evidence compiled after Gigi's murder. According to the log, Brody had been the last person to view the evidence, and John wondered if Brody might be familiar with it. Brody pulled the bagged recorder from his pocket. John was annoyed and demanded that Brody explain why he had the recorder in his possession.

Brody explained that he had seen the recorder among the evidence, and he was certain that it was the same recorder that Natalie had carried when she'd argued with Marty on the roof. The men discussed the possibility. Brody declared that he had listened to the tape, and he wanted John to do the same.

Brody turned on the recorder, and the men heard nothing but complete silence. They were interrupted when another police officer walked in to tell them about a phone call. The mayor's husband had called regarding a shooting at La Boulaie, and it was possible that the mayor had been the one to shoot someone.

At the Sun, Jack begged his father to reveal the secret about John, but Todd refused. He wanted Jack to prove "you're my kid," with his actions, but Jack admitted that he thought his stint at the office was merely for some bonding time. Todd had to keep an eye on Jack around the clock, Todd informed his son. Jack wondered how Todd could get any work done, and he suggested that Todd give him lessons on how to act like Todd. Jack assumed that Todd's secret was stupid anyway.

Todd advised his son that there was no need to be like him, especially because so many people hated Todd. He had done some horrible things. Jack replied that he wouldn't make the same mistakes as Todd, but Todd noted that Jack wasn't off to a very good start. Jack asked for pointers, and he thought that he should have something that he could use to negotiate over with John, should the need arise.

Todd agreed and had a lesson for Jack. "When in doubt, shut the hell up. Especially when dealing with cops and chicks. Information is power." Todd always wanted something in return before he disclosed any secret. It had to be of equal or greater value, he explained. Todd was already aware that the something from Jack would be of greater value, because he and Jack would be allies. He handed Jack an envelope.

Jack pulled out a document and looked at it. It was Liam's paternity information. Todd announced that he was holding onto the information until it was needed, but they needed to get to work. Some unknown Japanese company had outbid Todd for a satellite, and he wanted Jack to research that company. It was called Origami Cogs. Jack exclaimed that he had no idea how to go about it, and Todd lost his temper. He was certain Jack was able to use the Internet.

Starr arrived at Capricorn and found Téa and Blair commiserating over a bottle and some bar food. The older women took turns explaining how they'd visited Rex to extend their sympathy, but they had found Rex to be angry. They understood and realized that Rex and Shane needed time. Blair announced that she would keep Jack away from them, and Téa suggested that they all keep a low profile. Starr informed Blair that there were other problems to contend with.

Starr believed that Sam had been acting strangely and had claimed to be talking to a man at their pool. Blair advised her daughter that it was normal and harmless to have an imaginary friend, and Téa concurred. Starr advised them that Sam had mentioned a line on the man's face, and she pointed to her own face in order to show the women the placement of the scar.

Blair thought that Starr was making too big of a deal over it, though she noted that Todd's original face had a scar in the very same place. Starr agreed that it meant something. Blair remembered that Sam had been looking at old photos of Todd when he'd been out at the pool. He'd probably made his imaginary friend to resemble his dad, because Todd hadn't been spending very much time with Sam. Blair assumed that the little boy probably still had one of those old photos in his custody.

Starr admitted that her mother was probably right, and Blair gloated that her daughter had finally agreed with her on something. Starr thought that they should talk to Sam, anyway, but Blair recalled how Starr had spoken about the man on the wheel when she'd been younger. Starr failed to see the similarity, as she reminded her mother that the man had turned out to be real. Starr had a bad feeling about Sam, and she planned to talk to him.

At the mansion, Echo overheard Rex as he vowed to hurt Téa and Blair. She hoped that he didn't mean it. Rex was short with her and advised her that he didn't want her interference. Echo insisted that Rex tell her what was happening, because she knew that Rex was after the women. Rex referred to Téa and Blair as co-conspirators in Gigi's death, and Echo disagreed with him. She didn't think the assessment was fair.

Rex suggested that she ask Shane about fair, but Echo replied that there were other ways to get back at the women, besides causing them physical harm. Rex assured Echo that Téa and Blair would watch as Todd and Jack were ruined, and that was his plan. Rex had plotted to go after Todd's holdings and wallet. Echo wasn't sure that Rex would be able to do that, because Rex didn't have the experience that Todd did.

Rex explained that he would continue to set up new subsidiaries of Buchanan Enterprises, and Todd wouldn't be able to get any information on those companies. Rex had hired a specialist, and his tracks were covered. Rex had already done some business as Origami Cogs. Echo thought it was an interesting name, and Rex revealed that the letters were an anagram for Gigi Morasco.

Echo was impressed. "Let me know if you need any help," she told her son. Rex thanked her for "threatening to interfere." He was glad that someone had actually cared about him. Once Echo had gone, Rex turned to Gigi's photograph on the mantel. "Hope she bought all that. Cause you and me, we know the truth. One way or another, Blair and Téa are gonna feel what you felt," Rex promised.

John and Brody showed up at La Boulaie to investigate the shooting. Dorian told them that she had no idea who the dead man was, and David proclaimed that Dorian had been holding a gun. After some investigation, John announced that the gun used in the killing was not the same gun that Dorian had waved around. Dorian was happy that John had proclaimed her to be innocent, but she thought that David should be arrested instead.

Dorian informed John that David was guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, and he'd been involved in a plot with Ionia to kill her. Dorian showed John the letter. David contended that someone was setting him up, and he was innocent. John suggested the couple "sort out" their issues.

After the police were gone, Dorian and David continued to argue. David declared his love for Dorian, and he called her his "passion flower." Dorian ordered David to pack his things and get out of La Boulaie.

Todd arrived at Llanfair and found Viki cleaning up the remnants of the broken picture frame that had contained a photo of the two of them. Todd wondered if he'd done something to irritate Viki. She replied that he hadn't angered her recently. Todd was her brother and she would always love him, Viki added.

Todd suggested that she remove the photo of Todd with the original face from another picture frame and replace it with the newer one. Viki refused; she loved the old photo too. She admitted that she had no idea who had broken the frame. The man, who had almost started inside until he saw Todd, listened from outside.

Natalie arrived and walked into John's office, looking for him. The office was empty, but she spotted the tape recorder on John's desk. "What is my tape recorder doing here?" she asked. Natalie was confused, but she began to have flashbacks. "Oh, my God, it's finally coming back. I remember," she declared.

Natalie quickly had one flashback after another, and she was surprised when John returned. She asked him why the recorder was evidence in Gigi's case, because Natalie had been in possession of the recorder on the roof. John disclosed that he had no idea why Gigi had had the object or where she had obtained it. He had listened to it and thought that Natalie should ask Brody what was on the tape. Just then, Brody walked into the office.

Jack sat at a computer at the Sun and unsuccessfully tried to obtain information on Origami Cogs. Everything that he typed into the search engines revealed that nothing was found. Frustrated, Jack headed for the office door. He'd had enough. The man with Todd's original face was on the other side of the door, just about to go inside.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The man with Todd's original face approached Todd's office at the Sun as Jack started to head out of the same office to pick up some snacks. Jack stopped short though; he decided that he couldn't give up on his search for information on Origami Cogs. Outside of the office door, Vimal found the man peering inside, and he demanded to know what the man was doing.

The man introduced himself as Nicholas Kent, and Vimal revealed that he was Todd's new associate. Vimal wanted the man to provide some identification, or he would have to call security. He asked the man if he had an appointment. The man stated that he was the trash collector, and he didn't need an appointment. He hadn't wanted to disturb Mr. Manning, and he had stood looking inside to see if the boss might be there.

The man advised Vimal that he had been at the company since the first day, and he was responsible for the paper's first issue. Vimal apologized for being gruff, and the men shook hands. Vimal explained that Todd didn't like to be disturbed, and the man agreed that he was familiar with that. Inside the office, Jack decided that he wanted to get some snacks, after all, and he walked past the two men who were standing in the hallway.

The man entered Todd's office and locked the door. He looked at the framed and blown up copies of former front pages, and he sat at Todd's desk. He looked at the family photos that adorned the desk, and he was displeased. He began to have flashbacks to a former life. "You think you can just take my life, Mr. Manning?" the man wondered. He was determined to learn who Todd really was. Jack returned with his snacks and found the door locked.

The man searched the Internet for some kind of clue as Jack fumbled with his key and made his way into the office. "Mr. Manning, I presume," the man said as he ran to hide. Jack's arms were laden with snack machine packages. The man hit Jack on the head from behind, and he didn't realize that it was Jack until after the boy fell to the floor.

The man was upset and called out to Jack. He was sorry; he hadn't known it was Jack. The teenager was unaware of what was going on, and he called out for his dad.

Bo paid a visit to Rex at the mansion and apologized for not being around for Gigi's funeral service. Matthew had been relocated to another hospital after having a setback, Bo explained. He thought that Rex looked different in some way, and Bo was mystified about Rex trading Gigi's heart for Clint's assets. "It's not you, Balsom," Bo added.

Rex stated that he'd changed, that he had learned that the world was cruel, and he needed money to exist in that world. He had to protect Shane after what had happened to Gigi because of Jack. Bo replied that Jack would eventually learn his lesson the hard way. "If there's any justice," Rex retorted. "What's this really all about, Balsom?" Bo asked.

Bo thought there was something else that didn't fit, and Rex mentioned that John suspected that Todd had paid off Brad's father. Rex felt that he couldn't be blamed for wanting to protect his son. Bo was sorry that at times money corrupted the system. Bo pointed out that he had money, but that didn't always protect people. He noted all of the problems that Matthew had gone through. He didn't want Rex to change because of what had happened.

Rex didn't agree with Bo. He hadn't been able to protect his family, and Gigi had been murdered. Bo asked whether Rex wanted to even the score. Rex informed Bo that Téa and Blair had visited him on the pretense of extending their sympathies, but he figured they were more relieved that Jack hadn't been held for Gigi's murder. Rex wondered where the women had been during the time that Jack had bullied Shane.

Gigi was dead, and Shane was troubled, Rex concluded. Bo agreed that they'd been through some terrible times, and this was the worst. Bo added that he understood Rex's behavior, as Bo had shut down after his own son had died. He'd pushed everyone away and had almost died himself. He didn't want that to happen to Rex. Rage was really grief trying to get out, Bo maintained. Rex would only hurt himself.

Bo believed that the others would get what they deserved, and he was certain that Gigi wouldn't approve of Rex's behavior. Besides, Shane needed Rex, too, Bo pronounced. Bo wondered whether Rex had heard him. Rex swore that he had, but Bo asked whether Rex had actually listened to him. Rex admitted that he couldn't drop it, because a murderer had walked free. It had dishonored Gigi, he added.

Rex was angry and wondered if Bo had forgotten what had happened to his own son. He suggested that Bo give advice after the person who had hurt Matthew went free too. Bo said contact him if Rex wanted help, but Rex was beyond words. "Just go," he yelled at Bo. Once the older man was gone, Rex sank to the floor. He was despondent.

In John's office at the police station, Natalie questioned Brody about Gigi having possession of the tape recorder that Natalie herself had held on the rooftop. She wondered why John had suggested she ask Brody about what was heard on the tape. Brody explained that he'd been going over the evidence found on the floor where Gigi had been located. He'd listened to the tape, but it was blank.

Natalie was confused. She recalled listening to the tape, and while she couldn't remember what had been on it, she was certain that she and Marty wouldn't have fought over a blank tape. Brody suggested that it was possible that it hadn't been the same device, or maybe Marty had erased it. John sat and listened to the conversation thoughtfully, observing Brody and Natalie closely. Brody demanded to understand why John had told Natalie to ask Brody about the tape when John had listened to it himself.

Brody was on the defensive, and he wondered why John was trying to make him look like "the bad guy." John pointed out that no one could understand why a blank tape would be so important. Natalie added that Brody had been aware that she and Marty had been fighting over the tape, and she wondered why he'd never said anything to her about finding it.

Brody explained that he'd found the recorder after he'd seen Natalie. They'd probably never find out who had erased it. Natalie was certain that she'd heard something on the tape, and John recalled that Natalie had run to John to tell him about it. They'd never gotten around to talking about it. Brody didn't think it mattered any longer, especially because Liam was back at home. He wanted to forget it.

Natalie didn't think any of it made sense. She was aware that Gigi had been heading off to her wedding, and there would have been no reason for her to be carrying a blank tape around. Natalie wanted to know what had happened after the evidence had been collected. John explained that he'd been present when the evidence had been tagged, and after that, Brody had been the one to deal with all of it.

Brody was angry. "Would you get off my back?" he shouted. He hadn't erased the tape, and he wondered why he and Natalie couldn't just move on. John recapped that Marty had killed someone, Todd had helped Marty get away, and Todd had gotten Jack off. Brody mentioned the body they'd found at La Boulaie, and John thought that all roads led to Todd. He gave the pair their orders.

John wanted research done on the new victim and Todd. After Brody and Natalie left the office, John picked up the bagged recorder and looked thoughtfully in Brody's direction.

At La Boulaie, Dorian demanded that David leave the premises. David continued to plead his case, explaining that he loved Dorian and would never cheat on her. He was sure that someone was setting him up, and if Dorian couldn't accept it, he wanted her to shoot him. He couldn't live without her. Dorian replied that she would have shot him when she'd had the chance, if they hadn't spotted the dead body first.

David couldn't believe it. He reminded her of Clint setting him up when David had been held prisoner in the Moroccan jail. He thought it was the same thing. Dorian ordered him to go, as Blair arrived with a copy of the Sun in her hands. Blair had seen the photos of David and Ionia in the paper. "These aren't real, are they?" Blair asked her aunt. Blair couldn't believe that they were.

"A picture is worth a thousand words," Dorian declared. She added that David insisted the whole thing was a setup, but Dorian had the bikini top that Ionia had left behind, along with the note and gun sent in a package. David had also accused Dorian of using the gun. Blair was totally confused, and more so after Dorian mentioned the dead body they'd found on the property. Blair demanded that Dorian provide more information, especially because Blair had children who lived at the house.

Dorian was more concerned with her split with David, and she continued to go on about her state of affairs. Blair had questions, though, and Dorian stopped to inform her that no one knew who the dead man was. Blair thought the man could be Sam's friend, and she agreed that she should prepare her children for questioning. Blair told Dorian about Sam's imaginary friend, and she asked if the dead man had a scar on his face.

Dorian was not aware of whether he'd had a scar, and Blair admitted she was worried about Sam. Dorian suggested that Sam had been the killer, which wouldn't surprise her, because he was the son of "Mad Margaret and Twisted Todd." Dorian also suggested that the boy had chatted with the killer, and not the dead man. Blair was concerned that her son might have met a killer, but Dorian switched the subject back to David.

Blair believed David's affair was indeed a setup. Dorian thought that Blair should talk to Sam, and Blair concurred.

Baz found Starr staring forlornly at her laptop at Capricorn, where they'd arranged to meet to work on their music. Starr explained that it was an old photo of herself with her father, and Baz was puzzled. Starr explained that it had been her father's old face, prior to his having plastic surgery. He'd disappeared for a while, but when he had returned, she'd been the only one to realize it was him. The two of them had been close.

Starr spoke about her childhood, and Baz noted that he hadn't been able to enjoy what Starr had. He thought it was too late to make it up with his own father. Starr further explained that Sam had an imaginary friend, who had a line or scar across his face. Her little brother hadn't been familiar with Todd prior to the plastic surgery. She guessed Sam could have seen pictures.

"So how come you don't buy it?" Baz inquired. He realized that Starr didn't believe the friend was fake. Starr admitted she should listen to her mother's opinion that Sam had made the friend up. Baz was aware that Starr didn't believe the man was made-up, but Starr insisted there could be no other explanation. "Anything's possible," Baz replied. Starr realized that she would have to find out on her own if the man were real.

Starr and Baz worked on their music, and they both agreed it had turned out extremely well. Baz thought it was good enough to "take on the road." Starr looked at the old photo of herself and her dad again, after she was finished with Baz.

At Llanfair, Todd tried to guess who had broken the picture frame that held the photo of Viki and Todd. He didn't like the new frame that Viki had replaced it with, and he thought the photo with his old face had a nicer frame. "Old face, new face, I still love you," Viki replied. Viki told him that she honestly didn't know who had broken the frame, but she was beginning to think that it really hadn't been an accident.

Viki had locked the doors, and when she'd returned, the doors had been opened. The broken frame had been on the floor. Viki had gone outside and called out, and she'd believed that someone had been watching her. Todd repeated it all back, and Viki sheepishly agreed it sounded ridiculous. She'd just had a feeling that someone else was there. David arrived with a couple of suitcases and called out for Viki.

David revealed that he'd been locked out of house and heart, and he blamed Todd for printing the photos. Todd denied that he was to blame, especially if David wanted to cheat. David agreed, and Todd announced that he had to leave to check on Jack at the office. Todd advised Viki that he would let her know the details of Sam's birthday party.

David proclaimed that Viki was the one to blame instead, because Viki could have convinced Dorian that David wasn't cheating. David was ready to move in, but Viki didn't think it was a good idea. David mentioned the dead body found at La Boulaie, but Viki found it difficult to get details. David was focused on the end of his relationship with Dorian.

Viki didn't think David should move in if he were cheating on Dorian. David agreed that the photos were real, but they were "not what they seem." He explained that Ionia had broken onto his property and had thrown herself at him. He had no connection to the woman other than the movie they'd filmed. He was sure it was a setup and wondered who could have given the photos to Todd.

David stated that he'd dreamed of Dorian when he had been in the prison, and that was what had gotten him through that ordeal. He'd never cheat on her, David repeated. He began to cry. "I think she's lost without me," David sobbed. Viki was sure that Dorian wouldn't listen to her. David insisted that he'd never do what Charlie had done to Viki.

David wanted Viki to find out who was setting him up, because she had the ability to do so. Someone was ruining his life and Dorian's, David said as he began to cry again. Viki agreed to help David.

Todd returned to the newspaper, and the first person he saw was Vimal. Todd was angry and grabbed his new associate. He ordered him to find a new satellite to buy. Todd stormed into his office and found Jack lying on the floor. The man hid and managed to sneak out as Todd was concentrating on his son. "I think someone knocked me out," Jack reported. "Did you see who it was?" Todd asked.

Jack explained that he had left the office for a few minutes to get some food and had returned and found the door locked. Someone had hit him from behind after he'd walked inside. Todd phoned security as Jack sat at the computer. He realized that it wasn't the way he'd left it, and he advised his dad that someone had done something to it.

Todd was beginning to realize that something was going on. Someone had broken into Viki's place, too, he told his son. "I know who's doing this to us," Todd announced. He believed it was Origami Cogs. Jack informed his father that he still hadn't been able to locate any information on the company.

Vimal encountered the man out in the hallway again. He asked the man to clean up his office too. "Still lots of trash in there," the man motioned to Todd's office. He hadn't finished with it yet.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jessica opened the front door of Llanfair to Ford. She coldly reminded him that he'd have to call if he wanted to see Ryder. He gave a file folder to her, but she threw it back at him. She couldn't believe he'd gotten a court order. She demanded that he leave, but he asked her to read the papers before she got hysterical. He entered the house, and Jessica apologized. He explained that the papers were a sample agreement, and that she could change whatever she wanted.

Ford continued that he wanted visitation rights with Ryder, but no more problems with Jessica's family. He promised to be flexible with the agreement. Jessica apologized for how she'd acted, and admitted that she'd had a very bad day the day before. She'd found out that Natalie and Brody were together. Ford admitted that he'd heard about the situation. Jessica was just happy that it hadn't broken her "into a million pieces," and that Tess hadn't returned. Ford confessed that, "I really wish she had."

Ford apologized, because he knew that Jessica probably didn't want to hear how much he missed Tess. However, Jessica encouraged him to go on. She wanted to know what had made Ford fall in love with Tess. Ford had hated Tess at first, but had started to notice how smart and funny she was. "When she loves you," he started, "you feel it in your soul." He realized that he needed to accept the fact that Tess was gone.

Jessica gave the papers back to Ford, and said that the proposed agreement was fine with her. Ford and Jessica agreed that Ford would get Ryder the next day. He turned to leave as Ryder's cries were heard over the baby monitor. Jessica offered for Ford to check on Ryder with her. A surprised Ford happily agreed, and the two went up the stairs together.

Nora hung up the phone, and told Bo that Matthew had had a good night at the rehab center. Nora hated that Matthew was so far away, but Bo reminded her that Philadelphia wasn't that far away. Nora was desperate to figure out what had happened to Matthew. Nora remembered that Matthew had told her and Bo that someone else had known about Matthew killing Eddie. She surmised that the person Matthew had tried to talk about was the same person who'd hurt him.

Nora didn't know what to do with her time since she wasn't at Matthew's bedside constantly. She wanted to do "what we do best," and get justice for Matthew. Bo agreed to treat it like any other case, so the two began to make a timeline of the night Matthew had gotten hurt. They knew that someone other than Destiny had to have visited, and determined that their living room was the crime scene.

Nora said that, since they hadn't been at the apartment very much, none of the evidence would be contaminated. The two began to look all over the apartment. Nora found a mango-flavored gum wrapper between the sofa cushions. She talked out loud and said that neither she nor Bo chewed gum, and Matthew hated mango. She figured that the gum wrapper either belonged to Destiny, or to the person who'd hurt Matthew.

Destiny ate breakfast in the diner with Shaun and Vivian. Shaun was happy to see that Destiny finally had an appetite. Destiny wanted to talk about something else, so Vivian suggested teen pregnancy. A surprised Destiny dropped her silverware, as Vivian explained her new teen pregnancy support group to Destiny. Vivian gave Destiny a pamphlet, and continued that Destiny would make a perfect volunteer. As Destiny tried to give excuses as to why she couldn't help, she suddenly felt sick, and ran to the bathroom.

Vivian thought that she shouldn't have pressured Destiny into volunteering. Shaun knew that Destiny was just stressed out over Matthew. He knew that she'd "had a thing" for Matthew, but the two were best friends. Destiny returned, and explained that she had probably eaten too fast. Shaun had to go to work, but told Destiny to stay with Vivian. When Shaun was gone, Destiny said that she had to leave as well. Vivian stopped Destiny, and told her that she could talk to Vivian about anything. Destiny left, and Vivian curiously looked at her teen pregnancy pamphlet.

At the diner, Deanna gave a money-filled envelope to the lawyer who had the information about her mother. The lawyer instructed her that she would need to do better if she wanted to find her mother. She had worked hard for the money, so she pleaded with the lawyer for one clue. The lawyer spat that, if Deanna wanted any information, she'd have to keep washing cars.

On the phone, Dani again apologized to Nate for not telling him that Matthew had killed Eddie. Nate bumped into Rick, who asked if Nate was ready to make a movie. Dani wondered who Nate was talking to, but Nate said he'd call her later. Dani asked if Nate was still going to Sam's birthday party, but realized that he'd already hung up.

Rick told Nate that a crew was all ready to make the movie. Nate wanted more time to make his decision. Rick's phone rang, and he walked away to take the call. Nate entered the diner, as Deanna's lawyer walked out. He sat down with Deanna, who told him that the lawyer wouldn't take the down payment. Noticing that Nate looked distressed, she wondered what was wrong. He told her that Rick was outside, and had pestered Nate about doing the movie. Nate didn't think he had a choice in the matter, because he thought that Bo and Nora would obsess over how Matthew had gotten hurt.

Deanna suggested that there was a way out of doing the movie that she and Nate hadn't yet thought of. She thought that, even if Bo and Nora found out that Nate had hurt Matthew, Nate still knew that Matthew had killed Eddie. However, Nate didn't want to blackmail the Buchanans. Rick appeared, and the three moved to the kitchen for privacy.

Nate told Rick that he would do the movie, but that he didn't want Deanna involved. He took out a piece of mango-flavored gum, and tensely chewed on it. Nate told Rick that he couldn't force Nate and Deanna to do anything. "Or maybe I can," Rick said, and produced a file folder stuffed with papers.

Tomas was putting breakfast on the table as he muttered that Baz's loud music was "atonal crap." "That's my atonal crap," Baz shot back as he entered the room. Tomas went on about taste in music being subjective, and told his son to sit down for breakfast. He explained that he'd made one of his mother's specialties, as he put on classical piano music. Baz thought that the music was "pretentious crap."

Tomas informed Baz that the music was Tomas playing when he'd first started out, but Baz wanted to agree that they would never understand each other's music. As they argued over the music, Dani entered and demanded that they stop. Tomas invited her to sit down to breakfast, but she'd already eaten. Baz added that he hated eggs, so Tomas went upstairs to get Téa to eat.

Baz asked Dani what was wrong, because she'd looked "weird" when she arrived at the house. She had just been wondering why Nate had hung up on her for no reason. Changing the subject, Dani wondered what was going on with Baz and Tomas. Baz admitted that they were getting used to each other as father and son. Dani related that she and Todd had needed to get used to each other as well.

Baz wondered if Dani had known Todd when he'd had his old face, but she hadn't. He told her that Starr had been talking about how Todd had looked in the past. He thought it would be strange to have a father show up looking like a completely different person. Baz had to go, but assured Dani not to worry about the phone call with Nate.

A short while later, Dani answered a knock on the door to Destiny. "I have something to tell you," Destiny said urgently.

Todd and Téa lay in bed, and Todd tried to kiss Téa. She told Todd to stop, claiming that she had a headache. He reminded her that she'd had a headache every night, and wondered what he could do to make it go away. He believed that she couldn't stay angry at him forever for what he'd done for Jack. Todd confided that Jack's mistakes scared Todd, so he just wanted his wife's support. She wanted to be on Todd's side, but didn't agree with his illegal actions.

Todd told Téa that she'd known what she was getting into when she'd married him. He insisted that he was the same person she'd fallen in love with. "Are you?" she countered. He wondered if she still loved him. "Of course I love you, you idiot!" Téa yelled. "I just don't like you very much right now." She tried to walk out of the bedroom, but Todd grabbed her arm. Tomas appeared and demanded that Todd let go of Téa.

As Todd and Tomas argued over Téa, she left to take a shower. As Baz appeared in the hallway and eavesdropped, Tomas told Todd that he knew things about Todd that could ruin him. Todd said the same about Tomas. Tomas said he would keep his end of the deal unless he saw Todd mistreating Téa or Dani again. Todd reminded Tomas that they would "both go down." However, it was a chance that Tomas was willing to take.

Téa walked out of the bathroom and wondered what was going on between the men. Todd said that Tomas was leaving, but Tomas wanted to tell Téa something about Todd first. She wanted it to wait, because she had to get ready for Sam's birthday party. Tomas promised that she would want to hear what he had to say.

Starr lay on the couch next to the pool. James entered, and Starr was happy to see him. He admitted that he'd told his boss that he was going to be at work late, just so he could see Starr. Starr wanted to make sure that James didn't resent all the time Starr had been spending with Baz, but James only wished that he could see Starr as often as Baz did.

James had gotten a blow-up pool toy as a gift for Hope. He called himself pathetic for "buying the affection of a two-year-old." Starr assured James that Hope liked him, but just missed Cole sometimes. She urged him to be patient. He agreed, because he intended to spend a long time in Starr's life. They shared a passionate kiss, and Starr asked how much time James had until he had to leave for work. "As much as we need," he replied.

A short while later, Starr and James sat with their legs dangling in the pool. James hadn't thought that Starr had meant that they would go swimming when she asked how much time James had. Starr reasoned that there were too many family members that could interrupt them at La Boulaie. James confessed that he thought about being with her all the time, and hadn't imagined their first time on a couch next to a pool anyway.

Starr assured James that it would happen as soon as things got better with Hope. Starr pulled James on top of her. James wondered about her family walking in on them. "Who?" Starr replied, and passionately kissed James. Baz entered, causing Starr and James to stop what they were doing. "Oops," Baz said insincerely.

Baz told Starr that there were a couple things they needed to decide before they met at Capricorn later. James kissed Starr, and left for work. Baz glared after James. Starr wanted to know what was so important. Baz confessed that he thought something was going on between Todd and Tomas.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Baz told Starr his suspicions about something bad going on between Todd and Tomas. Baz continued that he'd heard Todd say that he'd kept Tomas out of jail, and that Tomas had kept Todd alive. He thought that the men were keeping some kind of secret deal from everyone. Starr thought that Baz had taken the comments out of context, but Baz refused to believe it. Starr mentioned the encrypted files on Todd and Tomas, but then remembered Sam's birthday party. Baz agreed to tag along in order to figure out what was going on between Todd and Tomas.

John looked at Agent Kent's file as Blair walked in with Sam. Blair informed John that she thought Sam might know something about the body that had been found at La Boulaie. She explained about the sudden appearance of an imaginary friend. She sat Sam down in front of John's desk, and asked the boy to tell John about his new imaginary friend. However, Sam didn't want to talk to "McPain." Sam didn't want to miss his party, but Blair assured him that it wouldn't start until he arrived.

John promised Sam that he could get to the party after he answered a few questions about his new friend. Sam said he couldn't, because he'd made a promise to his friend not to tell anyone about him. John related that he dealt with secret cases every day, including one involving Santa. Sam was curious about the case, but John said that he could only talk about it with other policemen. He suggested making Sam an honorary deputy so they could talk about the case, but added that it would mean that they couldn't have any secrets.

John made Sam an honorary deputy, and Sam immediately asked about Santa's case. John picked up an ad for a department store that mentioned "Christmas in July." He explained that, since Christmas was in December, he and Santa believed that there was a Grinch trying to ruin the holiday. He asked Sam to keep an eye out, and he agreed. He wondered if Sam's friend could do the same, and asked the friend's name. Sam didn't know, so John suggested that the mysterious man was a mutual friend.

John showed Sam a picture of Agent Kent. Sam recognized him as "the bad man" who'd tried to shoot Sam at the pool. Sam continued that his friend had saved him. Pulling John aside, Blair was distressed that her son claimed to have almost been shot. She remembered that Sam had mentioned that his friend had "a line on his face." Neither believed that Sam's imaginary friend could have Todd's old face.

John decided to show Sam an old picture of Todd. Sam confirmed that the man in the picture was the man who'd saved him. Blair wondered if Sam had seen Todd kill someone, and was trying to cover it up. John would believe it, but didn't think it was true. John assured Blair that the man seemed to have wanted to protect Sam. He let Sam and Blair go to the party. Frustrated, he tossed Agent Kent's file onto his desk.

Tomas told Téa that he had something to tell her about Todd. Téa agreed to listen, so Tomas said that he'd talked to Todd about Todd's bad behavior. Tomas stated that Todd wanted to apologize to Téa, and take responsibility for his actions. She accused Tomas of talking to the "wrong Todd." She didn't want a "coerced apology," but Todd surprised her and apologized for acting like a jerk. She thanked Tomas for helping Todd to see the light.

Téa tried to kick the two out of the room so she could get ready, and decorate for Sam's party. Todd told her that Tomas had volunteered to decorate, since he was the "artsy type." The two men left the room, and Todd wondered if Tomas enjoyed watching Todd "jump through hoops." He reminded Tomas that he could hurt Tomas just as badly as Tomas thought he could hurt Todd. Tomas warned Todd not to threaten Téa or Dani. "My wife, my daughter," Todd said, and walked away. "My sister, my niece," Tomas said to himself.

A short while later, Todd was getting ready for Sam's party. Téa emerged from the bathroom, and he told her that she looked beautiful. He wanted her to believe that he didn't take her for granted, and that he appreciated every day he had with her. He was afraid to lose her. She assured him that he didn't have to be scared, but advised him to "try not to be such a jackass."

Nate told Rick that Deanna couldn't be forced to do the movie. Rick pulled out a file folder, which Deanna recognized as the file that contained all of her mother's information. She demanded to know how he had gotten it. He informed her that her lawyer was an old friend of his from college, and he owed Rick. Deanna called the two men sleazy, but Rick called it networking.

Deanna wanted to know how much Rick wanted for the file, but Rick only wanted her "talents." He warned Deanna and Nate that his offer had an expiration date. Deanna and Nate asked what it was. He answered that it was in the amount of time it would take him to finish his cigarette, and he left the room.

Nate told Deanna that he wouldn't do the movie. She related that it was "just sex." He answered that he hadn't even had sex with his own girlfriend yet. He knew that doing the movie would be betraying Dani. Deanna made it simple for Nate: do Rick's movie, or go to jail. He thought Dani was more important, but Deanna suggested that Dani wouldn't have to know. Nate thought that he wouldn't be able to look Inez, Dani, or his brothers in the eyes again.

Nate would rather risk going to jail than have Dani find out that he'd done porn. Rick returned and wanted Nate and Deanna's decisions. Deanna reluctantly agreed to do one scene. Nate struggled to tell Rick that he would do it, but eventually got the words out. Rick had to set up the motel, but told them to be there in half an hour. He left, and Nate decided that he had to call Dani.

"I have to tell you something," Destiny told Dani. Dani walked out of the house and admitted that she had to talk to Destiny about Matthew. She confided that Nate knew about Matthew killing Eddie. Destiny was angry that Dani would tell Nate, but Dani insisted that Destiny had technically told Nate. Dani told a shocked Destiny that Nate had overheard their conversation in Angel Square a couple weeks before. Dani reluctantly confessed that Nate had told Deanna.

Destiny was livid, but Dani assured Destiny that Deanna wouldn't tell anyone. Nate had only needed someone to talk to. Dani had been relieved to find out that the secret was the reason that she'd been seeing Nate and Deanna "with their heads together." She'd been scared that Nate was cheating. Even if Nate decided to turn Matthew in, Dani knew that Matthew wouldn't be arrested while in his condition. Destiny believed that Matthew was going to get better, so she wondered what would happen to him then.

Dani wondered what Destiny had to talk to Dani about. Destiny remembered finding out that she was pregnant. Just then, Starr and Baz entered. Destiny apologized for interrupting a family event, and said she would talk to Dani later. Starr wondered where Nate was, and Dani was surprised that he wasn't there yet. The three entered the house, and Tomas was surprised to see Baz at a "little kid's birthday party." Baz yelled that he wouldn't miss the party for the world.

Blair entered with Sam, and there was a huge commotion around the birthday boy. Everyone except Todd and Blair left the foyer of the house to help Sam hit his piñata. Todd wondered what had taken Blair and Sam so long, but Blair promised to explain later. She wondered where the entertainment was.

Destiny arrived at the diner, and looked at Vivian's teen pregnancy pamphlet.

The man with Todd's original face looked at the headline on the Sun: "Madam Mayor a Slayer?" He looked at the headline on the Banner: "Corpse Found at Mayor's House -- Gunman at Large." He sat down at the computer and typed "Todd Manning" into a search engine. He wanted to find out who was posing as Todd.

The man looked at the results of the search as his phone began to ring. It read "Caller ID Unavailable." He knew that it was the agent, who he assumed wanted to go after him. He read an old article from the Sun, with a headline that said "Brand New Face -- Same Old Manning." He found a video of a Blanca Morales news report from after Todd's shooting. She had been chronicling Todd's life, and impact on Llanview.

The man watched as the video explained how Todd had disappeared. A man named Walker had appeared, who had eventually been unmasked as Todd. He'd had a completely new face after reconstructive surgery. However, Blanca had reported Todd's transformation had only been skin-deep. She explained about Margaret Cochran's abduction of Todd, which had resulted in the birth of Sam.

A short while later, the man made a phone call to the Sun. He asked to speak to Todd about scheduling a meeting with Viki at the Banner. The person on the other end told him that Todd wouldn't be in the office due to Sam's birthday party. The man asked for a reminder of where the party was, because his boss would be angry if he didn't schedule the meeting. The person told him, and the man hung up. He made sure to grab his gun.

A short while later, a man in a Spider-Man costume was on the phone outside of Todd's home. He told the person on the other end that he was a serious actor, so he wasn't happy with the birthday party job. As the man was about the knock on the door, the man with Todd's original face knocked the man out. "So much for your Spidey sense," he cracked as he picked up the costume.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Outside of the Buenos Dias Café, after David asked for Viki's help, he pulled out a long list, which reached to the ground, of the names of all the people who had ever held a grudge against him. David announced that Viki's name was at the top of the list. When Viki expressed shock, David reminded her of when he had pretended to be her brother in 1994.

David continued reading the names off of the list. When David said Todd, Viki declared that David was not on Todd's radar. After David mentioned Viki's sister, Tina, Viki insisted that Tina had no radar. David quickly erased those names off of the list. David then reflected that although Clint had been busy dying, he did have a cell phone and a very scary contact list. David circled Clint's name. Once David read off Langston's name, Viki asked why. David explained that he might have changed a few lines in "Vickerman" -- or all of them.

As David continued to read the names on the list that included the Hell's Angels and the Writer's Guild, Viki regretted that it was an afternoon that she would never get back. Viki then speculated that the person might have been a scorned woman, who had wanted to get back at him. David claimed that the suspicion then fell back onto Viki.

Viki insisted that David had not jilted her, and that she truly only wanted David and Dorian back together. When David wondered if it had been Addie, Viki knew that Addie had always wanted Dorian to be happy. Then Viki pondered if Dorian had been the target. Once David explained about Ionia and the photos, Viki realized who had been the culprit.

When David asked for the identity of the home wrecker, Viki declared that the person was an old pro at it. Viki exclaimed, "Now this all makes sense, especially the pictures, and she's awfully good at crawling around in the dirt. And she blames Dorian even more than she blames me, because Dorian is the one who got the proof." David agreed that it had been "Echo DiSavoy, professional home wrecker."

Viki realized that Echo had been plotting when Viki had called her on the phone. Viki then stated that she needed to leave for Sam's party, but David refused to allow it. David cried, "Look, Dorian's got all of my clothing at her house -- near open flame and scissors. Please, Viki, can't you go with me?" When Viki questioned if it was for the sake of David's wardrobe, David insisted that it was for the sake of true love. David explained that he would also need backup to get past the front door of La Boulaie.

At La Boulaie, Dorian discovered Echo at the pool, and Echo announced that she was there to see David. Echo revealed that she had found a DVD of David's audition reel at Buchanan mansion, and that she wanted to hand it to David. Dorian demanded that Echo leave her property and screamed that David would not be returning there.

When Dorian declared that she had kicked David out, Echo said that she had read about it in the paper. Echo related that she knew what it was like "to have your heart broken," and Dorian discovered that a Bloody Mary had given Echo the courage to be there. When Echo yelled that she was sure that Dorian's good friend, Viki, had been a big help, Dorian recognized that Viki had been busy. Echo indicated that Viki was not Dorian's friend, and that Dorian should have turned to a true friend.

Echo understood what Dorian had been through, since Echo had once been there herself, thanks to Dorian. However, Dorian yelled that if Echo had kept her big mouth shut about the tape, Dorian would not have had a reason to hurt her. Echo began to leave and told Dorian to enjoy her party, when Dorian realized that Echo had known that David was not at La Boulaie, and that Echo knew that Dorian had lost both her husband and her best friend.

Once she remembered that Echo was a photographer, Dorian exclaimed that it all made sense and declared, "It was you all along." After Dorian discovered that Echo had taken the pictures of Ionia and David, Echo mentioned that she had not forced Dorian's boy toy to grope the other woman. When Echo blared that Dorian should not have destroyed Echo's relationship with Charlie, Dorian howled that Echo would not destroy Dorian's relationship with David. Echo claimed that she already had.

Dorian slapped Echo, and as Echo laughed and ran off, Dorian grabbed a hose. Echo found another hose, and they sprayed each other with the hoses. Later, David and Viki ran over to the empty pool area, and David called out for Dorian. David cried out that Viki had figured it out, and that it had been Echo. Viki saw the hoses, and David noted that it did not look good.

At the police station, Natalie informed John that she had placed a rush on the results of the prints, as John looked through a file. John indicated that he had found the file in Todd's office at the Sun. Natalie asked if the file had anything to do with the dead body found at Dorian's. John stated that Sam had been a witness to the shooting. John explained that Sam had said that his friend had shot the man. Sam had then identified the man, and John showed Natalie a picture of Todd with his original face. When John claimed that Sam had not seemed confused, Natalie reminded him that Sam was Jack's brother and was, therefore, a Manning.

John commented that all they had was the photo and the file, and Natalie wondered why her uncle would have a document that was so totally encrypted. A cop opened the office door and announced that they had a hit on John Doe's prints. John noted to Natalie that the Central Intelligence Agency used that type of encryption code. John then pointed out that it was Tomas Delgado's file.

John stressed that Todd, Tomas, and John Doe all had encrypted files. When Natalie did not see the connection, John insisted that it was all in her hands. John pointed out that the files of Todd and Tomas contained photos of how Todd had looked in the past. John then noted that Sam had claimed that the man with Todd's original face had shot John Doe, and that was the connection.

Outside of the door at the Manning estate, the man with the scar knocked out Spider-Man and said, "So much for your spidey sense." Inside the kitchen, Blair was preparing for Sam's party, and Jack stated that Dorian would not miss it for the world. In the living room, Starr told Baz that her mom really liked his dad.

From the Buenos Dias Café, Nate called Dani, who was waiting for the party to start. Nate informed Dani that he would be unable to make it to the party, because he had to work a double shift. Dani offered to slip out a piece of cake for Nate, but he refused and hurried off of the phone. Deanna claimed that Nate had done the right thing, as Destiny listened unseen. Deanna remarked that what happened at the Minute Man stayed at the Minute Man.

Sitting in her booth, Destiny believed that Nate was cheating on Dani. Destiny called Dani and declared that something was wrong. When Destiny realized that the party was starting, she decided not to tell Dani. However, Dani wanted to know what was wrong, so she left the party. Later, Dani joined Destiny at the café. Dani insisted that Destiny had sounded upset, and Dani wanted to know what was wrong. Destiny indicated that she had just been thinking of Matthew and pleaded with Dani to return to the party.

After Dani asked where Nate was, Destiny revealed that Nate was not working, and that he was with Deanna. Dani believed that Nate had wanted to blow off the party, so she wanted to call Nate, but Destiny tried to stop her. Dani tried to call Nate, but he would not answer. Destiny informed Dani that Nate and Deanna had wanted a hotel room at the Minute Man. Dani ran out of the café to find the room.

At the Minute Man, Rick welcomed Nate and Deanna into the room and said that they would be taking off their clothes and having sex. When Nate's phone rang, Rick insisted that Nate put it on vibrate and demanded that they do the scene in one take. After Nate wanted to know what his motivation was for the scene, Rick offered Nate's and Deanna's own scenarios as their motivation.

Deanna told Nate that she was glad that her mom did not know her as the porn star. Nate decided that they should have porn star names and declared that Deanna was "China Lake," and that he was "Buster Ridge." Nate insisted that it would be China and Buster doing the scenes, not Deanna and Nate. As Deanna sat on the bed, Rick asked her to wet her lips, and to give him a little kitten. Deanna declared that she only wanted to scratch his eyes out. When Nate walked out of the bathroom in skimpy shorts, Rick exclaimed that Nate and Deanna were smoking hot, and that they would not be in their wardrobe for long. Dani knocked on the door.

Back at Todd's mansion, Todd asked about the entertainment, and Téa responded that Spider-Man would arrive at any second. Blair greeted Tomas, as she walked into the living room. Sam looked at all of his birthday gifts and exclaimed that his dad had said that a big surprise was on its way. When the man with the scar, who was dressed as Spider-Man, knocked on the door, Todd answered. Todd told the man to do a good job entertaining Sam, or he would replace him like that and snapped his fingers.

Blair squealed that Spider-Man was perfect and asked where Todd had found him. Sam showed off his knowledge of Spider-Man and revealed that spidey sense was what Spider-Man used when he knew there was danger, and that Spider-Man was using it. After Blair asked Spider-Man a question, Starr explained that Spider-Man did not talk. Sam asked Spider-Man to show him the web shooter.

Todd insisted to Tomas that he would do anything for his family. Baz watched from the other side of the room and called Todd and Tomas hypocrites. Starr believed that Baz was just looking for a reason to hate Tomas. As Spider-Man watched and listened, Todd revealed to Jack that he knew who had knocked Jack out at the Sun and then announced that it had been someone from Origami Cogs.

In the lobby, Blair informed Téa that she had taken Sam to the police station, because they had discovered a dead body at the La Boulaie pool. Blair then announced that the man had been shot and indicated that she had not yet told Todd. When Blair claimed that Sam had witnessed the shooting, Téa wondered if the victim had been Sam's imaginary friend. Blair said no, as Starr ran into the lobby to grab a camera for pictures.

In the living room, Blair cheered Sam and Spider-Man on to smile for the camera and took the picture. Starr indicated to Baz that she was better with reptiles than with spiders. Blair took numerous pictures of Tomas and Baz, and Spider-Man, Starr, and Sam. Todd shot a picture of Spider-Man posed between Téa and Blair. When Tomas asked if he should be jealous, Blair laughed and said, "I don't know. He is a bona fide superhero. Todd, I think I would watch it if I were you." Téa walked up to Todd and insisted that her heart belonged to Todd Manning, as Spider-Man looked on.

Todd announced that since he had paid for the party, he would be allowed to give a speech for Sam. Todd declared to his family that he did not want take anything for granted, and that he did not want to lose them all. When Téa insisted that Todd would not lose them, Todd claimed that he knew that he was lucky. Blair wanted a group photo and begged everyone to pose. Todd handed Spider-Man the camera and told him to make himself useful.

When Téa asked where Dani was, Blair revealed that Dani had left to visit Destiny. Todd demanded that Spider-Man take the picture, and the man with the scar said that he would with pleasure. Blair then asked Spider-Man to watch Sam, as the rest of them ran out of the room to do one more thing. Blair lit the candle on the birthday cake, and they all walked back into an empty room.

The man with the scar took Sam into his hotel room and removed his mask. Sam cried out, "It's you," and the man nodded and said, "Happy Birthday, kid." Sam asked, "You're Spider-Man?" After the man answered, "Sometimes," Sam responded, "Wow! Why did you bring me here?"

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